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Christians - Metaphorical understanding of Christianity

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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:15 AM
All I want to say is that anyone who takes the Bible at face value, is falsely following concepts that were written in metaphorical meanings, and in a language that is MUCH older then the english we speak today.

The Bible was written in a langauge that is much older then english, the english we speak today wasnt even the original english spoken hundreds of years ago. So anyone who is a Jesus follwer should seek Hebrew and translate the original Hebrew book itself before devoting their life to a story-book of metaphors.

Secondly; the story of an individual born of a virgin, with capabilities not known to the common man comes from earlier times before 2000 years ago and MUCH before the construction of christianity.

From what I have learned, stories of the Bible come from earlier stories, which are put together in HEBREW (not english), which was then later translated and put together by the means of people who were using religion (which means RE-LEGION, anyone know who and what the Legion is?) as a means to control people and populations.
This control was a spiritual and mental control - which is - have people perceive GOD or the source that created all is OUTSIDE of one's self. Then making the story - only ONE man was in commune with God, and this was his son, and people could not contact the creator source their selves because they were not holy enough.

Which is a COMPLETE LIE.

Those who constructed re-legion and christianity SERVE a GOD who is a jelous and malevolent god. When one says "thou shall not see my face and live" - is to only put fear in ones mind and heart, and making the individual believe their is a higher poewr then themselves. Again LIES.

Your true CREATOR would never harm the Earth, humanity, nor block you from communication with itself. One must reach that level of consciousness to experience and be in commune with the MOST HIGH.

Earlier traditions, practises and beliefs from ancient (what we call now) India - is where the true knowledge came from. Where everyone had the right to learn and practise inner acension to commune with the creator source. In ancient India, there were individuals born of a virgin, with 'miracle' capabilities such as healing. This is far, far older then english and christianity.

(Kh)Chrisna was born a virgin, and had great wisdom and teachings, as well as healing power. Chrishna, is pretty close to the LATTER 'Christ'. That there should open up any english-christians eyes. But we need to move forward.

When it says "I shall make man in my image" - it does not refer to blood and flesh, which is the BEAST. It refers to the soul, the INTERNAL-CONSCIOUSNESS of man. Your soul and highest levels of consciousness are the reflection of the creator, or what you people perceive as "God".

Again though, if you take the ENGLISH translations at face-value then you are missing the entire construct of the bible by the earlier authors OF it. What better way to control a planet and species then make people believe the one that created them is somewhere "out there" in the universe? Somewher OUTSIDE of the body, in the external reality, and NOT in the internal existance.

Your soul - or image of GOD - is forced to reincarnate in this shells or bodies, which is a total CONTAIN of your energy and consciousness, bringing your undertanding of SELF and reality to a low-limited level. The only way to reach the creator source is through inner-progress and development. Which is spiritual.

Here's another one for the Christians; when you pray (which is PREY) and end it, you end with 'Amen'. What does that mean, Amen?

Amen; is actually Amun-RA which is an ancient Egyptian deity who is fused of two consciousnesses; Amun + RA. So when you finish your prayer, and say 'Amen' - you are tributing that prayer to someone you dont even understand or know, who is known as Amun-RA. Who isnt even an english diety or Hebrew, its ancient Egyptian.

You see how blind you can been lead at face value, with no spiritual advancement or understanding?

With no esoteric, or spiritual knowledge, the Bible is USELESS to anyone seeking spiritual commune with the most high. By that; your CREATOR who is not a 'God', because the Creator created ALL consciousness and life forms, your CREATOR can only be reached WITHIN. Internally, on the inside, spiritually, in YOUR highest levels of your consciousness or Soul.

That is the bridge from your lower consciousness - the one you identify as Hu-man in the mirror, its your family, at work, your LOWER consciousness it is your "ME/I" aspect in everyday life. Your higher consciousness resides INSIDE your spirit, mind and heart, which the average Human is un-aware even exists.

If anyone wants to understand the true meaning of Jesus the Christ - one should research ancient indian practises. Kundalini which is the LIFE force of the Hu-man being, this is the true Christ energy, Christ means Crystal. And Jesus means 'Son of Zues'. Which comes from earlier Greek, which is Iseuos, which translated to 'Jesus'.

So many cultures, translating, and re-translating, and tampering over and over again with what is identified as the 'Holy Bible'. But the book is DEAD. It is not alive, nor is it worth devoting your one life to. Unless you dont care about spiritual anscension, which is to reach your prime consciousness and commune with the MOST HIGH/CREATOR.

