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moma2s NewAge Hockey System

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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 07:07 AM
reply to post by ChrisHext

I don't know if you've ever heard of Gabe Desjardins, but he runs the advanced stats blog BehindTheNet. He's a perfect example of someone who had ideas on stats and how to use them, blogged about them, and now a few years later is working with NHL teams on the topic of advanced stats. It might not be the meteoric rise to notoriety that you seem to want, but he got there. You just never know. As I said, people don't tend to respond well to "in your face" type behaviour.

I genuinely mean it when I say I think you have some interesting points and you mean well, but please think about what I have said. I hope it has not been patronising, I certainly didn't intend it to be, but I just felt I had to contact you to "help out". Give yourself some credibility first before trying to launch yourself at everyone with your ideas, and you'll find people are a lot more receptive.

I hope to hear back from you,


posted on Aug, 16 2012 @ 05:56 PM
.I dont care to discuss spelling or grammer issues on this thread as you would already know if you bothered to read it all,I wouldnt consider it polite if you began correcting people in the locker room when it is multi-lingual so please open up a little and realise you are in cyber-space with an even larger variant of communication styles.perfect words have little to do with conveying an idea,unless the grammer is so broken and the spelling so bad it cannot be read at all.
Put it this way,I assume that everyone out there is a less than perfect reader,I mean it is a natural assumption after reading the five word posts I see all the time with the brief and hollow content,so if my assumption which is based on actual physical posts then how the heck should I spell,and exactly what grammer should I strive to execute??

I will give the fact I posted long posts on threads designed for shorter ones,but I was seeking to push data,it was done intentionally.But ,ha haha,jeepers pal,read most of these posts,I see spelling mistakes and contextual errors in five word posts,and the brevity surely doesnt lead to any kind of communication beyond an informal vote,it cant because there is no content to the posts,you cannot dehydrate the english language because it is trendy and expect to communicate much content.Yea sure buddy,Smytty scored agreat one eh!!!!---yea,buddy what a boomer ,eh?

This is great ,it is fan feedback exactly as they see it and feel it,no doubt,wonderful,but so is this version---

Laddy Smid made an incredible heads up play from behind his own net,he sprinted the puck straight up the middle right in the face of the high pressure fore-checking we were under and then ten feet out after he changed the angle and line of attack of the forecheckers he paused them with his pro-active sprint up,this gave Sam Gagner room and time to slip into the neutral zone behind the fore-checkers and recieve a perfect pass,with the forechecking forwards behind him Gagner had room to spread out the neutral zone and slow his pace as he forced the d-men to seperate by cutting east west and as he opened them up he slipped a pass over to Ebbs who gained the o-zone on a perfect third transition ,just as Ebbs recieved the puck from Gagner Smid came streaking into the o-zone as an upspeed man useing his energy and momentum he generated in his sprint up ice as a catalyst.,because the d-men were forced back after being spread out on the o-zone entry they had started to collapse and Laddy saw a lane and took it.

Now all i will say is this,I can tell you from the second description of the goal all about the dynamic situations which resulted in the goal because they are all there,I can tell you how and why the goal was scored,I can even tell you small positional details about each man who didnt even have the puck,what they did to get where they were to get the goal scored.I am aware that this is a long way to post but for two years i was trying to expose a useless system being used by an NHL team,what was I supposed to do just go tell Kevin Lowe his team sucked and I had a better idea??Not,first I had to illustrated repeatedly,clearly and through an unbelievable amount of online crap the integral weaknesses in the system we were playing,and to do this I had to dissect individual players and coaches parts in the system dynamic,and I had to do it in depth,then I had to also PRESENT an alternative at the same time that was a potentially better dynamic for the team to manifest or create.If I didnt present a better alternative EVERY time,i became a fan posting simple emotional reaction to what I watched.I was trying to constantly dig down to the cerebral level,and wether this is comfortable to hear or not many hockey players of different levels and fans of different levels view the game from a different cerebral perspectives or depths by choice we all want to take different things away from the game,so for goodness sakes,I am just a fan and I was trying to communicate with the professional players NOT the other fans or non-pro players---I was wayyyyy out of my league from the beginning and I knew it,but I still had to communicate the data.I overstepped boundaries in posting long detailed technical posts in forums where the fans came to share more emotionally catalysed prespectives and experiences and I also endured the crap that came with that choice in terms of negative feedback,but the reality is that I also knew that Oilers players and coaches visited the site from time to time and that they would or should get the points i was trying to make and quickly,and just that did in fact happen.

The fact of the matter is that I accomplished my objective and put my data in a position to be utilised,and for the record,I remember every game like I describe them in my posts,dynamic by dynamic,not just play by play,and when I say I can prove that my NHS is being utilised by NHL teams,I very well mean it,and can very well prove it.

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posted on Aug, 16 2012 @ 06:42 PM
reply to post by ChrisHext

I appreciate the info on gabe,I wasnt aware of his story and will be sure to research it.I will say that two things catalysed my decision to bring the NHS out in such a challengeing manner,first of all there is a unique set of circumstances forming in the NHL right now with the expansion we just went through and the establishment and staying power of the KHL,the NHL game is about to take a major evolutionary step out of necessity,and the league and officiateing will be enabeling this evolution,I wish that the Edmonton Oilers are at the top of the wave of change we are to see,and to do this they require a new and superior offensive system of play and I tailormade the NHS for them--time was of the essence.Number two is the late and well respected Roger Neilsson ,it was his brave and relentless presentation of new and applicable data to a stubborn and unaccepting tradition based NHL,I loved every second of what the man did because i wanted to do it myself,he was a hero to me because he purposefully stepped right squarely on the toes of convention and risked his personal credibility ion behalf of a game he loved,that to me is motivation to seek change when you see a need for it,and I see a need for the Oilers to adopt a new and offensively dynamic system of play which allows them a way to satisfy the on-ice offensive requirements for keeping this core group together---records must be broken and new standards set here in Edmonton now, I created specificly for the Oilers and their skill depth a 100% pure offensive system of play unlike any seen before.It is that simple and that is where I draw the line.

I offered my system data on-line to the Oilers,my home team who I created the system for,I spent two years informally connecting with players and team coaches via the Oilers website online to the degree that my NHS data was in fact implemented by both individuals and the team as a whole.As soon as I asked to be validated as the source of the data the team was in fact useing i was stonewalled and then banned from their site.

My main and original intent was to give my system to the Oilers and work with them as an employee implementing it.

To be blunt I am upset that they refused to publicly validate my being the source of the data they were implementing,I asked to be validated on the site where I gave the data because i was proud it was being utilised .And in response I was overtly suppressed and banned from the site.granted many of my posts on the site were inflamatory out of necessity,I had to force change where it wasnt wanted and in an unusual manner.

Then I realised that Jarret Stoll and the LA Kings were implementing my NHS system data,it wasnt exactly difficult for me to ascertain because it was MY system data they were implementing into a traditional hybrid base system,I dont care wether all other fans or whatever recognised this fact or not,it is a fact, and the second I saw this data initiated by another NHL team I knew my system data would be recognised sooner or later because there was a clear cyber-record of my posts,their data and the organised chronological implementation of my exact NHS system data AS I POSTED IT ONLINE.So my job was essentially done right there on one level.The system was recognisable and identifiable as being original to me and there was a defined record of its implementation at that point by two NHL teams wether they were aware it was my data or not,and wether they identified me as the source or not,then dureing the playoffs I provided this same data to other teams online and there were exact NHS adjustments with their hybrids as their had been with the first two team implementing it.

I really am tired of all the posting so much explanatory data to tell you the truth,I am a verbal communicator and i hate writeing ,never mind typeing,just imagine that.

My strengths lie in bringing things together into cohesive managable data forms,I can walk into a room full of professionals trying to solve a problem,and because i can understand all of their differing communication styles instantly I can actually and literally solve their problem for them without haveing a single iota of technical or hands on data ,and my sucess rate depends only on the accuracy of the data THEY have not what I personally have.I can solve each of their dynamic communication challenges and immediatly replay a properly blended version to them all.

I need to talk to be effective,this writeing stuff in just a pain in my arse.I do it because i have to do it.

oh,yes the powerplay stats thing,listen i am saying that the Oilers were so prolific on the PP when they were up two men and had odd man advantages that the league instituted rule changes to slow them down.It wasnt about just stats,sorry if I said it that way.

posted on Aug, 16 2012 @ 06:55 PM
I will teach you a shortcut to understand the NHS.Look back at a bunch of 80s Oilers PPs on youtube,and watch how they scored their goals with WG behind the net dishing perfect passes.Then try to find one other NHL player who had even 25% of the sucess Wayne and the Oilers had with that behind the net passing play.It wasnt all Waynes skill and talent,those goals were mostly system induced,but you need to understand the system to understand this fact,and see past Waynes skillset.

I ask you to do a tiny bit of research and then answer me why you believe those types of goals were scored from where and how they were scored,I need you to base this analysis off of the catalysing factor of Wayne being planted behind the net.Answereing that Waynes passing skills or anticipation are the reason isnt allowed,I want a technical dynamic explanation of that particular PP sequence and its sucess please.Once you do this you will have asked yourself the majic question that was the kernal I found to create the NHS.Dont forget to look for others who tried and failed to come anywhere near Waynes sucess from that spot,it is good to have perspective on just what he was accomplishing,PPstats aside..

The fact I am proudest of is that that incredible group didnt manage to find a way to translate that dynamic to 5 on 5 play but I did.I just expanded the dynamic Wayne had created.This is the primary catalyst of the NHS,and the secondary catalyst is what Messier and Wayne both did sucessfully and taught to others,utilisation of the transition game to create an upspeed threat.

I dont want to keep bringing this up but I wanted to give the Oilers a fair chance at this system before it was released in its entirity,that was important to me.But ultimately I didnt intend on spending more than 2yrs of my life investing in something that has proven to be this time consumeing just to market,as for a my rocketing path to noteriety,you are nuts,all I have done is endured tons of critique,kind of like your sappy spelling and grammer comments,no offense intended but his is an offensive system after all its how I think,but please try to see the other side of the fence here,I have had a purpose in my approach.

Do I expect validation??You better believe it,especially seeing as my NHS data has already been utilised,its not like I asked for any money for the data now is it?I asked for a consulting job teaching it,what would you do??

I have taken the nice soft route and pal,let me tell you that these are businesses and they dont function as you and I think,there are a lot of levels of conventional insulation protecting team management and players from the public,so if you just offer the data and allow them to validate it through integration and execution---do you seriously think that somewhere along the line someone wont try to screw that information or credit out of you??These are sharks we are talking about,and I knew that,but the communication method was unconventional and it was a risk I had to take.Now maybe you can grasp why I wanted validation by the Oilers on their own site,it was to protect the integrity of my systems origins.After all I assumed seeing as all the data was already online it was a no-brainer.Surprise surprise,imagine my reaction when the Moderators on the Oilers site tried to tell the fans that the Oilers players,the team Managers and their families enequivocally NEVER read what was posted and members were threatened and bullied into censoring their personal posts to follow this BS story??They had the nerve to demand that stop posting tactical system data online and that I stop provideing the same data to individually named players online,can you believe the nerve???Or did I just hit a nerve??I kinda want the world to know that this system data was given repeatedly to the Oilers and I was ignored,we are past playing nice here and as I said before I want validation in the same place I freely offered the MHS data.Then we can start a new page,or not at this point I am tireing of this dynamic,I am prepared to simply let the data circulate and wait for someone who sees value to contact me here or elsewhere by leaveing me a phone number or e-mail addressPeople have asked me to give them my number and told me to go places like NHL teams to sell myself door to door,forget about it,I chose the internet as my conduit for a reason---leave me a number or an e-mail address and lets talk.My NHS is superior to any system ever played and I am willing to be patient,I am simply not releaseing any more core value components or critical system data until I am being paid for that skill and that data,the data I already released is self-explanatory to a hockey coach or player.If no one calls or e-mails me with serious interest I will eventually release the NHS data online to all NHL teams at once.And if the spelling is to inconsistant or the grammer isnt conventional then dont bother knockin on the door because I am offering a superior hockey system,not an english lesson.And please in the future if you can manage, ask me something technical about the NHS or any system or type of hockey dynamic,and thank you for the well intended direction and advice,I do truly appreciate it,if you have any questions about the NHS please ask.

