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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -22-

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posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 10:20 AM
a reply to: queenofswords
"Fat lady sings"? We get a DOJ notice of imminent action yet?

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 10:21 AM
a reply to: dashen

I had a white van in front of my house.

Then a man came out to my front door.

Dropped off an Amazon Package.

The Deep State won't get me to fall for that old trick.

Nice Try.

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 10:30 AM

originally posted by: dashen
a reply to: F2d5thCavv2

I have been thinking about taking a break from the internet for a while.

May I suggest Quepos Costa Rica? I spent a week this past summer a few towns over in Dominical. Pure Vida

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 10:31 AM
You know I was thinking. There must be a great amount of people out there that would be whistle blowers except for the fact they are scared for their lives or those of their families.

Imagine what we will learn when these people feel safer to come forward and spill what they know. Im guessing it will be a real eye opener for many and a butt load of apple carts turned over.

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 10:37 AM
DECODE of POTUS 4-part tweet - TYPO is shout out to ATS?:
Part 1 at 08:18:32

“It’s sad. Here’s a gentleman who came to the White House and all they had was never to let him have an easy breath. All they wanted to do is impeach him. They started the day after he was elected, even the day after he was sworn in. But this President came to Washington and....

Part 2 at 08:18:33

....said, “I’m going to clean up Washington, I’m going to help people.” He gave big tax cuts, he’s made our military strong. They’re mad at him because he actually did what he said he was going to do. History will record we’re experiencing some of the best times we’ve ever.....

Part 3 at 08:18:33

....had, while the Democrats are just looking out for elections. This President should just continue to fight like he’s always fought, for himself & for this Country. Continue to put forth policies like prescription drugs & trade policies. That’s what makes this President stand..

Part 4 at 08:18:34

....out, and he’s been amazing at it. The Democrsts have no message, they have no hope for 2020.” @RepDougCollins @foxandfriends Thank you Doug!

1) TYPO in part 4:
a) DEMOCRSTS should be DEMOCRATS giving SA or AS
SA could be Saudi Arabia
AS could be Adam Schiff or Abigail Spandeburger(?)

b) Note also that this could be interpreted as:
STS = Support this Site
ATS = AboveTopSecret

2) Timestamp of 08:18:32 points to:
Q818 Libel laws. End of MSM
Timestamp encodes tweet date of Dec 18th.

3) CAPS only simple gematria gives:
a) Part 1 base = IHWHATBPW = Q110
Equivalents: Elon Musk, Eric Ciaramella, President, Osama Bin Laden, Ronald Reagan

Anonymous ID: hHkrVD7x No.148156937 📁
Nov 5 2017 20:08:46 (EST)
CIA counter-ops.
Will all fall down.


Timestamp encodes tweet date of Dec 18th

b) Part 1 RemoveDupes = IATBP = Q48 What is Q clearance?
Chan post number encodes Friday Dec 20th (tying to Q34 and Q35)

c) Part 2 base = IWIHTH = Q77 Huma, Awans, HRC/CF, SA
Chan post number encodes tweet date of Dec 18th

d) Part 2 RemoveDupes = WT = Q43 Resistance will be dealt with swiftly. Watch for confirmations tomorrow.
Chan post number encodes Friday, Dec 20th.

e) Part 3 base = DTPCCTP = Q82 Let's start w/ Alice & Wonderland
Timestamp encodes tweet date of Dec 18th.

f) Part 3 RemoveDupes = D = Q4 Sit back and Enjoy the Show
Chan post number encodes Saturday Dec 21st, two ways.
Timestamp encodes Saturday Dec 21st.

g) Part 4 base = TDRDCTD = Q73 How precise is geo tracking (non-public c-level pro)? Alice & Wonderland
Timestamp encodes tweet date of Dec 18th.

h) Part 4 RemoveDupes = RC = Q21 you can paint picture without jeopardizing the op
Timestamp encodes Dec 19th and 20th.
Chan post number encodes Dec 21st.

i) Part 4 base+nums = 73+20+20 = Q113 Why is SA relevant? MSM
Chan post number encodes tweet date of Dec 18th.
Timestamp encodes both Friday Dec 20th and Saturday 21st.

j) Part 4 RemoveDupes+nums = 21+20+20 = Q61 Expect outages periodically
Timestamp encodes tweet date of Dec 18th and Dec 19th.
Chan post number encodes Dec 19th.

Timestamp encodes Dec 19th and Dec 25th (19th to 25th, Christmas Day = 1 week)

l) Total RemoveDupes = ABR = Q21 see (h) above
Jewish gematria equivalents = CNN, Megan, MOAB
Simple gematria equivalents = CHAI, Li, Cicada

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 11:01 AM
a reply to: F2d5thCavv2

If we get the predicted internet/social media outages over the next week then we will all be getting a well earned break and hopefully some fresh air!

Speaking of fresh air, I was thinking about fresh water just before bed last night...

If our Awakening, through rising to a higher frequency, requires a freed pineal gland, then it would make sense that the chlorine and fluoride in our water gets reduced first?

Maybe this is what WATCH THE WATER means?

Has anyone noticed a reduction in chlorine or fluoride in their water?

