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2 6 Plus EQ hit northern Iran

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by Irishone

It was two quakes

You can see them on this:GNI.IU.00.BHZ.2012.224

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 08:43 AM
reply to post by murch

I think they noticed that there have never been (significant) eq's in that specific area, which is unusual.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by woogleuk

What sort of effect does underground nuclear testing have on seismographs?

It shows up similar to an earthquake but the signatures are different on further analysis.

There is quite a lot about that on the web if you are interested in researching further.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 08:46 AM
By the way the direct link to the Iranian seismic service is here
(PS it is getting heavy traffic at the moment so you may not be lucky)

The seismogram linked above is the closest publicly available seismogram and in located in Armenia.

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 08:47 AM
This is (as far as I know) the fastest tracker of eq's, You have to refresh sometimes and keep in mind that the site combines multiple sources.
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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 08:50 AM
reply to post by Lunti

It is no faster than anyone else as, like me, it gets feeds from USGS, EMSC and others. It can also be very slow to recognise deletions and revisions so be careful.

Remember the Canadian Mag 10.3? It was a -0.3 and GI software could not handle that.

Live Earthquake Mashup is good but I believe one of the fastest is Earthquake 3D (A program) which uses the 1 minute USGS feed (I think) that I use for my Rapid View Just checked. No it does not so it won't be any faster then the others.

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 08:51 AM

Important update 13:43 UTC : WAPMERR, the theoretical earthquake damage engine, has calculated that based on the Geofon earthquake data and epicenter, 100 to 500 deaths may be expected. Our experience with Geofon is that this estimate will be hopefully reviewed to lower numbers (like often elsewhere). WAPMERR is however an indication that this earthquake is a really dangerous one!

After looking on google earth I thought this area was just mountains but its actually quite a populous area.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 08:52 AM
Actually, according to a data plot I have generated, I count like 9 quakes so far- but those include some sub 4's, not being reported by USGS. GNI is about 350 km or so from epicenters, so there may be even more than that, smaller not seen well at GNI. But the fault is definitely rocking. Two more smaller now coming in...
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and two more after that.... That fault is moving, no question...and these are like rapid-fire, back-to back now...
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Now settling into a lull (no activity)... I'd say it appears to be a typical mainshock/aftershock sequence, except that the magnitude differential between mainshock and 1rst aftershock is pretty close. So it's possible they are foreshocks, but not likely. Also, the magnitudes might get further revised in few. From my data plot, I can see the second one may come down a bit in mag... But overall it appears to be slowing down, as one would expect...

scratch that, another aftershock hitting now, smaller, maybe a 4 or so again.
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and now again, another, 4 ish
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And again, it continues with another smaller one...Last report of smaller aftershocks unless a real big one occurs.
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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:08 AM
the other thread by puterman was WAY better than this OP. As in, a much more informative landing post. I vote we at least keep the other one open

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:14 AM
reply to post by Gwampo

LOL im the OP and I agree. Will the mods comply. Would be happy for them to close this and run with putermans to be honest.
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Definately go with putermans. Just been reading some of his work. He should get credit for well thought out and constructed threads on a topic he clearly knows a lot about.

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:18 AM
interesting activity for sure. a screenshot :

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by murch

Here is the list of earthquakes in a 2 degree spread, so about 117 mile radius of the epicentres. Sorry it took a while to find it on my computer.