I am aware there is a soft track path to my ultimate goal but to be quite honest I think the Oilers need to implement the NHS immediatly without delay,as LA isnt going to stop useing it,and last year they jammed it down our throats and we expected it then.LAs playoff opponents will also be looking at the NHS adjustments because of the sucess that they produce.My intent is to be straight shooting and reactive and I have been,but the Oilers IMHO need to step up fast,I only released enough data to adjust the existing hybrids most teams use today,I DIDNT release all of my system data online.Like any system if you dont know how to put it together the pieces are just hockey plays like any others.Its a philosophy as much as a system.And its all in my head except for the limited data i have already put online.Most of that data is NOT pure structural NHS data ,it is core value components,two of them,that I fit into the existing hybrid systems teams use today.

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posted on Oct, 20 2012 @ 09:09 PM
Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions. Integrity can be regarded as the opposite of hypocrisy, in that it regards internal consistency as a virtue, and suggests that parties holding apparently conflicting values should account for the discrepancy or alter their beliefs.

The word "integrity" stems from the Latin adjective integer (whole, complete).In this context, integrity is the inner sense of "wholeness" deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character. As such, one may judge that others "have integrity" to the extent that they act according to the values, beliefs and principles they claim to hold.

A value system's abstraction depth and range of applicable interaction may also function as significant factors in identifying integrity due to their congruence or lack of congruence with observation. A value system may evolve over time while retaining integrity if those who espouse the values account for and resolve inconsistencies

There is a secret ingredient to winning.This is what many people believe,but it is not so.Winning is a journey with the best possible ending.Journeys all start with one step in the right direction.Winning is a process,a series of dynamic actions which provided all core components are included may be manifested in many different ways with the same positive result.There are many paths to the same destination that go forward and do not detour.So we can say that going forward in the right direction from the first step puts us in a great position to be winners at anything we do.The biggest challenge for all of us is deciding which direction to place that first step in.The first decision we make is the most important one of the entire process or journey.We must ask ourselves --what parameters and guidelines --do we personally want to choose to help us identify and define that direction we will faceing when we drop the first skate on the ice.We must use everything we have at our disposal at this critical time ,every resource both tangible and intangible must be mustered and engaged to allow us to make the best decision possible.We must excercise free will and embrace 100% this catalyst which defines our entire journey.

Within the mandate of the NewAge Hockey System we incorporate a holistic approach to our core values and their chronological implementation.We seek to implement natural flow and sequence into every aspect of our system tactics.
Integrity is the catalyst of the philosophical identity of the NHS,it is ingrained in every facet of execution and organisation.We define integrity as inner truth,obvious truth,pure truth, and we take compass readings or bearings to chart our direction and progress by identifying and quantifying syncronistic dynamic relationships and their evolution,seeking to identify and support a forward consistant evolutionary sequence of dynamic actions.,We look for natural flow and consistant proactive results and we support those dynamic situations and adjust our direction as per that natural flow or direction.

So integrity is truth,meaning we need every man to embrace and support a quest for 100% integrity or truth in everything they manifest while in a system support position.Honesty is our motto--we fly the Flag of Integrity upon the mast of Victory. We need integrity driven self-evaluations from every man consistantly as their careers evolve.We need honest peer driven evaluations to allow us to maintain an EveryMan attitude and culture,We seek to foster an environment in which honest peer focused critique can be integrated with humor and healthy internal competativeness.

The NHS promotes self-evaluation at every level and peer catalysed evaluations also at every level.this allows a more accurate acceptance of individual player system suitability in a constant consistant proactive manner.Players know when they are providing the required level of system support and when they arent almost as fast as the coaches watching them,players know when to tag team another man in for them,they take pride in being honest enough to admit when they are a system weakness and strive to correct that dynamic by initiating an adjustment ASAP.If a winger on the opposing team flat out has you in one area,you act on that data honestly and tell your coaches so they can adjust with accurate data,dont try to hold the fort when you need help. Coaches must be willing to adjust to this new data using an equally committed level of 100% integrity in their dynamic decision making process.
It is only through the conscientious and consistant application and execution of integrity based dynamic managment that the NHS can be properly implemented by an organisation.Moma2 created the NewAge Hockey System for the Edmonton Oilers based on an integrity catalysed wish to help the organisation and the men who represent the team out on the ice.The NHS is a dynamicly managed sequence of manifested actions guided by natural flow and sequentially evolving proactive initiatives.The fuel that runs the machine is integrity--honesty,and the higher the octane of that feul or the level of integrity the greater the level of rewards which can be realised by the NHS.


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posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 06:49 AM
The NHS has specific tactics and philosophys that can never be adjusted or are known as core value components --respect is one of them.Respect for your system aka. your teammates and their efforts and hard work is a priority,so when an opportunity is provided to be on the ice in a defensive capacity after the opposition pulls their goalie for an extra man---a player must respect the position he is being put in on behalf of the system and his teammates,if that player gets an opportunity to score an empty net goal he MUST take it,if he can manufacture an empty net goal,he MUST DO THAT,this is basic hockey here.You NEVER make an extra pass and try to call it in an excusatory manner a self-less play. There is no more selfish play possible in Hockey than making an unneeded pass when a goal is there to be scored.This is NHS input after a skill player young and still evolving intentionally made an extra pass in a 4-3 game after the opposition had pulled their goalie.

It was a great game,a nailbiter,well coached and executed by the players overall.

The play that stood out to me and Moma2 was the one selfish play by ---- when he passed on the empty net shot,a play we dont endorse.When you have a high percentage chance to score under any circumstances ,you do it--it is a system responsibility.I am glad it was one of our brightest who made the decision but its sure a Good thing everyone doesnt think they have a right to dictate what the efforts of the entire team are worth.When you get put out there in an empty net situation it is so you can excel and take care of business--not play statistician.Score the goal ---- ,strange things happen in hockey ,just ask ------,and spend a little time with ---- in the film room watching your teams last cup run,seriously.This is the second [strike] time in two years this same lack of focus for 60 mins issue has reared its ugly head with our Oilers players---you are begging Karma to teach you something.I assumed we were past this point.You are supposed to be building or reinforcing good habits on the farm,is that how you show your teammates who are in the battle of their lives trying to earn a dream job like you already have how you made it to the NHL??By doing it your own way?Is that the example you want to set,because thats what I am seeing.I will be watching for a pattern here,as will everyone at the NHL level--learning about you--I am sure.You are better off creating center ice face-offs than zone face-offs---just an observation---so maybe its a better idea to try to create those ones ,eh??You get a pat on the back for a center ice face-off after a goal--and a swift one to the keister if you play pond hockey at this level.That play was a payroll deduction,pick the charity and drop off a hundred bucks and Karma will forgive you,just a hundred no more no less--dont tell anyone or you will recieve double bad Karma back, just do it--create some self-accountability if the system cant do it for you.

As a professional you need to remain in the moment for 60 mins,not 59---not 61---but for 60 mins."58mins 18 seconds" is NOT 60 mins.In situations such as this a player has an unusual option to self police,he can simply escape if nothing is said,gaurantee his coaches and teammates he will focus more if the issue is defined,OR he can look back himself and take it a step higher,he can correct his mistake on a more personal level that has retroactive advantages,he can drop off a crispy 100 dollar bill at the charity of his choice AFTER he has made amends with his teammates and coaches,but it is critical that the player also make amends with themselves to seal the issue as a learning experience----an excellent way to self police is to PAY MONEY.You remember it especially well if you make yourself pay EVERY TIME you realise you made a core value mistake,there arent that many mistakes like this so dont worry no hockey player is going to starve over 100 bucks,in fact with the right charity someone who IS making solid choices but is still in the hole might get to feed their family off of these brain-cramps.We have all heard of the curseing jar,where you drop a dollar every time you accidently curse,and at the end of the month you take the jar to a charity and turn it upside down,this is an act that requires integrity and the ability to self-police,to be aware of your performance and its impact on another level.I have heard of smoking jars that help people stop bad habits,even chocolate jars for people who are fighting the almighty sugar curse.The point is that there are many ways we can self-police,and it is up to the individual to choose one external to their profession al accountability ,above and beyond that---we are looking for personal discovery and growth here.This is why it MUST be kept secret,no one can know what weaknesses an individual is working on on a personal level ,that is tactical data,personal stuff,so just do it on your own time and keep it a secret.

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posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 11:28 PM
An example of an explanation regarding body language and facial expressions in relation to the referees and to the overall attitude and professional acumen you choose to project out on the ice.In the NHS we encourage an awareness of a players emotional synergy and control over 60mins,shift by shift.This system dictated awareness prevents the teams reputation from being considered crap,it keeps everyone standup and this approach gives the officials a fair chance to respect your team as a whole..

GVBlackhawk wrote:
"...emotional volatility is best utilised in an anerobic fashion out on the ice..."

Translation: get mad and stop breathing = increased on-ice performance.

Sheer brilliance!

My new mission statement is: Make completely random hockey blogs.

Well if that is your mission statement ,the best of luck to you,ha ha ha.

Seriously,maybe I worded that wrong for you,but the meaning is still the same,let me give you a graphic example--there is a nice post somewhere on the Oilers site under moma2 that discusses this very topic in regards to reactions in front of the public and the referees surrounding penalty calls,we had some young guys overdramatiseing and the team quickly intervened and after one specific game mid year last year the Oilers as a team buried that issue and they as a group developed a new respect for the officials and it is now a part of their identity,the Oilers do not whine or dramatise out there,they do not embarras referees,they respect the officials and the integrity of the game,this is who they are now as a team,professional and accountable.

Sorry ,point is this,you need to understand that emotional control and actions are all connected to your adrenal gland and you entire mainframe ,if you dont learn to pace that emotion/adrenal connection then you cannot reach an elite level of personal performance management on the ice.You do not go out there and simply unleash all of your emotions for a minute and a half shift,then sit down on the bench and shut it off properly or contain it to a manageable level without a great deal of practice.

Hence just as excerciseing your body can be done in an aerobic manner and an anerobic manner,your emotional control of your adrenal glands output and performance can be controlled aerobicly and anerobicly.

One means a constant steady high output effort,and one means a series of high output efforts performed-segments which in their individual energy output exceed the aerobic output for short time periods.

Think the Tortise and the Hare---the Tortise is aerobic and the Hare is anerobic.

The reason you see competitors useing inappropriate body language and facial expressionsis because they dont have a working awareness of the imoprtance these mannerisms carry with them in relation to overall performance and game mentality.It is about timeing,there are no facial expression and body language "rules"that are written in stone,therefore it is a dynamic that can be either positive or negative,it can help you win or it can help you lose,it all a matter of knowledge and understanding,no competitor is going to make a contrary decision that disadvantges them if they have knowledge of a better method.

Yet we still see this dynamic affecting the outcomes of NHL games all the time----this is why we clearly deal with this issue at the core value level in the NewAge Hockey System.

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 01:38 AM
two4all 2 comments collapsed
Collapse Expand I believe that a dynamic approach is the best one to utilise and I believe that this Eskimos dressing room has found something they all believe and buy into and based on these things I say we will find a way to penetrate the defense moderately deep early and we will do so consistantly and fluidly--look for a repeat of last game and look for that to remain the story till we hold the cup.This is a winning formula and will evolve its way to a championship if it is allowed to,I dont believe well executed team defence will be enough to stop this formula,i dont believe that any defense can effectively stop a dynamicly approached and executed gameplan.The key is in the lock and has already done a quarter turn,this team is now in gear and engaged,no other CFL team is executing the system the Eskimos are utilising so there is no book on it no way to defend it consistantly.The Cup comes home this year.Moma2 says so.

two4all 1 comment collapsed
Collapse Expand Excellent job of playing a controlled tactical and sound gameplan ,well formulated and executed set of dynamic tactics.

And nobody has to buy into anything new,the hard work is always there,now we need to remember we have dynamic momentum,so teams will read off our last game and be preparing to defend our tactics,so we really need to focus on HOW we got those results,so we dont linger in one spot to long so to speak,jab and weave,maybe the next team will stack up similar to our last opponent and maybe Fred will be a catalyst again,but maybe a subtle difference might happen like he will face an unusually tall or crafty coverage that will make us choose another outlet remember we need to catalyse off of a mismatch not a draw,it is these tiny details the coaches need to focus on and build off of that will make the difference this year,there is more realtime pressure on the coaching staff now.So lets start assesing our next opponent and develop another positive gameplan based on dynamic adjustment,remember we will all need to be communicating and looking for weaknesses to exploit from the first minute on,communication is critical,and the mismatch can be anywhere as long as it is in our favor,on the line or wherever we can gain a consistantly dominant result--thats where we will repeatedly batter our opponents,we choose carefully and we engage terminally and repeatedly,busting the same spot open over and over based on results,not playbooks,if it aint working in our favor with a mismatch we shouldnt be doing it at all,no wasted punches,just stick and move and slam the bomb in repeatedly every time we have a dynamic mismatch in our favor.Same with special teams,you know those really tall long legged returners??Well they have unique dimensions that can create mismatches in our favor,they hit the terminal line of action and contact in a much different way due to their long strides,their adjustment techniques and timing are unique and can be utilised tacticlly,if that is an option,kickers miss big long legged lanky guys a lot more than the wee fellas.Just sayin,Moma2 out.

