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The Legend of Zelda Conspiracy

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posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 04:27 AM
"The Legend of Zelda Conspiracy"

(Sorry in advance about my spacing and punctuation, my text is very small and I have to
space the paragraphs frequently to read it. I appreciate any time any one took to read
any of this. I know it's lengthy, but I have to tell the whole story somewhere.

The following is a true story. Pardon any errors as this is much too long to correct everything. )

Hey, I know a bunch of people are going to call me crazy and make fun of me,
and say "Look, you need help or psychological counseling"

But I'm used to it.

So, if that's what you need to do to vent, then go ahead. My words won't stop you.

But for now, I'm going to do what I need to do to vent.

Nothing you say about me seeking help or being crazy
is going to do anything except make me feel bad, and influence me with such negativity.

So, if that's what you feel you need to do then go ahead.

But, just know now that I don't "believe" what is going on with me is real.

I don't question it. I don't ponder it, I'm not still trying to figure out if this is
really going on or if I'm crazy or not.

No, I don't "believe" it's real. I know it is. I'm 100% certain. I'm not delusional and
think I'm 100% certain. I am certain. As certain as you are that the sky is blue and the
grass is green (yes, I know the sky and grass can be different colors, but hopefully you can
get my point)

Many, many people have called me crazy and even tried to "earnestly" tell me to seek professional help.

Well, it didn't work. I've been psycho-analyzed more than any of you can do on here in a single
page or paragraph.

(I have sought help in fact, but not for those reasons, I've sought counselling for stress and management
and so I could sleep.)

You can't psycho-analyze away the truth.

If I tell you a mountain is made of rocks or whatever, you can't psycho-babble me down to that
it's actually made of jello. The truth is the truth, whether you like it or not.

This is the case here, any such ideas you have regarding psycho-analysis I've already been
through and heard, I PROMISE you, so save your time. But, like I said, if you just
want to attack me and subject me to negativity, I can't stop you. But don't think for a MINUTE
I don't know what's really going on with me or will even read your post. Other's can read it,
but I'm not gonna.

So, just know beforehand, the few ATS'ers of you who are redundant and set on pestering people
even though you know it will do no good, just know that I will and do skip right over your posts
after just a few initial key words are identified in your post. Which just takes a quick glance.
(I know I'm in fact being a bit redundant here, but I want to stress this point.)

Do as you please.

The Zelda Conspiracy

3 years ago I met a girl on Stickam named Carissa. Stickam is (was, it's shutting down in about a week actually)
is simply a cam site, where you can host your own video chat room, and you're the main attraction of the room.

Most girls on here bored me, I used it for well over a year until I met Carissa.

As any site, you come across all the plain ones, or the ones that are so prettied up they're still plain, etc...

I did meet one girl on here named Jenny, who had heart problems, who I loved very much, but then disappeared and
I haven't heard from her.

Aside from that, among the thousands of girls I encountered on there, there was no one like Carissa.

As soon as I entered her room for the first time, she was covered in an angellic (I hope) and beautiful
blue glow. Not really, an actual, glow... like CGI or anything... it was just like an essence.

It drew me in without any control of myself, as though I had a huge connection or a huge future
with this girl as of yet unforeseen.

Her very face reminded me of utter peace and conclusion of all my troubles and seeking. I won't ever forget it,
yet I can't remember it clearly.

There is no way Carissa or any two people could not exchange such a thing and not both be aware of it.

Even if she couldn't see me, she must have, and seemingly did notice something was going on.

Nothing that stood out, but, she was a bit more nervous than I know her to be now.

(bear with me, this isn't a story about my infatuation, or an expression of love, there's a point to all this.)

Everything about her was just so... wonderful, any other man would have thought she was just a "cute chick"
or a "hot girl" on Stickam, and... the statistics on Stickam showed this to be true. She tended to stay in the back
of the search results, where all the less viewed cams were. Except for one time, one time out of many, when she somehow
managed to get to like the second or maybe even first page.

But, it was wonderful because it was everything I was seeking in a girl. Every inch of her reeked of intelligence and understanding,
and compassion for my situation, and understanding and relatable experience to my own situations.

She was definitely made for me. and I her.

She moved like no other girl I'd ever seen.

She stood out to me in a way, like I said, that no one else could have possibly recognized in the same way I did.

Guys said "Oh ur hot" and "Oh ur cute" but they said that, and even more so, to many other Stickam girls.

My whole point is that this was an individual experience, no one appreciated her in the same way I did, though she had her little
flock of fans like any cute girl did on stickam.

What's strange is, even though this all transpired and I had all these realizations. I was not instantly in love with her or anything.

I was rather pissed, actually. In fact, it almost felt like it was the other way around. I kind of wanted to move on, and it seemed like
she kept drawing me back into the conversation.

We talked a total of two nights.

Initially, upon remembering, I told her we talked for 7 hours each night. She was a bit surprised at this, and for some reason that didn't seem right to me

But, after a recollecting a bit more, it was in fact 3 1/2 hours we talked straight each night, which totalled 7 hours. *I think*. Who knows, we could have really
talked 7 hours each night and I don't doubt the time would have flown.

When I wrote her a Private Message on stickam, because I was getting tired in general of viewing Stickam Feeds and talking to people on Stickam directly after so long,
she said we could be Pen Pals.

This is when things started to get a little weird (Yes, many girls do things like this, but that's why this is only the start)

I wrote her standard letters. Just one, maybe a short follow up. Nothing out of the ordinary from the way we talked.
And, I went on with my daily business, my life... and... nothing. No response.

I know what you're thinking, and I was thinking the same thing.

"Damnit, not another pretty cute cool chick that's not interested and can't be direct about it."

So, I tried another passive, standard letter and wrote her again after a few weeks.

Still, nothing. No response! After weeks.

Even at this point I considered she might just not be interested and such, but I remembered our conversations regardless
and I knew that we had a connection or at least a basis of a friendship. So, I let it go for some time. Not really thinking much about the fact that she wasn't responding.

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 04:27 AM
See, even though she didn't respond, I didn't go pester her in her room or even talk to her in her room (her Stickam room) about it. Even though she went live frequently.
And Stickam had this deal where you could get an e-mail each time one of the people you were subscribed to "Went Live" or opened their Stickam room. So I know that she was logging on,
but I didn't try to go talk to her or anything. No, not even to give her space because she wasn't interested. It was more, "Yea, I feel the vibe. it's cool. no need to rush things.
i've had a pretty turublant last few years myself anyway. i'm sure you'll respond if you want, and not if you don't" kind of thing. She wasn't the central focus of my life anyway (at the time), I had just met her,
and I had a whole life before we met compared to the very short time we'd known eachother.
It's tough to mention everything, and one of the things I forgot to mention is that this girl was living on base with her family in Germany at the time, and just graduating High School in Germany
She lived in the U.S. until she was 11, but then from the time she was 11-18 lived in Germany with her family and went to an "Americanized" high school in Germany.

I was 23 at the time, she was 18. Hey, even I was looking for a girl a bit closer to my age, but, the way we hit it off I couldn't resist the opportunity.

I am now halfway to 27 and she is almost 22.

After this, I mean I had just met her, I decided to keep my plans I had already made before I met her and move away to Oregon.
This was probably after about a few months of having met her.

Without any thought to having met her, I went on to Oregon.

Travelling and looking for a place to call a temporary home, I came across a small town with some pretty standard motels.