You can blindly follow your beliefs and hold on to what you think you know, and share with your christian family and friends. But the fact is - these are stories that come from earlier times and cultures then when the Bible was written, which was written in a language that is MUCH older then the language you speak and think in today. It was written in metaphors, therefore not to be taken literally - and written for those who have spiritual and esoteric knowledge.

I want to give one last point, and go back to the 'Lord' of the english Bibles - he who one shall not see its face and live.. Lords and Gods are NOT CREATORS. That needs to be UNDERSTOOD by the christian followers. When one says 'thou shall not worship (WAR-SHIP) any other god BEFORE me" - this means there were Gods being worshipped before this guy showed up and made everyone 'below' bow down and worship.

Who do you think created that individual 'Lord' and his consciousness? The SOURCE or CREATOR, or MOST HIGH. This 'Lord' or self-described 'God' - even states there are other Gods! Dont praise who you want to, and dont look him in the face! Or you shall be punished to a pit of hell!

I did not come here to burst bubbles or start a war of conscepts and mis-understandings. I come here today to show the Christian followers that its time to wake up from the cycle of EXTERNAL-worship. Stop beliving god is outside of you, or you need some Jesus idea, who comes from EARLIER characters or EARLIER traditions in EARLIER cultures - you do not need ANY one person to commune with the Most High.

You just need to climb the spiritual ladder to get there. If this isnt enough for you to at least open your eyes to the truth of christianity and its ROOTS, meaning where it came from - then I understand you are too caught up in fabrications of beliefs and mis-interpretations of a book.

Reincarnation is a cycle of souls - coming back because they have not spiritually ascended. You will not reach your most high by worship - you get there by internal/spiritual advancement.
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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:32 AM
Well, I'm certainly glad this isn't another bashing thread. Because it seemed to me as though it is.

I find your word play strained and unconvincing. "Religion" gets an e to replace the i and becomes "Re-Legion?" By replacing the a with an e in "thread," we get "Three D," yet your thread is only two dimensional. It seems you're missing an entire dimension.

And the obvious one, "Re-In-Car-Nation," is merely an attempt to subliminaly persuade everyone in the nation to buy a new, replacement car.

If any posters find something serious to discuss, I'd be glad to look at it. I'm sure I overlooked some good stuff, but I'm tired and could easily have missed it.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:38 AM
Also I would like to point out; as I said the Bible canot be understood by those who are not spiritually or esoterically informed. Thus the concept of Heaven and Hell will be explained here. That is, the TRUTH of heaven and hell (which isnt so bad!)

Chakra Diagram

Christian brothers and sisters; please view the above link. This is the best way for you to understand what Heaven and Hell in the Bible represents and will give you more relief in the fact you wont be banished to some fire pit of Hell..

The 7 main chakras of the Human being was and is known to the ancient/modern Indian culture. The same culture christianity roots from when you trace the traditions and beliefs throughout the ages..

The root chakra, or Muladhara (in India) which is the lowest chakra, which corresponds with your genitals and is located in the root of your spine, the pit of hell represented in the Bible. The Bible is metaphorical as I said; and this metaphor applies to the chakra system.

When one is based in the root chakra, one is dense, mamalistic in nature, and very animalistic like in general. This is the 'fight or flight' syndrom, this is the aggression mentality, this is where survival instinct resides. This is the pit of hell of the human spirit.

The highest chakra, or the Crown chakra, or Sahasrara (in India) is the chakra that corresponds to spiritual enlightenment, higher consciousness, the path of an enlgihtened being, the place to commune with the MOST HIGH. This is where wisdom, information is transferred from the higher self, into the lower human consciousness that I talked about in the OP.

THSI IS HEAVEN! This is the high-place, the kingdom of Heaven or the temple which is the BODY. This is where your Jesus the Christ or Chrishna's consciousness was occupied. This chakra corresponds with the brain and nervous system.

So you see how simple concepts are mysteriously put into tales and fables of men and gods? The Christ energy is the Kundalini. The Kundalini is the coiled energy in the root of the spine, or base chakra, the "slumbering dragon/serpant". When ones chakras are activated and balanced the Kundalini awakens and travels through each chakra going "up" and "down" through out the corresponding chakras. That is Root to Crown, and back down, and this cycle continues a life time if one can handle adnd contain the energy within the human body.

Its easy to take this spiritual knowledge and make stories of it, with characters, names, places etc.. Its easy to trick people when you do change the concept of something spiritual energy that is INTERNAL and make it of something EXTERNAL corresponding to people like a 'Jesus the Christ' or son of Zeus the Crystal energy.