1907/12/23,14:25:00,17:55:00,38.7,46,21,Ms:4.3,MEA,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Marand
1909/12/30,15:15:00,18:45:00,38.9,46.3,15,M:4,MOS,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Jolfa
1913/11/12,04:28:56,07:58:56,38.8,45.8,25,Ms:5,MEA,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South-East of Jolfa
1931/05/08,09:06:03,12:36:03,39,46,33,Ms:4.3,KAR,Azerbaijan, East of Jolfa
1931/05/12,10:25:15,13:55:15,38.79,45.72,33,Ms:5.2,NAB,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South of Jolfa
1931/07/29,13:10:00,16:40:00,39,46,10,Ms:4.1,MEA,Azerbaijan, East of Jolfa
1931/10/07,03:58:00,07:28:00,39.3,46.2,15,Ms:4,MEA,Azerbaijan, East of Nakhicevan
1932/06/16,12:09:00,15:39:00,38.7,46.1,,Ms:4.5,KAR,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Marand
1932/08/10,17:00:00,20:30:00,38.3,46.3,33,Ms:4.4,KAR,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Tabriz
1933/07/06,07:07:16,10:37:16,39.3,46.6,,Ms:5.5,KAR.N,Armenia, North-West of Kaleybar
1933/09/06,00:00:00,03:30:00,39.3,46.6,33,Ms:5.5,ULM,Armenia, North-West of Kaleybar
1933/11/06,07:07:16,10:37:16,39.3,46.6,33,Ms:5.5,KAR,Armenia, North-West of Kaleybar
1953/06/21,20:25:09,23:55:09,37.9,47.1,20,M:4,NOW,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Bostanabad
1954/10/22,22:47:34,02:17:34,38.78,45.78,26,M:4.8,NOW,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South-East of Jolfa
1957/05/29,10:03:13,13:33:13,38.63,45.84,21,M:4.6,NOW,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Marand
1957/07/21,15:08:33,18:38:33,39.14,46.05,37,M:4.2,NOW,Azerbaijan, North-East of Jolfa
1960/03/20,22:25:18,01:55:18,38.25,46,,M:5.2,BCIS,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Shabestar
1960/03/20,22:32:30,02:02:30,38.25,46,,M:4.7,FS(BAN),Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Shabestar
1962/01/01,18:18:24,21:48:24,38.3,46.6,,mb:3.6,ZEM,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Tabriz
1962/11/24,14:14:26,17:44:26,38.5,47.7,,M:4.5,NOW,Ardebil, Meshgin Shahr
1962/12/24,14:14:26,17:44:26,38.5,47.5,15,M:4,MOS,Ardebil, West of Meshgin Shahr
1963/08/11,17:22:47,20:52:47,38.3,46.5,,mb:3.5,MOS,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Tabriz
1965/02/10,16:09:54,19:39:54,37.66,47.09,45,mb:5,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Hashtrud
1965/02/13,00:57:08,04:27:08,38.23,45.74,88,M:4,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, Shabestar
1968/06/09,00:56:30,04:26:30,39.1,46.06,5,mb:5,EHB,Azerbaijan, North-East of Jolfa
1968/06/09,11:38:22,15:08:22,39.24,46.23,28,mb:4.2,ISC,Azerbaijan, East of Nakhicevan
1968/07/26,23:22:40,02:52:40,39.2,46.1,16,M:4,MOS,Azerbaijan, East of Nakhicevan
1968/09/01,05:39:45,09:09:45,39.09,46.13,15,mb:5,EHB,Azerbaijan, North-East of Jolfa
1968/09/16,07:10:07,10:40:07,39.3,46.3,44,mb:4.4,ISC,Azerbaijan, East of Nakhicevan
1968/10/01,18:16:03,21:46:03,39.19,46.21,10,mb:4.6,ISC,Azerbaijan, East of Nakhicevan
1969/02/05,20:23:54,23:53:54,38.6,45.7,39,mb:4.4,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Marand
1971/02/11,01:41:30,05:11:30,38.35,47.12,59,M:4.5,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, Haris
1973/01/06,15:39:35,19:09:35,37.95,46.67,65,mb:4.3,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-West of Bostanabad
1973/06/27,22:24:48,01:54:48,38.39,46.7,40,mb:4,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, West of Ahar
1975/03/11,01:32:01,05:02:01,37.83,47.32,52,M:4.1,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South-West of Sarab
1975/11/19,23:21:22,02:51:22,38.54,45.84,59,mb:3.8,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Marand
1978/09/16,18:21:34,21:51:34,38.58,47.58,33,mb:4.1,ISC,Ardebil, North of Meshgin Shahr
1979/11/21,15:36:05,19:06:05,38.19,47.23,41,mb:4.6,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Haris
1980/03/25,04:25:25,07:55:25,38.93,45.73,72,mb:4.5,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, Jolfa
1980/05/16,03:05:38,06:35:38,38.77,45.93,33,mb:4.3,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South-East of Jolfa
1980/05/16,19:50:14,23:20:14,38.86,45.88,15,mb:4.5,EHB,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Jolfa
1980/10/10,11:09:53,14:39:53,38.4,45.91,47,mb:4.8,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Marand
1982/04/27,17:16:27,20:46:27,39.12,46.32,23,mb:4.2,ISC,Azerbaijan, North-East of Jolfa
1984/08/11,16:33:44,20:03:44,38.26,46.9,10,mb:3.7,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, West of Haris
1984/08/24,11:31:41,15:01:41,38.5,45.95,10,mb:5.1,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Marand
1987/07/22,18:05:07,21:35:07,37.88,46.82,10,mb:4.2,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, Bostanabad
1992/04/26,13:15:51,17:45:51,37.87,47.33,33,mb:4,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, West of Sarab
1993/03/15,15:32:42,19:02:42,38.23,45.85,21,mb:4.7,EHB,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Shabestar
1993/05/25,18:38:25,23:08:25,37.56,46.07,33,mb:4.3,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Bonab


posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:22 AM

1996/04/22,14:42:34,19:12:34,39.22,47.4,28,mb:4.9,EHB,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Kaleybar
1996/06/18,08:11:05,12:41:05,39.08,45.75,30,mb:4.8,EHB,Azerbaijan, North-East of Jolfa
1996/06/19,07:08:01,11:38:01,38.9,45.86,53,mb:4.1,ISC,East of Jolfa
1999/08/19,04:33:14,09:03:14,38.41,46.42,10,mb:4.5,EHB,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Tabriz
2001/06/12,01:46:49,06:16:49,39.1,47.28,15,mb:4.6,EHB,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Kaleybar
2001/06/17,11:22:15,15:52:15,39.04,45.81,33,mb:4.1,ISC,Azerbaijan, North-East of Jolfa
2002/06/15,11:41:11,16:11:11,37.62,46.13,,mb:3.7,ISC,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South-East of Azarshahr
2004/10/03,05:38:26,09:08:26,38.63,45.71,15,ML:2.7,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Marand
2004/12/24,11:02:26,14:32:26,37.91,46.89,14,ML:3.2,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, Bostanabad
2005/01/04,02:59:14,06:29:14,37.79,47.61,14,ML:2.8,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South of Sarab
2005/01/16,20:33:24,00:03:24,37.86,46.93,14,ML:3.7,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, Bostanabad
2005/02/01,09:30:16,13:00:16,38.11,46.77,46,ML:2.7,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Bostanabad
2005/05/09,15:58:16,20:28:16,37.81,47.26,15,ML:2.5,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South-West of Sarab
2005/06/07,09:51:16,14:21:16,37.99,46.84,18,ML:4,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Bostanabad
2005/06/07,14:10:40,18:40:40,38.04,46.77,14,ML:3.2,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Bostanabad
2005/06/22,19:26:43,23:56:43,38.04,46.74,14,ML:3.7,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-West of Bostanabad
2005/08/02,23:39:23,04:09:23,38,46.84,14,ML:3.6,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Bostanabad
2005/09/13,15:49:15,20:19:15,37.93,47.2,15,ML:3.4,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, West of Sarab
2005/09/13,23:15:42,03:45:42,37.93,47.2,14,ML:2.9,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, West of Sarab
2005/09/14,16:51:57,21:21:57,37.96,47.19,18,ML:3.7,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South of Haris
2005/11/22,06:28:42,09:58:42,39.15,47.5,15,ML:2.5,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Kaleybar
2006/05/25,08:04:04,11:34:04,38.32,47.45,15,ML:3.5,IIEES,Ardebil, West of Meshgin Shahr
2006/06/11,23:03:12,02:33:12,39.25,46.11,17,ML:2.5,IIEES,Azerbaijan, East of Nakhicevan
2006/06/20,13:31:04,17:01:04,37.95,47.23,18,ML:3,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, West of Sarab
2006/06/29,05:04:19,08:34:19,37.92,47.15,18,ML:2.6,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South of Haris
2006/07/18,18:55:45,22:25:45,38.63,45.92,26,ML:2.9,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Marand
2006/08/11,16:35:05,20:05:05,37.39,47.09,15,ML:3.4,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, Hashtrud
2006/12/25,10:04:56,13:34:56,39.08,46.09,16,ML:3.6,IIEES,Azerbaijan, North-East of Jolfa
2007/01/04,13:52:48,17:22:48,38.86,46.01,15,ML:3.8,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Jolfa
2007/02/23,22:33:06,02:03:06,37.86,46.88,15,ML:3.2,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, Bostanabad
2007/06/24,05:02:11,08:32:11,37.67,46.24,14,ML:2.9,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Maragheh
2007/07/18,06:56:08,10:26:08,38.43,46.92,43,ML:2.6,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, West of Ahar
2007/07/18,07:37:32,11:07:32,38.38,46.89,14,ML:2.6,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, West of Ahar
2007/07/18,21:00:14,00:30:14,38.31,46.85,14,ML:3.3,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, West of Haris
2007/08/10,17:46:54,21:16:54,38.3,46.59,16,ML:3,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Tabriz
2007/08/13,21:43:28,01:13:28,37.39,46.63,14,ML:3.2,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Maragheh
2007/09/16,05:20:00,08:50:00,38.2,46.36,18,ML:3.9,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Tabriz
2007/10/20,01:47:56,05:17:56,37.84,47.35,14,ML:2.6,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, West of Sarab
2007/12/01,18:22:17,21:52:17,38.22,46.48,15,ML:3.5,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Tabriz
2007/12/01,18:45:09,22:15:09,38.23,46.48,14,ML:4.4,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Tabriz
2007/12/02,02:53:06,06:23:06,38.22,46.48,18,ML:2.7,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Tabriz
2007/12/02,10:00:01,13:30:01,38.25,46.5,14,ML:3.6,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Tabriz
2007/12/05,08:14:04,11:44:04,38.36,47.05,15,ML:2.8,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South of Ahar
2008/04/14,08:49:56,13:19:56,37.77,47.58,14,ML:2.6,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South of Sarab
2008/05/31,18:01:58,22:31:58,37.68,47.66,15,ML:3.1,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Mianeh
2008/09/02,20:00:51,00:30:51,38.99,45.92,18,ML:4.9,IIEES,Azerbaijan, East of Jolfa
2008/09/17,23:13:12,03:43:12,38.35,46.9,35,ML:2.6,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South-West of Ahar
2008/09/22,04:23:09,07:53:09,37.97,47,14,ML:2.8,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Bostanabad
2008/10/12,13:51:17,17:21:17,38.52,46.85,14,ML:3.1,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, West of Ahar
2008/11/08,04:14:36,07:44:36,38.87,46.6,15,ML:3.1,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, West of Kaleybar
2009/01/14,04:40:57,08:10:57,38.03,46.86,14,ML:2.5,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North of Bostanabad
2009/10/03,23:39:02,03:09:02,38.37,46.95,15,ML:2.7,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South-West of Ahar
2009/11/22,17:29:21,20:59:21,37.9,46.94,14,ML:3.8,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, Bostanabad
2010/02/02,10:05:39,13:35:39,37.91,46.98,14,ML:3.5,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Bostanabad

