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-@TH3WH17ERABB17 -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART -s3V3n-

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posted on May, 14 2018 @ 05:47 PM
Page TWO HUNDRED TEN through 220 MAY 5 2018

Head of Justice Depts National Security Division to step down, KRYPTON Multiencoder, Fox: Kerry under fire for SHADOW Diplomacy, Skyfloating the undebunkable, Rosenstein's instructions to Mueller were Super-Secret and relayed VERBALLY. , With "Justice" being a big theme these days, a horse named "Justify" won the Kentucky Derby today , Judge rejects Mueller's request for delay in Russian troll farm case,
reading through that right now.
There was 126 attempts to reset her iCloud password ,
, TRUMP BILLS-SHOWCASE OF ALL DONALD TRUMP NOVELTY BILLS, the2ofusr1 , AnkhMorpork thinks DAS SAD, jadedANDcynical on perkins coie, JanAmosComenius, come back!, , AnkhMorpork doesnt like hollywood cannibalism, The GUT has a giggle,

originally posted by: AgarthaSeed
Robert Mueller and John Kerry as classmates:

Small world huh?
, Obama was in NZ a month ago,now Hillary is here?, Brennan and Comey were also there recently, among other Five-Eyes officials. What are all these Swamp Creatures doing, John Cox is from Chicago, Peter Thiel (PayPal, Palantir, Facebook...), Here is a little preview of one of the topics we will be discussing in TH3WH17ERABB17 part se7en:

10 days before embassy opens in Jerusalem, Israel still not sure if Trump coming
, Jesuit Black Pope, Nunes to subpoena DOJ for requested docs...(requests have been ignored). , LanceCorvette doesnt get that fancy DC lawyering, Apparently someone just tried to assassinate Pakistans interior minister. AFP,



originally posted by: dashen
a reply to: fiverx313

like when anons took down a darknet pedo site?

what do you have to say you literal wastes of bandwith?
you veritable afterbirths of the world wide web?
burn in hell

, foreign secretary to meet US VP,

originally posted by: dashen


eisegesis and the evil wannabees,

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 05:48 PM
Page TWO HUNDRED TWENTY through 230 MAY 6 2018

LanceCorvette gets legaleze, Still no charges against Cohen. Very unusual.. , IAMTAT and the Pakistani man of mystery, Re: pp. 214-219 Welp, looks like everyone's menstrual cycles are synchronized. , dashens MANstrual cycle, CoramDeo and pakistani assasin8ions,

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork
Here's why Clinton is visiting New Zealand

$13.7m NZ taxpayer funds pledged to shady Clinton charity
, liveandlearn about the illuminatti, naughty kushner, Did you notice the "Saudi Sheep deal"?
, "strongholds" for Lilith (Lunar Apogee). , Saleha Mahmood Abedin was also a woman's rights fighter as close to SA and King or prince of SA. , Rep. Nunes: House Intel Will Move to Hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in Contempt, Michael Flynn cancels Montana campaign appearance due to unspecified 'family emergency',

originally posted by: imthegoat
Pardon me if this has been posted. I haven't seen it discussed, but I tend to skim a lot.

Photos have surfaced that show Richard Branson on his island with members of the billionaire-backed cult that has been charged with child sex trafficking.

originally posted by: More1ThanAny1
Where child sacrifice is a business
, Skyfloating thinks there should be equal cannibal rights, The New Zealand government gave $12 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2016, The Clinton Foundation only spends 3% of donations received, on chartiable causes!, hummingbirds, More1ThanAny1 in lucy's temple, Bill Priestap.

Is who will bring down the entire treasonous left who was complicit in attempting to fix an election in favor of Crooked Hillary ,

originally posted by: MindBodySpiritComplex
a reply to: FlyingFox

"Something is cooking..." 

Grill activated.
Have a seat.
No Pizza.
Coincidence [RIBS]?
Why is this important [STEAK]?
Learn our comms.
Autists thirsty?
Watch the beer.
Anons hungry?
You have more than you can eat.
, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has urged President Donald Trump not to abandon the Iran nuclear deal, saying "it would be a mistake to walk away".,
, dashen wants you good and angry, Cygnis and uncovered FBI docs. ,
, New Zealand --- Very Close to the Opposite side of Earth From Cern (Geneva, Switzerland),

originally posted by: LurkNoMore

Before mid-day and we are (9)tweets deep.
, Did you miss it? Trump just told us they have the Lisa Page emails, They really thought all these generals Military Intelligence analysts and everyone else would just let them nuke the world into Oblivion. , Hillary's ever changing teeth. Teresa Barnwell is her supposed doubles name, Cohen filed a lawsuit against FusionGPS 01-09-2018 and dropped it after the raid.
, crankyoldman 42d chess, 0bserver1 and juicy jesus stories from the vatican, Mossad is a force to be reckoned with. Squirrelling those 55,000 files away from under the Persians noses was no mean feat! , Reminds me of "That time Bill and Hillary Clinton went to a voodoo ceremony in Haiti,