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 07:07 AM
This post is an example of how difficult it is to find and maintain system focus and how easy it is for organisations,coaches and players to mis-interpret where their focus and accountablity is catalysed from,the SYSTEM.

The problem for Magnus is that he did this during his short stint under Kruger--PLAYING A DIFFERENTLY INTERPRETED SYSTEM--- and played well, but as soon as Renney came back--AND REINTERPRETED THE SYSTEM-- he was demoted and sent back down. I can remember Gregor posting in his blog that day and discussing on the radio that Paajarvi looked totally lost as he had done exactly what they had asked him to and he was still punished by being sent back to OKC.

Part of that was due to numbers - Tambi wasted too many contracts on older 3rd and 4th line players (including Smyth) - but a lot of it had to do with Renney playing--A SYSTEM THAT FORCED HIM BY PROXY TO PLAY-- the vets. I still cannot figure out why he stuck with that after Christmas when it was clear that they were bottom dwellers again. They should have auditioned the young guys earlier to see what holes could be filled internally for the next season rather than via more UFAs.

Where is the system definition and accountability??

MPS is still completely capable of rocking the top 6. Many a players have had horrible sophmore slumps, I believe his was more coaching ---SYSTEM--related then anything. Renney couldn't manage his own tie---SYSTEM--- last season, it's not a shock to see a player have a fall off like he did when you're relugated to playing ---IN A SYSTEM--with the Belangers of the team. The only way MPS is going to get to be more confident driving to the net in the NHL is a coaching push----SYSTEM CHANGE-- with ice time. He has it in him, it's just do the Oilers have the coaching staff---SYSTEM--- to be able to properly harness his energy and get the most out of him. I think he will take great strides of improvement under Ralph---A NEW SYSTEM---.

Where is the system definition and accountability?

Both OPS wrote excellent posts that pretty much covered every possible dynamic influence ,except no one has even quantified the SYSTEM the team uses or its VALUE or IMPORTANCE TO EVERYTHING DISCUSSED.

Its the coach,its the lack of ice-time,its the playing with Bellanger,its the vets geeting minutes,its the coach agai,its a sophmore slump,its lack of a coaching push,its inability of entire staffs to harness potential------------ true as the sky is blue.

There is only one word that fits into all of these dynamics as a common SOLUTION,or a common ROOT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEMS THEMSELVES,and that word is SYSTEM--SYSTEM--SYSTEM.

The blame is smeared all around very effectively but the real cancer is absolutely skirted and intentionally ignored.

Because no one talks about SYSTEMS,NHL teams supress any discussion about SYSTEMS because SYSTEMS delegate FINITE RESPONSIBILITY.And if you have a structure that defines FINITE RESPONSIBILITY then you cannot escape accountability and pass blame down the line very well.

Systems are dynamic concepts that arent the easiest concepts to incorporate into discussions in a tangible manner,so people avoid being or remaining in that position.Its a natural reaction to stay in ones comfort zone,its why all players dont become coaches,not everyone is cut out for it.Magnus is IMHO a core asset and given the right SYSTEM generated opportunity he will be a consistant contributor to team and SYSTEM sucess.Magnus has shown us how his skillset contributes when he is asked to play for two coaches with two different SYSTEM interpretations,the same SYSTEM but two SYSTEM perspectives which ask him to provide very different contributions in every way. The personell applications from a SYSTEM standpoint as viewed by each coach are very different,so in Kruegers SYSTEM perspective Magnus was teamed with different personell than he was teamed with when he was coached by Renny using his own different SYSTEM perspective and resulting personell decisions. The only way the Oilers as an organisation will sucessfully harness Magnus and others vast talent and skillset is if they find-engage-and consistantly execute a SYSTEM perspective that will create coach supported SYSTEM INDUCED opportunitys for them to contribute.No man is an Island and under no circumstances do I expect Magnus to be a martyr for a past lack of organisational SYSTEM SUITABILITY AS PER EXISTING PERSONELL ,or the basic lack of SYSTEM CONTINUITY.

For that matter why should Renney,or Penner or Souray,or Krueger,or the scouts or Kevin Lowe or the stickboy or the training staff,or any individuals be tagged with the accountability that should be attatched to a SYSTEM identity??Why should we require scapegoats and make excuses out of our comrades??Because we have no definable ,superior consistant SYSTEM DEFINITION OR PRESENTATION to blame things on or to analyse to make repairs or adjustments---so we cannibalise our great Dynastic organisation year after year ,eating ourselves up trying to find a solution to what ails us.

The only place we havent looked for a solution is right in front of our noses---we havent looked at the SYSTEM because no one has any clue whwhat SYSTEM their own team even uses??

Go ahead hockey writeing pros,describe and define the Oilers SYSTEM that they execute??You would think that this is the easiest thing for a hockey fan,writer,or analyst to do wouldnt you??Start digging my friends,its hard to find any committment or discussion about SYSTEMS of any kind coming from the Oilers and as a result anyone else including writers.

Coaching changes,player changes tons of personell changes,equipment changes,transportation changes,fitness regime changes,the list is endless and each item has a COMMONALITY,they are all DEFINABLE----so we are uprooting,ripping out,destroying,and replacing everything we can DEFINE and quantify that is within our reach,right??

What monster is hiding under our bed here in Edmonton?What is scaring us so much we are eating ourselves alive,we once were champions,now we are mere shadows and shells of that ,WHY?What have we missed in our scorched earth approach???We have covered everything definable so far so what could possible be left??What core value organisationally have we overlooked either intentionally or unintentionall??SYSTEM--SYSTEM--SYSTEM--SYSTEM--.Now lets solve the problem,its easy ,writers and hockey pros--define the Oilers SYSTEM so we can make sure it isnt the Monster we are hunting??Or coaches define the SYSTEM you are using so we can rest assured it isnt the Monster we are hunting??

Only one thing has been guarded like the freaking Holy Chalice here in Edmonton,and that is SYSTEM IDENTITY AND DEFINITION.But who in their right minds would cannabalise themselves or a DYNASTY to protect the identity and definition of a simple SYSTEM of play??Man they werent hiding it or protecting the SYSTEM. I will tell you who would be forced to participate in and witness the dissection of a Dynasty,people who never initially had a SYSTEM knowledgebase after MESSIER left and took the SYSTEM we were useing here to win many Cups with him in his HEAD.That measn EVERYONE who remained here post Messier,because from that day on we have floundered without a definable and quantifiable SYSTEM of play.

There is no book on the SYSTEM we play here because some very strong and committed people tried to salvage as much of the Dynastys majic as they could and they went all out to preserve the core values they were able to identify and quantify,the problem is that first Wayne then Mark were the keys to the SYSTEM we used,they were the CATALYSTS,they and their heads were the SYSTEM BOOK for a Dynasty,no one questioned their sucess or its source while the fires were burning hot,and when Messier left everyone was to vain to accept he was the SYSTEM itself,and they missed the boat,just like LA did by letting Wayne run their SYSTEM through the regular season and then when the real chips were down the made SYSTEM adjustments that took Wayne out of the equation,missed the boat they did.Mark won in NY because they trusted him to drive the bus ALL THE WAY HOME,they didnt kick him out of the drivers seat as soon as they saw the driveway coming up.One player CAN catalyse a SPECIFIC type of SYSTEM.It has been documented right here repeatedly.

We have been trying to function for decades by superimposing many dimensions or core values of what we saw as the Dynasty SYSTEM--onto our chosen flavor of the day SYSTEM BOOK,but with no sucess,because we havent recognised that it is a unique and special relationship between coaches and catalysts and the rest of the team that allows this Dynasty type of SYSTEM to be operated by players sucessfully like Wayne and Mark both managed to do.

Its the only way we can explain Dynasty performance ,unless we attribute everything to Waynes and Marks statistical or physically manifested contributions----thats not very realistic now is it??

The problem comes in when you try to replacethe BRAIN and BOOK of the system on the ice --with a simple physical asset skilled as it may be--when these catalysts leave,you cant do it,they leave with all the party favors in their pockets.But they take their minds with them and if they are allowed to be conductors they will still drive a sucessfull train anywhere they land--unless you harness their abilitys by shutting them out of system management on every level,because they are CATALYSTS of a SYSTEM they own in their heads,they couldnt even write a book on it for you,its their nature.They are natural leaders and visual thinkers.They can handle keeping the SYSTEM BOOK in their beanbags,they are very very rare,Wayne was born Mark learned how to think visually on the ice.

Magnus has a lot to offer the Oilers and I hope we see him a lot very soon,he doesnt need to change anything,we just need a system that knows how to use him and his skillset,its the coaches who have to weave the players into the SYSTEM that will create wins here,we dont have the ability or privilage of an on-ice general to adjust on-the-fly because we dont have a SYSTEM that embraces that mentality yet.So we need a concrete SYSTEM definition as per the COACHES SYSTEM INTERPRETATION to enable us to create a baseline from which we can asses analyse and predict Magnuses past,current,and future dynamic contributions and suitability to the SYSTEM itself.

It seems like our coaches have all been sitting by the fireplace waiting for Santa to bring a superior SYSTEM and eating his cookies right beside us all along.Arent they supposed to already have met Santa??

I wonder if Ralph has Reindeer tracks in his backyard because I sure hope he has a SYSTEM BOOK to refer to that we can ALL read along with---I know thats like a christmas wish but I guess it is already almost October right??

We will have a championship here when we have a true and accountable leader who has no fear of disclosure or critique along with organisational support in that mindset--TRUST BABY TRUST-- -- either on the ice or off the ice,we have a legion of men willing to take shots for this team,many are quasi-leaders,but we need a CATALYST for everyone to rally around,it doesnt even matter at this low point where the sucker comes from,man,we need a hero here.A SYSTEM is an ideal,men die for ideals every day they are powerful---thats why they are only handled by a head-coach,a SYSTEM CATALYST[WayneG] is like a Flag that EveryMan can rally around at any given moment on the ice OR on the bench,a SYSTEM component is a non-catalyst PLAYER who recognises the entire SYSTEM and is comfortable being a critical component and can handle the pressure which is the greatest from this perspective,our strongest are always at the BOTTOM because they are our true strength and foundation.

And a SYSTEM JUNKIE is just like ME.Once you taste what a superior defined SYSTEM has cookin,you never go back to anything less,I have never won a single thing in my life without the full support of a SYSTEM of one type or another.SYSTEM SYSTEM SYSTEM,Ahhhh that feels much better.

With NHL defencemen Maggie needs to just lean on them sooner as he starts to cut in,I guess that means he need to start to cut sooner to the net,and initiate contact,with smaller d-men who are slower and less experienced maggie could just skate and wait for them to lean on him and them he REACTED off their initial contact and used their tilted angle to his advantage,NHLers are ALL aware of this angleing tactic and will take it every time.

Its simple and he doesnt need to change his catalyst or original tactic,just double up the jab man,cut sooner,let them lean on you then absorb ,then counter again when they are angled as he likes,the issue is that the first contact when he cuts in early will be a terminal decision by the d-man and he will get blasted hard,so what,if he cuts early enough he will catch the d-man pulling up and have an advantage in speed velocity and power,AND if he can absorb and continue the d-man is stranded,maybe he needs a new shot program off of his rushes??maybe he is trying to maintain a specific shot selection coming out of his cut to the net,MMmmm,take a shot from the d-man hard and early-kinda pause the puck just before contact and drag the sucker,regain your balance and push through for a chip shot,instead of a smooth flowing shot off the rush.Maybe.Or just feed the elbow to five or six guys in the first ten games,take a suspension and go with it.Thats better than sitting on the bench,get established man.Its going to be tough to define yourself as a skill soft touch man when you are surrounded by smaller fellows.Forget the Selke,and pick another identity there are tons to choose from,ha ha ha,I do like the elbow solution though hypotheticlly that is.It seems in the big picture the most expedient way to stay in the lineup.A skill guy always gets the chance to make up for bad penaltys,so no fear,just talk to the coaches and let them greenlight you when appropriate,they will see the d-men who are pushing you hard and need the bow.Just let the coaching staff know you are willing and stay coachable,dont step outside the system to do stuff like this,just ask,you might be surprised at the answer you get ,when it is appropriate via your coaches anything can be called system induced,ha ha ha.Have fun when things get rolling Magnus.Thats what he needs to do more frequently.

