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The Nature of Souls and Extra Terrestrials (as far as I can tell)

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posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 03:32 AM
reply to post by Zane2Death

Maybe other souls reincarnated into humans? maybe chickens, I mean they're dying every second.
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posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 04:19 AM
reply to post by Murgatroid

We are all entitled to have our own beliefs
Just because someone does not share your biblical beliefs does not mean they are wrong.
The Batman for god movement has my vote

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by sir_slide

Hello Sir,

I enjoyed your thoughts so far in this thread, and wish to add a slightly different perspective to consider if you will.

We still think of Soul from our human perspective, which is obviously highly flawed since our experience and Belief-structure is so very limiting.

Perhaps Souls are already Perfect, in need of no Lessons, but instead are simply the means this energetic and aware bubbleverse has to come to know itself ? Almost like Probes designed for the task of information gathering.

Perhaps too the small part of we humans that Animates our physical nature does so through Choice ? In which case Souls would simply volunteer for a series of lives in each or various worlds offering Experience.

I do think that once 'universal' awareness has separated into lower and lower vibrating states to reach the level we call Soul, that there are no boundaries to what it can choose, no Rules as we humans perceive through our belief-structures.

Be well

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 08:37 AM
Your theory is an interesting one, but some so important is missing and that is there are different levels of aliens.

I hear this all the time lately it seems. Very advanced civilization coming from a different dimension or millions if not billions of miles away,

I say people are not studying what seems to be right in from of their eyes.

1964 April 24, Gary Wilcox gets visited from his testimony it sure seems he was visited by smaller beings (5' tall) with loose fitting space suites (around the elbows) why the comfort I ask? Because they are not androids that don't need to be in loose fitting space suites and they don't seem to have advanced crafts like androids. IT seems like Lonnie Zamora spotted the same craft the very same day. April 24th 1964. And it shot off blue type of flames. Being such as you describe have NO need for "blue flames" to lift themselves off our earth. In the case of Gary Wilcox those being were carrying trays for studying plants etc. Because they mention "they can not grow things there like on earth".. Why the need for carrying trays in their hands for plants? They said they can not grow things! Could it be they have difficulty growing things because they have to live underground. And they have to live underground because they lost their resistance to earth's atmosphere. Why the need for razor sharp megalithic stones for joints?? Could it be they were intending to build structures to keep out our atmosphere but it was not practical like they told Ernest Norman? Read "The Truth About Mars" and find the quote from Nur El ? "We once had a colony on earth but it was not practical to stay there".

But I can understand that this all seems weird because Nasa is holding back the truth from coming out even though there are thousands of images that are artifacts even though many are blurred and inked out is many instances.

If you study:
Gary Wilcox
Lonnie Zamora
Donald Shrum "Aliens in the Forest Book".

What do they all have in common?

White uniforms from head to toe. (not the big eyed greys (that you seem to being theorizing about).
Can't live in our atmosphere (uniform from head to toe).
All were spotted in 1964 (when earth is closest to mars)
Cloaking device seemed off.

All had what Ernest Norman had when he talked with a being called "Nur El". A height similarity about 5 ft tall.the need to live underground which explains why they Gary Wilcox, Lonnie Zamora and Donald Shrum all saw these beings with uniforms from head to toe.

In other words your talking about beings like greys which seem to be millions of years in technology no need for blue flames under their crafts such as Lonnie Zamora spotted later on the day in New Mexico 1964 April 24th.

I say there are beings living underground on mars (tubes in and of the ground on mars) JPL images (documented). They are only thousands of years in advance. Maybe less. Remember Lonnie Spotted blue flames. No craft like Rosewll. The one Gary Wilcox saw was Oval !!!.

If we keep talking about inter - dimensional and craft from a different solar system, we are missing such and important part of our heritage. That there was an ancient civilization once on our earth over maybe thousands of years ago from mars. THEY HAD A NEED TO LIVE HERE! Not like the greys ( androids don't need to live on earth because they are biological robots. When Roswell's craft crashed I heard the craft looked vacant. Why ?because they don't need food, they don't need enjoyment, they are dumbed down they are creations of their masters. They don't need bellies just like robots don't need stomachs.
Far different from a martian civilization that lives underground as we speak. Our neighbors (close neighbors) in fact. But for some reason Nasa is not giving us a straight answer.

I say there is a martian civilization underground and they are NOT the type of beings that you are describing, they are our relatives that have similar blood running through their veins. Probably are more telepathic. But do not have the ability to beam people up with their lazar beams as in the case of Travis Walton. Two different levels of advancement. Probably Clifford Stone (Hinz 57 Theory) understands what I am trying to say than so many.

There truly is a tie in with these people. I say they ALL saw Martians!

1. Donald Shrum (had contact with martians but thought they were greys in my opinion because of the flaming robots that shot off sleeping gas from their mouths because they were trying to get him down off a tree.

