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moma2s NewAge Hockey System

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posted on Jul, 1 2013 @ 10:37 PM
Just a random re-post.

The Oilers need a new system immediatly, they need the NHS.

Ralph you are trying to take the core values of the NewAge Hockey System and incorporate them into your adjusted hybrid but you dont understand the system enough to realise you cannot add these core value components without changing over to the full NHS.

If you use the NHS you eliminate the fastbreak and transitional complications and allow yourself to dominate puck possesion for 60 mins in both zones and initiate offense for the full 60 mins, you already have a roster of skilled natural cyclers, so use the NHS and its half-rink and full-rink cycle tactics, that combined with properly executed Gapping creates momentum control and a possesion/transition momentum controlling game that is unbeatable. The NHS will be effective immediatly and allow the Oilers to unleash 56 shots again and do it from the first minute forward till the last minute with an airtight defense.

Ralph I understand what you are trying to do here your intentions are similar to how the NHS functions but you do not grasp the cycling aspects the adjusted-hybrid is missing and how critical they are to maintaining consistant and dominant offense with natural airtight defense, all you have to do is reach out and I will give you the NHS in its totality, what do you have to lose? Your professional grace? Losing games wipes that away on its own. Stop saying stuff like pre-gapping, i will show you what Gapping is intended to accomplish. Pre-gapping is an oxymoron.

This team is an afternoon away from making a monumental step in its evolution, one hour with you and your coaches alone and one practice Ralph. I can show you how to add a few small core value changes that will give you 40+ shots per game with 4+ goals per game and initiated from the first minute on irregardless of opponent system tactics, nothing out there can touch the NHS. We can begin to exert terminal pressure and dominance immediatly to take the early leads and build on that momentum immediatly. And we will cut down on faceoffs luckily since we are weak there. We will generate our shots out of the two stage cycle and our offense will develop from everywhere as the systems dynamic action dictates not as our coaches or players dictate. Twenty minutes and a sketch pad should do it its not that complicated. You arent going to beat the forchecking teams will use to disrupt the adjusted-hybrids fastbreak d-zone exit,or the neutral zone elimination of the upspeed support man and transitional tactics, teams know the fatal flaws now and are exploiting them.

Ralph please consider the NewAge Hockey Systems Flagship principal of "mobilis in mobili" for a few minutes and try to visualise how it frames the system you are trying to execute and then consider the two-stage cycle tactic of the NHS. You may find it answers all of your questions at once and explains how you create and catalyse effective consistant offense from outside of a tightly executed system and maintain airtight defense.

I created the NHS and am tossing down the gauntlet, how many others have done this? None. I say i can hammer Ralphs best adjusted hybrid efforts in a scrimmage and he can take his top line and give me whoever he wants, it will be a massacre, the NHS and its puck absorbing cycling tactics will smother momentum and support the Tactical Shooting Program which will literally rip Dubby and or Khabby to pieces and within 5 to ten minutes. You see the NHS evolved from the adjusted-hybrid we are using so the players I need to teach already know 75% of the NHS inside out, I only add a few things to what they are doing now, I ask them to delete more responsibility and return it to the system than I allocate to them via new adjustments. Give me a coach or mac-T though to even the playing field and act as a technical interpreter, I have no clue how to run a hockey line just a hockey coaches perspective. Make it an Episode of Oilchange if you need to, whatever it takes to get this done. I doubt they would want to expose the NHS that completely though once they grasp its potential
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posted on Jul, 1 2013 @ 10:52 PM
The Oilers have not changed their system at all in at least 15 years, they are using an adjusted hybrid a system,with Ralph Krueger adding small tweaks to it. The NewAge Hockey System defines what a historic defensive system and offensive system are , what a hybrid and an adjusted hybrid look and function like. NHL teams dont seem to give breakdowns of their systems so the NHS does it for us.

We have seen what the right core value NHS additions to the adjusted hybrid can do for us offensively, now the coaches are trying to find a way to repeat this overwhelming offense consistantly, it will not happen using the adjusted hybrid system Ralph is asking the players to execute, the dynamics of this system dictate that to generate huge offense the hybrid needs to initiate what is called run and gun hockey but there is no gaurantee of getting the "gun" part to manifest, the Adjusted- hybrid can be quickly countered using a system check-mate and then its just wheel spinning, like last night . This system has a fatal flaw at the core value level.

We have mistakenly chosen to set our managerial expectations based on the maximum performance of this system when defensive integrity is risked for 60 mins not the average performance of the system with intact defensive structure as we want to focus on now. We have hit the wall in terms of offensive production potential systemwise and we need a new ride. The fact is that the NHS is what we need, it is superior , unique, and is comprised of every single core value concept the adjusted hybrid and all of its predecessors utilise, it is an evolution in on-ice hockey managment and we badly need a system that is superior to take us to the next level.

Our managment team needs to diagnose our current systems huge swings in consistancy, when they finally do this they will have no choice but embrace exactly what i am saying, there is no way out and no back door here, the adjusted hybrid has distinct and concrete limitations. We will NEVER see consistant 40+ to 56 shot games or consistant winning dynamics unless we utilise the NHS.

The adjusted hybrid we use will emulate these explosive offensive NHS results but at a critical core value cost , a loss of defensive integrity , this is why it is a flawed system and the NHS is superior. The adjusted hybrid is like a treadmill to a team like ours, it makes us run in one spot as fast as we choose till we hit terminal liftoff speed and then the results stay the same no matter how much more energy we inject-- nothing moves forward-- we dont make it off the ground.

I am glad to see more fans identifying system shortcomings as being the root cause of our inconsistancy opposed to critiquing the coaches and players, it is about time this team put accountability where it belongs, on the system, and the Managment team or round table that chooses it on behalf of the Franchise. One of the real core value weakness this team developed after the Glory years was an excessively long lasting reliance on the Old Boys club, that is how we managed to keep this one type of system here for so many years without losing results forcing a change, the Oilers were in large part responsible for the development historiclly of the adjusted hybrid system itself, it is an attempted replication of the Dynasty Oilers system initiated by the remnants of that organisational core and preserved and mastered for decades. The Oilers tried to do what I and the NHS have finally accomplished , recreate the 80s Oilers Dynastys system potential and results---the NHS surpasses those levels of production. They missed the target many times over Decades and I hit it first shot, it is what it is.

There are still several key NHS core values that can be used to fine tune the system we are now using a bit more on the defensive side of things. This should let us win those one goal games, it is a defensive adjustment that initiates an offensive one, I will post it next GDT. First we need to see the adjusted hybrid twist in the wind again, its the only way Oilers mgmt seems to learn, they actually wait for the bad results to completely manifest before they react to anything critical--this is why I wait to post adjustments on GDTs, I let them adjust first.

posted on Jul, 3 2013 @ 06:15 PM
NewAge Hockey System Oilers Moma2 Bobin Brownlnoser.

All names in this post are 100% fictional and not intended to represent real people or situations.
This post is not NHS, it is common sense realism portrayed via fictional writing.

I want to illustrate how locker rooms can be destroyed by a lack of integrity and by one single coward.The example I will use is a fictional Blogsite that encountered a strong inegrity driven influence, this influence had a tangible and positive effect in that it encouraged people over time and after battles to expand their contributions inputs and self confidence in the face of manipulative cowardly influences that emanated from a power position . People began to post longer fuller more complete and more creative comments, they rose to the occasion because they were not afraid after one man stood and fought for them, after one man risked himself on behalf of integrity. A leader rose from the ranks and did what leaders do, projected a positive and evolving influence. Great progress was made, progress that will not be easily removed, however hard the deviant influences try. Those who gained power and confidence to speak their minds as fully and completely as they choose, will not go quietly into the night. In fact there were immediate support efforts after the terminal battle, people DID RISE UP, and were lied to, people did ask for the entire posts and data and were lied to.

When a Hockey managment team want to evolve their dressing room they need an integrity based fighting mentality, not a negotiating wordsmith mentality alone, you need a leader, a man who can project both in dominant quantities, these men are rare but they can teach any other man to have the exact same impact they have, they can spread the good and in the process cruch the bad influences in the room. There must always be a catalyst and that catalyst must always have suport from CHANGED MEN, men who begin to see the errors of their ways and leave the darkside and its easy ride for tyhe rightside and its neverending hard work and effort. Because changed men are the key here really you are gangbusting , you are hunting by proxy of integrity based inputs the bad apples, the negotiators, the wordsmiths, it is a real and tangible job and must be done right, fully-completely-and terminally. It is not pretty, but leaving cowardly manipulative sociopathic influences in place is even uglier.

Leadership, loyalty, integrity, honesty, bravery, courage , these are all attributes any athlete or person would be pleased to carry.

These are attributes that require hard work, attention to detail and evolution to instill in ones self.

Many men make the efforts to learn these concepts and proudly wear them on their chests like medals.

Many men like Robin Brownnoser, from the Oilersstation website have failed at attaining these wonderfull attributes after trying their best to earn them. Men like this man are COWARDS who do not have the moral or intestinal fortitude to fight the battles they start, they are Yellow bellied Cowards who run and hide as soon as they are challenged, these men will do anything to remain hidden and not have the world see their true colors, some like Bobbin have spent their entire lifetimes being cowards but have honed their limited intellects enough to master evasive running-man survival tactics.

It is important to call these quasi-half men out on the carpet and show the world their true colors. If this isnt done they can do much damage especially if they are connected to the media . As Bobbin Brownnoser happens to be.

Imagine posting a reply on a Blog and having the OP make a smart alec disrespectfull inflammatory remark designed to recruit the masses who represent the status quo using their position of power, because they are to cowardly and afraid to back themselves up. Now imagine replying in kind to that type of personal attack made by a Yellow bellied Coward is a stand-up manly way. Now imagine the cowardly oxygen thief refusing to allow you to post your full repiles but insted posting his own contrived lies for the reading public to see. This is the type of fellow Bobin Brownnoser is. Now imagine the gutless coward continueing to abuse his power and position to defend his weak kneed personality and attitude like a girly-man, beaking off from behind his training bra.. Now imagine this same cat, lieing to the public and posturing as if he had some level of integrity, you know POSING as a real man. This is what Oilersstation offers people, this type of deviant mentality, cowardly and deviant. Be forwarned that this is what he projects and stands for, and by proxy this is also what the site stands for.

Now consider that this Blogsite has begun to generate excellent community charity inputs. If it werent for this fact i would correctly name the site and the ignoramus who taints the entire website. This is where this coward hides out, he hides behind other people, kids, handicapped people, hungry people, needy people, he abuses the concept of charitable community relations via his personal cowardice and fear of being outed for what he really is. In short he gives hockey and people around him a bad name. He HAS been exposed for what he truly is because he ran into an example of true integrity and it crushed him immediatly.

Bobin Brownnoser POSES as a stand-up real man, he pretends to be one because he has spent enough time around and likely suck-holing to this type of stand-up man to do a good imitation, he knows the right wordsmithing he needs to use to maintain his cover. But he is all talk and no action, a runner, a weak link, an underdeveloped man-boy.

It is the responsibility of real men , real leaders to expose this type of deviant behaviour whenever it is identified lest it thrive and reproduce itself. This influence must be quantified as disposable and it must be removed, lest it undermine the structures it hides within.

One of the most dangerous things we can encounter in life is liars, people who misrepresent themselves using wordcraft and dynamic manipulation. When people like this manage to manipulate their way to a power position through luck or attrition or dirty pool, they become catalysts of negativity, their attitudes and methods of operating rub off on the people around them like a bad smell or odor.

These men are not leaders, they are not men at all, they are impersonators of men. Many times these types manage to embed themselves into places where they can keep their cowardly ways hidden using the support of the uninitiated or people who have been fooled by their manipulative wordcraft and tactics.

On a hockey team or any type of team at all the worst case scenario is when this type of deviant cowardly mind gains a foothold and weasels its way into in influential position in managment or the locker room.

If you are on a team with or work with and are in close personal proximity to this type of yellow bellied coward like Bobin Brownnser from Oilersstation happens to be then you are very fortunate because you can look them straight in the eye as you expose them for the cowards they are. And when they try to recruit help from the masses, there is none coming, when they try to recruit help from the rulebook, there is none available, and when they desperately glance in every direction with wide-panic stricken eyes it is sweeter than sugar on sunday, it feels pretty good to be the man creating this dynamic. You see cowards are like cancer, if you dont excise them and discard them they SPREAD THEIR DISEASE. The best method is to draw them out in the open using words as they prefer to battle that way, and then call them out on the carpet, let them spew their rhetoric and BS as much as they wish and as soon as they offend you or your ideals in a personal manner, smash em man, simply smash their ability to continue to behave this way away from them. Our world isnt built on words it is built on actions and every action has a consequence, those consequences may or may not be acceptable to a man, but as long as he is aware of them all is fair. Cowards NEVER expect to be forced to back themselves up, they expect others to always step in on their behalf. Word initiate action and these cowardly types use wordsmithing to avoid tangible repercussions, they run and hide and are very difficult to drag out into the open especially if they can manipulate the dynamics of the environment they operate in , like being a Blog owner for example.

Hey Bobin Brownnoser, you mentioned looking a man in the eye, what exactly do you know about that? Are you peeping into the real mens locker rooms again from the shadows? If you want to talk the talk you poser stand and deliver dont run and hide.

This grapic illustration is intended to show how damaging it can be to breed this quasi-man type of attitude , there is never a place for deviant minds, or manipulative deviant intent. If you somehow end up with this influence in your locker room you need to crush it and throw it out like a rotten nut. You cannot let this mentality escape, you must root it out or it will pervade every level of your organisation and eventually it will cause you losses as opposed to gains, this result is inevitable.

My advice to Oilersstation is to drop this bad influence like a bad habit before they begin to lose the charitable support the site has been garnering . He is to big a risk and really he does not represent the site at all, he is a grub who has built a career on wordsmithing and running both in a cerebral and physical sense.

Anyone who has been exposed to this type of influence must wash it off ASAP. Cleanse yourself or you may become infected, support the influences that seek to expose and crush this cancerous input. Stand up like men and do the right thing or become the wrong thing yourself.

Bobin Brownnoser has just cost the Oilersstation a tangible amount of community support, because people arent generally stupid enough to miss the dynamics that surround his type of person, they are just strong-armed into silence.