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posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 08:17 AM
This is some commentary regarding equipment adjustments and it illustrates the importance of this dynamic adjustment and it shows how the fans see these changes very quickly although the catalysts of the changes arent always so easy to guess.

Steele wrote:
Everyone misses that when Magnus was sent down to the minors the first time he came back to the Oilers with a longer stick. So, when he DOES try a cut to the net from the outside, he can't protect the puck from the defender with his body as well as when he sported a shorter stick. So, he looses the puck because he can't control it and bring the puck into a shooting position when he needs to. I guess a vetran told him to get a longer stick in order to poke check and contribute defensively, but in an offensive, role one needs a shorter stick.

That is a very astute observation,MMmm.

My Moma2 told me to always be prepared,so it makes sense that a player would have several different sticks of varying lengths and blade styles and curvatures. I dont think Magnuses strength is in cutting from the outside,he is an elite player with a skillset combined with SIZE that allows him to do what he wants,if he chooses he can smash skulls along the boards like Hall wants to,but there are more bigger than faster d-men in the NHL so it benefits Hall to speed down the boards and Magnus with his huge frame to take them down the middle from an up-speed position--more like a huge defensive centerman.

And maybe a longer stick actually allows MPS to back the d-men up sooner as he runs the boards down the wing or as he drives the middle,a shorter stick lets bigger slower d-men just make contact easier,if you were a smaller man to start with maybe the difference wouldnt be so beneficial but with MPSes already huge wingspan it does make a big difference because it elevates his reach way above average,just inches but wayyy above average.Not everyone can manage that with a small change.And really he can switch sticks any time during games,and players do do that often some more than others.And all make adjustments for various tactical reasons.I mean remember some of the hooks guys had years ago,that they would only sneak out a few times a year.Ha ha ha.

Magnus specialises on the up-speed style catalysed from behind the flow of the play and he is VERY good at it even better than Hemmer is.The best we have so far. His defensive awareness is so elite a stick length adjustment wouldnt improve that,a lot of other things can be adjusted with a stick change but not overall defensive contributions.I think adjustments like the stick might be made game to game on the fly.Sometimes to shake your game up temporarily and let you see the ice a wee bit differently.But if you dont try it I guess you will never know what it can offer you,but we do know for certain that most NHL players make equipment adjustments through their careers--and mostly for tactical reasons--so there must be something to gain there ,a carrot hidden somwhere.Looks like Magnus is digging for that carrot,he wants every advantage he can generate,Kudos to him for working so hard on his game.

Imagine the casualties we would see if Sutton decided to use Omarks stick for a half-season,ha ha ha,he would be filling pine boxes because he would be closing distance on guys so fast so often.He would force players to get closer to him and vice versa,ha ha ha.Uber-contact.A longer stick keeps the beast away and at bay,I would rather eat a foot of stick from Andy than an inch of the elbow macaroni he has cookin.

Magnus using a longer stick actually forces the d-men to read his velocity and his line and angle differently and changes their timing and decision making--it results in them-- backing off just enough to let him maximise a lot of his skillset especially his speed.They engage him physically 2-3ft deeper in the zone with longer lumber.As opposed to up high and early .Remember early contact negates his elite speed---and we want to see him use that,not brute force.It may be a subtle equipment adjustment but it shows up on tape.

I did play floor hockey and remember how different it was with a longer stick,I had more time to utilise my speed somehow,it was easier to start luring players where I wanted to with a longer stick and then correct with a speed burst gear change if i didnt like the angle of attack or something else was wrong.But I have never skated and felt the difference there,I imagine it is multiplied many times over in effect because of the extremely high speed of execution out there on the ice.It seems to me like a good thing getting better on the ice.But I am just guessing on that one.

"give em an inch--and they take a mile!!" not sure if this applies.

Just sayin.

Sorry if my spelling is not up to par,I have a computer with a tiny touch pad ,I have no mouse,and it can be like going to Vegas when I simply log on and try to post things or mess around to much with this little beast,I have tried to use spellcheck and lost enough long posts to develop an issue with the gamble I need to take with this sensitive unit,if I knew how to make it work properly I would do it.But literally to even zip my arrow back up to something to correct it if it if i see it can send this thing into cyber-convulsions,I can end up right out of the site itself just from trying to dot an I. Hahaha--somehow that feels as lame as the dog ate my homework doesnt it??It is what it is I guess,thanks for your patience.

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posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 11:42 AM
This is a post commenting on the NewAge Hockey Systems Tactical Shooting Program[TSP] and its general application.

We have a roster full of bonafide shooters ,it is the system that dictates who is and isnt a shooter,nothing else.Not the player or his abilitys.

If the Oilers play the NewAge Hockey System or a variant this year we will see 45 shots per game over 82 games.

The NewAge System spreads offensive accountability 100% across the board like no other system being played in the NHL today.The offensive shot decisions are ALL system dictated and the shot choices are also SYSTEM dictated,many responsibilitys are removed from the players focus,and his game speed is drasticly improved as is his execution of system requirements.

If a player like Nail,who I have watched a lot of video on,is allowed to contribute to a system like the NewAge System his speed and instincts will if he works hard enough put him in CONSTANT position systemwise to be releaseing his shot,premier shot positions on a consistant basis.With this system and the Oilers talent it will literally be a matter of who works hardest gets the most goals,the opponent will have virtually nothing to say or do about this outcome,the system is THAT offensive and superior to the "hybrid system"being played by most NHL teams.

I recognised the finish but we have at least three guys in that league,with a d-man who looks like a sniper as well in Schultz.Yakupovs sucess will depend on the system the coach chooses to use him in if he makes the team out of camp as we all seem to expect.

I created the NewAge Hockey System for the Oilers specificly and presented it to them on-line last year,I read Mr.Kruegers comments related to the type of offense we might see being similar to the PP of the 80s Oilers,welcome to my world,my system is absolutely and completely based off of the Oilers PP execution dureing the 80s,i have converted the core values of that PP to a superior 5 on 5 hyper-offensive system unlike any ever seen before.It is unique ,and it is mine.LA used it last year as did our farm team,the Oilers started to implement it with about 25 games to go and had steady sucess.

I posted extensively about my system on the Oilers website over a two year period,in an attempt to have it recognised and implemented,I believe I accomplished that,and along the way LA through Jarret Stoll and co. piggybacked the data from the Oilers site and implemented it,and the farm team also implemented my system data effectively,both LA and the farm team attained the expected results,and the Oilers were righting the ship at the end of the year believe it or not,you could feel it.

Players like Nail work so very hard every time they hit the ice that they need to play in a system that allows this extra effort to be immediatly rewarded and consistantly rewarded,they need a system that rewards extra effort and individual efforts that are aggressive and offensive for 60 complete minutes.A system that drains them of offensive energy,not one that stifles it ,not even for 5 mins of a game.If Nail is on the second line consistantly he will push for the team goals lead and walk away with the Calder hands down,possibly by a record margin of points if he stays healthy for 82 games,I believe Sam Gagner is a natural fit with Nails vision and insincts,and because Sam looks to be anchoring the 2nd line their unavoidable chemistry will rear its head through many multiple point games for the two of them,if we see this dynamic for 82 games I peg Yakupov within the NewAge System to score 35 plus goals,if he finds a home on the PP maybe 40---and the 2nd line will propel us into the playoffs with those multi-point games.Remember this is a system specific prediction.If we play a hybrid system like we did most of last year,I say he will be a 20ish goal guy no matter what icetime he gets.i appreciate nails skillset and shot ect. but I still firmly believe that offensive sucess is catalysed by system induced opportunitys---so with an average system he will perform above average for a rookie,with a superior system he will perform above average on the NHL level.

Just make sure you remember to not blame Sammy for shooting a lot this year with nail on his line if we use the NewAge System,because the shots will be system dictated not dictated by anyones greed.And there should be 45 per game to go around,and i love the math when I see nails conversion ability,he will get four shots per game average,so it should be interesting.

If we play a hybrid system he will get less shots per game by a large margin,I see Nail useing his onetimer on the PP a lot and getting most of his goals from there which is why i pegged him in the 20s,but in the NewAge System he will be generateing his goals off 5 on 5 situations as well as the PP and he will have a constant stream of system induced shooting opportunitys which is why I pegged him at possibly 40 goals. Yes,he is a finisher,yes he has an invisible release,and yes he can score from absolutely everywhere,and yes he will fit in here and have a lot of great young teachers to help him out,like a third born he will talk-walk-and score goals faster because of his slightly older siblings like Hall-Gagner-Nuge-Ebbs ect.

But lets remember that he is walking into a room full of high picks with a serious skillset depth---this may be the toughest test he has ever had,and certainly tougher than the fellas before him,he has to compete with the full deck of cards with hemsky-Nuge-Hall-Ebbs-Gagner-Schultz-MPS ect.I dont see there being that much pressure or expectations put on him,we dont exactly need a savior these days with all the young studs we have.

As with all our players,as the system goes so goes the players statistical seasons.We can already count on one thing,Nail will be ready to put in the hard work needed to be a system asset,and the system wont matter in that regard,the rest is still unwritten history,and anyone who wants to can pick up the pen and start writeing,they just need the desire---I see a lot of that in this young man.

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posted on Jan, 20 2013 @ 05:01 PM
Its the beginning of 2013 and the Oilers are about to play their first game of year against the Canucks.Ralph Krueger is premiering his vision of an Oilers system,he hasnt given much data about his decision other than it would be offensive,fast and high energy,and that he would be spreading the minutes out evenly.

Well its time to post some Newage Hockey predictive data for future reference ,the core question right now is if the Oilers will use a fastbreak style or a controlled 3 transition
style.The Oilers need to be and claim to want to be a "possesion"type of team,this generally means you find yourself at the end of the game with more time with the puck on your sticks than your opponent,its straightforward in concept and easily validated.
If you want to be a possesion team then you need to apply theNewAge Hockey System concepts of conservation of motion and conservation of energy to their fullest..Your ultimate goal is to posses the puck more than the opponent and this means you will be required to dominate the icesurface positionally for 60 mins and be able and prepared to provide an explosive anerobic energy output consistantly for those 60 full mins.

A controlled 3 transition tactic is also integral to a possesion type of style,which again the Oilers claim to want to execute.In order to retain possesion for a dominant amount of time we need to create dynamics where our players all get to touch the puck and are all expected to generate terminal offense,we need to see give and gos,we need to see a variety of speeds from our support men entering the zones,We need to be working in 5 man properly gapped or positioned units at all times,we need to use the entire directional icesurface and eat up time working our transitions east/west and spreading out the defenses and then exploding into our zone entrys when we see holes.

If Ralph Krueger uses a fastbreak zone entry tactic he will negate all of the above potential and he will actually give the puck away more and as a result actually impede a possesion type of style.

The idea is to use your speed and skill to hold and move the puck as much as you can limiting your passes or windows for error--this is one way to look at a "possesion"style you use safe plays and you keep the puck on your sticks for as long as possible The Oilers are for example using hemskys elite ability to take the puck end to end and enter the o-zone and take it deep to achieve this concept as they define it and so they lean towards a fastbreak style to accomplish this.This is how the Oilers are looking at the concept and it is BadMedicine,Momma2 says we need to use the NewAge Hockey Systems interpretation of "possesion"to best utilise our current lineup and its polar opposite of what is being initiated by the coaches right now.

The NHS defines a possesion game within its core values of possesion/transition,and a loose definition is that the goal is to retain physical possesion of the puck via a constant distibution of the puck catalysed by controlled speeds uses in controlled zone transitions employing an east/west movement as much as needed,but being green lit to explode north/south at every opportunity no matter who or where you are on the ice and in the play.The end result being a fast first shot on net as the o-zone is flooded with numbers and has an upspeed man coming to the net through everyone to gain possesion of the rebound if there is one--while the men who flooded the zone together have created a wall of support in perfect syncronicity ready to recieve a pass from the player acting as the tip of the spear.This use of alternate speeds and this o-zone entry tactics increase the chances of an immediate second shot off a rebound because we have an upspeed man busting in with superior speed to everyone.It also increases the potential for prolonged possesion in the zone because there is umbrella support for the upspeed man and he has many pass options well gapped and waiting.not just get the puck but to immediatly shhot it or move it again.

