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Need More Insults and Denials so I Look Good in the Future.

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posted on Apr, 16 2014 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by leeda

This is a big secret.

How is it secret when you and others expose it every-other minute of the day here , there or somewhere on the internet?

You are singing a tune that you think is your own but it sounds so similar to all the others needing to express that they speak the truth and ask why no hears it.

No one believes what I say is possible.

Yet many are saying the same thing.

Do you have the ability like you say the government does to read peoples minds?

If not how can you possibly know what no one, everyone or anyone believes without them expressing their beliefs to you?

I must tell the world the truth until the truth is set free. At least the truth I speak.

How many different truths are there?

posted on Apr, 28 2014 @ 09:10 AM
Hello. Your doing great. You look good. I find your questions irritating. They are kind of strawman and pick at my words semantically.

I stand by what I said. You obviously don't believe what I say. I still need further questions and opinions in this thread. I'm not sure how I can ghet many more people to post.

People need to read what I have written and post in response so they are seen. My threads will be famous one day but it looks like it will be a long time in the future possibly 30 years or more. I'm going to keep posting on this site to attract attention until people believe me as I have 30 years like a jail term.

As I speak the truth it's hard to sway from it as that means lying. Sure I lie in everyday but about the music and tech I am not lying nor am I delusional. It's pretty hard to find someone who doesn't lie or isn't deceived please .

I have no proof. It comes back to this. My testimony gets me counted as crazy and it gets discounted.

If I had enough followers I could probably possibly achieve escape velocity but I am not hard working enough. I have no motivation.

Please post in this thread your thoughts and opinions about what I have written.

I will be famous and my words will attract people for good or bad. But this could be 30 years probably less.

I will keep working in the time I have left.

If the truth will set us free nobody has the truth. Not me or not you. I'm waiting on the truth. That's how many different truths there are. What I believe is not the truth relative to say immortality and the truth that immortality requires. I see immortality as an answer to things. The truth about the songs and technology will create something..... big and long lasting. I'm pushing for immortality but i'm afraid I might of missed this by the world not knowing and me blowing my opportunity in 2009 to reveal both the music and technology. It certainly would be easier to push for immortality with the world using the technology I was to reveal.

From my house with a phone call and phone calls I have altered the course of Rock History and the History of the world. The world is different on a large and very big scale because of my life, though it's not recognised but oneday it will be and you should be ready.

If death is the final enemy then let us attack death first. Start at death and work towards immortality.

I seek vengeance over death which is life. I hope to also rally support for immortality, people to fight a war.

Immortality is not far form here.

I am hidden inunder rock.


posted on May, 26 2014 @ 05:27 AM
I'm trying to help with peoples superstitions and belief systems. People struggle to believe the truth of simple things because it sits amongst a pile of refuse and it's not obvious. I know i'm speaking the truth but you do not believe me for one second. You will not even come close to believing.

Your belief structure is unable to take on that I am neither delusional, lying or trolling. I am simply presenting the facts and as best I can. No matter how hard I try you are unreachable. You have a heart of stone and a mind branded and seared as if by the fire or hot iron.

You can in no way accept anything I say.

It's on you. Please tell me what else I can do? You are unmoveable. You will never cease to persist.

Is not the internet the bearer of news? Is it not a way for the smallest of the small to reach out and say this is how it is? Why do you refuse to discover me? I seek the truth be known in all it's fullest. Freedom is where it's at.

This is a lesson in believing the truth. Superstition and darkness reigns.

There are ways to prove what I say but you refuse to use them. Things like twitter these days connects people together. With a small force making enough noise on twitter to attract enough attention soon enough these people wouldn't be able to deny what I say.

Try contacting these people on twitter. These people all wrote songs containing things I spoke:

Those 3 will do but you can find a list of songs and artists in one of my threads any of those people can probably be contacted on twitter.

Do some work. Do something for the truth.



posted on Jun, 2 2014 @ 08:25 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


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