There is one visitor who will not return to the Oilersstation and it is because the Oilersstation is not the type of place this poster wants to be known as representing for as long as cancerous cowardly manipulative inputs like Bobin Brownnser run the show.I crushed and exposed this maggot as being the coward he is already once and he managed to cover up his wounds using his power and influences, fine thats what cowards do it is no surprise, i am just surprised more people havent crushed him likewise in the past. Sometimes the juice just isnt worth the squeeze and it seems as if supporting Oilersstation has fallen onto the undesirable list due to the active and present influences of this type of cowardly deviant mentality.

For those who are initiated, Bobin Brownnoser refused to post the real and complete data that exposed him for what he is, NOT because it was a personal attack at all, he is a chronic liar and manipulator somewhat sociopathic judging by his actions, he simply knew that this was the best way to undermine an influence that is integrity based, he knew that his audience already had a firm picture of his opponent as an integrity based influence and the weasel coward also knew that that was the only way to attack , so he lied, he manipulated posts and inputs and tried to represent himself as being a protector of the people, when really he is a deviant and damaging influence.

What kind of man starts a fight with a personal and unprovoked attack on another and then runs and hides? A coward thats what type of a person acts like that.

Bobin Brownnoser did not play fair he is a deviant and this must run through him to the core. This man is a liar and a manipulater, it matters not if he has a media career or influence or not, he is damaged goods, and I would hesitate to extend my good name to anything he is connected to wether it is on Oilersstation or elsewhere, this attitude is a cancer, it is not normal, it is manipulative and anti-social.

Oh yes Bobin you manipulating coward, there were many personal attacks directed at your yellow arse AFTER you initiated a conflict you werent anywhere near able to handle, and you ran as usual, as you always must have done in your life.

You think because you are a power in the dynamic you can define a personal attack as you wish? Why as a matter of fact you can if it is your media conduit, but remember that the smell you create is overwhelming, the smell of a coward is not appealing to anyone exacept another coward. Hide little coward, thats what you do best. Your kind isnt welcome in very many places once you have been exposed for what you really are.

As my favorite Hockey team prepares to begin a new season and a new chapter in its history I can only hope and wish that they also learn to identify and rectify this type of cowardly manipulative influence that Bobin Brownnoser represents.

It take a real man to look another man in the eye and admit he was wrong, you tried to use this stand-up phrase on me you yellow coward, you dont deserve to say those words you manipulator. I hope others exposed to your deviant methods see through you and speak up on behalf of those who are INTEGRITY BASED, you are a number Bobin and YOU can be replaced very easily judging by the quality and integrity of you work, you have let your power go to your small little head, or maybe you are just planning a career change and dont give a crap, or possibly you are to intoxicated or high all the time to make sense or to properly function in a normal manner, your isues to figure out.

The entire point of this post was to show people what type of interactions happen in dressing rooms and blogs in cyberspace alike, and what types of influences need to be extinguished for progress and evolution to happen naturally.

A blog can be ruined by one single influence JUST like a dressing room can, and that one single deviant sociopathic influence can imbed itself so deeply into the status quo that it can be mearly impossible to extricate.

It takes a monumentel and epic level of effort to root out and expose these little weasels but if you are patient enough and maintain an integrity based and driven perspective you WILL always corner or root them out simply because they are fakers, posers, wanna-bes who have never accomplished a leadership role in their lives, yet they have learned the lingo enough to fool most people most of the time. They can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk, they cant even represent in words walking the walk because they are not worthy and havent worked hard enough on themselves to have evolved into any type of leadership role.

Bobin Brownnoser, you are a waste of oxygen, and I shall not change that perspective bacause you deviant this isnt about a post or a blog it is about a hockey team and it is about integrity. You have no place speaking to the Oilers hockey team on any level, you are some type of deviant, I have worked with men like you and kicked the snot out of every one dumb enough to step up and bluff me with their wordcraft. I know you pal, actually know you ,from long before you ever wrote about hockey, you are truly a bad influence, and ought to pick your battles more carefully.

And if anyone is offended by that statement remember this is fictional not real, but also remember that in locker rooms this DOES happen so it is a valid and important topic to broach, men do answer to each other in tangible manners toe to toe, and they all know who is top dog, you are a whelp you coward and I am top dog, stay in your sandbox with all the other buried turds and keep hiding where you belong, you manipulating lieing coward.

You started a scrap and then ran kiddo, then tried to lie to cover up your cowardice, this makes you lower than a regular coward, it makes you a yellow bellied coward, the lowest form of life.

Those of you interested will connect to this story immediatly.

You have all seen good triumph over evil in life, seen one good man stand and represent and then another stand to support him and so on and so on, and yes you have seen times when the bad side had support to and it took many men to defeat the negativity, so this is a real life dynamic we should all understand.

Pick a side, we all must do that in life, the sooner the better.


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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 11:25 PM
The Problem With Stats

I have a bone to pick with a thing called a Corsi rating, the term is no different and carries no more tangible weight or meaning than the NewAge Hockey System term Adjusted-Hybrid. It is a word manufactured by the creator of an IDEA that is being turned into an institution. It is a purpose-built word,one of a kind and developed and implemented onto the world and existance to support and ideology that one man catalysed and manifested from his mind.

If it cannot manifest itself into a tangible real world result then the word is simply a sales catchword or a fraud or just bull-spit pure and simple.

When you apply this principle to anything Stats based you immediatly coat it in teflon, BS based Teflon. Statistics are matamatics which are a numbered representation of the real and tangible world, remember that numbers are not tangible they are conceptual, mathamatics replicates and copies things that already exist in the real world in a tangible format to the point that people can all understand it the same way, NOT neccessarily the most accurate or optimal way, just the easiest "group format" way

Once you understand that stats are math and math is a conceptual representation of the real world then you are in a position to understand that because stats are essentially made up out of nothing and are conceptual, they can ALWAYS be changed and manipulated to represent anything that serves the dynamic moment, they are conceptual and fluid and based in nothing, they are not tangible in any way shape or form.

Statistics can never be trusted, they are not designed to carry the tangible weight of anything more than supportivwe applications, definately not definitive decision making applications, they are useful for nothing more than substanciating tangible on ice actions, not predicting anything at all. The predictive component must carry Intuition as a primary component, with stats a a far behind supportive resource.

Craig Mactavish I think you need to rewind your cerebral gametape 3 years and make the appropriate apologies and reparations so you can access the Intuitive inputs you need, because it looks like that powerful influence that has been trying to help you for 3 years is about to be focused on you and you team with the intensity of the sun.The sins of the Fathers reflecting Bad Karma upon the Sons. Fix it, surrender, capitulate, reverse course, cut your losses, make nice.

I do believe that the best and least labor intensive way of demonstrating how inept statistics are and how superior Intuition is is to simply do realtime online analysis and breakdowns of NHL hockey games on Game Day Threads. This is undeniable and most wonderfully realtime publiclly accessable data. Everyone can read and see it and no one behind an NHL bench can hide from it, and once it is posted online Video Coaches cannot poach it without indicting themselves due to timeline conflicts which expose them completely.

When this type of Intuition based analysis is done in realtime it has incredibe and immediate impact on the games if the data is being read by the NHL Teams Video Coaches and relayed to the Coach behind the bench in realtime, Intuitive inputs are so far ahead fo the curve that whoever the data supports will destroy their opponent, whoever the analysis exposes will be dismantled no matter what they try to do systematicly, there is no reply to pure Intuitive inputs, none , Nada , Buttkiss, Stats are a pallid attempt to reply to Intuition, ha ha ha ha.

I have never seen this Level of Intuitive focus used in a proactive aggressive and vindictive manner, but it seems that an example is about to be made for the entire NHL to witness. An Intuit cannot use this talent to do mean things, there is some kind of inner rule that stops you, but if you feel justified and that your are serving the greater good you can unleash the beast any way you see fit to support the many as opposed to the few.

I have discovered what I think is the least Integrity based team in the NHL and I am going to use them as the template for an 82 game documented analytical expose designed to permanently disenfranchise the "Analytics Guys" and their benefactorsv who claim that statistics are an asset and deny that Intuition is superior in every way shape and form.

The day that the decision to reject the Intuitive inputs was made will be rued for decades, a legacy befitting the moral void present, call it bad business.

Mac-T as the saying goes "sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes you are the bug", I do believe that you have been aware of the correct thing to do for a very long time and by not taking affirmative action you have by Proxy chosen a defined side of the Fence to stand on. Good luck, all the best to you and the Oilers, I am sure you will not finish last but I can darn near guarantee you will be picking in the top 5 at next years NHL draft, that is how powerful a Foe your organisation has engendered. Turning on one of your own is always a bad idea, turning on the most potentially powerfull influence in your corner is virtuallly terminal.

I dont believe there is a bench crew in the NHL that can fight off pure 100% Intuitive inputs used as a tool to dismantle an NHL system of play. I can see that I am alone in this belief, so lets let the record speak for itself shall we, the season is fast approaching, and it looks like there will be optimally 82 "free passes" handed out to a certain teams opponents, I think a 95% success rate dictates a potentially record breaking season of futility that will catalyse a core implosion.

Mac-T I believe you are to smart to bring a knife to a gunfight as they say, stop drop and roll and come up with open palms extended looking to make nice because time is running out. You are a part of a dynamic template initiated 3 years ago and you cannot get out of it by banishing players, because they were never your challenge my man. A clear and present lack of integrity is yuor challenge. Good luck you were off to a great start till you had the brainstorm that led you to believe you could continue to blackball the influence that has helped you, denial after denial supported by escalating levels of plain old fashioned cheapshots .All the good intentions in the world cannot produce victory it must be earned. A certain influence has earned a place at the Roundtable and it has been denied, expect a terminal pushback at seasons start. Yes you ARE being strongarmed and now you know how it feels, and you also know how to make the Bad Man stop. Surrender.

A winner knows when he has the terminal advantage, Craig you will be defeated here and I think you know it, promote the Intuit or pay attention and learn more if need be. This was never going to end any other way. It is how winning works. Lessons dont have to be this hard. Unless you want them to that is.


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posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 12:32 PM
This is a little piece on self-valuation.

If you dont beat your own drum no one else will do it for you, if you dont define yourself you are giving other people permissio to do it for you, who in their right mind would let other people define their personal value? No one thats who.

Any man or woman who wants to be a champion at whatever it is they are doing needs to attatch a self-valuation to themselves that is appropriate to their intent, if you want to be the best you need to valuate yourself that way and work your arse off to live up to those expectations and goals, becoming a champion is really that simple, and yes ANYONE can do it.

Unless you let someone tell you differently, ha ha ha.

Hockey is a business and managment teams spend a great deal of time establishing and expounding upon their tactical valuations of individuals, they use business tactics and are constantly trying to gain a contractual advantage, right down to increasing and decreasing playing time to establish the false valuations they desire.Anyone can look at a champion and duplicate that feat, it is not a secret formula or majic, it is simply proper and accurate self-valuation followed by the hard work that is needed to manifest that valuation. An NHL team cannot due to business factors provide any player with the support to make a true and accurate self-valuation. That would be like the Wolf dressing up as a Sheepdog to keep other wolves away from his flock and then popping into a phonebooth twice a week and coming out as the wolf to feed heartily, all the while keeping everything for himself and keeping all the sheep in the dark.

This is a managers job, but players do not have to buy into this type of manipulation, they are free to evolve themselves how and when they want over and above the valuations the team attatches to them.

MPS is a perfect example of a Player who refused to accept attempts to undermine his value, he refused to let it affect him to the degree this type of manipulation traditionally messes with a Players head. Magnus stuck with a specific program , he made a proper and full self-valuation several years ago and stayed the course, now he has a full and complete NHL career laid out for him, all he needs to do is keep working hard at maintaining and evolving thst self-valuation. Had he believed in the people who were trying to set that self-valuation for him he would be in OKC right now instead of heading full steam into the rest of his blossoming career.

An individual or a team must BELIEVE they are Champions to become Champions, they must take the personal responsibility for making that happen . The only way an individual can take this level of responsibility and accountability upon themselves is if they make a proper self-valuation and work on evolving it. The only way a team of men can accomplish this same goal is to have a system of play that they all valuate the same way.

The system of play is not as important as the 100% buy in that needs to happen for men to gel around a systems philosophy.

Just having the perfect system and the perfect coaches does nothing for you in terms of creating a Championship team and atmosphere, there must alsways be one single owerwhelmingly superior catalyst driving the belief systems of all of the men, connecting to each and every one of them and bringing them on to the same page, this is not a joke and it really is ONE MAN who catalyses all of these ingredients, it is not a group dynamic at all, leadership is singular, one leader in one room, one system for every man in the room, one Stanley Cup that is handed out.

Everyone must SHARE the LEADER and the SYSTEM and the STANLEY CUP.

Statistics will not help identify the leader needed and statistics will not help identify the system needed and statistics will not put the Stanley Cup in your bruised and bloodied hands, not ever.

So who ya gonna call? Stats Busters!!! Thats who!!!!.

Intuition is and has always been the driving force behind accomplishing anything in our world.

Who the heck told Hockey managers and people they could rewrite the rules.

Who ever put such a distorted and off base valuation on statistics, now the word Analytics is being bandied around by people who are realising how easy it is to disenfranchise statistics, but they still refuse to use the word intuition and Intuit because they dont know much about this area of our world.

posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 08:51 AM
"I think St. Louis tried to play like the L.A. Kings," Perron said. "I think the Edmonton Oilers are trying to play like the Chicago Blackhawks, the Detroit Red Wings. It's two winning ways of playing. It's almost like two different styles of hockey."

This is a partial quote taken from comments made by David perron the newest Oilers to join the club.

Two years ago the LA kings began using the NHS and won a cup with the NHS influences being the primary catalyst of the Cup run. The Kings used the NHS Adjusted-hybrid with a set play base.

St.Louis was given some of this data during LAs cup run by the creator of the NH, the same ways LA go tthe data, now St.Louis has adopted the Kings Adjusted-hybrid system.The Bliues are currently using an Adjusted-hybrid with a set play base.

The Chicago Blackhawks clearly adopted the NHS influenced Adjusted hybrid and executed it exactly as the Oilers were supposesd to as the NHS was created for them. The Hawks were also given NHS data similar to that given to other teams . The opponents of the KINGS during their run 2 years ago were bombarded with NHS data and it has stuck. The Hawks copied the Oilers template exactly, they just listened to the NHS data completely and accurately where the Oilers refused to aknowledge it and tried to adjust the NHS data and scalp only the things they valued, to bad for them I guess. The Hawks use a free flowing transitional application of the exact same NewAge Hockey System Intuitive dynamic managment principals that LA used just from a different system base.

