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What really happened in Fatima?

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posted on May, 28 2013 @ 12:46 AM

'I've rid the world of 160,000 demons', says Catholic Church's leading exorcist as he calls on the Pope to allow all priests to perform the ritual Priests currently have to ask their bishop permission to perform exorcisms Father Gabriele Amorth, head of the International Association of Exorcists, is calling for the rule to be relaxed so all priests can carry out the ritual He claims his request was prompted by Pope Francis performing an 'exorcism' on a man possessed by demons in St Peter's Square on May 19 Read more: 000-demons.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

it remains to tell us clearly what is a demon, what is an angel, what is an extraterrestrial, and how many extraterrestrials are currently in contact, and to classify them into good and bad or may be neutral. It is not that much for the biggest, oldest and "holiest" organization on this planet. We are not illiterate peasants of 15th century anymore. Not even the common catholics are anymore.

posted on May, 28 2013 @ 12:56 AM
if it is true the claims of some, such as Tom Horn's books, that the aliens and demons reside within secret Vatican structures, then perhaps Fr Amorth should start his crusade from the inner circles, even from some bishops.

posted on May, 28 2013 @ 02:15 AM
the fact that sometimes I present the things from Russian point of view, doesn't mean I support the Russian-connected ET. First of all I don't know who they are. Who is inside the pyramid over Kremlin. They might be human, humanoid, reptilian, or God knows what. The big Voronezh contact of 3rd kind (direct, they come out of the spacecraft) in 1989 was with very tall humanoids with 3 eyes in space suits.

I don't know anything about their agenda, and they are not so kind to tell it either. Unlike many Western contactees who tell much more.

Orion - there is good and bad for it. You can search sources like exopaedia. Dan Burisch from Area 51 presents a good picture of advanced and benevolent humanoids with large eyes. But there are other channellers online who speak of Orions who use implanted chips. Are they one and the same? When we talk of "Orion" we put all the stars together as if they are in real space as close as we see them from earth's angle. In fact they are very distant from one another, more distant than from Earth. So we may have 10, 100 civilizations all put in the narrow angle of visible light coming from that region that the humans have called Orion. Our imagination is still a 2D star map, that is an absurd for space. (the attempts of googe to build 3D star map of the nearest thousands of stars crashes for now). That is valid for every other name. What is Andromedan? There is a galaxy with 1 trillion stars according to the latest measurements. There might be billions of civilizations. We have on earth 2-3 contactees that claim to be Andromedans. I don't believe Tolek's race to be the same as Alex Collier's race.

I could go on and on. There are classifications of hundreds of ET available online. Are they correct? This is all we know as of that moment that is made public. One is sure we must enlarge our knowledge on that topic. It will be the most important thing tomorrow. Irony and demonization just don't work.

One more thing: the ET themselves are responsible to a large degree for the poor image they have among the vast majority of people. You cannot really build a good image when 70% or more people connect the word ET with the image of a Grey/green little men who abduct cows and people in the night, cows eaten, some people sexually abused. Steven Greer has an answer, saying it is not the Grey who did so, it were cloned soulless creatures biorobots. A real Grey would stop if you command him because he obeys your free will, says Dr Greer. Good, but someone did it. Let we know the whole truth.

posted on May, 28 2013 @ 04:12 AM
link UFO Mary a nice blog that discusses both apparitions and UFO
I can assure Phantomphire that I am not its author. It is good to see the catholics slowly but surely wake up from the slumber of medieval screwed "christianity."
Why are all the stars in your old churches, all the angels between them, if nobody really believes or even thinks of what he sees painted? The angels' wings cannot work outside of atmosphere. They are painted to look like birds' wings. And why the stars then? It is absurd it took so long for a humanity that previously had people like Aristotle and Ptolemy. If it was not for the inquisition totalitarian system marked centuries, perhaps the humanity would go to the moon centuries earlier, and now would have established safe colonies on nearby planets outside the solar system. No overpopulation etc problems. But where is the power of the end times then to be exersized over a free-mind humanity? If you let humanity out of the planet, you lose the tremendous psychological impact of the Armageddon.
No matter Jesus mandated it : go to the ends of the universe, later re-translated and re-interpreted with the word "world". No matter that the other beings over there must hear of Jesus first, to fulfill the reuirement for the glorious Second Coming on a restored earth. That all doesn't matter for fanatics whose only goal is to control, and who might be controlled by someone else. Such as underground draconians. They are too few and several nukes would have killed them many times over. If they are mortal for the medieval knights with swords....Stop fearing monsters you who understand and who still feel enslaved by them. You are free!