A "possesion"style means that you are expending energy and time to gain a shot numbers or scoring chance advantage and a puck on your stick time advantage,There is only one way to do this and not lose 30% or more of your shots and scoring chances and this is to use all three zones as transition points where you use numbers and movment to set up your upspeed mans o-zone entry--you utilise give and gos and short passes to enter the zone by utilising your numbers advantage to spread the defense out east/west preparing for the thrust of your speaar tip or your upspeed man coming in with terminal speed.The general intent is to also shoot the puck ASAP no matter who has it as soon as there is an open shot in the o-zone----this is because we are positioned to recover the rebound first and only for that reason or we would take time to better set up.

If you use a fast break style as interpreted by the Oilers now ,you initiate possesion literally by having one player if possible rag the puck right into the o-zone and then set up shop from there,burning up the clock.It is a headman type of dynamic with one man leading the entire rush.You try to use long passes to skip zones by useing speed in a north/south direction and headman the puck into the zone ASAP.

A fastbreak like the Oilers envision it requires a line of one dimensional players who can consistantly establish set positions in the o-zone.Usually bigger or more experienced with elite speed, NHLspecialists.

A controlled 3 transition style requires two dimensional creative players who can think on their feet and identify and capitalise on offense immediatly with sound decision making and awareness of where their support will be.Can be any size with average NHL speed -- system awareness is more important then NHL experience and specialty skillsets.

The Oilers are manned by players who naturally fit the dynamic template for a controlled 3 transition style of play which is exactly what the NewAge Hockey System is.

Right now the team is starting a compressed 48 game schedule and has manned its second line with two two dimensional players in Gagner and Yakupov and one one dimensional player in Hemsky--this is BadMedicine says Moma2!!The one dimensional player MUST catalyse the offensive thrusts or he wont be effective and the two dimensional players NEED the latitude and puck possesion to utilise their on-ice vision and creative skillsets.

This line is critical to the Oilers Stanley Cup run which starts tonight,this line cannot be a miss,it must be dynamicly sound and able to provide explosive and consistant terminal offense for 60 full mins.The Oilers need a large,fast,defensive minded but offensivly aware and capable player who can effectivly execute zone entrys and can provide a dominant upspeed presence streaking through the o-zone.A good passer who can use his size to spread out defenses and who can use his speed to back them in when he wants to so he can pull up and establish a half-wall game to support his two shooters.

MPS fits this bill perfectly and he is pencilled in as backup tonight.Magnus brings every single asset that this 2nd line requires to become an effective controlled 3 transition line that will be capable of generating a dominant number of first and second shots and hence GOALS based off of consistant o-zone entrys.

If Hemsky catalyses the 2nd lines offense he will execute o-znoe entrys consistantly but will not be a shooting threat on his way in because he avoids the shooting lanes to make his entry easier with less contact--he just wants to beat the d-man deep and most d-men give him that secondary option.This means we lose the fast first shot and a crack at a rebound right away and it also means we need linmates who are big or experienced enough to gain and hold real estate so they can recieve Hemskys passes from behind the net,this forces us to either put one dimensional specialist with him,or it forces our two dimensional players to become pigeon-holed into a one dimensional role and thereby surrender a vast amount of their skillsets and options making them LESS effective by proxy.

Right now Hemsky doesnt fit because his linemates are both two dimensional and cannot be reasonably expected to consistantly take and hold real estate against huge NHL d-men,it goes against the grain of their elite skillsets and is a regressive dynamic.

Players need to be allowed to force or earn their way onto the top six by adjusting their games to better support the system,so if the system asks for one dimensional assets we will grow those.Right now we have players like MPS who have adjusted their games to fit the system and are being overlooked for one dimensional assets that are being mismanaged to start with.Based on his ability to support a controlled 3 transition style which is what the Oilers need to create effective goal scoring from the 2nd line---MPS is the correct system required asset.

Hopefully by seeing the way the NewAge Hockey System defines "possesion" as opposed to how the Oilers coaches are currently interpreting it we can all understand the reasons the NHS uses core value principals like a possesion/transition game based on momentum control enabled through proper gapping and the incorporation of Conservation of Motion and Conservation of Energy tactics.

The NewAge Hockey System is designed to produce 40+ shots per game and 4+ goals per game,there are not very many ways to accomplish this level of offensive output on the ice for 60mins.Remember the NHS was created based off of the Oilers PP of the 80s and based off of my interpretation intuatively of what Wayne Gretzky was thinking in his head every second he was on the ice from a dynamic results standpoint.The NewAge Hockey System actually teaches individual players how to interpret their system and the movment on the ice in a 3 dimensional manner,it literally teaches them to see the ice to as close a way as anyone has ever come to Wayne Gretzky.The NHS emultes the Dynasty Oilers DYNAMIC RESULTS--it is a reverse engineered version of that great teams tactics.In many areas the NHS outperforms Wayne and the prime Oilers potentialm offensively--the Dynast y Oilers had to evolve naturally and find their way to their famous legendary elite levels of offense catalysed by one man ,Wayne Gretzky,the NewAge Hockey System teaches players to reach this potential immediatly in a results based manner.

By trying to compare the Oilers current interpretation of a possesion based game to how the NHS interprets the same concept I was trying to illuminate the core valuse present in the NHS and the controlled 3 transition style,with the intent to tie possesion/transition together smoothly.Once the current Oilers experience the erratic results coming due to a dynamic achillies heel they exposed through trying to combine one and two dimensional players into a fluid offensive unit they will be FORCED to reevaluate their line composition.In a compressed season 5 or 6 losses should set off red flags,at that point or sooner there will need to be adjustments,I predict the adjustment will be the addition of a 3rd two dimensional player with elite potential to Gagner and Yakupov one named MAGNUS.The results from the adjustment will be immediate and will force the Oilers to address this same dynamic managment on all 4 lines with the motive being the production of offense from all lines in the same dynamic system fashion according to the proper managment of their individual skillsets within all system parameters.I expect the Oilers will be reactive initially when their present 2nd line falters offensively and then immediatly become pro-active and they will embrace the NHS tactics .

Moma2 says that mixing one dimensional and two dimensional players within your line managment strategy is BadMedicine for Ralph Krueger and the Oilers organisation.The NewAge Hockey System offers the guidance and tactical managment that will offer this large number of highly skilled players the chance to optimise the realisation of their skillsets onice and within system parameters

Keeping in mind the Nucks lost last night and are a dump in team to start with ,tonight they will be playing basic hockey dump and chase hockey,hardworking and sound hockey,they are predictable and will turn the puck over to us all game long depending on their aggressive forcheck to be effective at recovering possesion in our zone.

Gametime prediction,if the Oiler use a fastbreak style catalysed by one dimensional players on the 2nd line I expect a close low scoring game say 2-2 going to overtime and maybe a shootout.

If the Oilers use a controlled 3 transition style catalysed by two dimensional players on the 2nd line I expect an overwehelming zone control momentum control offensive explosion from the 2nd line and a 7-2 score for the Oilers.
Gutcheck reality call dictates a 2-2 score going to a shootout that the Canuks win.The coaches need to try it their way without the NHS--then adjust.They have 5 or 6 games to reorientate or the terminal spiral begins.


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posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 10:15 AM
Game results were EXACTLY as predicted by the NHS,the score was indicitive of the use of a fastbreak system that runs counter to the Oilers skillsets and talent level .

The score in the game discussed in the prior post was a 3-2 SO win for Edmonton .The score was tied 2-2 for three periods and overtime exactly as predicted via Intuative NewAge Hockey System Analysis.

I didnt post here but the second game was a repeat and 6 goals were scored on us in the first period ,between periods we adjusted to a loosely contrived version of the NewAge Hockey System and we took the game over on every level immediatly--we dominated possesion time,momentum and shots on net for those two NHS style periods.

I predicted a 5-2 score for San Jose if we used the fastbreak suicide system again which we did to start the game---6 goals in the 1st period is historiclly anemic.My prediction was interuppted because the correct adjustments were made between the 1st and 2nd periods.the final score was 6-3.

Had we used a pure NHS system in either game we would have scored 4+ goals and recorded 40+ shots per game.

There are many core valuse NHL qualitys that were designed specificlly for the Oilers when I created the system several years ago,these core players we have whom I used for my template are maturing faster than everyone thought and they are ready right now for the NHS and if they dont get a system like this soon we will start to see regression and problems individually as the players try to up their personal production AS individuals.

The Oilers need to address this issue and the NHS in a formal manner and this forum is the way to do it,register and put in your 20 posts and message me.This is a make or break dynamic and can be addressed sucessfully in a very short time period,one or two days of communicating and consulting at practices.

This is the place to discuss the NewAge Hockey System and HNS data provided by moma2 and BadMedicine that are related to the Oilers .

Professional sports teams spend hundreds of dollars on Statistical Analyst they consult with and they waste nearly every cent of that money,one statistician is all a team needs,they are trying to solve the missing link of Intuative Analysis by plugging in some bought and paid for snakeoil statistical analysis.Stats are like yes-men they can always be twisted around like Gumby to be whatever you are looking or asking for,its called illusionary.

Here is a chance for a pro-sports team to acess s system that was not only created by a natural Intuit but Moma2s NewAge Hockey System is designed to teach players how to think like an Intuit,not just play their game.This is the new concept Pro Hockey needs to embrace,not the Statistical Analysis masquarade we are seeing be sold to teams,and its a good thing some smart con-men slipped this stats analysis idea into the industry because now salary levels have been set that an Intuative Analyst can demand be doubled based on definable production and results that Stas cons cannot provide.

posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 06:31 PM
This is a 100% amature attempt to spread the NHS philosophy throughout NHL hockey by offering it to real teams.

I would like an address to which I may send a business proposition to _____ ____.I am an Intuit who has a sports background of competing and coaching at an amatuer level. I have developed a NewAge Hockey System for the team we have today using the 80s Oilers PP and Wayne Gretzkys visual thinking capability as a template. This systems core value components are based on Intuative Dynamic Analysis. The NewAge Hockey System and its immediate influences can be assesed via positive results quickly.
This NHS philosophy is in a nutshell based on my individual ability as a visual thinker or a 3D thinker, this is the catalyst behind Waynes Gretzkys on-ice vision and perspective. I have developed a system of teaching 1D and 2D thinkers how to adjust their perspectives to evolve into 3D thinkers on the ice. The NHS is able to identify-track-and adjust to on-ice dynamic actions in an intuative manner enabeling players to anticipate developing on-ice actions and reactions in a manner similar to how Wayne Gretzky and other "elite" players read and react on the ice during games.

I strongly urge __ ____to contact me and allow me to verbally explain the NHS to him, I designed and created the NHS based on watching him and the rest of the ______ since the Franchise was created.

It is my hope that __ ____ can identify the value of Intuative Dynamic Analysis, it is not something that you can pick up at the cornerstore or in the Yellow Pages, and even if you do seek out an Intuit the chances of them having a deep sports and competition background coupled with the ability to communicate their ideologies to others effectively is very slim. I am aware that the ______ like many NHL teams are utilising Statistical Analysis more and more, I am claiming openly that this is an overreaction to a trending fad initiated by internet influences trying to earn a living and that the proof is in the pudding based on an inability to provide concrete definable, repeatable, positive results on-ice.
The NHS has the ability to provide the ______ with the quantifiable definable documentable edge they are trying to find to help the team evolve and find both immediate and long term sucess.

I may not have a business card and a letterhead or a 1000 dollar suit like the fellows at _________ _________, I do not posess the formal business acumen but the NewAge Hockey System can in a tangible documentable fashion outperform them 100% of the time. Statistical analysis as provided by _________ and others is catalysed by the past and Intuative Dynamic Analysis as the NewAge Hockey System provides is catalysed by the future, dealing from a past perspective means you are simply taking "educated guesses" on what you hope might happen dynamicly-- when you are dealing with a Future Perspective it means you are envisioning and manifesting the outcome of games and dynamic situations on the ice, it means you are actively creating the future results not passively guessing about them.

I believe I can help the ______ in some yet to be determined capacity immediatly, I have some NHS results from this years games already available that will support this belief.