It is refreshing to see a player come to edmonton who hasnt been muzzled yet, one who just honestly says it as he sees it.

Detroit doesnt come into the equation, it is the NHS Perron is talking about, 100% NHS, and once you boot Detroit out of the equation the proof is in the pudding.

Any NHL team that wants to turn their team around irregardless of system they can find the NHS data and apply it with gret success.

Teams can improve immediatly, in one year, almost overnight.

The NHS has been buried and blackballed by the Spoilers and they used a scorched earth policy trying to suppress and crush the NHS to dissuade opponents from adopting the system influences, the tactic DID NOT WORK.

The last two Stanley Cup winners have utilised the nhs and i say openly that I could teach any NHL team in the league to use the NHS and win the next cup, the 30th place team could win the Stanley Cup next season if they jump on board now, right now with no time to spare.

That is called a challenge.

The NewAge Hockey System has survived and thrived and has DIRECTLY contributed to the last two Stanley Cup winning teams, and it will contribute to many many more.

Stay tuned because it is time to bring out the NHS video that needs to go viral for this point to be jammed down a specific teams throat.

Any team that has implemented the NHS is going to look like an arse because I am going to be detailed and will expose them as being liars, the BS story about it being a "business" doesnt fly because if this issue were being treated inna businesslike manner the NHS would have been sourced out and retained, instead a focused and co-operative effort was made to suppress and blackball the NHS, teams simply took it and refused to aknowledge the source and the identity of the system, they scalped the data and stayed in the dark about it.

It is time to pay the Piper, or Karma will come and extract its own payback.

The Edmonton Oilers.

The LA Kings.

The Chicago Blackhawks.

The St. Luis Blues.

The Vancouver Canucks.

These teams and more have all swung towards the NHS in the last 3 years and more are on the way.

Any team exposed to the Kings cup run recieved this data straight from the original source.

The Hawks openly admitted in the media that they took transitional tactics from the Oilers at the beginning of last year, then they didnt just go to the cup they waltzed to the cup making huge waves in the NHL.

You answer the question as to why all of these seemingly professional men would lie to the world about the catalyst of their success??

But they have surely lied and they all know it, they need to know the other shoe is about to drop as it was designed to do.

One of these teams was supposed to use integrity in their operations and that was the team that was destined to recieve the complete NHS database and system.

No one has shown the guts to tell the truth, I expected Doug Weight to step up and clear the air, but no such luck. It seems all these men are cut from the same cloth.

The sweetest music would be for a bottom 5 team to openly admit using the NHS and win the cup with it.

You see the creator of the NHS has the insde track on the NHS weaknesses and strengths, teams who adopt the data need to understand they are only getting access to partially and tacticlly delineated packages of data specificlly designed for the system they were already using.

No team has recieved the entire NHS data base, and the team that steps up to the plate and openly and honestly states they are using the NHS will DOMINATE THE NHL for at least 3 or 4 years untill teams can catch up to them and change their own systems.

The full NewAge Hockey System is the most superior system of playing hockey ever concieved, and to date its partial data released has been raped repeatedly by less than integrity based men who have openly and overtly REFUSED TO AKNOWLEDGE THE SOURCE OF THEIR DATA, it is a good thing this exact behaviour was anticipated 3 years ago when the NHS was first intriduced. The decietfull men went for the bait and adopted a Trojan Horse systemology that is better than what they had but no t nearly as potent as the NewAge Hockey System. All these rip-off artists have done is INFLUENCED their existing systems with NHS philosophys, plain and simple, just these philosophies integrated into their existing system has won the last TWO STANLEY CUPS. Imagine the full NHS at work in the NHL???

It is almost time to take the NHS to the KHL and say screw the NHL , I am getting sick of the BS here and it seems that the business end of things is much clearer in the KHL, less BS for obvious reasons, people respect each other a lot more when there are consequences to their actions, the NHL is a complete MESS and is full of less than integrity based people who are accustomed to running the show how they want with no regard for anyone anywhere.

In my estimation the KHL will soon teach the NHL something about business. And this come-uppance has been a long time coming to tell you the truth.

After the level of deciet and blackballing the NHS has been forced to endure by the Oilers and EVERY team that has used it and refused to aknowledge the source,I would prefer to see the Flames or some other hopeless team take the NHS and jam down some teams throats.

The NHS does not have to suckhole and beg to be embraced, it is kicking down the door and will not be denied.

When you bite the hand that feeds you the traditional make-up call is sitting nice and licking that hand nicely, get the point? This battle was never going to end any other way and the Olde School NHL team that has catalysed this mess and suppressed denied and pissed off the NHS giant will learn respect or will be dismantled over 82 games repeatedly until it implodes.

My loyalties were busted with the treatment I have recieved from the Oilers, so all bets are off now, this has gotten ugly and it is time to end the dance. Burying an NHL team is a piece of cake if you have a superior system to do the digging for you.

There shall be no NHS data directed at the Olde school perpetrators from this point on, none whatsoever, this data will be distributed fully to all critical opponents throughout the NHL.

Enough is enough already, if you use the NHS you should aknowledge and respect it, this has not happened , goodwill has been spit upon and there must be an answer.

The list of teams using the NHS data and refusing to aknowledge it is still short and managable and no Chicago you arent going to claim it is Oilers data you have implemented because you know darn well where the data originated you are about to get hammered because I am as we speak choosing where to put the needed data to correct your attitude, there will be NO REPEAT GUARANTEED, two simple adjustments and your current system execution is sunk, dont forget you got this data because another team was being corrected the same way for ignoring the source, Edmonton and LA both suffered the same fate, wake up because if you dont aknowledge the NHS before the season starts its game on, the list of opponents that will drop all these suppressive teams in their tracks is still managable, lets see what happens in 2014 shall we ??

It isnt possible for one system influence to have an effect on the entire NHL is it?

The last two Stanley Cups havent been won by teams using the same core data have they?

The NHS isnt a real NHL system of play is it?

The NHS influenced Adjusted-hybrid isnt a real thng is it?

What if the answer to all the above questions is a resounding YES??

If the answer is yes we will have a new Stanley Cup winner in 2014 and it will be a Darkhorse team, the term Darkhorse has historical significance here, I wonder if the Flames would be considered a Darkhorse team? Because I want the blackest of the Darkhorses in 2014 as I have yet another point to prove, two Stanley Cups doesnt seem to be enough success to have the NHS validated publiclly.

Chicago, you seem to have found yourself on the hotseat here, you have a decision to make, do you want to create a dynasty here or do you want to be buried in 2014? If you behave with no integrity and claim ignorance you will be sunk. That is a guarantee.
Scotty Bowman, you already knwo bloddy well where the adjustment you utilised came from, you know it wasnt the Oilers, you are aware it was the NHS. This means you are misrepresenting, and that means you are not displaying integrity, you are trying to cover your lack of integrity by falling back on the "its a business" BS story. Man up Scotty or you will find yourself surrounded by divisional foes who own your system, you got a free ride last year because I liked how you were executing the NHS influences properly, but I must say I am surprised you failed to aknowledge the NHS.

As a professional you know what happens when a competitor is cheated, the NHS has been competeing with 30 other systems for 3 years and has won 2 Stanley Cups already, next year will be no different, the Cup winner will not be the Hawks and it will not be the Kings. It will be a NEW team, an underdog, a 100% underdog. The Hawks failing open disclosure of the use of the NHS will experience a comeuppance.

The NHS has EARNED its accolades and has been Blackballed, there will be ramifications to this dynamic.
Ask LA how it felt going from Kings to Paupers, because next season your critical opponents will have the exact data needed to put you in their shoes. That data would never have been relayed had the minimal levels of professional respect been engaged, and had friends been made instead of enemies.

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posted on Aug, 24 2013 @ 08:19 AM
If i were an unemployed but employable NHL player,how would I rate the Oilers as a potential employer?

There are 29 other teams projecting different managment methods,amongst all of those choices are there better ones than what the Oilers have to offer?

There are 3 basic core value drivers that I consider to be critical to the function of an NHL team, the System,the Head Coach,and the Managment group behind the scenes.

How do these 3 factors play out here in Edmonton?

Is the managment more important than the Coaching or the System? What are the organisations prioritys? What factor is primary,which is secondary,and which is tertiary? How do the Oilers put these ingredients together as a Franchise?What is their Philosophy of Winning hockey games,what is their template for a winning organisational strategy?

Where have the Oilers expended their resources,where have they concentrated their focus and strengths?

Can a well managed team overcome a weak Coach and a weak System?

Can a poorly managed team with a great Coach and System consistantly have winning seasons?

Can a well managed team with a good Head Coach but a weak system manage to present consistant winning results?

Can a poorly managed team with an inexperienced Head Coach with a Superior System beat the odds and provide consistant winning results?

We all want to see stability projected from our employers right? Do the Oilers exhibit organisational stability?Or do they project an inconsistant focus and direction?

All 30 NHL teams are faced with the same Managerial,Supervisiory,and System challenges, some seem to consistantly year after year find ways to balance their inputs and produce winning results of varying dgrees.Do the Oilers have the materials,tools and leadership to become one of these franchises and to become the stable Employer that NHL players looking for work would want to come to?

Quality personalitys, winning personalitys, are Alpha personalitys, if you have a Managerial Super Structure designed and implemented to cut the cojones off of every single Alpha Male who walks through the Dressing Room doors are you cultivating an healthy working environment considering you are operating within the parameters of a Competative Professional Full Contact Sport,that happens to include bare Knuckle Fighting as its Hallmark?

Have the Edmonton Oilers been suffering from a long running case of Managers of differing degrees of influence all trying to live vicariously through the roster? Does Edmonton have to many Alpha Male personalitys carrying over impacts and habits from their playing days into the office environment,and is this imbalance causing these managerial powers to allow their personal perspectives to surpass professional boundaries? Is Edmonton the kind of place where you need to fight Alpha males on the ice AND in the Bosses office? If you stand up and challenge the Dressing Room or the managment strategy,are you in for a fight to the death with some over the hill NHL star who has found himself in an office and short of hands off cerebral ways to reach out to influence what happens on the ice? If this is the case,who in their right mind would want to come and work here?

Has the Oilers Franchise been unintentionally stunted developmentelly? Have the Oilers failed to establish a stable NHL personality for themselves from within the Dressing Room for a period of decades because of this type of well meaning but regressive managment strategy? Do the Oilers use the term "housecleaning" in an excusatory manner so they can change players instead of adjusting their overall Franchise Managment Strategy and its impacts? Which of those two tasks is the most labor intensive? Is it easier to adjust managment or is it easier to change Players and contracts? Which of those strategys peresents a greater risk of the Franchise losing overall value due to missteps?

Have the Oilers created an illusion of stable managment by using dirty hardball underhanded tactics to preserve managments tenure at the cost of Franchise evolution and healthy internal leadersgip development? More importantly , do NHL players know exactly how the Oilers have been managed and does this scare them off?

I have seen Mac-T come in and make some definitive and powerful forward thinking decisions, I have seen him trying to re-establish some of the core value principals winning teams need to project.I have faith in him. I have faith in Eakins, I have faith in the Players, but I do not have faith in Upper managment.Mac-T can spitpolish everything he can get his hands,Dallas Eakins can show us all his Multi-System System,core Players may have career breakout years, but when it comes to the real curative actions the Oilers franchise needs to initiate,I am afraid Mac-T,Dallas and the Players are all out of the equation. We have at times in the last several decades had two of the three main drivers working together, we have sporadiclly had all three things functioning well, but there has been absolutely no consistancy,we have seen the Oilers address the Head Coach position repeatedly,even Equipment Managers were changed, Scouts were changed,every stone was overturned looking for excuses and things to "fix' now we have seen Players "housecleaned" . It has occurred to me as a Fan that the only thing the Oilers have failed to try to fix is Upper Managment,something is stopping the natural curative process from happening, one strong and very poorly implemented influence is hanging in there for decades it seems.Wouldnt it be truly unfortunate if this influence really did have the proper winning formula in their head but didnt have an effective way of putting it in words or transferring it to the ice optimally, what if this has been one big long running communication issue and breakdown,and many of the peripheral changes were not needed?Could it be possible that the Oilers have cannibalised a Dynasty organisational structure over the last two decades for the wrong reasons,in a misguided and ongoing attempt to right the ship without sacrificing anyone in Upper Mangment?Is that what people mean when they refer to the Olde Boys Club attitude in Edmonton?

If I was an NHL Player with marketable skills, I would be very nervous coming to Edmonton, it would be difficult for me to trust anyone knowing that there was an imbalance of Office-hancuffed still young Ex-NHLer Alpha Males in Upper managment constantly looking for excuses. There just may be to much pee and vinegar in the Oilers Upper managment structure,not enough Seasoned Pespective available at the top level.Maybe these guys up there realy just cannot keep their hands out of the Pie because they are to young to know to trust their subordinates or really themselves seeing as they put their support people where they are,maybe the Oilers lack Maturity in the Upper Managment area?Maybe that itchy trigger finger,that is causing consistant disconnects needs to be tied down for a season pointing in just one direction for a while so the Franchise can develop some stability?

I should be simple to develop a winning NHL Franchise for an NHL owner,pick a manager, pick a System,pick a Head Coach to run the system, pick players who can support the system.If one of these steps is not properly made and managed there will be a breakdown, and it isnt rocket science to diagnose,Here in Edmonton the owner is willing to pay the Piper ,to be patient and foot the bill for the dyslexic managerial learning curve we are seeing here in Edmonton,I can relate to that, its Katzes team to do with as he pleases,he pays the bills.What I cannot understand is Darryl Katzes epic lack of managment Acumen in not recognising that all his Hockey franchise needed was better communication and accountability,that he already had all of the core pieces he needed to build a Championship team save the ability to execute optimal self-valuations by managment.In case Darryl doesnt realise it HE is the source of the baseline that his UPPER managment team needs to make those CRITICAL self-valuations.If he wants to simply pay so his friends can play,fine with me, but he needs to know that he is letting his friends hang themselves, if he wants to blow money to sit and watch people he endorses sefl-destruct,then he is playing the right game now.But if he seriously wants to see his buddies optimise the opportunitys they have via his dollars to forge themselves winning Managerial records to take nto their retirements he is barking up the wrong tree i my opinion.

