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Giving Up the Belief of Responsibility Will Not Make People Turn Bad But Instead More Kind

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posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 02:12 AM
reply to post by timerty

Who is focussing? and on what?
Who is the thinker? isn't that thought?

I think it is not necessarily the case, but reading this thread, you seem to want to better the world.
That would mean you have a view based on your idea about what is wrong.
And now you want to do something about it, "but the it is you".

One can ask, "where are the actions based on?"
what is your action based on?
This world is ruled by demonic forces, people see, people do.
Poison is injected in the brain of billions of people, through indoctrination.
One needs detoxify to be pure again, to regain innocence.

We can talk, get people to rethink certain things, point to the superficiality of this way of living, the hurts that it brings, the suffering, hate, anger, pity, and so on.
But we should not want to change this world, or others.
Also i do not see how someone, who is benefitting from this way of living would be open to listen.
And even if one listens, they only hear what is being said, verbally, non verbally there is no communication.

oneness is not 'uniting with others', to form groups with same thoughts, opinion, truths and so on.
It is oneness with the divine, with creation itself, and only if one stands alone.
Everyone needs to stand alone to come to that.

If one wants to change or help someone, he is only poluting the pure.
But many are doing just that, he who thinks he has an answer, the priests of religions, the one who thinks he is enlightened.

posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 08:44 AM
I've got to say I agree with all the premises set forward in this thread.

No one is truly evil (whatever that is). Almost everyone one ultimately wants a happy peaceful world. It is fear, blame, anger and ignorance which cause almost all of the problems which exist in the world today.

Think people, does punishing criminals actually stop people from committing crimes? And what would you rather do – pump all your resources into punishing criminals (which solves nothing and in fact in most cases only causes more problems), or actually address the reasons which crimes have been committed in the first place?

What you have to understand is that firstly if anyone of us were placed into various situations which most criminals find themselves then we too would commit the exact same crime.

Lastly there is one point which everyone needs to understand. The notion of ‘No Responsibility’ does not mean that you are free from facing the consequences of your actions. It simply means that in all cases there are always mitigating circumstances as to why a crime has been committed, and that blaming and punishing someone for their actions will not solve the problem. The crime has been committed; there is no turning back time. If we actually want to make society a better place then we would do far more good focusing on the causes of crime rather than ‘getting our own back’.

posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 11:33 AM

Originally posted by J7IST1
I love Response Ability ! bring it on!!! or I should say, I will keep on being Response Able, moving toward THE LIGHT of GOD

Haha... love it... and thank you for sharing your path!

I've been sharing in your experience of healing.

Love ya.

posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 11:57 AM
reply to post by J7IST1

I created a side thread to more fully explore this aspect of the concept:
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posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by ErgoTheConfusion

Hugs back @ ya!
Thank you & for your expounding on, the separating of the word, responsible. I do that a lot, seeing words pulled apart. I began even to wonder if I was perhaps autistic spectrum but when I took some tests (online) I am not. Slightly higher than a normal person in the test but not to the point of (autistic spectrum).

Ths is an interesting thread & input.

I would like to think of myself too as an empath but I don't like the word, I am sensitive to words & #'s I think, which sounds silly. I guess I would say I have a, "path," to follow Christ & label myself Jesus freak at times, because I have been down some paths through this Christian journey that are a bit rough, but it is a larger picture & worth it for HIM (suffering, growing, purifying, with GOD).

There are other good comments on this thread... I agree with the comment about being responsible for, ie actions. That is rather a given in life & what the Christian bible teaches & I am sure other faiths too is there are consequences & that can be a good thing (for growth & change).

I'll expound on more in your thread (ergo the confusion) as to response able.