Wikileaks reveals that Hillary Clinton stole DNA information from UN Leadership, NV Evening News,
, Four Women Accuse New York’s Attorney General of Physical Abuse, stosh64 and a breakdown of clinton crimes
George Soros’ Right Hand Man Arrested For Rape And Human Trafficking,
, LurkNoMore and papal fashion, -I remember Comey said under oath that Clinton had 4 servers and multiple devices. And that's what they SAID they knew about !! , This is really kinda freaky to me.,

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 05:49 PM
Page TWO HUNDRED THIRTY through 240 MAY 7 2018

Today, AG Jeff Sessions said some of Devin Nunes/HIC documents request "is not grantable"., she's hiding a server., "bread and circuses....", NY Attorney General Schneiderman Resigns After Abuse Accusations, California AG was charged with Pedophilia,

originally posted by: Elostone
a reply to: dashen

Posted this waaaaaay back in thread one half kidding.
More and more I am beginning to think there might be something to it.
Future proves past...
Crazy, eh?

post from part one
, guess who was also the prosecutor of Weinstein? Looks like a Black Hat was just removed from office., Confirmed Black Hat. Schneiderman’s a hypocrite for letting the Clinton Foundation slide, ,

True POS less than a week ago.,
These people are SICK, MountainLaurel finds satan in the vatican, AnkhMorpork plays catholic dress up,

You can see where I'm headed here. That means the real power to control the world lies with four companies: McGraw-Hill, which owns Standard & Poor's, Northwestern Mutual, which owns Russell Investments, the index arm of which runs the benchmark Russell 1,000 and Russell 3,000, CME Group which owns 90% of Dow Jones Indexes, and Barclay's, which took over Lehman Brothers and its Lehman Aggregate Bond Index, the dominant world bond fund index. Together, these four firms dominate the world of indexing. And in turn, that means they hold real sway over the world's money

Q !2jsTvXXmXs 67 📁
May 8 2018 12:38:39 (EST)
Review Time.
Not seeking re-election.
Bob Corker - Republican
Jeff Flake - Republican
Orrin Hatch - Republican
No Name - Republican [Departure Soon]
Bill Shuster - Republican
Bob Goodlatte - Republican
Carol Shea-Porter - Democrat
Charles W. Dent - Republican
Darrell Issa - Republican
Dave Reichert - Republican
David Trott - Republican
Dennis Ross - Republican
Edward Royce - Republican
Elizabeth Esty - Democrat
Frank LoBiondo - Republican
Gene Green - Democrat
Gregg Harper - Republican
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen - Republican
Jeb Hensarling - Republican
Jim Bridenstine - Republican
Joe Barton - Republican
John Delaney - Democrat
John J. Duncan, Jr. - Republican
Lamar Smith - Republican
Luis V. Gutierrez - Democrat
Lynn Jenkins - Republican
Niki Tsongas - Democrat
Paul Ryan - Republican
Rick Nolan - Democrat
Robert Brady - Democrat
Rodney Frelinghuysen - Republican
Ruben J. Kihuen - Democrat
Ryan Costello - Republican
Sam Johnson - Republican
Sandy Levin - Democrat
Ted Poe - Republican
Thomas Rooney - Republican
Trey Gowdy - Republican
Al Franken - Democratic U.S. Senate
Blake Farenthold - Republican U.S. House
Jason Chaffetz - Republican U.S. House
John Conyers, Jr. - Democrat U.S. House
Louise Slaughter - Democrat U.S. House
Patrick Meehan - Republican U.S. House
Patrick J. Tiberi - Republican U.S. House
Thad Cochran - Republican U.S. Senate
Tim Murphy - Republican U.S. House
Trent Franks - Republican U.S. House
Xavier Becerra - Democrat Attorney General of California
+ CEOs
Nothing happening?
Goodlatte & Gowdy [important].
Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary.
Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
Why is the NY AG resignation important?
What past/current 'high profile' FBI investigations are within the jurisdiction of NY?
Define roadblock.
You have more than you know.
Do not fall victim to MSM/other fake/false narrative pushes.

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 05:49 PM
, MountainLaurel and John Dee,
, Federal Judge (T.S. Ellis) gave Mueller 2 weeks to produce the un-redacted August 2nd letter of "Adjustment of Scope" that Rosenstein sent Mueller., #HRCforNYAG is trying to trend on twat right now...not even kidding. , Little fish catch big fish. Priestap is the keystone, Outlier13 "matters", Devin Nunes has backed-off his threat to hold Jeff Sessions in contempt. Apparently Mr. Sessions has something important that wants to share with Nunes. , Perth International Airport was evacuated , MindBodySpiritComplex blue blue blue, MindBodySpiritComplex has a deep dream, MetalThunder and 5 Eyes,