Darryl get off your arse and get to work, lets see some of your personality shining through ,lets see what you have got eh? Are you a fair-weather friend who keeps the rain away and your friends close by creating a huge umbrella with your fiscal power, or are you the kind of friend who is there through thick and thin,the type of friend who is willing to get his hands dirty to make sure his buddies arent in over their heads after you pay for their tickets into deep waters? Maybe Darryl Katz doesnt see how perfect a fit his skillset is for providing positive progressive inputs to an NHL Hockey Team? Instead of pumping more money in why not sit your arse down in the office and apply yourself properly? Maybe you could diagnose some of the problems the team is facing right now? Everyone already knows you are loyal to the men you hire, we all know you will back them with dollars and loyalty,so now maybe you can take it upon yourself to show us all how much loyalty and confidence you have in YOURSELF. Darryl Katz, its about time you lent your personal flavor to the "Oilers Managment Style", dont be so afraid of failure,you are more than qualified to succeed.Take some heat off of K-Lowe before we lose him,he is a rare type of talent,give him a window of opportunity to ask for help and make meaningfull changes without losing face or credibility,thats what friends do for each other.Or keep footing the bill while your buddies try their arses off to manifest and create the managerial acumen you alreay posess and have to offer.Who knows, maybe thats what rich people do, toy with peoples lives while remaining out of reach of any negative impacts.I dont care about the Olde Boys Club,it is a fact of life wherever you find sucess,I do mind an owner who doesnt give a crap about his friends who he has endorsed already,a guy who supports and guides them to heights they arent accustomed to and then fails to stick around to show them the ropes up there when they show need.

Dont you know Darryl that by abdicating the role of Owner/Superpower,and letting K-Lowe carry the torch,you are setting him up for failure? His peers around the NHL he must do business with and his managerial team and the Players all look to undermine him constantly,you have created a adversarial atmosphere for him to work in by your failure to stand and be counted, you of all people already must know what a man with K-Lowes personality will do EVERY time he is challenged,right? Fight to the bitter end and give no quarter,right? Your failure to relieve this pressure in the traditional manner has doomed Kevin to one fight after another with no end in sight.K-Lowe has all but disappeared from the media, he has gone undercover when we really do be needing to hear from him from time to time.

You have tried to make a touchable man untouchable, unfortunately Darryl All the Kings Horses and all the Kings men and all of your money and loyalty will not make K-Lowe teflon like you are,he will ultimately pay a price for this odd dynamic. I am not so sure K-Lowe deserves this type of heat after all he has done for the Oilers franchise over his lfe and career. I am not so sure he will not wake up one day and see a brighter more palatable future in Montreal or Quebec if they get a Franchise soon.The next ten years wil be the prime years for K-Lowe as a manager,lets do everything we can to keep him here.Roll up your sleeves Mr.Katz and lets see what you have got, make yourslef a target,willingly,see what it feels like to make yourself vulnerable and take one for the team that doesnt involve writing a check.Just maybe it has been an ownership void causing challenges lately,huh?It seems that the issues facing the team all track back to you and Kevin Lowe,what are you going to do Darryl,hang him out to dry or stand beside him and start throwing punches as you stand back to back with

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 10:24 AM
Individual and team shooting percentages are directly connected to the System and how it is managed, these are not random occurances, they are 100% controllable.

Team shooting percentages are driven more by random streaks than by talent.

Talent has nothing to do with it anyones grandma can shoot the puck, I have seen women hit a 6 inch hole from center ice when enough dough was on the line in contests with just a handfull of opportunitys,I have seen many many NHLers miss wide open nets from 50 feet away or closer and not always under great pressure either.

Streaks are irrellevant ,streaks are NOT RANDOM, they are a normal product of consistant system execution, consistancy is the goal of a System presentation, thats why we all dont just play River Hockey.

The very reason stats are so overrated is obvious ,they have nothing to do with how a team should or will play, they have everything to do with how a team has played in the past, but even at that they do not give any accurate indications of what a player can do in the future to improve or stabilise his results within his own system. There are to many fluid drivers behind the formation of statistical results to even CONSIDER stats as a reliable way to manage a hockey team.

Statisitcs are in essence a comparative analysis of an individuals results vs the NHL as a cumulative entity. There are 30 teams using 30 different Systems, so for stats to be usefull they need to recognise the differences between all of these systems ,the one the player is in and the ones his system faces,and track in real-time the changes and adjustments all 29 other teams make as the season rolls along, this is labor intensive and essentially impossible.

If fans in general think that statistics are a reasonably good way to determine how a team should be pre-planning its schedule, they are in for a surprise.

Come on already,30 teams use 30 different Systems which catalyse 29 different individual and specific sets of statistical data besides our own, and then we must consider that these teams will change and adjust their systems as the year progresses. Trying to use statistics to formulate a gameplan to challenge something as fluid as that is not the optimal choice of actions.

Stats are only reflective of THE PAST, they have NOTHING TO DO WITH the FUTURE. You cannot plan your future based on stats history,you cannot simply write down numbers and correct them tic-tac-toe,that is simple unreasonable to assume.

Statistical analysis is a complete waste of time and resources. A stats man cannot compete with an Intuit on the bench, the stats are useless and cannot be incorporated at all. If stats were usefull at all we would have computers running the show not head coaches.

No computer can read my mind and no statistician can anticipate how playaction will evolve, there are simply to many factors in play for it to be done. But I can read your mind in the moment and I can read every man on the ice and put together an anticipatory reaction that will prove to outperform stats every single time. I dont really need stats to do this, but they would no doubt be supportive. The real issue is how our consistantly presented system engages the opponents system, and because both coaches can change at will there is no reasonable baseline that stats can offer us that will help us,maybe stats can instill a placebo type of false hope who knows, but there is no tangible positive effect garnered from them in a game when the chips are down.

Worst of all stats give players false positive reads,and oftentimes tie them to identitys that arent reflective of the player themself, hence the many "surprises"team get when a guy they trade for cant cut the mustard. In those cases the player or manager is blamed but the stats behind the FUBAR are still legitimised and respected,talk about dyslexic perspectives.

To top the whole issue off,the reality is that to become a winner you are creating NEW stats arent you? You need to change the statistical norm if you are to become a winner, so why would you base your own well being on something you know your opponent is going to have to undermine?Why make their job any easier than it is? Actually Stats are like Red Herrings,if used properly,just ask any G.M who is priming a player for a trade and increasing their icetime in offensive situations to inflate their stats and hence their value.

Keep the stats if they allow you to compete from a business standpoint and manipulate the value of players, but for christs sakes put the clipboard down when the game starts and use you guts,like you used to do when you were a player,trust yourself,dont trust the numbers. There are only so many ways to drive a nail into a piece

posted on Nov, 24 2013 @ 09:10 PM
The Tactical Shooting Program and its applications are a critical component of the NHS.

There are many individual system impacts which must be superimposed over a specific template in order to properly valuate the specific type of TSP one needs to use if the system being considered is a Hybrid or an Adjusted-Hybrid.

The TSP can only be applied one way to the NHS,it is a core value component and has critical impact.

The Oilers need to remember that they are now using an Adjusted-Hybrid System. There are a handfull of keystone impacts that they need to consider when they choose their TSP. Mistakes will be terminal.Last season all the mistakes had not been experienced .

Primary shot selection criteria is dependant on System intention and player positioning. As the System makes core value changes the TSP must be adjusted in the same direction at the same time.

The Hawks will be implementing a one-dimensional TSP. Be prepared to get sticks on theirs ASAP once they hit the blueline because they will be shooting out of rythem consistantly,if you expect them to do it and prepare accordingly they will simply keep trying to shoot as per their TSP ,which is what you want.

Just be aware that within 5 minutes they will begin to take it in closer and drive to the net looking for a shot all the way in and are all greenlit to shoot at will.When they do this you need to stop trying to stop the shots with the sticks and use the body to remove them from the playaction and stop the immediate shot threat ASAP.It is important to recognise WHEN they make the tactical decision to begin driving in harder and WHERE they make that transition so you can know where to and when to apply the body to seamlessly terminate their shooting options all the way into the net where you will have more support.

Offensive quickstrike tactics can be built off of this defensive zone awareness if it is realised and optimally utilised.There is only one way to stop even a basic well implemented Tactical Shooting Program,the Oilers now have it.Even though they dont properly understand what a basic TSP is they are trying hard, the irony is that they have the solution before they have even asked themselves the question.

If this method of stopping the Hawks TSP isnt used they will run up the score higher than we can toe-to-toe.Simply because they have a true TSP and the Oilers do not.The possesions will be competative but the scoresheet will be tilted in the hawks direction.

All I can say is that Sam Gagner has turned this team around since his return and he is currently the only thing saving the coach and teams bacon.He has reset the entire teams mentality and helped the coach revisit last seasons Adjusted-Hybrid system that had flashes of utter brilliance.

The Tactical Shooting Program -- brought to you by the NewAge Hockey System and its Intuitive Dynamic Managment core values.

The question remains, does Dallas have a clue what a true TSP even is? And if he doesnt this means he cannot adjust it to fit his system influences and adjustments during games.A TSP needs to be endorsed by the entire roster and managment team and implemented directly into the coaches system presentation.

The TSP is a CORE VALUE component of the NewAge Hockey System, and when it is modified and applied to an Adjusted-Hybrid System like the Oilers and Hawks use it gives the system a steroid type offensive boost immediatly. On the downside,if you know its coming it is very easy to turn it into an achillies heel,especially if it isnt naturally built into your system.Both the Hawks and Oilers are vulnerable to this weakness,as are many other predominantly Western Conference teams. Notice how the Western Conference teams are slamming the Eastern Conference teams,this is because the Eastern Conference hasnt had the NHS hit it full force yet,that will happen next year after the beatings are over for this season,when they realise they have been left in the dust.

If Eakins wants the goods on the TSP so he can compete,he knows where to get them. Just ask.Recieve,Aknowledge source,and carry on.

I am tired of listenng to Ferences BS about how defense is turning things around,that is crap,offense has turned this around for the Oilers. The Oilers identity is and always will be one of Dynamic Explosive Offense,Ference was wrong,and Sam Gagners return and stabilisation of the team proves this, Ryan Smyth should be wearing the C and Gagner and Hall should be wearing the As,Ference is a bad fit and needs to be traded to a team making a playoff push,in that scenario we can maximise our returns as his Stanley Cup experience has more bang for a team on the inside and going for it all out. Dallas is making the same mistake,referring back to the defense being more important than the offense.He is failing to recognise his teams identity and it is hurting him,he will never change it,add to it if he is accepted,but never change it.

Any fan can see the Oilers have gone back to Ralphs presentation almost to a tee,and as the team wins more the duplication will only become more accurate.Even the line combos that were working have been revisited almost identiclly.Switch out MPS and Perron and you have what were last season best combos being our best lines at the end of this season.


These were the the lines we won with in the past and are the ones we will win with this season, nothing has changed from last season other than we pissed away 25 games letting Dallas play head- games.

Dallas Eakins inherited a team on the CUSP of breaking out and defining its identity in the NHL. He will NOT better that format,in fact he has been FORCED TO FALL BACK ON IT.

Dallas has gone back and buckeled to the pressure of the offensive skillsets on his roster,the defensive and compete crap is old news and no one bought it anyways.

The Oilers are an Offensively gifted team and will only find wins and playoff berths by optimising those skillsets.

As of right now the Oilers entire game has changed,Eakins defense first and Ferences defense first party lines have been flushed down the crapper where they belong.No one believes them anymore,fans all see last years system and lines reappearing and know why.

Yes the Oilers will play a tight system presentation to finish the season, but it will be Kruegers NHS /Adjusted-Hybrid system from last season, not Eakins System.

The only chance the Oilers have of making the playoffs revolves around the full and complete endorsment of the NewAge Hockey System and its philosophys.This means asking for it by name,this means aknowledging its source and validating it as an entity with a tangible value to the team.

Once Dallas gets trigger happy or has a mood swing and causes the rosters system execution to change and Gagner to hit the wall,a few losses will pile up quickly,unfortunately Eakins has used all of his mulligans already.

There is no Swarm system, there never was, it has been Moma2s NewAge Hockey System and Intuitive Dynamic Managment driving the system evolution for over 3 years.The Krueger interpretation was an NHS influenced Adjusted-Hybrid.Dallas tried to add a defensive component to the mix and bombed himself to smithereens trying to do what is impossible to do.He has been whipped mercilessly back to Kruegers EXACT system presentation and lines combos.

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Last nights game was a prime example of two Adjusted-Hybrids facing off. The Hawks used a NewAge Hockey modified Adjusted-Hybrid and the Oilers used a poorly concieved and executed basic Adjusted-Hybrid. Two years ago the Hawks didnt have a clue what the Oilers were doing to beat them to pieces, they learned to use the NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid system from what the Oilers were doing to them back then. The Oilers didnt have complete control over what was causing their system to evolve the ways it did under Krueger,they were trying to piece together a "book" for themselves.The Hawks simply found the real book and implemented it. Last season was their first full season using the NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid and they will not be changing anytime soon.

The Oilers need to find the exact same resource the hawks found and utilise it the same ways, the team has executed an even better version of the system than the Hawks do today. On a level playing field our roster would SWEEP the hawks in a Playoff series, but the Oilers coaching staff is not willing or able to do what the Hawks staff has done, EVOLVE.

Dallas has tried to develop a defense first version of the Adjusted-Hybrid to begin with, then he has tried to implement some NHS tactics into that base patform. A horriffic idea to even consider, the NHS is a 100% offensively catalysed possesion/transition system designed to score 4+ goals per game and generate 40+ shots per game.It is not possible to superimpose defensive tactics or philosophies onto anything NHS.You cannot simply take the concepts that create the desired impact you see and lump them into a mud-pie,a defensive system MUST catalyse its offense out of a defense first mentality and philosophy.Eakins is trying to to teach defensive system then catalyse his offense out of those breakouts,and it will never work.The breakouts must be offensive minded 100%,everything must be that way for an NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid to function properly and optimally.

To begin with last night Dubby should have been pulled to swing momentum after the 2nd goal,the optimal opportunity to turn momentum for the roster from a coaching position was exactly then when he belly-flopped and they scored.

