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moma2s NewAge Hockey System

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posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 05:14 PM

Nice call, now exactly what do you mean by a "new vision under new managment from the top down"?

Seriously, you post a lot here, what are you talking about?

Are you talking about a "New System"? A new "Philosophy"?

Oilers,NewAgeHockey System,NewAgeSys,momma2 oilers.

Because I have been screaming for a new system for around three years, for godssakes i even created the NewAge Hockey System to fill the void and tried to give it to the team, and gotten squat for support from 90% of fans here and elsewhere, for the same reason I am posting to you, the fanbase either misses the boat or refuses to say the dam word system, you tell me which one it is?.

Just bloody well say it already,ha ha ha, SYSTEM, we need a new SYSTEM from the top down a new System and a completely new System Philosophy.

If the knowledgable fans refuse to pull their heads out of their own arses why should the players bother?? Start pointing your fingers at the SYSTEM where you should be looking for christs sakes,ha ha ha.

You got everything dead on right in your post except you left out the most important word,SYSTEM. Why is that? Do you really not see the system as an entity, do you not believe that it matters?

How can the Oilers make the changes you are so right about without changeing the system entirely?

Havent we tried for decades to make this system work and failed?

What do fans attribute all of this consistant failure to? The #ty players we have had here, well thats not true, how about the #ty coaches? Well thats not true either? maybe its all the anemic hearts huh? Well I doubt that. Maybe its our Captain Horcoff? Somehow I doubt one man could cause so much damage unless his middle name is cancer and Shawns does not start with a C. maybe its Kevin Lowe or the "system" he supports and projects?

So where exactly are we again now? Back at bloody square one, the ONLY place we can possibly find ourselves when we start digging, the bottom,the inside, the core, the freaking SYSTEM.

For the umpteenth time, I ask you What is our System called? What type of System do we have? In all your years of being an Oilers fan when the hell have you heard our system referred to by name or by function or action?



What is the one single critical area that the organisation has historiclly refused to openly discuss? The system. This is a historic blemish we have carried for decades here our organisational refusal to be accountable in this department.

Sather had NO SYSTEM to speak of, he allowed his players to manage the team from the ice and he was a trouble shooter from the bench. We didnt even have a conventional system back then, and the team has considered this to be a trade secret--and the dam idiots tried to replicate Waynes Brains[Dynasty Oilers system] thinking they were developing a secret weapon when they were really digging their own grave---, but they havent even really understood how Wayne and Mark ran the team dynamiclly back then never mind how to run one like that today.

This is why the NewAge Hockey System is a skin-tight fit over this teams current shape, because it was designed around the specific dynamic intangibles projected by the Players we have on our roster, the specific types our team has recruited and brought up through the farmteam, on their overall packages as defined by our Thinktank .

Why the hell would you try to make the men fit the system when you can make the system fit the men? Which of those two paths is the one of least resistance? I guess it depends wether you are a "driver" or a 'mechanic", each equal quantitatively and functionally but very different in cerebral and communicative presentation and execution.

A system based on Tangibles can be vacume sealed onto the players, the handbook can be printed on their arses if you want, they can take the book and tuck it under their pillows if they choose to. Players can be indoctrinated like in a factory that just punches blanks into coins from a solid single template.

A system based in Intangibles can be integrated into the Players perspective and vision not branded on the outside of their arses, it can be wired into their cerebral mainframe,IF it is based on Intangibles. Players can be indoctrinated through the use of Intuition and Visualisation and other intangible core values like group Hypnosis where each individual coin no matter the shape or size is designated an intangible value that is itself quantified, and defined and accepted by the group mindset. You create your own value you dont accept others valuations, you create your future, you dont allow others to reveal it to you.

The NewAge Hockey System is based on Intuative Dynamic Analysis and managment. I specificly designed it that way to fit the Oilers historic mindset and to correct their historic screw-up, one we have ALL been forced to share as fans. There is NO OTHER NHL System of play in existance based 100% off of intangibles at the core value level. The NHS is groundbreaking.

If I explain the NHS fully to 100 people 9o wont get it off the bat and will struggle to understand it in any decent amount of time, but the 10% that understand it immediatly are called " visual thinkers", look it up. This unbalanced numerical dynamic reality happens because most of us base our realitys on "tangibles" or on things we can see, hear,smell,taste,feel ect.,90% of us are this way from birth.

There have to be more mechanics and maintenance men and engineers than freaking drivers, so if we transpose that thought to hockey it means most men have to be grunts and a few 10% have the abilty naturally or have been taught to be LEADERS or DRIVERS. As we see on these sites if you are a "driver" and you try relating to the "crew" you will run into lots of static and jealousy and all types of complicated emotionally based dynamics. Life will be hell, thats why drivers dont spend their lives in the garages with the mechanics, they dont need to know that stuff hands on ,just understand the dynamic effects.

You can tell a driver how to navigate a complicated track verbally and he will transpose that data accurately into his mindset to enable himself to be the fastest driver on the course BEFORE he is even in the car, if he cannot do this accurately and consistantly then he WONT be a driver, the same principal the mechanic uses when he is diagnosing your cars problems, the difference is that the mechanic can use his hands to tweak things and "connect" to his work in a TANGIBLE manner. But the driver must accurately visualise EVERYTHING and cannot tangibly touch or tweak every single component in a sequential manner without losing functional integrity. The driver must use intangibles to achieve the same tangible real-time results the mechanic produces without touching anything at all, and the results MUST be identical for them to succeed as a team.

The Oilers need an influence present and accounted for within the organisational and functional framework that can act as the team manager, one that understands both the Mechanics and the Drivers, for the sake of the moment lets call this manager the SYSTEM, ok?, the manager of the team is the SYSTEM.

This is where everyone has missed the boat and been railroaded into an intentional fog, kevin Lowe manages this team, so HE is the system, it is his vision and ability to understand both the tangibles and intangibles and how they function in a symbiotic manner that define the Oilers SYSTEM. But if you ask him or the Team what "System" they use you will NEVER get a straight answer, because kevin doesnt have one, he has no "system handbook" to show us because there was none for him to carry forward once the Dynasty dissolved, he has been out of his element for his entire tenure, one facet of his job has been a solid consistant success but another has been a tragic failure, his tangible actions managment and results have been very good, however his Intangible actions, managment and results have been a rollercoaster for sure.

I have been kind enough to spend going on three years online trying to directly communicate this reality to the Oilers with varying degrees of sucess. I have directly offered to help them and to teach them the NHS, with no respone. Well there was a response alright, I hit many nerves along the way and the Oilers reacted many times, but they did it in an underhanded manner that lacked integrity and honesty, they completely ingored me and the NHS as the catalyst of change and hired Darkhorse Analytics to fill the void i so truculently illustrated online repeatedly. They tried to replace a natural Intuative ability combined with a working understanding of competative sports dynamics with a statistical placebo, a cheap knockoff of the real thing. And they shot themselves in the foot.

The Hackathon, the Last Man Standing, these are all cheap ass attempts to STEAL not recruit Intuative talent--- just like they took the charity of the NHS originally from me and refused to aknowledge the source--- there is no integrity in that action and karma will kick the Oilers arses for eternity until they change their crooked ways , again the Oilers are being shallow and ignorant and refusing to identify and validate the source or catalyst of their directional changes,they are refusing to accept TANGIBLE RESULTS the NHS produces as being original to the NHS , instead they try to attribute the results to themselves and go to extremes to do so, as far as paying huge sums of money to hire Statistical anaytics firms to allow them to continue to disenfranchise the real catalyst, the NHS, this actually goes against their nature believe it or not, they are traditionally a results based organisation.

They know they need help and to change and over 3 years they have been cornered and exposed repeatedly and mercilessly by the NHS and its Philosophys, the problem now is that they are trying to hire people like Darkhorse to define what they need in a TANGIBLE manner, this CANNOT be done, and they as a group refuse to accept this, they refuse to believe that Intuition and Intuative Analysis can produce tangible results.They refuse to validate Intuative Dynamic Analysis as being SUPERIOR in every way to statistical analysis which is what they pay good money for and which is what has catalysed this epic disconnect organisationally.

They are like the hardened old detective that refuses to consider using a psychic medium, but out of political pressure which causes desperation he finally calls one in and soils his pants when the Intuit solves the crime in two hours after he and the Dept have spent two YEARS working towards the same result. This exact dynamic is not uncommon, just use Google.

Just like the old Detective, even if the case is solved in 2 hrs by the Intuit he will NEVER openly promote the Intuit, he will maintain his own perspective and define the Intuits results as fluke or luck, that is untill he is forced into a corner like a rat again and needs the sugar.

The NHS and I have had the same diaretic effect on the Oilers managment structure, they need to stop drop and roll and come up running for a new and clean pair of pants. The problem is that the sugar is getting extremely valuable as more and more people realise how sweet it really is, free samples have been liberally dispensed for 3 years. The promotion is over now, the Oilers need to step up with their fiscal Louisville Slugger and hit a homerun before next year when the entire house of cards falls and we begin to lose the cores integrity.

That name again for the record is Moma2s NewAge Hockey System , Mr. Lowe, it isnt going away and you will validate it or you will never recieve full acess to it, and pal all the Kings Horses and all the Kings men arent putting your Dynasty back together again, ONLY the NHS can do that, and you have and continue to step on my toes by trying to replicate the NHS by forcing tangible traditional concepts into areas they will never fit,by trying to disenfranchise and deny the real tangible results manifested by the application of intangible influences, and this has destroyed your teams continuity of execution, and as I have said in the past this is exactly what managment deserves, a loseing record littered with failures and inconsistancys, I just happen to feel that the Fans and Players deserve better which is why I took the time and effort to create an entirely new set of Philosophys and a new System of play for the Oilers.

If I had a million bucks i would lay it all down on the fact that Kevin Lowe or someone within his organisation is right now as we speak trying to do exactly as i am claiming, trying to hire and recruit some tangible resource that they can buy and simply plug in to the organisation to make things work as they want them to. As I have said many times, Intuits are rare, Intuits who are well versed in Athletics are even rarer, Intuits who were obsessed with winning at any and every competative dynamic and who have coached competative dynamics already are ever more rare, so you see its not like the Oilers can simply Google up what they need, they keep putting no-name parts on their Ferrari,ha ha ha. I like that they are willing to invest in Stats analysis, it proves they have been tweaked into action, but I also know HOW and WHY and by WHOM and WHAT they were forced into action by.

I have found that it is actually a health burden to try to analyse and asses the Oilers from an Intuative Dynamic Perspective, the workload is tremendous, the organisation is so fractured and riddled with morality voids and professioanl ethincs grey areas that it is like driving your car through thick pea-soup fog, its slow going if you want to make the journey safely, a lot of unusually hard work, to much for one person Intuit or not, it would take a team of Intuitively catalysed cerebral Hit Men to clean up the mess we have here, this will require a team effort and last time i checked members of The League of Superheros were all tied up.

I have posted enough over the last 3 years to get the general point across that it has been and is the Oilers SYSTEM that has catalysed decades of failure, and kevin Lowe is the tangible representative of our System, so his system handbook is the real achillies heel that has terminally crippled this franchise, I am not saying Kevin Lowes personal performance has been the catalyst of this utterly sickening mismanagment, i am clearly saying it is the INFERIOR SYSTEM PHILOSOPHYS AND TACTICS that he has continually embraced, supported and mercilessly enforced that is the cancer eating this team from the inside out. That is kevins cross to bear, i am not sure he knew what he was getting into to tell you the truth, he underestimated the full scope of skills he would need, he somehow missed the intangible areas, the Intuition, he failed to find a sidekick who has the ability to provide him with this critical balance in his perspective on an ongoing basis, he instead surrounded himself with like minds, men who were as based in tangible influences and the results they provide as he himself is, with yes-men, he needs a no-man like a man lost in the dessert needs water..

Maybe its the Owner Daryl Katz to blame, methinks he should have the moxy to see what is happening himself or at the very least have a loyal enough and honest enough and trusted enough capable source to fill him in on occasion so he can trouble shoot at least,Daryl seems to prefer the hands off approach, like his other businesses, maybe no one told him how much an owner can influence the results his team produces according to the level of tangible and intangible energy and personal attention he invests? What the hell is wrong moneybags, where are the Best Men for the Job? Maybe people should stop spending your money looking for the Last Man Standing so your resources can get to the places they are most needed. maybe you should just hire an Intuit and see what you have been missing, in fact i will bet you dimes to dollars that EVERY facet of EVERY business katz has can be
immediatly improved in definable ways through the incorporation of Intuative Dynamic analysis, and NO HE DOESNT already have this resource or we would be seeing it utilised,ha ha ha, he may have some second rate placebo but he surely does not have the real thing.

Come get some of what the NHS and my Intuative abilitys have cooking Daryl, I have been kicking your Hockey teams managment crew in the Crown Royal Bag for going on 3 years now and they are starting to look worse for the wear, I have a feeling one of these days the Players will pass the hat and contract out for their own help,if you dont get the hell on the ball,ha ha ha.

Wayne, and any readers who got caught in this post, sorry for the epic rant, but I do believe i have finally been broken by this dysfunctional machine, I stopped drinking the Happy Pops nearly a decade ago and I believe this post may be the equivilant of Falling off the Wagon.

In some delusional way I still feel we could keep everyone we have on board and turn this ship around overnight with the right new hands on the wheel helping turn us through the curves, not steering the bus just helping steer through the tough going.I believe the communication conduits we need to rebuild and strengthen can only be acessed via the system, and because of the severe and terminal disconnect present everywhere the reality is that we need a wholesale change-out from top to bottom, of the SYSTEM and its PHILOSOPHYS, not of the personell and manpower.

Everyone From K-Lowe to the freaking bus driver needs to ask their wives to pack them a few brownbag lunches, they need to buy new pencils and scribblers , jesus do people even use those things anymore,ha ha ha, and they need to come to school for a few weeks, they need Moma2 and the NHS to give them some tough loving that will result in some tough learning.

If I dropped a 500 carat lump of dirt in Katzes hand and told him it would turn into a diamond if he could properly care for and maintain it and he could call a few friends and see if the trick worked, he would be scraping the dirt off with his fingernails as fast as he could, no doubt, but if he had no way to validate that the trick worked he would need to guage wether or not his time was worth being spent scraping dirt off of a huge lump for potentially nothing, you see he wouldnt find the diamond if he had no friends to tell him the trick works,his perspective is based on tangible results like his hockey managment teams is. But the problem is that if you break it down, there was one decision one day a very long time ago when Daryl katz had to let it all hang out, where he had to trust his Intuition more than his common sense, maybe the man cant face the facts that it was really intangible Intuition that put him where he is today and tangible managment skills that allowed him to remain there. But remember he had the INTUATIVE input FIRST and that is what put him in a position to use other resources, so it is by far the most valuable, by volume it may be the tiniest fraction data wise but in terms of real results I think it is safe to say that Intuition carried the ball and the day for Daryl Katz just as it does for anyone who hopes to produce superior results. if we could all see this we could all reproduce those results easily, God doesnt let us all see the world this way ,only about 10% of us see it like this naturally and because this mindset is NOT happy in a business/tangible results based environment you dont find many Intuits at Fortune 500 getaways in the Bahamas.

The fact is that Intuits are wayyyy to far on one side of the spectrum to suceed at business and be happy about it because they naturally see the incredible constellation of very real and negative dynamic effects every single cutthroat business decision creates both in real-time and in the future on many many people, this realisation is a constant and on-going thing because a visual thinker gets these inputs in picture or video format with a 360 degree x-ray view. So by conscience most Intuits stay away from manipulating people, it doesnt feel right when you can already basiclly read their minds if you will. But if we focus we will sooner than later absolutely overwhelm you with factual results that rip your perspective away and give you a new one. But that takes so much energy we only do it when we love something or are passionate about it, to the degree that we can accept the sweeping changes we know internally will affect many many people, in the Oilers case I made a personal exemption to the rule because things were so decayed already that there was no saving the day or face for that matter, I deemed it fair to sacrifice the veterans perspectives and managments perspectives to support the new young blood we have had come in, i made a choice for the future and torpedoed the ship as best i could but not before i released a titanic lifeboat for the survivors to hop into. I never post a word without giving an alternative perspective, this is why the posts are always so long, I give a solution concurrently to diagnosing the problem, i am not presenting a problem, i am illustrating problems and presenting solutions based on results.

Its really all about risk valuation and how the people with the power quantify this concept, is the juice worth the squeeze? One of mans oldest questions, and only answered in one manner, by taking a calculated risk, first we look at the visual input, then we look for the tactile input the touch, then we look for the smell, and finally after we satisfy all available tangible requirements we deem the risk to be worthy and we take a taste. This is a two dimensional perspective.

Now if we are able to visualise our thoughts in a 3-D format naturally and at speed in real-time we can sit under a tree alone and watch everyone elses actions and reactions, we can observe and visualise dynamic actions and results, maybe there are 3 fruit trees that are similar in every tangible manner and everyone is eating from them all and no one is getting sick but some are getting tired and some are getting bloated up but the ones eating the third fruit are hopping around happier ahan pigs in poop, if you are an Intuit you are under the tree alone watching and you will make your choice based oon intangibles you have OBSERVED not experienced first hand, you DONT NEED to go to all 3 trees and take the trouble to smell feel and investigate and also take the risk associated with eating from each one at a time, you can use your Intuative Dynamic Analysis skillset to "majiclly" make the right choice, the OPTIMAL choice every single time, remember not the ONLY choice, but the OPTIMAL or BEST one, there is always a best and a worst a right and a wrong, winners live by that motto because they can accept failure as a learning experince not a consequence. Winners dont think in terms of things being forced upon them and that is what a consequence is, they think in terms of accountability and look to adjust constantly learning,a loss to a winner is a message to make dynamic Intuative intangible change not increase effort level or tangibles, a loss to a competitor is a consequence they deserve and a message to work harder at the things that they underperformed at, no dynamic changes there just elevated effort and energy. Do you see the difference?

You want to work less and expend less energy to manifest a superior result, its call being the "driver"[system]. You want the car or the "crew" to do the work for you, but this requires clear definitions and accountabilitys. The larger the disconnect between the driver and the car[crew] the greater the odds of failure. The Oilers are now suffering this type of disconnect between the "driver" and the "crew", kevin Lowe[driver] is trying his damdest to make this system work for him and to pacify the teams fiscal sponsers and the Coaches and Players[crew] are so disconnected that basic commands are being relayed and executed in a clear concise and timely manner, but when the results are poor the focus falls on the crew not the driver,so the team is getting its ass kicked every night because they cannot diagnose the true problem never mind correct it. All of the accountability is put upon the "crew" and the "driver" superimposes himself upon the Sponsers and hides from accountability, on a nascar team the "crew" would drag the driver out behind the pitts and beat him smart. Maybe the boys need to rent a barn after all?

I have dragged the Oilers system out in the open and beaten it senseless, but I dont have the heart to whip a dead horse, thats someone elses job man. On the upside i used to bet my buddies five bucks a shot that i could prove to them that i am the Hand of God to the Oilers during games,then just show them the GDTs,ha ha,now its twenty bucks a pop. i have bought a lot of RootBeer and a new popcorn popper,ha ha ha. Three years, a complete and revolutionary new hockey System, 1.56 million words posted and i have 12 cases of No-Name Rootbeer and a Walmart popcorn popper to show for the effort? No one doesnt do this for the money,ha ha ha. Truth be told within my first few weeks posting on the Oilers site there was immediate managerial reaction and exact and accurate utilisation of the NewAge Hockey Systems Philosophy and data and that is documented in cyber-space and on traditional National Television. There have neen hundreds of positive reactions and results that are documented as being catalysed by the NHSs influences already and not only via the Oilers team. I have had a blast. But I am getting the hell out of this garage man, i am a driver who likes to get his hands greasy, but this is insane now, besides it sucks trying to teach something in such a bizarre and unconventional manner as through cyber-space, the results are exactly as anywhere else but the time and energy needed to achieve them are epic in proportion. On the upside any blogger who wants fresh material can pick at these diaretic posts as much as they want and probably build a career off of them,ha ha ha.

Hope the server can handle this data load,ha ha ha.

If anyone wants to write the Book on the NHS and document this story feel free to contact me if you can find me out here in cyberspace, i am an Intuit by nature and am sick of this charade,and have an MRI tomorrow that hopefully will set me free from the sedentary prison that led me to this goddam keyboard when i was injured, the Oilers challenges are easy to overcome using Intuitive Dynamic Analysis and it is simply mindnumbing watching them flounder with so many resources at their disposal. There is truly to much trench work to do clearing out the rebels who have dug in here into the organisation over several decades, that is dirty work and i am not into it, i would rather negate their influences and then convert rebels than draw and quarter them in the public square. They are obviously valuable if they can cause so much damage, they are simply mismanaged and underinformed.

See how differently an Intuit sees the world? I dont think ANY heads have to roll, they just need to be shaken the appropriate amount to re-set the harddrives, all i really see the Oilers as needing is an Intuitive influence on Ralph and kevin and Daryls right side, a silent influence. They ALL need a leader in my humble opinion, just for a few hours so they can learn to think on the same page. Someone needs to bring all of the elements we have ammassed together to make the majic work and the Oilers havent found their Merlin the Magician yet, I guess they thought my tall pointy hat was like the one they were forced to wear in school,ha ha ha ha. everyone i have met and read beyond Question is or has been or will soon call for heads to roll, they are looking for tangible punative action, they want to see blood, hell I am trying to stop the bleeding and have been for around 3 years. its time to let this old dog lay down once and for all.

Without a potent and able intuitive transfusion this organisation will implode by the end of next year, of that there can be no doubt. And as far as i can see there is NO PLACE FOR THE OILERS TO FIND THIS CURE ON THE OPEN MARKET. I am pulling out today because RootBeer and Popcorn were only acceptable while there was an added theraputic benefit to posting so much, now that I am back on track[hopefully] and no longer going to be housebound , I am re-directing my passion to new challenges, i am happy with the tangible very real documented influences i have been able to manifest within the functional execution of an NHL hockey team, that is written history. Maybe if the Oilers are lucky one of them will meet me in a gym this summer and I can gift some more insights, i have been docile and sedentary for over 6 years and am ready for a reset,because hard work really is the cure-all I need to whip this old wrinkled arse into shape ASAP. To those curious this is how the long posts happened, it was a time on my hands/passion issue. Now that I am on my way back to better health my time is spoken for and my passion is being purposefully redirected,not lost or diminished simply redirected to a fiscal end,ha ha ha. No people , normal human beings cant spend countless hours posting about their hobbys,but some of us do tend to go all-in when we feel passionate,look at this wonderful Blog that was made available for everyone, that took passion and time and effort, thank you to the people who put in all of this work, there is no way you can be paid fairly for this extra effort, I know because I have posted over a million words for free without even starting a blog anywhere,most of you guys do this from the heart and that truly is priceless, before i was hurt i had no idea how much real energy and work went into the internet and cyberspace, it is freaking unreal how much time and energy we invest, but the rewards are also incredible, the learning experience is epic and endless limited only by time and passion. I have been fortunate to have found so much of both of those components in large enough quantitys to become involved in cyberspace for so long to such a degree, as a normal working person prior to my injury I had never even turned on a computer,ha ha ha.

For the record, no one can ever say that Moma2-BadMedicine-NewAgeSys didnt show passion and throw all-in 100% for the Oilers with the NewAge Hockey System and its philosophys every time the bell rung while it was possible.

Good luck Ralph, I am still curious how you could resist finding me,ha ha ha, your moves adjustments and directed Intuative actions are to close to mine to be fluke, brother from another mother, either we are identical thinkers or someone is tracking someone. I especially liked the early season references to the 80s oilers Powerplay and execution being an integral part of your tactical considerations. The NHS was entirely concieved out of that same Oilers Dynasty PP on-ice dynamic and Waynes Intuitive Dynamic managment tactics, now my friend that is undoubtedly lightening striking TWICE in the same spot and we all know the odds of that, so one of us is an imposter or our perspectives belong together and the opportunity shouldnt be passed over.

