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Dumbing down of America vs a "super secret weapon"

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posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by Murgatroid

Sorry, I don't buy it..... I see your conclusions as illogical leaps of innuendo and rumor which is based upon 99% conjecture and maybe 1% truth. Why would I not see what you see? Maybe because I have seen, experienced, and been a direct part of actions that are the direct opposite of "myth" that you and others try to propagate about these so called "elite" and their industry. Many times I have posted evidence of the charitable works and positive causes that the wealthy have tried to give back to humanity... It amazes me how much CT's are willing to "cherry pick" their evidence and disregard anything that doesn't fit their myths as a "show" or some "ulterior nefarious motive." No amount of evidence that goes against your theory would ever make you happy....

But we digress from the topic at hand... When unbiased evidence supports the conclusion, I accept the potential for conspiracy....such as the case for the dumbing down of our students through the American education system. There is enough verifiable evidence to support this conclusion from sources who do not have a political, social, or financial agenda toward a predisposed conclusion.

posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 09:15 PM

Originally posted by Exxon
reply to post by MamaJ

Ah see, the only genius that is truly appreciated in America is that of a business nature. There are plenty of "smart" businessmen, ie. the kind that are willing to take advantage of other people in the name of monetary gain. Lack of compassion for other peoples needs is the only genius that is bred in America today.

Have you ever read the book Atlas Shrugged??? If not, you are in dire need of it. "Monetary gain" is not the enemy.... it is the philosophy that allows the enablement of a welfare state.

posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by CIAGypsy

Cia just out of curiosity and considering your passions for US being no longer the world leader in education were you a A, B, or C grade student?

posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 09:41 PM

Originally posted by AthlonSavage
reply to post by CIAGypsy

Cia just out of curiosity and considering your passions for US being no longer the world leader in education were you a A, B, or C grade student?


I was an A student... But a good portion of my education was not "traditional" like most students in the country receive so it is not an apples-to-apples comparison.

But my personal experience doesn't change the situation as it is representative to the current environment.

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 02:58 AM
If they know and control what you think of them to score on what you do

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 06:59 AM

Originally posted by CIAGypsy
reply to post by Murgatroid

You call him a "NWO stooge" and yet he is telling you that the country is failing it's future generations....

Hmmmmmmmmm, interesting perspective but I guess it's your delu.... Urrr, view.


Yes, he has pointed out to problem to make us all aware that "hey people, there's a problem here", and now we need a solution! I wonder who will provide that solution, and what it will be...? Oh boy, I can't wait to see how This One plays out! I'm sure it will be a gigantic freaking titanic of a success, just like everything else!!
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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 08:31 AM
I no longer blame American society at large for not caring about education, the economy, medical assistance, or working together as a society. It's that feeling of watching the seconds of a clock tick by during a working day while knowing the country owes an impossible amount of debt to others of the world, others who are owed it by contract, and have the fair right to demand it (now or later). Couple that with the absolute need to keep up a powerful military and security, or else be run over sooner still by warlike countries with growing imperial agendas.
This sucks up most of the available budget, and a superpower does need it's military.

What can I say, as a Canadian, except "thank you" to the US, for keeping us safe as allies from other military notions all along.

I'd say the exact same for this country, and figure we're only a few years behind the same situation since our politics and dependancies have been weaved together. The reason is simple, you know how much effort it takes to create a utopian projection for the people, and plenty of society is as corrupt as the top 1%+, they simply haven't made the money they have. I'd go so far as to say that our politicians are representative of the population. It's all such an uncaring, corrupt mess. I'm just sorry for all our good intentions towards benevolence that are doomed to failure from the onset.

Don't worry too much about education for our youth, on an official basis. Life's going to teach us all what we need to learn, and it looks like it's the hard knocks school that will be doing the most education, no matter what they say in the classroom.

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 08:36 AM
reply to post by CIAGypsy

it is a worry...

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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 11:09 AM
Day in and day out I meet people that don't know how to use an elevator.

They are of course illegals and probably the source for much of the education testing. Then you have the black population.

To give you and example ted just posted a talk by a black american yesterday and his whole theme and I quote is "plant #" - That's the most intelligent black person they could find to talk about urban gardening - someone who basically is reinforcing ghetto ideology but applying it to curbside gardens now. And even if it wasn't why highlight low class ghetto behavior?

I hear people say that's not indicative of an entire ethnicity and many point to my room mate Ken who is very nice, hardworking and black.

Ken just totaled his car drunk driving - he crashed it once before and now has no car and no license. His parents - one whose a minister and the other a professor lost there mcmansion a few years ago after there ARM rolled over (imagine that) and now there credit like their sons is shot. Even my parents friends who are highly educated and successful lawyers told my family we should pay reparations.

Because apparently there was still slavery in the 1930's when my family immigrated to the US...

Even my black girl friends all refused to date black males, refused to date there own kind.

But lets not talk about any of that.

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 11:51 AM

Originally posted by FissionSurplus
She started at me for a bit and said, "I cannot give you a star on the board because you failed to follow the directions exactly as you were told to do."