posted on May, 29 2013 @ 12:37 PM
Vatican announced worldwide adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament on Sunday 5-6 pm Rome time.
This is the first such initiative ever.
I just wonder, should it be used for a united consecration of Russia? If miracle is sought what better moment than the united prayer from all continents?
It is the place to say that I believe pope Francis has good intentions, he is chosen with good intentions to do his mission. I don't know if he will be successful to fulfill his good intentions. Hope he will.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 01:20 AM
Francis of course may do just nothing, or nothing more than Benedict. And practically will leave the catholic Europe, let alone the impoverished catholic countries in the 3rd world, with words of spiritual nature, good indeed but cut off any practical meaning. In a condition of a crisis that becomes bigger than 1929-33. Because today's world is much more interconnected and one American family cannot feed itself by the father working for day salary in a farm of a rich man. Today's crisis is much worse despite it is in the conditions of internet, sat TV and mobile phones. The pope may choose to go the spiritual sermons that are blindfold for the real problems. As did Benedict after the first and only promising sermons in Brazil. (Why didn't he resign on year 2 of his pontificate?). Or the pope may choose to go bold and oppose the current, and bring relief to his people. That count 1/3 of EU and 1/4 of USA or something like that. If needed he may bring extraterrestrials. Or who knows what. It is he who knows. What I know is until this day nothing is done. Remember how the economic crisis 1929-33 ended. In the flames of WW2 preceded by dictatorial regimes.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 01:57 AM
that all matched with ongoing "apparitions" that echo the official words of the catholic prelates. Isn't it just too much and too obvious? If they have extraterrestrials at their command (or vice versus) let they say it cleary. OL cannot say controversial things. But the "apparitions of OL" do say controversial things. I will not enter into detail and will not mention any. But for the informed reader it is clearly noticed, even between two seers of one apparition site.

Someone, was it Phantomfire, asked me about the Middle East. It is interesting why doesn't he comment the Middle East instead asking me. Is it to have something to attack me afterwards? Or to make my complete profile including the world policy? I think I said enough for the purpose of this and other threads. The world is going into destruction, nuclear annihilation, if ruthless measures are not taken. Including by the presiding pope of the catholi c church in Rome as head of worldwide most populous religious group.

What I can say of Middle east situation is I am following the news of Russian missiles delivered and Israeli possible response. The war may start at any given day and will not be pre-announced. Then will be too late for consecrations. Also, Putin was quoted once by that new kind of strategic missiles called Oak (Dub) were installed in Cuba with the full concent of the Cuban government. It was quoted once and only by Pravda, in English. As you understand that would be a game changer and makes USA hostage to any move on the international arena. Unless USA attacks first with preemptive attack. But even in that scenario the annihilation of the US cities is guaranteed by the Russian submarines and by the remaining unknown missiles. One survived is enough. In other words, USA doesn't have a winning move that saves the US population, other than negotiation, and I would add: EXTRATERRESTRIAL DISCLOSURE ASAP. Call it the antichrist if you'd like to. The other is to die as a "saint" int he nuclear fires.

PHantomfire, I do not want to save my ass in a spaceship. I want to save your ass and that of millions of people in America. Sorry. The question is not whose ass I want to save. The question is who is scheduled to be saved and who is scheduled to die in the next holocaust by people and forces beyond our imagination. Fatima-3 vision is prep for mass sacrifice. Enough is enough. That is fake. Tell us the truth or I will consider those prelates who fabricated Fatima and other apparitions as collaborators to the murderers who prepare WW3 nuclear holocaust. Or solar holocaust (does it matter). One and the same with underground secret societies who have terrible to think connections with hostile aliens (reptilians of the worst kind). If this is not the fact, or let say: if the ruling elite in Rome opposes that, let they show it. They didn't so far do anything for 96 years. Damn it, but I will not be the fool who will stay to be burned not on stake but by nuke or sun. While there is a way provided by God and his angels "to escape all those things".
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posted on May, 30 2013 @ 03:01 AM
After having some valuable posts, that I respect although they do not match with my views, it seems this thread spiraled into monologues forced by personal attacks. Instead of comments on the core issues. I feel I am prompted to reveal personal data for intentions behind screen to be attacked later. If that ever happens, I reserve the right to answer similarly, and I will not restrict in anything.