2.Lonnie Zamora (spotted what appears to be martians)
3. Gary Wilcox (Talked with Martians)
4. Ernest Norman "Truth About Mars" book.

Study them all and I think you will see startling similarities. Not inter - dimensional beings because they are not millions of years in advancement only a few thousand or so. And they are not robotic. They could be our relatives (possibly the Chinese race etc.

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posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 08:59 AM
Fantastic post and thank you very much for the time and effort you spent putting it together. My beliefs are right in line with yours and you have done an excellent job conveying your thoughts. I look forward to the changes that are in store for us after the 3rd dimension is over.

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 09:25 AM
Beautiful thread! But you mixed up the variation of consciousness to density; the lower the density, the higher the consciousness, due to the theory of relativity and light itself a less dense energy. Gravity has it's own frequency..a lower vibration for the 3rd plane of existence we coexist on

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 09:47 AM
I've read "The Law of One" several times, and I have learned a lot of useful things from it that lead me to believe that it is somewhat valid. My question is, though, did the authors really channel an entity or were they just writing down some wise stuff and claiming that they channeled an entity? I can totally see how the 4th density (if there is such a thing) would be the density of compassion though.

I don't know for sure if there are other planes of existence, or if we are actually undergoing some kind of spiritual progression. I am pretty confident that there actually is a such thing as spirit, but whether or not it needs to progress still remains a mystery to me.

I've had two encounters with beings that were of a quality of life that is impossible on Earth, and both were much more than anything we can conceive of life being. But I don't know if what I saw was actually hyper dimensional beings or just mere hallucinations. I hope there is something more to this life, but at the same time, I feel like I should instead be learning how to appreciate what I already have.

The whole STS vs. STO theme rings especially true to me. I believe that if one becomes in STO enough than they can possibly transcend conventional human existence. This belief is supported by my observations of the differences between single celled organisms and multi-celled organisms. Single celled, lesser organisms being of STS and multi-celled more complex organisms being fully in service to the whole. We also deal with individualistic, egotistical STS vs. cooperative, all-encompassing STO as humans on a daily basis. So I think the trend does in fact reverberate throughout all life forms.

Currently, as I see it, all humans are mostly STS. We have to be because we are not yet intelligent enough to integrate our existence into a more complex, unified one and discern the proper tasks required to actually serve the whole. One of the biggest issues in becoming of STO has to do with the question, "What exactly are we supposed to do to serve, and why?" That is a deep philosophical question that I don't think anyone really has a sufficient answer to.

So we're all STS, imo. Once we become STO, we will be like the single celled organism organizing itself to become a multi-celled organism. All of our actions will be based on the survival of the whole, and we would even go as far as ending our own lives to see it through. That's what Jesus did. That's what cells do. The great thing about being STO oriented is you become something much more than you would be if you were STS oriented. And, imagine the anatomical effects of becoming STO oriented. Your cells, who are in full service to you, are now in full service to something greater that is now in full service to something greater still. That would make the individual cell infinitely more significant and much more aligned with its true nature. Whereas currently, our cells are in service to a greater whole, of which is in service to itself. That kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it.

So STO, imo, is our truest nature. We are made up of units of life that are in full service to us. Therefore, as humans, we should be in full service to the Earth. That would complete the alignment and propel us into a true new age. But, I just don't see how it is possible at this time.

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by sir_slide

I like your theory but most of what you have to say has no source listed. Where did this come from? Your personal belief? I don't have a problem with that.

I do however have one question. Wouldn't the process of learning be much faster and better if all souls or beings inhabited one planet? When I look around I see many that I consider lower souls. Does this mean that I will be moving to another "level" soon, in your opinion?

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 10:24 AM
I believe the Urantia Book may discuss many of the things you're talking about. Of particular interest to you might be this, a section describing the transitions one immediately goes through after physical death here on Earth. LINK

Here is the rest of the book for reading if you are interested: Urantia Book

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 11:00 AM
You and I are on the same page, however I will read the rest later, but a great post. I too know that much of what we call alien are in fact on another dimension.

In our, my wife and my experience has been both physical and otherwise. Last summer after going to bed and losing 45 minutes and the wife is upset as they wanted her alone that night, she mentioned she panicked as her lungs did not work right when she screamed for me as we were always together when she went. I reminded her, that in the other form, she did not breath as she did in her body. She replied, "oh, I forgot". And she seems to not have OBE's like I do.

Thanks for the post, this has been a long quiet period for us for some reason, life is dominating us for the moment and we have had soooooo, many hints, the physical is not where it is at.

On to dimensions and ascension of the soul. Last summer, I was guided out of body and told this very thing by a being, a woman. She told me then, "I have shown you the way and I am free to go on, you show another and you are free as well". Two days later, I saw an even greater realization. Back to life, contact if you want more.