Great story Fission. When I hire young engineers and scientist in my firms, I look for this ability to know when to not follow preconceived rules, under which they may mistakenly strive. Even straight-A rules followers are of limited benefit, when there are very few rules in the first place (like in business and discovery science), wherein a group is attempting to solve very complex problems which have eluded previous generations. Unfortunately, obsessive rules followers become senior administrators for the most part and never solve anything. They write articles, look good in the corner office and are great when the IRS comes in.

Finding ways to eliminate monopolies that operate outside of the jurisdiction of the Sherman Anti-trust Act, and take possession of modes rather than verticals for example, is not something we have faced before as a nation, and it is creating an economic Bubble Class which lives in Olympian segregation from our real world society. How do we fix this? This whole bubble and the unprecedented theft of pension and 401K wealth which preceded it, stemmed from obsessive rules following in the first place. Nobody truly understood what was going on, they had their procedures written for them, and they followed them. That is how they were promoted in the first place. The fact is that rules are always gamed, and they can constitute a process of control on the part of those in power. In the end it is our ethical acumen, which must always keep watch over the rules makers, and the rules themselves. If we only follow, we will only follow.

I watch many forums and see so many false depictions of the 'scientific method' and 'occam's razor' by people pretending to represent how science is done who don't have even the first desire to understand anything new - who have never discovered one thing, never filed a single patent, never done a trade registry, problem formulation, or even provisional disclosure or an abstract for a study. They are products of our indoctrination system suffering from Post Ignorance Training Disorder (PITD, pronounced 'pittied') - and my young scientists and engineers suffer from this false education. I work repeatedly with the grad schools at my alma maters to change the way they are educating the new professionals emerging from their institutions, because I constantly have to retrain new hires on how to really think.

When you are trying to prevent a budding nation from collapsing back into mafia parastatal chaos and misery, or you are trying to find out how to coax Titanium out of its Hexagonal Closepack bravais so that fighter pilots are not dying on us - rules following, not in all regards, but in some, does harm to these processes and those who are trying new solutions. The rules you will find, often contain rules which are designed to protect the original problem in the first place. Social SSkepticism simply becomes a method of enforcing control on the part of a clueless proletariat, pretending to represent science and underpinning a rules-gaming Bubble Elite; all an inevitable outcome of PITD.

Yes, you stop at red lights, but not when the train of plurality is bearing down on you. And plugging your ears and closing your eyes, and yelling "pareidolia!" at the top of your lungs is not going to make the train go away. It will get closer and closer, and you will have to desperately scream louder and louder in a vain attempt to drown out its onslaught.

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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by TheEthicalSkeptic


You are correct and explained the crux of the problem very well. It comes down to the lack of critical thinking skills being taught in schools (or by parents who may have never learned them either). The current educational system is all about regurgitation. I shove "a, b, c, and d" down your throat and get you to memorize them so you when the topic comes up in the future, you parrot back to me (or whomever) exactly what I made you memorize. They don't teach people to PROBLEM SOLVE and think logically. Michio Kaku video clip shows how this is going to create economy collapse in regards to technological innovation (a ripple effect), but this problem will go far far beyond just technology as you succinctly pointed out.

And this methodology of changing psychology by regurgitation (rather than logical thinking) is not new.

During the Korean War, many captured American soldiers found themselves in prisoner-of-war (POW) camps run by the Chinese Communists. It became clear early in the conflict that the Chinese treated captives quite differently than did their allies, the North Koreans, who favored savagery and harsh punishment to gain compliance. Specifically avoiding the appearance of brutality, the Red Chinese engaged in what they termed their “lenient policy,” which was in reality a concerted and sophisticated psychological assault on their captives.

An abridged summary of their tactics - they provided "favors" to prisoners in exchange (such as the "gift" of food) for them doing simple, seemingly meaningless tasks such as state their opinion aloud or writing a simple sentence that the Chinese dictated. These simple tasks were small concessions at first, but over time began to build on one another psychologically to a point where the prisoner might agree to write an essay which could be seen to be anti-American.

The Chinese might then use his (the prisoner's) name and his essay in an anti-American radio broadcast beamed not only to the entire camp, but to other POW camps in North Korea, as well as to American forces in South Korea. Suddenly he would find himself a “collaborator,” having given aid to the enemy. Aware that he had written the essay without any strong threats or coercion, many times a man would change his image of himself to be consistent with the deed and with the new “collaborator” label, often resulting in even more extensive acts of collaboration. Thus, while “only a few men were able to avoid collaboration altogether,” according to Dr. Schein, “the majority collaborated at one time or another by doing things which seemed to them trivial but which the Chinese were able to turn to their own advantage…. This was particularly effective in eliciting confessions, self-criticism, and information during interrogation.”   If the Chinese know about the subtle power of this approach, it should not be surprising that another group of people interested in compliance is also aware of its usefulness.