I decided to stop there for a while and stay in one until I got back on my way. I would use the public computer and talk to my other friend (kinda girlfriend)
frequently. I found myself looking at pictures of Carissa a couple of times on this trip on the public computer, just because it was very pleasant for me for some
not pinpointable reason. It was just a very nice feeling to see her smiling and stuff. not a stalkerish amount, I just checked out her photos a couple times.
That's why girls put their photos up anyway, so you can look at them! =) But anyway, if I wanted to be a real creep or stalker, I could have just creeped on her Stickam Room
which I didn't. I feel I probably needed some recent memory of my home to keep me comfortable on my trip far away. that's probably what it was. It's funny how recent
occurrences and recent changes in your life, when you undergo a much bigger one shortly thereafter, can seem like normalcies compared to the bigger change (meeting her vs moving)
If that makes sense. in other words, having known her for even a short period of time, she was someone I talked to and saw pictures of for a few months before I left, so it
was reminiscent of recent memories being at home. ANYWAY.

In my room one night, I think I stayed at that motel a few nights, pondering where I was going to go exactly.

One night, funnily enough, I was listening to Lady Gaga. When the song "Paparazzi" came on. See, before I knew anything at all about Lady Gaga
I thought she was saying "Papa Loves me". I didn't even know Paparazzi was the name of the song. If I did, I would have filled in that error.

However, if you still listen to it knowing this, it still sounds like she's saying "Papa loves me". That's beside the point.

I switched on the radio after hearing it come on the radio maybe a couple of times before (I had only heard it a couple of times total and didn't
think it was particularly that great of a song, not being a big Lady Gaga fan I still liked other songs of her much more.), and hearing it this
particular time did something strange.

Very strange.

I was encaptivated. I couldn't move. The song literally froze me and locked me down.

The entire song seemed to take over my very being and force me into a fourth-dimensional type parallel state of mind.
I suddenly was very aware of everything going on in my life and what had been going on in my life the last several months.

What had been casual to me beforehand and nothing majorly noteworthy was suddenly fully realized.

I fell in complete and uncontrollable love with this girl, Carissa, instantly.

All the realizations I had about her being special and such, didn't occur to me until this moment. I did not realize I thought
those things until this very moment happened.

Then I realized I left behind someone who missed me very dearly, even though we didn't even live in the same country!

This is where my first obsession (psychologists attack!) began.

I suddenly began contemplating as much as I could about all this. What other signs had I missed, what else had I overlooked?

There was no doubt in my mind that the experience I had was very real, but as time went on I began to doubt it.

Until one day, not long after this I realized something. There's a band called "Ting Tings".

I remember years earlier sitting in the hospital after my brother died (I had to go to a mental hospital, yes psychologists attack again,
for a few weeks because I couldn't cope.)

Anyway, I was sitting in the Lobby of the hospital after feeling hopelessly depressed when a song came on VH1. It's called,
"That's Not My Name" by Ting Tings (lead singer Stacy Bird). This song seemed to hypnotize me to the point that it pulled me very gradually
out of my depression. Upon listening to the song later on, I realize that the song was a lot shorter than I thought it was.
This 'hypnotizing' feeling I got when I first heard it, seemed to last about 10 minutes.
This, sole moment, in my crisis dealing with my brother, helped me out of my depression more than anything else. For some reason or another
this blonde lead singer seemed to be able to relate and reach out to my particular situation very well. It's like I was being rescued.
I had no deep, dark lost moments regarding my brother after that (not to say I didn't miss him or mourn thereafter)

But, upon remember this experience (and this was way before I met Carissa) things kept occurring to me. This Stacy Bird looks JUST EXACTLY
like Carissa!! Exactly! Same peculiar hairstyle and everything. When I first saw Stacy Bird on that video, no offense to her, but
I didn't think she was that particularly attractive. I thought she kind of looked like a drugged out blonde (pardon my french) whore.
Not my type of dig at all.

Not only that, but Stacy Bird in the song says something very peculiar, she says "That's not my name" repeatedly in reference to several different names.
But most noteably she says "They call me Stacy, that's not my name!" Why would a singer, having changed her name or not, have put such a lyric? Saying
her name is not her name?

Also, why would this fairly unknown band (pretty well known, but not ultra famous) create a self-centralized themed song. Blowing
the lead singer way out of proportion prematurely when she was not ever (THAT) famous. Though, like I said, they are a pretty well known band.
On VH1 afterall. At the time I would have said "I must say, it seems as though they're talking about someone else."

But that's just one, suddenly I start realizing all of these different and way too coincidental themes all throughout different movies, shows, musics, books
I had experienced throughout my life.

Clarissa explains it all. Carissa, when she has longer hair, looks JUST like a prettier (in my opinion) version of Clarissa
From Clarissa explains it all. And, looking back on the show briefly she even has the same type of energy, aura if you will! and lo and behold, she uses magic
all throughout the series like it's normal. Though I must say Carissa's energy was much more profound to me.

Carissa HATES to be called Clarissa. And then I thought about it a little more, "Oh my god" I thought.

"Her neighbors name is Sam!!!! My name is Sam!!!!!!"

I moved around Oregon a bit, but then decided (after seeing the ruin that became Portland) to move back
home for a while, until I could save up some more money to get a decent place I could actually afford.

It was around this time that Carissa flew home from Germany, and she moved to Texas. I lived in Kansas.

Not to stalk her, or obsess over her even though this kind of fits the description of stalking (psychologists attack!)
I did a little research on Carissa, because I was starting to notice a little too many peculiar coincidences.

And I found a small record through Google or something, finding out that she used to live in Pensacola, FL. as a small child.

"Where have I heard that name before?" .... "OMG" I thought.... "The movie Contact!!!!!"

When Ellie Arroway was a little girl, she dreamed and pointed (seemingly for NO reason) to a town on the map called
Pensacola, FL, after her dad asks her where she would like to go if she could pick a place. ( I think I'm remembering
the other specifics of the scene correctly.)

I always thought that was a very peculiar scene in Contact, while I was a pretty bright kid, when I was little I understood
pretty much the whole movie of Contact. Yea, I did, I pretty much understood the whole thing. I got it. Except for that one
damn scene didn't make any sense, and I just put it out of my head as probably did everyone. (Who knows the book might explain more about it
but it really doesn't matter.)

Then, of course, I realized that Ellie Arroway looks JUST like an older version of Carissa. Same hairstyle (when it's longer) and everything.

So, suddenly, I begin scraping my mind for more clues. What else has Jodi Foster been in and who else has she portrayed?

I thought of Silence of the Lambs (another Oh my God moment for many reasons) when I realized her character's name was CLARICE
a very close adaption of the name Carissa. Once again she looks very much like Carissa, and she has a southern accent. While
Carissa doesn't have a southern accent, she did move to Texas.

After fumbling over this for a while, and trying to think of any more clues I could think of.

I thought "Maybe I'm controlling this." I was having a particularly 'high' moment and for some reason I felt like
I could control it at this point, for what reason I don't know, just the feeling I was getting after deliving so deeply into this.

So I turned on I thought, ok, if this is all real, I should be able to just type in a random band name and then click "Next Song"
and the next song and next band should have some clues or something to do this whole thing.

Once again, I don't know what lead me to believe this, but that's just what I was thinking and what I did.

So, I typed in an old band I liked, don't quite remember what it was, then I clicked "Skip to next song and artist randomly"
and WOA!!