I have already extended the hand and had it bitten for blood by your Oilers Website[ We do not forgive,we do not forget], the hand is out for the last time,its time to take your turn or burn. I need to focus on my own prioritys circumstances out of my control are now in play , use your own judgement, haha ha, if its close enough to make you think and sweat the heat is real man,if you know dam well that you are reading data that is valuable maybe you better get over the organisations attitude problem and superiority complex and reach your own hand out. A proper symbol of solidarity considering you represent the teeth that bit be by proxy would be to post a phone number here seeking the NHS to validate the data to a degree and heal that wound, dont worry I have raised so much hell that as soon as you post the number it will be all over google so use a pay-as-you go number. Remember that the concepts we are dealing in go far beyond hockey but they are core value to the game and must be fully supported even if that means reaching out beyond the organisations comfort zone. I dont feel I need to validate myself further to you if you have been reading my posts, you will already know i have almost zero technical hockey knowledge, but you will also know i am often bang-on with my analysis and adjustments and as a result I am hitting so many spots you havent been challenged in across the board that youve got to be curious at the least.

If you want to really understand the NHS Ralph take this to heart,--- Mobilis in Mobili ---,but also research Mobilis in Mobile so you will be accurate.This is the key to the balanced integration of tangible and intangible influences you require to complete your task,your challenge it to transpose this philosophy upon the perspectives of your entire roster in a seamless complete manner. Between you and i your impressive communication acumen seems to be slightly off base, you are lucky in my opinion as a former coach in that your roster has a good balance of young open minds that are eager to evolve and know how hard it is to maintain superiority as first round top picks they have felt the heat and been tempered already in a way that cannot be manufactured artificially in most people, your biggest challenge to date has not been understanding the system or what you need to convey to the men to make it work, it has been finding ways to bring the entire roster of vets and rookies together at the same spot at the same time, and as i see it you have had a harder time with the veterans than with the Rookies because the veterans all lean on tradition and habits wayyyy more ,in fact some vets survive in the NHL because of these cheats so when you remove them from their comfort zones and ask them to be Everyman they cant all produce as you would hope, they are exposed more often when they are forced to go one on one in the physicality dept chasing offense and then cheat more often and make mistakes more often, if they dont cheat more often and take greater risks then they go into defensive shells to maintain system integrity and you get next to zero offense from them. They simply cant take the pace you are trying to project and you need to come to terms with this fact to make the right moves next year. Or find a way to give them a new perspective or system understanding that they can use to offset their physical ability challenges not on an NHL baseline but on a present day Oilers roster baseline, we need to recognise the needs of the team today,right now,we are ayoung high energy team and want to stay that way for as many years as we can with as large a core in the same age and career curve range as possible. Either find the Vets who cant get aboard a crutch or move them.

The young guys are all ready to be trusted and this needs to be dealt with, they need control of the team destiny or we cannot ask them to put out and sacrifice to the degree we need to ask to become a playoff and then a championship team. with a new perspective that defines their roles as being integral and also defines the vets roles as being equally integral and that shows them the symbiotic relationship between their own personal sucess and that of the vets man for man as being the umbilical cord to their futures then you will have a good start. Right now no one has a defined role to fill, there is no proper system to define these things for the men so they are left to figure it out themselves or to wait for the coaches to do it, there should be a system template available for them to work with all the time,one that keeps their system valuation as individuals vs teammates in perspective in real-time on an evolving basis as these dynamics change.They require this stability to properly grow,evolve and mature as individuals and hockey players, there is to much static present now for the environment to be optimal for them, and after all they are literally 'all of our marbles" as scary as that might seem at their ages,ha ha ha. Look up the term and then sit down somewhere peacefull and let your mind relax and try to visualise ways to apply the term to your hockey perspective in as many ways as you can, write them down and then two days later read them again and add to the list, do this as many times as you need to until you cant add to the list anymore, and i swear to you Ralph you will have all the answers you need to take a step you werent even born to take, the incorporation of this simple concept into your current toolbox will take you to the next level as a dynamic manager and tactician, because you see it is only through self evaluation and analysis with the proper tools that we can allow ourselves to step out of our naturally imposed boxes and see our world from another level or a 3-D level. i give you as evidence Micheal jordans tongue hanging out of his mouth at every career defining moment and also Sam Gagners mouthguard doing the same majic, its right there for you Ralph and for anyone paying attention, the key to winning the key to superiority and dominance,the key to manifesting and chooseing your own future as opposed to waiting for others to unfold theirs upon you, put both of my examples on your list they are a challenge for you to integrate so you can apply this to how you see the players as you are doing it for yourself, you will appreciate the commonalitys when you see how it expedites your learning curve. When your list is dried up and you cant add to it read the entire thing and then repeat to yourself-- this list is the template of the new philosophy and system focus all of my tangible evidence tells me i must utilise to optimise my assets, it is original to me,it is of me and it will represent me-- take ownership of your dynamic reality and learn to manage it on an entirely new level by learning about yourself first and learning how to Intuitively manage your mindset and perspective at will.Then you will be able to transpose this new complete system perspective and understanding to your teammates and support web,you can teach them to jump on to your page in their own individual way but land right beside you the same way I just showed you,they will do all the heavy lifting without even considering it to be work.

Go to walmart and buy a bunch of small notebooks and small pencils and hand them out man, you need to use the real things so their is a tactile concuit for the men, digital just wont do. get different colors because you need to micro-manage everyones cerebral energy levels in the room when you are talking and this will do the trick for you incredibly well as i have learned personally, more will get through if you do this, remember Micheal Jordans tounge? Same #e ok? This paragraph pisses me off because about 3 years ago before I was initiated a ban from the Oilers home site I was PMed by someone who asked me in a very professional and respectful way how i would present my concepts to a room full of Players in a format that would fit into the timeframes they had to work with as far as meetings go, which apparently isnt great to start with, i offered a similar dynamic tactic to the colored notebooks and pencils a similar micro-management tactic. I was in the process of adding to that with methods of condensing the NewAge Hockey Systems template when the terminal altercation occurred .Since then its been years of all out war on that part of the Oilers organisation. To this day I resent the Oilers organisational arrogance projected by the Websites moderators that catalysed that dam ban because constructive data exchanges were beginning at what I had identified as a critical time in the cores evolution,now there is much curative action required that wouldnt have been needed had they simply been integrity driven as an organisation and communication had continued. By the time I began getting constructive PMs I was already skirmishing with the site moderators and was lumping all Oiler related influences into the same pile and it was the #e pile,the silly buggers tried making me say that no Oilers Players or Coaches or people visited the site and read the posts, the nuts went so far as to repeatedly post this statement as moderators and threatened to punish anyone who insisted on saying anything contray,ha ha ha, imagine the brass balls it takes to do that,how stupid do they think people are and how manipulative are THEY. Obviously I told them to stuff it and that I would not concur,they also asked me to not post any technical or tactical data directed at players or coaches and then asked me to stop requesting that the Oilers use the NewAge Hockey System and hire me to consult with them. I agreed to stop asking to be employed by them as a consultant as that was understandable and told them that i wasnt going to stop posting hockey related data on a hockey site and that I definately wasnt going to agree with or support any silly statement that no Oilers Players,Coaches or people visited the Oilers online site and read the posts because that was simply retarded, and that the proposed ban was the only solution and to go ahead and ban me, which they immediatly did, and all contact ended through that conduit.

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Why the hell would you try to make the men fit the system when you can make the system fit the men? Which of those two paths is the one of least resistance? If you can handle the data load of a the complete NHS and its philosophys you can do either one of those things,with a system catalysed by tangible core values and based on a statistical mathamatical perspective like the Oilers project now you can only effectively do the former. Its known as being dynamiclly handi-capped.

Maybe they can go find themselves another analytical placebo to ease the pain and damage the lack of Intuitive Dynamic Analysis has created, but there is no substitute for the Intuits mindset, you cant just manifest the perspective under normal circumstances, intuition isnt statistical bullspit, it is a way of seeing the world, a totally different perspective that is all-encompassing. They need a real live Intuit to help them move forward. A good guesser, a tactical rainman, call it what you need to call it , bullspit if it suits you, but the fact is that many if not all Fortune 500 companies employ professional Intuits and the going rate is mid six figures paid strictly on a results based scale, they guarantee their results this way. There is no reason the Oilers cant revolutionise NHL hockey and their teams evolution by being groundbreakers and employing the first Intuitive Dynamic Analyst in History.

Post a phone number directly to Ralph and lets get a deal going.Give up the hackathon and the last man Standing con-jobs, that is so cheap and underhanded, harvesting data from people, that sounds like Darkhorse to me, that sounds like Oilers style business as well and it is exactly what the Oilers did to me with the data posted on their website. Same as the old cons who would run poetry and Story Writing contests with cheap ass prizes through schools, so they could feed all the fresh ideas to their bland cookie cutter salary writers under contract. Cheap arse lack of integrity and laughingly the beginning of the end because in results based businesses you can at best aim to realise optimal performance which is defined as getting as much out as you put in, so by putting crap in the Oilers have for a long time been putting crap out. Hire an Intuit so you can get things straightened out and get your assets performing optimally. Consider it routine maintenance and a simple cost of doing business in professional sports. Give the Intuit recourse to redefine the usefulness of statistical input, and you will see immediate results. The battle between Stats and Intuition must go down for this team to move forward, we need a live forum with the teams decision makers,the Oilers current Statistical influences and my Intuitive perspective and analysis, then we will all see the statistical cookie crumble together in the proper forum for once and for all like Humptys Wall. And then I want their paycheque on my desk the next morning,plus a win or performance based premium .

To get everyone on board as expeditiously as possible maybe before everyone breaks for the summer we can arrange a few scrimmages so I can give live demonstrations of how easy it is to apply a terminal dynamic deathgrip to any NHL system using the NHS. I would prefer an all-Barons roster and would like one mulligan per side, a player the coach can remove from the lineup focing a tactical adjustment before we start,sorry Sammy but you are a spectator in this one.Put the coaches names in a hat and pull the NHS one randomly and that is my catalyst i get to utilise, then combine the rest as the NHSs opponent "round table" style so to speak . We can make a spectacle of the beatdown, by allowing the Oilers brass to see the real incredible talent they have on the Barons roster right now before they undervalue and underutilise then move on these very talented players, some of whom could step right into the proper NHL system today. I bet after a full 3 game series that we would end up replacing some --at least four or more--NHL roster spots with Barons players.

The Oilers current roster would be badly exposed early and often over each 60 minute game, and the coaching team wont be able to adjust they will likely waste one game by lack of preparation for lack of data and another through lack of adjustment due to lack of integrity in their self-evaluation of their dynamic input into the first loss--they would bring the same exact game into game 2 and believe that they themselves were the reason they lost the first one and as a result they would simply jack up the intensity and level of execution as tight as they could without preparing s full and complete tactical workup and gameplan, which will of course be exactly what the NHS forces, expects and thrives on, so game 2 would be an epic beatdown with a seven or eight goal differential.

All the players on Team NHL will be saying is that it seemed like they had the puck all night long but couldnt seem to get anything going, while the team NHS goal totals will be devestating and the overall statistical data will be skewed beyond belief in the NHSs favor.

By game 3 all resources would be called in Wayne would be flown in Coffey would drop by and Anderson would find time with Kurri possibly taking interest as well. i am estimating that the NHS can generate about 8 goals per game average against the Round Table and their statistical perspectives, and if special teams are clicking possibly over ten goals per game with min of one shorthanded goal. I am thinking that a 50 shot per game clip and close to 20 goals for and less then 5 goals against on the Team NHS ledger will attract some immediate attention.

Game 3 will be the telling blow because with enough data on tape and enough dynamic interaction cerebral muscle memory aquired through 2 games team NHL will have a firm and solid tactical gameplan, they will be prepared to counter attack even at the cost of defensive integrity, believing that they can run and gun the NHS down with their combined bench power and NHL grit and experience. They will attempt to own the puck and retain possesion after experiencing two games where they registered a tremendous number of possesions and possesion losses, they will naturally try to counter this by tightening up, they will limit passes and n-zone activity and try to skate the puck up-ice as a primary tactic and long breakout pressure relief outlets as a secondary option. None of this will work for them, they will find themselves in the exact same tactical dynamic as the first two games, their adjustments will allow them to swarm the net to start the game and cause some pressure, but within the first five possesion changes team NHS will score a goal and begin the dynamic game managment it is designed to impress upon opponents. Team NHL will remain steadfast with their gameplan and after the 5 min mark will be hit again because they will not be able to get the puck into the neutral zone without losing possesion and due to the NHS elimination of traditional transitions between offense and defense and the dynamic on-ice movements associated with those actions the possesion changes the system generates in Team NHLs zone will be converted into goals rapidly and consistantly with a near 20 % conversion rate. freddy Chabot and the boys arent prepared to face the NHSs tactical shooting program and will be overwhelmed completely in every game.

Game 3 will prove to be a pure example of dominant possesion generation and managment and elite shot conversion % ,and the deal will be sealed and the Oilers will be on the way to winning the Cup next year with few or no changes other than the implementation of a new system

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That is two systems,an offensively catalysed system like the NHS that provides pure 60 offensive puck possesion/transition and never surrenders the puck voluntarily, and a defensively catalysed system like the Trap that provides puck possesion/dumpin/control and is allergic to the transitions and their risks.

What we need to do is decide upon and properly manage a single system, the system we choose is less critical than the methods we use to convey the message, we are terminally lacking in Intuition, we dont even have a formula to quantify what the hell it is,ha ha ha.

A top to bottom re-set is overdue, we cant just keep finding small self-scrifices to appease the Blood-hungry Public. We cant continue cannibalising ourselves on behalf of an outdated philosophy and system.

Who in their right mind would line a 1984 Mustang up against a 2013 Mustang? Our insistance on sticking to the systemic philosophys of the past has put us all in a deep and dark hole. People with money dont drive 1984 cars in 2013 unless they are The Edmonton Hillbillys? We arent broke anymore

Kevin Lowe should be to embarrased at his teams record to mention that he has so many Cup Rings, this is the best example of the core reason the team reacts the same way, by falling back on their laurels and the past to defend weaknesses of the present, this inhibits change. All Kevin Lowe needs to do is sit down with a powerful and skilled Intuit and complete a Dynamic Self-Analysis.Then he will be like the anti-virus the organisation needs and he can spred the cure faster than virus itself was initially spread.

If properly managed Kevin Lowes strengths can actually be mustered and focused at correcting the biggest defensive hole in Oilers history, the System Hole. He happens to be our most cutting edge involved asset at the moment and we should not ignore that fact.maybe fate put him here to make the biggest defensive play in Oilers history, he has stayed home for many years now maybe he needs to jump into the play. I guess thats hard to do with so much sweat dripping into his eyes from all the hard work he has been doing putting out little fires for years.

If we speak to intentions as opposed to methods and results then we cannot possibly villianise K-Lowe because his heart has always been in the right place and his effort level has been exempalry.

Kevin Lowe is the [system] cure, Mac-T is the doctor who will diagnose and prescribe curative therapy and Ralph Krueger is the needle we will use to administer the cure or the anti-virus.

Or maybe its just me and my Intuitive perspective that see it this way.

I wish more fans would identify the System as an entity and target it for change. Today on the news i heard the newsfolk discussing the catalyst behind our Justice system not being able to bring criminals to trial in time to avoid having the charges completely dropped, guess what, this incredible freaking travesty of freaking justice in our country has been attributed to "Systemic Issues", get it? The police arent responsibale, the courts and Crown prosecutors arent responsible, the defense lawyers arent responsible these bastards are trying to tell us the problem is "Systemic?", since when did the System become alive and animated?Who is accountable for the systemic issues, the ghosts who built the systems foundations??Goddam buck-passers.

They are trying to lay todays problems at the feet of yesterdays men and women on the thinly veiled basis that "they" built the system, what a cowardly dam thing to do. Do we all see the reality here,the reality that the reason nothing changes and improves is because no one is willing to take responsibility for change and be accountable, it is a Baby Boomer charachterisitc, the Olde Boys Club is a generational issue not an Oilers issue, they protect each other with numbers and use those numerical advantages to wriggle and worm and eventually through sheer weight of numbers crush their way to where they want to get,the generation is not like the Pioneers of yesteryear, they have more of a Gang mentality.

Look at the Round table for christsakes, a group of Baby Boomers or people close enough to that generation to have been indoctrinated to its philosophys, all seeking safety in Numbers. There is no leader in that dynamic and that managment tactic is 100% catalysed by a Baby Boomer mentality . Dont think these guys arent trying when you see them all sitting together at the round table, man they are burning it up, but as I said its a 1985 Mustang trying to find the gears and the traction to compete with a 2013 Mustang off the starting line, it isnt going to be pretty for the Olde Boys, they understand the Hardware and how it works but they have no clue about the Software or what it does or how it works, they think you just stick that key in and it and they think it should go.

The Oilers organisational super-structure which is players, coaches managers, really everyone, is the "Hardware" they need and it is more than adequate to win a Cup with, the Oilers Systemic philosophys and tactics are the "Software" that makes everything work and it is due for a complete upgrade because it cannot handle the "hardware"we posses today.

If we cannot even quantatatively define the most basic goddam concepts and core values we are lost, as has been the case. I hope people can see that this is and has always been a historiclly catalysed systemic communication failure. This happened because of the ways the System of the past was catalysed and managed by the Dynasty team, sorry men but you really didnt have a goddam clue what Wayne or mark were doing out there, you sure do have a solid and tangible experience base but it is coming through your own eyes not Waynes or Marks and all the gold and gems are being lost in translation, its really that simple. You see either you see the game the way the men who ran the Dynasty team saw it or you dont, it is what it is. There are methods to teach this perspective but the Oilers refuse to take any risks to acess this resource, they are in terminal denial. Face the facts, there was NO BOOK on the Oilers system not in a traditional sense, Wayne was the first real pure "software" ever incorporated into an NHL mainframe. Like it or leave it.

These men do not really want to win the Stanley Cup, they want to build their own legacys more than they want to win and it is beginning to show through. When they were players they knew when to step in and out of their system duties without sacrificing system integrity to create extra momentum and ability, but since they all went into the offices they began a totally new learing curve and there is no Waynes Brains available to provide dynamic shortcuts to them, their progress across the board has crawled to near stop, and this is evidenced by the personalitys taking charge now, Mac-T has the patience and mindset to find his way through the dynamic landscape, I believe I understand how and why he can do this so well. That is how he was able to create the Adjusted-Hybrid so many teams are now useing, he used his Intuition more than his statistical abilitys just once at the beginning of his battle to make core decisions, then he fell back on the stats to make er work. Katz did the same thing the moment he decided to take the risks that put him where he is today. We ALL MUST use our Intuition BEFORE we use our more tangible assets.

You see its a mindset, a conventional
defenceman will not follow this method normally or he will be in the minors,he must follow the tangible playactions on the ice in realtime the thought process must be faster than a forwards and more decisive thus it cannot normally be based on Intuition unless the system itselfprovides that complete platform to them. Our leader in K-Lowe is a true blue defenseman, as pure as they come in his thought processes. He fights to the death to reject Intuition and sticks to tangible stats based ideologys. This is what made him sucessfull and brought him he chances to share those rings with his teammates. This is why he over-reacted to the media when he felt the team and its direction were challenged,ha ha ha, people might think he was defending himself personally,ha ha ha, why would he need to do that? He has excellent credentials seperate from the Oilers record and performance, K-Lowe has nothing to prove to anyone, he is just a natural competitor and thats why he is here now, lets freaking try to understand and support everyone on the team as long as they are wearing our colors.

I hate the Oilers system of play, I believe it has been the attempt to preserve and utilise it that has sunk our ship for decades, I believe I can unequivocally prove this fact if i am given the proper forum to present the history. And because i care i can also provide a solution at the same time, who the hell would be critical unless they had a better idea to present?? My system is called the NewAge Hockey System,anyone care to take a shot at telling us what the Oilers system is called?? I havent been able to discover this secret for the entire history of the Franchise so good luck. I have been breaking my back for nearly 3 years trying to turn this goddam rock over and I am nearing my goal, soon baby soon. Once the rock is turned over the sun will burn up the anemic system living under it.

The Oilers System and its supporters are COWARDS I have been kicking sand in their faces and calling them out for 3 years and they just remain turtled and hidden, step out into the light so i can get this over with quicker already. Remember Moma2s NewAge Hockey System gentelmen because it will be the historiclly recognised catalyst of change for this team. Not trading players or fireing GMs,no friends it is the System-Dragon that must be slain, putting out all the little fires the prick starts isnt getting us anywhere. Step aside or be crushed along with the beast because the NHS is about to get Jiggy with it on this fire-breathing curses arse. The Beast is cornered now and is at its most dangerous, just one or two more key moves and off comes that head to be paraded before the villagers.

Kevin, dont hang on to this one,it will drag you to the bottom like it has all of those before you.

Heres some food for thought, there is a difference between "finding"wins and "creating" wins.

To find wins you need to waste time and energy reaching and thinking back not forward and you must be absolutelty accurate in your sequential executionan, to "create" wins its all guns forward and fire at will, mistakes can be effectively identified and corrected on the fly because all resources are flowing in ONE direction, FORWARD.

To "find"wins we need to respect and recognise the opponent, to "create" wins we need to disrespect and ignore the opponents.

Finding means abiding by pre-set rules and dynamics, creating means making new rules and creating new dynamics out of them.

Do we really want to "find" our way to a Cup? Or do we want to "create" a Stanley Cupvictory that we can base repeat performances off of?

Do we want to follow others rules and paths to the destination we desrire or are we strong and brave enough to break new ground and find our OWN WAY. Do we want to try to be some other team or do we want to develop our own personality and identity?

This is what all this system crap boils down to, to direction. I believe you are better off "creating" a new path to a Stanley Cup and the Oilers managment group believes that following the path of others who have achieved the goal to be the best route, after several decades the Managment group has run out of ammo, and there is anew kid in Town the NHS.

The Oilers braintrust wants to "find" their way to a cup useing the same path others have taken, the NewAge Hockey System wants to "create" its own future and win a Cup that way.

One perspective is stats based and mine is Intuition based.

The real fight is between Statistics and Intuition, I claim the Oilers Dynasty was catalysed by Intuition and the Oilers braintrust claims it was catalysed by statistical methods. The Oilers have used money and power to hire Statistical Analytics shams to support their perspective to strengthen their stance, this happened AFTER the NHS exposed them so badly on the Oilers website that they banned it instead of embracing it
The catalyst that pushed the Oilers to seek analytical assistance was undermined when the pricks hired a stats based Yes-sir firm to kiss ass and collect cheques. Cheap arse PR move and defensive in nature, perfect as far as the NHS is concerned, first get them to squirm then wiggle then walk then run for the goddam door to protect themselves and their assests.

Hireing a stats based resource actually dug the hole even deeper, and I am more than happy to point this fact out on behalf of the NHS and its historic battle with the Oilers brass.

The problem is the system and at every turn the Oilers invest money and resources in a defensive stance trying to reinforce this terminal mindset, oddly this is exactly what the team does on the ice, they refuse to read and react in real time intuitively they insist on following a statistical focus, they cant 'feel" anything because its all stats based,ha ha ha, they are numb from the neck up when the system they use is engaged the ways the coaches are interpreting it,ha ha ha. Our system tightens up and relys on statistical influences when the pressure gets jacked up because that is where its strength is catalysed from, statistical inputs,and we tighten up until we choke on our own sweat. Same as the managment team we have, lots of skill and potential but terminal chokability, when the pressure get thick they fall back on a statistical skillset and inputs and then they choke on their own smoke because their tires are burning off but they arent moving anywhere.

The only way a 1985 Mustang will beat a 2013 Mustang is if the driver can "feel' the gears in a godsent manner, but as we all know with the right circumstances being manifested ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN, the key here is that we dont want to repeat our last run to the cup not that way, thats whats happening now, NO, we want to create NEW path to that same goal.A better path, I am afraid all of these big tough hockeymen are totally gunshy and really dont have it in them to attack and dissect their own game enough to make a fresh start from a franchise perspective. Even if they try to be no-men their hearts will not be in it and their passion will be somewhere else or it will be snuffed out by losing like the players has been.