I hope however the discussion will take the normal way. So let put forth again the core Fatima issues:

1. Is Fatima-3 official text of a vision the correct one, even as a portion of the correct one, or is a complete forgery with a different handwriting of "Lucia"
2. What happens with the consecration of Russia, if 1984 consecration is literally "of the word" with a vague phrase to include the countries most in need. Is Russia considered consecrated or not?
3. Where is the trumped Era of Peace, not only by Fatima preachers but also by other approved preachers such as Don Gobi?
4. Where are the catholics, incl catholic bishops, to voice their views on the matter? Why the paralyzing fear of Vatican possible actions to silence anyone who dares to speak different (as Fr Gruner). The Inquisition mentality will never bring forth any better results than those in 15th century, denied by the history.
5. Are there more secrets, that involve Extraterrestrials, and if so what is the Church'es position on extraterrestrial life? If it is positive, why the need to plant fears within the faithful thru alleged "apparitions"?

I can continue with the list. but someone must also answer. Phantomfire, if you don't want to discuss there are other catholics who might want to. And if nobody wants, I'd assume all that posted is just a smokescreen prepared for the sheeple, and the real ID catholics indeed live in their minds in the 15th century with spiritual inquisition above them. Perhaps they have no chance to face the reality of 21 century that inevitably will include ET. If they survive to face it, as I speak in my previous posts.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 03:31 AM
The extraterrestrial disclosure done by the catholic church ( the process is already started by Balducci and Funes) will help to legitimize alien contacts in the past that now are dubbed "demonic", "sorcery", "magic". I cannot believe how a Benedictine monk speaking on Italian media, would "invent" a looking glass device, similar to the one presented by Dan Burisch from Area 51 on the page of project Camelot. This is not something to be done in the Benedictine monastery backyard. Others, as the Jesuit adviser on the citizens' conference (see above) speak of a refused info from Vatican on those subjects. Others, like Andrew Basiago, speak of an entire section of Vatican called "Centro Inteligencia Vaticano" which label was on the instruction materials for stargate experiments that Basiago claims he took part in them. Pls check the relevant interviews online, mostly on youtube, that I already provided links to in other threads - i.e. click on my profile. For the citizens' conference, if you want to avoid the purshase of the entire dvd, you may either search internet or check the links I provided. Including Spiritdaily link that tells more of the US Jesuit adviser' case. I cannot spend hours providing all the links, as I did before, only to be bluntly rejected and personally attacked.
We are before big answers and the sooner they are asked and answered, the better for everyone. The other is the eclipse of the catholic church the day the disclosure will happen. I doubt the orthodox churches will move it either. Perhaps the christianity after the disclosure will not be the one we know it for centuries. Perhaps it will go back to the early days when Jesus walked the earth. because there isn't much in common between then and now.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 03:49 AM
I spoke of rumor of reptilian connection and even draconian connection to secret catholic societies. This is a rumor online and is not proven (as anything in the extraterrestrial area, not only for the Vatican). It might be the case with selected societies, such as the Templars that were forbidden once. OR and here be careful it ight be the case that reptilian but not evil extraterrestrials have been in contact with that Benedictine monk (forgot his name) and others who come with tech comparable to that of Area 51. The point is we don't know. The denial of truth leads to all kinds of speculations, including the worst possible for the Vatican. While the truth might not be that bad. It might be just the fact the secret side of the catholic church had and has connections with extraterrestrials for thousand + of years, inherited from pre-church time. Because as secular sources tell us (Ancient Aliens on History channel) the extraterrestrial presence on Earth does not start with Roswell but traces back to the foundation of the earth civilizations (Egypt, Babylon etc). In 21st century it is a time the truth to come out. The way it is. It would be strange if we expect all extraterrestrials to look like us. Most likely some of them will be humanoid reptilian, because this is one of the races that the contactees speak of. Some of them will not have our best interests in mind. Ie. we may characterize them as evil or at least selfish. But all that has to be shown on broad daylight. The dangerous part is to continue the game in the dark, that led to the burning of people like Giordano Bruno. In modern times it will ultimately lead to burning of entire cities and nations, possibly the earth. That must be stopped. If not possible to be stopped (i.e solar flare) its negative impact must be minimized. All the rest is blindfolding of the sheeple before their slaughter, "in the name of God"