This is when I started to REALLY flip out.

The name of the band was one I hadn't ever heard of at that point,

and it was called "Carissa's Wierd" With the word Wierd spelled purposefully wrong.
The most bizzarre thing about this occurrence is that the female in the song sounds just like Carissa when she sings.

I put everything away for that night (as far as thoughts go) and just tried to forget about it.

For a long time.

Every once and a while though I would think over it how many clues I could find in media that seemed to correspond to hers and mine existence.

The sad part of the story is, is that I continued to write Carissa, but she wouldn't ever write letters back.

A year passed, and no response from her. I'd go visit her in her room sometimes, and I'd peer at her longingly (psychologists attack!)
and I'd even talk to her. Sometimes, I'd try to tell her about these things (many more which I have not mentioned, by the way.)
but that would result in me getting banned by her almost immediately (which was very odd to me, but I guess that seems rational)
It wasn't that she banned me that was weird, it's just that, most people I think would at least converse even a tiny bit about such a topic.
It's not like I was being threatening or pushy or otherwise odd.

So I refrained from that chatter and kept it to normal stuff, so she wouldn't ban me.

I didn't visit her room that much because it was depressing, but every time I seemed to begin to get over her
and put her out of her mind "Carissa has went live on stickam!" would pop up on my email.

I tried to just ignore it, but sometimes I wanted to go see her. So I did.

She seemed to be aging very fast, which was strange. She went from a very vibrant beautiful young 18 year old
to what seemed to be a dark circles under the eyes, angsty, bratty, mean, possibly even drugged 19 year old.

Utterly heart broken by this change, and I blame her moving to America absolutely. This is one of the main reasons I come to ATS.
I trust my Government as the Bible says to do, but I hate America, if that makes any sense. After things like this, I don't need any proof that we treat eachother
like slime over here and are all mixed up in the superficial. It seems other countries still have at least "some" genuine care towards
their country mates and even foreigners.

In fact, the very thought that she was being corrupted by the same slime and the same sleezy guys I'd see around every once in a while over here just pissed me off to the core.
I could tell, after not being in America for so long, my little innocent Carissa was not adapting well.

She really didn't understand it.

The part, that really, broke my heart the most, and guys and girls on stickam would laugh at her because of it and she had no idea why they were laughing.
Was that she would used very dated slang. Slang that we hadn't used for, yea.. about 7-8 years before she got here.

She didn't realize it was outdated, and it broke my heart.

Some of this slang, I could tell, was just now getting around to Americanized parts of Germany.

If I could remember some of the the words she used I'd tell you. You'd see what I meant.

It was like my soul mate, my love, who denied being so, was being corrupted, and there was nothing I could do about it.

My lovely (not to go overboard here.) and beautiful princess was undergoing in an instant,
and not GRADUAL manner like all of us did, the woes and strifes and changes that had befallen America
in those 7-8 years she missed...

We had the opportunity to gradually get used to it. But the change for her was just SLAM, instant.

Over the second year, I went about my life in numerous ways, but also took time out to study this peculiar case.

Was Carissa really famous? Was I? That would sound ridiculous to most people. And it did,

But there was the occasional person who would listen to me, as though they understood and had experience with the phenomenon
to a degree as well.

I had begun listening to the band "Carissa's Wierd" which has strange little clues all over the place, and strange cryptic
album titles ... as many bands do.

It was around this time I began studying the concept of Alice in Wonderland.

An Innocent blonde haired, young girl, who is suddenly corrupted (or introduced to) by a foreign atmosphere.

Where does Alice get her innocence from and why was she picked out over other girls to be the main character
in Alice in Wonderland? Well, because she derives her innocence from a common but no so common place: being foreign
to the land.

About this time Carissa also seemed to, and helpless was I to it, start delving in Pscyhadelics. Shrooms, coc aine (if that's a psychaedelic),
you name it... She also loves weed a lot.

The similarities to Alice and Carissa were astounding. Alice is the central point in the story.
Carissa was always the central point to me whenever I tried to look elsewhere or move on (psychologists attack!)

I know what artists SAY their stuff and their work is about, but artists can also lie.

It was about this time that Peter Pan occurred to me.
a magical fairy boy who returns home with his wife Wendy, but leaves Tinkerbell behind!
Tinkerbell stays in Neverland, what I deem a type of Hell if you are to stay.

I believe Neverland is imagination if you're a kid, but Hell if you decide to stay as an adult.

And Carissa, in a sense, won't come home. She won't talk to me about any of this, she continues to run
and run... like a 'white rabbit'.

She won't come to terms with the reality of any of this. And, most of you are saying I'm quite sure
that it's me that won't come to the reality of this. But, you, try being me then say that.

Try experiencing the utter and impossible 'coincidences' I have and then say that.
But you can't, and will you probably give this much though, or have probably not even read this far.

So, in a sense, she is Tinkerbell who will not return home, and again, they have striking resemblances.
(also notice that Peterpan and Link both are very similar looking characters, similar dress, whatnot.)

Carissa would continue to seemingly "call to me" through songs and forms of media that I would listen to,
the more and more I tried to move on. I knew as experiencing these things any one would deem me crazy.

And after trying to relay them to people, they would call me crazy of course, and say I'm just imagining it.

So, even though I knew they were full of it or just didn't know the full extent (like I haven't even relayed)
I would try to move on with the normal standard of life others were trying to shoo me in the direction of.
I was most comfortable, in a way, moving on anyhow. Because, this was a mystery that didn't seem to be
able to be solved. Especially if Carissa would not participate in even one brief discussion of it after
a year and a half.

*The book "Carrie" by Stephen King.

Carissa was called Carrie when she was a little kid. Carissa torments me with some seemingly psychic/telepathic
albiet not so much telekinetic power. Though, you have to make the book more interesting somehow.
And, her mom *is* a religious fanatic, and she does stay in the depressing dark about all of this just like Carrie.

Also, note again, they look very very similar. Not well endowed, very skinny, but still cute in a sense.
And of course, long blonde hair. Carrie and Carissa look very much alike.

Afterall, they are the same person...

The book, of course, like most forms of media that represent Carissa are over-the top often heavily metaphorical exaggerations
of what her and my life are like, though.

Carrie also hated her high school career, so did Carissa. But in a different sense, it was still nightmarish for her.
What broke Carissa down the most with talking to me one day was *me* trying to pick her apart and psychoanalyze her one day.

I was rather harsh on her that day, but it got the desired (or even a little more than that) result.

I began saying something along the lines of, "Listen, Carissa! You need to stop running! Admit to yourself that you had a
terrible high school experience, stop trying to make pleasant memories out of something that wasn't pleasant! You wanted to be here
with us, NOT there, you didn't want to leave the social norms you were used to, you wanted to have a regular high school life and
be a prom queen and a popular blonde chick and date a football star and party and everything! Who the hell would want to be in
Germany or any foreign, isolated, makeshift school while all their friends are having more close to real high shcool experiences back home."
That's not exactly what I said, and I know it sounds like I was being mean, but I was trying to get her to look at herself a bit more deeply.

She started crying, and said "Samuel, you have much more compassion and understanding than I give you credit." then went on to say some more
about it but I don't remember much.

**Red Dead Redemption

If you've played this game, you'd realize once again there is a blonde character who resembles her to the T.
This time her name is Bonnie, and as the old song goes... "My bonnie lies over the ocean..... bring back my bonnie to me."