We have all the parts and the right mechanics to rebuild this 1985 Mustang and install a big block gas guzzeling high horsepower SLEEPER engine in it, you get it? We arent willing to buy a new car so we need to build a SLEEPER, that can blow the doors off of the new high tech cars we are facing. so we need to stop trying to feather the gears like mac-T did last cup run, that was admirable but was a consequence of his resources and situation,now we can drop that approach and build a sleeper-car,we just need to get our heads straight and pull them out of our arses together at the same time, we are all waking up at different timeslooking around and going back to bed. we need to wake up together and stay the hell up and get to work. Wehave a new SYSTEM to install in this Mustang, does anyone know where to start? How about we identify and purchase the right engine to start with? Anyone know where we can pick up a high octane system? Price is no concern we are not poor. We just need the right amount of power and a suitable fit into our engine compartment or organisational super-structure. maybe we ought to look closer at the engine we are pulling out so we DONT PUT THE SAME DAM TYPE BACK IN, we need clarification before we can move forward, we need serial numbers and performance parameters to begin the surgery. We need to roll the rock over and openly quantify and define the system we need to remove to properly allow ourselves to replace it with a better one, we need to know WHY the old one failed us to find the best replacement.

One way or another that ugly system will be ripped out of the closet , identified,quantified,terminated and replaced. Anyone holding on to tightly to that system may find themselves in dire straights no matter what their resume says.

Jesus would you beieve this all goes back to one small battle on the Oilers website several years ago when i was forced to use the Souray Solution and go all-in with the Oilers organisational mindset? I was frank and open back then and havent changed my focus one iota.One crack in the Olde Boys power structure pinched a nerve and catalysed that conflict,i am now waiting to revisit that past dynamic from a position of power

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 12:23 PM

Come on man keep er coming.

You just illustrated wonderfully one of our major current system flaws, in fact this is exactly why the system we use now is called an Adjusted-Hybrid. It uses set play d-zone exits combined with creative o-zone transitions all of which are catalysed by the set play d-zone exits we choose to utilise. It is essentially an offensive trap.

Use the word SYSTEM, come on identify with something, dont be screwed over by the Oilers history of brainwashing fans with bull#.The Oilers took a leap of faith in the stats direction and dont have the balls to admit it,there is no way to quantitatively define a baseline from which to valuate and compensate the tangible effects stas based influences manifest. Because stats are all BS,ha ha ha.

Intuits see the world in dynamic functional terms and think visually, they identify with catalysts of things not peripheral constellations of additional data added to core value ideologies to enable traditional thinkers to accurately visualise enough of the concept to be accurate to source. I write a huge post to properly get a single idea across because i see that volume of words comparative to the content in my thoughts. I see things from 360 degrees as a picture rotating around as I ask,adding or deleting components as I ask. When we compete together in a tangible real world environment its the opposite, you ha ha ha ha ha ha will have an unweilding volume of inputs hitting you all the time and I will have a Twitter sized volume of data to work with, this is why I can read and react faster and more accurately than NHL coaches consistantly. its hard to anticipate what is coming when you cant acess a 360 degree field of vision, but if you do that naturally then you can easily dictate the speed and dynamic sequence fo a 60 minute hockey game. If it makes more sense all hockey players save a handfull are limited to peripheral vision at optimal performance, but visual thinkers have 360 degree vision all the time, they ACTUALLY DO SEE PLAYS EVERYONE ELSE HAS NO CLUE ARE COMING CONSISTANTLY. This is not a euphamism or a fairy tale, they are tangibly useing a skillset others can learn to develop and utilise.
Intuitive Dynamic Analysis support is simply looking at what is there and presenting a full 360 degree mockup of that picture to people in a tailored verbal format they can themselves then visualise in an accurate manner. Now can you see the incredible impact it can have if a good coach has it at his disposal? Do you see that the Intuitive asset is only as valuable as the men who use it, that the catalyst or me doesnt matter, I can be completely ignorant of the field itself as long as the resources I have are elite, i am a communications faccillitator. I see the play developing earlier than 90% of humans ha ha ha,and all i need to do is read and communicate then recommend a lighteing fast dynamic response skeleton that needs to be fleshed out by a qualified hockey mind. i can say what we need to do dynamiclly but have no clue how to achieve that result with the players nor do I need to be able to do that to be lethally effective, the coach has to do that, I am just his eye in the sky and his crystal ball, the real work is his to do and the results will depend heavily on his skills and abilitys.

That is what the NHS was created based on,Intuative Dynamic Analysis, the closest thing to Waynes Brains you will ever find on planet earth. The game of Hockey ought to count itself lucky that I never really learned to skate or we would be talking about Maddogs records not Waynes records,ha ha ha ha

As you can see other posters are beginning to identify the System as being an independant entity that can be identified and analysed and critiqued, the Oilers have spent decades and untold resources making this impossible to do. You are welcome.

We all need to define what the system is and what kevin Lowes job parameters and tangible influences are, because we are confusing his smokescreens and protectionary influences on behalf of the system as him being the SYSTEM ITSELF, this is NOT accurate at all, and we are starting to target him as an individual and hold him accountable for system flaws he cannot possibly understand or change because they pre-date his tenure and involvement in that area. Just accept that he had FAITH in the system template he was given at some point by someone and is willing to go down with the ship, there is a lot to be admired there in my opinion, if anything I want to help Kevin find the asshole who steered him down this endless regressive path and help him open the barndoor so we can stuff the bugger in there and provide some curative therapy to his arse.

I view Kevin Lowe as a teammate not an enemy, and that will never change, Lowe is not Tambellini and I will not leave a man behind who has earned his stripes in the Oilers Army,never, everything around us will burn to the ground first, we leave NO MAN behind. Not even K-Lowe.

Kevin Lowe is the Systems figurehead, or he SHOULD be, if by chance he has had core value input into the intricacies of the system itself then he takes more accountability and must face the facts that there is an inherant conflict of interest present if this is in fact the case, he cannot have direct system creative input and still be able to make unbiased decisions from his office. This would cause him to take defensive postures at all the wrong times right?Ha ha ha, your dam rights I am bang on have you watched your TV lately? My first instinct was to jump up and help kevin clarify the dynamics of the moment and then start ripping out throats on his behalf. I wonder who defends his back? Because i was coming off my couch at home i have to think others somewhere felt the same way.

People are now accurately identifying the catalyst of the Oilers challenges as being Systemic, now we need to seperate kevin Lowe as the asset from the System he has protected and defended and hidden for so many years or he will burn with it. We dont want him to burn just the system he was hired to protect and maintain.

K-Lowe is an elite level Hockey asset that has been utterly mismanaged and allowed to run rampant in areas much more constraint was and is needed in. Through hard work and hardball career managment tactics he has put himself in a position where he can exert pressure above and beyond his job description so he can define the clubs future path. This is the area of disconnect that is the Oiler fatal flaw as we speak because it prevents curative changes from happening within the system itself and it stops normal system evolution, it keeps the system on-ice so to speak , it just preserves it it doesnt maintain and add to it to keep it current , it just freezes it in time. Kevin Lowe has been the guard dog and we shouldnt hammer on him for doing the best job he can, we should come together and demand a SYSTEM CHANGE before we lose critical manpower assets for the wrong reason, we need to stop accepting false/positives in our read and react dynamics and we need to seperate Lowe from the system because ONE OF THEM MUST GO SOON. Iwant to save the man and burn the system but he needs to let go on his own,he simply needs to see a lifeboat within reach before he loosens his deathgrip, the NHS is that lifeboat, and he is out of time because if he doesnt jump soon he will burn and believe it or not the lifeboat is drifting south on him as we speak. Time and action are now of the essence and we dont have till next year we need to act now.

The system is flawed at its core because there is no tangible way for anyone but gretzky or Messier to manage it optimally, conventional managment tactics do not work because there was nothing conventional about the Dynasty in any ways at all. If you dont know the history you have no right planning the future so move the hell over Oilers croneys and make a seat at the table for Moma2 and the NewAge Hockey System because if you dont the NHS will tip the entire table over and build its own powerbase without you.

And to think the Oilers view the NHS as a negative influence and have gone to efforts to snuff it out,ha ha ha. The analytical Consultants have moma2s job right now, all the hard work that catalysed the Oilers decision to seek them out was done by Moma2 online on their own site and the momentum initiated by that dam hard work was tailgated by another entity a company the Oilers paid to provide what I was pointing out they needed, but they missed the freaking ball and hired a statistical Analyst instead of an Intuitive analyst, they refused to play fair and instead of diversifying and hiring me they sought out a placebo that was stats based they could pay to be a yes-man, and who was also stats based so wouldnt ever challenge them or their direction. Then when the weasels realised that Intuitive analysis requires real tangible natural skills they panicked and created the freaking hackathon and The last man Standing so they could harvest[steal] the fans ideas Intuitive Analysis and tactics for FREE at no cost to them, to use at their leisure, offering cheap-ass little prizes for the resource.

Statistical Analysis was only sought out AFTER Intuitive Dynamic Analysis provided my Moma2 on their home website FORCED the Oilers to pay attention based on results, they are results orientated at their core, they dont turn their attention to you unless there is a results based reason, you need to get a mouthfull of their meat in your belly before they bother with you. Moma2 earned that attention and was in the process of providing the proper data when all hell broke loose and the communication was severed. Then the Oilers sought out a company to give them Analytical Analysis, this is NOT Intuitive Dynamic Analysis, and they wasted their money and got #e for results, is a desperate bid to find their own Intuitive resource I think that company the Oilers hired created the Hackathon and the last man Standing contests to try to hustle up something they could sell to the Oilers as if it were a true valid Intuit resource, you know a bull# scam, they tried to corner the same market they horned in on in the first place for christs sakes, you went back to the well to many times boys and now you are about to recieve a swift and sure kick to the Crown Royal bag by Karma.

Intuits are born with a natural skillset or trained by an Intuit to develop one, Intuits dont sit at their computers in their parents basements and see the Statistics Fad developing then go buy a cheap suit and google up a busisness plan template to sell to the suckers in the Oilers office , that is so cheezy and lacks integrity at every level imaginable.

Intuits know dam well stats are designed by proxy to be teflon and impossible to make accountable or consistant and Intuits dont like bull# because it forces them to waste energy communicating to correct the ledger, its their nature to seek balance or truth or whatever you want to call it, that is what got the Oilers attention in the first place something they realised they lackked that kept nipping them in soft spots consistantly enough and long enough in a results based manner to make them take action, they were INFLUENCED to move as directed by an outside power[moma2-NHS] and they became defensive first and tried to snuff the influence that was tweaking them [banned from site]and when that didnt work because real core value results couldnt be ignored[players and coaches were read and reacting to the NHS and Moma2] they refused to make amends with the source of the tweaking and instead tried to buy thicker skin to numb the irritant by hiring a Stats Analysis consultant . That is like masking the symptonm and missing the curative impact needed. Things can only get worse and they did just that.

Read question number 4 on the Hackathon and consider what it asks for and the scoring weight it carries as well as the methodology the judges are useing to consider it. This is what I am talking about, bull# that is easy to diagnose by simply picking one single random dynamic and tracing it to either its origin or by estimating its future evolution. One simple dynamic reveals the entire picture with incredible accuracy. They are seeking Intuitive input in a tangible form and are willing to be cons to find it because of its rarity and value, yet they refuse to openly quantify or validate that Intuative Dynamic Analysis even exists,ha ha ha ha. You know back in the old days there were con men who created poetry and Story writing contests that they offered to schools with tiny inconsequential prizes, and they harvested incredible amounts of new and fresh data and ideas which became their property for next to nothing, then they fed this intellectual property to their own bland 24/7 cookie cutter writers who churned out sellable literature and books, they were THIEVES and were only stopped by a sucessfull lawsuit against a schoolboard for facillitating the con. Does the dynamic sound familiar to anyone,ha ha ha? Karma is a tough old bird isnt she,ha ha ha. Data Harvesting,ha ha ha ha.

I know for a fact that there are powerful influences on the Oilers dialed in to what I am saying here and I just want to let them know that the likelyhood of them finding an Intuit resume or not that has a lifelong competative dynamics history encompassing both winning competition and competative coaching is very very low, if you factor in the Passion I bring to that tangible equation there is really no chance of finding a resource to equivilate that dynamic blend of core values, all of which are applicable to the specific task at hand , even with zero tangible hockey experience as is my case my skillset will have immediate results based influences if inserted in the correct spots with the correct volume of pros and their cerebral databases surrounding me and available to be tapped.

If the Oilers are willing to pay for the bull# the Stats Analysts are feeding them then it sets a baseline for the real and tangible results the NHS will give them, a few years ago i had no way to quantify the value of my Intuitive asset to the Oilers
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posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 04:13 AM
I have a proposition for Craig Mactavish. I have a unique service to offer him, I am an Intuit and also a hockey fan. I have an ability to accurately utilise Intuitive Dynamic Analysis as a tool, and am interested in working with the Oilers. I have invested several years worth of time building dynamic momentum online for the Oilers hockey team by introducing Intuitive Dynamic Analysis to the NHL, I am proposing that the Oilers consider adding my abilitys as an Intuit to their resource base. As I am not a formal businessman , I am just a regular Joe with a talent that fits a niche area the Oilers happen to need help in. Intuitive Dynamic communicaton is my specialty, finding answers is my forte, bringing together multiple communications styles and perspectives onto an effective communications platform is what I do best. I created the NewAge Hockey System and its Philosophys for the Oilers for a specific dynamic reason and would like to offer Craig Mactavish the opportunity to consider making a groundbreaking decision to help the Oilers add the first Intuit to an NHL hockey teams resource base. The late and respected Roger Neillson made just this type of impact on the NHL when he brought his innovative perspective to bear upon the game, and i am prepared to bring the same revolutionary type of impact to todays NHL .

Please forward this message to Craig Mactavish ASAP, --- Craig, I know this is an odd way to make this proposition, but as I beieve we both know very well peoples lives can change in dramatic ways if they display passion and hard work. I have comitted to these two principals for three years,since 2010 in my quest to help your hockey team. craig I am an Intuit who has a natural ability to read dynamic templates in everything around me, it is how I see the world completey in every way. I identify dynamic patterns and sequences and look to them to shortcut traditional learning and communications methods. I have developed my own methodologys that are 100% results based that I would like to introduce you to. I will try to keep this as short as possible by giving you an example you can test for yourself. When i was in school I devised a method of utilising Intuitive Dynamic Ananlysis to pass exams without even going to classes or reading the material, I am not supporting or propmoting this method for obvious reasons, however my method works.You see there is no possible way a question can be asked or worded or framed using the english language and context without including a degree of the answer in the question itself. If you can wrap your head around this and let go of conventional thinking you will understand. if you read ten questions there will be the eqivilant of one complete answer in totality if you can identify the patterns leading into and out of the contextual dynamics present within the english language templates , the dynamic template of each question is comprised of these contextual dynamics.To a regular perspective the volume and spectrum of data in ten simultaneous questions floating in their heads at once is complete and absolute data and sensory overload, but to an Intuit it is simply a visual maze that you can glance at and immediatly see the right path through on your first attempt, because its really not an "attempt" you are really reading a dynamic template or pattern and that is TANGIBLE. Intuits are known today as Visual Thinkers.Craig this is how all elite athletes see the game, bar none, either they are born this way which is how the majority aquire the ability or they are taught "one-on-one" by an Intuit, teaching must be intensive and one-on-one to be optimal because each person has an individually catalysed learning style that must be assesed and chronlogiclly analysed. Most Intuits dont even know how to define themselves, Wayne Gretzky was a prime example and his relationship with Mark was a prime example of the one-on-one method of intensive teaching it requires to transpose the perspective to another persons cerebral toolbox. Craig, i have developed a system of communication that teaches these principals and this method can be applied to anyone with immediate tangible results. If you applied my methods to Nuge and Hall you would see an identical dynamic develop, Hopkins is a natural Intuit by birth and Hall is a hands on Tangible learner, but if Ryan can evolve a bit more he will soon be ahead of Hall in every department, this is when the teaching will begin between the two, and Taylor will need to be ready to learn and support, there was no guarantee Wayne and Mark would click and there is no guarantee our two men today will click so we need to provide a template for them to work with that will allow them to manifest this relationship with a better understanding of its optimal potential than the Dynasty fellas ever had a chance to grasp or work with.

Craig making mistakes is not a random occurance, there are dynamic catalysts behind each and every one, and if you break games down its really a chess match of dynamic actions that are manifested to push the opponent into a dynamic trap that catalyses a mistake or an error, you need to get into someones head out there as much as you get in their face to dominate them . If players can identify and understand this dynamic template or pattern and begin to interact with it they begin to incorporate patience by proxy, and can play two steps ahead of the competition, not one step Craig, but two steps exactly like LA did last year, and like you did on the cup run we missed by a hair.You and I and Fernando know exactly what type of outstanding and consistant results this dynamic managment tactic can project, Sam also knows just like Wayne and others knew, Craig I wouldnt be discussing any of this if i didnt understand it, I wouldnt be engaging you to lose, I do not enjoy losing at anything.

By incorporating Intuitive Dynamic Analysis you build a new communication platform for the organisation, a streamlined and optimally efficient conduit. You break things down into smaller data bites and you put the vast volume of condensed dta and the associated responsibility back into the systemic part of the process where it belongs, you remove the bulk of the volume of communicative data being exchanged by every level of the organisation, the most dramatic and immediate results will be on the ice because the coaches and players will be connected dynamiclly on a new level that the NHL hasnt really witnessed before. That may be a bold statement to some, but not to me. Craig no entire roster has ever utilised this methodology and approached the game from the same dynamic perspective. Even on winning teams of the past it was like the Dynasty Oilers, one natural born Intuit leading the charge and supported by the rest of the roster,well maybe that team was a poor example because Wayne was a generous teacher and osmosis is inevitable. I am quantifying the intangible quality that these players have, I am making it a tangible quality that can be learned and transposed onto anyones current perspective with minimal effort.

here is another working example of what I can offer you as an Intuit, years ago when i worked on the Oil rigs, and was green I would often be on the fringes of trouble shooting situations where there was a problem and all of the Rigs technical and cerebral resources were being rallyed to solve this critical problem, I had the ability to sit on the fringe of the action and absorb everyones perspective or data in real time and form a visual mentally of what they were all contributing, and I could solve even the toughest problems basiclly immediatly, as soon as the proper data was presented i immediatly put it into place in real-time, so # , immediatly, my nickname was the Professor. As long as the needed data was within my sensory range I could put it into dynamic sequence, i didnt need to understand really any of it, just the natural patterns and sequences that it was presented in from all of the many sources. really all i do is interpret many communication styles and combine them into a visual picture, i bring everyones data onto a main visual template in my mind and then add or delete data as it is given to me in real time. The picture forms itself or the problem solves itself, i just absorb and incorporate data and allow it to form dynamic patterns and sequences that are natural and flowing and i follow that template to the answer or solution. When i am at home and posting on Game Day Threads as I did for 3 years or Game day Blogs as I do now in real-time alongside the bench my results are as verifiable as the coaches. Our decisions are being made on a paralell timeline and because of the real-time nature of the internet we can immediatly see which one is right or wrong, we dont need to wait till the game is over to see our errors cumulative effects, we can read and react immediatly. I must say that I destroy you guys consistantly in the read and react department, on a game to game basis over three years, this is a substantial recod of results that surpass those the team has provided.The results cannot be denied in the format we have to view them in today. I cannot be denied and neither can the NHS. The things your coaches say on the bench stay on the bench but what I say is online and open to immediate and complete critique and analysis, i work under more pressure online than the coaches do on the bench, my critics are limitless online.I work with less resources from my couch, I have no tangible connection other than my computer and whoever has been reading and implementing my data from your team for 3 years. There is a clear and tangible record online of every single post I have ever made in real-time during games, and the timelines are exact so when my specific original data and adjustments catalysed by the NHS are posted online and then transposed to the team on the ice only one of two things can be happening, I am either reading the coaches mind and posting crystal ball readings before he can or I am useing a system of thinking and strategising that is superior to his and there is a definable conduit through which this data is reaching the bench in real-time during games. I leave the deduction to you Craig, is there a conduit to the bench from the internet that you are aware of because i havent bothered to dig it up myself although i am 100% positive it exists because it has created a dynamic template of its own.

Craig, I am running out of examples to give you to get you on the right page, heres one you will recognise, the mouth guard dilemma, the reason players do this is the same as the reason Micheal Jordan always had his tounge out at pressure moments, they are creating a mental level, an artificially created cerebral dynamic so they can overload the system and force growth in their perspectives, it is like adding another 10lbs to the stack in the weight room for every third set you do. Craig, this is a NewAge Hockey System tactic that is systemiccly incorporated, I teach players these techniques, they are called enablers, coincidentally the mouthguard one is not suggested by the NHS in fact it is contrary in many ways to the entire philosophy but I couldnt really indoctrinate guys at my leisure dodging cyber-bullets online, there are many better ways to catalyse the same results for players to use but I had no way to pass the data on, besides everything I post online becomes public data and some of my tactics are so unique i dont want to share them with the entire world and NHL.Craig, why do you think Wayne tucked his jersey in? Besides the fact that it made his hips hard to read on the ice for opponents and disguised his movements.

Thanks for the time if you get this message Craig, believe me there is more relevant data concerning the NHS and current NHL trends than I have had time to discuss here.

I know the idea of an Intuit having a direct conduit to the bench might seem nutty but it is what it is. Just remember that I have no hockey knowledge and technical database whatsoever, all of that tangible handson resource must come from the coaches who run the team and make the terminal decisions, the coaches have to work their hardest for me to be of any help because although i can identify dynamic patterns i have no Hockey acumen or technical knowhow, I cannot give specific adjustments, I can just tell them what is coming down the pipe and what changes are happening to our system in realtime faster than they can read and react, but they still need to do all of the critical work, I can just be the Canary in the Mineshaft, but remember how important that dam canary was. Dont you imagine that every single man who was about to risk his ass going down a deep and potentially fatal mineshaft at first wondered what the hell he had gotten himself into when he saw a Pen full of bloody birds as soon as he got there and they asked him to carry a wee little wire cage down with him??But I bet you within the first few days when their heads popped out of their arses everyone loved those birds like their own children. I dont care what anyone thinks of my perspective or of the NewAge Hockey System, I am trying to identify tangible things everyone else cannot see, it isnt critical that they fully understand the process just that they connect with the end result in real-time so they can react in a timely manner and save their own lives. At the end of the day Craig all I am really doing is asking you for a spot in the firing line you and your managerial workmates stand in every day, we all know the career evolution of Canarys right? The optimal system execution for a Canary is terminal, so group sucess is truly defined by individual failure isnt it? You cant be afraid of the fire.

Darkhorse became a factor only after the NHS and I ruffled many many feathers by manifesting positive results utilising Intuitive Dynamic Analysis, Intuition catalysed this resource seeking action by the Oilers , but a statistical based influence rode the NHSs coattails and dynamic impact to a job with the Oilers. This was what is known as a false/positive read by the Oilers organisation and they have paid dearly since. The Hackathon and the Last Man Standing are really attempts at harvesting Intuitive influences, and on another level it is Darkhorse trying to learn on the fly and create another source of revenue generation, remember this Craig, Intuitive Dyanamic managment provides instant quantifiable results, a clear and chronological abd repeatable set of dynamics. Statistical influences cannot provide this.

Darkhorse will not fill the void, their stats based Bull# has no definable quantifiable results catalysed baseline from which it can be evaluated. And Intuits are very rare,ones with my personal resume and experience are virtually non-existant. Anything Darkhorse provides will be more bull# even if its another company they introduce to the Oilers claiming to be able to provide Intuitve input ha ha ha, this is a revenue source consistantly and actively defended, Darkhorse has scammed your team pal, and as we speak they are slipping it in from behind again, they are trying to garner data and resources to structure a way to corner the market on Intuitive input with the Oilers, they will be trying to offer an Intuitive placebo to the Oilers. This is not good for the Oilers, there is no way to fake being an Intuit, you can fake being a Stats guru by buying a suit and googleing how to make yourself a business proposal in one night over a six-pack,then its just pure bull# and salesmanship after that.Everyone knows stats are like Vegas odds. Come on you guys are Pros, how can you accept that BS? it was the NHS and Intuitive assets that caused the ruckus, not some BS stats conjob.