Cialdini, Robert B. (2009-05-28). Influence (Kindle Locations 1188-1192). Harper Collins, Inc.. Kindle Edition.
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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 04:01 PM
reply to post by CIAGypsy

My father was a school teacher and used to tell me that schools are a daycare center not a place of learning. the only learning done in schools is to do what you are told and to learn enough to be a tool.

He was very outspoken about this on the job which is why he change professions since he would get blackballed from any district he would go to.

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 04:31 PM
I haven't read what you posted, just the headline ,but i do believe this be happening start with kids born from this date 1989 until now

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 04:42 PM

Originally posted by TerryMcGuire
There is a pizza commercial running now which depicts a man standing at a sales counter with pizzas in hand. He says "wow, I can get pizza without waiting or calling ahead. Ya learn something new every day"

The pizza clerk begins to tell him something else and the man says "whoa, that's enough for today" and walks out,

It is not just the schools that are dumbing us down, TV viewers are under constant barrage of justifying dumbness using humor. It's funny so how can it be bad?


"Survival of the fittest" no longer applies to the human race, and indeed it is generally the least intelligent, the least educated that perpetuate their genes in greater numbers.

Genetic disorders that once would have been eliminated by nature through natural selection are perpetuated as though they were positive genetic mutations.

Human kind is de-evolving even as we speak. If you consider the above,.. then the future of humankind will be a less intelligent race of sickly genetically messed up humans.

I believe that mankind will be less equipped to deal with any catastrophic event that we cannot fix with technology...

There would be an irony when the most highly evolved creature in the solar system dies off because they could not adapt to some change in their ecosystem that their less evolved forefathers would have been able to weather.

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 04:55 PM
I saw the movie 'Idiocracy'. It's about a guy who wakes up from a time capsule 1000 years ahead and realizes America has become so dumb it uses Gatorade to feed the crops because it has 'electrolytes'. I never laughed so hard.

But then it made me uneasy. I look around at society and wonder if we haven't become 'dumbed down'?
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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 05:42 PM

Originally posted by 2manyquestions
but now I realize that the Commies wanted everyone to become "the best" so they could parade them around the world as products of Socialism.

I grew up in the USSR and I was always sure that there was another motivation: the regime knew it needed knowledgeable people to maintain a capable defense industry and industry in general. Which makes sense, by the way.

If it hadn't been for the brain-washing about mother Russia being the best country in the whole wide world, I'd consider it one of the only positive traits of Communism). When I moved to the U.S., the math class was about three years behind what Germany was teaching its kids at that age level.

I was teaching university level physics lab for some years here in the States and many experiments we had to do were sub par compared to what I did in high school in Russia, both in sophistication and accuracy of the report.

Now to add my $0.2. The reason the Government doesn't give a $%&^ about whether American students remain competitive with the rest of the world is because they know it's easier to control the uneducated.

Bingo. Indeed, you added not a penny, but whole twenty cents, just see what you wrote

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 06:16 PM
Once they have created the snow is black faction, wait... why would they do that? It makes no sense to teach people that snow is black unless you want them to fight about it. Then they are to distracted (dumb or not) to pay any attention to the people arming both factions whilst fleecing them too.

Class distinction. Race, economic status, education, religion, etc.

All these distinctions are fostered by the government from very early and we grow up vested in our own little world from which we lash out at the differences. They already do this.

Its not about black and white snow you see...

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by buddhasystem

Я приветствую вас мои друзья!!

I ask you the same question I asked another poster....Have you ever read the book Atlas Shrugged? It was written by a woman who grew up in Russia.

Identify a society's core philosophy and you can predict its future ~ Ayn Rand

Our generations are not being taught to be self-sufficient. They are being taught to be dependent on government.

Our generations are not being taught to solve problems, think logically or critically. They are being taught to memorize what is impressed upon them and regurgitate it docilely.

Follow the bread crumbs....can you predict America's future?

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 09:37 PM
ever seen The Newsroom?

the day the government gained control of our educational system, our country slowly became zombie-fied.

the other day i almost ripped my hair out after a having dinner at mexican restaurant when my gf and younger cousin asked if we can stop by mcdonalds to buy some cookies. (i know, mcdonalds...
my cousin and i actually call it "mc-crack" or just "crack") i pulled in the drive thru and i ordered 4 chocolate chip, 1 sugar and one oatmeal, the lady taking my order then told me if i wanted 1 more cookie cause their for a dollar. after 2 minutes of her not being able to take my order right i just pulled away. I WAS ANGRY.
i was a few miles from home so i decided to stop by the mc-crack a few blocks away. pulled up, ordered 4 chocolate chip, 1 sugar, 1 oatmeal. me "dude" taking my order then said...
"so that'll be 9 cookies?"...

if i am correct, mcdonalds requires a h.s diploma/GED to work there. the employees there are having difficulty with SIMPLE math...

as my cousin just said "it's not their faults"...

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by OUTofSTEPwithTHEworld

Doesn't that just make you want to sit back and say "wtf??" I'm glad I am not the only one who sits back, mystified, at how people can really be this STUPID???? And so MANY of them????

I guess I'm grateful that I was apparently sick the day they slipped stupid pills to most of the country.


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