**Carrie Underwood

Carissa, while she doesn't even like Carrie Underwood nor ever listened to her (according to her admittance)
Carrie Underwood has a lot of "Carnival" themes early on in her career, and even has an album called "Carnival Ride"
Carissa often uses pictures of carnivals and carnival themes (at least she did around the time I first met her and for quite some time)
and even makes some names of hers, or used to, have the word Carnival in it. I won't say what they were, but, she had several that used that name.
Carrie Underwood even has a song called "Wheel of the World" (carnival wheel) which breaks my heart.

Also, upon listening to this album, her earlier albums more especially, I get an overwhelmingly similar feeling as I did
when I first fell in love with this girl years ago when listening to Paparazzi.

Just about every song on that album is some kind of unexplained and surefire connection between Carissa and myself.

Can't explain it, like I said. Also, Carrie Underwood when I see her in her most exctatic singing moments represents a
strange blue aura and seems to take on the identity or soul or even appearance of Carissa.


Yea, I know what most of you are saying, and were probably saying it with Carrie Underwood and Lady Gaga
and that's "Egads, man! What kind of tastes do you have!"

Well, I'm not sure why so many dislike Jewell. I think she is hugely talented, and especially at one thing.

Smashing someone's heart into pieces.

The same thing happens with her, just about every song tears me to shreds. I cannot listen
to this artist, because it breaks me up too bad.

One of the only days I ever listened to her, sitting in my motel nearly
crying over Carissa, when one of Jewell's songs begin to "speak" to me. I was wearing, which I very
rarely ever had, and don't know what happened to it, a white hoodie.
I had already chimed in with the song to the point that I noticed Jewell was somehow... aware of me
or interacting with my energy... when it was even more affirmed when she said "I see you sitting there, in your
White Hood daddy" keep in mind, I always see these as Carissa talking me (and the artists as some sort of medium)
What's funny is, this is only one of many instances of something like this happening (thousands)
where I didn't flinch or think anything of it. It was expected and I was not surprised. I just figured
it might be a little something to show you what I'm going through.

You can also look these lyrics up by Jewell, they are there. I did not imagine them.

Even though many things like this happen, and even more 'coincidental' than this, some just stand out
more than others for some reason.

**Super Metroid
The main character's name is Samus Aaron (my first and middle name are Samuel Aaron)
Samus Aaron is later found out to be, oh of course, a blonde girl who looks remarkably like
a hollywood/video game version of Carissa.
Later, when 'Super Metroid: Other M' came out the commercials had me floored and also furious
of how much the new rendition of Samus looks JUST LIKE Carissa. Same blue aura glow and everything.
Same lips, everything.

Like you know yours, I know my girl!

**Lake Mungo
A terribly sad movie. I have no points about the movie in particular itself, however,
at the very beginning credits there are some photos shown of what appear to be real Ghost photos.
This is a mock-umentary made to seem real in the same vein of Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, etc...
But, at the beginning, I think they included some real ghost photos (not entirely verified) that are
black and white and seem to be very old (turn of the century) just to give a more spooky feel to the
made up documentary. I do believe they are real, if anyone could verify this. I hope it turns out
they are not real... and here is why:

In one of the opening photos, they all show a ghost or anomaly or something weird of some sort, but the third or so in (and I'm already spooked watching the movie at this point lol)
it shows one picture of a family that looks like a pretty nice family, but they look very very disturbed, very troubled.

And then, I freak out. I am listing this particular coincidence, because it is the most (maybe)
frightening coincidence out of any that I can think of.

Right above the whole families head, and one of the family members is even sort of looking in that direction,
is the FACE of Carissa!!!!!!!!!!

not her face now, but the SAME exact way she looked when she was about 19.

It was HER. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. I freaked completely out, and for the first time in my life, something I thought wouldn't ever happen,
I ran out of my apartment and down the walkway in terror.

Like I said, I know my girl, and I know her ANYWHERE.

But, with that said, if the photo is faked, an artist could still do that if they had telepathic/energy reading abilities.

(this case had me looking up 'familiars' and 'demons', not the familiars that you have as pets in MMOs,
but familiars that are demons that attempt to look like family members, loved ones, people you know, to scare you,
to make you think they went/go to hell. Not sure how true that is.)

**No Doubt
This one I had a TON of coincidences and used it many times to prove my point to her about what was going on.
Yet, it took me so long that it wasn't my point that needed to be proven. Carissa already knew these things
were going on. It was me who was simply left in the dark to ponder if I were crazy or not, luckily I'm more
certain of my surroundings and sanity than that. It took me a long time to realize there was nothing
that I could tell Carissa or show her about all this, because the reality and her awareness of it, I realized
was the sole reason that she did not want to talk about it. Not because she thought it was crazy.

Afterall, this girl is interested in the paranormal, too, and weird video games and anime. Why would one avoid
so quickly such a topic?

Anyhow, No Doubt:
I noticed an overwhelming connection to her and I through this artist. Namely, the song Spiderwebs.
In the store one day, I had to leave and go home early because it shattered me. The song coming on the overhead
radio that is.

It disturbed me so much, I decided to go to a Christian room for guidance. Only to be ridiculed, these weren't Christians
apparently. Who knows what they were.

I was pestered as soon as I got there, I WISH I still had the transcript for this Chat. It would prove my case (as long as you
thought it real) more than anything else.

All of a sudden as soon as I get there, someone says "Does anybody like the song Spiderwebs?"

then someone says "Oh, I do
I love No Doubt."

Then I interject "Woa! Hold up. WHAT did you just say??"

then someone elses chimes in "Sam sam he's so strong!" (or maybe it was "Sam sam he's the muscle man!")

then something else is said, and something else, and something else...nothing important enough that I can remember...

Then I say finally

"alright, alright. I get it" ( I guess I did briefly at the time )

"then tell me, WHY won't she talk to me anymore? Why won't she answer my letters? Why does she lie about everything?
Why won't she be with me if we'd supposedly be so happy and are so in love?"

Then someone, a woman, says...

"Because she's scared"

Looking back, I should have stayed and asked more questions.

By the way, that IS the entire gist of the conversation. There is nothing I left out along the lines of
ever mentioning what song I was listening to, or Carissa, or myself, or anything. In fact, I didn't even say anything
when I entered the room. The chat conversation was roughly about that long, maybe twice as long.

And everything I could remember is pretty much a direct quote.

I said nothing hardly while I was there. Just simply entered the chat room.

I got more than I bargained for that's for sure. But still, I wish I had stayed and asked more questions.
But at the time I felt it was sufficient, and I didn't want to confuse myself further.

Anyhow, there are a couple other No Doubt songs that strike me depressingly the wrong way with way too many coincidences.

One time, I was listening to some album by them (I downloaded a couple via torrents after all this was happening, to
investigate further) when I started getting really upset with it. It seemed like Gwen Stefani was avoiding anything too obvious
this time around just to piss me off. Then I said, I shouted pretty much "Why!! why are you doing this!!! Why are you mediating
for two people when one of the people wants nothing to do with the other!?? Why do you keep pushing this idea if she wants nothing
to do with me!! that's just evil #!!!" or something like that, and then suddenly... a song comes on about "She's my barbie, and you're my ken."
I turned it off at that point. You can look up that song, too, and that album, and see the same thing. Wasn't imagining it.