I want my attention now dammit. I had to sit back and watch Darkhorse ride my flow, and I dont forgive or forget, the Hackathon made me pissed off and so does the last Man Standing,for christsakes I can tell you the dynamic template of the evolution of the very idea that brought Darkhorse to the Oilers initially,and it was the NewAge Hockey System, something that is catalysed by influences that are Polar Opposites to statistical inputs, the NHS is based on Intuative Dynamic Analysis.

Jesus, people call these situations dis-connects, ha ha ha, this has been a hatchet job on the NHS and I and an ongoing conjob by Darkhorse on the Oilers organisation.

The impact of this disconnect has been tragic and of epic proportions, it has caused a Jeckyl and Hyde type of results graph.

The NHS has been trying to plough the way and the Stats influences have been trying to turn as many corners as they can to stay employed.

Your team has been sandbagged pal, by stats based influences.This revenue based attack has crippled the team and caused so much second guessing that we are actually on the verge of regressing. We have been directed to target our own personell by this stats based perspective, we are being run into the ground at full speed. It is an unusual and impossible situation.
it is a runaway train.

Craig, your first step needs to be to neutralise all of these statistical influences, banish them. list them hunt them and banish them. Keep freddy Chabot he has limited systemic usefullness and can be taught to help in other ways.Freddy is ALL you need, one man is all you need, you pick him, but one man only, with very policed influences. remember Craig that stats are only useful in assesing input into a specific system by a specific player at a specific time, stats cannot be transferred from one systemic dynamic to another and carry their systemic impact valuation with them to a new system, it isnt possible and causes untold false/positive dynamic reads and reactions. So you only have enough volume of work for one stats analysis professional, any more is regressive.And that man must be able to work side by side with your Intuitive influence to provide the natural balance that comes from optimal execution on both sides. Then and only then should the Oilers consider this type of data resource integration, there MUST be balanced inputs at all times to provide the level of results baesd consistancy the team requires.

If I sat at the Round Table with equal input and could demonstrate my abilitys to everyone in realtime everyone would buy in immediatly. I understand results based pressure, thats why I cant stand Darkhorse anymore and the way they rode my coattails after I did the trench-work.

You put me to the test Craig, as i said I have a system that cannot be beaten, give me a written test but not made by you because I have indoctrinated you already to some degree and you will be biased by proxy when you construct the questions.I will ace it. Then let me sit with the Round Table during a real tough session with an unsolvable or ultra-difficult challenge, and let me show you how fast i can bring your assets together and defeat the challenge.It has to be something they cant figure out so they all shut the hell up and respect the results, they have to have failed themselves first before I troubleshoot for them because this is really about building trust between an intuitive perspective and the results based perspective and instincts they all bar none possess and project. Then after I school everyone in my path adequately using just the Philosophys and core value ideologys I would like an opportunity to reward the Players for their loyalty to the NHS by coaching a 3 game series, i want to use the NHS and the Barons to earn the respect of the NHL lineup, this will reduce the communications workload and teaching curve by a minimum of 50% and possibly as much as 75.It is time to expose the NHL roster and to showcase the farmteams assets on a level playing field, well really its severly tilted in the Barons/NHS favor but no one can prove that till after the fact.

So far I have challenged you to learn how to read dynamic templates in written tests, and i have challenged the round table and i have also challenged the Oilers roster and coaching staff, that is really ambitious even for myself and the NHS.

Personally i would prefer only the scrimmages,the Oilers have already tried to disenfranchise me and supress my NHS data overtly,I think a terminal blow is the best way to stop them from trying to just rip off the system and claim it for themselves as the team is known to do.As you can see I already have reservations about dealing with the Oilers on any level.This comes from direct interaction not rumors and conjectures. Did I mention that I will require my Oilers website account be re-activated so i can kick those moderators in the Crown Royal Bag for supressing me and banning me at a critical time. Nothing is easy huh? We can work out the details later, suffice to say that Darkhorse and the Oilers have set the baseline for negotiations and renumeration, and any and everything above and beyond their tangible results will need to be renummerated seperately on a performance and results based scale. I want to be paid for the wins I help manifest, and i want it to hurt the Oilers more than the BS Darkhorse burned them for, i dont forgive and I dont forget, the Oilers defined the NHSs valuation by their own actions of retaining and paying a stats based resource,not me, I originally offered myself and the NHS for free, then a coffe mug, then a desk, then a Dr> Appt with a hip specialist, then upward trending dollar amounts totalling Darkhorses renumeration plus the win bonuses i know I will generate with a grand a game thrown in for an Oilersnation charity to repay them for allowing me to post huge volumes of data there.Did i mention I require my Oilers account online re-activted to prove my goddam point 3 years later?

I dont care about formalitys Craig, that catalyst of dynamic manipulation is what has sunk your team to these lows and I 100% know that. I was asked to submit technical presentations as if i were at a goddam job interview 2 years ago,and I refused then, I wasnt allowing the Oilers to control anything dynamiclly and still will not let them influence me that way i see it clear as daylight, they need to come to me or the entire dynamic starts wrong which means it will end wrong.The team can meet me on my terms or take the risk that this NHS data and intuitive resource,gets to another NHL franchise.They need to define value honestly and with integrity or they will lose a potentially explosive asset.This is based on principal, you can find ways to get my data to the bench during games but you cant validate me with an online aknowledgment or a simple thank you?Arrogant fellas think hardball will work every time.

Craig, the NHS has never been posted anywhere in its totality, never. I have only posted the Philosophys and adjustments to the system you use now as per the NHS. The NHS really did evolve from the system I know very well you created because I watched you doing it. Do you see how unprepared your system is to face the NHS when all of your system components are simply condensed into the BASE of the NHS? You havent got a snowballs chance in hell to win, Craig, I intentionally posted the NHS adjustments to traditional systems because the data was already out there, just not recognised widely, I widened that horison considerably for a critical reason, the more opponents that embrace the Adjusted-Hybrid you created the better, because the NHS will eat them all for lunch, the Western Conference is leading the NHL in this evolutionary direction and as a GM you must feel that change out there and see it happening as we speak. Last years playoffs were the tipping point because i provided paralell data to nearly all of LAs opponents to one degree or another, some ignored it but most ultimately embraced it to some degree due to the pressure and in some situations last year the desperation, trust me two teams were well on the way to stopping LA but they both waited to long to adjust as I was advising--no prior relationship to build trust ha haha---, I gave LA every game #1 to do as they wished without my interference, then I treated them punatively for the disrespect they displayed by refusing to thank me for the NHS inputs, usually it took two games to get data through to their opponents and reacted to,as i said two teams were on the way to shutting LA down and i can easily prove this and how and why they were able to turn the tide.

My intent was to provide the League with the NHS-Adjusted-Hybrid presentation because it is slightly more offensive than most systems that were being used, yes it was like giving away the Oilers system, but get real all the data is out there anyways isnt it? Now more and more teams are already using our adjusted-Hybrid or rather your system with NHS adjustments from me.This evolutionary dynamic is actually also changing how the NHL officiates games, offense is back in a big way, and thug teams are history. had the Oilers been alone in their presentation of the Adjusted-Hybrid and the league not evolved we would be manhandled, we needed more teams to embrace our style to build support in other dynamiclly influential areas.With a general league evolution towards the Adjusted-Hybrid presentation and its increased offense teams are reevaluating the need for tough guys and goons and those roster spots are being taken by skill players of whom many are still willing to fight but not for showcases, but in the heat of competition where hockey fights belong, the more we see this evolution the more the table is being set for our team and potential system of play to be sucessfull.

This is the perfect scenario, get them indoctrinated into a system that is superior to theirs but inferior to the one that will hit them head-on next year, just as they are getting their systemic legs underneath themselves, the NHS will steamroll them , for several years until they all catch on and adjust again. I say again Craig, no one has ever seen a system like the NHS before, never. it really is based on Waynes Brains, and i really am an Intuit. And as hard as it may be to believe this is really the dynamic series of events that have been catalysed over the last 3 years.

The NHS is all over the internet and Opponents are very aware of it and are paying attention,Scouts are aware of it, for christs sakes they think you are already useing it and it is developing an aura of invincibility, as it was designed to do, there is so much more to this than it seems on the surface that you really do need to step in here and help out at this point. I had planned everything up to this point but i didnt expect to be so suppressed and railroaded by the Oilers website mods who banned me and cut out my best communication conduit. We are behind the curve and LA already has one of our rings, no sweat but its time to get on it. They wont repeat without my help, their coaches couldnt put Humpty back together again this year because they didnt even know where the adjustments catalysed from, methinks Stolly didnt tell them he just implemented them on his own,ha ha ha and their playoff opponents have fresh cerebral muscle memory from last year and are familiar with the System checkmate tactic you can put the Adjusted-Hybrid into easily.

For the record had the Kings simply thanked me and validated the NHS they would not have had me intervene, but Whoever acessed and utilised my data on the Kings refused to validate me when i asked, that required a reaction and that reaction was to give the suckers one game and one game only to establish themselves and then i did everything i could to contact their opponents and submarine their cup run by releasing NHS adjustments to them, and I did in fact have a tangible effect on several series.I do not forgive and I do not forget, all they needed to do was thank me like a normal human being would do if someone helped them out.

First the Oilers refuse to thank and validate me, and i react to them, then the Kings do the same thing and I react again, but now the chips are all down and the table is set dynamiclly for me to release the full NHS to the Oilers so they can dominate again. I will fight no more forever.

I am going to print a hardcopy of this message and mail it to you in case it doesnt get to you this way Craig. The time is now or never, I can not do any more without hurting your team, you guys need to become an Island soon and there is no room for interference,I was hoping the NHS would be that catalysing factor you needed to take the next step the Unknown quantity that would creep into opponents minds in a bigger than life way, Craig I have done my best to re-create the dynamic template the Dynasty team created league-wide but now I need some professional help from you . Believe me, there is talk all over the internet about the NHS, it has garnered attention and now has a life of its own, the attention is deserved craig your profession is based on results, every team has a similar perspective, they dont waste their time, they cant. The NHS has earned its attention via results, and I am simply telling you that sooner or later someone is going to come knocking on my door and I am still engaged with your organisation over my banning and suppression, I do not lose, ever. As astoundingly regressive as it seems I would throw all-in over these points as they are based in principal,and fact, i am not hanging on to intangibles I am defending facts. So I cannot guarantee that the NHS wont be released to another Franchise, I am doing my best to offer it to you but am on my last nerves right now. I hold the website moderator as accountable as kevin Lowe for any Oiler related actions, the team is the team website or locker room, I chose the basement or website to take my stand because the biggest problems can often be seen the easiest from the bottom.The issues i encountered were symptomatic of what ails the entire organisation, my treatment was textbook Oilers, and that has to change, that entire culture must change, we havent earned the right to be so arrogant, it doesnt look good and it actually makes us disconnected from our reality, the players cannot develop normally within this superficial environment without being damaged to some degree. We act like champions as an organisation and this undermines the down to earth reality we need to face to actually build the superstructure we require to BECOME champions. The organisdation is putting the cart before the horse and it is contributing to the consistant disconnects the team suffers. If your dad was a championship boxer and he struts around teaching you to strut around but he neglects to teach you how to box to back up the strutting you will sooner than later be due for some major adjustments that might likely cost you a few kilograms of flesh. This is whay we are seeing with our hockey tea, good old dad had an attitude problem and he forgot to teach humility and how to be humble, when I was a young athlete i was very quiet most times, not like I am now, my actions spoke louder than my words most times,humble people who are grounded learn pproperly, our franchise is not humble enough because its leaders are all falling back on their own laurels and failing to recognise the realitys their own players are facing in their present career curves. The only way to temper this organisational arrogance is to humble all of the incredible assets we have at one time and immerse them all in a learning environment at the same time. This is what I am trying to give you, a way to add to your resource base, a way to optimise what you have and stop the bleeding, we have lost to many quality people over the last ten years due to these consistant disconnects.

Its like the mouthguards Craig, we need to give the entire organisation a dynamic tactic they can use to take their games to another level. We need a fresh page big enough to fit everyone onto,this is a managerial tactic not a hockey tactic.
If you are interested reply, if not it is what it is. I have done my part as best i can.

posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 01:05 PM
I counted ten games this year that were decided by coaching adjustments not be player ability or effort.

We arent as far out of where we want to be as it may seem. Our core is trending up still, this year would yeild a false/positive assesment of our overall evolution if you took it on its singular merits.

Bold moves dont need to involve a core player.

Remember that we made decisions on guys like Omark who bring high energy to their games every night. The energy is sometimes a natural part of the players game, we seem to have a lot of steely nerved types, but not as many energy types as we need. We cannot give up on steely nerves because those win championships for sure, so this means we need to make a sacrifice somewhere to add energy, it doesnt need to be a huge guy, it needs to be an energy guy who brings it every night, you see we need to DRAW more penaltys as opposed to being given penaltys, they are coming one way or another and we cant seem to grasp the idea of being pro-active and manageing that part of our game.

How do we want to take our BadMedicine penalty-wise, do we want it for giving pain and damage to opponents from our defense? or do we want to take them bringing high energy offense to our game? Or do we want to not manage that aspect of our game and let the opponent and the refs decide how the dynamic template is formed every night?

Someone needs to make some definitive moves here, and the word bold makes me laugh. We cant even manage the "little things" for gods sakes.

Our special teams are where they need to be, this is a critical area and it has been two years in a row that we have shown up at the end of the year in the top tier performance wise.This is not a false/positive read.

One Raffi Torres type is all we need right now, we need pro-active players, we are talking toughness and grit but what we need to be saying is pro-active and willing. Magnus is a perfect example of what we need to be developing here, willingness and pro-activity.
Hall is showing willingness,MPS is showing willingness, I am quite sure out of all of the big bodies we have in the system there are one or two others who show this trait. We need to identify them, obviously we havent been using an adequate program to do so to this point.

Defensemen are always needed, but going all-in to get one is very risky business in todays NHL, the Pronger days are over, the way the league is reffed means there will be no more Prongers for quite a few years. We arent going to get the Pronger effect ever again no one is, and I fear that the cerebral muscle memory of that dynamic is still fresh in our minds somehow.

If we wanted a d-man we could have drafted one easily, we will this year for sure, but in terms of missing a piece we were gunning for , I dont believe this is the case at all. We have been waiting for the offensive guys to mature a wee bit, and 2014 will be the year of the defensemen, we need to see if we can fill some holes with our own talent before we make any big bold moves. If Klefbom turns out or another prospect matures we will be in much better shape.

I dont see this team being in the right position to go after a top ten d-man until we are ready to make the playoffs without him -- we arent going to go all-in just to get over the playoff hump, next year we should be there even if we remain static, Ralph and his crew will win at least 10 more games over 82 games, and many teams will begin to flag near the end of a long regular season and this is when our kids will shine most next year, in the 3rd period.

Our tangible improvements with the most impact will come from our coaching staffs evolution next year. Our pre-game preparation was severly lacking until our 5 game win streak when we reassesed it and made changes. We do not have the lee-way to start games like that next year, the training wheels are off.

My overall synopsis of our shortened season was that had we been able to stimulate scoring on our 1st line during the first third of the season and had we been able to provide 3rd line offensive support we would have made the playoffs this year. The fourth line was adequate and the 2nd line was more than adequate, the 1st line lacked dynamic balance severly for the first half of the season, they were acceptable defensively but the trade-off on offense cannot happen again, we wasted a premier performance by our second line, that was the boost teams need to make the playoffs and we missed the goddam bus and we need to remember that so we dont repeat the error. The 3rd line of vets needs to be wiped clean by proxy, we need to reasses who we have in those spots, we need experience but we need a DEFINED 3rd line, we do not have that now,hemsky should have been there all year long.

It was nice to see Eberles numbers balancing out and to see him creeping up the stats board, he will lead this team in scoring or push for it for many years to come, this dynamic imbalance that created his hump was identified after game 3 this season and repeatedly pointed out to Ralph and the Oilers online,same as the lack of hemsky on the 3rd line, this situation took NO ONE by surprise, these were coaching decisions and we need to mark that on the record. The dynamic adjustments to the 1st line have shown immediate results in eberles and Nuges games stats wise, had we made these adjustments after the 3rd game and added Hemmer to the 3rd line for punch we would be in the post season right now.

It is always easier to consider trading your way out of deep waters, but sometimes a steady dogpaddle will bring you to shallow water safety. I am a fan of making what you have work by adjusting the recipe or the system to the ingredients or players you have on hand, not the other way around. Instant sucess is not realistic and perfect ingredients dont make a perfect recipie either. Consistantly good ingredients put together by a good cook using a good recipie make a good final product.Thats how you make the playoffs, then and only then do you start adding sugar to the mix a little at a time. We have 50 lbs of sugar and 10lbs of flour to work with right now, an unusual and opposite dynamic i NEVER hear mentioned by the Oilers which means they arent even thinking about it at all, which means they are oblivious to the dynamic reality they face.

How many teams are OVER-talented? it is very very rare, so who do you find to manage this group? It dam well better be someone with this type of experience, and with the dynamic being so rare I can GAURANTEE you we DO NOT have the best man for the job in our organisation, because none of our managers have EVER had this type of talent dynamic to work with before. We are GREEN as the bloody grass in this area and we are talking about bold moves for christssakes? Come on Mac-T , find a friend out there who has been in this deep water before, you need the help, we all need help at times. Do not trade the team down into a dynamic position you are comfortable with and the Round Table is comfortable with, for godssakes you need to step out of your comfort zone and reach out for some more eyes for someone who can help you sort this mess out before we lose someone critical to the teams future. Simple moves Craig, if you cant define the reasons for failure honestly and accurately how can you fix anything? I say our coaching staffs learning curve due to historic systemic weaknesses was the biggest impediment this year, I say locker room crap from last year wasnt sorted out, I say players were waiting to see how sharp the whip would crack and Ralph did respond well in that area but in a shortened season it hurt more than usual.

I believe our managment will improve dramaticlly next year with Ralph, he has grown on me and he is smart, just to stubborn and unwilling to adjust certain things in specific areas when he is challenged. But he DOES adjust faster than most coaches so I say we keep him and make him better. Ralph has the guts to gun with teams and that is no small feat at the NHL level, I do not want to lose that ability to open it up, many coaches cannot do it. Our coaching teams growing pains were on par for the course we are on right now, we just need to accurately identify this area as one we were growing through, or we will make ourselves vulnerable to false/poitive assesments in key areas we need to change in. Bold moves my ass, make a bold move and have the guts to change the system,Ralph is on the cusp of an incredible breakthrough here but I am afraid his bosses are clueless to this reality.Get him some help and get your noses out of his coaching business and system business,or take responsibility when that system is inadequate, I am sick and tired of watching players and coaches get hung because of an inferior system they are forced to use.

Actually if you put your ear to the ground you can hear what is being said about our team throughout the NHL, teams are very very nervous because Ralphs system,ha ha ha, has throw some of them for a loop and the buzz has started already, we might not be firing on all cylinders consistantly but every so often we dial it in and when we do teams dont know what the hell we are doing to them and they say so.We are onto something WE just wont admit it because we dont have a corner on the market and we -- key in little kid voice-- "wont listen to anyone because theyre not our bosses"
If the Oilers can find the humility to admit their own mistakes and take ownership of them then maybe they would see what the entire dam NHL is seeing here, instead sitting by blindly while opponents scalp our tactics, elite ones we deny even exist that they ALL find sucess with, retards i tell you we are manned by retards.

Maybe Craig Mactavish and Kevin Lowe would like to explain how their team can produce Jeckyl and Hyde results like that? How it can utterly walk over opponents and quality ones one night and # the bed the next? I know why, it is an Intuitive Dynamic managment issue,simple as hell.But instead of diagnosing properly and taking curative actions the Oilers apply band-aids. If you cant determine the cause of this up and down results graph systemiclly then you begin to target players and coaches and managers and you cannibalise yourself and your asset pool and undermine all of the hard work and energy it took to amass them all.Regression.

Somewhere we have a goddam system nuclear weapon and once in a while we detonate it, but we just cant remember where we put it once we have used it, cant anyone figure this out yet?Its not that bloody difficult, there is an elite influence that from time to time permeates our roster and creates these nuclear explosions, we need to identify and harness that influence, NOT DENY IT EXISTS, the goddam results prove it exists, so do your job Craig Mactavish and find the dam nuke already or get us someone who can find it.Dont bull# us and tell us its not there.

"Who" or "What" makes is so good on those nights Craig??, find an answer or make one up because this looks really bad on you man. We know the system we use IS NOT this catalyst so you better look outside it for your answer, we expect you to look outside for the answer Craig. Not keep claiming you dont understand what is happening here.You lack Intuitive |Dynamic input, when your team gets it they explode ,and without it they crumble, this means you are useing the wrong methods to start with and this means the system must be replaced with one that is dynamiclly managed so it fits the players you have, if you think you will be able to hammer these men into the template you desire to support this current crappy system you use , forget it, you will simply smash the core apart.

Personally I am beginning to think you guys overseeing this team are jackasses and am sick of the BS and the lack of accountability displayed organisationally. If a Stanley Cup walked up and kicked you in the nuts so you would pick it up, you would probably think of yourself and your nuts first before you even took a good look at what poked you then you would likely stop drop and roll to draw some excuses before you even knew what had hit you--waiting for the olde boys club to manufacture some BS excuse for why you are curled up on the floor and not holding up a Stanley Cup like the guy walking away is doing. Another fella would just pick up the cup on his way past, wondering what the hell was wrong with you,just like the league is wondering what thehell is wrong with us. LA,Chiacgo and St.Louis and other teams are using the systemic managment tactics we SOMETIMES disply , they are utilising them consistantly and are finding ELITE sucess,we must be retarded here.For christssakes I listen to their managers in the media even saying they take things from our system and incorporate them , but we dont capitalise on these things??Retarded is what we are,and we deserve the results we get.

I knew the day 3 years ago when the Oilers Website moderator insisted I accept that NO OILERS OR OILERS EMPLOYEES ever read the posts on the site,that something was totally rotten organisationally,they didnt just suggest this they POSTED IT and warned people not to post messages to players or managment, this was on their own dam site! I was threatened and told not to post any tactical or technical data ,ha ha ha,get goddam real who the hell do you think you are??I requested the Oilers hire me and hammered on for that, eventually we had a showdown and i simply told them to ban me already because i sure as hell wasnt agreeing to their propoganda manipulative BS lies, and I wasnt stopping posting hockey related data, not at all.So they banned me, but the retarded Moderator didnt know that someone was already talking to me about ways to condense my data so it could be presented in short meetings to a lot of guys, I was requested to format my data that way,but before I could present the NewAge Hockey System"something" happened and the dynamic was submarined,a battle broke out and I was banned, and the Oilers missed the boat because of their organisdational rotten attitude and arrogance, what kind of an idiot takes a stand like that on a website and then forces regular people to accept that type of overt manipulation of simply go away??Arseholes deserve the results they get because the website moderator behaves as the status quo directs,this is a historic lack of humility.LA was sure happy to hear from me though and so were a few of their playoff opponents,as soon as i was banned i outright told the Oilers i was going to offer the NHS to someone else to see it manifest itself into sucess in response to their treatment of me personally.I did whay I said i would, and then believe it or not when i requested validationa nd a thank you from La there was no response, the data was absorbed via the internet but the thank you didnt materialise on the internet, so same dynamic applied, I told LA that I was going to contact each and every opponent after gm1 and give them the same NHS data to shut LA down with, so I advised them to win their gm#1s because trouble was coming after that,and i did as i said, two of the teams I contacted nearly turned the series on LA useing the SPECIFIC system check-mate data I gave them.