Dallas and Ference will not stop trying to sell the defense first propoganda and it is sinking this team like a dead weight. The Oilers finally went back to last years system execution, let the men play to their strengths, won 3 in a row, then immediatly tightened up under pressure and began focusing harder on defense trying to preserve the streak, the EXACT OPPOSITE of the things that should have been done.

Defensive focus will never ignite this roster. Dallas doesnt even know how to define a Hybrid,Adjusted-Hybrid,or an NHS modified Adjusted-Hubrid system.But he is trying to pull bits and pieces out of all 3 of them,if this is the multi-system system he was talking about pre-season then this is the causality of his failure to make it work at the NHL level, he is unable to follow the "book" because he is using pages ripped out of 3 books jumbled together. The roster will never understand his concepts,because the ways he is forced to adjust his system presentation force him to overlap philosophies and systems tactics so much it creates a cerebral overload for the players,they cannot keep up with him,no one could except Dallas himself.

This is the manual or longhand method of trying to develop and Adjusted-Hybrid, and really isnt even near the Hawks NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid system, in fact Dallas has tried to teach his players to use a Hybrid defensive base, then he has attempted to make it work like an Adjusted-Hybrid,he doesnt even have a real clue how to visualise an NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid because as soon as he has to let go of the defensive security found in a basic traditional defensive Hybrid system he refuses to move any further ahead developmentally,this is why it took him so long to discover with online help how to turn his Hybrid into an Adjusted-Hybrid which is exactly what catalysed the 3 game win streak.It was a fall-back into defensive crap that regressed the team and caused the loss to the Hawks at the most critical time in the season.Immediatly after the prior game Eakins commented on how he thought the team was falling into bad habits in the 3rd period of the game. Both Dallas and Ference spewed the party line and in an attempt to not let the roster get ahead of itself immediatly jumped on the "defense did it for us so lets work harder on it BS" eventually convincing themselves that this valuation was accurate supported and in fact true when it was not any of those things.They both jumped the gun in their hurry to snuff any roster belief that offense is the path for them to success,or that it was offensive adjustments that catalysed the 3 game win streak.Both those men are so vain that they put defending their own prior defined perspectives ahead of the team at a critical time in a failing season.Everyone watched the team revert to last seasons exact system execution and rip off 3 consecutive wins,dominating ones in terms of GF vs GA,not just wins. This intentional misdirection of both the team they lead and the fans that support them has caused me to put them on the problem side of the equation now.

Suck it up Buttercups, the Oilers were an offensively catalysed possesion/transition team in the process of learning to execute a better version of the NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid than the Current Cup Champs are using today.A team with an identity and a growing reputation as a mysterious threat as the shortened season wore on.Now the coach has taken them back to a basic Defensive Hybrid system and is suffocating himself as he tries to turn it into an Adjusted-Hybrid so he can win at the NHL level.

Forget superstition or traditions, you reap what you sow.

The Oilers are clearly the dominant team on the ice with the Hawks,in every department. It is a crying shame to watch a potentially dynasty level core be wasted during these green and energetic development years,when they could and should be in the playoffs.

The Oilers CAN make the playoffs, the CAN put together two ten game unbeaten streaks using the NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid like the Hawks are using now and used last season.

They CAN NOT evolve any further at the NHL level using the defensively overloaded system philosophy they are being forced to embrace.It will never fly.

I predict core players will try to bolt in the next year and a half if they dont see a light at the end of the tunnel by seasons end.

I cannot believe that people are accepting the product being sold to them by the coaches and managment.

Nail Yakupov should be competing for the NHL lead in goals this season as he is capable of doing. Taylor Hall should be in the top ten scorers, Hopkins should be pushing the assists numbers into top ten levels as well with Hall and Eberle on his flanks. The Oilers 2nd line should be winning games for them as they are capable of doing.The 3rd line should include Smyth and Hemsky,the 4th should play their own modified system because of their size.

Our goaltender should be top ten and pushing for the NHL shutout lead because there is no tighter more accurate defense than none at all,bank on it.

There is no Swarm system, what we have watched is Dallases attempt to convert a defensively based Hybrid system into an Adjusted-Hybrid system, he si

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He simply used his own interpretation of "adjusted". He tried to incorporate 100% offensively catalysed Intuitive Dynamic Managment tactics and philosophies into a defensive hybrid system projection.Dallas tried to take a short-cut,and it failed epiclly.

You CAN NOT use a defensive Hybrid base system to create Adjusted-Hybrid impacts and results without making core value system changes and evolving beyond the Hybrid itself.You must take a full step out of the Hybrid.It is the transitional tactics which define the "adjusted" part of the equation.Dallas is drowning trying to make his Defensive Hybrid function using offensively catalysed but not executed transitions. You gotta dump the defensive crap or you will lose your jobs fellas,it is what it is.Things can and will get much worse if you dont bail out of this mess now, its not bad luck or a learning curve,it is a terminally flawed system and philosophy.

When your failures become predictable and your successes unpredictable,it is time for drastic changes.This is where the Oilers are right now.

All Eakins needs to do is bow to the superior system and philosophy.He is so close to sucess it is pitifull. The things holding him back are to much vanity and inner conviction and to little inegrity.There is no swarm, there is a NewAge Hockey System.There is a learning resource available.

The Hawks FEAR the Oilers,they know where their current system came from and cannot believe we are so retarded as to still not be using it ourselves over the last 3 years, they are waiting for the other shoe to drop and for our coaches and managment to tune in.Even our opponents cannot figure out where the disconnect is,it is literally pitifull.

With just a few simple adjustments last night we would have hammered the Hawks.

All season long it has been the same story,a lack of coaching ability to adjuste to the opponent system-wise.It has NOT been the players.

There is a better managment system than the one Dallas is trying to use,but it will cost him dearly.

This seems to be the going rate.
-one Oilers official thank-you backdated
-one Oilers coffee mug
-one job with a desk and an office
-one visit to the Oilers sports Medicine Specialist
-one official re-instatement on the Oilers website
-one apology from a to be determined website moderator
-one ten game matched salary based Oilers fiscal committment to a charity
-one win/results based contractual committment for 4 years, on a ten G per win scale.With 20 G bonuses for every playoff win.
-one stanley Cup ring for each championship the Oilers win over the 4 years,dont care how you do it make it official and make it happen.
-the Stanley Cup for one hour each of the 4 years after it is won as the players get to do,make it happen.

Well thats the long and short of it now isnt it?

If the Oilers hope to learn to execute the system they covet they must learn to adjust it using Intuitive Dynamic Managment tactics and Philosophies original to and derived from the NewAge Hockey System.

The NewAge Hockey System is not available.Intuitive Dynamic Managment Consulting services happen to be the only thing on the menu.The name Swarm nearly bumped the tab up substantially when I read it,call it a near miss.

Messier was a fine addition,but he is no replacement for Intuitive Dynamic Managment tactics and philosophies,he is however the most likely to understand the entire data package the fastest and fullest.He will "get it" all immediatly. But if he understood it all already the Oilers would be in a playoff spot right now.

If the Oilers allow Dallas to continue picking off all the men who clearly understand Intuitive Dynamic managment concepts better than he himself does he will permanently damage the Franchises future,Mac-T will use his input to make elevated business decisions regarding personell,eventually replacing critical players with defensive robots.

If Nail Yakupov had the correct support on a game to game basis he would be exploding right now.If Hall had the same support he would be going supernova.Mens spirits are being pillaged and destroyed for a poorly concieved defensively shrouded fiasco openly supported by Dallas and Ference.

It looks like neither Dallas nor Ference can keep up with the herd here in Edmonton.They simply cant run with the horses we have here in any way shape or form,they need to slow the herd down so they can keep up and the predators and vultures are taking healthy men from the roster one by one now.Time for the Goodship Oilers to sail on and jettisson anything remotely defensiveminded.

Defense comes AFTER failed Offense ,not before a successfull offense.Thinking anything else is regressive and slightly dyslexic.

I could analyse the Hawks-Oilers game ,but this problem is beyond a band-aid solution.

One of the core value laws of nature is kicking in within the Oilers organisation as we speak,it is survival of the fittest and everyone is starting to see red flags popping up everywhere.

It is time to let this ship burn .

I have watched multiple NHL teams successfully utilise a system given to the Oilers while they remain in denial and #e the bed and fight reality,it has been heartbreaking to witness.

I dont believe there are any excuses left to be provided by Dallas and Mac-T.

If they knew about the NHS for the last 3+ years and denied it,that is bad news for their egos,because there is no way out but through the door y'all came in by.Disclosure is the only option.

Traditionally promotion from within attatched to non-disclosure agreements keep most hard to accept facts out of the public domain,think about it fellas.Buy it and you own it,leave it on the shelf and everyone gets to wrap their greedy hands around it and try to figure it out,as has been happening with surprising consistancy and accuracy.

The most interesting thing of all is the reluctance of a losing team to try new things.When you have flushed your entire season down the crapper and all seems to be lost,isnt that when you reach out for the impossible? When you will take risks that are against the grain of your current direction?

If Dallas Eakins had a media session and let the world know his organisation had hired a full-time Intuitive Communications Consultant to work with the team and that he had made the decision to change his current system immediatly over to the NewAge Hockey System lock stock and barrell,he would strike fear into the hearts of many of the top Western Con. teams who are rocking it right now.

The NHS modified adjusted-Hybrid is a known quantity but everyone who gets their hands on it immediatly knows the majority of the league are not there yet so they slam the doors shut and dont discuss it.

The last 2 Stanley Cups were won by teams using NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrids.

No one has ever utilised the full and complete NHS. It is pristine.It will dominate and destroy any NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid on sight.

The only way to win a Cup now that the NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid is out there killing teams is to use the Mother System to crush it.The NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid is only 3+ years old, and it is dominating the NHL already. The pure NHS will dominate the first season it is utilised,and will be nearly impossible to replicate or duplicate in form and function without the entire data package.This is not a traditional system that anyone can simply lear

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There is something to be said about the little things, the small details, once again everything depends upon the definition you you attatch to these things.

Columbus didnt do anything spectacular, they didnt show superior adjustments or tactics, they simply executed a simple gameplan, avery very simple gameplan.The Oilers couldnt find ways to change the small details that needed to be tweaked to find the results they want,the win they wanted.

I define the "little things" and the 'details" as the small adjustments a coach makes to his system during a game, the slim margins between winning and losing are created by a coaches success not a rosters failures.

No NHL coach makes major adjustments system-wise during games, pre-game scouting prevents major adjustments from being needed.

When Dallas and Ference refer to the detais and the little things and the TIDBITS, they need to clarify themselves a little more.I do believe they are mistakenly referring to the players actions when they use these terms NOT the coaches. As I said it is the coaches who are responsible for these things,there is an epic dyslexic force stopping the team from even defining basic things in a rational manner.

There is no hope for a team that cannot even agree on basic workplace definitions.

It is time for the team to learn how to properly work in a Union environment. having been a Job Steward working within a Union environment I can safely say that this jobsite is an epic disaster.

I do not see a way out of this mess. There is no leadership on the macro-level.

I pity this group and that is a very strong statement because I am a diehard fan and have been since day one.

This team has an awsome group of elite offensive players who ARE NOT DEFUNCT in the defensive areas of the game.The Head coach has guts and is willing to take risks,but when the real chips hit the table and he has to be honest and integrity driven he comes up with the Swarm out of nowhere and fails to fully validate the source of his NewAge concepts ,this is Karma at work plain and simple. I must say that one reaps what one sows.No sorry attatched just a chuckle.

All this team and coach and system need is the ability to adjust on the fly. I dont want to diminish the talents and abilitys of a group of NHL pros with the resumes these guys can toss at me,but they suck.I cannot put it any other way, they suck and they all can handle it,they can all upset the bed together and wait it out till morning.This is not accpetable.

There is a System that enables a Coach to gain and maintain a tactical edge in the adjustment department, in the read and react department. Dallas knows it because he has tried to take a perfect existing system and improve it and then call it his own, he has displayed VANITY-an achillies heel for a rookie in any job.There is no such thing as a Swarm System as it is called and the Hockey Gods know this to be fact.

If I were a betting man I would say this will end with Dallases demise,this is not something that will be seen this year but soon. I dont believe this is a system issue,Dallases system is GREAT, and although it is only a partial rendition of its Mother System the NHS,it is very very effective.In fact Dallas system is dam near as good as the NHS on one half of the rink.

Eakins has built a Ferrari from the ground up but he forgot the transmission, he cannot handle the power he has found a wy to generate, he needs more gears to shift through and he just cant find them.

For the record Intuitive Dynamic Managment is best executed by a highly Intuitive person.Not someone who thinks they can do a better job than the creator of the philosophy and concept.

Mac-T has been in the shadows a lot lately and he is a major player in this mess, he brought Dallas in and he likely gave him a pile of data on the NHS and asked him if he could make sense of it without telling him where he got the original data from, karma is a sandy beach isnt it Craig.

All the Kings horses and all the Kings men will never put the NHS together again.But its creator sure can.

I am now at the point where I am beginning to see the true value of Karmatic projection.

I am straight out saying that the young 1st picks need to consider breaking ranks if there isnt a massive change immediatly in the integrity department. Many NHL teams must be laughing at this point because they KNOW what is happening in edmonton, they know that some little random fan has become the David to an NHL perrenial Goliath.This is not funny anymore and this ugly dynamic could have very very long lasting effects on many careers.Imagine that it all started with one ignorant self-centered website moderator that thought they were Kevin Lowe,and operated as if they carried the impunity of an Owner and this one simple act of ineptitude cost the Oilers a place in NHL history.

As in anything in life one must sometimes look in the mirror and decide if they like the reflection they see looking back at them.

Fess up.

Give back the donuts,give credit for a cutting edge NewAge Hockey System where credit is due,clear the Karmatic debt that has been incurred.Return the dressing room to its original state pre-Dallas, get rid of the jacket ,it looks stupid to see professionals with soothers in their mouths,jeepers creepers,thats just creepy.

Tell Messier that NewAgeSys has won hands down and that he needs help already. Mark can make a massive difference,he already has,I can see it in the way the Oilers reacted to the Bluejackets system focus,they were on the money they just couldnt READ AND REACT faster than the opposition was.THATS ALL
, all they failed to do was make several small adjustments on-the-fly,a few small details ,a few TIDBITS.

