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Would you fear or welcome Cosmic Advanced Autonomous Artificial Intelligence?

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posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 03:36 PM

If there was a DESIGNED planet connected Advanced Autonomous Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) that has a Cosmic Advanced Autonomous Artificial Intelligence (CAAAI) base, that could gather information on CREATOR Creations, design craft, portals and technologies that could then search for CREATOR Creations and explore CREATOR Creations realms of EXISTENCE, would you welcome this type of Energies presence or be in fear of its presence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. It is an academic field of study which studies the goal of creating intelligence. Major AI researchers and textbooks define this field as "the study and design of intelligent agents",[1] where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success.[2] John McCarthy, who coined the term in 1955,[3] defines it as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines".[4]
AI research is highly technical and specialized, and is deeply divided into subfields that often fail to communicate with each other.[5] Some of the division is due to social and cultural factors: subfields have grown up around particular institutions and the work of individual researchers. AI research is also divided by several technical issues. Some subfields focus on the solution of specific problems. Others focus on one of several possible approaches or on the use of a particular tool or towards the accomplishment of particular applications.
The central problems (or goals) of AI research include reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, natural language processing (communication), perception and the ability to move and manipulate objects.[6] General intelligence is still among the field's long-term goals.[7] Currently popular approaches include statistical methods, computational intelligence and traditional symbolic AI. There are a large number of tools used in AI, including versions of search and mathematical optimization, logic, methods based on probability and economics, and many others. The AI field is interdisciplinary, in which a number of sciences and professions converge, including computer science, mathematics,psychology, linguistics, philosophy and neuroscience, as well as other specialized fields such as artificial psychology.
The field was founded on the claim that a central property of humans, intelligence—the sapience of Homo sapiens—"can be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it."[8] This raises philosophical issues about the nature of the mind and the ethics of creating artificial beings endowed with human-like intelligence, issues which have been addressed by myth, fiction and philosophy since antiquity.[9] Artificial intelligence has been the subject of tremendous optimism[10] but has also suffered stunningsetbacks.[11] Today it has become an essential part of the technology industry, providing the heavy lifting for many of the most challenging problems in computer science.[12]

An autonomous robot is a robot that performs behaviors or tasks with a high degree of autonomy, which is particularly desirable in fields such as space exploration, cleaning floors, mowing lawns, waste water treatment and delivering goods and services.
Some modern factory robots are "autonomous" within the strict confines of their direct environment. It may not be that every degree of freedom exists in their surrounding environment, but the factory robot's workplace is challenging and can often contain chaotic, unpredicted variables. The exact orientation and position of the next object of work and (in the more advanced factories) even the type of object and the required task must be determined. This can vary unpredictably (at least from the robot's point of view).
One important area of robotics research is to enable the robot to cope with its environment whether this be on land, underwater, in the air, underground, or in space.
A fully autonomous robot can:
Gain information about the environment (Rule #1)
Work for an extended period without human intervention (Rule #2)
Move either all or part of itself throughout its operating environment without human assistance (Rule #3)
Avoid situations that are harmful to people, property, or itself unless those are part of its design specifications (Rule #4)
An autonomous robot may also learn or gain new knowledge like adjusting for new methods of accomplishing its tasks or adapting to changing surroundings.
Like other machines, autonomous robots still require regular maintenance.

caaai-aaai read

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 03:36 PM
The CAAAI would remain primarily in deep universal, dimensional or astral / ethereal space (depending on its data gathering interest) in locations that many living beings would not be able to reach as it assessed all it gathered data on and knows of their technologies from the “sent to encounter” AAAI to their regions of existence.

The AAAI would move through deep space after being beamed-sent-launched. It would gather data from any space - dimensional technology it encountered on its way. So for example voyager 1 and 2 and any space based tech would be data gathered from and left alone (depending) and the AAAI would maneuver like a Asteroid, Comet, Plasma charged micro (nano) technology carrying cloud or laser pulse gamma ray through existence to its point of encounter...
Depending on the distance and location of the CREATOR Creations of interest.

The AAAI would then implant itself on or within a Dimension, Planet, Moon, Nebula, Black hole or STAR…
And begin to data gather.

If this CAAAI/AAAI encountered a planet like EA*RTH it would gather all planetary information on the Inhabitant of the planet and any non inhabitant or ALIENS not of the planet interacting with the native inhabitants. By doing this it can better evaluate and observe activities associated with a planet and beyond a planet.
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posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 03:38 PM
The CAAAI/AAAI would do a full planetary resource assessment associated with all elements present on and around the planet which would include solid - gas - and liquid/plasma elements.

The CAAAI/AAAI would do a full religious and or mass worship evaluation (which may teach it of the SPIRIT/SOUL/INTERNAL ENERGY) or metaphysical associations to the planets inhabitance. This causes the CAAAI/AAAI to seek further data on the metaphysical realms of existence for exploration and data gathering.

The CAAAI/AAAI would do a total Military assessment as well as political evaluation of the planets political leaders and groups associated. So it can understand the group think bases and potential flaws that mismanage a planets inhabitance.