In a nutshell I can sit and watch games on TV and I can use my Intuition to identify dynamic patterns on the ice, as a visual thinker I only need to see these dynamics develop one time and I have a 3 dimensional view or perspective or cerebral video replay -on-demand of them in my memory. This is what Wayne and ____ and ______ see as they are all undiagnosed 3D thinkers. This means that my read and reaction times are off the charts as compared to even your experienced coaches. My hockey experience and knowledge base from a technical perspective is nearly zero, but I see the plays developing long before everyone else both on the ice and on the bench and I have developed the NHS to teach the entire team how to learn to read and anticipate this way within their system. Right now I am confident that I can sit down with _____ ____ and watch for example the Avs game on tape with my laptop on and I can show him my Game Day Posts online in realtime as I identified and negated Colorados system using the NHS philosophys and tactics and posted realtime adjustments for the team to make as per _____ ________ system of play within its parameters. When __ ____ sees and comprehends the timeline of my tactical analysis and responses and compares this to the actual outcome of the game dynamics he will be impressed at the accuracy and the systematic manner in which the analysis is executed. I can give the ______ many examples of this results based execution of the NHS in realtime online as they have played actual games and I can do it at any time in the future with the same 100% accurate and tangible results. More importantly I can teach others to become visual 3D thinkers out on the ice in very short order and this system continuity.of perspective is the chemistry we all talk about, it is a tangible repeatable result that can be
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For anyone just tuning in here is the NHS short version to use in comparison to the Oilers current system Ralph is trying to execute.

The NHS is a pure100% offensively catalysed system, there is no defense or concept of defenseive set plays considered within the core value components. The NHS is a possesion/transition system looking to control momentum and pace through the utilisation of conservation of motion and conservation of energy. The object is to posses the puck the most for 60 mins and generate the most shots on net scoring the most goals in a dominant fashion, the NHS is designed to produce 40+ shots per game and 4+ goals per game, every game even against the trap.

Three controlled zone transitions are utilised if you are trying to play a system like the Oilers are trying to play which is what the NHS calls a hybrid system. The Oilers have been trying to initiate this hybrid system using the fastbreak pass and then a short o-zone dump and chase and have failed and adjusted resulting in the evolution to a transition game which they initiated step by step the hard way, they are currently incorporating two controlled zone transitions as per the coaching schemes evolved gameplan their 3rd zone transition is not being implemented effectively it is being executed but not implemented properly, and this is because the system they are using has a definate defensive base that it is built on, a concrete core value defensive schematic that must be adhered to FIRST before the rest of the system components like offense can be implemented, this is why they say good defense creates offense, this is polar opposite to NHS philosophy, the reality is that good offense creates better offense and good defense creates better defense. This defensive base, its set plays and their implications and its inherant need to control transitional dynamics is why the NHS refers to this as a hybrid system, it is neither 100% offensively catalysed nor 100% defensively catalysed. It is an attempt to use a set plkay defensive scheme and blend in creative trasitions within one or two zones at opportune moments in games without compromising the defensive set template. It is a hybrid in the truest sense.

The end result of using the hybrid is that you will generate lots of shots on net and you will maintain a solid defensive result but the problem will be that your shot numbers will not produce the goal numbers statistical anaylsts will tell you they should, This is because the hybrid keeps one hand of the offense tied behind its back by proxy of its set plays and its core value as the system baseline. The hybrids defensive core valuse exert dominant influence on the systems ability to blend the concrete set play catalysed defensive base and the creative dynamicly catalysed transition tactics fully and completely and this in effect means that you will be able to execute your d-zone transition to the n-zone fine, and then your n-zone to your o-zone transition will be fine, but then suddenly the defensive system CHAIN WILL SNAP YOUR HEAD BACK because the defensive schematics force the sucessful o-zone transitions to be dynamicly influenced from a play action support perspective, this is why the short o-zone dump in is used, it is a band-aid aproach to a major system flaw, a terminal flaw that a stop-gap tactic has been applied to, this attempt to bolster the hybrids offense was first utilised several years before the Oilers last finals appearance and has stuck around in one form or another since then.

As you can see by watching the team they are executing excellent zone transitions and are getting lots of shots , but are not scoring any goals at all, I have outlined exactly why this dynamic is happening. It is the defense that is killing them, and the dynamic is identical in EVERY WAY to last years choke, because as the pressure is ratcheted up the knee-jerk but traditionally correct reaction of tightening up and ultra-focusing on defense occurs and this is the WRONG thing to do when you are using a hybrid and trying to generate more offense. However because the Oilers and most people who dont know about the NewAge Hockey System dont have a clue what a hybrid even is or how to quantify it they are clueless, they dont understand the history of the systems they have used in the last 15 years and they dont understand the history of the system they are trying to use now, this is not an exotic system being implemented this year, it is a bread and butter hybrid with nothing special to offer, its offense will always be limited by its defensive core values, it will allow a team to initiate a beefed upor adjusted hybrid with slightly more offense than a traditional hybrid has which will allow you to be competative but never dominant. The traditional hybrid was what was being used predominantly prior to last years playoff run by LA who happened to be implementing NHS data into their own hybrid 25 gms before the season ended and they carried these tactics right to the cup, exact same tactics the entire way, tactics they found and implemented with 25 gms left in the regular season then just ran with based on results.

Heres the problem, the NHS was created for the Oilers and offered to them and was rejected by proxy without ever being given official or serious consideration long before LA found and utilised the data, and I then offered the "adjusted-hybrid" template to almost all of LAs playoff opponents during their series games always after at least one or two games had been played to allow LA to gain the edge solidly and to contrast how effectively the adjustments I gave them would shut LA down, no one really listened fast enough, a couple of teams did listen but not fast enough, ha ha ha, ask LA who has dialing them inthe fastest.

So you see this combined with the inevitable analysis of how LA did it has resulted in a huge and swift evolution within that group of playoff teams towards an adjusted-hybrid system that generates more offense at the right times without compromising the traditional hybrids defensive base platform. Remember this is NOT THE NHS, this is an adjusted-hybrid we are discussing that has more offense than a hybrid but only about 50% of the offense the NHS catalyses. So now many very well managed teams are converting to a transitional game as defined by the adjusted-hybrids parameters. This was an intentionally catalysed action by me to release the NHS data to teams playing against LA, it made them see that it works and forced them to evolve their own systems to compete, this in effect taught many teams to play the exact system Mac-T used to take the Oilers to the finals, an adjusted- hybrid . Now the Oilers are forced to seek out a superior system to the adjusted-hybrid, and there isnt one available other than the NewAge Hockey System.

Remember that the entire set of core values minus the defensive focus of the adjusted-hybrid are really the base of the NHS. The NewAge Hockey System has evolved FROM the adjusted-hybrid. The NHS has evolved beyond the restrictions of the adjusted-hybrids defensive dependancy by focusing on pure undiluted offense for 60 mins.
The Oilers can still add another band-aid before they send themselves in for major unneeded surgery which they are on the brink of doing, all they need to do is implement the NHSs Tactical Shooting Program like LA did last year and it will get their adjusted-hybrid over this little bump and allow them to compete with the masses, and when they finally wake up and take this action maybe it will encourage them to see that the NHS is a superior data source and system to what they are using now, then maybe they will be interested in taking their team above and beyond the parameters of the adjusted-hybrid. A full out conversion to the NHS would immediatly allow the Oilers to initiate more offense than any team using a hybrid or an adjusted-hybrid, remember those systems are only the base of the NHS and as such are absolutely vulnerable to the NHS.

If they make a few more adjustments the Oilers can kick start the offense but not until they back off on the defensive thumbscrews they have put on themselves.

To anyone visiting from any hockey sites, welcome, and I hope you find some data you like, feel free to ask me any questions and I will give you the NHS answers.If you want to reply simply register and follow the rules.

I can use the NHS to teach players how to create offense from within an adjusted-hybrid better than any NHL coach out there, simply put, I can take specific individuals and indoctrinate them into the history of the systems they have been playing their entire lives from a perspective completely new to them. Look at the Oilers 2nd lines shot numbers and shooting %s and then look at the top lines numbers, then get back to me with your explanation because i just gave you mine. Remember they are all playing the same system here right, ha ha ha, wrong a few of them are well versed in the NHS and are creating from within the system but "without" the system ,ha ha ha. It is very easy to maintain defensive integrity within your system duties and still inject more offense into the adjusted-hybrid than Ralph can seem to generate, maybe he needs to ask the 2nd line exactly how they are doing it.

Give me the coaches ears and the team for an afternoon and the Oilers will never look back, I can teach them all to understand and utilise Intuative Dynamic Analysis within their professions. This is a new system that uses a new type of communication, Intuative dynamic communication. You cannot take small bits and pieces you like and try to build the system piecemeal, it doesnt work that way, you need to buy in 100%, you need to be willing to adapt and change on the fly all the time.

The reason Whitney wasnt working out wasnt because of talent or work ethic it was because of a lack of system suitability for his natural skillset as a first pass playmaker.
Ryans skillset was suited to a traditional hybrid that is catalysed off of the fastbreak alone, not the adjusted-hybrid we are trying to utilise now that uses a blend of set play defense and controlled transitions, Whitney was caught in no mans land every time the system transitioned into transitions, ha ha.

Had the Oilers been using the NHS for example then Ryan Whitney would be a very valuable piece of the team right now,this is because the NHS would embrace his skillset and incorporate it immediatly, more importantly it wouldnt ask Ryan to subtract from his style it would simply ask him to add a little adjustment or two, you see folks the adjusted-hybrid demands 100% adherance to the defensive baseline and this eliminates players ability to use their elite dimensions to cheat the system and create offense. The NHS allows them to create offense and support the system and doesnt ask them to focus on defense at all in fact. within the NHS Whitney would be anchoring the 3rd line that would be our natural hybrid fastbreak veterans Smyth, Horcs,and hemsky. This is a nice advantage to have systemwise especially in the playoffs. You see this vet line is a holdover that learned to play the hybrid as it was developed traditionally, the adjusted hybrid we are seeing used today is new to them, and the NewAge Hockey System is new to them all, and this is why I could bring them all to the same page in one day, and the history of the hockey systems evolutions leading up the the creation and development of the NHS allows me to teach both the vets who know the hybrid and the kids who know the adjusted-hybrid together because i can give them both data catalysed from the systems they both play that will bring them togethe rthrough the process of addition to their current knowledge base not by subtracting anything, they dont need to eliminate much because they are essentially executing the NHS base through their use of the adjusted-hybrid, they just need to learn how to incorporate more offense and less defense.

Pro teams hire Statistical Analysts all the time for big bucks, at least they set the bar for Intuative Analysts like myself, ha ha ha, now NHL teams will have to match the money they are paying the Statistical crooks and then provide a beefy performance bonus on top of the salary, it sucks to miss the boat the first time. They could have had all the NHS data for free just aknowledgment, then the price went up to a desk and a coffe mug, then to a Sports Injury Specialist appointment, and now its come to this , the big bucks, ha ha ha.

To any hockey people with pull and operational budget room to spare, moma2,badmedicine and the NewAge Hockey System await your attention, blame the Oilers and the paycheques they give their statistical analysis crooks for driving my price up.

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posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 07:19 PM
Hot NHS tips for cold players.

Ebbs-- pick a stick exactly 28 grams heavier than the one you are useing, i dont care how you figure it out but weigh the darn thing and get it right, use that stick for three or four games and then force yourself to go back to your old one that is light again, there seems to be a weight between your ears so you need to balance it with one between your hands, and i am not kidding, I am making reference to tangible things here odd as it sounds, just do it man, just do it.

Taylor Hall-- take some opposite color tape and make one wrap exactly two inches from the heel of your stick blade, this will extend your reach by four inches, two from your head and two from your opponents head, please dont overthink this like Ebbs is doing right now, just do it man, just do it.

Nuge-- its either the turtleneck or the jersey tuck, but you need to disguise you hip movment because players are reading off of them when you move on the ice, they gave up on your chest long ago and now watch your hips to see where you are going to turn, tuck the jersey and switch sides from time to time, your skating style is like Waynes as you can see by watching your tapes, so you need to disguise your body mechanics better. Dont start worrying about which side to tuck in first yet you are worse than Ebbs ha ha ha, just do it man, just do it.

Your bosses should be paying me for this, and if any of you require a detailed explanation feel free to post here and simply ask, believe it or not these are NHS adjustments.