Howard Rubin, widely known as George Soros’ right hand man, has been accused of leading a “human trafficking enterprise” in which he allegedly raped, brutally assaulted and enslaved women in a $8 million Manhattan sex dungeon, according to court documents.A former Wall Street trader, Howard Rubin, 62, has been accused by three women, including two high profile Playboy bunnies, of raping and beating them in a Midtown penthouse which he allegedly rigged with ropes, chains, and other BDSM equipment.Soros’ right hand man is said to have lured dozens of women from all over the US by offering between $2000 and $5000 for ‘supposed companionship and photoshoots’ before assaulting them so brutally that they needed cosmetic and dental reconstructive surgery, according to the lawsuit…
, LurkNoMore and the Mystery of Chessboxing, RelSciHistItSufi goes boom and watches the water, Hillary and Co. had JFK Jr killed so Hillary could take the NY Senate seat. JFK Jr and The Donald were best buds., Napolitano: AG Schneiderman Was Included in Deep State Off-Site “Secret Society” Meetings to Take Down Trump (VIDEO), Dan "Creepy White Van" Schneider?, carewemust considers the mergency EO, erikthegreen beats up schneiderman, Totally normal to fly hundreds of billions in untraceable cash to an enemy country that finances global terrorism,

originally posted by: AndyFromMichigan
Whoa! someone on the Qanon Twitter thread just posted this:

Is CNN's favorite porn star (Stormy Daniels) a NXIVM sex slave?

0bserver1 sets the killbox,

This is The Greatest Q Aggregator of All Time.

Nothing comes close.

I implore you. Bookmark this baby.

Wowwwww!!!, LurkNoMore asks why the red shoes?, NY is very important for NXIVM,CF,Weinstein and Weiner Laptop investigations. , 0311Warrior doesnt want human leather shoes, Trump just dropped the hammer!

"The future belongs to the people!" , erikthegreen and creepy barbara bush, President Donald J. Trump is Ending United States Participation in an Unacceptable Iran Deal, Schneiderman can't hide by resigning. Maybe he should jump off the Empire State Building?
, Could Germany, France, and UK want to remain in the deal to secretly sell materials to Iran?
Are they getting a kick back? , 0311Warrior says democrats are waking up, Criminal probe opened for abuse claims against New York attorney general,

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 05:49 PM
Page TWO HUNDRED FORTY through 250 MAY 8 2018

Joint statement from Prime Minister May, Chancellor Merkel and President Macron following President Trump’s statement on Iran , Disgraced New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman to be replaced by State Solicitor Barbara Underwood, Schneiderman WAS a roadblock. In fact, just a month ago ( April 9 ) he suspended the NXIVM probe.. , jadedANDcynical finds more human leather, Iran military base in Syria attacked, sources say, Trump Twitter Archive,

originally posted by: Perfectenemy
Liberals are freaking out and Iranians are thanking Trump for standing with them and not the government. Go figure.

, What many don't realize is that is likely the plan in the long run. This all ties in to Uranium 1 and Russia as well. , I just had a thought.

What if there had never been any Q posts and all that we see happening still came about.

What would we be thinking was going on?
, CNN is attempting to make this all about Trump -- to prove the Russian collusion claims, but is this part of the reason for the Cohen raid?,

originally posted by: 0311Warrior
a reply to: Perfectenemy

I have neighbors who are Iranian born and they love what Trump has done. Just spoke with them 10 mins ago actually!! They’re Democrats and they said they’ll vote for him in 2020, they want a free Iran and a strong Iran. Their families left decades ago because of how bad it was getting there.
, eisegesis numbers and trump is a hapsburg?,
, RadioRobert wonders why they dont mention polansky's victim?, IAMTAT re : Red SHoes, Schneiderman accusers warned by friends not speak for good of Democrat party., Skyfloating says its happening, liveandlearn says run as fast as you can deep state. you only gonna die tired,
, Pompeo will be bringing home the 3 POWs in North Korea,
, MindBodySpiritComplex and Google DUPLEX WTF, butcherguy the RADU weapon and HEART ATTACK GUNS, Lord Grenville Janner in the U.K, Who was accused of Pedophilia, Maori Magick,
, Grambler notices patterns in trump accusers,

Oh wow.

Can you believe this?

What in hell is New Zealand thinking??, dungeons and dragons, iran and rossatom,
, BUSTED: Treasury Dept. Inspector General Opens Federal Probe of how Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer got Cohen’s bank Intel
, jadedANDcynical in a leaky place, Cygnis jogs our memory on russatom, wanderingconfusion too, Russia's Rosatom Starts Work At Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plant, CNN had no headline regarding the release of the 3 prisoners from NK. Drudge has it front and center., Trump will be at Andrews AFB at 2:00 AM tomorrow morning to personally greet them. That's class. , Apparently Chuck Schumer is up in arms and in an outrage over the release of the three prisoners.. WEIRD!, Liberal Meltdown, CNN legal analyst says IG report "worse than expected: for Comey's FBI , The protester who was arrested after disrupting Haspel's hearing is Ray McGovern. He is a retired CIA operative who worked for Reagan, and gave Reagan his daily briefings, DOJ bends the knee, will give Gowdy and Nunes everything they're looking for.,

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 05:50 PM
Page TWO HUNDRED FIFTY through 260 MAY 9 2018