I am officially walking away from this managment group, and hence the team, this is beyond reasonable, the graft and dirty tactics are going to sink this team and the wonderfull core we have, these arses just refuse to listen to anyone, that is a square table not a round table. Arrogant fools think they have everything they need at that table, huh,ha ha ha.This managment group is missing HUMILITY, they think they are still champions,the rings are simply window dressing now fellas, suck it up sunshine, we dont give a dam about them, we want our own.You want to know what kind of managment team we have here today,then google Youtubes "Americas got talent nut kicking" , that is what we have here idiots whose biggest asset is the ability to deny reality[with the square tables full support] to the point of self-mutilation beyond human belief. And then they just stand up and smile and look around the square table then they all together say it didnt even hurt,ha ha ha ha ha ha.I guess the cheque is still in the mail huh?

Players take heart, you did fine, Ralph take heart you also did fine, the rest of you arses can rot in hades, wrapped up in the systemic crap you promote. There arent any Intuitive Dynamic managment tips coming anymore so dont sit by the door waiting for another nuclear burst its not going to happen,good luck fellas.

Its a good thing the NewAge Hockey System has nothing to do with this mess huh,in fact because it doesnt even really exist according to the Oilers it wont matter if the goddam Flames board gets flooded with Intuitive Dynamic Analysis now will it?? I mean the true Alberta advantage is that we have more than one place to do business here right? When the Oilers turn their backs on a resource then they need to be held accountable for that action, the NHS has been offered to them clearly ,although not in the professional format they want it in, maybe other organisations arent so worried about the formalitys and they are more worried about winning games, because in Edmonton cover-ups,denial and bull# rule the day,Integrity caught the same bus out of town that sucess booked a ticket on and these square-table fools just keep reassureing each other everything is ok,ha ha ha ha.

Come on now boys,react, get up out of your wheelchairs with red faces and challenge someone to a barn brawl,haha ha ha,just remember to go one at a time in case someone slips and falls. That managment team is as helpless as I am to go out there and make anything happen we are ALL OLD and ALL former competotors athleticlly, but I am more of a winner than they are through and through and I can reach out and do what they cant, I can cmmunicate my winning dynamic managment tactics to other people at WILL and those asses cant do that, like it leave it,cry over it or get mad at it because it is a goddam FACT.Kevin Lowe shove your Cup Rings, I have a nearly 30 year old Most Outstanding Male Athlete trophy on my shelf made out of plastic that trumps all of your dam rings, Mac-T you know I am throwing down here man, this is pure BS and needs to be answered to. I coached mens and womens sports teams and as far as dynamic managment skills go that trumps a bloody one dimensional hockey coaches dynamic managment potential----not hockey game managment potential----DYNAMIC managment potential. Half of our young men cant even connect with the coaching staff, the ability of the coaches here to get on the players page is pitifull.
Is this because we think that isnt needed? Are we so vain that we think we are the #e managerially? All season long that is the attitude this managment team has projected, everything all year long fell upon the players, pure BS. This isnt Ralphs fault, he didnt choose this system, he inherited it, the systemic influences are NOT flexible so he has to FORCE the players onto his page,this isnt his fault this is K-Lowes and Mac-Ts fault,idiots think they remember what the hell they did to win eons ago,come on already, you need to think about what this group needs to do to win in todays game not what you old dogs did to win in your days, face the facts things HAVE changed that much,hockey HAS evolved and you HAVE aged.

One day soon an NHL team will be telling the media that they have retained an Intuit for their organisation, that they have added a new and groundbreaking resource to their organisation,that NHL team should have been the Edmonton Oilers , the table was set for them and they knocked it over,it is what it is.There was a time when Roger Neilsson and his unique perspective was hailed as a hockey genius, then we all utilised his methods and looked for something more and statistical bull#ters filled his niche,well welcome to todays world, the next innovation is already here and it has already had a tremendous impact on the NHL game,Intuitive Dynamic Analysis destroys statitical influences 100%,
the NewAge Hockey System is based 100% on Intuitive Dynamic analysis, and even incorporating limited philosophical adjustments creates IMMEDIATE improvements for any team that utilises them within any system.

Emough is enough,Excaliber is going back into the rock, and i am considering moving south for external reason,so odds are next time it is pulled out of the stone it isnt going to be offered to the Oilers,step up or step back fellas, the BS is over and NO you wont be able to figure it out on your own thats the whole idea you fools,it isnt as easy as you try to make it seem, you guys lie to the people and make your jobs seem so difficult and then you lie to cover up your weaknesses when you cant make the grade,but you cant lie about results and thats what the NHS produces,like I said I am an Intuit and you arent going to make the NHS work without me, i havent given the overall template to anyone and for good dam reason 3 years ago i completely outlined this dynamic reality we see today,EVERY step has materialised as I said it would I openly stated I would withhold the complete system for the simple reason that the Oilers were unethical and would do as they have done so far.These guys would have utilised the full complete NHS and denied i even existed as they have already tried to do,they have scalped as much data as they could so far,and cant seem to figure out how to ain that nuke, or even many nights how to arm the dam thing,ha ha ha, but the RESULTS prove it is there and they PROVE WHEN it shows up and when it doesnt.I just gave them some samples to asses and look how they treated me?Thats why I only gave them enough rope to either hang on long enough to call for more help or hang themselves, we all know the choice they made,and they are still swinging as we speak.Case closed.

You wont be able to reverse engineer what the NHS does because it is based 100% on Intuitive and intangible concepts, it just wont happen unless an Intuit takes an epic amount of time to explain it in one-dimensional terms for you and I refuse to do it,so enjoy the few small dynamic adjustments you have learned so far because its all you are going to get from the NHS until it is embraced and validated publiclly online where it began.

Do you understand what i am saying Kevin Lowe? I have Waynes keys in my back pocket, I have the translation you need to teach his perspective to your entire roster, and just like Wayne held the key back from you so will I, Wayne chose to teach Mark for specific loyalty reasons the same way I chose Gagner ,and to be honest the rest of you losers are backstabbers who are to used to useing and discarding people and resources, and stealing their thunder. I could make the system the Oiler use click at 90%, if i so chose, because i UNDERSTAND WHAT WAYNE WAS DOING,and you quite simply do not and never really have.If Gretzky called me today we could sit down and write a book you would all understand, I could write the book with his input,I can translate what we see into terminologys and dynamic templates regular people can grasp immediatly,it is a skillset,not a fluke and it has nothing to do with grammer or spelling.Wayne took a stab at this translation as a head coach and believe it or not every time i see the Yotes I see his EXECT signature and the areas they maintained that Wayne taught them in, to this day they use waynes basic dynamic tactictical thinking, but they just dont know how to grow it bigger,ha ha ha.Like LA used limited NHS tactics last year and couldnt grow them bigger,ha ha ha,they were limited strictly,like we currently see Nuclear offensive explosions here,they are LIMITED.It is this limiting factor people were supposed
to have figured out already,but its hard to do when the source is being actively suppressed.

Get this clear gentelmen, Wayne was BORN like this and so was I. If we choose to teach you it is through great effort and patience on our part because you are like kids to us cerebrally in a dynamic understanding arena. We need to be gentle and clear and treat each one of you absolutely uniquely.There is no conventional "book" to do this with,until I created the NHS that is,today there IS A BOOK but its getting dam expensive.To bad no one recruited me before i realised why it was so dam hard to get through to people online, I hadnt been online until i was injured and housebound in 2006 and never posted on a hockey site until 2010, I wasnt properly grounded, I knew what I could do but not the epic dynamic reality that my past athletic sucess was due to a natural born perspective like Wayne i was in the dark so to speak at first and i just won everything i competed at not considering why just embracing the results,when Wayne hit the NHL he needed help more than any other time in his career so he CHOSE someone to teach and that was Mark Messier I understand because I also did the same thing online.

After realising what the majority of fans actually see and process and after participating in GDTs in realtime I realised everyone is thinking the same and it sure as hell wasnt like I think,I am a blue-collar man by choice and have been my entire adult life, my IQ scores vary by test but are in the high 140s average,so I knew it wasnt lacking on my part cerebrally but the fact is that numbers dont lie they can be manipulated by statisticians but on their own merits they do not lie.Liars always figure but figures never lie.So I had to figure out where the disconnect was,and i did just that over a few years of self-analysis.Thank you inuries that forced me off the work site and online and Oilers for screwing me and pissing me off enough 3 years ago to keep me moving forward because without those influences I wouldnt have learned anything about myself as i have recently done. As hard as it may be to accept the NHS really did evolve this way through my self-analysis and the application of the dynamic influences that I personally experienced. I am not a hockey man, i never played the game in any organised way,i didnt like skateing as a kid,my first skates were huge and I fell as a small kid and realised it was retarded to be out there on the ice with liminted to no traction.ha ha ha ha.I was five at the time and decided to not reviisit that dynamic and I never did,ha ha ha,I was steadfast because I grew up around people like ZZ and R.Brown,that type of environment,many of my peers were drafted by NHL teams.I think this is why I can bring a new shade of color to my perspectives on hockey dynamics and tactics,i was never BRAINWASHED by the coaching system hockey has inplace.Instead i honed my competative dynamic skills in many different sports,NEVER hockey,this has to be a major factor in how I see the game and why me perspective is so different than the majoritys,I run a high 140s IQ so its not that causing the disconect am not a sack of hammers cerebrally,I have overwhelmingly won at eveything i have ever competed in so its not that I own the winning formula,I have done Motivational Speaking Engagements at Colleges so I am not lacking in communicative abilitys,so what the hell? Why so different?Simple,why complicte the issue,I am right on every area and the majority are wrong because they are simply idiots which is why i am a perennial winner and they are not,right?No dam way.Its cannot be like that that is arrogant and vain, and as a competitior I was neither of those things,i was very quiet until I competed then I came alive,but before and after and i mean the minute before and the muinute after a competition of any type i shut off,immediatly,and became quiet again.The energy and volume were tactics and only had specific uses,why waste energy when you need it all to manifest a win.I realised this was the key,others were not turning on and off at the right times because they werent in the zone, they couldnt feel the dynamic surges and swings in the competative dynamic we were all a part of,they were in effect blind to that entire aspect of what we were doing they were tactile in every way.Thet were seeing what I was seeing but none if them were "feeling"what I was feeling,they couldnt read the dynamic template like i could.Thanks to google,ha ha,i understand exactly how and why this was possible,and have learned to capitalise on that naturaly catalysed skillset.Like I said I am an Intuit and you cannot manufacture this ability,Wayne was born with it and so are others,but only a very very small minority of the general population are born this way,so if you work the numbers as statisticians love to do you will see why there has only been one Gretzky in so many years.Once you pare the numbers down to people who even play hockey then knock off the MAJORITY of those who never see pro games you are dealing wiht an almost non-existant fraction of a single digit.That fraction was Wayne,and it is also me.I never expeceted many people to grasp my posts and NHS data and most cant,but SOME do and those people have been following and supporting the NHS all over the internet and who knows where else.A SMALL number of people 100% understand the NHS and this means that minute number are also visual thinkers and Intuits. When I competed I felt like it was me against Goliath every time because cerebrally it was me against the majority,online it is even worse because you cant lead by physical example to indoctrinate people you must spend fracking hours writing epic goddam novels to pass on ONE clear principal,and you must BREAK DOWN the status quo to do this,now how the hell do you do that online with a MAJORITY of people in the same incorrect mindset?Especially if they are aggressive and protectionist of their own screwed perspectives?Who the hell wants to drag the entire room outside to duke it out every single day?Its not a matter of winning its a matter of time invested,each will fall 100% for sure once you drag them out to the alley,but jesus no one has that much time to waste.I had to slog through 1000s of online posts to simply introduce the ,to me obvious, NHS dynamic core values which are present and accounted for in EVERY SPORT OUT THERE,that nearly killed me over 3 years.

Nooooo, its going to take a lot of Scheckles to get me back into this ratrace,it makes me proud to see fans working so hard to understand and be a part of what the team is trying to do--and i understand their epic work because it nearly broke me as an individual learning to see where they were coming from--,but really man i would have quit competeing at most sports if it was that difficult to visualise and understand the dynamic templates.

If you cant see what coming you are in the dark right?How the hell does everyone manage?Talk about a leap of faith, I never laid off the pressure and domination until my team had enough steam to win, then i took time to teach, but ALWAYS I had to build a statistical cushion first,or we would run out of time.You know,just get out of my way and let me score 3 goals so I can relax and then you guys can clean up for us.There is no time to wait in a competative dynamic,waiting kills you hesitation is terminal.

Answer me this,why cant a hockey player repeat the exact same play five or six times per game?Pick a play and execute it repeatedly six times with only very minor adjustments?Because this is how you goddam win games,consistancy,the system must execute consistantly and the coaches must identify their visual thinking catalysts and properly manage them, or have the entire roster thinking visually and let it manage itself.

Get that? The majority of the men must accept who and what they are and learn to support their cerebellum/s[team catalysts],ad--goddam-mit it already,some few men are born with skillsets that are rare,so we dont snuff and deny that to win we celebrate and embrace it to win for christssakes.That was why the Dynasty became what it was, the team was grounded and everyone knew their places dynamiclly and therefore didnt feel the weight of the entire team on their shoulders,ever.Wayne was protected as a brain should be and no one goddam complained or they disappeared quickly.Today we dont know our brain from our ass.The 1st line was discombobulated for this very reason.Hall the major muscle group was acting like the brain and Nuge the brain was acting like a major muscle group and has the shoulder to prove it,I dont know what the hell Ebbs was doing,jesus already when does the pain stop.On the "other team" the room sorted itself out for Wayne, on the current one they are floundering and no one knows how to help them, people want to help but are blind to the root causes and the cures at the same time.

The solution is so simple it hurts, the team needs Moma2, they need some solid grounding,from someone other than good old dad,thats you K-Lowe so go out to the garage and tinker with something and make it last,leave Moma2 alone in the house with the kids to straighten things out, because if you stick around we will start pointing the finger at you for reasons of causality.The kids need direction and you work to much to understand how to get the job done,come on you guys how goddam many paralell dynamics do I need to provide before this sinks in?
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posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 12:45 AM
Hello,if this is your correct e-mail -----,please contact me,Darkhorse has represented themselves as being the source of the intuitive Dynamic Analasis inputs they have been giving you. This has been going on since you hired them,the catalyst that initiated darkhorses recruitment is still independant of them,and you either are underinformed or are in cahoots with Darkhorse.I want to give you the benefit of the doubt,so i am trying to contact you before I bury your team for the next ten years.

This has become personal now, I am giving you an opportunity to take Darkhorse to task,to hear me out in person,and to then clear the air.If this cant be arranged then i am going to take the systemic template and its complete database to Calgary and drop it in their laps. You can then have an extended opportunity to experience karmatic backlash because the Oilers will be shut down for years to come.Please dont doubt me -----,i think you need to learn about Intuits and how they function naturally,you cant lie to them,it is nearly impossible. I can take every single scrap of data darkhorse scalped and show exactly where and when they took it of the internet,and i dont have to work to do it,it is a natural process to me.That After Hours you did sealed the deal,you verbally validated that Darkhorse is hired by you to "dig up" data from the internet,and that "they"as in Darkhorse give you valuable insights into players ect, what a load of crap.After the team had already began using my data posted online your teams website banned me and the systemic data and indirectly supported the dynamic by which my data was first denied then suppressed in an organised fashion ,then the Oilers hired darkhorse to mine that very same intellectual data as a supposedly unbiased 3rd party with no conflict of interest present,this was data you helped originally be taken off-line,you then waited while Darkhorse re-engineered and sold that actively and intentionally suppressed data back to you.At which point you openly utilised it again.Now claiming it was bought and paid for,I believe that is called collusion.Then you make statements in a protectionist manner on the After Hours show in an attempt to structure a defensive posture for Darkhorse and the Oilers should this story ever break wide open as it eventually surely must now.

These actions lack integrity,you have players on your roster who are human beings before hockey players and they know these things to be factual,you cannot white-wash that .

Do you think Darkhorse really has the ability to come up with anything your managerial team cant come up with over coffee in the morning?Your guts told you they couldnt and you were right.But an Intuit CAN do just this and prove methodology through a constellation of interlaced dynamic templates.

You have been recieving false/positives and I am the Positive part of the equation,Darkhorse is the false part of the equation.

I am sending you a hardcopy letter like this because once i know you are informed then I only care about the next 48 hrs,your digestive timeline.

From the public perspective i know your life has been an interesting journey and that you understand how strange things can get at times, well this is another one of those times -----.

I am an Intuit ----- and no other NHL team has ever knowingly employed one on that merit alone.You have an opportunity to be the first.Be bold,be decisive,and utilise this leaguewide commotion the dynamic has caused to your advantage. Dont be vain and leave yourself open to errors you can avoid by being humble instead.

-----,you left this city in the past following the natural curve of your career path,well the philosophys and managment tactics i use also have an evolutionary curve,and they must be carried to fruition. I can and i will take the entire database to the Flames if the Oilers refuse to listen,I have been planning a move south for health reasons for a longer time than i have posted online about hockey. Just giving them online dynamic managment consulting like I gave the Oilers for so long will shut the Oilers down long term.You just fail to comprehend that the superior system isnt run using stats based inputs,it is run utilising intuitive inputs,therefore you cant just turn the key and drive it,ever.Trade Gagner and find out the hard way,he is as close to Sidney as you have right now. Try to keep copying my Intuitive Dynamic managment tactics, without a stabilising influence you will do more damage than good trying to hot-wire your system. You are trying to replicate a generic form of Intuitive Dynamic Analysis the "pure cure" you need via stats based analytical data integration into your organisational superstructure,this is the source of the consistant false/positive read and reacts you are challenged with on nearly every level of the organisation right now.

I will send you a letter to make sure you are in the loop -----, out of fan loyalty,then all bets are off and you will need to buy the book like everyone else.And the Flames will benefit from karmatic backlash intiated by a total lack of integrity by my hometeam.I bet you if this happens they make the playoffs first year in.They will listen now.Three years ago they wouldnt have.You and i both know that the Oilers arent the only team in the NHL using this system,ha ha ha,where the hell did that come from?It came from people who are learning about a new system of play and who are now looking closer at areas of the game fans traditionally overlooked.Dynamic Analysis and managment are poised to take over for stats based inputs,and your sorry ass team happens to have a true Intuit with a relevant background and passon to boot,and they are repeatedly trying to kick him in the Crown Royal Bag?Talk about a lack of foresight,you have been duped somewhere along the line and my ultra-focused approach has ruffled feathers and caused a disconnect as was intended and needed for this to be worked out. Bringing in Darkhorse validated intuitive inputs,simply because at the end of the day we will all see statistical mumbo-jumbo exposed for what it really is when they are asked to produce results without any true intuitive inputs.A data embargo has now been implemented for the Oilers.One more letter,then its down south ,there is no time to waste.There are Stanley Cups to be won.

Once every few generations a revolutionary concepts come along,and this is one of them.Mr. Roger Neillson a personal role-model was the last one in my opinion.

E-mail me back -----, it could be a defining moment for both of us

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posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 07:13 AM
Mac-T mentioned the use of Analytics and gave Darkhorse "tacticlly intended" not random plugs twice in the last week.He needs to do that to defend his asset,but hs is full of crap.

Statistical analysis doesnt do any of the things Mac-T claims Darkhorse does for him,ha ha,all Darkhorse does is harvest other peoples information from online and then they find stats relationsships to sell to the Oilers,who lap it up.

What Mac-T really did was take a protectionist stance behind Darkhorse,maybe people should ask exactly why he felt it necessary to make two media statements with this dynamic intent?Mac-T made claims about the exact service that he gets from the company and he did that for a reason, he tried to connect the incredible accurate insights that are catalysed by the NHS online[many posted right here] that match up with his teams dynamic actions TO DARKHORSE instead of the NewAge Hockey System.He did this because he can exert control over Darkhorse and it is a known quantity,the reality is that mac-T knows dam well where Darkhorse scabs there data from, he just thinks he can run with what he has got already,good luck Macster.

Mac-T has no control over the NHS and it cant be suppressed at this point in time, the data doesnt lie,beside folks the NHS was already having a tangible and definable effect long before Darkhorse was around for mac-T to use as a scapegoat ,in fact it was the NHSs tangible influences that catalysed the Oilers signing Darkhorse on in the first place/

The Oilers just decided to wear the Emporers New Clothes and find someone to pay money to ,they were trying to help themselves but made the mistake of thinking that the Statistical analysis/numbers Darkhorse was trying to sell them was the same Intuitive Dynamic analysis that the NHS was providing online,the same data Darkhorse scabbed and sold to the Oilers with statistical BS smeared all over it.

You made a mistake Mac-T,own it and it will go away,bury it and it will sprout roots pal.

The whole league is watching Big Mac and you might want to bow out and come clean.Instead of trying to launder your problems through Darkhorse.Your actions are appearing to be bordering on collusional.Especially to anyone who has been paying attention for long enough.

Mac-T mentioned that Darkhorse "digs"or"scrapes"their data from online,creative word choices Mactavish.He is trying to make the Oilers become teflon and not have to deal with the NHS at all because there is league-wide interest poking its ugly head up.To bad the NHS originated in his backyard right at home eh?I parked the NHS right in mac-Ts wheelhouse and he tossed it out three years ago.Now karma is coming a hunting for him.Now he wants people to believe that Darkhorse "found"the data online,ha ha ha ha,nice try.Craig you had that same data for 3 years pal,long before Darkhorse was even in the picture.

I-N-T-E-G-R-I-T-Y ---- Mac-T.

Do you think your men are blind and stupid?Do you think that you are going to sucessfully manage a room full of guys who know you wont or cant act with integrity?If you or the team are willing to screw the NHS after it earned its bones then exactly why wouldnt you screw them to after they earn their accolades?

Furthermore we should all recognise that mac-T #e only on the players,and not on himself,his managerial staff or the system itself.He then made it clear that those players would be moved ASAP,he is doing everything he can to distance himself and the team from any type of systemic conflict or discussion,this is obvious.He is trying to set the stage so the fans believe he is cleaning out some type of evil spirit from the room,hoping that blood will shut everyone up and deflect the systemic attention and pressure the Oilers are reieving.

The system is the problem and mac-T is supporting Darkhorse to convince everyone he and the Oilers have a handle on things and to BS you all into thinking that his asset is the catalyst of the positive influencs his team has exibitied over 3 years that runs paralell to a dataset provided online by the NHS.Dont buy this sham people,or we will see this team get buried next year all over again by the same inferior systemic influences.

Darkhorse provides statistical analysis to the Oilers.

The Oilers mistook this for the Intuitive Dynamic Analysis that caused a defined and justified stir,they hired a company to give them this support,and when they realised their error instead of correcting it they decided to cover it up and it grew roots.Now darkhorse is most likely selling their own BS brand of Intuitive Analysis to the Oilers or they have woven it into their salespitch somehow.

The problem is that Intuition isnt BS and stats analysis is.

The Oilers bought the BS and are trying to package it up nice and pretty and sell it to their fans.Oilers fans deserve better and so do the players.If I were mac-T I would be more worried about distancing myself from Darkhorse than with supporting them.Just my take on it al

posted on May, 1 2013 @ 10:03 AM
There is no real majic,there is real BS.

Statistics are mathamatical representations of RESULTS ,they are representative of the state of Affairs "after the fact" and they have no predictive quantitative values,it is impossible to use stats to "create'anything at all.Except BS.Stats look backward to guess which direction to go forward in.You cant adjust stats they are historic fact.Think horseracing.

Intuitive Inputs read and create dynamic templates that manifest results and define momentum.By adjusting these factors you create wins.Think Poker.

Just think about Vegas odds because it is an identical dynamic,they are just betting like everyone else,except ha ha ha they are betting with someone elses dime,hahahah.

Statistics are simply representations of past actions not interpretatuons of potential events or catalysts of such,nice try.Statistics influences cannot be quantified or defined on a results based curve,you cannot PROVE the statistical influence has any tangible basis or effect,you are simply making your educated guess like everyone else in the Casino.