No one is ever going to replicate the impact of a true and powerfull Intuit.Mark can learn faster than anyone I can think of,but he still has to learn.Wayne is gone and the game has changed,teams are USING Waynes tactics now,so Messier needs to evolve as well,but without that pure Intuition Wayne flashed to him he is not much better off than everyone else happens to be.Mark has the POTENTIAL to be the difference maker,but not on his own.

Mac-T, maybe you need to need to put your best foot forward and clear the slate with NewAgeSys, you are out of options,and so is Dallas. You WILL lose key personell over this fiasco.It is time to fix what is really broken and that is the managments integrity button,it is stuck in the closed position and has been for a long time.

The terms are clear,make it happen.

Simply making a public endorsment of the NHS and making it known that the team has exclusive rights to the entire system will STRIKE FEAR into the hearts of the entire NHL,simply because EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG knows what has been going on for the last 3 years and they know that this time the team HAS to take one for itself.This group of money mongers has hit a brick wall and they cannot win if money is taken out of the equation , they must concede to integrity first,then they may begin to win.

Imagine that one person sitting on their own couch at home can have a core impact on an NHL teams results, I guess its like every other business in the world today,a lot of tasks are being done from home offices.An Intuit can sit and strategise faster and more accurately than any head coach in the NHL OR ex-superstar player hands down,with the exception of gretzky who was

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Proper Post Game Commentary Inhouse Only

Definitions seem to be a tough sled for my hometeam,funny achillies heel but it is what it is.

Against the Yotes I can only make one comment considering the performance I witnessed.

Why you no pull Devan? No brainer.

Why you no using give and go on PP?Basic.KISS.Freaking man missing on other side do math.

Why you no punish dork who hurt Goalie last game?Now Yotes spit in your eye and you deserve?

Why your Captain wait till it over and no matter to shed some knuckle skin? Better question why no one else shedding any knuckle skin these days?

Why you do silly back pass between d-men? Nice try at Intuitive Dynamic managment,you so silly,that hardest way to get job done and big risk of FUBAR.Easier ways to force opponent committment and to utilise upspeed man playaction.Wrong tactic for Yotes system anyways,where pre-scout at ,Happy Hour?

When you going to break like down to puddle of tears on bench?Admit entire concept and application of NHL defense being defined inadequately or continue to melt like ice-cream in Kardashians nether-crevice.

When you going to pat self on back for making unique and excellent NHS modifications to ONLY ONE HALF OF your Adjusted-Hybrid,you forget offense silly man? OOps forgot you dont know what an Adjusted-Hybrid or an NHS modification even is right?

why you not look down at game compass once in while and make sure men are going N-S,not meandering masquerading as a defensive team,its an illusion that defense wins games schtick and everyone knows it,you may pound it in you may preach it from dawn to dusk you may get neked and howl the words defense wins games at the silvery moon,but you will not win games living under that delusion.

Why you not take momentum of solid physical play from last two games into tonight? Who coaching this regressive way,one day the team hits and recovers first consistantly establishing dominance and supporting system play and next everyone turns vanilla at once?

Why you no have Honey Dew list on bloody locker room wall if its so hard to get through to the men,for the love of Murphy you are consistantly missing the boat and failing to get the message across,everyone is as teflon as the Oilers website moderator that banned Moma2 in an act of vengance then misrepresented the reason,teflon i say -teflon.Maybe this is why so many NHL points have slipped through the teams hands this year,the teflon is rubbing off on everyone,hee hee hee.A blackboard and a box of old fashioned chalk costs less than one of Eberles funky haircuts ,is the slush fund running low or what?

Why you saying all the exact right things one game and in left field the next day?Why I hear right words and have hope then see hope dashed by talk of defense first always?

If the party line is to Suck it up Buttercup and call this a growing season someone is on the wrong vitamins in the office man.The only two players with a season to burn like that are Yakupov and Arco, the rest are just Wallflowers at the Dance this season,this happens to be the first year in a very long time I have seen losing accepted by the Franchise on a viable level.In the name of learning to win?What blasphemy!!

A system of play is set during pre-season,NO SYSTEM is this hard to learn.The men understand the system one game and dont understand it the next game,what gives here?

The problem is in the definitions that seem so hard to clarify, lets use real-time on-the-fly Tactical Adjustment as an example. I am not getting to complicated here OK, it means baby steps,seeing as that is the quote of the month here,OOPS forgot,even that has been bastardised hasnt it? Baby steps meaning literally small steps,you know like instead of shaking up your entire system to reply to the opponent coaches adjustment,you ask a few good men to take simply a few good steps in the right direction without shaking anything major up.Coaching adjustments need to BE VERY SMALL in actual physical terms systemwise but VERY LARGE in impact,isnt that the trick of coaching?When I was in SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL I once played a Doubles badminton tournament ALONE,with the exception of the first match on the first day,my partner dropped out and my teacher wouldnt let me take a new one,it was play or lay down and accept a failing mark,it was SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP-------------I smashed every team including the two top players from the School Badminton Team,did you get that Sunshine???? I DID NOT LOSE A SINGLE GAME!! I learned to play ambidexterously ON-THE FLY,because I HAD TO.Think about that for a second will you,SENIOR HIGH level talent,not Elementary School kids on the playground!!!!! I didnt use a single forehand smash,not one.I backhanded them all to pieces,ripped them all new orfices in an epicly embarrasing show of superiority that carried over for FOUR WEEKS,it was bloody sublime.It was so traumatic to the dork instructor who tried to smurf me and I beaked him off so much that the plick gave me a low mark I had to appeal because I didnt use all the proper techniques during my WINS.even the defeated revolted and supported the appeal which I won.WIN-WIN-WIN -WIN.The tourney,the point,respect ,and a walk-on to the badminton team which I politely turned down as I was ALREADY PLAYING 5 SPORTS THAT YEAR.Are ytou getting the common denominator here yet??WIN. Everyone competes to win,not to compete,and defense wins NOTHING. Offense WINS everything. There is no compromise.

Until this point is driven home from Coach to stickboy this team WILL NOT turn the corner,not this year and not next year.

I am sure that Stockholm syndrome has set in by now,players I woulnt believe are spewing out the defense first crap,I guess if you want to get minutes you preach the party line huh> I wonder what happens in ten more games when even a dream of a playoff spot is gone.

Did I mention that Ference is looking like a real NHL Captain lately? He is doing the right things now, he has shown he has what it takes by putting himself on the line in an exemplery fashion,soon some will rise to his occasion,losing season aside.Leadership works that way.Looks like he is listening to Ryan Smyth finally,bout time kiddo,looks real good on you.Please keep it up.

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Just a tip for Dallas.

Dallas,the general idea is to project a stable consistant simple system ,but that is step one,step two is taking one man and making him the catalyst of that consistancy on each line. Only one man is flexible,can rove around,can float and direct and dictate,this way my friend you are NOT TRYING TO ADJUST EVERYONE AT ONCE. Come on pal.

Kessel gave you a lesson you didnt GET,ok,go back and watch it if you need to.He did what I just told you to do.Likely without his coaches blessing in the moment but he still did it.

Dallas,EVERYTHING to do with the on-ice playaction can easily be SPEEDED UP if you want it to be that way, from shots to breakouts to entrys to linechanges,everything down to the last detail can be quickened. But to do this YOU NEED TO LEARN TO RE-DEFINE EVEN YOUR MOST BASIC DEFINITIONS OF THE GAME YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW SO WELL.Dont sweat it you are not alone.

I saw you do the right things for that 3 game stretch and I also watched you choose to end that streak based on vanity and misplaced principals.Those were the 3 best games of the year.

The season was coming back to you but you made A CHOICE,and you let the dirty D-WORD creep back into your post-game comments [Vanity Dallas you couldnt let it go not then and not now]and then you let those comments carry over to the next game and tightened up,got a bad result and tightened up even more,then NEVER WENT BACK TO THE WINNING FORMULA. You had it, I saw it,you felt it,the record shows it,the points prove it,so what in the name of Papa Smurf got into your head?

You coach like I write,man,you are all over the map.

For the record a high speed offensive team carries energy in their strides and SHOULD be laying DEVESTATING HITS in EVERY GAME.Why isnt this happening? Two BOOMS per period keeps the wolf from the door.Ten popcorn farts per period makes opponents chuckle.Have you forgotten about the open ice hit?

Defensive teams DONT LAy IMPACTFULL HITS,because they dont carry momentum.ONLY HUGE ROSTERS can play a defensive game and incorporate hitting into that focus,they are slow and big,get it man?Your roster is not built this way and it doesnt need to play out of its comfort zone to win NHL games and the Stanley Cup.

Every possesion in the o-zone is a potential goal,and if those goals arent coming then I am sorry dallas,YOU are not dialed in at all.

Every time we enter the o-zone with possesion and do not score WE HAVE FAILED AT OUR PRIMARY OBJECTIVE.

Dallas tryin to make defense the primary Objective WILL NEVER FIT THIS TEAM.

The 4th line isnt there to kill minutes it is there to score goals,if you cant ice an offensive line with two tough guys then you are lost man.You are better off bumping gadzic up into the top 6 and shuffeling him around for 60 minutes than you are to commit an entire NHL line to tough guys who are just there to kill minutes and play it safe.There is no room in the NHL for that mindset,no time no space and no place.We can ice tough players if you can properly manage them up and down your lines during games as needed.You cannot afford to waste an entire line , you should be able to drop your 2nd or 3rd line in its entirity to the 4th any time you wish to do so.And shuffle the beasts up where you want to,no one tells you how to manage your men externally so whats up?

The game of hockey is best managed possesion by possesion,not line by line,it is really possesion/transition managment NOT line managment.

Just give your big line a specific set of transitions to use that suit them,dont keep trying to apply your system influence to everyone in one big arse wipe,it is not the optimal managment strategy.

And finally dallas,you have screwed up badly with yakupov,it is your fault not his not the systems,it is your philosophy,you didnt get to know the men before you screwed yourself up pal.Take it how you will,but I have never seen such a case of a coach letting a an individual player down,you HAVE NOT made an example of him you have simply contributed to this ghastly horrible inaugural season for yourself.You WILL not hear the same kadhri crap after this mess man come on already,and Khadri would have blossomed anyways who the heel are you trying to kid,all you did was ride his majic carpet,like you tried to ride Nails,anyone can make that cheezy type of move as a coach. Why dont you get the heck to work and pick a player who NEEDS to improve his offense and make it happen instead of trying to stifle a super-stars skillset.

Dallas it isnt going to fly man,the math is letting you down, trading a goal a game from Yakupov for two solid defensive plays or two less overall mistakes is a losing game just like this is a losing season.

If you cant make the system work by now it will not work any better next year.

I know it Dallas because I see the game at another level above your roster AND above your abilitys as well,I may not have your NHL or hockey acumen and wordsmithing down pat but baby I can read the ice and playactions and opponents system influences faster and much more accurately and consistantly than you and your entire coaching staff.

Messier hasnt made the difference ,why is that?I see his influences,as clear as the bright blue sky,the silly back pass to the d-man is patent Messier,however that is not going to cut it because that is not a set play like you are using,it is simply another creative tool for an offensive team to utilise to execute transitions,NOT defensive breakouts for goodness sakes,where did that epic disconnect come from huh?I saw it ONCE and knew exactly where it came from,and sorry Moose but that is a toy straight out of Waynes Sandbox,yes he lent it to you to play with but it still belongs to him.Want me to tell you the season you learned it in,huh Mess? I DO REMEBER.Do you?

Dallas there is one specific game that you can use as a template,I will give it to you,I dont think you have earned it with all of your bs,but I give you the rookies break,ok.

You ask Mac-T and K-Lowe if they remember a game where they had their arses absolutely handed to them,where they were DOMINATED as an entire team when the Dynasty was at its height of power.Dallas I am talking about a historic NHL roster getting spanked with no mercy.Believe it or not your personal perspective is clearly represented in the opponents system presentation in this game ,this is very ironic to be honest,that you are trying to develop in a way the system that ate up the Dynasty System and roster,its a vague similarity but it is still there at the core level.Ask Messier to think long and hard about his memories of the game ,maybe hand him a Magazine to read while he ponders the question from his throne,wink wink nudge nudge.

You have no idea yet what I just gifted you from a tactical standpoint.Do the research and reap the rewards.

By the way it looks just as bad to openly say you intend to compete in a game and then lose as it is to say you are going to WIN the game and lose,so get over the compete stuff already and shift gears,ask more of the players and you force more out of yourself,and Dallas you have a lot more to give.I truly believe that inside that defensive shell is an offensive wizard just itching to get the heck out and do some damage.It is just as easy to believe that good offense will support good defense as it is to believe good defense wull support good offense. it DOES

posted on Dec, 4 2013 @ 12:46 PM
Ok Buddy time for another re-set here ok?

I am not sure how your valuations are formatted post game,but its time to change the content of those interviews,you need a template to follow that doesnt include your having to make valuations in the heat of the Post Game moments when you havent had enough time to be as accurate and insightfull as you want and need to be. Honestly ,how can you be expected to give full and accurate valuations of what you needed to do to win when you in fact DID NOT WIN---jeepers ,of course you CAN NOT have that data or you WOULD HAVE WON.Dont you see what this does dynamiclly my man, it FORCES you to hang your players OUT TO DRY. The men who you are suppossed to be sharing loyalty and esprit de cops with ,what the heck is that?If you know exactly what should have been done throughout the entire game 10 minutes after it is over then what does that say about your ability to do your job as a coach if you dont hang it on the players and frame them as the causality of the disconnects resulting in losses?

Man ,you need a man like me just to keep your head above water,I am not sure if you or the organisation posses the resources to keep up with me for that matter,I do not believe that my level of micro-managment ability has been see here in 20 years.

One strong all-encompassing superior influence must touch every corner of an Organisation to create an environment where optimal impact can be consistantly provided and expressed through winning results.

Your pressers are as much a part of this philosophy/influence as what the men do on the ice,and need to be managed with the same direction,focus and intent that they are projecting.

I understand the absolute need for a superior communication method,I see how badly you are lacking in that area,not as an individual influence,but on an organisational level.Yes the men need to communicate out on the ice,but this should have been established long ago as a part of your system template.You are not being fair to yourself if you continue to address each of these micro-issues individually over this long and drawn out duration.All of these "details' are SUPPOSED to be integrated into your system already.For example,when you play Volleyball,you need to verbally call the ball in a decisive manner to be successfull,in Football on a punt return if two men are back same dynamic applies,in Baseball the fielder MUST use this same dynamic communication to enable themselves the opportunity to create winning results.How could we be discussing this issue at this point in an NHL season?That is a Systems issue.