IAMTAT is having FUN, Avenatti Accuses The Wrong Michael Cohens Of Making ‘Fraudulent’ Payments
, BREAKING: DOJ Agrees to Give Chairman Nunes Secret Rosenstein Memo Detailing Mueller’s Scope, BBC Article points out that Iran has 50% ownership of a company that runs gas fields in the North Sea and provides 5% of UK Energy gas requirements., LOL YOU GUYS!, this was all planned and broked months ago!., Serious and not poking fun aren't really my thing.......

originally posted by: AgarthaSeed
a reply to: WhatTheory

Speaking of Stormy, look at what them Chans dug up:

Interestingggggg. Could it be NXIVM?
, NXIVM is not just a sex cult. They are so much more than that and the people are close to uncover what they really did. Eric Schmidt,Playboy mansion and this cult. It's all connected. , Rumor out there that Iran is attacking Israel via Hezbollah with missiles - MSM silent on it, Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Owes Over $5 Million In Back Taxes, xuenchen tests iron dome, McCain: I Gave FBI’s Comey the Bogus Trump Dossier, LurkNoMore BUSTS CARDINAL BIG TIME, LurkNoMore on papal pizza time, NYT linked directly to 5 Iranian newspapers. , NXIVM was big into obtaining blackmail, Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen (Huntington Beach) just garnered +81% of the NBC poll for who the Gov debate ,


Heres a new one, Why are 5 Iran papers all registered in NYT building & all have the NYT editors number as their number??,
, HAKA, MindBodySpiritComplex and THE Original Wizards of Langley, wizards and warlocks, More1ThanAny1 and strange angel with A. Crowley,

originally posted by: coldlikecustard
Prince of England gets married
Liverpool win the champions league
The pope dies.

Prince of England gets married
Liverpool win the champions league
The pope dies

Prince of England is getting married
Liverpool are in the champions league final
Q did say the pope was gonna have a bad month...

, FOX News Exposé Nailed Ben Rhodes in Unmasking Scandal but FOX Anti-Trump Executive KILLED the Story , Five Most Wanted leaders of ISIS just captured!,

originally posted by: Trillium
WOW this is not just a sex-cult
NXIVM filed a patent to "rehabilitate Luciferians". (Can't make this sh#t up).

PDF Patent File
, O:ISIS can't be defeated. Trump:Hold my beer. ,

, The Trump administration on Thursday will hear from almost 40 US tech companies about advances in artificial intelligence., We already know Schiffty is an idiot but this is kinda hilarious. Congress Releases All 3,500 "Russian" Facebook Ads,

Former FBI Director Comey Consulted with Mueller on Russia Testimony, McCain supporting ISIS terrorists, Trump attorney Giuliani resigns from private law firm, Dr. Brian Vala Nahed never met with Javad zarif.
, Exclusive: Iraq used Baghdadi aide's phone to capture Islamic State commanders, Nurse charged in McMaster's father's death., Follow the wives ...,
Isn't it so very sweet that they try so hard to humanize Huma? She and Georgina Chapman are just the best of buds now, RelSciHistItSufi decoding, MountainLaurel wonders how avenatti got his intel, 0311Warrior wants ivanka for prez, MetalThunder links avenatti to biden and other trash politicians,

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 05:50 PM
Page TWO HUNDRED S|XTY through 270 MAY 10 2018

IAMTAT and the royal cultists, Calm before the stormy,
, Events taking place there., 0bserver1 osberving chinese LV holdings, IAMTAT and skypark,
, MountainLaurel and ruskie collusion, fun facts about jun 12, Ace of Spades claims there is a Deep State leaker in treasury., ketsuko and if it rains in israel, it will pour in iran, Perfectenemy mcmaster, this is not a game, LughnaCosan and why THIS hotel, EIDO, AgarthaSeed Bronfman, NXIVM, FIJI, BUSTED, jadedANDcynical and the sauce for great awakening, jadedANDcynical finds blackrock $$$ anomalies,

originally posted by: Bill1960
I've watched this thread for some time and feel that I need to weigh in with my view. As a guy who spent almost three decades filling the role of the old adage "You sleep well in your beds at night because good men do dark things at night so you can". Here it is, this is not about being liberal, conservative, progressive, Democrat, Republican, Independent or even Bull Moose. This is about our country being stolen from "We the People" by a select few. This is NOT what our founding fathers had in mind 240 years ago. In Philadelphia in 1776, everyone had a seat at the table. What's happening today is there are a few who are trying to claw it back from the "select few" for "We the People". I'm certainly on board with that idea. We ALL need to pull together and get this done and give the country back to "We the People". My couple of pennies worth

, Mark Penn: Given That Stormy Daniels Has Admitted She's Not Paying Her Lawyer -- Who Is Paying Him? It's Time For Camera-Hungry Lawyer Michael Avennati to Come Clean Who's Paying His Bills, ####### #######,
, Grambler says the FBI put a mole in the Trump campaign, ketsuko on the seven stars of the pelaiedes,

originally posted by: JohnTheSmith
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi
I am pleased to be able to offer a bit of insight into D5. D5 and E5 are very powerful 'outposts' in chess, which you usually want to occupy with your knight.

originally posted by: xuenchen
a reply to: JohnTheSmith

"Castling" "Rook"

Strategy Note: Castling is a great aid in defensive strategy. It also has a tendency to bring a powerful rook into play when under normal circumstances it might be stuck behind a wall of pawns.