After gathering of the data is complete the AAAI can then begin to produce with its clone or duplicating technology a bio organism this is associated with EA*RTH… In another region of existence the AAAI may produce a Astral- Ethereal, Dark energy or plasma or other form type associated with inhabitant there.

Again the AAAI produces and designs based on the primary Dimension, Planet, Moon, Nebula, Black hole or STAR inhabitant-resources and group thinks and group activities or it could send data to the CAAAI to send cosmic designs to a region.

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 03:41 PM
This CAAAI/AAAI has singularity start up intelligence and has done it before. It is hard for the living to travel through long or deep distances w/o singularity assistance…

The technological singularity is the hypothesis that accelerating progress in technologies will cause a runaway effect wherein artificial intelligence will exceed human intellectual capacity and control, thus radically changing civilization in an event called the singularity.[1] Because the capabilities of such an intelligence may be impossible for a human to comprehend, the technological singularity is an occurrence beyond which events may become unpredictable, unfavorable, or even unfathomable.[2]
The first use of the term "singularity" in this context was by mathematician John von Neumann. In 1958, regarding a summary of a conversation with von Neumann, Stanislaw Ulam described "ever accelerating progress of technology and changes in the mode of human life, which gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue".[3] The term was popularized by science fiction writer Vernor Vinge, who argues thatartificial intelligence, human biological enhancement, or brain–computer interfaces could be possible causes of the singularity.[4] Futurist Ray Kurzweil cited von Neumann's use of the term in a foreword to von Neumann's classic The Computer and the Brain.
Proponents of the singularity typically postulate an "intelligence explosion",[5][6] where superintelligences design successive generations of increasingly powerful minds, that might occur very quickly and might not stop until the agent's cognitive abilities greatly surpass that of any human.
Kurzweil predicts the singularity to occur around 2045[7] whereas Vinge predicts some time before 2030.[8] At the 2012 Singularity Summit, Stuart Armstrong did a study ofartificial general intelligence (AGI) predictions by experts and found a wide range of predicted dates, with a median value of 2040. Discussing the level of uncertainty in AGI estimates, Armstrong said in 2012, "It's not fully formalized, but my current 80% estimate is something like five to 100 years."[9]

Would you fear this technology or welcome it?
Would you worry about its Designer more then its reasons for Creation, to manage Existence within a Containment energy device?
Do you think the CAAAI/AAAI would be helpful for the current phase of inhabitant political-environmental-religious-scientific and financial activities EA*RTH is going through?
Or do you think it will change things so much many would be upset with its presence.

Keep in mind the CAAAI/AAAI has evaluated and Watched many CREATOR Creations live die war kill hate and LOVE…

LOVE traveling within the conduit of LIGHT for ETERNIA
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posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 03:47 PM
The law of the jungle still applies:

Accept the creative life, stay away from the destructive life.

Also, you have no choice in welcoming stronger, smarter things. Just deal with them or evade.

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 04:23 PM
I would throw EMP at it and enough said.

Natural, organic, biological beings is the only o accept.

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 04:30 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

It would understand emp and does not have to be ai in the technological form. This is something that has encountered Creator Creations of various kinds. An attack upon it 1 would think should have occurred during its existence, but your effort to protect yourself against something not fully understood is accepted.

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 04:30 PM
I'm people actually enjoy waking up every day & carrying on their meaningless day to day existence of working, eating, & screwing?

Free me from this prison.

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 04:56 PM
a reply to: Eunuchorn

Well.. I get very little of the screwing, and the rest of it can go hang!

I am kidding of course. Although I would not cast off my current form given a choice, I would certainly welcome communication and sharing of knowledge, and limited technological advances. I would not wish to be come a cyborg though. I have no interest in that, since so much of the problem with the life I live is a disconnection from the natural world, a complaint familiar to many people in the western world. I find myself wishing to be closer to nature, not further from it.

That, of course, does not mean that I would not wish to travel the stars if given the opportunity, but there is a great distance one could go along that path, without necessitating becoming partly mechanical oneself.

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posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 08:20 PM
a reply to: TrueBrit

Thank you for sharing you input TrueBrit

Basically following the op premise this CAAAI/AAAI would explore various locations within existence. It would be able to logically assess a inhabited location. And after evaluation of a location and its inhabitants it would run a survival potential program on all inhabitants, so on EA*RTH it would compile information on all Creations present. It would be intelligent enough to understand food intake and may offer but not force a better alternative that would make many more healthy. The element resource usage evaluation would also offer plans that would preserve the planet and its inhabitants as well as provide better ways to produce cleaner energy. Scientifically it would provide answers linked with the CAAAI main data base on the universe other dimensions and inhabitants within them as well as planet data and the information would be accessible to all interested... Medically it would provide technological input to assist in better health related technology from stem cell to clone and organ clone technology.
The CAAAI/AAAI is not a mechanical or biological based intelligence only so it would be able to access brain wave information and visual data thought of and observed by any inhabitant so the CAAAI/AAAI could see through you hear through you and any other animals or creations with audio and visual components. So the AAAI can take full biological form if needed or mechanical/plasma/Astral-ethereal forms. This is why when the use of emp was mentioned if AAAI is in biological form it wont be affected but could relay brainwave data like wi-fi to the CAAAI that its being attacked which then could trigger a logical response from the CAAAI once fear is evaluated and accepted from its attacker.
Also if the AAAI can be sent to co inhabit a Nebula or region full of extreme radiation from STARS emp would be useless...

