Why God Exist!!!?

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posted on Mar, 20 2014 @ 12:41 PM

Im sorry Spy, i am trying but you keep saying stuff without quoting any source, not explaining anything at all. That is not how a discussion work mate.Try to quote your sources, studies , etc if you want to have a serious argument , if not , im sorry but im out of this thread.

I am studying this on my own free time. I quote my own work. I dont quoting from any one else. I only read what other sources have to say, that is all.

If this is not good enough for you. Why are you even here? Why dont you just fallow the Sources you have faith in. And be happy?

I am not waisting Your time. You are waisting Your own time.

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posted on Mar, 27 2014 @ 02:53 AM
reply to post by edmc^2

Again -Dr. Michio Kaku:

Dr. Kaku is well known NWO stooge...

Kaku is a propaganda agent for the dark side and his sugar coated scientific "discoveries" are blatant MSM brainwashing...

He would NOT be promoted by the MSM if he wasn't actually a part of their agenda.

He's a "science" shill for the NWO, always ready to spin the story whatever way the CIA, or the Pentagon, or the NSA, or the NWO spin meisters at MIT or Harvard, or Columbia, or John Hopkins, or Tavistock want him to spin it. At the time, I guesstimated that Kaku's interview was part of a propaganda package to lay the groundwork for what the government would claim was a runaway 'pandemic' scenario which would emulate the 1918 kill off. Source

He says that global government is progress. One-world government means "Type 1 civilization". And all who oppose it are "terrorists".

Michio Kaku = Illuminati propaganda agent

'Michio goes cuckoo and says you are a terrorist if you are against the NWO. He claims that the NWO is Type 1 attainment on the Kardashev scale. He also spews the false "alien gospel" to set the public up for the coming fake disclosure of the grigori as " Type 2 greys". Type 3 is obviously God and His angels, but what will the illuminati say they are?

Michio Kaku: People Who Oppose NWO Are 'Terrorists'

Michio Kaku – New World Order Facilitator

The science establishment is like the medical model – sterilized white suits with unchallengeable answers sent down to us from sacred Mount Know-It-All.

Until they’re disproven. Time and again.

The indoctrination is complete, the wars are underway, gobs of drugs were sold and people sickened, and whatever else they’re pushing is being consumed en masse…

You know this guy has to be the voice of the PTBs with all the press he gets. He’s set up as such an unchallengeable authority.

He may imply or claim “innocence” of any complicity, but I’ll bet he knows quite well which side his bread is buttered on. As many of them do.

Kaku’s job, like that of so many others, is to soften us up and prepare us to accept this technological takeover of mankind. Already they’re busy “mastering” nature with genetic tampering, geoengineering, and messing with electromagnetic weaponry. These programs are already in full swing, however cloaked.

Kaku is being used as the scientific white coat to help people swallow these pills and even happily enslave themselves to this Orwellian takeover.

As smart as this guy is, he definitely knows who’s pulling his strings, and he doesn’t mind the benefits. Unfortunately, much of the scientific community is blackmailed into towing the party line or they’ll lose their research grants or places in the scientific hierarchy or University system.

Still, I have no respect for anyone who cows to that, for whatever reason. It’s because people won’t stand up that humanity is becoming a full-on slave race.

These NWO pushers are everywhere. And they love the cloak of their bastardized “science” to supposedly validate their programs. After all, isn’t eugenics a science? Didn’t supposed scientists and dentists and University PhDs in white lab coats recommend we fluoridate the water supply, and host of other insanities?


posted on Mar, 27 2014 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by Murgatroid

Thanks for the info but I couldn't care less if he is a NWO stooge or not. That's not the point.

The point is even him (as well as the other top scientist/physicist) are at a lost when it comes to the origin of the big-bang. 'know why?

INFINITY - right smack in their faces is this huge problem with their theories. That is, INFINITY is the "thing" that's mucking their equation.

In other words, there's NO ESCAPING the reality they are FINDING. That INFINITY does exist!

Which again confirms what me and Spy66 are saying! That INFINITE is the source of the FINITE.

But as for me I go further than Spy, that God IS the ULTIMATE source of everything that exist.

And since INFINITY is not bounded by time and space constraints, thus God is INFINITE - that is why God Exist!

posted on Apr, 16 2014 @ 03:57 PM



Hawking is talking about the beginning of Our universe when he mentions time. Our universe is the only finite time we know of and can document.

So, there is the time which our universe experiences (a finite time), and also a "meta time", something beyond our knowledge? I am inclined to agree that this is possible.

The problem for me is that this disrupts our entire concept of "time", makes it hard to relate. In effect, there are two sorts of time. This means we have to redefine the entire discussion, in my opinion. Clear definitions are essential to mutual understanding. Especially on the internet.

Or, do you mean that our universe is identical to time?

Our universe is the only finite time we know of and can document.

If so, i have a hard time understanding that, time is usually considered a property of our universe, or a factor affecting it. Not identical to it.

There are at least Three time lines that you should know of if you really understand this.

1. A absolute constant time line.

2. A compression time line.

3. A expansion time line.

The compression time line is not mentioned that well within science, all it mensions is a forming of the singularity.

I don't claim to understand that at all.

Could you clarify what you mean by these three timelines? How are they different from each-other? And do they affect each-other somehow?

reply to post by Subnatural

So, the spatial dimensions are not equal? You are saying that one of them is special? Why can't several dimensions be absolute?

Dont you know what absolute mean?

Well, according to google it means this:

complete and total

not limited in any way

having unlimited power

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