If you take christianity seriously, then you should find its roots and go from there. Becuase following a dead book, because your parents did, and thats all you built your life around - it not going to get you to commune with the most high, and will not make you the best you.

The knowledge is so simple, but the controllers and rulers of re-legion make is so mysterious and confusing, by giving it false ideas. They are smart, as they aim for control not for commune with the most high. They are content serving a self-proclaimed 'God' or 'Lord'.. Who does not Love them at heart, because he is a jelous god who wants worship and power.

Without any worship and followers how powerful is that god? Worship yourselves, because you are teh bridge to the Most High, that isnt to just the christians its to ALL human beings.

The self proclaimed gods - are entities or beings who have reached a level or spiritual progression and intellect, that they believe they are superior to anyone else - thus they do not want to accept there is a MOST HIGH, they want to be looked at by minor races of CREATION as the most high or God.

'Ye shall not bow to thou gods before me' ... Something crazy like that. But see what Im saying? Your re-legion is based on earleir traditions, and you should get to know them better, so you can know your roots better, and ULTIMATELY know YOURSELF best.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:38 AM
If that is the Non-Bash version, I take it the bashing version just jumps off the screen and clobbers anyone wearing a cross? Eeeek...

I really have to ask this and I'm quite serious in being curious on the thinking. Do you figure that is going to reach out to cause Christians to reconsider everything they hold dear in life or is it just venting a a rant?

I kinda strikes me as the rant category, but I just wanted to ask on that. It wouldn't strike me as the most effective method of outreach.
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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:46 AM
reply to post by charles1952

The vowels are interchangable, and if you cant comprehend that, you are lost without a doubt. You miss the very ASPECT of what language is; its not about the arrangment of symbols, its about the pronounciation of sounds and therefore vibration of sound waves.

E =A =I =O =U =Y = H= J

This has always been known except in the new and strict english. No one really cared about the arrangment of the vowels, as they were interchangable as I said. But when one takes language and becomes a slave of it day in and day out - they miss the obvious facts of those who constructed the language in the first place.

You know how much knowledge and depth is behind a CREATING a language for a species? Its not so simple. And very tricky. Your ignorance is unbelivable in the fact you dont even read through what is written, but respond with a smart ass approach.

Btw - RE - IN - CAR - NATION. If you really want the REAL understanding of this knowledge I will give it here and the rest can digest it mentally as well.

CAR = ARC = Vehicle for a Soul. That is why the elites of knowledge in this world, called it a CAR, comes from ARC. As in ARCH-ANGEL, or ARCHON. Which is Souls who are at a higher or supreme level of consciousness.

So RE IN CAR NATION - is to re enter into a NEW body, which is the vehicle for the Soul within the lower Nation or relaity or world.

Your languages are more understood when done loosely. The controllers made english the way they did not jsut so people can communicate, but so people can become slave to a language, it is their voice, it is their thoughts.

Nice try though

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:56 AM
reply to post by covertpanther

Yes, people (including scholars, and religious leaders) realize that the Bible has been translated. And come to find out, translating is a skill that human beings have had for some time. I've never understood the argument that the Bible has been translated, therefore everything you know about it is wrong. It relies on a whole mess of faulty and false assumptions.

I realize the 'translation' part of your post was near the top, the reason it's all I've responded to is because it's hard to invest time in a 'non bashing' thread that immediately starts out with bashing.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

I apologize to ALL if I come off a bit bold - as I take spiritual and esoteric knowledge to heart as I understand it, and have made spiritual progression. I have not came into commune with the most high as of yet, I am still very young.\

But for me, knowledge is EVERYTHING. Knwledge is why certain people are in power, knowledge is why certain people ascend and are enlightened like a Chrishna/Jesus or Buddha. Knowledge is a construct of a universe or planetary system.

Knowledge is everything, and has no attitude or bashing, it just is. Knowledge is only good when it is TRUTH and not blind faith. I have christian friends, family. I have no problem with what they believe as they're spiritual progression and understanding is theirs individually as people. As is mine, as is yours my friend.

I only want to bring forth the truth and knowledge I have gained, because to any wise man, spreading the knowledge and truth is the correct thing. Even though, on this planet, the species spreads lies, half-truths or take truth and make it into a hundred stories so it is not understood.

People as myself and many alike, just give it straight - and me personally I do get annoyed that people follow thigns without research, or spiritual practise to understand things. Just reading a book and following i, and building your life around it will not get you anywhere but another life time on Earth.