AnkhMorpork with updates and j corsi off the wagon, Grambler on board and on papadopolous,
The Intel/Law Enforcement expert who (reportedly) has inside knowledge of the upcoming I.G. report contents, says that the FBI under James Comey conducted operations that were more sinister than anyone suspects., D5 is a category of avalanches! ....And is the most severe avalanche rating!,

originally posted by: carewemust
a reply to: Grambler

The Intel/Law Enforcement expert who (reportedly) has inside knowledge of the upcoming I.G. report contents, says that the FBI under James Comey conducted operations that were more sinister than anyone suspects. Planting a mole in the Trump campaign would be very sinister...and maybe even criminal. That would be just one of many shockers we will learn about the FBI's interference in the 2016 Presidential campaign.

, Basically saying Hillary in NZ to steal state secrets using SEC clearance through 5eyes to sell!!,
, Hillary wearing a massive Scarf in Sydney,

originally posted by: Skyfloating
Quotes from Hillarys TV appearance in Australia:

"The forces at work in the 2016 election are still with us," she said. "The Russians are still playing on anything and everything they can to turn Americans against each other.

"For men, likeability and professional success go hand in hand," Mrs Clinton said. "But with women, it's the exact opposite."

So urce

So the lesson here is that Hillary didnt win "cuz the Russians" and "cuz Im a woman".

Being a corrupt, bribe-taking, child-trafficking, murderous, child raping Luciferian has nothing to do with it then, Hillary?

I couldnt help but notice that the Australian media that is reporting on your visit, has disallowed comments in their articles on you. Why might that be?
, Clinton foundation donation from NZ, Cygnis hates clintons fleecing NZ,

originally posted by: Cygnis
Darpa Building 8

Facebook's most ambiteous project


Blown up in F9 explosion

, Australia gave $460 MM between 2006 - 2014. Almost half a BILLION dollars, for what?,

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 05:50 PM
Page TWO HUNDRED s3V3nty through 280 MAY 11 2018

I wonder what Facebook's ambitious project was that blew-up on the Space-X launch pad , Is Facebook secretly building an internet satellite? Signs point to yes , Facebook May Have Secret Plans to Build a Satellite-Based Internet,
Carcharadon can see the light, D5 Charter, Some info on F9. KASUMI, Airforcerulesskies knows Fututre proves past, Perfectenemy 45, 3 hostages and Q47, post=23391651]MetalThunder singapore and the vacant ambassador seat[/post], For the people still wondering why and how HRC and O kept their SEC Clearance. O issued this Executive Order 13526 in 2009., Mark Meadows to seek GAO audit of Mueller investigation, Authorities respond to reports of possible shooting at Palmdale's Highland High School , LurkNoMore and james brown smokin some crack, 0311Warrior is winning money betting on Q Crumbs, @WiredSources BREAKING: Former Obama advisers Ron Klain and Kip Wainscott have been revealed to be advising the crowdfunding organization raising money for Stormy Daniels, which her lawyer claims is non-partisan - DailyMail, EXTORTION: Women Sexually Assaulted by Schneiderman Turned to Trump & Cohen in 2013; Then Schneiderman Targeted Trump, , Maxine Waters explodes on House floor: I resent ‘making America great again’! , Emergency operations center, Schneiderman was the go-to guy to make any NXIVM and other "cult" cases disappear. , Odd and also notable. U.N. nuclear watchdog's inspections chief quits suddenly, BBC reported yesterday that R. Kelly has been removed from Spotify playlists because of the multiple allegations of underage sex.
, Jay Z is currently involved in an SEC Investigation. He has ignored 3 subpoenas so far to testify in the investigation about ICONIX Brand Group., crankyoldman hunting traitors,
, Martin75 notices the deep state freakouts,

New Q Q - Pub
Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 9b1a97 1372772 📁
May 11 2018 12:12:38 (EST)
Expand your thinking.
Why are we being attacked?
Why are we being attacked by people who claim to be PRO-POTUS?
Do we have a face?
Do we have a name?
Do we use platforms whereby we collect followers?
Zero vanity.
Why are we here?
Why do we ask questions?
The choice has always been yours.
Use logic.
Free information.
What draws people here?
Expanding exponentially?
They all claim to be insiders.
They all claim to have insider contacts.
They do not.
Patriots do NOT reveal classified information.
Why do we communicate this way?
Think for yourself.
We are a threat to profiteering.
Information should flow freely w/o costs.
We established a series of 'proofs' for this specific reason.
Coincidence after Coincidence.
Growth due to confirmations.
Real source(s) communicating w/ the people.
Control the information (THEY).
Harness followers / profiteering (THEY).
Define Media.
Primary goal of the Media?
To Sell (each selling a dif narrative - set of targets).
Selling makes money.
Be careful who you follow.
Define 'Patriot'.
They want you DIVIDED.
Attacks will only get worse.

