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Nothing happened at the Olympics, which means...

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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 12:09 PM

Originally posted by Wonderer2012

Can you explain what was so absurd about the 'Olympic conspiracy'? I understand a lot of the theories where indeed pretty crazy. But consider these points-

- The MSM pounced on the G4S security problems in the run up.

Whose MSM? The UK's? US newsmedia never mentioned a peep about it as far as I know.

- False flags have been used in the past


- Predictive programming, as in 9/11, was used.

Examples please? And don't bring up the "Don't Fly" campaign. That's been debunked to the nth degree.

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by DaTroof

The G4S stuff was all over the MSM here in the UK. G4S have an awful reputation, but still manage to acquire Government contracts, just like Atos and EDS (now part of HP)


posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 12:43 PM

Originally posted by Wonderer2012
Nothing happened at the Olympics, hence-

People on ATS wil beleive the next false flag prediction. And the next. And the next ...... Without question. And steadfastly refuse to listen to anyone who says it's nonsense and they are making 2+2 equal 3456.762. Because that's what some ATSers do.

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 12:58 PM

Originally posted by Wonderer2012

I bought into the conspiracy, but I can learn from it.

The fact that you bought into a conspiracy that was contrived by lunatics, who were without any credibility or factual evidence, leads me to believe that you don't stand a chance when the TPTB decide to make their move. If you are one of the people who believed in Olympic false flags, then TPTB can make you believe anything they want you to believe. They are vastly more intelligent, creative, and have a lot more resources working in their favor.

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 01:56 PM
By that reasoning you're saying people will buy into anything posted on this forum?
Doesn't that then invalidate their arguments for believing in something that may of actually happened?

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by Wonderer2012

What I find most interesting is that this short list of users:


Were adamant in their belief that the 2012 Olympics would have alien visitation, false flag terrorism, human sacrifice, an appearance by the Holly King, visible evidence of the existence of the Illuminati and Freemason "Powers That Be." Yes, now that it is all done... all of these users are strangely absent, silent, and have seemingly disappeared from these boards.

I suppose that just speaks volumes about the honor code and ethics that crackpot, fringe theorists live by. Yell and scream and whine and warn about phantom attacks. And when nothing happens, close up and pretend you never did such a thing. Really honorable people they are, great role models. The world needs more people like them. The kind who champion a philosophy, until it's proven wrong. Then they lie about having ever supported it. Great maturity there.

S&F OP, great thread.

~ Wandering Scribe

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by Wonderer2012

Can't possibly be true that nothing happened - we know it's a lie because it's reported in the MSM!

What's really happened is that it's all been generated as CGI, no athletes exist, the Olympic Games is now just a propaganda exercise to keep the masses happy, and anyone who says they went to any event, competed, was a volunteer, or got arrested for not smiling at the cyclists is really a shill and a paid disinfo agent!

Of course something happened at the olympics - you just aren't allowed to know about it, that's all!!


posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 12:32 PM

Originally posted by DaTroof

Everyone else just enjoyed a mediocre spectacle. (UK, you're SO incredibly BORING!)

Yet the U.K olympics was the most watched event in U.S history, so it's possible you have your head stuck up your arse, that's 'da troof'
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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 12:37 PM
The opening post is basically one big huge fallacy. Hasty generalization.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by Wonderer2012

Its called social engineering which is a bigger part of the Operation Paperclip program than the rocket science.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 01:08 PM

Does the idea that TPTB had invested into this conspiracy and fueled it to discredit conspiracies in general sound so ridiculous now? Millions of people have access to the truth via the internet so it is only natural TPTB would combat this with disinfo and false conspiracies. It is them adjusting. I would say consider this, and learn from it.

But you fell for it, the most over the top load of rubbish ever lumped together.. What does that say about you? Never mind though, Alex, Icke, their ilk and all the YT's probably made their fair share perpetuating the lie. IF these PTB are good at anything, it's getting everyone around them to stoop as low as they do to make a fast buck or get 15 minutes of fame. If everyone's whooping and hollering to look one way maybe you'll find truth looking the other. This one was just too big to be anything but complete hogwash.

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 01:17 PM
It's not out of the realm of possibility that the government(s) accused of planning a false flag actually have enemies that hate them for whatever reason. Is it really so crazy to think that someone would actually attack another country because they don't like them? Of course not. In this fluffy, PC world, nobody hates anybody else. They just use fake attacks to justify war for profit.

posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by DaTroof

It was waaay better than that Atlanta 1996 borefest!

