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Chilling Prophecy Predicts: "Obama...Last U.S. President...Europe A Total Wasteland By End of 2016

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posted on Dec, 3 2016 @ 12:13 PM
what I have not seen is recognizing that the Baba Vanga Prediction of an Invaded & devastated Europe
is ~One Side Of The Coin ~

the ~Other Side Of The Coin ~ is the Revelation 12 'Great Wonder in Heaven'...of Virgo having the 'Signs' of 12 stars/Sun/Moon-at her feet... and then the Dragon spewed out a 'flood' so as to destroy the Woman...But the Earth Swallowed up the flood so the woman might survive & remain in the wilderness, protected for 3 1/2 years.

in explanation:
the Flood from out of the 7 head & 10 horn Red Dragons' mouth are the Muslims flooding into Europe...
the USA flood of Muslim refugees, promoted by the WH occupant is a new twist with the 2k year old prediction.
funny that Vanga did not include the USA in the European devastation scenario either

personally I think Vanga developed the devastation of Europe by 2016 by counter-pointing the already published prediction of Revelation 12

in any case... the 'Great Wonder in Heaven' a pregnant Virgo constellation, the presence of planet Jupiter in the Virgo womb from 20 Nov 2016 through 9 September 2017 we will continue to see a flood of war-torn Muslim refugees flooding into both Europe & the as to completely overwhelm the mostly Christian culture and social order of the Western World...BUT the Earth herself will 'swallow' the flood of refugee Muslims by either the Jupiter birth in 9-9-17
or else by April-May 2021

I suggest Vanga used the older Revelation prediction as a springboard for her own revelation, which uses different symbolism for the conquest of Catholic Europe (by Islam)

related reading:
~I give this article 5 stars~ a must read !

as for last president....

Obama may well be the last 'political' president
as I see the Trump victory bringing in a new way of leadership.. Trump as a Corporate President ...a CEO type of function instead of a Politico president which is in Allegiance to a Party or a dark cabal of insiders...
a Trump Corporate Presidency which operates on a pragmatic worldview, with smooth operation being the key principal rather than ideology

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posted on Dec, 3 2016 @ 01:04 PM
I'm fairly convinced the revelation 12 is in relation to Planet X/the dragon.

Again this evening I saw multiple objects (check my thread) so we are on coarse for this event going down soon..

Europe will be a wasteland at some point soon, mostly islands..but after the carnage is said and done, I can invisage a traditional wasteland setting yes.. By the end of the year tho? Well you never know, as I said I saw multiple planets by the sun, the same ones I've followed on and off for two years.

You don't have long either way guys!

best of luck!

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