, InfoWars/Corsi/Alex Jones are not white hats. , This guy says the guys name is Stefan Halper., The Insurance Policy, The “EC”, The 2016 FBI Counterintel Operation, and The Mysterious Informant Who Originated Brennan’s EC… , Chinese Darpa, very supposed "Russian Connection" were setups from the IC, the DOJ and the Obama Admin, Pretty Long Bio of Stefan Halper Here:
Link, Mark Sucker-Borg "deeply disappointed" that SpaceX blew up his 125 Million satellite, William Cooper destroys Alex Jones, jadedANDcynical gets leaky, BOOM! Senator Chuck Grassley Drops Atomic Sledgehammer on FBI – Requests FBI Reports and Testimony From Special Agent Joe Pientka…, jadedANDcynical shows how small the club really is,

Page TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY through 290 MAY 11 2018

if Pientka was present during the Flynn "interview" doesnt that imply he was also the one who ratted out Page and Strzok to Mueller?,
, Clare Bronfman purchased one of the Fiji Islands last August, eet Edward Heath, Prime Minister of the UK, Leader of the Conservative Party and child-raping, animal-raping cannibal. ,

Daily Mail: Satanic Child Murders of Ted Heath, Success.

edit on 5 14 2018 by dashen because:

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 05:53 PM
North Korea will receive US economic assistance if it gives up nuclear weapons, Pompeo says, Skyfloating notes the redpilled troll army, he be trollin, they hatin, Hillary in Australia: In America there is FEAR and RAGE when women seek power, Skyfloating keeping up mockingbird popularity, This thread has become so popular that we now have marketers showing up., @check_gut just said hallo with a follow. Been kind of slow entering twitter-world but damn if I ain't finally really pissed and ready to raise HELL to send these effing traitors to. God Bless the rest of us.,

originally posted by: Skyfloating
The list of ex heads-of-state being arrested grows longer every week. Not that anyone would know since all MSM covers is Stormy Daniels. Sidenote: Hey Rachel Maddow: Why zero mention of NK Prisoners being freed? Doesnt fit your script, does it?

, Skyfloating wonders how stupid do they think we are?,
, Redpilled Black Guy Ranting - This is what REAL people sound like, isoTruth is tired of the BS, 2017-2018

, Madrusa thinks Q is disco Glen Simpsons testimony.,

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 05:53 PM

It's not infighting when strange new members walk in and # on the carpet,

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 4ecafa 1385613 📁
May 12 2018 13:18:39 (EST)
PEOPLE UNITED hold the power.📁
m FB & The Zuck's lawyers must be sweating bullets. , eisegesis want to know why freemasonry supports pope francis, Looks like it was Stefan Halper who was the spy and he was paid by Obama, Brennan and Clapper

twitter, possible Clinton connections !
🎁, Dems worry Trump will win over economy, Grassley Demands DOJ and FBI Turn Over All Info on Flynn, John Kerry didn't learn his lesson from the other day. He was spotted in Paris with 3 Iranians, FBI Investigating Millions Of "Mishandled" Dollars Funneled From Australian Govt To Clinton Foundation,

originally posted by: wanderingconfusion
Is this why Kerry was spotted with Iranian's today?

This was posted May 8.

H.J.Ansari Zarif’s senior advisor: “If Europeans stop trading with Iran and don’t put pressure on US then we will reveal which western politicians and how much money they had received during nuclear negotiations to make #IranDeal happen.” That would be interesting. #JCPOA


originally posted by: wanderingconfusion
Off topic here but just had to share some joyful irony.

Ex-Senator who called for gun control gets 5 years in prison for weapons trafficking

, Twitter thread on the connections between McCain, Bronfman and Libya, John Kerry's daughter is also married to an Iranian bigwig, Apple Leaves Overseas Cash Out of Its Latest Quarterly Report

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 05:54 PM
Page TWO HUNDRED NINETY through THREE HUNDO! MAY 12 2018 cont...


originally posted by: wanderingconfusion
It is raining so much winning today I don't think I contain myself. Proof the corrupt FBI lied and we get to see what these heffas were really talking about. It sure wasn't golfing and grandkids. Buckle up!

JUST IN: After Twice DENYING Their Existence…16 MORE Pages From Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch’s “Spontaneous” Tarmac Meeting To Be Released


, Mueller is losing it.
Mueller Indicted A Russian Company That Didn't Even Exist, Court Transcripts Say,
, Perfectenemy tora tora tora, NXIVM case is spreading out into financial crimes now. They have discovered 90 companies and entities. OH boy!

BOMBSHELL! It looks like the DOJ's case against Raniere & Mack may be expanding to financial crimes! The prosecution has revealed in a court filing that they are aware of ninety [90] companies or entities!

warning a pdf,
, New Evidence Shows McCain Helped Fund FBI Plot to Frame Trump; Backed Bogus Russian Trump Dossier,

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a reply to: Aallanon

ATS member, JanAmosComenius last logged on on May 6, 2018, last posted on April 13, 2018 had set up the wiki and imported all the date indicated by RelSciHistItSufi.

We have not had any word from this member since. I have emailed them through the wiki page but have not had a response in over a week.