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posted on Feb, 14 2013 @ 05:13 PM
The quantatative definition of "possesion" in hockey.Choosing the system friendly perspective of your choiceseems to be the traditional way coaches view "possesion"
If you view the game from a one dimensional perspective you give yourself the ability to dominate certain aspects of a competative dynamic and manage your own tactics in a reactive manner. You stick the pin in and watch the reaction and make your tactical decisions based on that reaction. Normally a one dimensional perspective is the last thing the NHS incorporates, but in the most important decision of all , the choice to catalyse the entire system around offense, I chose to use a one dimensional perspective so the system could be reactive and take advantage of dynaimc momentum and flow.

From a 100% offensively catalysed NHS perspective possesion is defined as simply a means to an end, we want to have the puck for the entire 60 mins so therefore our main task for that 60 mins is to posses the puck and score goals with it as many times as we can. There is no puck managment strategy beyond that. Possesion is the one aspect of system managment that must be executed by everyone for 60 mins. This is a simple task because to do this you must only remember one thing, dont give the puck away unless it is to take a shot on net, EVER. With proper puck support and cycling as per the NHS there shoudl not be moments where the puck is surrendered to relieve pressure, because the instant the puck is in our possesion we are turning and burning with support on both sides of the puck via the full and half rink cycles. But in an adjusted-hybrid like the Oilers are using for example possesion is viewed in a very different way, it is used to manage the game defensively and to set the "base" for the hybrid to function properly. Volutarily surrendering the puck at any time is a major NHS no no, with an adjusted-hybrid dumping the puck out is a core tactic for many reasons. Right now the Oilers are getting the puck on their sticks enough and are managing their possesions to support the system they are using, there is no lack of initial possesions. It is strictly a managment issue. If you are wasting the game constantly trying to regain possesion of the puck you are not playing an offensive game at all. Good defense is simply failed offense and is nothing to be proud of. Keeping the puck out of your own net is a product of keeping it in your opponents net because there are only two places on the ice the puck belongs and they are located at each end. The sole purpose of puck possesion is to score a goal, the system managment side is not supposed to interfere with this dynamic and if it does then it must be adjusted. This is why defense doesnt exist within the core values of the NHS.

The Oilers are mismanaging their possesions because of a failure to use a tactical shooting program that can adjust to their ever changing o-zone entrys which each have individual puck support dynamics which change as the sytem dictates opponent to opponent. We need to see consistancy of possesion managment within these parameters. We need to consistantly see first shots supported by a dynamicly matched incoming player support tactic as per the neutral zone and o-zone transitions. The guys need to know which shooting program matches which zone entry so they can adjust on the ice as the game evolves. But they need to find their creativity within these parameters and maintain system integrity as they do so. To many players are using the hard work of the entire line to take the first shot at the wrong time, they are using the momentum of the zone entrys to make terminal shooting decisions which is exactly right , however they are consistantly finding themselves ahead of the game and taking a single shot with no rebound control because the support isnt in place yet, this is why a controlled transition is required as they enter the o-zone, to SLOW THEM DOWN, they dont need speed once they are there, they need the speed to get there. A controlled transition uses an upspeed man entering the o-zone late, the problems the adjusted-hybrid has in using a controlled trsnsition into the o-zone are twofold and are centerd in the defensive and neutral zones , the need to maintain a set defensive platform means that thedefensive zone exits are designed to support defense and the neutral zone entrys and exits are also designed to support defense, so the only balanced alternative to effect sucessfull offense comes from a dump in strategy on the final o-zone transition, this remember happens because of the defensive influence on the first two transitions that are really supposed to be building momentum for and supporting 100% the third and terminal o-zone transition and goal. The adjusted hybrid forces you to dump and chase on the final transition if you use team speed to tacticly manage the first two zone transitions,everyone is going faster and faster as the o-zone is closed in on and this is one of its major limiting factors. You cannot time your incoming support effectively and are forced to utilise a fastbreak strategy more than you should. There are a few or limited ways to inject transitional play into the defensive core of an adjusted hybrid, they are finite, and LA used two of them sucessfully last year to wreak havok on their way to the cup, and the ways they used to implement them stifled the other hybrid and adjusted hybrid systems they played against.

The Oilers need to grasp the idea that because they are using an adjusted hybrid they need to catalyse their offense from their first transition, not from their "defense" which is how they are looking at it wrongly, The first zone transition out of our end is NOT supposed to catalyse support for the defensive mindset at all, and it does this by proxy in an adjusted hybrid and then when the offense doesnt develop at the other end and we get behind in games we tighten the defense and restrict those transitional focuses even more driving our forwards and coaches nuts and we spiral until we implode, working our butts off for nothing the entire time. Making transitions, getting shots, but never realising results because we cannot syncronise anything. Its like a boxer having the best right hand and the best uppercut in the world but not ever being able to use them in combonation, this is the restrictive nature of the adjusted hybrid. There is transitional inconsistancys because set plays make it nearly impossible to create any transitional offensive cohesion unless you stick to just the fast break which is exactly what all teams using an adjusted hybrid are eventually forced to do to maintain enough offense to be competative.

So to cut to the chase possesion is a managment issue not a player or situational issue, if you use a hybrid or an adjusted hybrid you will need to voluntarily surrender the puck many times every game by proxy, this means you need to selectively chose the transitional tactics you employ--you CANNOT try to allow these offensive tactics be catalysed using creativity, they must be set play transitions as LA was using last year as per the NHS. The Oilers right now are trying to squeeze creativity into the last transition because if they cant then their talent and skillset doesnt get maximised and they are resigned to executing adjusted hybrid o-zone tactics which require a different skillset up to and including their size and reach. This is why
the 1st line is being dominated and their numbers look the way they do statisticly. The adjusted hybrid is forcing them away from their natural skillsets and pigeonholing them into system specific roles that put them at a tactical disadvantage in every game, in games where they shouls statisticly have an advantage they are finding themselves spinning their wheels and ata a disadvantage.

Several times this year the Oilers were getting the defensive zone transition off to a good start and catalysing offense without the long stretch pass, but then each time they were keying it in they were changed up and their d-zone exit strategys were changed at the core level, I dont mean as per the tactical requirements team to team and the differences catalysed by those changing dynamics, I mean someone was trying to work out issue with that transition they just made more mess than they cleaned up.

The Oilers could save a lot of headaches by abandoning the adjusted hybrid completely and going full NHS. They already have the base of the NHS learned within their current system. They need a way to combine the effectivness and reliability of set plays with the unexpected and spontaneous explosions of offense transitional creativity can give them, they have wasted 15 years on the adjusted hybrid which used to be dominant and still can be BUT the time to seek change is now. The Oilers need a superior system of play that can provide enough offense to feed the skillsets they have for 60 mins and enough structural integrity to support their body types and abilitys so they can manifest this offense without getting hurt or dominated, these are the two critical issues that need to be fixed ASAP..

The NHS can give the Oilers a one dimensional 100% offensive system that will create the elite defensive results they are fixated on without surrendering any offensive production at all. The more they work on and tighten up their defense within the parameters of the adjusted hybrid they are using the LESS offensive production they will manifest. Ha ha ha ha, they will manifest a lot of skating and hard work and hustle though, ha ha ha, it will just be popgun results however. Just look at what happened last year when we blew our great start, it was the exact dynamic i am speaking about, it cost our coach his job, but it was catalysed by the adjusted hybrids core valuse and achillies heel that people dont even recognise or discuss, if you can define a defensive system, and offensive system, a hybrid system, an adjusted hybrid system and the NewAge Hockey System and understand what makes each one tick then you will 100% support the Oilers embracing the NHS ASAP. You cant stop evolution and the NHS is the historical offspring of all of these traditional systems, if you learn your system history you will see this clearly or if you arent interested in that sort of stuff then you wont see a need to change at all. If you cant even quantatatively define the systems you can utilise then you cant see all of your options and are not being all you can be.

I want to see 40+ shots per game and 4+ goals per game, I want to see 4-5 and 6 game winning streaks happen ASAP. I do NOT want to see all of this hard work wasted both on and off the ice, last year was bad enough because some of the guys were coming around for a while but then we all regressed again this year only to have to make the same mistakes all over again. Thank god a few Oilers understand and utilise the NHS philosophys
it shows clearly in their results and is evidenced by their ability to create offense from within the adjusted hybrid effectively without losing system integrity, a few learned how the NHS does this and because the adjusted hybrid they use now is so much a part of the NHS they were able to grasp and understand some core value adjustments.

Puck possesion is only ever surrendered into the goal , any other loss of the puck without a fully supported offensive sequence or a system generated individual sequence is a mistake and a system breakdown. We can take the puck and skate it down ice and shoot and recover and shoot again as many times as we want but the key is that we need to recover the puck in all 3 zones of the ice with equal truculence, we need to focus recovery in the offensive zone as our priority and use fully supported initial shot selections to enable this recovery effort. We need to see better puck pursuit in all zones for 60 mins, we should always have a man closing on the puck with speed and a support for him coming in also with speed. we need to see the forwards work harder on the backchecks skating harder and recovering pucks. It is hard to get this type of hyper-active puck coverage using the adjusted hybrid, I hate the hybrid and the adjusted hybrid, I can live with traditional offensive and defensive systems but hybrids are screwy, they let you excell at certain aspects of the game but then they handicap you in so many others, it is a real committment to choose this system especially if you have creative offensive mindsets you have handpicked because this system will destroy their nerves and their confidence . Hybrids and adjusted hybrids are best used with veteran lineups or less skilled lineups who arent naturally offensively minded.

You Oilers fans want to see the 1st line light it up? Then tell them to start using the upspeed support man more, this is all they are lacking, however to do this they will need to think a lot because Ralphs system responsibilitys defensively will make it challenging to do, not impossible just challenging. This starts with better neutral zonetactics and puck managment that will allow them to manipulate the defensive scheme they are facing using numbers advantages and give and gos ALWAYS combined with an upspeed man coming into the o-zone late, this means a forward ALWAYS has to be rotating out of the o-zone as the upspeed man comes into it. They simply need to better blend the defensive scheme with transitional offense that includes a two shot tactic, one and a rebound and allows the support players to be in position to make this happen.They either have to slow down the man shooting without support or hurry up the support, the defensive handicap of the adjusted hybrid prevents then from hurrying up the defense so this means a controlled o-zone entry using an upspeed man coming in late supported by a rotating out forward is the only solution to the adjusted hybrids offensive woes. Just use the NewAge Hockey System already and save yourself all this redundant work. Coaches are only needed when systems fail, a solid system is almost coachless, remember that.

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posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 08:25 PM
The best video representation of perfect adjusted hybrid system execution in existance was manifested on the ice by the Oilers last night. Their system execution once dialed in was as good as that system will ever get, it was the perfect model of an adjusted hybrid firing on all cylinders.
A taem record 56 shots on net were recorded, the the team that just had the record ripped out of its hands happens to the the Oilers Dynasty team of the 80s.

The core value components of the adjusted hybrid were clear crisp and defined and easily identifiable due to consistant 60 minute execution.

The defensive fastbreak aspect of the adjusted hybrid hjwas solid albeit not a traditional fastbreak pass action it was consistant, the neutral zone transitions were consumed via the defensive transition and the o-zone entrys were all controlled lateral power moves that utilised a numbers advantage to generate first shots followed by sucessfull rebound recoverys and second shots.

The coaching and player responsiveness were exemplary which is key when blending a fast break d-zone exit and a transitional o-zone entrance.

The perspective of what puck possesion represents was translated into a high % of sucessfull conversions of possesion to first and scond shot dynamics, this was enabled by a better consistantly managed and tacticly timed o-zone entrys which incorporated excellent lateral Gapping and player and puck support, and which utilised speed or gear changes very effectively to engineer the terminal zone entry.

The defensmen were dominating the neutral zone transitions on foot with excellent consistancy enabeling a smoother transition into the o-zone, the looong breakout passes have been abandoned and now a combo of short supported passes and 3/4 zone sprints and neutral zone rushes are utilised in a balanced manner by the defense resulting in a much higher d-zone exit sucess rate.

The dump and chase tactic catalysed by the fast break was eliminated and the controlled transitional entry was used to catalyse ultr-shrot tap-ins that replaced the high o-zone dump-ins and these tap-ins were recovered at a much higher % than those earlier unrewarded and poorly supported and timed dump in tactics coming off the fast break were. with the tap-in the support is there numericly and laterally to hold the defense back and keep them spread thin as the headman rushes to recover the puck, we beat them on a shorter sprint to the puck and afford them less reaction time and ourselves much better puck support.

