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Yahweh = Satan. They have you worshiping evil.

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posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 07:26 PM
a reply to: MikeS80

23 As we know from Chapter Six, the physical dimension gives us the illusion of apparent separation from everything around us. This is because the proponents of the illusion, in all its forms, endeavour to keep our search for truth, health and spirituality external. This widens the ‘gap’, symbolically speaking, between our soul and our spirit as our soul continues to prostitute itself outside of the physical body becoming increasingly more imbalanced. As a result, our awareness of who and what we truly are diminishes, as we buy deeper into the belief of the counterfeit spirit, its false gods and their wickedness, created by the lawmakers, the thievers of souls.
Physical Reality - Separation
ONENESS The pre-existent Father
Fire - Light
Water - Consciousness
The Soul Memory - Identity
The Father Purifying
We may remember the above diagram from Chapter Six. We can now add the Father and the Soul to this symbolic representation. Belief that the truth and our origins exist externally to us, creates an even greater divide between our soul and our spirit, making it easier for our consciousness to become fooled by the external and illusory beliefs as we are drawn further and further into the external explosive reality. In essence we become more fragmented as we begin to lose the balancing aspect of ‘implosion’ in deference to the aspect of explosion. See figure below left.
Separation increases
By focusing our consciousness internally instead of externally, we begin the baptism of the soul - its union with the inner light that we are. This starts the process of bringing the soul and the spirit closer together again. Thus we begin the resurrection of the soul - the union of the Mother with the Father. See figure to the right.
As we continue with this inner journey our consciousness begins to purify and become more balanced and our energy fields and chakras reflect this balance and greater unity with our inner selves, the light that we are. We will use just three of the chakras to demonstrate this point and what affect this inner journey can have upon our energy fields.

posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 07:27 PM
a reply to: MikeS80

Heart Chakra Earth Chakra Navel Chakra
We may remember from Chapter Three that we discussed these three important chakras. The Heart is the Light, the Spirit and the Father and is symbolically represented by the Sun; the Navel is Consciousness or Soul, the Mother and Water, our emotional centre represented symbolically by the Moon. The Earth chakra, which lies between the two, represents matter, dust, the biochemical or physical aspect.
As we begin the purification of our consciousness (soul) through the inner journey, our chakras begin to expand. With regard to the three mentioned above, this is what we can expect to happen over time:
body as compared with the above diagram:
We can see that these three energy centres begin to expand and overlap one another. Eventually the Heart chakra, courtesy of the Earth chakra, begins to unite and overlap with the Navel chakra and the union of consciousness - the Soul, with the Light - the Spirit, begins in the physical body. This has the following affect on the energy fields and chakras of the human
We can see from the inner journey that the chakras begin to expand and overlap as the light from the Heart chakra begins to purify the consciousness of the Soul (the Navel chakra), courtesy of the Earth chakra that lies between the two. This is the Trinity, the Father (the light/spirit) and the Mother (water/consciousness/soul) and the Son (the earth/matter/dust/biochemical) working in union together to help to bring our Soul back into the Christ consciousness – purity. Restoring the soul/consciousness into a perfect reflection of the Light of the Father – Spirit – whilst we are living in the physical body. This is the redemption and the resurrection of the soul into its former state before Man invented god to control us, and it can only be achieved while we are in the physical body.
The reason the Soul can only redeem itself in the physical body is because all physical life is animated by the Light – this is the 99.999% of what we are. When the physical body dies, this Light retracts back to the true Spirit World from whence it came – this is our true self, the Light Being we are. The Soul, as we have discussed, would also normally return back to its union with the light in the Spirit World. However, as we now know, some souls can be caught up in the illusory afterlife and do not make the journey home. Because the soul is without the physical body, there is no physical body for the light to animate, and so in the illusory afterlife, this false spirit world, there is no Light for these trapped souls to baptise in to resurrect themselves. Therefore, it is impossible for the soul in this environment to purify itself – hence they are termed ‘trapped’ or ‘lost’ souls. This is why this false spirit world is called the ‘prison’, or the ‘middle place where true evil exists’

posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 07:29 PM
a reply to: MikeS80