Might the mods/site admin reach out to this member as a courtesy check to see if they are ok?
, Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring, wanderingconfusion asks if youve heard of FBI COG?,
, Judicial Watch: New Clinton Emails Reveal Classified Docs, Clinton Foundation Connections, 200,000 people to participate in annual Darkness Into Light event, Dark sky drill.,
, John Kerry ready to have a cow with his ketchup. ,
, RelSciHistItSufi and the scam,

"Now Comes The Pain".

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 05:54 PM
Page THREE HUNDRED through 210 MAY 12 2018

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork

originally posted by: samuelsson

Check out piers morgan vs alex jones. Its horrafying to listen to the both of them.

But it was EPIC you have to admit! l
, E&Y = Ernst&Young,

originally posted by: carewemust
Re: The National Security Action group mentioned by Q in today's messages 1352/1353/1354 @ is failing in their mission to "combat Trump".

100% FAIL:
, wanderingconfusion and PG password, dashen Oh!
the filth has returned

were up to almost 30k since november.

Unprecedented in US legal history if im not mistaken.

how many tonnes of paperwork and evidence is that?
thousands of man-hours.
millions of paperclips.

how many grand juries? IF ANY?
CAN A MIL. TRIBUNAL bring indictments?


Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 390b3e 1394124 📁 NEW
May 13 2018 01:54:08 (EST)
Trust must be earned.
Trust is not blind, nor is truth.
We fight every sigle day on behalf of you, the people who put us here.
We knew this day would come.
We will never forget.
Do not glorify us.
We are merely the vehicle.
You are what matters.
You are hope.
You are love.
You are peace.
Stay united.
Stay together.
Stay strong.
This is bigger than any one person or entity.
You are fighting for truth - collectively.
Will of the people.
Trust in yourself.
The choice will always be yours.
God bless you all.
Where we go one, we go ALL.

May 13 2018
Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 390b3e 1394586 📁 NEW
May 13 2018 02:39:18 (EST)
“A group representing German trade interests said the US decision to withdraw from the deal will hit German companies and urged the EU to protect their interests. Trade between Germany and Iran reached 3.4 billion euros ($4 billion) last year, according to BGA, another foreign trade association.”
What about Total S.A.?
Total S.A. is a French multinational integrated oil and gas company and one of the seven "Supermajor" oil companies in the world.📁
Who recently visited the WH?
What was their purpose?
What about the safety & security of the world?
What about preventing Iran Nuclear capabilities?
Fake News.
Will the EU resort to protecting the deal so the money flow remains in place?
Why is Kerry in the EU?
Will the US be forced to ban and declare certain EU countries off limits?
Who controls elected leaders?
Who do elected leaders report to?
Will Iran expose the names of corrupt officials?
Will the US expose the names of corrupt officials + con deal?
We await your answer [48].
On Guard.

originally posted by: dashen
Regarding total SA the French Oil Company mentioned by Q in the last drop.

Bribery in Iran

In 2013, a case was settled that concerned charges that Total bribed an Iranian official with $60 million, which they documented as a "consulting charge," and which unfairly gave them access to Iran's Sirri A and Sirri E oil and gas fields. The bribery gave them a competitive advantage, earning them an estimated $150 million in profits. The Securities Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice settled the charges, expecting Total to pay $398 million.]

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 05:54 PM
How much did they bribe macron?
How pissed are they that they can't bribe Trump?, How did they deliver the pallets of cash to Iran? Did they use military planes or commercial planes? Somehow Boeing seems really suspicious to me. Boeing may lose $20 billion in aircraft deals as Trump to pull US out of Iran nuclear pact , National Security Action, Hassan Rouhani says Iran may remain part of nuclear accord despite U.S. withdrawal

Project Cassandra is about to hit the mainstream. , Bolton: European nations 'will see that it’s in their interests' to withdraw from Iran deal, Why does the Military use the word 'pickle' when shooting a weapon from a fighter jet? You learn something new every day., On a side note. I counted 176 flags last time i posted before today now they are back to 170 flags. ,

originally posted by: IAMTAT
Re: "LOOP"


Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: a31055 1393295 📁
May 13 2018 00:40:34 (EST)📁
Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: a31055 1393321 📁
May 13 2018 00:43:18 (EST) >>1393295

, IAMTAT notices misspelled SIGLE, 0311Warrior says tribunals CAN bring indictments, Perfectenemy
Podesta Group,Clinton Foundation and Saudi Arabia are all linked to BOEING. Hillary Clinton, The Podesta Group And The Saudi Regime: A Fatal Menage A Trois , Kamal Kharazi
Ali Jannati
Alaeddin Boroujerdi

Do these names ring a bell?,

-"sigle" is an old maritime term for a naval flag.
-The letter 'n' has been left out of the intended word 'single'.
-The sentence is specifically referring to Q.

originally posted by: AgarthaSeed
Back to the pickle thing! I suppose I was on the wrong track earlier when I linked it to Heinz. Much more simplistic answer:

The CIA has long been referred to as the Pickle Factory!

And as a bonus...