Intuitive Dynamic Analysis provides quantatative and defined predictive ability supported by precise and clear RESULTS.

You drank the Kool-Aid,pal sorry your "firms" trip to the Darkhorse Kool-Aid Stand wasnt free like everyone elses,a ha ha.Why would you pay for stuff they "scrape up" from the internet that catalyses from much brighter more focused people,why not just use the Google search engine to find those people yourself it takes no time at all.Its the Emperors New Clothes again and they sure look good on Mac-THa ha ha ha.No ones going to buy that BS in todays world execpet for some old coots who are already half-blind and desperate.

Unless they were really looking for something else and Darkhorse scraped up a taste for them and packaged and sold it to them,ha ha ha,like both the Oilers and Darkhorse admit is done,this makes them both seperate from source and bottom feeding for scraps online,the lowest of acts,ha ha ha.These guys will stoop pretty low huh?

Maybe Darkhorse and the Oilers both need to look up the word Intuit and stop trying to pretend they can project that ability ,because an Intuit can EASLIY see the Dynamic Template they are creating.If you are the person tossing the scraps out into cyberspace and the Oilers pick them up and wear them of their own accord or Drakhorse scabs them and re-packages them and sells them to the Emperor to wear for New Clothes,YOU KNOW immediatly and can clearly illustrate and prove it to any party concerned who will disclose their dynamic interactions with Darkhorse.

The NHS is 100% based on Intuitive Dynamic Analysis,and even if you take those systemic assesments and attatch the paralell statistical realitys,you do not incorporate any of the dynamic managment potential into your actions.

Statistics represent in a mathamatical way dynamic actions and reactions,but they can only be applied in context where after the fact assesments of systemic input are required.They cannot be used to create anything at all,or to manifest tactics or really for much .Stats arent portable from system to system ,each time a player changes systems their prior stats are useless,this is why we see many players suddenly produce more or less when traded and given premier minutes or less minutes,its those few extra minutes that count,mac-T is a BSer,it isnt the last 5 % of effort that produces results it is the 5% more premium chances you get,effort level has nothing to do with it,if your systemic execution is bang on you might not be exerting that much effort at all.Just think Hemsky,if you just look at his stats you miss a lot of what he offers,his goals are all timely and huge and his zone entry numbers are excellent.You might trade him for another guys who has more goals but cant rise to the occasion and score the epic ones

posted on May, 1 2013 @ 11:33 AM
I call it advanced BS.

It is all hocus pocus,a ten year old kid can read a graph and give you a predictive analysis based off of it,but who made the graph?Who defined the parameters?In Vegas who sets the odds?The man with the money thats who!Stats analysis lets a hockey boss set the same parameters,because he has the money.Stop BSing to defend darkhorse,who cares about their round table braintrust,it seems as effective as the Oilers other round table braintrust.

Yes pal,it is game on with darkhors,they are a sham when Mac-T tries to represent them as the catalyst of Intuitive Dynamic Analysis of any type.They are stronger being represented only on their own merits.And the day they decided to "scrape up" the NHS data and represent it as their own by attatching statistical perspectives to my personal Intuitive Dynamic Analysis they stepped in the #e.For the record the NHS was already impacting the Oilers directly a year before Darkhorse was anywhere near the picture.The Oilers went and bought as close a facsimile of the NHS as they could find,but they didnt respect that the NHS is catalysed 100% from Intuition,they refused to validate that reality and bought their own perspective presented in a similar numeric formula,just like their old hockey brains think,by the numbers.

Statistical analysis is not Intuitive analysis no matter how many degrees you put behind it, give me an Intuit those cumulative brains and I will show you what can be accomplished because I can bring together their potentials better than they themselves can,thats what Intuits do.And it hammers numbers guys every time because it is a progressive manifesting perspective.This is the same reason I can dynamiclly manage Mac-Ts team better than he can hands down.I dont need to have the pedigree,and craigs bull# on the air about Darkhorse was a knee-jerk reaction because people are digging into the NHS and are seeing the real dynamic template that exists illustrting the history.It is easy to see where influences catalyse from online 12 year olds can do it,just old men who arent comfortable in the environment think its a big deal.

The Oilers dont want anyone to know the NHS was given to them 3 years ago and they rejected it,then it went on to immediatly contribute to a Stanley Cup win,they dont want to admit that Intuitive Dynamic managment even exists because they have no corner or even foothold on the market,and they seemed to have pissed me off first with the rejection and lately with the overt misrepresentation,so its tough sledding for them now.The only times the team exploded last year were when they were being managed in a dynamic fashion,end of story.

Laundering money by a mob boss is no different than laundering information or data for a hockey boss,the arseholes.The Oilers are using Darkhorse to launder data for them,first they had and rejected the data and then they tried to openly suppress it to prevent it from being used by anyone else and then they hired someone to find the same original data from the overtly suppresses source online under the guise that Darkhorse just randomly dredged up the data and formatted it to tailor them, and take it repackage it price it and sell it to the team with a legal bill of sale attatched.

Looks pretty collusionary to me,if I were Mac-T I would step away from this one ASAP.And demand the full clear story immediatly.

Admitting on the air that darkhorse 'scrapes up"data from the internet,in no way covers up the dynamic they are part of,the Oilers are trying to create an environment of deniability and Darkhorse is the conduit of the dynamic action.The fans should know how poorly this team is managed and the extremes they will stoop to to cover their arses individually.

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posted on May, 1 2013 @ 12:42 PM
Please for the love of god dont re-post my long posts.

That was a reply to The Beaker.

To reply to you,yes it is bottom feeding if you repeatedly and consistantly go to the same online sources and scab the data as opposed to headhunting the cretive catalyst and subbinng out the work and allowing the Oilers to acess ALL of the data from the SOURCE.

Who are you trying to kid?

And pal if you are the source of the data being skimmed from cyber-space in a chronological and historic manner you bloody well know it.

What the hell do you think the the data comes from, nowhere?Each piece of data darkhorse or anyone takes from cyberspace comes from SOMEONE SOMEWHERE,this is a fact,that is called the SOURCE.Every source can be validated.If the source decides to shut the hell up them Darkhorse can take and repackage their intellectual property as they wish but if that source decides to speak up they can dam well do so and they can PROVE their history.

Why do you think Mac-T twice tacticlly spouted off in the media the propoganda admitting that the Oilers hired a company that "scrapes up'data from the internet,the Oilers are trying to distance themselves from the fact they themselves acessed and utilised this exact data a full year beore darkhorse was even on the scene,rejected it,suppressed it,then realised they screwed up and found a creative way to again acess this data without validating the source,they laundered the data through darkhorse and recieved a bill of sale but they are still refusing to validate source ,they are useing darkhorse to cover up their mismanagment of the NHS data given to them freely 3 yrs ago.The exact data LA utilised to help them win a Cup the Oilers should have been winning.

More importantly why do you think mac-T is getting needled about the types of Analytic resources he uses by media types?Because the entire dam league knows the dynamic situation.They are letting mac-T hang himself.And he is going for it hook line and sinker.

Everyone uses stats based resources people,but other NHL teams have recognised and identified specific dynamic things the Oilers have been doing recently as being VALUABLE and they have been seeking out the source,for christsakes they already know we cant operate these valuable tactics ourselves,but teams like Chicago and St.Louis and LA have had no problems incorporating the same things we freaking choke on.

Those teams dont question the source they accept the results, the Oilers who ALWAYS follow a results based path instead got into a pissing contest they were going to lose from day one with moma2 and the NHS, I am an Intuit and they cant find another one like me,I can kick them in the Crown Royal Bag till the cows come home,and they cant do a dam thing about it.I have the market cornered so to speak.

They have never faced a force of nature like that that they need badly but that will not kiss their srase,the last one they tangled with was also an Albertan Sheldon Souray.They tried to do to me what they did to Souray,but I had experience already and used the Souray Solution on them,i immediatly went all in and challenged them to a results based integrity and truth contest then told them to kiss my arse and walked away a winner.Some people believe in 100% in what they do and dont react well to being bullied. It doesnt reduce their value when assets like this walk,it just distances them from people who lack integrity,and increases their value down the road.

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posted on May, 8 2013 @ 09:43 AM
The TO is a tool that has many uses to a coach,perfect use by the Sens.

Glad to hear it pissed you off Struds,typical reaction.The Sens are useing Dynamic tactical managment strategys.The ones the Oilers claim dont exist.

The NewAge Hockey System was created based on these tactics.

The Oilers would be dissected by any system using these tactics,they are trying to initiate this type of managment piece-meal with partial data.

Do not react to what the Sens are doing.Initiate and make them react to us.Well Struds it really is that goddam simple,the NewAge Hockey System has already taken the Oilers to this level of dynamic tactical managment several times in the last 3 years and if the managment team hadnt gotten into a pissing contest they were destined to lose with me and the NHS we would have LAs cup from last year here already.

Intuitive Dynamic Analysis and tactics are what you are trying to explain and there is A SYSTEM for that,the NewAge Hockey System.It was created for the Oilers by an Oilers fan,ME,rejected by them,adopted by other teams then suppressed by the Oilers when they realised this,and now today they are trying to implement the same data under the bull# guise that Darkhorse"scrapes"data off the internet and thats what they are utilising,the Oilers lack integrity.

The reason the LA/Blues series has so many big hits is because both teams are negating the controlled transitions,and this is the only way to do that effectively.It is as close to Old Style Hockey as you will ever see and it is coming back to the NHL full speed.Your style would have been perfect today and in a few years Struds,so would your body type have been.

The Sens coaches are initiating cerebral dynamic tactics that are effective against an under-educated team that has no way to understand what is being done to them.The Oilers have pulled this same rabbit out of the hat enough times over the last 3 years for ex-players like yourself to at least goddam notice,maybe eh?

Screw the Oilers Jason,they looked a gift-horse in the mouth and wont eat their humble pie.The Oilers had full acess to the NewAge Hockey System,which is THE ONLY system in the NHL 100% catalysed from Intuitive Dynamic Analysis,your ex-team chose to reject suppress and deny this system or its philosophys even exists,now they can suffer for their error or eat the entire humble pie and come the the NHS on bended knee,or simply go to hell and wait for the Flames to come and rip their hearts with an Intuitively managed system like the NHS.

I really find it curious how you yourself beat around the bush Jason,you wont say the words "Intuitive Dyanamic Managment",you try to explain the scenario in every way possible without useing these words,"dont react to them" ---to what,what is "them"?????Initiate,WHAT? And make the "react to' WHAT????Come on Jason this isnt a test,what the hell are you talking about,use the right wordfs.

You should say,dont react to their dynamic managment tactics,instead execute and implement your own systems Intuitive Dynamic Managment tactics and force them to surrender momentum and pigeon-hole them into dynamic situations they cannot handle.Jason you are describing what is known as a dynamic template,you just dont have acess to the NHS and its unique communication methods to understand how to quantify the things your instincts are keying in on.You dont have the language or the lingo,but you have a clue thats for sure.

Watch the Isles and Pens and you will see Dougie Weight doing what our coaching and managment staff should be doing.The Pens will be very lucky to get by the Isles this year and next year they are screwed.Dougie is dialing in on his own,he clued in himself last year when he sniffed old Oilers tactics coming out of the Kings games during the playoffs .He simple wasnt in a pissing contest with the data so he has implemented what he has found of it sucessfully.Last year Sutter had little clue why his team was evolving,he just let them run with it like slats used to do.But for different reason,Sutter was just clueless and reasoned that with 25 games to go last year it was worth it to let the players try what they wanted[Jarret Stoll and the NewAge Hockey Systems tactics],when it worked he had the dam brains to just stick with it.

Intuitive Dynamic analysis and managment tactics are lightening fast and deadly accurate,they dominate games.Teams we are seeing now are useing these NHS type tactics off of their current systemic bases,no one has switched to a full NHS yet,they are simply using systems that have been "adjusted"by incorporating NHS philosophys and a few dynamic managment tactics.I call the systems we are seeing now that are the most sucessfull ,NHS Adjusted-Hybrids.They are the same old basic systems ,they are just managed a different way,with Intuition leading the way instead of statistics.Like it or lump it,the NHL is evolving fast,many teams now posess the Oilers systemic focus and tactics,its time to look for something better than the Oilers have been using,obviously we can see this new systemic evolution has gone in an Intuitive Dynamic managerial direction,teams just dont know what the hell it is exactly or where to find it.The Oilers are reaching out to statistical data sources instead of Intuitive ones,maybe you can figure out why eh?

Intuitive Dynamic Managment can be difficult to explain to people,its much easier to just go out and execute and win than it is to explain it to others,it only takes one man to make the philosophys work like Wayne did and like Stoll did,and like Gagner can do,but if an entire teams roster understands the concepts its game over for every other NHL team baby cakes.The NHS trumps every existing system hands down,but NO ONE HAS THE SYSTEMIC DATABASE EXCEPT ME,and this is eating the Oilers from the inside out.The few small adjustments i made to the current system they use have shown explosive sucessfull results,when those influences are removed the team sucks plain and simple.Other teams were also given the same data online,purposefully by myself,they have outpaced the Oilers in their evolutions because they havent been trying to actively dis-prove something new,they are on-board.But remember these were only 'small dynamic adjustments to existing systems" ,now imagine what the full NHS would do for a roster like the Oilers have? 45 shots plus per game and 4 plus goals per game,likely 6 goals per game average.Records will be broken with regularity.As some have already been broken.Dont fall for the talent bull#,the records we are seeing broken are going down only when we play with an Intuitively Managed system focus.

The Oilers managment team knows dam well how and why the team can produce explosive dominant results one night and implode the next,and they know it is the NewAge Hockey Systems influences catalysing these explosions,they simply refused to accept me and my system and chose to reject and supress the NHS,now they are trying to go it on their own with partial data,because they are so vain they think no one could possibly come up with a better systemic influence than they can themselves.

The Oilers will not be able to reverse engineer the adjustments they were given, they can simply use them and win or deny them and lose,but they dont have the database to take anything even one step further,because they havent a dam clue how I took them there in the first place.They are predictable to the last man standing,ha ha ha.

Say it again,NewAge Hockey System.Embrace it or be left behind to lick your sorry wounds,but for gods sakes dont ever try to say the Oilers didnt have prime acess to the data,prime EXCLUSIVE access to the full NHS database,BEFORE any other NHL team, they just refused to aknowledge and validate the source of the data that produced winning results.For that matter,today Mac-T could post his PH.number here for me and get this deal done,if he chose.

This Hockey system stuff isnt my first choice of passtimes and I am getting sick of it,I have been engrossed in an epic peeing match with the Oilers for 3 years now,to the point I am losing my passion. The Downside is that I have a long memory and am vindictive,i dont take rejection well when I am winning and results are being manipulated and misrepresented ,the NHS will be recognised and validated,here or elsewhere,and I WILL pass on the methods of teaching this perspective to another NHL team before i am done with this part of my life.

The Edmonton Oilers will rue the day they chose to play hardball with Moma2 and the NHS,or they will celebrate the fact that they own the most cutting edge Systemic influence in the entire NHL.Its their call,but I am not a hockey person and they dont understand the time envelope they are dealing with.I havent spent my entire life working on this,its easy for me to do,and letting it go will be just as easy,this is a principal issue,as usual with the Oilers huh?They think they are ten feet tall and bulletproof,and they are going to lose something in the NHS as revolutionary as Roger Neillsons contributions to NHL hockey have proven themselves to be.

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The reality is that there are a very very few men out there who can accurately identify talented hockey players,or golfers or football players.You require an Intuitive skillset to do this job optimally,the more natural and pure the source of your Intuitive input the better results you will manifest.To make it even more complicated you really need to have personally been a winner to identify which men are capable of winning comfortably and consistantly.

This is the most critical aspect of managing a hockey franchise and there is nearly zero fiscal input into the area,it is something of a joke actually.In all fairness Intuitive talent is something people are born with naturally and the skillset is extremely rare in a pure form,even rarer in an athletic format because most athletic competitions are structured around statistically catalysed influences---so Intuits dont gravitate towards sports or competitions.

Either the men looking are blind and underinformed or there is an organised method behind the underperformance we see caused by some specific dynamic template,this template is clear so we CAN read and interpret it easily enough.

Its a long and dreary NHS explanation but its pretty easy to see how and why it is so hard for scouts and others to valuate future prospects at the NHL level.,because there IS in fact a dynamic template to read if you know how and where to look for it.They just dont know what to look for.They need an Intuit.And dont have one,even if they did the Intuit would need the specific acumen required to contibute definitively to an NHL hockey teams operations and results on the ice,off the ice you can never go wrong inputting Intuitive influences.

Its just another case of the Emporers New Clothes.The Oilers are pinning all of their hopes and blaming all of their problems on the same catalyst,the same "idea",this is deflective and bullspit,we need systemic improvement simply put,and this means change from within from top to bottom.Every single NHL team has the perfect men within its developmentel system,they also just dont know how to properly valuate these men in terms of their own systemic needs,the Red Wings are an exception to this rule.

If someone pays me I will outline the dynamic template of Detroits systemic influences and we can all take a look at exactly WHO is directly responsible for these influences and their integration at a grassroots level,its not really hard to do.

If we can swindle a "top d-man" we will be ok?,pardon the chuckle,but the #e shines other teams give their stars with systemic support is sometimes laughable "top d-man"ha ha ha.Oh yes---he plays 27 mins a night he is a stud,ha ha ha ha,every game breaks down to minutes and those minutes are allotted to the optimally system indoctrinated men.

Soooooo grasshoppers,it is the most system connected men who get premier minutes,there is very little physicality consideration involved.

Sooooo who the hell teaches the men the system?Doesnt it seem natural that that influence would be accountable to a high degree for the ultimate effectiveness that taught man carries with him.Of course it does.

You dont trade for system indoctrinated men unless you are trading with a systemicly mirrored reflection, you goddam indoctrinate them into your system your dam self!!!!So Shea Webers stats mean bupkiss to us now or ever unless we adopt the system he is playing in and use him the ways he is being used now.

In Edmonton Kevin Lowe dictates everything systemic,like a Dictator .He refuses to re-consider his systemic inputs,as a result we are all forced to follow his lead,so be it,Shea Weber isnt going to make us a contender with the system we are using now,and for that matter Pronger wasnt the key factor either on our last run, the Coaches systemic understanding and the players systemic understanding and committment were the sticks that stirred the drink back then.

We already have men who can play as many minutes as any of the d-men I see listed and can be as effective as they are as well.Mistakes are systemiclly catalysed,it is the coaches responsibility to put the right properly educated men on the ice and it is the systems resposibility to ensure they arent making systemic errors consistantly.There are only two reasons a player makes a mistake,one is mechanical and one is cerebral.

There are really no rocks to hide under in todays world,so the sooner businesses recruit and retain Inutitive input the better because in todays world people can and do "crusade"for what is right and fair and good,this is simply the State of Affairs surrounding us today.It is easier to invest money to do the right things than it is to invest money maintaining the status quo.Only top tier businesses run by experts realise this fact and invest millions in Intuitive inputs,the bigger the Dog the further ahead he has to look to navigate optimally.Lower level businesses run by less professional people dont need to look this far ahead and run from disclosure and proactive change.

The Oilers need to change the culture surrounding their organisation,this is a fact of the matter.They also need to change the focus projected into and out of the dressing room,it must be accepted that EVERYTHING reflects the leadership catalyst the Oilers follow,which happens to be Kevin Lowe ,a man who when properly managed is at the top of his peer groups pecking order,but when left unpoliced lacks Intuitive instincts and focuses on statistical resources dropping himself into the middle of the Pack.

So if we want to see this team turn it around we need to spend some time helping K-Lowe out,he needs to be given a hand up not the boot out.If Kevin and I got into a footrace it would turn into a parody of a three legged race between two people instead of four,we would both have a phantom invisible partner pulling at one of our legs,this is a fact.There is a dynamic template to follow here but thats going to cost someone money to read.There is a chronolological sequence of tangible events that create a tangible dynamic template connecting every influence within the Oilers organisations sphere of influence.

My personality changed 6 years ago when I was forced to adjust to external influences physically,ones i couldnt defeat with will power,I began to project my level of internal struggle and battle in an external manner that permeated every aspect of my functional life.I was always an internal hard-ass on myself as a competitor,driving myself harder than anyone else ever could,when i was challenged by this particular internal dynamic I didnt have anything in my arsenal to keep my perspective balanced,I became a real-life hard-ass in my everyday functions and projected my internal intensity and energy upon everyone around me consistantly and accurately,my entire life began to change.I became an open book and lost my edge,I needed to re-orientate and learn to find alternative ways to smashing through when passing through doors,it is possible,but takes a lot of focused effort.

Kevin has according to my guess or my dynamic template,a low back,hip,spine issue,most likely diagnosed as some form deteriorative Arthritis,I have similar injuries to a degree,and believe me you are kept on Red alert 24/7/365 because the chronic pain gets so bad that you actually begin to forget the times you dont have pain as opposed to forgetting the times you get tweaked by severe pain,and here is the crux,if you have an odd pain threshhold you can handle the pain but your body cant handle the Inflammation,this is when the projection of the internal battles comes roaring out and the individual isnt aware it is happening it is a physical letdown catalysed by the inflammation not a willpower failure catalysed by pain itself,there are ways to balance this in non-traditional manners.It is extremely easy to project a false/positive regarding causality as an individual when faced with this challenging dynamic.

Kevin will never make excuses for himself,he is a true Warrior.I am simply pointing out what to me is the obvious.people need to consider external factors,if they can identify them they can do this.

I understand the dynamic but insist there is only one way out,and it is immediatly re-defineing ones self-valuation,and incorporating a Tactical Dynamic Template that is chosen not evoled.The tangible strengths must unilaterally be converted to dynamic templates and transposed upon the perspective of the individual creating Intuitive and statistical balance.This allows a complete and optimal transition or evolution into a completely new and unrealised managment perspective,it is identical to switching hands with your cue when you play Pool and are hooked on a shot,suddenly the entire table opens up and you see five opportunitys you hadnt identified as being within your tactical reach,it is a revelation and allows you to actually enhance and GROW your perspective.

The NHS contains the templates the Oilers need to improve and optimise every aspect of their organisation bar none.The NHS philosophys permeate everything around them completely,there is nothing that isnt naturally optimised when exposed to Intuitive Dynamic Analysis and Managment tactics.Jesus christ,the Pimsleur Method,the book "The Secret',the Wealthy Barber, these arent useless resources,they are
dynamic templates broken down into their simpelest forms,look harder.These are Intuitive minds trying to show non-Intuitive minds SHORCUTS to make their lives easier and more fulfilling.The methods ALL work 100% if they are followed.

The NewAge Hockey System is the FIRST time this level of Intuitive Dynamic Analysis and Managment has been focused on a professional sport.It is groundbreaking and cutting edge and is the future dominating philosophy that will take the NHL forward into the next 25 yrs.It is already evolving the NHL beyond the ability of traditional influences,it will soon be altering officiating in tremendous ways,and if Teams arent on board they will be left stranded and find themselves behind the curve.

We dont need to trade for anyone who will save our bacon,we dont need to be saved,we are doing fine as we are,we just need a new managment strategy with more intuitive inputs,that is all.I believe we have the entire Stanley Cup winning roster at our fingertips.

Excuses are a dime a dozen, and anyone who is a fan of hockey can see when a team is playing a superior system,and when they are totally out of control out there.Fans know when there is a lack of systemic discipline and execution.

We KNOW what is wrong here in Edmonton,but we cant find an equitible solution,managment insists on keeping a system that requires an Intuitive tactical managment catalyst,but they refuse to validate that such an influence or catalyst even exists and this stops them from finding and retaining the best source of intuitive Dynamic Analysis and Managment available anywhere today,the NewAge Hockey System.