(also I forgot to mention something about Spiderwebs. I didn't actually ever know the lyrics to this song, just the melody,
and right before I heard it on the radio in the store I had just written a letter to Carissa explaining this:

"Carissa, we have some kind of connection! Please listen to me! Quit hiding this! We are connecting somehow and I don't know how."
I don't remember exactly what I said, that's far from it I'm sure. I'm not that desperate or cheesie sounding in my letters. But...
I just remember that I used the word connect a lot more often than usual (I don't really even use that word, if you notice so far.).

Ok, now knowing that... look up the beginning of the lyrics to No Doubt. Bingo ; ) )

There are so many more, guys. For those of you who are still reading.

Thousands, literally, thousands of 'coincidences'. Tens of thousands and I just simply can't list them all on this post.

Thousands just like the ones I mentioned, and even more so.

For example, here's one that's more coincidental than any of the above, yet I almost didn't mention. There are many like this which I just won't mention
because it would take forever to write them all.

The movie 'Stay Alive' and 'Rose Red'.

One day, being bored I decided to look up some Paranormal Horror Movies (I'm a long time ATS'er, even if I don't post until now so of course
I like paranormal movies
D )

and I found one on a Yahoo Answers site called 'Stay Alive' no description about the movie was given; none. but since I didn't recognize the name
and I've seen so many of the others listed, I decided to pick it.

Then, while that one was downloading, I decided to revise my search a bit, can't remember exactly what I revised it to.

And this time I got a "Top Ten Paranormal Movies" or "Top Ten Paranormal Horror Movies" site.

One of the movies was called "Rose Red" , there was a description, but I didn't stay to read it. Just picked it by the fact
that it was Stephen Kingand was listed under paranormal movies. The movie sucked btw.

'Stay Alive' Was cool, I guess.

I watched that first because Rose Red's audio didn't work and I either had to download it later again, or try a different Codec.

So I just went ahead and watched 'Stay Alive'.

Every actor in that movie is unknown to me. I haven't ever seen ANY of them, and I've seen a lot of damn movies and a lot of damn actors.
And I remember faces well.

Of course, the movie is produced by a company called "Wonderland Studios" or something, and the whole movie has a very surreal Alice In Wonderland
feel to it. I didn't know this beforehand.

And of course, there's a blonde chick. Oh, just wait! I haven't got to the 'coincidences' yet.
This blonde chick, btw, kind of stays in the background for most of the movie and seemingly "condescends" the rest of the
characters with some kind of superior knowledge about the whole situation, much like you would imagine a twisted version of Alice doing.
At one point, you can even see her smirk when the girl (or maybe it was her brother) dies in the movie.

Forget that, though. I watch the movie to be somewhat surprised halfway through the film when they start talking about "Red Roses"

oh well, just a coincidence. Actual coincidences *do* happen to me afterall, just like anyone.

But then, the theme continued to centralize and centralize around the theme of "Red Roses"!

At one point, I was just like "OH yeah right" when a Red Rose drops in slow motion in front of the camera
for like a whole minute.

Suddenly the only way to defeat the bad guy at the end of the movie is to use "Red Roses"
and this whole movie takes place in a spooky mansion (which I'll get to, and yes I know a lot of horror movies
use mansions cuz they're spooky, but not THAT many, because it's getting to be a tired idea, or has been for a long time.)

The excessive uses and obvious attention calling to Red Roses got my gears of suspicion turning, and I started looking
for anything at this point to clue me in on ... whatever.

So, at the end a Red Rose is needed to kill the final bad guy (bad woman actually) and red roses are
used prominently (after halfway through the movie).

After the movie ends, I can't wait to see Rose Red, because I just KNOW I'm gonna see some stuff that flips me out
as terms of "coincidences". At this point, this is WHY I'm watching Rose Red, I'm no longer watching it to see a
cool psychological paranormal movie.

So then I put Rose Red on (actually I think I waited a few days) but anyway, a few days later I watched Rose Red.

And, of course, the professor is a woman giving a speech to her class that looks suprisingly like an older version of Carissa would.
I make note of this and continue watching.

Then, lo and behold!! The class is interrupted from dismissing after she dismisses it, and everyone stops and turns to a speaker in the VERY
center of the class that HAS to get something off his chest before everyone dismisses.

The camera centers...

Zooms in...

AND it's the same actor I haven't ever seen before in my life that was from the movie STAY ALIVE. Except 15 years earlier!
Stay Alive - made in 2007
Rose Red - 1992 or something

I've found out now that he's been in a few things, but I haven't ever seen him. Or any of the other movies.

The movie goes on to show that, of course, the movie is about Psychics (gee) and each one of them has a special unique power.

And guess what? ................ Rose Red is a mansion.

Another thing I noted in the movie was that the main character (watch for yourself, you can see
yourself that she totally over does this very particular thing!) the blonde woman, will squint
her eye the EXACT same way Carissa did for so long whenever she would get stressed or had some "less than good"
thought on her mind. Carissa used to do that all the time, and I used to think often how cute it was, and
how characteristic it was. It was a rather unique way in which she did it. And it's like the Main character is
trying to show me very blatantly who she is mimicking.

Only someone that knew Carissa would know what I was talking about. A lot of people squint an eye, but not in a "maddened, seemingly deranged"
way like this. Watch the movie, and I'll bet you even notice it a bit odd how she goes about doing it, even without knowing Carissa.

Well, that's just one of many. See how long it takes for me to explain just one of these occurrences of thousands upon thousands?

That's why I can't sit here and do them all.

But, I do have to do the main one, the one I came here to do, the final one:

"The Legend of Zelda"

Guess what, Zelda is not trapped at all.

What kind of crap would that be, the same princess getting trapped over and over again?
Yea, it happens. But it doesn't make any sense.

She's not trapped by anything but herself, that is.

In the very beginning of Ocarina of Time (as is listed below in my recent Omegle chat I had)
Zelda is torn away from Link and the kingdom when they are just very little kids, babies really.

This very scene haunts my mind more than anyone else's I'm sure. You know why?

Because I lived it. I had the malicious Ganondorf actually take away my love and keep her.

No hope for me of finding a Master Sword and heroically rescuing her after so many years.


Her face as she is riding away on the horse doesn't just make me sad, it haunts me,
because there goes my girl. In the clutches of Ganon for good.

But anyhow, notice how she is taken away as a little girl?

You probably didn't think much of this.

But how many little girls would remain innocent and uncorrupted after a life spent with Ganon?

Right. She didn't. She is corrupt as all get out in real life. She IS Ganon, apart of it anyway.
Zelda was not Link's ally.

Why do you think she calls him so mysteriously and eerily from the castle where she's locked away?

(((((((Also, Carissa would write me about as often as Zelda 'contacts' Link in the game. It's a direct metaphor/mirror
of our situation. And she would say cryptic things, a couple of times ADMITTING to all of this.

Finally with a letter that involved her having 7 personalities, hurting herself, etc, in which I reported to her
family and the authorities and made half of her family stop talking to her. I feel bad, but...
I didn't know what else to do. I actually ended up going to jail for a short period of time
because of my reaction to this letter. I was so pissed that her mom would do nothing about it, not even
READ this atrocious letter that I called Carissa's work one day harassing the hell out of her manager
after calling her Mom and leaving her a bunch of mean f*** you messages.

Sorry. That's the worst part, the worst thing I did, and the climax to this whole story,
and one of the last times Carissa and I spoke. It wasn't her that called the police,
it was her mom, and I expected them to. She said she wouldn't. I wanted them to so I could show them what had been going on between her and I.