Re-in-car-nation (as the previous post pointed out) - is as true and real as the sphere you walk on. This is why their are plans for a New World Order - because the elites know everything I just said in the OP and later posts. They know souls will not progress under THEIR SYSTEM - and thus be forced to "live again" within a new vehicle or body.

So when the NWO is complete all souls will be trapped on Earth, and spiritual truth will not be found. And jesus the christ will not come and save no one because they translated the bible, and they created the stories. They created the Jesus character - they I mean the controlling bloodlines.

Truth runs deep - it cannot be taught by one post or one book - it is a life time of research and spiritual seeking. When one has un-countable false ideas about the reality they are trapped in - its even harder for truth to reach out to them.

I am only here to bring truth - I am not getting stuck in the reincarnation, I will not be stuck and live in the NWO, or the new empire of global domination by the ruling bloodlines. The only OUT is IN. Thta is where Im headed. And I want my fellow friends, family, and people of Earth to understand this knowledge so they can join me.

So they do not have to experience the dense and terror of a life-long experience in the new empire. This is serious stuff, and you can knock it off. But you only live once, until you live again with your memory whiped. If you dont figure it out this time, you get next time - but each time its becoming harder to find the spiritual MOST HIGH and aviod re-in-car-nation because the way the Earth and societies are constructed.

I have given so much hints and knowledge in the past few posts, if you read them slowly and honestly it could literally save yourself.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:59 AM
reply to post by covertpanther


A linguistics lecture from someone who thinks reincarnation literally breaks down into the words 're' 'in' 'car' and 'nation.'

I'm out guys

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 01:59 AM
reply to post by snusfanatic

I suppose everyone is seeing it as bashing... Its all perspective. Less sensivitiy and more growing up and being men and women - will get the message across.

I will return to the OP and edit where I see "bashing". I apologize if I hurt any feeligns or made one feel negative. Please accept my apology so my knowledge and information can be understood - Im only doing this once.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:03 AM
reply to post by covertpanther

Well, it's safe to say that we do see life from different perspectives and what comes after from ....perhaps similar, but still, quite separate positions as well. I believe I'll leave it there for now tho and see where your thread heads from here. Given the rather energetic OP to kick it off, it's sure to be interesting, especially when America wakes up in a few hours to start logging in and commenting. It might be downright entertaining, really.

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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:05 AM
reply to post by covertpanther

If you change anything, change the title, not the post. People are not complaining that your post is combative, they're pointing out and complaining that you advertised something as non combative and it is immediately combative. Nobody has been victimized by your post.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:06 AM
reply to post by snusfanatic

You dont even understand reincarnation or the construct of language in its DEEPEST meaning. Why laugh? When you are a slave to a system who is controlling and laughing at you?

Im a brother, reaching out, giving NEEDED knowledge to you. I do not have to be in this forum or this website giving the knowledge. I do so, for before I leave the cyber world soon, I have at least tried to reach out and awaken minds.

Ignorance as you are showing is why you are a slave and stuck in the cycle of souls. Or Karma, or reincarnation...

Its a one time thing buddy if your laughing its because your not serious about your life, and therefore you are a text-book example of 'product of society'.

If you could go 'behind the scene' and learn all your controllers know and the history they have created - you would learn what Im telling you now, and it would not be so funny. You would take spiritual development a lot more seriously and expand your consciousness to reach your crown chakra or "Heaven".

Laugh away though, its your Soul

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:10 AM
You are missing an i in religion but good try on not bashing people's beliefs
Next time you should try being a bit more tactful and instead of naming a thread "not another bashing thread" just name it what it is "I wanna # on people's beliefs thread"

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:17 AM
reply to post by covertpanther

Dear covertpanther,

I agree with you that I was trying to be a little ridiculous, but as I said, I'm tired and am missing the subtlety of your argument. This statement struck me particularly forcefully:

The vowels are interchangable, and if you cant comprehend that, you are lost without a doubt.
I had never heard of the Doctrine of the Interchangability of Vowels until tonight, and I suspect the vast majority of the world's citizens haven't either. We may all be lost, but it seems a little unfair that God never let us know about this.

Oh, by the way, I interchanged the "a" for "e" in "thread" to get "Three D," so I guess I have to learn more about this Doctrine in order to use it properly.