25 No physical body, no light, no possibility for the soul to redeem itself. Hence the reference in Exegesis On The Soul which we covered earlier, ‘…Thus it is by being born again that the soul will be saved.’27 So we can appreciate how important it is to purify our soul/consciousness in this physical incarnation, lest we get caught up in the prison of the afterlife and buy even deeper into the disease of the illusion.
When we look at the symbolic representation of balance in our energy fields we have the image to the left, as we have covered in earlier articles. This represents the balance between implosion and explosion. However, in the physical reality we have seen that our soul and spirit are being forced apart by illusory history and our belief in its lies. Through the inner journey we can begin to bring these two aspects of ourselves closer together. Therefore, in the physical body, balance would be symbolically depicted as in the image right.
To have the trinity in balance and harmony while we occupy the physical body means we can be a living Christ, the light being we truly are. This, symbolically, could be depicted as in the image to the left.
Working towards the union of the soul through the inner journey towards its baptism with the inner light – the Spirit – could be shown symbolically in the physical reality (see left). This ultimately leads to one achieving Christ consciousness whilst in the physical body and could also be depicted by the pyramid shape to the right, which shows the convergence of the soul and the light at the apex. This may give us a greater understanding of why the pyramids were built. We know they were built to help with the Pharaoh’s journey in the afterlife and we know the priests and shamans in ancient Egypt were well aware and fearful of the ‘underworld’, or the ‘middle place’ as Jesus called it.
With the knowledge of the deeper secrets of reality and life after death held by the Egyptian Priesthood at the time, it makes absolute sense from a spiritual perspective that the pyramids were symbolic of the union of the soul with the light and were built, in part at least, to ensure the soul of the Pharaoh returned home and escaped the darkness of the underworld.
It may also explain why the capstone was not put in place on the top of the Great Pyramid for the millennium celebrations as had been planned! It may also explain why on a Dollar bill, the Great Seal was designed using an unfinished pyramid that we are told signifies ‘Strength and Duration’, and that the ‘convergence of the soul and the spirit’ at the apex of the pyramid has been replaced with the ever watching eye. Use of the eye in art forms was a natural symbol for depicting an omniscient and ubiquitous deity. In this case it is a human eye representing the false god Yaltabaoth, the Great Architect of this Astral Reality, standing between our soul and our spirit, watching over us.
So it would appear we have a classic example of inverse symbolism here. Deliberately using an unfinished pyramid and placing the illusion, the astral reality, between the convergence of our soul and our spirit, signifying how the Archons, through the resulting Masonic and cabalistic ego- consciousness of our world leaders controls us, by stopping the union of our soul/consciousness with the spiritual light within.

145 of 319
This is perhaps evidenced more clearly when we look at the work of Ivan Fraser the Founder and Editor of The Truth Campaign. In Issue 13, summer 1999, Ivan published the image to the left taken from a dollar bill and highlighted the symbolism behind the design. ‘We can see that if we apply a second downward triangle over the one created by the pyramid, we form the symbol of Judaism,’ the six pointed Star of David. Each of the

posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 07:38 PM
a reply to: MikeS80

26 points of the star, apart from the apex, lands on a letter. These letters spell out MASON and this has to be beyond coincidence.
Ivan went on to join the letters highlighted in the hexagram – M-A-S-O-N – and discovered one of the most recognisable Satanic symbols of all – the inverted pentagram, a symbol meaning the devolution into the imbalanced darkness of chaos. Pretty much sums up what we have been talking about really. And true to nature, the ego likes to brag about how clever it is and how powerful it is and so the Illuminati, the throng of imbalanced human consciousness that likes to think it controls the world, cannot help but advertise this fact openly, laughing in our faces and lauding it over us. Such is the arrogance of an imbalanced ego and a diseased consciousness – the actions of a bully.
The Devolution of the Human Soul
We can understand from the foregoing that Immortal Man was here before the ego and the intellect. Humans whose souls reflected perfectly the light of the virginal spirit - humans living in the physical reality who exemplified in the physical form the light and unconditional love of all living things - were here first, before the ego created greed and the desire for power over others, which has led to the current disease we are challenged with today. A perfect soul and a perfect image of the light we are, is an image that we are capable of recapturing today if only we shopped for spirit in the right place and stopped giving our power and our minds away to others.
Immortal Man was and is a light being that exists in all dimensions of reality, which has manifested in the physical world as a Human Being. The only thing that has changed since the time of the purity of Immortal Man has been the pollution of our soul through the weakness and influence of the ego and desires of others who wish to control us. This has blocked out the memory/consciousness/awareness that we exist in these higher frequencies of light at the same time as we exist in the human body, and we are therefore being denied the knowledge of understanding and experiencing who and what we truly are in this physical reality.
This understanding explains why some of our ancestors appeared to have been more advanced than we are today, simply because their soul/consciousness was purer, and as such, spiritually, they were more advanced than us, and this was reflected in their knowledge, wisdom and comprehension of how energies worked. This is why they could build structures that many of us today would find almost impossible to replicate.
We can now appreciate that human consciousness (our soul) has devolved over time, from being the perfect image of the light we are, and we can accept that we have not evolved from some barbaric and animalistic ape-like ancestry, as Darwinians would have us believe. All that has evolved over time is the human ego and the intellect, and consequently therefore, the disease in the Earth’s consciousness. A disease that we are all responsible for and that we can now appreciate feeds all living things. So we are not ‘moving’ into the fourth or fifth dimension with Mother Earth, as some people advocate, and we are not evolving in this way at all. What we are trying to do in this diseased reality of the illusion is to REMEMBER who and what we are - the light - and with this recollection comes the realisation and understanding that we already exist in all of these dimensions of reality, because the light that we are is everywhere, even in this physical reality – hence Immortal Man was here first. Only our conditioned and programmed consciousness/soul denies us this simple truth. The light that we are has not diminished one jot in this physical reality, or from within us
humans, only its reflection - our soul/consciousness - has diminished as it has gradually lost the reflection of the purity of light and unconditional love that we are. It has become polluted by various methods of mind-control and brainwashing through old and new religious beliefs, new spiritual movements and alien spiritual/god hierarchies, New Age and Ufology movements and beliefs. I will stop copying and pasting part 7 here as this is as far as I have read of the pdf file. Want to continue reading? I stopped on page 146 so continue reading on page 147 (unless you want to see the pictures/illustrations I have not included in these post!)

posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 07:44 PM
No, Satan is a deceiver unto the many forms of its imitations. Our true God knows, and we suffer being deceived because we're quick to jump to conclusions without experiencing things in a true state.

posted on Jan, 8 2017 @ 02:00 AM
a reply to: MikeS80

I've so enjoyed all of your posts.
Here's my simplistic as it may seem. I think we are "created" in the image of "YHWH". Which would explain why we are so dysfunctional. YHWH himself is dysfunctional, jealous, petty, misogynistic, etc. These traits run more rampantly in males (YHWH being male).
However, you see more of the nurturing side, the comforting side, females.
Which is interesting, since "females" in the bible are basically "squashed" from having much the point of being degraded in many ways. I wonder why that is?
I'm just trying to make sense of it all. I was a Christian for over two decades. Enough time in that religion has shown me the hypocrisy and shortcomings of it.
Anyway, once again...what you have written has been very enlightening. Thank you.

posted on Jan, 16 2017 @ 07:21 AM

originally posted by: Matrixsurvivor
a reply to: MikeS80

I've so enjoyed all of your posts.
Here's my simplistic as it may seem. I think we are "created" in the image of "YHWH". Which would explain why we are so dysfunctional. YHWH himself is dysfunctional, jealous, petty, misogynistic, etc. These traits run more rampantly in males (YHWH being male).
However, you see more of the nurturing side, the comforting side, females.
Which is interesting, since "females" in the bible are basically "squashed" from having much the point of being degraded in many ways. I wonder why that is?
I'm just trying to make sense of it all. I was a Christian for over two decades. Enough time in that religion has shown me the hypocrisy and shortcomings of it.
Anyway, once again...what you have written has been very enlightening. Thank you.

Your are right when you said and I quote- I think we are "created" in the image of "YHWH" but we are not created in the image of "YHWH" per se, it is just the ego or to be more precise the ego counsiousness (imbalanced energy both male and female energy). we create the astral plane/heaven and all the thought forms including god(s) angels etc etc that are in it with our belief systems. proof of the astral plane to me is being able to create our own thought form servitors in the astral plane (just Google create servitor). This is pretty much the same thing when people use magic-the calling upon angels, demons (in black magic) and other "spirits" and thought forms to thier bidding for them.

We live in all the dimensions (wich are just different frequencies/vibrations that we can not see, sense, etc) at the same time, in the here and now.
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posted on Jun, 10 2017 @ 03:56 PM
Bible clearly states don't worship any idols when Jesus is an idol and we must worship Jesus to get into heaven? There's a lot of contradictions and the past two times I got serious in the bible I had to go into the mental hospital. In fact the night I accepted Jesus into my heart I felt INCREDIBLE fear and a strong sense of power. I don't know when it happened but our world has entered the dimension of George Orwell 1984. Books I read feel way off meaning not the original content. One part of the bible that people always make light of is "you must hate your motber, father, brother and even your own life" not verbatim. This right here would make a sensitive person become so overwhelmed with fear they'd probably commit suicide if they weren't strong enough. I believe in a God I just have lost my connection to him through drugs and cigarettes.

posted on Jul, 21 2017 @ 07:11 AM
Jesus said We Are Gods (John 10:34).