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 04:07 AM
WHat is an evil extraterrestrial then? IMO an evil extraterrestrial is ultimately the one who will let the human population on earth die en masse by the expected cosmic event, or by nuclear war. He might be blond human, as Aldebaran who helped the Nazi Germans. He might be draconian.
The evil extraterrestrials have their earthly collaborators. They are too few in numbers to be able to do their policy of earth control (may be partial) without mighty earthy figures and organizations. I don't have names. Perhaps some of you do. It is a time everyone to come out clean of that. Volumes have been written of the Grey connection to underground bio experimentation in West US states. Let it be revealed. On citizens' conference someone said Eisenhower considered military strike at those facilities controlled underground by extraterrestrials. Pl check all that yourselves. It is enough I give the hint for your own research on the subject. There is a story how the Grey locked themselves in levels 6 and 7 in Dulce NM for a long period of time and even there was fire exchange with earthy personnel. I don't know the truth, I am not in the position to know it. As Obama said: "I am not supposed to know" if there is extraterrestrial life, when asked on TV debate. There are people though who are supposed to know, who actually know. Because tomorrow responsibility will be sought. May be by the few who make it to the ships. But those evil extraterrestrials and their earthy collaborators will be judged by the trial of history anyway. Don't assume it won't be for long because "Jesus will come in 3-7 years". It might be thousands, tens of thousands years before that event. The history will remember and justly punish those who play with us today. Even if they are hidden behind screens of "public interest and safety" and "religion". Their time to come out clean is NOW, before the cataclysmic events and before the good ET finally come with their God-appointed rescue mission. However unlikely for the minds of many, this event(s) are quite well presented in prophecy. All the stories for the Great Warning actually come to one focal point. And it is one and the same with the other. We have been lied grossly, or denied crucial parts of the truth on a gross scheme stretched for centuries. What could not be said plainly to a 19th century catholic peasant children in France, could be said plainly to 21st century catholic children who watch Star Wars and who do not give a penny for the stories of their grandmothers. They might be your better teachers today.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 04:24 AM
I doubt the billion-wide catholic church is one and same, and has both/all of it. There will be some underground who will stay attached to their truth and their evil ET until the heavenly fire consumes them. Or if we assume that scenario, until their aliens offer them escape way to their controled planets.

On the other side the vast majority of the catholic church hierarchy and people, as well as the world population, would embrace any saving scenario and any ET who really benefit humanity. It is easy to fit it with the Bible when there is a good will to do it. Such was absent during the darkest periods of the inquisition that ridiculed the very idea of a God who is love and who died for love of us. How about today? Are we in any new era of mentality? Are the catholics and their leaders? Pls dont say I pressure anyone. The time pressures everyone. It is not I who give facts of ET, it is people like Hellyer and the Jesuit who spoke on that conference. Judgje them for their words. I hate to say the messenger is often attacked instead of the message. Now the messenger are respected people of the (American) society who speak publicly in Washington DC national press club. Go and argue with them! If not, let those responsible open the secrets before it is too late for any action.

There will be a choice given to humanity. And some including apparitions want to pre-select that choice on the side of the free-will people. They can't if you don't allow them!
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posted on May, 30 2013 @ 04:49 AM

Originally posted by 2012newstart
If what is said above is true, including the Andromedan 213/14 theory of black hole radiation /superwave, we should expect fast action in the months and weeks to follow. Medjugorje incident is not just isolated incident. It is not a secret for anyone that is the most favorite apparition site of ongoing apparition, popular for the most part of the catholic strong believers. Of course they will say "OL sent this light" and after all they might be perfectly right. Only what is sent by OL if God sends angels in the Bible whom we may call rightfully ET.

In that way I again underline my principal disagreement with Alex and Andromedans, who acknowledge all of that but take it as evil aliens. One cannot take archangel Michael as evil alien and claim to be on God's side. But the Andromedans have their chance to repent, as the humans have it in Jesus Christ.

This is complete gibberish, it means absolutely nothing. I'd get more sense out of my wife's cat.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 11:53 PM
then why don't you go to talk with her instead.

The disclosure is imminent, the questions are more than I could list here. Who of the ET will take part in the disclosure? Will it be blessed by Rome or will it be opposed by Rome, by other more fundamental churches as demonic. What will be the reaction of governments and non-governmental institutions, of Hollywood and CNN if you will? WIll they present it as a rescue or as invasion? Will there be a first take up in ships for volunteers, or will it be like impending disaster and emergency rescue? I don't know the answers of these questions, but they the questions plus the possible answers are important for every Fatima catholic as well as for every Muslim.