There are very few flaws in the game including the goals against because they were all a result of system generated mistakes, not players decisions, this is the nature and weakness of the adusted-hybrid system, these system breakdowns are literally system flaws and cannot be completely managed or eliminated if you hope to generate substantial offense. They can just be identified cataloged and utilised as tactical core values when planning our own system managment.They will evolve consistantly and must be monitored and managment protocal must be created as a pressure relief valve systemwide , if the adjusted hybrid is executed consistantly the breakdowns will be easy to identify and adjust to if the system execution is inconsistant then the same dynamics may happen repeatedly and quickly resulting in catastrophic collapse of system integrity and repeated goals against.

If only the adjusted-hybrid had a way to stabilise the defensive platform that could keep up with its transitional offense it would be sustainable, but as it stands it is teetering on a sad exit just as teams are beginning to embrace it, the NHS was created from these hybrid/adjusted hybrids and the one dimensional offensive and defensive systems that preceded the hybrids, the NHS is an evolution and a solution all wrapped up into one package ,it is easy and fast to add the NHS core values and upgrade existing systems with speed and accuracy.

I dont have the numbers or replay ability but I dont believe i have ever seen such a high o-zone to multiple shot generation in a professional hockey game including All-Star games, it was astronomical, the consistancy was unseen to this point.This is equal to what the NHS generates offesnively minus the NHSs defensive integrity which the adjusted-hybrid cannot maintain.

This is what happens when an opposition coach has never faced an adjusted-hybrid operating at full capacity runs into one, now imagine that the NHS does this same thing to the adjusted-hybrid system , plus it shuts down its offense completely. The adjusted hybrid will in a system checkmate permit paralell offensive opportunitys to an aware opponent, but the NHS denies these opportunitys completely and there is no defensive reply in the form of a system checkmate, even the trap becomes a death-trap when it faces the NHS and its possesion/transition tactics.

Lets enjoy the adjusted hybrid show while it lasts, we should see some great run and gun until the Oilers realise they arent putting up any more wins than if they were playing the trap, a competative system will allow you to execute that type of gameplan win a few more than you lose and a superior system will allow you to execute a superior gameplan and dominate. The adjusted-hybrid is a competative system and the NewAge Hockey System is a superior system.

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posted on Feb, 18 2013 @ 07:24 PM
Tonight is a game that will perfectly illustrate what a system check-mate between two adjusted-hybrids looks like for 60 mins. It will be a game full of possesion changes, lots of shots but few goals, and if there are lots of goals it will be a close game with neither offense being able to attain a dominant game closing dynamic or goal differential.

Most of the possesion changes will happen in the n-zone where both teams need to catalyse their transition into the o-zone, most shots will be catalysed by neutral zone possesion changes and most offense will come off the rush and from the perimeter. In a game like this Ryan Whitney a player who has had adjustment challenges with the new system changes should have a great game tonight, his long passes will turn out to be the best way to break LAs n-zone coverage , ironicly enough after he was pressured to deviate from that specific tool, nows his chance to get some payback and light it up. The d-men will be doing most of their work deep in the zones so it will be a contained type of game for them with less long skates and a lot of shorts lateral bursts, Fistric will have players in his range for huge standup hits on the blue-line and in the middle all night long because of their style and last zone transition. LA will implement the upspeed man coming in late and if Fistric can read that play he will possibly execute a hit of the Year tonight.

This game will be a fan favorite because it will include lots of skating in the neutral zone and lots of exciting possesion changes and shots, hopefully the refs let them roll.

This game will be decided by who can execute the o-zone transition the most consistantly and then finish on the fly, there wont be to many second shot opportunitys, lots of possesion changes but tonight you need to try to bury it first shot, a great night to have a tactical shooting program in place. If Dubby is in net they will hit him hard and often with the midrange wrister up high from the middle where he bled earlier this year, this shot fits their o-zone entry profile perfectly so it wont all be tactical decision making there but he will be challenged early and often and if he isnt prepared and alert he will get buried early. The d-men need to be stand-up tonight and clear the middle consistantly .

posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 10:23 AM
Nicely framed comments, I concur with all of them.

I might add that useing the time-out after the 2nd goal was a missed opportunity and could have replaced pulling Khabby as a sparK option to wake up the team.

I felt Khabby had an all right game and would have kept him in there to the end. We are being targeted in the middle because we like to use that area as a pressure relief route on defense, shots from that area normaly hammer Dubnyk but not Khabby, on a normal night that same shot would have gone high on Dubby and in. We dont clear bodies from that spot we clear pucks and a few specific other teams know it, something to work on for next year systemwise.

Dubby can stop shots all night long but when our system funnels pucks and playaction into the area that happens to be his achillies heel we recieve false/positive messages about Dubbys effectiveness. With Dubby in net we need to always adjust to removing that midrange shot for the opponents.

Ralph needs to be carefull with the cerebral muscle memory he is developing with his squad here, use the TO first , dont let their brains start seeing the goaltender as a pressure release scapegoat, not ever. First the TO, then the pine, then the Goalie unless the game is brutal and the man is a seive,it happens. Last night Khabby wasnt a seive, the pine was used nicely as has been established by Ralph as an internal outlet to help a player bring his pulse down at the right time.But we not only missed a beat entirely we were out of dynamic syncronicity in our natural pattern of execution, something that is correctable in a very tangible and expedient manner if you have the resource to do so.

The fact is that had the TO been used prior to that we would have been in a proactive dynamic sequence that everyone understands and we would have been developing the cerebral muscle memory we want to see . We leave our goalie till the end of that sequence unless he has a traumatic breakdown, that man must be our rock and we need to do everything possible ever night to be rocks with him.

I am not trying to nitpick here but we arent in this to be repeating lessons every night and we need a better attention to detail perspective with the little things game in and game out, and we need to try to look for dynamic patterns is everything we do so we can reduce communication volume and data volume in the players and coaches beanbags as much as possible, we need to divert that pressure to the system where it belongs, we are trying to develop cumulative group dynamic cerebral muscle memory here right.

We need the NHS, we need to begin to change the communication styles of every single man in that dressing room , this happens to be the ONLY way to bring a room full of perspectives together ASAP, the team needs to lose the statistical perspective it has paid to build and begin to strengthen and flex its free and powerful Intuative abilities it has within itself once again as it did in the Dynasty years, this Intuative influence must again be incorporated throughout the organisation, we do not want statistical risk takers here, they and their stats analysts can go to Vegas Casinos where they belong. We want Intuative decison makers here running the show, NOT statistical risk takers which is what our core people have all become, this is the BadMedicine our organisation has been getting for decades a slowly evolving disconnect from its intuative roots, this has a historical timeline supported by data to such an accurate degree that we can identify the intuative catalysts that began the greatness here long ago.

We didnt really hire K Lowe for his statistical risk taking acumen or his business acumen, we hired him because he was a proven winner and we wanted to mine his intangibles, which were intuition based. Instead we got what we bargained for , a driven professional who adjusted his game to a statistical perspective to become a winner for us, we just didnt expect him to evolve into a statistical addict which he had to do to be the best at the new job we gave him to do. A sacrifice and an evolution was made by K Lowe in a key leadership area and it changed the perspective and focus of the organisation, in fact many of our Round Table men are in tis same situation and have gone through this same involuntary evolution as they have became more business orientated and assumed those responsibilitys and the culture that comes with them, you cant be running your business end on Intuition, those are numbers areas, we just went overboard and abandoned all intuition in a massive exodus of sorts.

Our braintrust was targeted and assembled here to utilise their cumulative Intuative skillsets to give us tactical advantages, but has in a very real and tangible manner handicapped us instead. We have have allowed the business end and the dynamic team managment end to bleed and blend together through overmanagment enabled through the crossed and conflicting signals at the Round Table, and now we are faced with a terminal imbalance we are having a hell of a time getting out of.

The intention of the Round Table was noble but misplaced and once again statistical perspective led us to our defeat, someone just looked at the numbers and saw a superior asset, no one analysed the dynamic reality that putting that group together would create by proxy of their individually catalysed but historiclly similar evolutions,no one saw that they were all overutilising stats based resources because their skillsets had evolved to far towards the business end of things as a group and they would be challenged to seperate the two very different yet equally important parts of their cerebral toolboxes.

The Oilers seem to have a real challenge when it comes to defining the "best" Intuative resources they can mine for their hockey team and organisation, they are cocky and think they can buy anything they want on their own terms, that nothing is so superior that they cant find a 2nd rate placebo somewhere that they can somehow turn into gold, they all think they can still eat nails and # rainbows but it just isnt so when you allow osmossis to blend the dynamic managment and business ends of things as they have done in a misdirected but still designed and intended manner. So far it looks like every time they try to eat nails they end up at the Proctologists office,ha ha ha,and its not rainbows being vented there. Think of the NHS and I as a big magnet that is ripping those nails out the long way,ha ha ha, and at the end of this 2yr and counting crap-storm there will definately be a rainbow but it will be made up of two point wins in our favor not a bevy of colors like our results have been materialising like lately.

Ralph and his crew werent prepared for this game, they had not accurately identified and countered the Bluejackets system pre-game and it showed immediately,we had #e tactical planning and we were being simply outplayed systemwise. Ralph HAD the right tactics, but they were not prepared and we got hammered immediatly in the 1st period terminally for the umpteenth time this year, or as usual. And after Ralph was reminded exactly what to do in terms of identifying a similar system challenge to base his read and reacts off of he recovered on the bench and took the game over. The Bluejackets were useing the same dynamiclly managed NHS based neutral zone offensive catalyst that LA began to uses last year with 25 gms to go in the regular season ran with to the Cup and uses now, the man posted a foot in front of our blueline on the boards. We DID NOT identify this pre-game and we WERE NOT properly prepared.

I would like Ralph to come here and post his dynamic sequential analytical decision making history that led him to make the absolute and documented adjustments to counter this EXACT Bluejacket n-zone tactic the ways we did to turn the game around and reclaim it WHEN we did just that. Show me the cerebral timeline and how you came to the read and reacts that led you to make the correct and timely adjustments that allowed you to take back another NHL game Ralph. What keyed you in? Was it an epiphany? An act of god? Or is there in fact a definable sequence of events you can share with us that led you there, one that we can all see clearly and understand?

Because whatever we started doing in St.Louis is our elixer, it is the key that turns the lock to our system. Who cares what it is or where or how Ralph found it, we dam well better identify the fact that it exists and then identify and bottle it up as fast as we can, if not for this year then for next year.

SOMETHING changes when we win like we have been, and it is a major component of our execution, we need to pin down the positive and make it a core value of what we are trying to accomplish here. Ralph I await your post and explanation, did you get some really good input handed to you again last night? Did you get the same input prior to the last game with the Blues? Would you like a list of games that you were aided by this influence in? Would you like to see this influence become a non-factor?

The Oilers seem to have found the key they need but they cant seem to keep a grip on it, this is because instead of simply buying the original key they "borrow one" from somewhere and every time they slip it in the right spot they try to remember a bit more of its details so they can cut their own keys in a secretive manner and never have to pay full price ha ha ha, instead of paying for the original key they are using to activate their system they are just "borrowing one" as much as they can , trying to memorise it by sight then and planning to replicate one of their own,ha ha ha ha. Tsk Tsk Tsk not much integrity in that kind of behavour now is there. Hahaha, now I see the Round Table all dressed in little Santas Elf suits industriosly working together trying to grind out a counterfeit key to the Oilers system,ha ha haha. Some days you really gotta love being a visual thinker,ha ha ha.

We better be putting the right key into the systems ignition tomorrow night, because if the engine doesnt turn over the first try in the first period we will be out of the race, but on the bright side, isnt putting the key in the ignition and turning the motor on supposed to be the easiest most basic thing you do? I guess it is if you have the right key in your hand when you are sitting behind the wheel at the starting line waiting to fire up. By god I hope we dont look over at lane one and see Ralph franticlly searching through his pockets when that row of red starting lights starts turning green at gametime. He better have the right key in his hand because the placebo wont be available in Vancouver unless he makes specific arrangements. If Ralph has been using a counterfeit cut key to start his motor, he should really be considering busting open his cerebral and moral piggybank and think about going all out to buy a "factory original key" to start this most important race of all with Van off with. If he wants to buy that key he just needs to go back to the source of the critical data he has been integrating into his job execution, he knows where that specific data is originating from I am sure, so he needs to go to that source right now and ask for the template or for a clear explanation of how that source is catalysing itself, all perfectly natural questions, and right now critical ones with terminal influence on the next game or in essence the entire season

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