I know what you're thinking, I'm a stalker/harasser/criminal... whatever... I did what I felt I had to do
after she wrote me that amazingly messed up letter. You wouldn't even believe this letter if you read it.
You'd think I made it up for attention, as my family did. But, I didn't, and showed them the original source on
Facebook. I was very worried for her, and very angry at her mom.

But once I got to jail I realized how ridiculous it would seem to them if I presented such a case, and
I could end up getting the maximum penalty of a year for harassment instead of just the plea of a little over a month.

This is the last time we spoke, after about 2 1/2 years after meeting her.

There was one time, very briefly, before this, that we had a very pleasant conversation that made
us (well me at least) so happy that I could have died that day.

We both agreed on everything for the first time, and we each came to the conclusion (it was her idea mostly)
that it was the devil that had been messing with us all this time.)))))

Back to Zelda:

You can't tell me nothing about the Zelda series haunts you. If you can, then you didn't play
the originals as a susceptible young mind. Sure, they made the later one's more positive and
upbeat, but that's not the true vein of the game of Zelda. It's quite twisted and dark.

Not so much a heroic setting as it is a hopeless heroic setting. It's a sad game to me.

You might find it fun, I kind of do, too... but more than anything to me, it's just sad.

Zelda doesn't get rescued in real life, my friends.

She pushes Link away and who knows what route she takes from there.

Because I sure don't.

That's why they make repeat after repeat of her to be rescued. What other franchise
besides mario (which is also a blonde reminiscent of Carissa) do they keep saving the same
princess over, and over, and over and over again...
It might seem like a common theme. But can you really name one that popular that has
done the same thing so many times?

This is because, simply, she doesn't ever get rescued. The Legend of Zelda is a very true,
but very bitter, sad, and hopeless tale.

I'm sorry to inform you.

And this has been The Legend of Zelda Conspiracy,

Thank you if you made it this far.

Thank you so very, very much.

*Go ahead, say this is some bizzarre fantasy I'm trying to live out and make into a reality.

Say whatever you like, really. I know what I've been through, I know who I am...

You won't change what I've seen by a few words, and plus, I've talked with the biggest
skeptics known to man and I already READ ATS all the time, I read what the biggest skeptics
have to say on a daily basis. A little psycho-babble, a little skepticism, or a lot of either
doesn't phase me, it only reassures me that you're either clueless or in on it.

But why have I written this? To share, finally, with you guys, what I've been going through
the last three+ years of my life. To share the conspiracy I've been involved in.

The primary one. The conspiracy that *I* personally check for clues for, though I know I won't
ever expect to find anything about here. Which is comforting in a way. It's a break from it.

Some come here to check out Meteorites, some come here to check out the NWO and Illuminati,
some come here to check out vaccine conspiracies or end of the world stuff or just the general
buzz going around. But I come here, with The Zelda Conspiracy fresh on my mind.

I hope you made it to the end of the post. Bye.

Your pal,


Honorable mentions (totally incomplete list)

The Wizard (the movie)
Dexter (at the beginning of the series he knows a blonde girl, don't know if she's still in the show as I didn't continue watching the series. yet, anyway.)
the movie My Girl
Wizard of Oz (Glenda)
Rugrats (I think, haven't watched it since I was a kid.)
American Dad
Rapunzel (or the movie Tangled. Rapnuzel is the one about the girl with long hair, right?)
Before Sunset
Taylor Swift (also Miranda Lambert, check this, Miranda Lambert writes a love song
about her Husband's brother in the war. or so she says. I don't buy it.)
Lita Ford
Madonna (that's right, that's damn right.)
Flyleaf (if you look at the track listing, they've jumbled Carissa's name a bit to Cassie, and call me
'Red Sam')
Monk (though I haven't ever watched the series.)
Advance Wars (kind of, I guess)
Mario (Princess Peach's voice is exactly like hers.)
Parasite Eve
Assassin's Creid
Starcraft (she is Kerrigan, after playing it when I was little I went back and Kerrigan
has the exact same expression, energy, distraughtness, everything to her, except her hair
is a strange red. Carissa would dye her hair a sickly red, color. kind of made me want
to puke at times. almost like she was trying to be someone else.) Oh, just realized this, but
"KERRI" gan.
Pet Semetary (not so much the blonde female main character, but her SISTER who she recounts
from her youth named appropriately "Zelda". Not to spoil it but you have seen it by now, but her
sister dies from it if I remember correctly (cerebral paulsy) and she is locked away by the family
as some horrible secret until she does in fact die. While I can't say the Zelda here really resembles Carissa
in appearance I do feel this character very much resembles the dark dark and troubled side of Carissa that
everyone (in this conspiracy) locks away and keeps from being known. With that said the Zelda in this movie does have blonde hair and if not for being so downright disgusting, it does resemble Carissa in a way. Carissa
in real life also has a younger blonde sister. I do believe this Zelda is the older sister in the movie.)
Max Payne (most especially Max Payne 2, the character Mona, again with red hair, again the scene she shows
up in is a VERY alice in wonderland chase alice through wonderland theme. Play it. Amazing sequel.
yet to play Max Payne 3)

And many more... many, many more... books, music, movies... spanning all sorts of media...
advertisements, too.... etc.....

I write you this at the very end of our relationship, mine and Carissa's, I've tried contacting
her but it's the same old stuff, same old cycle, nothing new, and this time she, personally, has threatened
to call the police, and I don't want to go through this and all that again.
I'd like to be there for her, I wanted to show her that, even though I took a couple minutes
(that's jail slang for a couple months) for her, that I'm still willing to take the risk to
support her and be there for her and be in her life.

So I'm just leaving her alone.

Call me a stalker if you like.

She hasn't ever.

(Ps. I've heard all the 'Well, I believe you believe it' compassionate bullcrap and the 'well it sounds
like you're not willing to hear the truth only what you want to believe.' and also the 'oh i feel for this poor
girl you creepy stalker' heard it. spare me. don't care. you haven't lived through this, I have. people
like this please save your negativity and 'subtle and clever way' of insulting others for yourself next time
you look in the mirror.

Excuse me, but what makes YOUR truth more truth than mine? So please, while I value your
responses, please spare me this mumbo jumbo at least for the sake that I've heard it
and other similarly contrived stuff a million times before.

I am here to deny the ignorance of such people or thoughts.)

Anyway, I leave you with this... this is what inspired me to finally write this post.

A chat I had on Omegle just before I decided to write this:

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi

You: hi

You: do you like the game Zelda?

Stranger: yeah

You: Did you know she's real?

You: You can disconnect now

You: if you're freaked out.

Stranger: nope im intrigued

You: She is, but... the game is much different than real life

Stranger: go on

You: See, the real theme of the game is sadness... can't you tell?

You: in a way?

Stranger: i guess

You: The real life scenario is not that Ganon is trapped her, it's all just a... metaphor...

You: It's dark, sad... darker than most games.

You: Well, play the older ones

You: they made it more happy with the new releases

You: She trapped herself, she's apart of Ganon.

Stranger: interesting

You: You don't care.....

Stranger: no im actually quite fasinated

You: Think about it.

You: Why repeatedly would Zelda be captivated?

You: jailed, captured, i mean.

Stranger: i understand

Stranger: hmmmm

You: The theme is all so hopeless, beautiful, artful.. but a hopeless type theme.