It all could be accomplished in one day and hour if pope Francis takes those envelopes of secrets and reads them infront of the crowd or a chosen TV. He proved he is courageous enough by denouncing the service of the money. Will he finally do what the popes of several generations failed to do? Perhaps there are more secrets than Fatima that deserve announcement. (What happened with the Nephilim after the Flood, did they all die or not?) If it fails it has other possibilities, but because this thread is a Fatima thread, this outcome will be the best one for the sake of Fatima believers that are the staunchest catholic believers.

I want to be optimist for the most part. The reaction and non-reaction of many, far not only in this forum, makes me pessimist. However the world will decide not based on religious or political pre-imposed decisions, and that makes me believe in the tomorrow for those who will choose it freely. Because everything ultimately comes to one choice that cannot be denied to any human being. As in the Garden.
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posted on May, 31 2013 @ 01:59 AM
As I already posted the news, all dioceses' cathedrals are ordered to have adoration of the Holy Eucharist at the same hour corresponding to 5-6pm Rome time on Sunday June 2, 2013. If this moment is not used for something solemn such as consecration of Russia or something of a similar magnitude, I don't know when if not now. Also, the people's patience has some limits. If there are repeated failures, such as the many good initiatives of Benedict that didn't bring any real results on the tabe, the people will slowly but surely walk away from them. The initial support of pope Francis may turn slowly or dramatically if it fails to produce a visible and touchable result in real terms, not spiritual terms only. I say that because I want to see such a result, 13 years after the landmark 2000 when such result was promised by then pope John Paul II on multiple occasions. Seems he believed sincerely in what he preached of civilization of love and a second outpouring of Holy Spirit. The time showed he was wrong, or he was ahead of time. The generation's lifespan is not endless. People get tired. Pope Francis doesn't have the decades of JP2 not even the 8 years of Benedict. he has months to decide what is best for the catholics and by sequence for the world. Or the world will go other way. See Poland as an example how the things could turn around even after a temporal "victory" on the political scene, that undoubtedly was the victory over communism in 1989. Count the people in the churches now and then. It should be called a disaster on spiritual level. The same is Brazil that pope Francis knwos better. Spiritual disaster and leakage of catholics at the rate of 10 percent for 10 years or something like that.

So I expect bold actions on June 2. or never in this pontificate. Then my only hope will be the space rescue angels, call them whatever. Because I cannot really hold a "hope" in a destructive world nuclear war, or in even more destructive solar/space disaster. The hope is the rescue (to avoid the word salvation not to mess it with the salvation of soul after one dies). Rescue of the human race and continuation until the Real Second Coming of Jesus. (some say a false hologram is technically possible today, or even a cloned "Jesus" walking on earth. I am not specialist to say it). My prayers go on June 2 for the success of the mission. Invite all Fatima groups to join. Now or never in that way. The events after a failure will be too rapid to be counteracted on.

posted on May, 31 2013 @ 02:45 AM
Phantomfire, now at last you are right. yes I try to put pressure on Catholic church leaders if anyone reads here, to consecrate Russia before the Middle East war. We have on the ground Russian missiles. If Israel indeed destroys them, the situation goes pretty much into escalation conflict of WW3 with the use of nuclear weapons at one stage. Russia has it in her doctrine to defend allies. Syria has treaty with Russia. The events will follow one after another and no intervention of spiritual character will take effect until their logic cycle ends. The pope may hold the key for the peace, but may not be allowed always to open the door of the peace. It is not a magic or is it. There will be exchange of nukes. Some prophecies (that I do not necessarily approve) envision Russian march on Europe and even Vatican. Once the ghost is out of the bottle, go to stop it with prayers. If the pope misses one more week for Fatima, it may be too late. As the prophecy ends by the way "at the end.... the holy father will consecrate Russia to me" but only after the horrors that the Vatican so far doesn't publish. Pls review my past posts incl the one with the diagram of Fatima timeline. Is it predestined to happen? If we assume so (and it shouldn't be), then the only hope is someone from above, archangels armada with spaceships, save the elect ones before their DNA is irreparably damaged by the radiation. To speculate on that terrible possibility with the Second coming of Christ, that not even the angels know when, not even He, is irresponsibility of greatest magnitude. Frankly I didn't expect pope Francis will get the several months he got after his election. I expected the war to start in the Spring, as another unproven prophet said. So much talks today of solar storms only add to the picture. I don't know what more to add to convince anyone. I got 12 flags and hope those people pray for the peace, for Russia and so on. 12 is better than none.

