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You just won the powerball lotto for $590 million dollars, what would you do????

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posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 06:07 PM
I would get the hell out of los Angeles

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 08:05 PM
Hire an accountant. Figure out what I need to last me til I die. I don't really own many things, I guess I'd get a bit crazy with my technology room but everything else would be really boring.

Buy everyone in my family a decent new house who needs it. Give them enough to cover property tax.


Use the rest in some cryptocurrency and make out like a bandit.

Make even more money? Invest it into the community I live in. Having a ton of money isn't as great as most people fantasize it to be... you get paranoid about everyone just wanting to hang out for your money. Higher bills. You think a mansion has cheap utility bills? Lol... screw being super rich. You could really fix up a lot of places with that and the entire town would respect you much more than dipping out even if you didn't give them a million dollars.
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posted on Dec, 2 2013 @ 06:17 AM
I was thinking about it yesterday and I think winning alot of money like that could actually completely ruine your life jsut as fast and just as easy as it might help it. It's like giving a 4 year old a loaded gun and saying go shoot if you want at whatever you want.

posted on Dec, 2 2013 @ 09:31 AM
1. Buy land and homes for all my family and friends, probably put it in their children's names, and start aquaponics and farming on all the properties, and diversify income, with various things so they all would have their own income, and work with their interests for courses and their own additional part time or full time businesses.

2. Start local radio/newsletter/newspaper and citizens group and have wonderful speakers and video nights, tackling many issues, particularly to get on board with being the change you want to be in the world.

3. Various land and yurts for homeless and those who need to move but can't, hanging from a thread, single mothers, and others.

4. Aquaponics from several large farms would provide weekly food for all in town so the overpriced rents and homes wouldn't be hard. I'd set up food deliveries for all who wish them. Note, 3 acres aquaponics, grew 10 000 fish and over 1 million pounds of one would starve anywhere around me.

5. Start creating alterantive energy devices, and ensure everyone in my area, who wished to could reduce or even just have as backup, power sources. Would have workshops with teens and any interested in learning how to make them.

6. Would partner areas overseas, and help establish eco farms and half way houses in third world countries.

7. Would focus on education and meetups with our elected employees, to ensure they realized the country was waking up and high expectations and standards.

8. I personally would take regression courses and help those in hospice or who needed to touch base with their inner answers, Higher Self and Source, lives between lives, to no longer have fear, but gain peace and possibly healing.

9. Create many more community counsils and free newspapers, and deal with the monopolies, ie. start up many small businesses that are ethical, clean energy, to replace the giants.

10. Would start dental grants for people locally as well. And businesses to fund dental care for those in need.
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posted on Dec, 2 2013 @ 09:45 AM
It wouldn't be forcing, earth would still be a school, but it would provide choices, balance, and show that we can do alot no matter what our politics to equalize, and get small businesses going world wide, and solve some of the problems, it would be about solving some of the problems and funding more businesses than you need to fund other projects.

Don't want good dictators or bad, just want alot more options that are within people's abilities, so they can flex their growing up skills and diplomacy ones, in meeting with their employees, and shine by example, town by town, and have choices amongst small ethical buisnesses, that create economy locally, what products to buy. Take our power back and wake up more, one by one.

And for those who have, they should be establishing land and food and dental for all. These are essentials.
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posted on Dec, 2 2013 @ 09:55 AM
There would be no need to buy luxury cars, just some deisel king cab type trucks, no more than 2000 dollars, rough enough to take camping, for everyone and then get to work in the garages to make them clean energy, tinker around with a beater. Try different types, from electric to HHO, to stirling engines.

And build recyled type homes, with lots of places for meetups, teepees like yurts, on platforms with electricity, plumbing and washroom facilities and good insulation. For lots of group meetings, and meditations and sky watching...

No one on my list would get one luxury vehicle or one big vacation. Just choices in their lives in the here and now, and properties that only cost them taxes and insurance so their incomes would stretch more, with food production and businesses set up.

Its not about making hundreds of thousands, but if your land is paid off, 2000 a month is pretty nice, more for big families...

Large wins are a chance to spread abundance to others and start to wake people up, and create local economy, and help overseas.

Now if we could only search far and wide for those who do have money with plans like this, that they could embark on, that would empower others.
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posted on Dec, 2 2013 @ 10:54 AM
590 million dollars ....

- First I'd end up paying taxes on it ... so it would be reduced to probably 300 million.

- Put some aside for my daughter so she wouldn't have to worry about anything.

- Make sure we had enough for my husband to retire on.

- Then I'd give each of my nieces and nephews a million $$ each for their educations and so they could get started in life.

- And then the rest ... the large bulk of it ... would go to charity. Charities would include .... the Sjogrens Foundation, St. Judes Childrens Hospital, and the nuns at Our Lady of Solitude Monastery which is North of Phoenix.

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