You: Want to see her?

You: (*snip*)

Stranger: that does make sense

You: That's her. she's not as pretty any more.

You: because her evil deeds to herself have worn on her over the years.

You: This is all very true.......

You: Link truly is the hero of that game, what he has to put up with ... for her.

You: Then only to get nothing, not that he expected anything. But a little cooperation, you know?

You: Link is a sucker. See, in the Ocarina of Time.... Zelda and Link are just little kids.

Stranger: yeah i gotcha so is what your saying that her other "half" is ganon and shes playin hard to get with link or is ganon like a repressed memory holdin her back from life

You: Remember? And then Zelda is whisked away by Ganon, a very tragic scene.

You: She's not exactly Ganon

You: they're all "one minded" you see?

You: like evil is.

You: she's just part of it. Ever notice how ganon looks like a mix of a bunch of people?

You: that's because he is!

You: Zelda was innocent when she was little

You: But, in Ocarina of Time, ganon takes her away at a very young age

Stranger: oh so they are interconnected

You: Think about it.... if you were taken THAT young, which Zelda was, wouldn't she have grown into corruption?

You: She is evilly influenced. She calls Link to the castle, to destroy him.

You: Link doesn't ever actually save her.

Stranger: thats true

You: How would such an impressionable young child maintain righteousness with Ganon growing up?

You: Yes, it is.

Stranger: hmm im gonna look at thise games differently now

You: Link was her friend in childhood, or whatever.

You: It's so much deeper....

You: plus, the TriForce is satanic obviously =/

Stranger: yeah but that was a given

You: One second

Stranger: ok

You: Look, I'll tell you more.

You: I know it seems silly... that

You: just a random guy would be happening to go through this... that you meet in, of all places.... Omegle...

Stranger: yeah idc i love people like you

You: but that's why I came here. To meet random people in the world who might have different understandings of this.

You: Lol

You: How old are you?

You: thanks.

Stranger: alwats so personable to a stranger and im 17

You: Alright. Now, if you notice.

You: Don't Link and Peter pan .... wear the exact same stuff?

Stranger: yeah

You: Heh. and... doesn't Tinkerbell, in a way, look remarkably like Zelda?

You: And what the hell is neverland anyway

You: it's a fantasy land, a hellish one, that Peter Pan grew out of

You: but guess what!

You: Who stays behind!!!

Stranger: omg your rught

You: Peter Pan and Wendy both leave, but Tinkerbell *stays* in hell

You: and in the movie, it shows her obsessing unhealthily over peter pan.

You: as demonic lost spirits do...

You: Now, get this. I can keep it all very main stream for you.

You: Super Metroid

You: My name is "Samuel Aaron"

You: the main character's name is Samus Aaron

You: and who is it?

You: Lo and behold, a blonde character.

You: That looks, omg!

You: Just like Zelda.

You: Not only that, but Shiek (Zelda in Ocarina of Time)

You: masquerades as someone she is not, too. as shiek.

You: And there's much more.

You: I've shown all this to Zelda (her real name is Carissa)

You: And if you'd like another, Clarissa explains it all

You: with her neighbor Sam

You: who looks just like she did, same energy everything, when she was younger

You: Sam looks like me, too.

You: Also, Clarissa explains it all has been accussed

You: and even a lawsuit, for using witchcraft and foretelling future events in the show.

You: Look it up on google

You: it'll pop right up.

You: You probably don't know what Clarissa explains it all is...

You: you're a bit young.

Stranger: go on

You: it's a Nickolodeon Show.

You: There's a lot more.

Stranger: lets hear it

You: The Ting Tings....

You: it's a band, a pretty popular one a few years ago

You: the lead singer in the band looks JUST like Carissa did for a long time

You: exactly like her with short hair

You: and Stacy Bird, the lead singer of Ting TIngs repeats

You: in her song "That's not my name"

You: thats the song name "That's not my name"

You: and she repeats, "they call me stacy, but that's not my name" then she goes on....

You: Why would STACY Bird

You: say her name is not Stacy?

You: also, Ting Tings (Tinkerbell... heh...)

Stranger: i see where your goin

You: Yep.

You: It's her, yo. She's been tormenting me for years. No one believes me.

You: there's a lot more, too.

You: There's a band called "Carissa's Wierd"

You: Which is a completely mind # of a band.

You: yes, they mispel wierd on purpose.

You: Also, Alice in Wonderland. The Blonde. I know who the Cheshire Cat is, as well....

You: It's all a drug trip, don't believe anything else

You: the story is a drug trip.

Stranger: right right

You: it goes on and on.

You: Taylor Swift, and her new song "Begin Again"

You: she just got country entertainer of the year

You: What do you suppose Begin Again means?

You: It means the hellish repeating of life here on earth, which I believe to be a deception. It's a widely unspoken and untalked about belief

You: people think we just repeat this life over and over again

You: In the song, she says "I watch wednesday in the cafe begin again" but then she also says "you don't really know what this means" or something like this in the song

You: And it's true, I don't really get it, but I've keyed in on it.

You: The wednesday, in the cafe

You: she's referring to is... once again... another Blonde

You: in the movie Before Sunset

You: where they spend a very deja vu and spiritually enlightening and hellish encounter in a cafe, on a wednesday

You: and, the whole music video

You: is like a replication of the movie Before Sunset, if you've seen it.

You: Just using Taylor Swift and a different actor.

You: No one has ever listened to me this much before.

You: I swear this is all.... the case.

You: and very true. There's so much more.

Stranger: well me peraonaly ive heard snough to tge piint whwmere i think im gonna spread the word

You: They won't listen, man. I've tried.

Stranger: my friends will listen a few of them love zelda theyll lusten

You: By the way, when I first watched Before Sunset, before the song Begin Again ever came out......

You: I was struggling with the concept of repeating realities, and trying to help Carissa....

You: I had to shut the movie off right after the Cafe scene

You: because of intense feelings of hellish deja vu.

Stranger: wow

You: All true.

Stranger: i never knew

You: It's ok...

You: Let me think if I can think of any others right off the bat, there's like thousands of examples.

You: Oh. Carrie Underwood

You: Carissa was called Carrie when she was little

You: and, also... one of Carrie Underwood's albums is called "Carnival Ride"

You: this has nothing to do with how Carissa uses the name "CarnivalKid"

You: ah, almost forgot, Cinderella.....

Stranger: aright well my friend it is time i go actually im tired and need sleep catch ya on the flip side thanks for the eye opener

You: Ever heard that song on the radio that has the lyrics "me and Cinderella"....

You: Alright, alright

You: Thank you so much, stranger!

You: I hope you weren't just BS'ing me. You really believe me?

Stranger: it was my pleasure

You: I was not BS'ing you, and I'm not crazy.

Stranger: i understand i do good lick to you

You: Wow.

You: Much love

You: Thank you.

You: Take care

Stranger: you too

You: From your pal Link!

Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 04:29 AM
Funny, I guess that's it.

How come the second post allowed for so much more text? Seemingly at least 10 times more.

I know it's long everyone. It's very important to me. It's basically my life the last few years. If you couldn't read all of it I understand entirely, but you don't need to be mean about it if you couldn't.

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 04:43 AM
Samus' last name is Aran.

Just saying...

Also, that character was created before this girl your obsessed over was even born (1986). Am I to infer a bunch of Japanese game developers are in on some conspiracy? How many blonde girls could have possibly been born that look like this character since it's release.