He talked to spirits (Elijah/Moses)
Please performed healings on the Sabbath
Forgave a man's sins

Jesus said the temple will be destroyed and that there will not be Peace because they do not obey His Law.

He was right. The temple got destroyed and there was an exile from Palestine.

The Jewish Messiah is supposed to happen with world peace and the raising of the 3rd temple.

Jesus is not The Jewish Messiah,
But he is The Christ,
And he reveals The True God,
The Father, who is Love.

posted on Jul, 28 2017 @ 03:59 AM
yahweh is the true god..jesus just did not do nothing...i have a theory of for example he did the brainwash of many people and let thought the wine was water..nothing more. of course no angels or saints.
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posted on Jul, 28 2017 @ 04:20 AM
a reply to: delphos87

If yahweh is Lord God of the Bible he is not the true God of all creations.

Lord God came into the Picture after God rested from his creation on the seventh day. I think this is a very important Clue that moste People are missing.

If Gods creation was all good as stated in Genesis Chapter 1. Lord Gods creation as stated in Genesis Chapter 3 verse 1. is far from it.

posted on Jul, 28 2017 @ 04:29 AM
Yahweh's law is different from The Law of Christ. Moses promoted the abuse of children (Numbers 31:18).

Jesus is The Only Way:

posted on Jul, 29 2017 @ 11:15 AM
a reply to: CaticusMaximus

You really, really think that Yahweh is Satan?! With all due respect sir/maam, I never once saw or heard of babies being roasted to death on a bronze brazier in order to stem rain or call off an invasion. As matter of fact Yahwah DESPISES human sacfrifice. When you find God speaking in he Bible, and I mean truely God, he is full of love and compassion and "turn the other cheek."

If you want to go sacrifice babies to Enki and call him God, go right ahead. But Just hope...PRAY i'm not around to catch you....

posted on Jul, 29 2017 @ 06:08 PM

originally posted by: Akragon
reply to post by CaticusMaximus

Yahweh was one of the first sons of the "imposter" God according to gnostic writing...

Things hidden in silence

The Apocryphon of John is quite the interesting book... take a look over it if you get a chance


In that Apocryphon of John, Jesus says that it was him, not the snake, who encouraged Adam and Eve to eat from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, because the Evil One (the creator of this world) was trying to keep them under his thumb.

posted on Jul, 30 2017 @ 12:32 PM

originally posted by: lightofgratitude
Yahweh's law is different from The Law of Christ. Moses promoted the abuse of children (Numbers 31:18).

Jesus is The Only Way

Not correct. I am not arguing "the only way." The way of the Righteous and True Prophet is the only way, but if you examine wholeheartedly the HEBREW scriptures, yes the ones that have been TAKEN AWAY from us by the Romans, Greeks, and Jews who hated Christ. Do you know why there was a need to hide the Hebrew scrolls in caves for 2,000 years? Because the Romans, Greeks, and Jews wanted NO REMNANT of the chosen holy saints and sages of our earth. Age after age - human beings, attempt to control the actions of God but they cannot. Fast forward to today - we have no idea who the remnant was or what they taught, yet just because human beings erased the history of God and made the holy people hide their documents in caves for 2,000 years, does not mean in any way that the Remnant is not glorified. That is why they say that the devil owns earth. But all these things will come to pass, and every soul will witness the Christ, but those who think He is coming back to earth like a zombie risen from the grave or like an alien coming down from space - are delusional neanderthals and I promise that if you let any one of these gullible so called religious people that they will prove themselves to be a complete hypocrite.

God is not pleased with people who believe in liars and turn their ears away from the sacred righteous saints of holiness.

So in the Hebrew scriptures it makes very clear that the Christ spoke very highly of Moses. and that the teachings Moses gave the 70 elders ARE NOT the same ones that are held by the public, which include things that are contrary to the teachings of the New Covenant. In the Hebrew gospel of Matthew it is proven that the Greeks tried to corrupt the teachings by falsifying them, translating that Jesus said to follow the path of the Pharisees, but the Hebrew version says the path of Moses.

And that law you mentioned doesn't encapsulate the holy teachings either. If I were to some up a brief concept about the New Covenant it would be:

Refuse all things done of men, and do not follow the urges and desires of your heart or your mind, but sacrifice what your mind and heart wants to do in order to do what God wants. So it is not about what we want, but what we can do to please God.
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