At the end of the day History will show that the Oilers managment team were correct to keep the system because other teams will win Cups using it,the Oilers themselves will simply be left behind to watch others shine.We have had many years,decades,to figure out how to ignite this system Wayne Gretzky left us here,and we have failed epiclly as an organisation despite enormous resources and effort being invested from many many stakeholders over this time period.The solution and the key to this system were dropped in the Oilers hands by Moma2 and the NewAge Hockey System 3 years ago.The implementation of the full and complete NHS philosophy and systemic influences would vault the Oilers to the top of the NHL for years to come,they already have the pieces in place.There is nothing else complete enough to help the Oilers out of the systemic quagmire they find themselves in and struggeling seems to be sinking them faster and deeper year by year.

The NHS hand is still extended.Help me help you help me,ha ha haha ha ha.Or rot in hades because it is beginning to look like this Organisation lacks the integrity to produce a championship,of all the goddam things we would be tripped up by Integrity is the one catalysing factor that forged the Dynsty,how the hell is it even possible for us to have fallen this far?So far we cant find simple solutions anymore,to the point where everything has so many convoluted layers superimposed upon it that we cant even get a clear perspective to work from.I blame an organisational saturation of Statistical influences that have been mismanaged,a powerful influence that when mismanaged can sink your ship.

Hockey season may be over but the real work for the Oilers has just begun,NOTHING was solved this past year,even basic players evolutions have been misrepresented statisticlly.Our systemic influences have improved but the ability of the coaches to transpose their perspective of systemic tactics and managment upon the players is severly lacking for some reason.All we did this year was end the season on an excusatory note,blaming players and pointing out player positional additions that would solve the challenges.Same old schtick,looking outside the organisational template for help,this is called making excuses not resourcing.Give me the goddam Barons and Nelsons crew for a 3 game series using the NHS against the Oilers so we can make them change or send these bums packing already!

Maybe watching the Round Table and Ralph and Hall and Nuge and the boys get slammed ,dominated and shut down completely in every facet of the game 3 times in a row would make some type of goddam difference here.Maybe.

Or maybe the NHS should go influence a pee-wee team and work its way up the ranks over ten years huh?Ha ha ha.Who would want to handicap the Oilers that way?Especially when the entire NHS was designed specificlly for them?

At the end of the day EVERYTHING revolves around COMMUNICATION,all the NewAge Hockey System presents that is new is an Intuitive communications platform that allows a superior optimisation of systemic focus and influences.People dont understand that there is no way to improve upon or evolve statistical influences,not without first improving and evolving the intuitive input that catalyses the system itself.The Oilers are trying to do just this they are trying to skip the Intuitive ingredient and are failing epiclly,I have kicked them in the Crown Royal Bag so much over 3 years over this that I walk with a limp.

I have watched an Elephant paint a picture better than I ever could,I just listened to a Philipino singer who replaced the lead singer of Journey and I was floored,our world is full of amazing advances as never before seen due to the internet and its global influences.It is unacceptable to think or to say that the game of Hockey is immune to these influences,and it is complacent and irresponsibe to manufacture influences like Darkhorse Analytics that undermine this reality through manipulation and revenue sourcing.

The NHS is based 100% on Intuitive Dynamic Analysis and managment tactics.There is nothing like it in the world.It was created right here in Edmonton,it should be celebrated,what kind of morons would suppress this type of resource?

Say it Mac-T,Kevin Lowe and all concerned,the "NewAge Hockey System",it isnt going away and you cannot replicate it or duplicate it because the creative catalyst is an Intuit,me,ha ha ha.I could teach you individually,but there is NO WAY to give a group transposition,ha ha ha.If there was a book to find all the Kings men would have discovered it already.Intuition doesnt work so well in words,ha ha ha,just statistics do,this is why championship perspectives are so rare and always catalysed by one man,sometimes more than one,but rarely.These dynamics require a specific evolution.When you learn these tactics you can begin to actually pace your team through 82 games and dictate when they all peak to have them rolling come playoff time.But this ability is earned through systemic execution not bought with players and statistical resumes.

Everything comes back to the system,hell i saw this little ditty on the TV the other day singing "System-we need a System",and it was a GreenPeace type of commercial showing that we need a system to save our planet that we cannot do it through the utilisation of FRACTIONALISED RESOURCES , we need a "SYSTEM" .For godssakes are the Oilers listening?If I knew how i would have posted the song because it cuts to the heart of the matter so succinctly.

We dont need to trade for new players to win a Championship next year,we need a better managed and communicated systemic influence.

It is a tremendous amount of work to create dynamic templates for an entire roster and organisational structure,it is possible but not by one man,and because a statistical influence cannot do the job,there is only one way,the hard old fashioned Intuitive way.

Sooooo much work to do,and so little time to get it right before the next season begins.

I predict another season of inconsistancy,the Oilers seeking balance will try to aquire an Intuitive influence,likely a big ticket one,the input will not be the NHS and will not have a winning athletic background because of the rarity of that dynamic and so there will be no discernable improvement.Communication will be the Achilles heel again,the source of disconnect that will turf another season.

By next year opposition teams will have realised that the Oilers are simply using the NHS,and that they do not have any type of lock on it at all,that it is out there and available.The Oilers are the only team in the NHL that have been exposed to regular consistant doses of the NHS over an extended time period,and the changes opponents have noticed have been adopted by those same opponents.We can say it the "mystery system'all we want,but thats just BS,its time for everyone to man up and step forward not back.

People look harder,a few simple NHS influenced adjustments can open up the Oilers system like majic and we can destroy Oiler Team Records,and then the influence suddenyl disappears and we fall into the crapper come on already.How is that possible?There arent many ways for this particular dynamic to occur,so look harder.The reality is that on those occasions where the system was optimised there was an outside source tapped right into the Oilers communication system managing the dynamic templates of those games alongside the coaching staff.When present it amplified systemic influences,when taken away the system air-locked and stalled.

Come on,other teams like Chicago and LA and St.Louis are all already using adjustments originating from the NHS,and they are getting excellent results with it,now imagine our talent and skillsets if we executed as they are,as we do occasionally under specific and documentable circumstances.We would dominate the NHL hands down.But we cant even be honest enough to properly valuate a resource dropped right in our laps and others are striding past us.

Now imagine if the Oilers chose to utilise the full and complete NHS? The NHS will dominate teams that use the systems we are seeing now,even with their current NHS influenced adjustments.

Three years ago I created the NHS for the Oilers and I posted a dynamic template that explained exactly how i anticipated things would shake down.I said i would offer the NHS,the Oilers would first reject based on source,then aknowledge via results the NHS influences,that they would then attempt to corner the market through suppression and denial,that they would then try to take the data a step further and attempt to replicate the NHSs full optential on their own,my response was to provide the same NHS adjustments to the entire NHL exposing the Oilers systemic tactics and allowing a league wide parity to occur,this began with LA last year and has continued unabated since.My dynamic intent was to provide critical data to enough teams to get the evolution started,because once the Oilers realised that parity was staring them in the face and they saw opponents executing their own system better than they were that they would reach out for the NewAge Hockey System the only system in existance superior to the one they historiclly utilised and the one that is being adopted leaguewide right now.
This was the dynamic template I manufactured and put my money on 3 years ago,and it has manifested perfectly.The last step is for the Oilers to realise they need a better system and bite on the NHS,the only remaining question is wether it will take another year of losing and going one step closer to core implosion for us to realise we need the NHS,or will the Oilers read and react properly and pro-actively seek out and retain the NHS.This entire template is posted online 3 years ago,even the teams i indoctrinated are chronologiclly documented .
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I think not.

Gagners performances were dictated by the systemic influences as much as any player on the team,and that was everyone.

No one seems to understand that it isnt the players who win games it its the system that wins games,all the players are required to do is put in a fair nights work,and the system is supposed to make good things happen.

As soon as players begin to feel it is their individuao responsibility to win games via their own personal performance elevation consistantly we are hammering cracks into their armor ourselves.

We need more players to begin to rely on the system and Sam Gagner is leading the pack in that direction.Unless someone smacks Taylor Hall in the Crown Royal Bag with a wet noodle he will run wild to much,he is a wildcard who can make things happen but he is to young to be flexing that ability to often,he is still lacking enough experience to be considered a two way threat,this coming year Mac-T will tie a 10lb weight to his sack by teaching him to kill penaltys.Taylor is motivated and needs more outlets and ways to hurt opponents on the ice.

We learned last year what can happen to our 1st lines numbers if one of the three decides to take dynamic managment control on their own and it didnt look very good until the end of the year when they started to muzzle Taylor and spread the wealth around,this was a textbook case of a line that lacked dynamic managment ,continuity and balance.It is also a textbook example of how an NHL 1st line can adjust quickly when needed,because the trio turned it around and found balance at the end of the year..

I find it interesting that sometimes as fans we fail to recognise the dynamic impact on the teams overall mentality that an individuals statistical numbers represent.Gagners points were timely and were carrying the entire team for a good part of the season,he was the stick that stirred the drink and he was let down in a MONUMENTAL and EPIC manner by the rest of the top 6.He stood alone and weathered the storm as long as he was able to do,as soon as individuals started to flag when the playoffs disappeared then his numbers dove,but that is what the 1st line stepped up so no one really noticed.

Had the 1st line and 3rd lines produced even average offensive numbers for the first 2/3 of the season we would have been in the hunt right to the last game.

Next year wil be the same story because gagner is one of our most consistant workers,he shows up with the same toolbox every single night all season long.That is the STARTING POINT to becoming a professional athlete,and he is again leading the charge in that department.

If the 1st line can produce decent offensive numbers early and the 3rd line can produce any goddam offense at all,we will be ok.Mac-T will see that the bottom 6 are nasty and snarly and lean on teams dont worry one bit about that.

Had we put Hemmer on the 3rd line and allowed Smyth and Horcs to form a veteran line using the fastbreak based off of whitneys passing,and had we properly managed the 1st line early on when it was apparent they required dynamic intervention we would have had NHL playoff caliber 1st and 3rd lines.We didnt have that last year.We can talk about grit all we want but we first need to solidify our top 9 player managment strategys.Last year the 2nd and 4th lines were our most consistant in my opinion.We need to solidify our top 3 lines and allow the men to play together consistantly,we need the 4th line to be working so hard we lose a few along the way and need to rotate guys in and out from the farm.We need solidarity throughout the roster and we need proper dynamic managment tactics to optimise our players individual skillsets on an entirely new and productive level.

Points can be generated three ways,by fluke or fortune,by system induced dynamics and by individual non-system generated superman efforts.Fortune favors the bold,we all know that,a well executed system will attract fortune,individual superman efforts will not do this,as our coaches and 1st line learned
last season.LA used NHS managment tactics last year to play a simple tight system that boldly attracted fortune and they also tacticlly utilised the superman efforts to consistantly step out of the systems influences and win games that were locked in system checkmates.

A properly managed team utilises all three of these dynamic templates effectively and smoothly.We lacked this managment ability last year and it hurt us badly.We even lacked the ability to quantify individuals contribution abilitys and envelopes because we had such a powerfull statistical influence and such a weak Intuitive input.

We relied to much on numbers and not enough gut instincts last year and we paid a high price for this imbalance.

You cant buy Intuitive ability unless you can find and hire a legitimate Intuit.If you cant find a pure unadultered natural intuitive input you need to rely on extreme experience to find this influence.The Oilers tried to do this with the Round table and it didnt fly.Post a phone number so Moma2 and the NewAge Hockey System can find you ,you silly birds and lets get the show on the road.You need an Inuit and because there is no test you can give them or no way for you to quantify what an Intuit can tangibly provide you balk and disenfranchise yourself from this cutting edge asset.

Its easy to tell a true Intuit from an imposter,just go to Darkhorses website and read their bull# story and then look up all the NewAge Hockey System posts online specificlly the Game Day Posts and see what a real Intuit can do.I am Moma2 and i created the NewAge Hockey System,I am an Intuit by birth,Darkhorse is a group of businessmen trying to make a living pretending to be Intuits,they use statistical data to hood-wink people,plain and simple,it is simply word-craft supported by sympathetic statistical camoflage.They arent doing anything wrong but they also arent doing anything right either,it is pure BS,ha ha ha ha.And the Oilers not only bought it hook line and sinker but their GM goes on National media and supports them and the re-packaged data they sell,ha haha ha,I feel for you Mac-T,but Jesus would i be pissed off if I discovered a company I was paying was simply taking data I already had clear acess to and re-packaging it and selling it back to me,sold me my own data ha ha ha,methinks there might be a malfunction at the Junction when that cat comes out of the bag,ha ha ha ha.

Darkhorse doesnt create anything,they just find statistical correlations between past results and repackage them like songs,in fact what a great paralell,its like music,they pirate melodies and disguise them behind different words and they will continue to do so until they are legally stopped,which will never happen,ha ha ha ha.Caveat Emptor Oilers,ha ha ha.

I could hire a room full of Autistic people to do this job any day of the week better than anyone else can.Recognising patterns is a skill unto itself,and so is spreading statistical wordcraft bull# all over those dynamic templates which is exactly what Darkhorse does.

Want proof?Put 100,000$ on the line and get darkhorse , Moma2,and RALPH KRUEGER in the same room,put on a game,any game, and lets see who will win,give each influence a random team to analyse and manage in realtime alongside Ralph and the coaches on the ice,then lets look at what each input comes up with,lets see tangible proof of results.Lets compare Ralphs realtime gamelog of coaching adjustments with darkhorses and moma2s,then lets see who knows their #e the best.Moma2 and the NewAge Hockey System will produce superior results every time.As an Intuit I can guarantee these results,as a go-between darkhorse can manifest and guarantee nothing.As a pro coach Ralph can give us a valid baseline.I can CREATE wins for teams by reading dynamic templates as they are developing and by analysing and managing them on the fly.

I can take any team and make positive results based changes within one game,one 60 minute game and i can prove tangible results.Darkhorse cant do that,in fact they cant do anything except wait for Intuitive table scraps to be thrown to them on the internet.Intuits are born my friends,and it isnt bull#.It is a real quantifiable skillset,and it is ultra-rare to find a sports passionate and indoctrinated one.

In a competition an Intuit can just laugh people off and not discuss what or how they do what they do.truth be told most Intuits dont have the self-assesment ability to step out of their own reality bubble and quantify themselves as anything but average and normal in every way,this is why Gretzky hasnt coached a team to a Stanley Cup yet.If Wayne would take the time to sit down with me and discuss the NewAge Hockey System he would likely return to Hockey and win the Cup he deserves as a coach.Wayne was hampered by the fact he had no template to present to the entire team that would bring them all onto the same page and show them how to see and think the ice like he could naturally,so he had to do things the hard and long way believe it or not,he had to pick just a couple men to teach and that was all the time he had to give,indoctrinating those few was an optimal Intuitive grafting performance by any standard.Had the Oilers had the NHS in the 80s they would have won ten or more cups and still be a top contender today.

Thats right darkhorse kiss my arse,"Intuitive Grafting",you heard it here first fellas,by the way that is NewAge Hockey System terminology,if you want a more complete description of form and function ,google it.
A player must be firmly indoctrinated systemiclly to enable themselves to evolve into an Intuitive force on the ice.This complete system immersion can only come from hard work and committment--see Sam Gagner for a template.Even if the work and committment are there there still must be an Intuits direct influence available to facillitate the grafting of perspectives.First a player must become system sensitive and then an Intuit can do a complete assesment of that individual utilising the systemic dynamic template as a baseline,then the Intuit can begin to teach the player how to observe ,understand and manage the dynamic templates he is involved in from a new and evolved perspective.

You know the saying,you cant teach an old dog new tricks?Well thats BS,you sure as hell can,as long as he can still bury the bone he is a potential champion.Any and all players irregardless of prior NHL levels of experience will be indoctrinated into something new to them when confronted by the NHS and its philosophys.This is the only way to get an entire roster on the same page ASAP,you need something superior ,new and challenging they ALL are forced to share in equally.This is truly the real challenge to building the type of chemistry it takes to win Stanley Cups.

RNH,will soon take the reins of this team,one or two more years tops and he will assimilate everyones perspectives and begin to manage the entire team dynamiclly,now Gagner is doing this quite effectively and teaching Nuge the ropes.But one day Sam will see where Nuge is and give him the reins immediatly because Sam knows what it takes to win in the NHL,it takes a clear self-assesment and a high level of integrity and accountability. That shoulder will be ok.I want to do a dam blog on how and why these chronic shoulder injuries keep happening to such young players,there has to be a clear dynamic template to read illustrating causality.I laid out 210lb plus men lots of times with full out horizontal tackles in Rugby with absolutely no padding and never once injured my shoulder,I was about 195-200 lbs and consistantly hit guys bigger than myself against the grain and full out at full speed with maximum impact.I was a terminal hitter who injured a lot of opponents every year by proxy not intention.I believe these injuries are happening because the players are "recieving"contact when they are unprepared or are extended in vulnerable positions,there is a consistancy evident that can be mapped and analysed.There could possibly be systemic influences associated with causality.

You cant ask for Intuitive analysis without recieving uncomfortable truths you support via your own inputs.Intuits find the true-true,they read dynamic templates that are as finite and concrete as statistics are when read and understood properly and completely

posted on May, 29 2013 @ 10:58 AM
This is the remnant s of yet another post that was pirated and absorbed by a hockey websites owners.Hundreds have been taken,i go to post and they disappear never to be seen again in my own words.Now I copy and paste some to protect them from this pirating.Its a dog eat dog world if you choose to play that way,heck you cant even give data away to the masses without some cockroch trying to make a buck off of it.

@ Thinker

What an ironic call-sign you have.

Well excellent thinking,now let me offer you some quantatative and definitive terminology to help clarify and focus the awesome observations you have made.


The Oilers are overloaded with one-dimensional statistical perspectives in power positions making critical organizational decisions.They need a Moma2 in the house to bring some dynamic asessment and decision making balance to the equation.The Oilers require an Intuit,plain and simple.

This terminal ailment wriggles its way into every situational dynamic related to the Franchise from the top to the bottom.

Yes you are right players dont seem to "get it"whan they lose,but "get"what?The coaching staff has been trying to use traditional managment tactics to initiate and activate a non-traditional systemic influence.The players dont get it because "it" is always in flux and changing in core areas to the degree that they cannot maintain cerebral integrity at a functional level playing within the system itself.This is called an inconsistant systemic presentation.This situation exists because there is no MASTERPLAN,no systemic blueprint.There is a NewAge Hockey System term "Tactical Dynamic Template" and it fully explains how and where the Oilers are missing the boat.They need to come and get it from me and bring their chequebooks because i havent been posting any meat with the potatos lately and will keep it this way.Pay or go to hell.

I can see why you are questioning putting those players or assets on the ice in that situational dynamic and I can explain why it was done and what should have been done much earlier in the year.Those situations ,and that wasnt the only one, were catalysed by the Oilers having to play catch-up and trying to institute a higher degree of Intuitive Dynamic managment to their presentation,there was a distinct adjustment that was focused on some experimentel moves,and also there was team support of yakupov and J Schultz in the Calder race.Calculated risks to be sure,but risks with definable rewards.Earlier in the year the coaching staff needed to solidify their line combos and focus on supporting our rookies in the Calder race,we didnt do that until very late in the year,and that is why it looked so reckless.I cant fault the coach for making his own tactical managment decisions,however in retrospect we can see the effect that this type of support actually had,look at yakupovs goal numbers,had we put him in the dynamic situations I supported since game 3 last year,he would have won the dam Calder on goals alone,the fact that this was not done leaves an excusatory window open for the coachingstaff,we will never really know now will we.That is BS,we darn well know all right that as soon as we made Yakupov an offensive catalyst and focused on him with an adequate amount of systemic intent ,HE DELIVERED PREFECTLY.The 1st line is an even better example of this mismanagment till late in the year but i am not here to beat anyone up.

My claim is that with different managment philosophys we could have generated this offense much earlier in the year and had it peaking at presisly the right time to have gotten us over the hump when we were in the logjam and the Oilers name was actually on the Playoff docket momentarily.THAT was the dynamic moment the coaching staff was supposed to be preparing for all year long,and when we got to the dance the tank was empty,we were out of options and we let the current carry us,we werent fighting the tide we were rolling in with it and it depositied us on the golf greens like it did to the other teams caught in that current without the ability to fight their way out.

The winning formula is not a secret.It is just written in a dynamic conceptualised language that the vast majority of us cannot read until we are indoctrinated.Winning is as simple as reading the directions on a box of Kraft Dinner.Now imagine if the directions were written is Swahili and you spoke english?This is the EXACT dynamic we are dealing with.The managerial bastards are as blind as bats and when they are challenged and pushed hard by an Alpha attutude that has won as much or more than they have they react in a protectionist gangster like way.They try to kill the new ideas they do not pick them up and analyse them or embrace them because they have been challenged in their own cometative language and they know exactly what that means,instead of respecting the challenge they disrespect it and they disenfranchise it immediatly in a protectionist manner,they attack credibility and source they become suppresionist and aggressively seek to assimilate the source or destroy it.Exactly as they should do considering the circumstances.

Calculated losses are a key component of a losing mentality .

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posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 04:33 AM
short discussion about steriods.

I think not.

Physical performance is not enhanced by muscle mass or body mass[situational impact maybe] and that is all steroids allow you to optimise,,and even at that your skeletal superstructure and your connective sub-structures police the performance envelopes for that type of growth.You arent gaining a dam thing that anyone else couldnt gain,you are just shortening the timeline to optimisation and risking injury in the process.

Steroids arent taking you back to ten years old to regrow your goddam skeleton.

Yes roids give you instant mass,you still need to work to gain amd maintain it,but that mass is policed by predetermined genetic templates that were either optimised or not LONG bfore you were a teenager.

If you didnt optimise your genetic templates optimal skeletal growth at the right time you are # out of luck,why the hell do you think steroids were invented,for people with bad timing,ha ha ha.

There is no easy way to gain anything worth value in life,this applies to everything.If you were fortunate you optimised your genetic template as a very young kid,and that gave you the skeletal baseline to maximise your connective sub-structures and your muscularity,and this made you bigger and stronger than your peers.

I competed against and trained with athletes who did roids and ultimately became pros. Football ,Rugby and Hockey Players and Team Canada Olympic level Sprinters,even All-Black Professional Rugby Players ,and really to be honest,anyone exposed to this level of competition consistantly can tell you that steroids exist in all sports and that in most sports the best of the best do not use steroids,that many pros do but the elite men and women at the top of the heap were geneticlly designed to dominate and overcome the size differential regardless.

As an younger man and an athlete when I maxed out i was 5'7 and 206 lbs and ran a 4.7 40 yard sprint,at 190 i could shave it down to 4.6 seconds.

I went from 165lbs to 206 lbs down to 165lbs again then stabilsed at 190lbs while competing,all the while maintaining body symmetry and speed.In a professionally managed dynamic manner i developed myself.No steroids ever.

I had the highest veticle jump ,longest horizontal jump and best body fat % on the entire football teams roster.And only one other guy had more endurance in full equipment than I did and his last name was Palmer,,and he even wore a knee brace,i swear that thing gave him an edge.

I am well aware that roids can increase a mans mass,but this is actually rarely a competative disadvantage and the majority of the time it is a terminal advantage,provided you are a clean maxed out genteiclly optimised person.

I dont care who you are when i was 200lbs at 5'7,if i hit you full out and you were 240 you were a heap of pain on the ground every time,I didnt allow a mass on mass dynamic ever and the roiders never ever had the speed to force that dynamic,a guy like Torres,like me scared me.

My knowledge about roids is hands on pal,and not just in a gym either,with sprinters of Olympic quality and other pro level athletes that used speed as a core value component of their dominance.I have been maxed out clean and optimised geneticlly since i was a ten year old kid on a farm carrying two 5 gallon pals of water around everywhere,I had to shrug them because i was to short to carry them normaly,and I shovelled out 1 ton grain trucks by hand and tossed hay bales around as a kid,yes i developed bigger then normal shoulders early and they stayed for life,my entire skeletal structure was optimised early.

I once saw a picture of Bobby Hull on a farm somewhere when he was young,I am pretty sure he has a pitchfork in his hand like I used to hold a lot,ha ha ha,seriously,look for it and look at the size of his forarms and learn what i am talking about first hand.