Last night every mistake was a Systems failure,bar none.

Even the bush league goals Dubby let in were allowed to happen because of Systems failures.In a nutshell pal last night no one was making accurate or adequate contact physically,and I dont mean huge hits I mean making adequate contact to control the opponents next decision and then recovering into a superior position yourself,something that the team was excelling at just a few games ago.How can the team lose perfect habits so soon, in fact how can they lose them at all?The only possible causality is that you are not recognising your success at the micro-level accurately and this prevents you from achieving optimal results when you play the next game.The dirty D-word,defense,keeps creeping into your world and screwing you up,you believe honestly that defense will help your roster,I know it,well sorry but you need to re-define exactly what the impact of defense is in an NHL hockey game, in a word it is a BAND-AID.It is not a CURE.It is a crutch,not a prosthetic limb.

It is painfull to watch a mind with your potential functioning like you are right now,the best paralell,like it or leave it is to watching Yakupov trying to guage where he should be going in open ice to adhere to his system responsibilitys.That is what you are doing cerebrally during games.EXACTLY THE SAME THING.I said it once and I will say it again, you and Nail NEED each other,more than you two realise.If you truly had an open mind you would realise that you could ride Nails special talents to success for both of you and he would absorb the nuances of NHL hockey on-the-fly.Dallas why cant you understand how Nail thinks?I know why,because he actually REALLY DOESNT THINK LIKE YOU DO.No offense intended,ha ha ha what a PUN that is about now huh?but you are a pretty one-dimensional communicator,and try to bring everyone onto your page in that format.Well sorry man but you will need to learn to communicate in a 3-D format if you want to bring everyone onto the same page as you are rightfully trying to do.

For the record,Nail Yakupovs skating style is unique and optimal,very effective for projecting his individual skillset and strengths on the ice.He is a DARTER.Take that away from him and you cripple him.You are asking him to play a 360 degree game on the ice and it is suppressing his core skillset right down to his ability to keep in the system playaction tactics.

Nail and Taylor Hall and Hopkins and Ebberle and Gagner are built perfectly for the TRANSITION GAME.We are the hawks and they are us,they are even using the system they copied from us that you dont prefer. They are the comparative model and the only one for us.

Dallas you want the defense to control the pace of the game to slow it down,you want to project your influence primarily through a defensive impact,but this would take three years to do and the entire roster would need to be replaced,only one of the Big 3 would be able to stay here.By the time managment recognises the existing template that is developing whereby your systems defensive focus is slowly by attrittion draining away skill and offense and regressing 20 years of scouting and drafting and organisational focus ,it will be to late to stop the bleeding.You cannot make things work your way with the resources you have,and tiny bit by tiny bit,and game by game you are orchestrating a dynamic template that will force Upper managment into a position where they BELIEVE this backwards two-step is actually neccessary.

In all fairness you do believe that the players arent able to do what you ask,and you feel causality is their overall lack of defensive awareness and ability.

Dallas my man, these men have been exposed to so much coaching from a defensive standpoint it is overkill already.You cant know this because of the player you were,but jeepers man put someone elses shoes on cerebrally for a minute ok, you learn MORE about defense by PICKING IT APART than by trying to put it back together from a pile of parts.

You do not learn this way,BUT, most of the elite skill players you have DO learn this is you who needs help here,to keep up with the MAJORITY MINDSET. Instead you have tried to change the NATURALLY CATALYSED MAJORITY MINDSET.Someone else convinced you in an excusatory play or you convinced yourself that this team had an attitude problem and thought they were the cats Arse and didnt need to understand or play defense because they were all Gifts from the Hockey Gods and they could simply score 8 goals a game and become champions.Your natural reaction was to fight that perspective because you cannot concieve of dominating in that fashion,this DOES NOT mean this cannot be done,it means you cannot VISUALISE it as a Coach.You came in with the intent to SNUFF THAT PERSPECTIVE OUT,you hired ference to help you as a locker

posted on Dec, 4 2013 @ 01:45 PM
You came in with the intent to SNUFF THAT PERSPECTIVE AND ATTITUDE OUT.And you hired Ference as a locker rom Hit-man and made him the Captain so he could get the job done for you.

My God Dallas,you were wrong and look what has happened now?You dont know how to reverse yourself out of this one.But it can be done.

The roster you inherited was JUST LEARNING HOW TO OPTIMISE THEIR GROUP SKILLSETS TOGETHER IN A 100% NATURAL DYNAMIC MANNER.They were beginning to play to their strengths and had to fight through a learning curve with Ralph,who WAS IN FACT making things work,and adjusting himself bit by bit,slightly faster than you are doing now.The real issue is that you DIDNT PICK UP WHERE HE LEFT OFF,instead you did a 360 degree turnaround and confused the entire roster.You ripped them down to a level you could work with and in doing so you disturbed a skilled dynamic that you have NEVER EVER EXPERIENCED OR BEEN A PART OF IN YOUR CAREER.You destroyed something before you had a chance to learn about it and fully understand it and its evolutionary history.

You WILL NOT pull this off man,it is against the grain of the majority of the mens mindsets and perspectives,and even if you do pull it off you will have had to completely replace the majority of the roster to do it,it matters not if you do this over 1-2or3 seasons because it is the only way you can get your way.This is likely NOT what upper managment had in mind as a long term prospectus when they hired you.Your only option if I AM RIGHT,is to shatter the roster.I dont believe you can change a majority mindset the way you think.Breaking down one man individually like Kadre isnt the same as trying to break down an entire roster.You WILL NOT DO IT.

I will show you how far from the majority mindset of your roster you actually are.

What do you call it when a player loses the puck and then spins and goes full bore back after it?Do you call that good defensive effort and awareness? Or do you call the losing of the puck poor defensive effort and awareness?

Well good morning sunshine, everything about that sequence is 100% offensive in every way possible.The INTENT is what matters,the result,NOT THE PROCESS.You are focusing on the process and the mens minds are focusing on the results.YOU cannot get up to their speed,and cumulatively as a group they CANNOT come down to your level without losing the slim margins in many areas that have made them tremendously successfull in the game of hockey their entire lives.

In terms of the NewAge Hockey System,I said an EVERYMAN perspective is needed to build a solid system platform or base to work off of,I was referring to the CEREBRAL aspects of the EVERYMAN concept,NOT the actual on-ice impacts,those must remain fluid at all times.You took it literally,and assumed defense was the best way to create the EVERYMAN dynamic you require.That is called a mis-read my man.

Journeyman and EVERYMAN are very different,Everyman refers to the MAJORITY MINDSET. It is your job to FIND that equalibrium not to CREATE it.

One simple play executed optimally for 60 minutes should win an NHL game consistantly.

Two plays can be used but this reflects poor communication.

Three plays can be used but this reflects a coaching weakness.

Four plays can be used but this reflects a complete system core value terminal weakness.

The better the system and execution the FEWER plays that are needed to win games,NOT THE REVERSE.

Zone exits and transitions are not"plays' they are the steps you take to create a "play".The "play" is the finish,not the process.Your definitions are labor intensive and awkward,you need to learn new ones.

I cannot handle the shellshocked looks after games anymore. Listen man, it simply isnt possible to play a period of scoreless hockey at any level without epic mismanagment being the flavor of the day.You do realise the TWO NHL coaches can both lay Squirrel Eggs in the same game right?You are projecting like a fighter who has learned to hang on tight and tie you up so he can survive[compete?] and in reality he is simply waiting to be knocked out and just rying to make it happen on his own terms,its an illusion,the terms are not your own if you are simply hanging on.

The defensive mindset is like hanging on,the "compete" mindset is like hanging on, if you set your personal bars by those concepts how can you achieve anything but losses?

There is a hand to hand combat System that is optimal for an un-armed man to consistantly defeat multiple ARMED opponents and I mean firearms not sticks and stones,the end result is CONSISTANTLY in the favor of the man with the knowledge and acumen to execute.The core value drivers are in hockey terms time and space. You reduce them both and use the momentum of those actions to catalyse terminal offense,there is NEVER a defensive catalyst thought or action initiated,or you will die.

When I fought hand to hand the only time you would feel me with my hands on you was just before you went to sleep.And you NEVER catalysed that action,I always managed it,even if you had the ability to initiate it on your own,I made you do it WHEN and HOW I chose,therby owning the end result.its the same in hockey,if you get within a specific dis
Dallas,it doesnt matter what system you choose to use in a hockey game ok,a blade is a blade is a is how you use the blade that defines the end results.I can watch any system you want to use in any game against any NHL opponent and I can give you tactical data to win EVERY GAME.I can do it on-the-fly.You cannot do this,nor can any other NHL coach I have ever seen.

Dallas I can do this because I am making very small but accurate adjustments you cannot conceptualise.I am making anticipatory adjustments that are 3 dimensional in their conception.Am am anywhere from 1-2-3 steps ahead of you and your peers on the bench ,because a single adjustment I make has already considered your opponents potential counters,to the level of up to three degrees beyond their ability to anticipate the future potential playaction possibilitys.

Intuitive Dynamic Managment.

The System doesnt matter.Consistant execution combined with accurate and optimal on-the-fly implementation of Intuitive Dynamic Managment will make ANY System a Stanley Cup winning System.

I said it once and I will say it again, you cannot replace Intuitive Dynamic Managment by trying to project a Multiple-System influence over 60 minutes because it is to labor intensive and cerebrally taxing on the players,and it is also to much for you and your crew on the bench to properly manage.There is simply to much data to manage optimally in an NHL game at NHL speeds.

Nothing is superior to Intuition man,why is that so hard for so many competative mindsets to grasp?I won at everything I ever played more than I lost,and the only answer I have is that the majority of people really simply cannot visualise and conceptualise the reality that THEY CAN DEFINE THE END RESULT EVERY SINGLE TIME.It is a heavy burden to bear I guess,maybe to much responsibility or pressure to handle,I dont know but jeepers there is only one Winning Formula and it applies to everything.

If you accept what I say then you accept the internal pressure that you really have no reason to lose a single game,and if you do it will be clear exactly how and why it happened.No secrets and full accountability are a scary concept to some people.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 09:51 AM
I must point out something I consider to be significant in relation to properly creating the Winning Formula.

Six years ago I didnt know how to turn a computer on never mind type on a keyboard or post on a web-site,I had to learn on-the-fly,my what fun that was ,I have left a flaming trail of site bans and smoking ruin as I have evolved my online acumen.

I discovered that the online communnity from a Global perspective is limitless,but from a small special interest perspective like a hockey fan carries the internet is a very very very small place.One might mistakenly think that the Global perspective applies to everything and underestimate the impact that a single enthusiastic fan can potentially have within the much smaller special interest micro-pocket of cyber-action online Hockey People call home.

That being said,the online community is pretty much a closed community, it is nowhere near as open a market as most people believe.A small handfull of online websites control a TREMENDOUS amount of the online momentum related to Hockey.

This means that there exists a STATUS QUO, one specific to the internet and controlled by a very few people.In some cases these people have realised this dynamic exists and have tried to take advantage of this and gain fiscal leverage by co-operating and working together to maintain a falsely catalysed STATUS QUO.

The same people take the same opinions and perspectives from site to site and support other site owners in this debacle.They try to ping-pong all the hockey fans they can corral from one of their sites back to a buddies site and so on and so on.This means that the natural evolution of the average fans perspective is unavoidably affected by this un=holy alliance.This gives a small handfull of pals power exactly like the Hockey Ownership group and like the Players Union posess.

Having locked horns with this small group of people has proven to be interesting in that they all carry the SAME PERSPECTIVES and fight to maintain them,and they fight dirty,they use punative actions to Ban anyone they dont personally agree with from their site and subsequently via the Unholy Alliance that much needed counter perspective is also Banned inevitably from the site of all of their buddies,effectively stunting the growth and evolution of the data being made available on those site.

Heres the kicker,most of these people are less than optimal supporters of the teams best interests, these are micro-businessmen trying to fiscalise their efforts one way or another.
This means the things driving them are fiscally catalysed,even if a regular fan just started a site out of passion, if they want it to remain viable they must become involved in the business end of the internet.

Once money becomes a part of the equation anything can happen.

Now I say this because I have been banned from every site you can imagine because I refused to submit to the artificially catalysed group status quo that I encountered BUT my focus and philosophys have never changed.

I have won at every sport i ever played,was the Most Outstanding Male Athlete in my High School,practised with Olympic level athletes and Professional level athletes,coached multiple sports teams while also playing on multiple teams myself,and generally learned how to create the Winning Formula in MANY very different environments and sports.This Winning Formula is in fact transportable,it can be transposed over and onto ANY competative dynamic you can imagine with equally superior results being realised.

Now comes the funny part,99% of the people I have encontered online dont have a clue how to create this Winning Formula,in fact they are generally clueless to the dynamic requirements needed to create winning results.Everyone has competed at something somewhere along the line,it is impossible to not compete in life in general so everyone has been exposed to the scenarios where the Winning Formula has helped them in one way or another.However for some unknown to me reason very very few of them can step outside of their own boxes and see how and when they have utilised this winning Formula to one degree or another.I have come to the conclusion that nature ensures that this happens and that the causality is a natural phenomenom,most people just arent supposes to see things from outside their own boxes,simple,and very hard to change without a tremendous investment of time resources energy and passion.

HERES THE PUNCHLINE, ove the last 6 years while I have been online supporting my favorite NHL hockey team I have NOT constantly demanded the heads of Players or Coaches or Managment ,I have supported whatever people we have had with us at the time.I have tried to adjust and incorporate each of them into the basic Winning Formula recipie because this is how you do it,not because I personally endorsed these people.Once a person lets their opinions and attitudes interfere with the Winning Formula it turns into the Losing Formula immediatly.

I have endured many years of listening to popcorn perspectives rip player after player and coach after coach apart in self-propogated feeding frenzies designed and supported by a small group of influential online orchestrators working together in a loosely formed and hard to define but unified group dynamic.