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:22 AM

2010/02/02,10:15:36,13:45:36,37.92,46.94,14,ML:3.4,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, Bostanabad
2010/02/02,10:16:29,13:46:29,37.92,46.98,14,ML:4.3,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Bostanabad
2010/02/02,11:26:51,14:56:51,38,47,14,ML:3.7,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Bostanabad
2010/02/02,13:46:24,17:16:24,37.9,46.92,14,ML:3.9,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, Bostanabad
2010/02/10,09:04:29,12:34:29,38.74,46.87,14,ML:3.1,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South-West of Kaleybar
2010/03/10,02:36:19,06:06:19,37.88,47.15,14,ML:3.1,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Bostanabad
2011/01/29,07:29:39,10:59:39,38.5,46.42,14,ML:2.5,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Tabriz
2011/03/25,11:24:59,15:54:59,39.27,47.39,32,ML:3.2,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-East of Kaleybar
2011/04/01,10:14:16,14:44:16,37.91,47.07,14,ML:2.6,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Bostanabad
2011/06/06,12:23:38,16:53:38,37.78,47.44,14,ML:2.7,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, South of Sarab
2011/07/09,05:35:46,10:05:46,37.9,47.52,42,ML:3.5,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, Sarab
2011/09/06,11:52:31,16:22:31,38.33,46.01,15,ML:2.9,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, East of Marand
2011/10/18,21:10:13,00:40:13,37.41,46.74,15,ML:2.7,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, West of Hashtrud
2012/02/05,22:15:58,01:45:58,38.43,45.7,16,ML:2.9,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, Marand
2012/06/25,03:22:29,07:52:29,39.18,47.51,14,ML:2.6,IIEES,Azarbaijan Sharghi, North-West of Germi

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:23 AM

Originally posted by PuterMan
reply to post by woogleuk

What sort of effect does underground nuclear testing have on seismographs?

It shows up similar to an earthquake but the signatures are different on further analysis.

There is quite a lot about that on the web if you are interested in researching further.

The green graph is nuclear explosion

And black graph is a Earth Quake with it P & S wave foot print

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by Gwampo

That would hardly be fair now would it?

I am happy with mine being closed. I shall continue to post here.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by Trillium

That really does not tell the whole truth. I know that image. A quake would look the same as the nuke if it was close up like the trace from the nuke is. The trace from the quake is much more distant.

A bit of scientific trickery I think.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:27 AM
on the live seismic server page, i count 33 of the 94 listed stations showing 'sorry, telemetry data are presently unavailable'. this seems a lot, or is it not unusual?

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:28 AM
reply to post by PuterMan

puterman, if i am reading what you posted correctly, while the region (wider area) experiences quakes of significant size this particular area is not so prone.

Is that significant.

While your on the thread I would love an answer to another unrelated topic. Due you support the theory that the asia-pacific plate activity (Indonesia, Papa New Guinea) is causing stress elswhere i.e. the quakes in inland Australia

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by RoScoLaz

It is indeed unusual to have so many down at one time.

I is often three or four, or all down.

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