posted on May, 31 2013 @ 03:50 AM
Some info of Cold War terminology:

Hair triggered alert: 15 min readiness to launch ICBMs in enough number for retaliatory strike. It is a cornerstone for MAD doctrine. It is assumed that the ICBM of the rival should travel some 25 min before reaching the continent. In these 25 min or so the attacked country should launch its own counterattack to assure the agressor will die in the process and the ICBMs of the attacked country will not be destroyed before they are launched.

MAD is quite arbitrary judgment, because you never know when the real attack will happen. It might be a surprise attack without logical escalation in political situation as it were Cuban crisis. There are numerous of scenarios. Soviet doctrine believed of a winnable nuclear war. However it was believed MAD worked until 1990s when both countries decided to de-escalate tensions.

Today, with the invention of the electronics, computer-derived coordinates and launch, the old 15 min hair-triggerred alert are lessened for Russia less than 120 seconds. This is according to the Russian general chief of missile forces who made that statement in the media at the time of unique collission between two satellites. The Russian sat is believed to be nuclear powered, whatever that could mean. Seems the general feared an EMP on Russian territory.

Today there are many ways to avoid the above 15 min readiness. Obviously the attacker side would like to destroy all ICBM and other nukes on the ground. That is the purpose of the preemptive strike, not to destroy cities but nukes. So it is crucial to shorten any 15 minutes flight. The first strike therefore cannot come from the heavy ICBM because their launch will be detected by satellites. The first strike could come from either submarines (still detectable) or space-based weapons where the delivery time shortens to 2-3 min maximum. It is believed that for such a short period of time the attacked country cannot respond. Except if it is not a computer-driven responce. One of the first targets includes the presidential residence. It is a dirty war and if ever happens will be played according to the dirtiest rules. Forget about the old honorable "declarations of war" and withdrawal of ambassadors. It mayhappen as theater, but the real actions will take minutes or seconds. Also we do not know what exact space based weapons and Artificial intelligence both/ all sides have at their disposal.

If Mideast war happens, then comes the big issue of whether or not Russia will use the moment to attack USA. Or vice versus. Indeed a US preemptive strike on Russia and China seems logical if a Russian attack is expected. But no prophecy talks of that.

Don't count on any MAD doctrine, as explained above. It wouldn't matter for you anyway, even if a retaliatory strike is launched. In the real situation: not minutes but seconds need for a satellite generated EMP followed by 2 min deorbited nukes and submarines. In 10 min the first strike of hundreds or thousands explosions will be done and USA will have only one choice to survive its cities: by surrender. That is a classic scenario, you could read some online materials. Many people in USA will say, why not then we strike first. Pls consider the already given reasons why, and search for yourself. In fact Russian leaders say to fear exactly that - US preemptive strike. And that's why they ready their own pre-preemptive strike. I don't believe it, but they do according to their words. They see the US anti missile defense as a countermeasure against Russian retaliatory strike after a successful US first strike.

Believe it or not, we are that close to the end. And please, it has nothing to do with my national heritage or religion, or sympathy. ( I sympathise the American side because it seems it will be hit first). It has to do with weapons that are delivered by computer command pre-set by presidents in a matter of seconds. And we don't know all - all the weapons that are public known are as old as 10-15 years.