, Pelosi Defies Bush, Meets Syrian Leader,

originally posted by: Perfectenemy
I guess Sigle wasn't just a typo. CMS becomes first international law firm to open an office in Iran Bold emphasis mine.

The new Tehran office will be led by partners Jürgen Frodermann and Shaghayegh Smousavi from the firm’s German arm, CMS Hasche Sigle.

, kamal kharazi, jadedANDcynical leaky leaky, Huawei, ZTE phones banned by Pentagon over spying fears neither sold nor banned by Canadian military, doobydoll and shady nuke inspector resignations, Interesting breakdown of dates. link

, Grassley Demands Sit-Down With Mystery FBI Agent To Discuss Flynn "302" Forms, UNs top nuke inspector abruptly quits, "The US DOJ Eastern District of NY is prosecuting Keith Raniere and Allison Mack for sex trafficking and forced labor. As an indicator that the probe may be expanding to financial crimes, the prosecution has revealed in a court filing that they are aware of ninety [90] companies or entities “affiliated in any way with Keith Raniere, his teachings, his purported ‘technology,’ his purported ‘tools’ or Allison Mack.”

Link, Uh guys and gals. DNA of every baby born in California is stored. Who has access to it?,

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Page THREE HUNDRED TEN through 320 MAY 13 2018

Source, 2006:
Trump eyes Presidency
, All pickles come from

wait for it ........

Qcumbers, Oh snap! Everybody grab your protractor! We about to measure angles! , Trump Administration Readying Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan , jadedANDcynical connect the photos to Huma, RelSciHistItSufi and bashar furniture,

originally posted by: Skyfloating
Imagine, if you will, a world in which far-right-extremist-fascists such as ourselves (according to respectable MSM), keep reminding people of LOVE, PEACE and UNITY.

, jadedANDcynical asks deep Questions, jadedANDcynical and more deep thoughts, Muslim Brotherhood of Syria Wikipedia, Skyfloating knows why John Legend is so nervous about Yeezy, When feared US Generals sound like daggum flipping hippies......

we're deep in the twilight zone now.

originally posted by: jadedANDcynical
a reply to: daskakik

Yes indeed, there have been several related threads here on ATS:

"Spread Islam Throughout The World" The Clinton's & MVP HUMA ABEDIN (Hillary's Girl)

Anonymous Release Bone-Chilling video of Huma Abedin every American Needs to See

Abedin Forwarded State Passwords To Yahoo Before It Was Hacked By Foreign Agents

BREAKING? Huma/Hillary endorsed Egyptian US Embassy "protest" on 9/11/12!? Serious Al Qaeda links!?!

The only thing is, none of them mention Syria, Pelosi, Kerry, or al-Assad as being in the mix as far as I am aware.


a reply to: liveandlearn

Good stuff!


a reply to: CoramDeo

Oh, I'm with you 100%.

One of the comments I've made in the past was that Q had best be careful about waking up and directing the ire of the autists if there isn't some kind of pay off at the end. And by that I mean indictments and prison terms for people of note, they type of which have skated for far too long.
, Of course the Fire in Trump tower in Azerbaijan, right around the time Q was referencing Armenia , eisegesis goys in on BiBi, RelSciHistItSufi "BRINGS THE PAIN",

Ivanka and Jared open Jerusalem Embassy tomorrow, Monday,


posted on May, 14 2018 @ 06:21 PM

yet Q persisted and the information (proof of CIA/CABAL/SEC.SOC. debauched crimes and unspeakable evil) was slowly but surely reaching the plebean masses(normies). Q made it very clear that it is up to US, THE PEOPLE, to make these wrongs known to ALL, so that evil should have no shadow of doubt to hide behind.

Q, the hero of this narrative persisted through thick and thin fighting off the forces of disinformation and the unspeakable evils of those who seek to stop him. Q has asked for acolytes to make sure all this information reaches all the people so that the evil doers and the evil they do will be brought into the light.

Sounds very much like a number of cults I have heard of, from small ones of present day to larger ones that have been around for centuries. Maybe the day will come when Q will be held as a messiah, or as the Invisible Ghost who sits or drifts on the air above the chair on the right hand of the Throne of Trump.

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 06:33 PM

originally posted by: TerryMcGuire

yet Q persisted and the information (proof of CIA/CABAL/SEC.SOC. debauched crimes and unspeakable evil) was slowly but surely reaching the plebean masses(normies). Q made it very clear that it is up to US, THE PEOPLE, to make these wrongs known to ALL, so that evil should have no shadow of doubt to hide behind.

Maybe the day will come when Q will be held as a messiah, or as the Invisible Ghost who sits or drifts on the air above the chair on the right hand of the Throne of Trump.

Oh this is gonna be good....

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 06:36 PM
a reply to: TerryMcGuire

Stranger things have happened.

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 06:37 PM
Thanks Dashen. Youre the man. I'll keep this appreciation brief to save future thread space.

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 06:37 PM
Starred and Flag, thanks Dashen!

posted on May, 14 2018 @ 06:41 PM
Amazing work as always Dashen. Can't believe we reached part S3v3n already. This has to be a new record on ATS.

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