Steroids only accellerate you to the naturally policed maximum muscle OR BODY mass that your pre-existing and permanent skeletal superstructure can accomodate.And along the way you need to dynamiclly manage the changes to your connective sub-structures,tendons,ligaments ect to prevent injuries catalysed by unnatral imbalances.

The changes just seem like a big deal if you havent maximised your own optimal skeletal growth and muscle mass addition.In high level competition no different than the NHL you learn the impact of roids first hand,and you quickly realise the juice isnt worth the squeeze,you dont get any tangible competative advantages at all,its just if you never put in the historical work young to grow the bones and havent maximised muscle addition that roids can let you put that maximum mass on immediatly.

The degree of micromanaged advantage the mass steroids gives you is more than negated by the degree of macromanagment ability , symmetry,and speed that is lost when to much muscle or mass is added to the bodys existing skeletal and connective structures to quickly.And sorry fellas you cant go back and regrow your bones,ha ha ha,I saw a roiders leg get snapped in a game once for this unnaturaly catalysed imbalance reason.Just like tiping cows it is,ha ha ha.

I have watched Olympic level and Pro level athletes devote entire careers to managing the dynamic impacts different types of steroids can have on the human body and I have witnessed first hand persoanlly the effects from both ends of the specrtum,I have trained with and competed against these men.I have see the long term impact of professionally managed steroid use by elite level athletes,and although they refine and tailor their programs as per dynamic templates they are still policed by the genetic performance envelope represented by their early skeletal development.Of course they can work if managed properly snd utilised to catalyse the proper impact according to your genetic template,but there are no miracles or guarantees because natural athletes are able to come so close to the impact of steroids if they are properly grown and maintained that style and technique can be enough to win the day every time over a roider.The performance margin differential is so small when the playing field is levelled by genetic optimisation that it just isnt worth it or everyone would be doing it and i can tell you personally everyone doesnt do them at the highest levels of competition.Some do some dont some will some wont,i never did.
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posted on Jun, 8 2013 @ 08:07 AM
Nicely played Smokey .

Well done .

Yes, there has been a specific reason for the types of post I have been creating .

For 3 years I have been trying to get one message across to the Oilers,and only one message.I have been trying to illuminate the troublesome imbalance in their orgamisational direction, specificlly the lack of Intuitive input .

I have tried to include as many conceptualised ideas in my posts as I could translate into conventional terminology,and yes you are right many many times the presentation has been slightly ajar,ha ha ha . Most times this has been intentional, of course I make my share of errors like anyone would, ha ha ha.

God I hate saying this as it always causes a #e-storm.I am an Intuit,my IQ is in the high 140s to the low 150s depending on the test . When I was in school I didnt like sitting and listening to instructors,simply because I would read all of my textbooks in the first week of school in their entirity,not chapter by chapter as teachers teach. I ate the entire Apple right off the bat.I took the extra time to read ALL of the textbooks and developed my own teqhnique for studying that was superior. I wasnt a trouble maker ,I had zero difficulty learning and sitting there, I just couldnt handle the snails pace the teachers worked at and the singular perspective the curriculum attemted to pigeonhole everyone into,you see only ONE specific mindset is optimised through the systems focus as it was designed when I went through it,to me the lazy minds with the most natural attention to detail excelled in an artificially created environment that favored them. I found a way to level the playing field.

Today people all over the world are re re-evaluating educational systems and finding ways to streamline and improve the system.Thankfully many lids can learn at their own pace with the internet and the chaffe will truly be seperated from the wheat,and able minds can learn in an unfettered manner.Credit should go where it is due,and if you are obsessed with small details and ignore conceptualised data you are not an optimum learning model.The students who were set up to succeed in the past are now in deep kaka, the playing field is being leveled now. For example we have spellcheck, if you prefer to use it. This means you dont need to pay attention to details, the computer will do that while you focus on conceptualisation.Much less cerebral braking and labor intensive actions.

In a nutshell, if you take an exam, any exam, and you read ALL the questions before you start you should never, ever fail the test, even if you didnt study and werent there for half the classes. If you know how to train your mind you can easily do this,anyone can. School systems are aware of this and always have been. There has been a designed effort to hold back the smartest kids via a system designed to support the weakest links optimally,this leveling of the playing field at that time in a young minds development is terminal to the optimal achievers, it actually slaps the brightest minds down to the level of the least optimal learners.
I nearly got expelled when I was a kid because I got into an arguement with my teacher, I was nailing high 80s on tests and not even opening my books,I was doing different subjects in different classes and teachers went bananas. I was also teaching my friends how to pass their test without studying like nuts.

It is impossible to create and structure a question contextually without including data relevant to the answer, in other words the person writing the question already knows the answer,so if all you need is the answer why not find it the optimal way?Via contextual design and patterns you see clearly in the questions themselves.

Everything in our world is sequential.Everything has a pattern.Obviously the optimal way to learn is through sequences or patterns not what i call broken english.

Broken english gets through to more people than anything else because of the ways we were taught to learn as kids. Only ONE perspective is in an optimal position with traditional teaching methods. This means that MOST kids werent in their optimal environment and had to struggle to differing degrees where the ONE comfortable mindset thrived all the time. Hence the people with attention to detail that begin to shake and shimmy when they read my posts,they cant help but get the points,but they HATE the presentation because it exposes their lack of Intuitive learning ability.Yes I am looking to do exactly this,one has to break the old system to get people to embrace the new one,why in the world would I use "correct" writing rules when the system itself is not correct? The best way to start is to rip up the rule book and then create,have fun be confident and let yourself relax and optimise your own tool box, not sweat your arse off to align yourself with a system designed to set you back and set others forward. Upset the Apple cart and make it harder for the anal learners to be comfortable,you will accomplish much much more than they will this way.

I used to watch these kids study their arses off like little robots, truly workking so hard, I felt so sorry for them I created a system for them that was better then the one we were being taught with,it nearly got me expelled in grade school.

If you read all your questions and then look for the bits and pieces of each answer in the preceding and next question surrounding the one you are challenged with,you WILL ALWAYS find enough data to extrapolate the correct answer,ALWAYS.Personally I always got some wrong on purpose to keep the pressure level down,teachers can get obsessive if they think they have a special student and it is to much to handle.You should have seen the #storm when my principal asked me what I was doing, ha ha ha ha ha ha , he was blown away. He tried to accuse me of teaching the other kids to cheat,we had a huge issue,my parents came to the school and it got ugly, we redefined the principals definition of cheating in about ten minutes.And he shut the hell up trust me. he was faced with the tree i fell from,ha ha ha ha ha.I was asked very very nicely to please keep my new learning ideas to myself. I was brought up right,of course I stopped when my parents told me to.

The biggest implosion happened when I asked HIM why he was cheating with ALL OF US in every class by making things harder for the other kids to learn. Imagine his face, I was a little booger,ha ha ha.

As my parents clearly said and today I still support fully,you cannot cheat with no external facillitators. It is that simple,my parents actually demanded i be rewarded and the principal present my methods to the other kids,ha ha ha ha.

I apologise, I am truly sick of explaining this but as I started this gong-show I will contiinue for hopefully the last time.

If you apply this learning tecnique to hockey and sports dynamics,you end up with the NHS.A system based on Intuition.Simply because you see my friends all the answers are right there in front of us all the time we just cant make the right choices at the right times,if that is the case we need a system to help us do this, think about the way you recognise patterns in the english context of questions that lead you straight to the correct answer every time,now imagine there are dynamic factors in a sort you can use to also take you exactly where you want to be in a competative sporting environment?You ALWAYS get to the right answer FIRST,do you understand?You always win.You cannot outperforn the NHS,it must fail itself or it wins by proxy every time,and most of the cerebral hump work is gone forever.

I am taking a break,if ON leaves this up and doesnt edit it for length then hopefully some of you will understand what I have been doing a bit better,but it is irrellevant because all the Oilers needed was to look in the right direction,and they are now doing so,my job is done now.I created the newAge Hockey system so I could coax them to open their eyes to an area they were lacking in.Yes it is definately a superior system of play and no I dont believe anyone has the database to build it completely without my inputs,you can get close but never bang on unless you can actually see the world like an Intuit.I created a learning method in the NHS, one based on Intuition and dynamic actions.I am not pushing it anymore it may be superior but it had a reason for being,and that reason is no longer valid.Mac-T has dialed in and it is easy to see this based on what has been doing so far.

It is hard to accept that an Intuit is needed to run this type of learning and communication system the NHS represents, I understand this and I respect the Oilers for trying to solve this challenge their own way,I have no critique now that they are looking in the right direction,I never for a second imagined I was capable of executing their jobs,never.

The NHS was a byproduct of the effort to illuminate a weakness,it simple evolved along the way.Naturally it is superior because the comunication and managment methods are intuition based and as susch are superior.

I am in it to win it,or I am not there,it is that simple. I never played a sport in my life I wasnt trying to learn,and if you are trying to learn and you use a superior system you will always achieve superior results,I was a short fat kid who became an elite level athlete in a short time period with little to no coaching or support, in fact I learned to execute for my coaches with 100% effort so i could do as required and then find the extra time to do it my own ways,and as my ways became more and more sucessfull my coaches generally left me alone or tried to find out what I was doing.Either way,I got my way,and won things.I never quit competeing because i never quit learning,sports is beautiful because each game is a totally new set of dynamics you need to interpret and organise those dynamics to learn,and this is what winning really is,learning to find optimal ways of learning,ha ha ha.

Einstein got off on the Theory of relativity, I get off on the Theory of Intuitive learning.

IQs are a sham and mean very very little,they are a protectionist method of self preservation for the existing educational systems machinations and structure.We should Abolish them .

In all fairness,if no one teaches you the optimal way to learn,how the hell will you ever get there?You werent supposed to get there friend,the system has been pigeonholeing you your entire life.To fill societys slave needs the educational system panned out all of the specific cerebral minsets they required while ignoring and handicapping the vast majority of kids.Look how things are gong now, i am afraid the tables are now turning,what good are you if your mind cannot conceptualise things creatively? We HAVE spellcheck now,we have programs to do the humpwork the educational system was grooming their pets to do,now what?Well what happens now is that the best people for the jobs will get them,people we thought had value for specific jobs are now recognised as being so far behind the curve they are in deep #e.

Look at politicians and power positions globally,everything is changing at light speed thanks to the internet which essentially allows everyone to be a semi-intuit,politicians cant keep up with their own BS and their historic traditional support structures have been exposed via the internet,you CANNOT LIE WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE BUDDY SYSTEM TO GET AHEAD TODAY AS YOU WILL BE EXPOSED.

What do you think google really does for you?An intuits job of connecting the dots,remember there is no computer that even comes close to functioning at 50% of the human brains optimal capabilitys as we have defined them to this point in time.Even with computers you still cannot outperform the Intuits focused human brain capacity.

If the Oilers focus on integrity,they will climb the mountain in front of them at record speed.Integrity simple translates into accurate feedback,without that they will fail eternally.Remember the questions hold the answers every time,this is nature and can be counted upon.The more accurate the data or feedback the faster the learning process can evolve.

This is the optimal way of thinking in sports based dynamics,this type of "cheating" allows you to thrive in this environment.In schools you are punished for this methodology,in sports you are rewarded handsomely.Were I so motivated I would have been a pro athlete and reaped the fiscal rewards.The problem is that intuitive thinkers actually walk in others shoes and we dont like what the inequity of the fiscal system does to others,we dont like money and its ramifications,we sacrifce large paydays to feel better about how we treat other people.

Call it Crazy like a Fox if it fits for you,but it is risky to simple call this mindset crazy,because it is simple superior in every way imaginable,and can easily be learned and will by proxy replace your old perspective,once you learn you cannot go back because your bean bag will naturally take the path of least resistance,if you can provide one.This is a fire and forget type of weapon.Once its on its way nothing will stop it unless you self-destruct it.

posted on Jun, 26 2013 @ 11:26 AM
Start with the Oilers home site , posts by Moma2.

Look at the Game day posts, look at the threads for anything by Moma2. I am not sure how much acess you will get to my original posts there as I had a falling out with the site managment. I do know that many of my posts were re-posted by other members and available on threads under other posters names and those ones are still there to acess.

Use google terms like"Jarret Stoll moma2" or LA Kings Moma2 NewAge Hockey System" you might need to fish around there are a lot of different posts, probably over a thousand scattered around.

But they all began on the Oilers home site.

I see what you want, you want to see some action, ha ha ha, thats great.

All you need to do is go to the Playoff games LA was in and find those dates and use google and the terms "Moma2 LA Kings Stoll" or whatever works for you. I engaged after the 1st round, I generally gave LA the first game to do as they wanted before I blitzed their opponents with NHS data from Moma2, it will be easier for you to enter dates along with your terms in Google, pick the playoff games the entire way through and pay close attention to the neutral zone adjustments the Kings are making. Particularly Jarret.

Look at all of the Kings games starting with about 25 games left to go in the regular season that is where you will see the first influences of the NHS begin to show up. Watch what the Kings do in the game ones and then watch the ways their opponents adjust to them after that, look for the counters to Stolls neutral zone tactics and look for the counters to the Tactical Shooting Program specificlly the Tacticlly managed Goaltender body mechanics tactics, watch for the counters when opponents followed the posts and stopped the tactics ONLY after the data was available. I let the game ones slide to create a rock solid baseline, so I could prove the adjustments catalysed from my data. Not every team reacted to my data immediatly, but when they did it was exact and undeniable. Remember I didnt have direct conduits to anyone I had to mass e-mail all kinds of people on all the NHL teams with data to have a snowballs chance of getting through, usually as the noose tightened teams responed properly, two teams nearly took LA out based on the data I gave them, the Kings really should have lost the final series, that was a reall good one to go back and follow because when the NHS dat got through it was used immediatly and to gret effect, just to dam late. LA felt the heat no doubt.

Look for data on the Tactical Shooting Program and NHS tactics designed to manage the goaltenders body mechanics. Specificlly the shot from the right circle to the far low post side that tacticlly manages body mechanics and forces the tender to make a toe save and creates a forced dynamic that is essentially a pass to a man coming in up-speed to the back-door, that simple play combined with two neutral zone tactics and the TSP were all LA needed to destroy every defense and goalie they met.

The Oilers and Kings games are good ones to find because I was posting and getting through nicely at that time .

Unfortunately many many of the early posts were on the Oilers site, maybe if you ask nice they will let you have access to all of them, it doesnt matter because if you enter dates you should be able to find the Game Day Threads somewhere on google. Just try different search terms if you cant get anything from the Oilers site.

You will need to find tapes of the games in question and you will need to play the tapes and look at the times and then co-ordinate them with my real-time posts online, which were essentially a direct conduit to the bench.

You wont be able to miss the dynamic adjustments during Oilers games .

And you cant miss the exact adjustments LA makes either.

Did we do this once already? I didnt say Stoll stole the data I said he scalped it, and when I asked for validation on the same forum he got the data from i recieved no reply which I thought was disrespectfull and evasive and I then decided to give his team one game in each series and then hammer the NHS data to their opponents to send them a message. The limited NHS data I released that applied directly to the Hybrid and Adjusted-Hybrid Systems was public data posted on the Oilers site for the Oilers but available to anyone who wanted to read it, same as here.

The NHS is NOT what these teams are useing, they are using mostly NHS influenced Adjusted-Hybrids and there is the odd Hybrid System like Boston that uses set plays primarily and incorporates the Tactical Shooting Program to some degree.

The NHS is an entire philosophy based on Intuitivre Dynamic Managment tactics. It is an original and unique communications platform and an original and unique hockey system.

Remember that you are looking for adjustments that LA sourced from Moma2 and then implemented into their existing system, so you need to clearly define their system -pre-adjustments as a starting point, and then you need to track the changes as they evolve.

There is an easy to recognise NHS dynamic managment tactic I countered Stolly on that you cant miss. Look for him to be working the neutral zone transitions from a pinchpoint a foot in front of the blueline, watch how he manages that play and then watch how he is forced to adjust as it is taken away.

LA was using a Hybrid that catalysed itself off of set plays, they implemented the NHS taactics to fit that template, Chicago for example catalysed the EXACT same NHS tactics off of a transition base. The NHS dynamic managment tactics are identical and implemented in the same ways, just into different System bases.

You can see a lot of neutral zone playaction and set play tactics from LA you wont see from Chicago, an LA-Hawks series would be like a Boston-Hawks series essentially, based on their system presentations.

posted on Jun, 26 2013 @ 07:45 PM
Oh my how short our darn memories are huh ??

Earth to Oiler fans, is there anybody out there ?

Look back at all of the lean years when we badly needed skill, remember Gagner breaking in and then name the rest of the players we have seen develop into regular NHLers with skill as their calling card?

If we can land Konopka without overpaying or another excellent faceoff man then the landscape changes. Our bottom 6 needs to be able to maintain dominant possesion minutes.

Micro-manage utilising multiple systems, fine, just dont miss any beats because this is a hard way to do things. Better have seperate coaches working each presentation and not overlap. Remember you are trying to execute the NHS impact the manual way instead of the automatic way so your labor input will be epic if you hope to make it work.

This is not what Chicago is doing to keep things straight, they are utilising the Intuitive Dynamic Managment tactics that are integral to making the NHS influences seamlessly work into the existing Adjusted-Hybrid System EXACTLY AS I TOLD THE OILERS TO DO. The Oil are still trying to march to the beat of their own drummer, and they are even taking the hard route to make the Adjusted-Hybrid work for them , they arent even looking at the NHS. They are trying to power through the stubborn way. Kudos to them. They cant let go of the last Cup run and how they did it.

I prefer one simple system managed dynamiclly that provides multiple traditional system inputs , projections of power, and impacts within its superstructure. Unfortunately for the Oilers there is only one system designed this way from the ground up and it is the NHS.

The next step beyond the optimal execution of the Adjusted-Hybrid we have seen here already sporadiclly and the hawks execution this year is the full complete NHS, you need to accept that these positive changes some teams have made the last 3 years to their Adjusted-Hybrid systems have catalysed from the NHS influences.

We were torn between set play and transitional focus last year and Chicago made a transitional decison and stuck with it , we tried to use both and failed epiclly, as we will again if we try to use both it is to labor intensive and to hard to adjust. It looks like we are trying to do both from yet another angle that excludes the NHSs managment strategys.

I understand why Dallas is here and the Intuitive input he adds but that isnt the complete solution at all, the real problem was the attempt to maintain set play and transitional balance, there has to be a decision made and now i see Mac-Ts fingerprints because that was how he made his run, he doesnt valuate himself accurately, few NHL managers could have done what he did, he really ran two systems at once, and it aint happening that way again. Dallas wont be able to reproduce Mac-Ts methodology, he will be at best able to reproduce Chicagos methodology which is EXACTLY WHAT the NHS gave the Oilers 3 years ago.

There is no other way to optimise the Adjusted-Hybrid or the Hybrid it is transitional base or set play base , simple. If we use the transitional base as we should you will be hearing about it all right, until the dam Oilers admit they overlooked the NHS and make nice because they were given these adjustments 3 years ago. if the Oilers cant pass this integrity test then they arent the right team for the NHS, end of story, I refused to make money so I could choose who recieved MY SYSTEM, I maintained control, thank you very much. The free samples are all gone now. The entire NHS was my intellectual property beginning 3 years ago, I gifted some of it away to educate people, the rest is not available online.

The NHS blends the best of both worlds and the Oilers think Eakins has more Intuitive inputs and that this will get them over the hump and give them this same impact, they are on crack, no one will manage a set play and a transitional focus together for 60 mins optimally without the NHS. Not Dallas not Mac-T, no one.

Just look at LA they used a set play base and incorporated dynamic tactics that allowed them to project transitional power offensively by utilising just a few individual NHS influences abd they limped to a Cup win with the Wolves on their heels courtesy of Moma2 blasting NHS data to their opponents because they to failed to aknowledge the source.This execution is exactly as the Oil want to do now, now open your eyes and look at Chicago they used a transitional base from the get-go this year and destroyed the NHL because they listened better to the NHS and went all-in. Chicago utilised the EXACT SAME NHS DATA that LA used and the Oilers have tried to use.

The Oilers have been to busy trying to fight the NHS influences that were gifted to them in the first place to tune in managerially. Some players tried to wake them up and were black-balled for their efforts. The Players are guilt free. Managerially they looked a gift horse in the mouth they did.
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posted on Jun, 26 2013 @ 09:05 PM
Jesus i hate being censored and edited.

That is what the Oilers site Mods suggested i do there but they didnt have the site functional at that time for some reason and I couldnt get a blog going there, then we had a falling out over their lack of integrity and my refusal to be censored, I never tried a blog before they suggested and never since. To tell you the truth I havent a clue how to do it and have no real motivation to bother.

All I really wanted to do 3 years ago was point the Oilers in the right direction, the NHS kind of grew into itself. I never even played hockey.

I would prefer to have someone with the resources and ability to help me document the NHS here so Oilersnation can gain some noteriety off of it after the patience they showed allowing me to post so much here. This site does a lot of good charity work and can use the attention.

I dont really have the passion I started with, the wind got knocked out of my sails by the Oilers rotten arse attitude and cheap arse suppression tactics. Good thing the NHS was entrenched before i felt this way. The plicks nearly drove me via frustration to give the NHS to the Flames to scorch them in retaliation for their insolence.

There is enough NHS data out there for NHL managers to see the light, many just cant get over themselves and are content to scalp data and use it as they will. It takes balls to stand up and support something new that you didnt create yourself and can get for free, a special type of man will refuse to take advantage, and this man is a winner, this man will optimise and understand the NHS.

I would rather shelf the NHS than give it to a devient mindset.

Remember that I am an Intuit and anticipated this behaviour from day one, the full and complete NewAge Hockey System has NEVER been released online or anywhere else. Just sample sized bites of impactfull data that SHOULD draw the right mans attention.

I wanted this dynamic to manifest because I want the Team that recieves the full NHS to be run by Integrity driven people, not thieves. I gave the Oilers enough rope to hang themselves and they have stepped to the edge and now have stopped just in time. You become a thief when you know the source of the data you are using and are asked to aknowledge it and refuse to do so. They bought time because I respect Mac-T.

The Oilers and everyone else legitimately found the data in the public domain, but once they had knowledge it belonged to someone they had an integrity driven responsibility to aknowledge the source exactly where they found the data.

Just cause it aint tied up dont mean it dont belong to someone else. Simple concept. What do you do whan you find something that doesnt belong to you but you like it? You goddam return it and try to buy it if you can.

First the Oilers used NHS data and didnt know who to credit then refused when they did know. So I spread the NHS love around more online. i expected this to happen. Then the LA Kings accessed the same data and also refused to aknowledge source exactly where they found it, so I contacted all of their playoff opponents after Gm#1 and gave them the same NHS data that was taken from the Oilers site where I provided it. Now Chicago has utilised the same data the same ways and i have yet to hear them aknowledge the NHS or its creator. No problem, i already have Scotty Bowman clearly describing where the Hawks sourced the adjustments they made this year prior to their Cup run and Win. I posted data for Boston that is still valid now if you read it to even the series so we could see 7 games, but I stayed on the periphery this time and didnt contact the Bruins directly.

But the Hawks sure tuned in quickly when i posted adjustments for them to regain control of the series, ha ha ha ha.

All the work I have done to date has simply been to set a platform from which to launch the full and complete NHS.

That point is here now, but there is an epic volume of work to be done first documenting the NHS history to provide a resume .

I have an issue with bull#ters and am not settled with the Oilers yet, I want my dam Moma2 account back in full as it should have stayed and i want open validation on their site where i posted the original NHS data, or they can get screwed.

I have tried and tried again to give the Oilers a chance to make things right, but they insist on the Souray Solution, they refuse to admit they are capable of making mistakes. And so am I, the difference being that i happen to be in the right and have what they need. Because I am not a salesman and money doesnt drive me, I am like a goddam hand grenade to them, I spout off major league tactical data and it shakes them up when it is better than their own inputs.

If any cashola ever comes out of the partial NHS exposure to date it will go to charity via Oilersnation, anything I earn consulting on the full NHS when it is implemented is mine with my integrity intact. I am not in anything for money, i am in it to win i
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