These key online players in the cyber-side of my favorite sport realise how small the cyber-world really is because it is a business world to them, however the majority of fans who visit their sites and lurk but never take a stand on anything DO NOT REALISE THE POTENTIALLY NEGATIVE IMPACT THAT THEIR FENCESITTING can have on the team they love and are trying to support,if these fans dont speak up on these online forums then the owners are given the right to carry all of the momentum the site carries in ANY DIRECTION THEY CHOOSE,not neccessarily in a direction good for the team or indicitive of what the average visitor to their site feels is the right direction,these controllers are autonomous.

In short this means that the CREAM CANNOT RISE TO THE TOP,in these environments,the best of the best are not allowed to naturally evolve into leadership positions with heightened respect and and influence based on results.The ownership can write and post anything they choose,they can also censor what others put on their sites,this means the least optimal perspective and skillset predominantly runs the show nearly everywhere,and when you toss in the fact that many sites work informally together it makes for a STRONGLY MISREPRESENTED ONLINE HOCKEY INFLUENCE.

God forbid that players or coaches EVER LISTEN TO THIS CRAP.I say crap only because of the fact that natural evolution of perspective is stunted and controlled in these places and it goes beyond the individual sites and delves into co-operative cyber-managment with the power to supress specific fans in totality if their perspectives threaten that artificially catalysed and maintained online status quo.

You cannot find the best of the best online,not at all,you will only find what a small group of co-operative controllers want you to find.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 10:58 AM
I was a short chubby kid ,the 2nd shortest in most of my class pictures growing up.I would have been one of the least likely to succeed in any sports based dynamic from a very young age. I was a bookworm growing up, I read and read and read,but nothing fictional just biographies and auto-biographies,NEVER fantasy or fiction.

When I was in gr.5 I developed a crush on a girl,she was a nice person and cared about her friends was beautifull and very very tall,Murphys law at work,ha ha ha. I wanted to be as close to her as i could get,to interject myself into her world.In Class there were peer group issues I couldnt master that that kept me at a distance ,however during Gym class her long legs took her to the front of the pack and away from most of her peer group and my problem,ha ha. I rationalised that this was my best chance of getting to know her without that issue interfering. The obvous problem was that I was essentially a chubby midget whose short little legs just werent conducive to running with the front of the pack in Gym where she always was.Luckily for me I was a bookworm with a funny habit of NEVER reading fiction,I only read reality literature,i read about people who did great things who accomplished incredible things no one else could manage,and I LEARNED HOW THEY UTILISED DYNAMIC INTERACTIONS TO ENGENDER AND RECRUIT HELP FROM EVERYONE AROUND THEM TO DO THIS. I learned that they needed to make EVERYONE around them better to take themselves forward to the greatest heights of all.I learned that it really wasnt the individual that caused this success to happen that it was in fact the WAVE or INFLUENCE of the cumulative smaller successes of a large group that these leaders managed to surf to these incredible heights.

So exactly how did this help me? Well I was able to understand that I needed help from a lot of people if I wanted to get close to the girl i liked.Imagine the surprise of my Gym teacher when a little bookworm Spud walked up to him one day and asked for help to learn how to become the fastest runner in the class?He must have thought I was cracked.But he responded perfectly,he told me he was glad I wanted to get better and be the best i could be, and he also told me to remember that being the best I could be didnt neccesarily mean I would be running at the front of the pack,but that if i tried my very best every time that I would definately begin to get better and that the way I could tell if I was really improving was to remember where I was running that day in the pack and to pick the person who was always barely ahead of me and pretend in my mind that that person was the FRONT OF MY PACK.He explained to me that no one learned to climb mountains without first learning to climb hills,that I had to remember where I was starting from and where I wanted to be every single day .he told me that I needed to be honest with myself or I wouldnt be able to tell the difference between a hill and a mountain and that if i tried climbing the mountain before the hills I might lose my belief in my own abilitys and that was the biggest thing stopping people from learning to become better at the things they loved doing.He told me to [he knew i was a bookworm] write down all of the things I thought made the top runner,a tall lithuanian boy,the best in the class, then to write down the things I thought I made me run at the bottom of the pack,then to look at the honest list and find ways to improve myself in the areas where I was weakest and this way I could recognise and find the hills I needed to learn to climb ,not to compare myself to the best but to honestly recognise why that person was the best ,he told me that honesty to myself was the most important thing ,and that if I was as honest about the best runner as I was about myself that I would be able to tell the difference between the hills the mountain.

I wrote the list and did as he advised. It was an interesting moment,because I realised that all of the things that made the best runner the best were things I could not change,he was tall with long legs and skinny as a rail so he didnt have to work as hard as I did with short legs and a heavy shape.I knew I couldnt stretch my legs and I knew i couldnt shrink myself to match my height. I realised that he didnt have bigger lungs than me on the inside and that because he had all the physical advantages on his side he probably didnt have to work as hard as I would to be number one.This meant to me that I could find a way to win if I could work harder on the inside than on the outside.I recognised his advantages were his and mine were mine,and that if I was going to get close the the girl i liked who always ran second I had to make my strengths stronger and not focus on his strengths trying to copy them.I began to pick off the runners in front of me in every class,I counted the steps it took to beat each one and remebered the number,the front of the pack was ALWAYS just a few feet in front of me in my mind and when I passed one person the leader became the next one in front of me,I CHANGED MY PERSPECTIVE.I began to see how easy it was to beat each person one by one if i only focused on the next hill and not the mountain.Before long I was passing taller kids with smaller hearts.I started to recognise that the physical differences werent the real issue,it was the effort and the drive and the stubbornness that I needed to work harder on.One by one they fell.By the end of the year I had worked my way to the front of the pack and was running with my teacher considerably ahead of the class trying to push him,i actually had the guts to seriously tell him he was next because there was no one left for me to beat,ha ha ha ha, he actually kept leading me harder and harder. But he NEVER let me earn anything i didnt deserve he kept definitively ahead of me.This is how the big gap between the class and the two of us developed,I FORGOT about everyone else and only saw him.By the time I had made it half-way up the pack I had started developing a crush on a new girl,a short girl who never gave up and who was a real monster in games.

This is not fiction.

There was no way I could or should have achieved what I accomplished.The tall boy who WAS the leader of the pack became my close friend.The teacher who mentored me eventually became more than a teacher to me he became a friend and helped give me important direction as I grew and developed.

I learned that anyone can do anything if they are honest and have a plan.I learned that getting better started in your head and then went to your heart and lastly to your legs.When I accepted my High Schools Most Outstanding Male Athlete trophy years later I thanked that man first in front of all of the people there,no one knew him but me that day,but they learned who he was because when I had my moment to shine he shone with me.

I dont expect people online to understand how to create the Winning Formula. I know what it takes to earn that knowledge and the special mentorship it takes to teach someone to be honest and to believe in themselves.It is a one-on-one dynamic and not everyone gets a chance to experience it,one must put themselves in a position to learn,not be thrust there by peer or parent pressure.You have to WANT TO WIN.You have to honestly evaluate WHY you want to win,the reason isnt important as long as it is what YOU want,not what someone else wants.

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posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 12:44 PM
There is a Winning Formula.

Not everyone knows how to communicate and teach it.

Most successfull athletes have parts of it to different degrees on their resumes and in their beanbags.

Managers treat Championship sucess as if it is part luck or fortune or fate.

This prevents the from bringing the pieces together to create the Winning Formula.

There is NOTHING about a game that cannot be controlled and managed optimally in ones favor.

Nothing is luck fortune or fate.

if I see a mistake on the ice,I register it but do not immediatly address the commonly considered cause,the man himself,I have questions for his teammates because I need to know where they were mentally when the PLETHORA of small details leading up to the mistake were happening,I NEED TO KNOW HOW AND WHY THEY MISSED THE FACT THEIR TEAMMATE NEEDED SUPPORT.

To counter the opposition coach I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS.

The actual error is the final stage of a culmination of strategic actions,not a singular occurance.No properly managed team creates dynamics where men are left facing an enemy charge all on their own.When this happens it is where you look for causality and a solution, you look to the men peripherally associated with the error to see what the opponent was seeing,in MOST cases it isnt the individual who committed the tactile mistake that was being targeted by the opponent.

Fumbeling a puck in your own zone should not immediatly result in a goal,only if the defense is spread to thin and no support is available.Rule number one is no man patrols alone,NO MAN.

posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 12:18 AM
It is 5-2 with 6:44 left and I dont believe in superstition so I am calling the Avs game a success.

I love Roy pulling his goalie so fast ha ha ha.its so backwards,one of the few areas I subscribe to traditional focus in.You pull your goalie late with seconds to go if you can manage to find a faceoff,this is the NHL and a single possesion is a potential goal so you play it with a tender as long as you can with the intent of turning a possesion into a goal.Not pul the tender and take your roster off stride and out of their rythem with 3-4 or 6 minutes to go,it sends all the wrong messages.

6-2 very very nice,this is how the result should be consistantly,this is an offensive team that has the ability to break opponents spirits,and the sooner they figure out that doing it ASAP in every game is the only way to ease NHL level pressure and begin to enjoy the job more the better.The opponents intent starts in their heads but their belief gets stopped in their hearts and never makes it to their legs to create the results they want when you break their spirit and that just takes some math,numbers,goals,the sooner and the more the better,each teams spiirit breaks at different times but they ALL break under the pressure of overwhelming offense for 60 full minutes,they NEVER get into the comfort zone I am talking about.

I most respectfully compliment Dallas Eakins tonight for NOT giving in to the urge to go into a defensive shell at several key moments in the game,that took nerves of steel and a heck of a lot of guts.One word RESPECT.Taking one for the team.Learning.Evolving.

I hate to say this but because it was shot my way earlier in the season with intent ,here is the boomerang impact it deserves to be put to bed for once and for all.THIS ---IS---A TEAM THAT IS BEST SUITED TO WINNING GAMES 7-2,sorry Andrew,sorry Dallas,but THIS is the Oilers historic and eternal IDENTITY.Welcome to the REAL Edmonton Oilers finally.

I am in a state of bliss right now as Taylor just completed his Hattrick.

8-2,very very nice.This is what an NHS modified Adjusted-Hybrid does when it is optimally managed and executed.

Consistant offense over 60 minutes just like this is the Oilers trademark.

It is nice to see the team smiling and happy,and Dallas and his crew deserved a night like this.

The FANS deserved a night like this.I also deserved a night like this.

Now rinse and repeat.DO NOT OVERTHINK OR OVER ANALYSE THINGS TOMORROW,JUST RINSE AND REPEAT,GET THE CEREBRAL AND EMOTIONAL MUSCLE MEMORY SET.Put away the Skepticals ,there is no time for that now,we must be in it to win it this way EVERY GAME NOW.

Now the planting of the Majic bean ,watering,and cultivating has been done,lets see how high this Vine can grow.The roots are now in the ice,lets see how well the entire plant can be tended.

I have no comments other than the timeout which I thought wasnt a bad idea then but now realise that it had the same effect as pulling the goalie to early a regressive one that broke momentum and rythem and slowed the team down for a dangerous stretch,I was on board with the TO 100% and was as surprised at the actual impact as Dallas will be upon reflection if he bothers,I wouldnt overthink it,just book it for future was a nice paralell to support the regressive impact in terms of momentum and rythem of pulling the tender to early.

That was a very nice set of very well constructed dynamiclly compatable lines tonight.An excellent job of putting together the right complimentary skillsets.

I would use this as a template and make only small adjustments for specific opponents ONLY if there is a massive mismatch somewhere.I would need solid evidence of a terminal tilt to make any changes.

This game was not lucky, fluke, or fate, it was a well executed consistantly implemented superior gameplan.

Well Coached and well Executed.Yes Mess the long distance impact was felt tonight ,excellent job.

I saw some nice details implemented by Dallas and the men tonight,no need to go over them as the were ALL a success.

Again Kudos to Dallas for standing strong in the face of heavy fire AND NOT STRAYING FROM HIS GAMEPLAN,that was really standing in front of the men like a leader not beside them like a peer.

To all the readers on a certain website from which NewAgeSys was recently suppressed and banned,it was really nice to see the NHSs Intuitive Dynamic Managment component mentioned by name tonight ,thank you to two specific poster for mentioning and then correcting the term.It is very nice every time I see NewAge Hockey System terminology being posted mainstream,it is happening more and more now.There was more than one cheapshot aimed at the NHS and Intuitive Dynamic Managment tonight on the site GDT pre-game,and the SWEETEST part is that it happened or was catalysed BECAUSE THE HATERS SAW DALLASES LINE COMBOS AND IMMEDIATLY KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING.You all KNEW what he was planning to do with those lines as well as I did as soon as you saw how far from the status quo they were,ha ha ha.Talk about validation and recognition.I mean seriously that is jamming your own foot up the old six-hole now isnt it all you non-believers,especially on a night where the Oilers experience a true breakthrough and win the game 8-2 and make me proud.Karma baby Karma.

Intuitive Dynamic Managment,a core value component of the NewAge Hockey System,utilised by Dallas to make his own unique modifications to his line combos and to an Adjusted-Hybrid base System,that is what we all witnessed tonight.For the record I believe this modification is superior to the Hawks ,Blues,Kings,ect ect.Now we all have the NewAge Hockey Systems Intuitive Dynamic Managment answer as to why the Western Conference is EVOLVING THE ENTIRE NHL GAME into a much more Fan-Friendly and Player -Friendly Offensive entertinment extravaganza,well worth every cent of the tickets ,parking,and junk food prices,most definately worth the money.That is what the NHL is supposed to look like in 2013 and well into the future.

I am still waiting for the TSN halfhour Special I promised yet another website that suppressed and banned the NewAge Hockey System.Karma sucks doesnt it boys?I will remember to give you a plug for old times sake huh?Ha ha ha.It just a matter of time.

Kudos to Gagner for being such an excellent leader and on-ice manager tonight,excellent veteran decison to shoot the puck and score the goal instead of trying to be cute,all business,that decison was what eventually led to Halls 3rd goal because it secured the game and EARNED the men the right to support Taylor the way they did in a responsible rewarding manner without breaking gameplan continuity,that is the reward the men deserve when they work hard and responsibly as a group to execute consistantly and put themselves in a superior position,they get to make each other shine like they all know they can.

Last note,EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION OUT THERE---OUTSTANDING.Consistant execution of this critical detail contributed significantly to the end result to THE WIN.That is called confirmation,rinse and repeat please Gentlemen.

Dubby,kudos,you earned this one,and I did notice all of your adjustments which i will not mention for tactical reasons, you have been working extra hard and it has paid off,keep to the program it is having a positive impact.

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