Oh I did want to say & in this series of responses to OP, that one of the things with my situation with thyroid medication & really this sort of thing in general (meds vs. healing &/or).. is that .. OK so I go to the doctor (& he is a wonderful primarcy care doc, I believe) & he says, the thyroid is low so we will put you on thyroid medication. I had asked over the yrs a few times for armor thyroid, which is alternative (he said no of which is a typical m.d. response to armor thyroid). It wasn't a big deal at the time because I was not having side effects that I was aware of from the medication. But last fall I was going downhill rapidly & severe pain in my adrenal glands. I went to chiropractor because I figured he wouldn't flip & put me on a bunch of meds, he confirmed it was adrenal glands, said my body was not absorbing vitamins. He said he didn't know if it was directly related to the thyroid meds but he said, there is nothing wrong with your thyroid.
Now this doc (chiropractor doc) was recommended by someone who is very familiar with health foods, & professionals of this type in the area, since, I have had others tell me that he is a good doctor, can quickly dx & is thorough without much fuss (in other words direct). I liked him, he is Christian (not saying that I have not had good docs that were not Christian, but he says he prays for patients that he can help).
SO, I just saw him one time & he gave me some vits etc. I knew from the stress I had been under it was in part that, but I also was very aware at that time that the thyroid meds were indeed an issue. I was able to get off of them & psychologically I had done enough (energy) healing & work that I was ready to deal with things more head on (life) & freer now because of foregoing this medication. He is right, in my opinion, my thyroid works fine. They say often docs will dx thyroid when it's adrenal, they don't typically test adrenal glands. So, I've done this work & with GOD, on my journey. Where I am going with conversation is .. OK so I go to church & hear proclamations that God Heals. God, "heals all wounds." It's in the bible, on & on. Then I go to doctors & (conventional md's) do tests & use prescription medications. They often say, "you will be on this for the rest of your life," speaking generically, as to dis ease & treatment. OK so WHAT DO I believe? the doc or the bible/ ministry? So, there is always this dychotomy, life. Good vs. evil. It's not about the doctor, it's not about the church, or the bible or the versions thereof, but ultimately it's about GOD & He Is a Healer, I believe this, so as a result I will risk at times what I believe is the opportunity to heal. Therefore, when & if the time is right, a risk, namely, getting off of this medicine. The time was right & I believe God Allowed an opportunity for the situation to present itself (I was thrilled / do not like medicine!). So I feel MUCH freer & more ready to walk toward THE LIGHT (of CHRIST). It's a journey, always, growth. not easy.. but worth it.
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posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 12:40 PM

Originally posted by timerty

Originally posted by Oceanborn
You're talking about "enlightenment",compassion,kindness,"all is one" etc just to proceed and label people you don't even know as "bad","restrictive"and even "evil".

I don't know what to say.

There is nothing wrong in the proper discrimination/labeling/describing of people. It is the incorrect discrimination/labeling that is bad.

Souls come into the human plane to learn about diversity. If you can't even realize this, then you still have much to learn about your purpose of being conscious.

In your OP you gave the green light to anyone who has the same beliefs as you and called evil those who don't.That's far from proper.
If that's not enough,you're saying that people shouldn't be blamed.Aren't you putting blame on people when you call them evil?You're not labeling a situation,a way of living or an ideal.You're labeling the people themselves (and what label that is."evil").

About the second part,that's just your opinion and beliefs.You talk about em as if they're facts but they're not.

posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 03:25 PM
Thanks for everyone's zealous participation in this thread. I have realized that I should have used the word blame/accountability rather than Responsibility, which has caused much confusion and misunderstandings.

(Group Update July 19th) My Mistake of Using the Word 'Responsibility' Instead of 'Blame/Accountability' To Explain Karma

Many people after reading my recent group update about the false notions of Karma posted at the ATS forum(I often post there to get feedback), have felt that I was telling people not to care about the well-being of certain things in order to give up the notion of Responsibility, which made them feel that it was an unwisely dangerous and lazy thing to do. However, it was not in my intention to tell people to give up caring for certain things. I have thought about the reasons why they felt that way and I discovered that it was due to my usage of the word "Responsibility'.

