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Osama Bin Laden's mother says her son was 'brainwashed' at university

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posted on Aug, 3 2018 @ 11:32 AM
Aug, 3 - 2018

The mother of Osama Bin Laden has said her son who was responsible for the 9/11 attack in New York was a “good child” until he was brainwashed at university.

Bin Laden was responsible for ordering the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001 which took the lives of almost 3,000 people including tourists and members of emergency crews.


We have heard plenty of conspiracies saying that Bin Laden was CIA. That 9/11 was an inside job, and that the CIA brainwashes people.

Not to get into MKUltra and all that kind of stuff.

In a wide ranging interview with the Guardian, Alia Ghanem who is in her mid-70s now said her son was not to blame but that he was “brainwashed” by extremists while attending university in Saudi city Jeddah.

“Everyone who met him in the early days respected him. At the start, we were very proud of him. Even the Saudi government would treat him in very noble, respectful way. And then came Osama the mujahid.”

“The people at university changed him,” she said.

“He was a very good child until he met some people who pretty much brainwashed him in his early 20s. You can call it a cult. They got money for their cause.

“I would always tell him to stay away from them, and he would never admit to me what he was doing, because he loved me so much.”

Here's a more detailed transcript from the interview

And here's the original interview from The Guardian: My son, Osama: the al-Qaida leader’s mother speaks for the first time

So, his mother appears on his 70s for the first time before reporters to talk about Osama Bin Laden.

What y'all think? Is she telling the truth? Could she be lying?
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posted on Aug, 3 2018 @ 11:36 AM
a reply to: vinifalou

Universities always change the wonderful children that we knew before sending them off--the question is how many of them have the willpower and knowledge to fight it. Apparently, he didn't.

posted on Aug, 3 2018 @ 11:38 AM
a reply to: vinifalou

Pretty sure the people she's referring to are Wahabists.

And if she isn't she should be.

posted on Aug, 3 2018 @ 11:48 AM
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus

He could've been recruited by foreign forces as well.

posted on Aug, 3 2018 @ 11:51 AM
Osama attended Berkeley? Could very well be!

posted on Aug, 3 2018 @ 11:55 AM

originally posted by: vinifalou
He could've been recruited by foreign forces as well.

Or is was the Wahabists because it was.

posted on Aug, 3 2018 @ 01:17 PM
University’s should be teaching skills for the workforce not indocinating youth into extremist philosophies, however, they are only good at one of these things and it isn’t the one I am paying them to do well.
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posted on Aug, 3 2018 @ 01:26 PM
That poor woman. I feel for her.
We all face it. You raise your children in a certain way, then send them out into the world, and they change from outside influences.

posted on Aug, 3 2018 @ 03:56 PM
James Holmes was in a special university program and look at what happened to him. The books the Bourne movies are based on are factual when they speak of the programs, too.

posted on Aug, 3 2018 @ 04:07 PM
His mother is kind of a biased source, huh?

Sorry but no matter how terrible a person is, their mother will always try to find something else to blame. At the end of the day, people are responsible for their own actions. They have to be.

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