Sorry, this isn't a conspiracy as much as it is the rant of someone that needs to get out and meet real people. Good luck.
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posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 04:51 AM
wish i had the time to read this wall off txt...

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 04:51 AM



Dude, not good. I had to stop reading because of how uncomfortably obsessed you are. BTW, what does this story have to do with Zelda? I must have skipped that part.

EDIT: OK, I went back and read the whole thing. (Not much else on ATS right now) Yeah, you're overboard obsessed. I've been on the brink of your craziness before, so I know what you're going through. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, as soon as you start getting police involved, it's done with forever.

Also, hahaha I love when Stranger is like "catch you on the flipside"

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posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 05:03 AM
reply to post by pgobbs2277

Dude, have you been having cam sex again?

You should go to the pub and meat a real girl, they are fun.

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 05:15 AM
Just for info,

I'm not reading that.


posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 05:16 AM
So I clicked on this thread because I am a huge Legend of Zelda fan, and I gotta say that what I just read was totally not what I was expecting. I don't even know where to begin......or if I even should there a cliff notes version of the original post? All I can really say is dude, you need to get out more. Get away from movies, tv, music, and video games for a little bit. Let your mind recharge and get back to neutral. I think it might do you some good.

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 05:17 AM
That was an...interesting story.

Here's another conspiracy:

The shield worlds from Halo are Dyson spheres

Dyson spheres were the idea of Freeman Dyson

Freeman Dyson shares his name with a brand of vacuums

A vacuum is one of the words used to describe the universe

And the universe is where you'd find a shield world.


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posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 05:22 AM
Why do you think that girl from youtube is Zelda?

Do you actually know the girl in real life?

I'm leaning towards calling you a crazy stalker type.

But I'll give you a chance to explain.

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 05:39 AM
wow man, this is bizarre, not in a 'hey, go get back on your meds", but more in a "holy cow, what if this was my life" type of bizarre.

I have a philosophy on life that I think many people share. We don't know why we're here, but we are, we don't know why we touch the lives we do, but we do, and we don't know what causes the wheels to turn but they do. Here's what we do know, coincidences that would seem just like coincidences to everyone else, touches the lives of other people. not just touch them, but effect them they could be fork in the roads that lead to greater futures and possibilities that life would not have offered if they had not occurred, the believers would call this faith, while the nonbelievers would call it coincidence.

you're not meant to push what you see, the coincidences you run into on the other person, you can't effect THEIR decision in that manner, it'll only (as proven in your case) push them away, they'll look at you as if you're a nut.

you can however, make YOUR decisions based off these coincidences, you know in your heart that this girl is your soul mate, a rarity ever found, all the your stars and signs and point to her, it's your job to be link and save her. she gave you what you needed to hear to be with her, she shared intimate moments of her life with you. The mian reason why zelda is so fun, is because it's a challenging game, it wasn't an easy game. If you're going to equate this girl of being zelda, you have to see the situation you're in as a challenge that needs overcoming. You can't just tell her how you see things and expect the stars to align, you need to help her through her issues, she called to you the same way zelda called to link while trapped in the castle.

maybe that's why you can't see the game ever finding a happy ending, because you haven't found it with her yet.
you have no idea of the joys you two can share together if you can't solve this, without coming off as a nut you're in the hole already after losing that trust when you tried to warm her parents of her tendencies, this proves that she was looking for some guidance from you. good luck in your quest if you chose to pursue it, if not, the world might not ever know what the two of you can accomplish together...

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 05:48 AM
reply to post by MmmPie

it's more than saying that these animators are in on the conspiracy as saying that the game is talking to him, he sees a connection that gets thought moving in his head, we all have instances where something seems a little familiar or coincidences are just a little more than they seem, he notices a lot and sees them as a connection between himself and his lady friend. not that this group of video game programmers decided to design a game around their connections.

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 05:50 AM
OP with the way you are making connections I could make connections of anything with anything

Here is what you have to do:

1) stop it
2) move on
3) leave the poor girl be

good luck

P.S. Zelda OOT is a great game, though not great enough to be obsessing your life on it

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 05:58 AM
Well then...that was quite a story...

Without calling you crazy or anything, I must suggest that you get help for this particular obsessive activity. Not minimal help, but actually going and talking to some well renowned counsellors or something...anything to get it off your chest for the most part.

I hope everything goes well for you in the future..


posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 06:04 AM
reply to post by pgobbs2277

It's not just zelda, which I find has very little to do with your life.. Every game or Movie or series of whatevers has to have a struggle. You have to fight against something evil, or conversely fight against something good. The Hero Journey is easier to sell, most of the time.. If the evil is killed at the end and never comes back then the game series ends.. This is the Zelda conspiracy. It's a game, that wants to keep making money. Imagine that..

Zelda is my favorite series, and it is haunting, emotionally transformative, and epic.. But... It's just a game.

And I came here for a cool conspiracy about the Tree of Life, the Beast, the Tri Force, Dark and Light.... Me is disappointed.

Another scorned would be cyber lover...
Real girls can kiss you ya know?

By the way the lesson in Zelda was always no matter how weak you may seem in the beginning you can overcome anything in life, including the Prince of Darkness himself, with the highest power over the world, with nothing but Courage. (and a Master Sword) (and a slingshot) (and a boomerang) (and... and.. and...)

Life is the biggest trip. It is the Life Conspiracy. Why? How? When did it all begin? Haha, go Live it.

By the way the best zelda game is on Super Nintendo, not Nintendo 64.. My opinion of course.. "The Legend of Zelda, A Link to The Past.." Think about the name, and the name of the main character... Think about reincarnation.

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posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 06:19 AM
Can't believe I read all that...I
'll say this in all honesty, you have issues. You are right about one single thing though...what makes our perspective more true than your own truth. Thats the exact loophole paranoid and delusional people use to keep living in denial of themselves.

What creeps me out the most is that all of this was confirmed to be true when I followed the link you provided to that poor girl's Youtube channel. Just to see you commenting as Samuelschannel calling this girl crazy and whatnot.

All those nonsensical connections or ''coincidences'' you are making as you call them are only there because YOU want to see or hear them. Why? because you are OBSESSED...its a form of pareidolia.

Leave this girl alone and move on with your life and face the true facts. The way you wrote your story with such detailed and useless explanations just lead me to believe you were only going through such lenghts to convince yourself of all of it. You mentioned you tried seeking councelling and it did hence it didn't change anything, it means you are totally OK. False, you need to admit to yourself you have a problem then the real councelling can occur.

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 06:23 AM
Possibly the most disturbing thing I've read on ATS in a long time

As much as you don't want to be called a troublesome're a troublesome stalker.

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 06:37 AM
My question, throughout all of this, is what is your purpose of posting this? You have some need, some goal, some desire that you think posting this story will fill? What is it and how will posting this here help?

It's a very interesting story, but I am not sure what the point of all of it is - are you seeking vindication, validation, personal gratification, what? Under other circumstances, people will post either things as fictional to entertain and practice their writing skills, or have an interesting story they just feel like sharing. Unfortunately, I didn't feel that either of those applied to your story and just am curious as to your motives for putting this here?

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 06:55 AM
That was really, really disturbing and creepy.

I am with the others, leave the girl alone and go outside- What you have described here is obsession (for a cam girl, even???) and so early in your life this leads me to believe you will be seeking "mail order brides" (and being scammed) in no time at all.

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