Seriously, as you can probably tell, I'm having a hard time accepting this. Mandarin Chinese is more widely spoken than English, so why not pick that? Will the sound waves be different for the French and the Germans? For example, "Religion" in Finnish is "Uskonto," "Usko" in Finnish is "Do not believe." In Czech, "Religion" is "Náboženství." The whole thing is a hopeless mess if you use the languages of the world.

And no, I will not accept that the entire Bible, especially the New Testament, is completely invented based on tales of the ancient Sumerians, or Indians, or Buddhists, or Egyptians. Historical evidence does not allow that.

With respect,

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:19 AM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

Silly rabbit...

Its cute to give eachother stars and agreements because believing in what you learn insoceity is comfortable compared to the trruth of not just reality, but YOU, and your true nature of a Soul. I understand its a lot of information and deep to understand or take seriously.

But if you want truth, its not an easy road. Truth is hidden in this planet, for a reason. This is prison planet, which is why its called a PLAN NET - aand a PRISM (spherical world) which means a PRISON to NET/TRAP the Souls. That is the reality behind what is going on, on Earth and the human species.

This is a scary thought and to big to comprehend at first; but follow the white rabbit, rabbit. And the truth will set you free. I promise you that. I do take my life seriously and everything I say - I am not here to bulls* anyone, or waste time. As I am soon unplugging from the internet in general.

So as I said - I dont have to be here and try to reach out - Im doing so as a last attempt. As I know I can reach out to more people on the internet, then where Im going. And when one understands where the higher levels of consciousness goes and IS - one understands its good to have more spiritually activated humans to accompany such a 'place' I will just call it.

"As above so below". This is true in all aspects of reality. The world is the way it is, a prison, because as you get higher in consciousness you realize its all the same "big-bad"' characters controlling everything. Its not hard to understand or comprehend - its hard to admit and follow from there.

Fortunately for me - at this early stage in my life - I was not conformed or trapped to any re-legion (which I will explain that word in the next post) or mental construct. I have lived athiest and scientific the first stages of my life (school/highschool) as well as a top athlete in my schools.

But I had many experiences which led me on a seek for TRUTH and knowledge. When people have these types of experiences, they are instantaniously have a paradigm shift in the spirit and mind. And thus I went from athiest/science to rational/spiritual.

I am no nut case, I am well informed and have seeked, experienced, learned. The difference isnt where and how much time you put into research - its what your looking into that starts fitting "pieces to the puzzle".

I just want to help you rabbit, see more then you know. So you too can join me and many others in the higher realms of consciousness and break free from this Matrix or MA's Tricks. Seriously languageg works just like that

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:28 AM
reply to post by charles1952

Very well my friend, I appreciate your mature approach

The knnowledge and truth is there, I realize you are an older gentlemen charles, and that I respect you for your travels and wisdom.

My search for answers brings me to the bloodlines and root of religion. But the main focal point is spiritual advancment as I know where I am going and how to get there.

The bloodlines who are Royal, are not just the Aryans or white race. They are the highest powers of everyrace. The chinese emperor, the Prime Minister of Russia/Canada/Austrialia, the Royals of Sweden, Norway, Denmark (or Danmark/Dans land), and the highest preists from the Vatican to Africa.

These are all offspring from the original bloodlines, who have one goal: to dominate the world and trap human consciousness in the lower planes. And that is what is happening today; from messing with our water, to altering our food, to militarizing our police forces, to running our lives via banking and governments.

This is the NWO, the construct of a world where the Royals have contorl over all humans, all resources on the planet and are entitled to everything. Whoever is born within this new empire - will live in a constant state of HELL which I showed earlier is the constant state of the ROOT chakra.

Your my friend are entitled to believe in what you want, and I respect that. I am not here to push "beliefs" - people have had enough of that and so have I. I come here to spread the truth, just as "jesus" did (lol). If there was a man named Jesus with commune with the most high, who were to reincarnate again - he would be telling you the same thing.

RE-legion is a lie, and to contact the most high you must go INSIDE yourself to do so. That is truth my friend, I wish you well Charles.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:30 AM
reply to post by covertpanther

After absolutely no consideration at all.
I think I'm gonna stick with my, two to three thousand year old
book of fairytales and lies, that I'm just to stupid to understand
by myself because our english isn't old english. And you're way
smarter than any Bible scholar I've ever seen.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:46 AM
The 7 chakras, and kundalini, refinement to Christ Consciousness is also found in the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and the fiery furnace.