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 09:20 AM
Thread title has me confused as I seem to remember seeing a hell of a lot happening at the Olympics.

Your OP says that this is the mentality of this forum, please show us how you have come to this conclusion?

You list a number of events (how you interpreted them) with some proven and others not, so what?

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 09:51 AM
reply to post by Wonderer2012

The question is : will the US people accept another war? Things have changed in the US since Irak, is not it? No 911 to justify a new war, financial-economic failures (subprimes), so need for economic prosperity, growing self-sufficiency in the US for energy, absence of clear Iran provokation..and Iran is clever about that...with his Russian and Chinese friends, plus other non aligned countries, they have finally figured out how wars are started...
I am not sure Americans are so happy to send their guys again into hell...
That might also be a reason why Israel is doing the dirty work, no?

posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 10:16 AM
I kinda wanted something to happen though! I'm so sick of same # everyday and how conspiracy theorists are labelled nuts..just cos something didn't happen this time doesn't mean that the world is peachy. I don't mean believe every single thing but still keep your eyes, mind and heart open and make small changes in your life first. Eat healthy ,develop yourself spiritually, help others and spend more time in nature. I mean the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks were preceded by "clues" and in the illuminati playing cards, and when no WOMDs were found in Iraq Rumsfield, Rice and co tried to retract their statements. America supported this. Also BBC panorama re-enacted the whole 7/7 event to a T before it happened..not coincidence and less people were aware of it then. Now with the Olympics FFA it was all over the internet on youtube , facebook and literally everywhere and I actually did pay attention to it this time because i read a story written by a fiction writer about a terrorist attack occuring during the Olympics on the daily mail website earlier this year. I will admit I was scared for a while but then I kinda forgot about all the crap afterwards even after being told about all the preparations the military were making and the supposed body bags being trained with...i mean the whole thing was fishy though...Why go through all that trouble then not let the whole thing happen?? Maybe because too many people were on to them and it blew their cover...I mean the "#lluminati" are a bunch of pussyhole fags anyway that do everything in secret although they own all the corporations and the banks and could start a war today if they chose..yet they try and look for an excuse to do so..Or could it be that people are waking up too quickly for their liking? _javascript:icon('
') It is 2012 after all..the huge cosmic event awaits; end of maya calendar and new dawn/age. I mean come on if Geordie shore reality tv stars and Big brother forum users are aware of the nature of existence and #lluminati then the #lluminati are pretty much #ed. And how about the whole stupid hype about he satanic symbols and zion logo and how they're "planning" something?? If "They" want to stop being pussies and actually come out and be like, "yeah we're better and smarter than you dumb #s and we've been ruling this world for aeons using logos and magick, HAARP and ancient secrets..get at us.." they would have more of my respect than this bull# secret # they keep doing..and the whole 9/9/12 thing - I literally only got reminded of it by a facebook friend 12 minutes before "the big event" was supposed to happen.. still nothing- OHH COME THE # ON!!!! I'm yawning so hard right now...At least stop wasting our time and let the moment count..if you're going to post something mysterious on your creepy website at least make it count. Oh and by the way the Olympics was pretty sorry i live in the UK and i watched the 3 hour ceremony cos my mum forced me to..and the ceremony wasn't that spectacular..I would have preferred a bunch of scaly green aliens landing and kidnapping the queen-and taking her back to Zeti Reticuli or Alpha Draconis that would've been more exciting! I missed practically nearly all the olympics on tv and One Direction closing the ceremony- REALLY??? I rest my case..But then the most horrific thing to occur would be Rebecca Black giving a closing speech at the Paralympics but that'll probably be worse than the false flag attack.. Anyway am looking to see what happens end of this year and something better fed up of this world already..Whether "conspiracy theorists" appeared like silly nutjobs or what, they're passionate people and the label itself is pretty insulting. I don't discredit that 9/11 and 7/7 could have been false flag attacks because there are too many things that don't add up..or that Gaddafi was trying to help Africa..I mean look at the's #ed pointless wars are being fought, everyday, millions starve in poverty stricken countries, some with more talent and potential in their pinky finger than Paris Hilton a skinny millionaire heiress twat will ever have braincells. Healing and consciousness expanding drugs like Dmt, iboga, ayahuasca, shrooms and cannabis are suppressed, yet cancer and accident / deaths causing alcohol and tobacco are widely sold, Obesity causing Mcdonalds, police brutality, and 1% enjoying all our cash. That's enough for me. I hope a massive asteroid falls and wipes out the useless junk so we can start afresh...whose with me??? seriously! :l

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