Should we start measuring these levels?

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 11:07 AM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

Could be - I'm on a Well but would encourage others to check !

Speaking of WATER .. If on the East Coast of USA

Coast Guard: Russian spy ship operating in ‘unsafe’ manner off South Carolina, Georgia coast - Dec 17, 2019

.....“The United States Coast Guard has received reports indicating that the RFN Viktor Leonov has been operating in an unsafe manner off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia,” read the notice from the Coast Guard in Charleston.

The ship was operating in international waters and not using running lights while in reduced visibility conditions, the Coast Guard reported. Also, the ship was not responding to hails by commercial vessels attempting to coordinate safe passage. The ship was engaged in other erratic movements not detailed in the report.

The notice went on to advise mariners to, “maintain a sharp lookout and use extreme caution when navigating in proximity to this vessel.” ......

“We are aware of Russia’s naval activities, including the deployment of intelligence collection ships in the region,” a U.S. Northern Command spokesperson told The Washington Times. “While we won’t discuss specific measures being taken, NORAD and USNORTHCOM routinely conduct air and maritime operations to ensure the defense of the United States and Canada.”

CNN reported Leonov was being shadowed by Norfolk-based U.S. guided-missile destroyer USS Mahan (DDG-72)......

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 11:09 AM
a reply to: pavil

Well Amazon is literally deep-state so I can't tell if you're joking or not

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 11:10 AM
Eye On
FOX misspelling newsroom/newsr00m STILL ACTIVE
during impeachment hearing!!!!


posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 11:16 AM
Good morning everyone.

I just read Sundance's "Cold Anger" rant at CTH and would like to encourage everyone here to read it through and then bookmark it as a reminder if you ever forget why we are here together on this forum with one united purpose.

It expresses what most of us feel. The Cold Anger starts just below the pic of some house fitting.

please read

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posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 11:20 AM
a reply to: dashen

Heavens to Bezos, Dashen! Where'd you get that idea ?


posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 11:22 AM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

If we get the predicted internet/social media outages over the next week then we will all be getting a well earned break and hopefully some fresh air!

Plenty of fresh air in Cuba, Rel! There is a small problem with brains getting microwaved, though ...


posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 11:35 AM
this is over in Qmap Proofs-meme

Usually they refer to Q Drops - Not this one - has the TEXT

Eyes on this on !

also a newer one under refering to 9 counts

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posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 11:36 AM
This had better not happen! After the House impeached Clinton, the articles were passed to the Senate in less than 3 hours.

According to this article, the House can impeach, and not pass the articles to the Senate until Chuck Schumer tells them to. (That could be after November 2020.)

President Trump would carry the label of "Impeached", but not the label of "Acquitted", until the Senate is able to have a trial...which could be after election day.

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 11:37 AM

originally posted by: dashen
a reply to: SouthernGift

About a year ago or more I had a creepy white van parked in front of my place for over a week in a place where that just doesn't happen much. I was getting pretty paranoid until I figured out who it belonged to.

If you see something say something and it's better to be safe than sorry

Omg the redirects. Insane.

point taken sir.
Just offering a comforting alternative... but yeah amazon is DS so they know not what they do.

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 11:43 AM
a reply to: liveandlearn

That was a good read! Sundance wrote something similar in (i think) December 2016, when explaining how Donald Trump was able to win, against all polls and odds, in November 2016.

President Trump is excellent at divining what the FAKE FISA Warrants imply. And so is Judicial Watch. Why are neither of them formally petitioning the Supreme Court to make convictions associated with the Fake FISA's (i.e. General Flynn), Null and Void?

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 11:47 AM

See something say something.... Just after bullet bracelet Pelosi and delegates were visiting? Drop #3675

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 12:02 PM
a reply to: carewemust

Hi Care, yes I recall that. This is much expanded and thus deepens the passion,

Re: Gen Flynn; I have been contemplating why there is nothing coming from DOJ. Clearly they believed FISA revelations would make a difference. Instead the judge ignored and went for the throat with no semblance of consideration for alternative/supportive laws. I am deeply concerned about the outcome for Flynn.

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 12:35 PM
New Q Drop

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 12/18/19 (Wed) 13:33:507d3ebd (1) No.7547301>>7547313

File (hide): 4d8d336fe532a2c⋯.jpg (5.24 KB, 315x160, 63:32, HouseCleaning.jpg) (h) (u)

Durham discoveries can lead to early retirement[?]
Think FBI departures.
Think DOJ departures.

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posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 12:40 PM
UN peacekeepers fathered 'hundreds' of children while serving in Haiti – including with children who sold sex for food, report finds

Some of the girls were traded for 'a few coins' in order to get food and would have sex with the peacekeepers so they could survive, the British academic-led study found.

Soldiers from as many as 12 different countries, including Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Canada and France, were found to have impregnated local women, the report stated.

Lee said it was impossible to work out the exact number of peacekeeper babies but added that, 'most researchers and NGO officials would agree that hundreds is a credible estimate'.

'It's a pervasive issue, not isolated cases.

2010 leaks shows emails from Chelsea lamenting to her "parents" the horror that was Haiti at the time. I find that ironic.

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