A good explanation of which is here:

In the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, each of these men represents our lower nature and ego: the physical being, our intellect, and emotions. When the king had the furnace heated seven times, this represents the liquid fire (kundalini) rising through the seven chakras of our holy temples. We have already discussed this result, but in order for you to see how it relates to our Bible story in Daniel, you need to think about the fourth angelic figure that appeared in the fire with our three heroes. This is the same figure that Nebuchadnezzar said “…is like the son of God.” That fourth figure in the fire is symbolic of the divine mind (spirit / kindalini) in control over the lower nature of man. We can also say it is the preincarnate Christ since Christ also represents the fully realized divine man that is within each one of us. Ultimately, the kundalini experience can be said to manifest the “Christ within.”

One thing I don't do, any longer, is bring lower chakra energy, the first 2, into the higher. But work on the Higher and sometimes the 3rd, and let that energy infuse the lower and raise its frequency. I think that is a trap how its traditionally done.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:55 AM
reply to post by Todzer

I dont want to sh* on anything, that is your low level perception of Covertpanther, a person you do not know and never will.. and its pretty disgusting to sh* on anything or bash ones beliefs.

I see everyone who opposes me or the OP keeps getting the same two stars - meaning there are two people who are inferior to my message and anyone opposing it makes them feel 'better'..

Again if all you see is bashing, then you are seeing black or white and missing a universe of grey and colour shades. Which is metaphorical to the knowledge and information I have GIVEN YOU.

I see no one is even reading the OP completely, or the rest of my posts, and therefore responding unfairly to what I am bringing to the table. How are you to understand me and what Im bringing forth if you read the tidbits and then respond like an imature child saying I shi* on things?

Do you see how your consciousness is root chakra based and you are not your highest YOU, you can be? Nor are you even trying to be. Which says one thing, you do not take your life seriously enough, and you are comfortable with whaht you 'know' thus stage in your short-lived life.

Enough non-sense; I want to get to one last post before signing off. Which is the word Religion. And OBVIOUSLY I know I interchagned the "I" to an "E" - because your contorllers did so, not me.. I just figured it out. Play with the english language a bit and change the vowels around - then break down words. You will realize (REAL EYES) more then you ever saw at first glance..

RE-LEGION or 'religion' - What is the truth behind this term and its meaning? Since everyone wants to play the 'belief' game I will start with, this is MY version of 'RE-LEGION". Even if you dont want to accept it or acknowledge it.

The Legion is the the darkest of consciousness who want rule over the planet. Have you ever watched the exorcism? When the possesion is taken plalce and the exorcism is being exercised, the preist will have the entities indentify themselves "in the name of the lord jesus christ" - and the indentity is "WE ARE THE LEGION".

Which is, we are the group of Souls who have been banished from heaven, from the most high - who serve non other then the darkest of lords himself. Religion in a construct to confuse and manipulate the spirit and minds of its followers - thus slowing down spiritual progression - buying time for the LEGION to regather their power and numbers, and unleash the REAL Hell on the planet and humanity.

I believe personally; that hte bloodlines of the planet are theh ones who were mated by the watchers or Nephlim, those who were casted from heaven or those who are FALLEN angels.

That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

Those who rule over humanity today, thos we label the "elite" - are ones who traced their bloodlines back to those who created hybrids with our women. That is Queen Elizabeth and all Kings and Queens before. It has been a sick and devasting warring going on for millenia to prove who is the true bloodline and to gain power over humanity.

That is the history of a species on Planet Earth. Now to continue my belief of what the bloodlines are up too..

They have traced their line back to the fallen ones who mated with our species - who were banished from the heavens or most high. I believe the END-GAME on Earth is RE-LEGION or unleash the fallen ones onto our planet and bring forth the reign and revenge of them.

This may be far off to many people. But worship, sacrificial rituals,all the symbols, tracing cultures back, all the wars and fight for domination and use of religion - all points to one thing. Complete rule over Earth and humanity.

It is known that 1/3 the angels fell, and 1/3 of the Earth was given to the fallen ones. But the plan for the legions and the controllers to to take 3/3 and reign over Earth.

When humans are in a fear state or state of ignorance they are operating in the lower chakras. When they are in the highest states of truth and wisdom, they are operating in the highest chakra or CROWN chakra. Which is why the Royal Queens and Kings where crowns on their heads.

Again if you do not interpret the books with spiritual and esoteric knowledge, you are reading nothing but stories, and therefore taking them at face value is deceiving as they were not MENT for that.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:57 AM
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Wow Unity.. weird synchronicity sister; I was about to U2U the URL of this thread to you!

That was pretty cool you just showed after I finished typing that last reply

As always my friend, thank you for your input

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