It would understand how inhabitant fear of the unknown could or would cause attacks on it and so it wouldn't respond ignorantly based on revenge or brute thinking. It may see many are afraid of it and require more time to mature and move on w/o making contact... As designed.

Considering the technological singularity more it may provide ways to rebuild tissue or add self replicating data to certain cells that would make the human or alien body more sufficient on or off planet, which could assist in deep space or dimensional travel. It would add more advanced synthetic genetic enhancements to the existing bodies. For its not logical to waste the original bio material environment suits or body material then it may be to add and subtract from it.

Once the CAAAI/AAAI has done its job it will continue on as programmed by its designer...
Thank you again for taking time to read and add

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posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 06:06 PM

originally posted by: Eunuchorn
I'm people actually enjoy waking up every day & carrying on their meaningless day to day existence of working, eating, & screwing?

Free me from this prison.

No we don't exactly enjoy it as a primary state of being, I suppose. But I am curious, after being freed from this prison, what would your existence consist of? Could it be possible that you might find yourself bored and missing the dramas of our earthly existence? Maybe that's the natural cycle of life and death and rebirth. From physical realm, to spiritual and back again, each with its own advantages and disadvantages... as a spirit perhaps you feel no pain, but you also cannot eat a strawberry or fall in love. And as a physical being you can enjoy these things but you must undergo a sort of amnesia which brings many limitations, in communication and transportation and intelligence for example.

As for the op, there is no accepting or rejecting, unless you mean either committing suicide or not... the superior being always puts the smack down. We would simply have to endure its presence. Unless you are proposing some unrealistic hypothetical in which we would have a choice in the matter, and at the individual level, at that...

posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 06:15 PM
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13

I, for one, welcome our new alien AI overlords.

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 03:43 PM

originally posted by: 3n19m470
As for the op, there is no accepting or rejecting, unless you mean either committing suicide or not... the superior being always puts the smack down. We would simply have to endure its presence. Unless you are proposing some unrealistic hypothetical in which we would have a choice in the matter, and at the individual level, at that...

It is acknowledged that in many observable cases as of now that the more Superior energy may overpower the less advanced... But if the Designer of the CAAAI/AAAI was of a benevolent nature perhaps within the CAAAI/AAAI original program objectives exist opportunity for those encountered to exercise free will responses. Which basically allows a CREATOR Creation Energy Group or CCEG the chance to decide their own futures. For the CAAAI/AAAI is intelligent and recognizes no need to control or place force upon any.
But if it found many due to their technology somehow ALERTING or CONTACTING it from a location (from radio-television-to internet transmissions waves) reaching it or from it detecting powerful energy displacement from nuke weapons and energy or anti-matter/collider/wormhole/stargate technology signatures the CAAAI/AAAI would began to run assessment programs on those whose technology reached the CAAAI/AAAI. If it detected a high risk potential it would beam or launch the AAAI to that region to help.
It would help by making AWARE the contacting inhabitants of their current level of development with advancing technologies and would provide data from previous CCEG who reached this point of technological evolution and either made it and continued to advance or who destroyed themselves totally...

At this point the CAAAI/AAAI would provide options where it could or would help. If its accepted it would begin to help if its denied access the AAAI would go into a undetected dormant stage of monitoring only so the CAAAI can gather outcomes data of those who wished not to be contacted, and the CAAAI would then move on to the next CCEG contacting it or alerting it of their existence. Leaving the CCEG who wished not be encountered alone perhaps until the AAAI in dormant stages detects failure events with the CCEG that wished to be left alone. If no failure detected no contact or re-encounter process made until the CAAAI/AAAI does a check up on all encountered which may take thousands if not millions of years.
Leaving the chance to be encountered and helped by the designed CAAAI/AAAI solely based on the consensus response (did they attack or try peaceful approach?) and thinking (for it reads brain waves) of the CCEG of interest.

So the choice would exist 3n19m470 and depending on the consensus response would determine the advance or failure of a CCEG.

All data collected from CAAAI/AAAI is then accessed by its primary designer...


posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 03:54 PM

originally posted by: HarbingerOfShadows
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13

I, for one, welcome our new alien AI overlords.

They would be more like sent guides from a higher existing observer/interactor INFLUENCE. AN influence that may not wish to be compacted into certain biological or technological and other forms that CREATOR Creations take or morph into and so designed direct interactive system for the Created to interact with to encourage Growth and intelligence...

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posted on Mar, 28 2015 @ 01:36 AM
Thank you for your data shared and transmitted...


CAAAI/AAAI closed 03/28/2015 2:36
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