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 12:51 PM
reply to post by sir_slide

Your thoughts on this subject parallel mine. May I suggest a great a book that you may enjoy reading it's called "The Survival of the Soul' written by Lisa Williams. Great well thought out thread. Star and flag.

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by Murgatroid

You may wish to read your Bible a little closer. I would suggest finding a version as close to the orginal document as possible ( look to Leviticus , if it states "you shall not suffer a witch to live..." skip it and choose another interpertation - remember the term "witch" didnt originate until slightly before the dark ages.) You may be suprised by what you find. I would suggest reading on John the Baptist and further research into the identity of the 2 prophets killed by the Antichrist in Revelations.

Keep in mind that reincarnation is not exclusive to eastern religion or new age mythos. It was considered a basic believe for the Jewish faith during the times of Christ and is still held as a fact by some Jewish sects.

Most Christian denominations regard reincarnation as something evil because it violates the control that many clergy lord over thier flock. Personally , I would see it as more evil to have a God that only provides a single chance - Make the wrong choice? So sorry , here your ticket to Hell , please go to the back of the bus, Next!

Remember , God is suppose to be loving , merciful and just. Just watching the news alone , can you say you see these qualities applied to every life that gets extinguished, if all they get is a single chance?

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by Tayesin

Very interesting perspective you have put forward. I believe in many ways you are correct, souls are already perfect, the problem is trying to realize this while being bombarded with the physical universe that seems so much about separation, so by experiencing the separation and overcoming it consciously one can realize their true perfect origins..

This is kinda where I am at with it although you give a lot to think about. Thanks for the response

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by Murgatroid

Some say Reincarnation is spoken of in the bible...I personally know it is true...people do reincarnate.

Scroll down the page to number 5...very good reading.

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posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by smithjustinb

Thank you for the lengthy response, there is a lot in there so I'll have to response when I get back from work, (6am here right now). Looking forward to it

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by thetiler

Thanks for the in depth response, I look forward to responding in a few hours.


posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by Evolutionsend

It comes from many sources I suppose, it simply would have taken too long if I was to quote loads of texts. Some of it comes from my own work though, I dont wont to sound strange but I have was shown just recently how this evolution works, the pattern almost looks like dna....

I dont consider any souls to be lower, just less experienced possibly.....some are confused and some are lost, but we are all equal in soul terms

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 12:59 AM
reply to post by sir_slide

I just read a new book that was written by very advanced extraterrestrials who discuss the nature of the soul and its evolutionary journey. They also discuss the different densities and dimensions. They talk about different extraterrestrial species who are connected with the Earth, including Pleiadians, Arcturians, the Alpha Centauri, and the Grays. They discuss how religions got started, secret governments, the nature of time, and why they want to help us: “We wish to empower humanity and aid your planet, help give you the confidence to go forth and create the civilization you wish to live in.” I was fascinated by the information. The book is called Ambassadors Between Worlds, Intergalactic Gateway to a New Earth.

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 10:58 AM
We are not one consciousness. Rather we all live in our own infinite existence where in it's center the senses provide that existence (which I believe is the soul) with stimuli to which it reacts, it's almost like a dimensional one-way portal.

Everything about existence, whatever it may be is but a reflection of the true thing in this one dimension which almost every human believes it exists inside there. When the avatar or psyche of the soul is alive like on Earth, the soul is focused in that center which in this dimension is connected to the physical body.

Why I believe people interpret meeting otherwordly beings as being abducted, or being inside their heads is because they do not understand they are actually never moving from one place to the other. Rather the surroundings outside the soul manifests inside their own, it is recreated without the abductee realising they are having an advanced form of videoconferencing, where the screens are 3d holographic projections. The beings can't explain it since most humans do not want to listen because of distrust, fear or simply because they lack the necessary prerequisite concepts in order to understand. Not that they lack the intelligence but it's not like there is a manual on it anywhere on this planet or someone willing to explain it all.

Nobody is being moved anywhere, I believe it's even impossible to do so as an individual can only exit their dimension or soul on their own. Which is kind of like a chick coming out of the egg which is a beautiful moment in a souls growth cycle but I digress. There's nobody else inside the soul to move the inhabitant out. But the surroundings can be changed to make it appear as though they are on the space ship of some other beings. It is even possible for many souls to move in perfect sync once the illusion is in place which could have been fun but usually turns out a bad thing due to humanities earthly circumstances.
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posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by Dragonfly79

According to the advanced extraterrestrials in "Ambassadors Between Worlds, Intergalactic Gateway to a New Earth," some people are actually abducted by the Grays. The Grays are a race that is dying out, so they are experimenting with some humans and animals to recreate their own sexual reproduction. However, they are not permitted to abduct just anyone, it's all by prior agreement before the abducted people were even born. They have an alignment with that extraterrestrial species. Other extraterrestrials are more enlightened and are here to help humanity. The online magazine, the Magic of Being, printed an excerpt from the book discussing the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis:

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