only heaveny -extraterrestrial power can save the elect ones - those who want and deserve to be saved, in a situation like that. Whether the tresshold of ignition of atmospheric N2 into nuclear chain reaction will be reached in the nuclear exchange, therefore the entire earth to be burned, as Akita speaks? I don't know. Some say Tzar bomb alone could do it at its maximum capacity of 100 megatons. It has never been proven in test whether the N2 could be ignited.
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posted on May, 31 2013 @ 06:38 AM
all that could be prevented by simple words of prayer.
The Et angels could be invited, as they were never invited really since the time of Jesus Christ. How it happened the angelic visible help that freed Peter from the prison, stopped surprisingly and let the 3 centuries martyrdom? Anything wrongdoing on the side of the early church? I don't know. I only ask logical questions.
In anyway if the church (catholic and others) take the right decision now, the world will possibly be spared to a greater extend. If not, only selected few will be saved. I will not hesitate to choose the side of God's angels and not the side of hidden masons who worship what you guys call the devil. It might have a more scientific name than that, it could be called with its extraterrestrial name. The ancient Greek gave the name of Draco of that constellation (I think it is the Greek) and there are numerous records in Indo-China of contact with such kind of reptilians (highly intelligent btw). Is it what we encounter underground in secret societies exactly in RCC and other church entities? Is it why all God's grace seems given in vain? Why the legacy of the original sin if Jesus already paid it? Why are we still evil if Jesus cleaned us? Questions that I do not expect answers from the current status quo of the churches (not only RCC). What I expect is at least to be fulfilled the latest requests of heaven that were proven by the unique sun miracle. If we were not lied all the way since 1941 when those requests were published. If they are true what stops them to be fulfilled? Not even the communism exists, no USSR as John Paul 2 feared. Then what? They are either fake and therefore no one bothers to fulfil a fake thing, or the reason is different. May be Our Lady talked completely different things. Just don't tell me the RCC bishops who are overpaid by all means, are afraid of a moribund USSR to mention its name in a prayer! Don't tell me that because no one will take it seriously! Even less Putin!
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posted on May, 31 2013 @ 07:00 AM
Because I mentioned Putin, I just imagine his reaction if the word reaches to him about the consecration of Russia. Perhaps after listening patiently 10-15 minutes, he would ask: "then why the pope didn't consecrate us?" The situation is absurd. John Paul 2 made a monster that USSR would have established new red regimes should JP2 consecrated it by name or revealed the full text of Fatima. John Paul 2 created that nonsense and artificial fear and consecrated "the world" plus the vague wording that includes "especially thos e nations in most need" (could be Mongolia or North Korea too). John Paul 2 created the idea that the world should fear to mention Russia by name. It wasn't know before that it should be feared of. BTW Russia is different than USSR.
Why that fear, how many bishops would have paid with their lives as a result? NONE! That is all superimposed fear on the church in Rome.

So perhaps the fear comes from something completely different from the consecration.

I suppose there is info of ET who contacted Russia at that time and that is the big secret of Fatima. OK let name them! If they are evil, it is better to negotiate with them, said the ET specialist Dr Steven Greer. And how about if they are good? It is a whole big discussion that just starts to enter the society whoof the ET are good and evil, and WHY should we call them this or that way. What are they really doing in regard to the Earth. A discussion that the RCC was not ready to enter in 1980s. Perhaps now she is. Perhaps other churches are.
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posted on May, 31 2013 @ 07:34 AM
When the Holy belt of Our Lady (Mother of God) was visiting Russia in the fall of 2011 brought on special plane from Mt Athos monastery Greece, all main Russian politicians went to venerate it and kiss it. Including Putin, Medvedev, and even the communist party leader Zyuganov. Notice that the rulling party United Russia is completely different political entity from the communist party of Zyuganov. The old one communist party of USSR was dissolved on 29 August 1991 after the unsuccessful coup.
So where is the problem and what we are talking about? Will the Russian patriarch refuse to meet the pope if the pope consecrates Russia? He refuses to meet the pope even now, for other reasons. What is presented as a monster of 1980s by JP2 doesn't exist anymore. But if the heavenly demand is what we are told to be, i.e. consecration of Russia by name, then the prelates should meet it. Otherwise, I listed already what a nuclear war between the superpowers might look like in its mildest form that doesn't include attacks on cities. The question is, is really there in RCC leaders any true desire to fulfill Fatima. And what is the real Fatima. We have 96 years of unfulfilled prophecy. Be it as consecration or as punishment that many believe is enclosed in the 3rd part. 96 years the children of your children could bring forth a new generation. It is just too much time to delay anymore. And because the cardinals are not senile, I suggest it is something different from what we are told about. Most likely something never spoken of before in the Church, or spoken of under code names of angels/demons. This is the only topic that is not discussed in society before the middle of 20th century, or let say early 20th century. The extraterrestrials, both good and evil. This is the only secret that is still "secret" now "public secret". Not the asteroids, not Nibiru, not a nuclear war. We all knew well in the cold war we could die in a hot war every day. This is not a real secret to be kept so jealously at the expense of so much cover up. No one will be too harsh in judgment if the RCC come clean now. But if a prophecied event is kept hidden and as a result millions human beings die, then I don't think the next generations will be very polite in their judgment to the past RCC.
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