I thought about the word 'Responsibility' and discovered that it actually has 2 different meanings. I later checked for its meaning at google and here was what I found,

1. The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something.
2. The state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.

My intention to use the word Responsibility was to focus on the blaming that people do in regards to generating Karma. I think I chose to use the word Responsibility in the first place because I have experienced many people use the word 'responsible' when they had the intention to blame others for certain actions that have been done.

However, using the word Responsibility could also get some people to assume that I was focusing on its other meaning, which is the duty that one has to deal with something. So, some people could have felt that I was telling others to give up their duty and discontinue being a caring parent, or give up their duty and discontinue to care about the well-being of certain things, which was not in my intention. Therefore, I have decided to give up the usage of the word Responsibility and change it to 'blame' or 'accountability'. And I would probably edit my previous mentioning of the word 'Responsibility' from previous group updates. Words in the English language really have many double meanings that could create confusion, I'm glad I'm not a lawyer.

posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 08:02 PM
reply to post by timerty

Thnx for updating.. As a couple others mentioned here too that they felt maybe sharing what it is you are about in what your topic is, adding, "self," into the scene.. that jumped out at me big time.. I felt somehow you are detaching, removing self from your vision. Some people have different ways of expressing. in person, in writing, etc.. not making excuses or assuming anything here.. I had a feeling maybe you had a whole lot more to say of which you were not really saying by creating a scenerio of which has nothing to do with you (self) / then mention blame or being responsible.
I am in middle of post here but one reply to your OP I thought explained things well as to how (in my view), the bible says that satan will have time to think he is in charge, so there is darkness in the world, but it's always moving in THE LIGHT & toward, of which one is part of. Too, that allowing others to be, pure, true, isn't about fixing (them), acknowledging self, desires, needs, etc., & allowing other/s to express who they are.
Again, I felt initially too, you have a whole lot more to say of which you really are not saying.. which is ok.
& that the blame is perhaps about your own life circumstances of which you are working through (again, self), & trying to say here, who you are but removing self.
Just wanted to acknowledge your post.
Was interesting thread/thoughts to topic.

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 11:19 AM
I'll be honest.Before your last post i was thinking that you might be a troll or something but now it seems that your thread is 100% honest and i'm glad for that.

I can agree that focusing on people instead on the root of the problem doesn't always help but i also think there are things in the OP that you need to reconsider.
Holding people accountable doesn't mean beating them up or something.There's the right way and the wrong way. Also,telling someone "It's not your fault,it's society's fault." (or replace "society" with something else like "parents" for instance) is like saying "You couldn't and still can't do anything to better yourself,it was bound to happen." which is not true.We can all better ourselves,it just takes some responsibility and some discipline. For instance,a thief can stop being a thief by acknowledging those actions and by being truly willing to change.We're all different,we're all unique.Some thieves keep doing what they're doing and some others change their ways.

Now,let me give you a short,personal story as an example about people who believe in responsibility,accountability etc: I was 8 years old (give or take) when one day i was playing with a ball inside the house and i broke a vase.At that moment i felt accountable,i blamed myself.Would you call a child anything negative for feeling like that?Was i evil for feeling the way i did? Also keep in mind that from that day i never did that again and i was overall more carefull.
Realise that what you did in your OP was actually putting blame on some people,something that you say we shouldn't be doing.So,should we blame people? If yes,was the way in your OP the right way? Is it fair to quickly judge people that we don't even know?

Take some time to think things over.There's always something more for all of us to learn and there's always room to reconsider our views.Don't be so quick to say "I have everything figured out" because that's when you're stopping yourself from further learning.

To me it seems that we actually lack of responsibility otherwise we would think about the next generations and what are we gonna pass to them.Know that,if you wont take responsibilities for your own self then someone else will and that also means,that person will be taking decisions on your behalf (we actually see that happening in our times,aint that right?).

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 12:19 PM
I am already in the process of re-writing the explanation in my original post. So I will reanswer people's questions when I am done with the changes.

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