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I Need Your Movies

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posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 10:28 PM

Originally posted by EvilSadamClone
They Live
Big Trouble In little China
Escape From New York and Escape From L.A.
Village Of The Damned
In The Mouth Of Madness
The Thing
Remo Williams The Adventure Begins
Quatermass And The Pit

Hey man, I watched Big Trouble in little China when I was about 4 or 5. It freaked me out and was just damn cool. My dad drove big rigs, just like Jack Burton, trucker hats and all. Loved the movie!

They Live is another movie I JUST HAD TO SEE. And it turns out, it stars "Rowdy" Roddy Piper from the old WWF! How cool is that, now?

p.s. when I was a kid, it was "Roddy Roddy Piper"

edit on 17-6-2012 by GodHatesUsAll because: Just like my "moka-ma-troll car'

posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 10:47 PM
+1 to many of these, particularly Children of Men.

I loved Another Earth. Other movies I've really appreciated recently, that kind of share its indie spirit:

Take Shelter (2011, check out Ebert's review)
Monsters (2010, check out Ebert's review)
Summer Wars (2009, anime, family-drama/cyberthriller, unusual and very impressive)
Somewhere (2010, check out Ebert's review)
Knowing (2009, check out Ebert's review)
The Soloist (2009, Ebert didn't like it but I did)

I didn't mention a lot of more mainstream movies, but you'll hear about those elsewhere.

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 01:48 AM

Originally posted by Bleeeeep
reply to post by Kangaruex4Ewe

Triangle is a thriller/horror movie about a woman stuck in a time-loop - it's got a great twist ending too.

I just finished watching "Triangle" and, "Whoa!!!", what a terrific movie! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!!

I feel like watching that other movie about the male stuck in a time-loop. This is great stuff!

Thanks for suggesting these

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 01:52 AM

Originally posted by JBlitzen

I loved Another Earth.

I wanted to love it but I found the relationship between the main girl and the guy to be too awkward and there wasn't enough about the other "Earth" to wet my appetite for what the title implied.

5 out of 10

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by GodHatesUsAll

Hmm. It wasn't really about the other earth, or the relationship.

It was about second chances, living with something terrible, and growing. Consider the final scene, when you see two versions of the main character: one has become comfortable with her life and with her choices, the other one is still out there looking. That's a very thought provoking scene, and the gimmick of the other earth is simply a means to arrive at that conclusion.

The best science fiction is that which tweaks a few variables about reality in order to try to say something about human nature.

Tarkovksy's Solaris, which heavily influenced AE, used a similar approach.

The big problem that movies like these face is that American audiences are accustomed to the absolute dumbest marketing in the history of man. Our movies are basically named "Women and Big Explosions!" and the trailers basically show exactly that. There's nothing more. They lack thematic depth or literacy.

So it's perfectly natural for an American to see a movie titled "Another Earth" and expect it to be about exactly that and nothing more.

But that's not a problem with the movie; it's a problem with our expectations, and with the drug-addled Hollywood institution that drives those expectations.

AE is a story about the human condition, not one about astronomy. It's the beginning of a discussion, not the end of one. Most of the movies I recommended above are the same way.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 01:43 AM
reply to post by Kangaruex4Ewe

One of our favorites is Apocalypto, from 2006.

It's about the near-end of the Mayan culture and the struggles of different tribes before white man appears on the scene. All in sub-titles but excellent movie.

Also, I don't think the critics liked it much, but Battle: Los Angeles was pretty good.
[sci-fi alien]
It was actually taken from actual events that happened back in 1942, but of course, Hollywood took it and put one hell of a spin to it!!

All Resident Evil series....[ except the last one wasn't as good to me....]

Priest ~~

10,000 B.C. ~~ another one that the critics didn't care for, but it'll take you away to a different time altogether.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 01:57 AM
Conspiracy w/kenneth brannagh
Shaun of the Dead
Blazing Saddles
Land of the Dead
Downton Abbey
Stargate SG1 and Atlantis
Get Him to the Greek
Hottub Time Machine
Frost Nixon

Some of my favorite go-to picks.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 02:15 AM
Two movies from the 80s - both a little cheesy, but entertaining:

Night of the Comet

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 02:54 AM
Cemetery Junction, 2010 British, indie drama.
Blitz, 2011 British, crime action.
Bandwagon, 1996 US indie, comedy drama about an indie band.
Neds, 2010 British, drama.
The Long Good Friday, 1980 British, gangster.
Submarine, 2011 British, indie comedy.
Dead Man's Shoes, 2004 British, crime drama.
Punching the Clown, 2009 US, indie comedy.
Wet Hot American Summer, 2001 US, indie comedy.
Land of Plenty, 2005 US, indie drama.
Killing Bono, 2011 British, indie comedy.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 03:26 AM
Fight Club
Lost in Translation
Night of the Living Dead
Shaun of the Dead
Source Code
the Town

I could go onbut im tired.

posted on Jun, 22 2012 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by Kangaruex4Ewe

2 more I thought of :

The Four Feathers [Heath Ledger]
The Kingdom Of Heaven [Orlando Bloom]

And this isn't that great but it is different and yet entertaining:

Water World [Kevin Costner with a dash of Dennis Hopper]

Oh, and can't forget, unless you've seen it already:


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