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China will Decimate the US Naval Fleet

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posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 05:11 AM
reply to post by DevilJonah

I almost WANT a conflict to happen to see what goodies the US takes out of storage.

We have to consider the amount of black projects that have been finished and quietly tucked away over the years.

I would say we dont even know about 10% of what the US´s capabilities really are. China may know about 20-40% of our capabilities due to the MASSIVE espionage they have geared towards us, BUT.

The best is in the attic not the ground floor.

The way I see it, we keep a front of conventional weapons so everyone keeps their research grounded in "this century" if you will. We in turn have quietly researched the next 100 years of advancements without outside help or interference.

Also China doesnt have traditional espionage either. They recruit restaurant owners or bazaar owners and ask them to ask around until they find a Chinese guy in the navy or air force or what ever and ask him to fill them in. He might just be like ground crew, or a mechanic, what ever, but his knowledge is limited and is stuck in CONVENTIONAL weapons platforms.

They cant come close to the former USSR with its complex and penetrating espionage agencies. So we are fine.

They can take out maybe a few of our conventional assets, BUT I doubt even that much is true.

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