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moma2s NewAge Hockey System

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posted on May, 25 2012 @ 03:26 PM
To add to a stagnant powerplay when playing an adjusted hybrid system,you need to identify which transition options are most sucessful 5 on 5,then ensure that you stick with those same transition options right off the bat on the PP,this is not my Moma2s Newage Hockey System PP,this is for a hybrid system.This means that a hybrid doesnt have the option of useing traditionally accepted PP set up options,a hybrid must work as hard to make accurate transitions with an extra man as they do with 5 men,the advantage for a hybrid is that the opposition has so much less ability to interfere with the final transition in the neutral zone,and you can bring in 2 men upspeed if you simply come at them useing three transitions as usual but with 2 men comeing in up-speed.

There you go Stoll,we are even now.This is what you guys need to seal the deal,drop a line if you need any help/

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 06:01 PM
Offense= score goals Defence= arrive to the puck first, and arrive in ill humor. Play the man not the puck. Two man forecheck, no time & space. Or in other words, do as the New Jersey devils are doing right now. Forecheck their offense into submission. It's really not as complicated as you have made it in your op. It really isnt. It's a game not brain surgery.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 06:50 PM

Originally posted by openyourmind1262
Offense= score goals Defence= arrive to the puck first, and arrive in ill humor. Play the man not the puck. Two man forecheck, no time & space. Or in other words, do as the New Jersey devils are doing right now. Forecheck their offense into submission. It's really not as complicated as you have made it in your op. It really isnt. It's a game not brain surgery.

My system is not complicated,just unconventional.You just outlined a conventional perspective on the game.

I will fix it for you.

Winning =scoreing goals We dont do defence in my system.Period.Defense entail the use of set plays which my system does not do.No defensive plannning or practice,we play 60 mins of constant offense.

offense=scoreing as many goals as possible in 60 mins while maintaining possesion for as many of the 60 mins as possible.

Play the puck,never the man,useing the cycle to support each other in puck pursuit

One man forecheck comeing in the form of the spear tip ,emanateing from our full rink cycle.

My system doesnt consider time and space like conventional hockey does,we ignore the ideas completely,and heres essentially why.if I ask you to go out on the ice and get me time and space I am asking you to do the impossible,you cannot as one person or as a 5 man unit manufacture or create either TIME or SPACE,this is a simple fact,so right off the bat i am messing with your head asking you to even think about these concepts,as a result in my system we turf the old ideas and kick em when they are down as the useless dregs they were.

We ask our players to go out on the ice and conserve motion,and conserve energy,both things that everone on the ice can manifest or actually DO for us and for themselves.I give you a quantifiable result that is attainable every second of every shift.Seriously,time and space BS ,we ignore it totally.

To be blunt we just try to score goals for 60 mins and EVERYTHING we do is geared towards that,we eliminate defensive thinking from player system requirements and the game gets simpler and hence FASTER and we generate more offense over 60 mins.

Hockey wasnt designed as a defensive game ,its core values lend the game to offense,as a result an offensive mindset will ALWAYS DEFEAT a defensive mindset in hockey,and because winning is our goal--not competeing,we play all out offense and dont ven consider defence other than the dynamic being a result of a failed offensive thrust and we are required to execute cycleing pressure to immediatly re-engage our offense with all 5 men in full puck pursuit every second of every shift.We either own the puck and are putting it in the net or we are takeing it from you and going directly to your net to put the puck in it,we NEVER reverse our momentum and direction,we NEVER waste a single second tring to institute set plays,our system has no time to waste ,it is all momentum and posseson and constant offensive pressure for 60mins initiated from ALL areas of the ice immediatly upon possesion.We do not ever waste time setting up plays,we engage our offense off of posession irregardless of where or when we gain it,it is immediate and terminal offensive thrust for 60 mons.

I am glad you read my thread,and I hope something is of value to you here.I know it might seem complicated at first but i am sure if you stick around for a while it might get simpler to understand.

And if you prefer a more conventional approach thats great to,as long as you are into hockey.

Do you think a two man forcheck is a good way to pressure the opponent?Does a 2 man forcheck mean that you are trying to pin them in their zone and regain possesion inside their blueline?

I think that we can overcomplicate things sometimes and we can underestimate things sometimes,but the reality is that winning is always a complicated formula and series of manifested events,there is no simple way to achieve it,with or without brain surgery,and the sooner we can eliminate the data load we need to handle as individual players on the ice the sooner we can make our seemingly complicated system feel simple and easy to execute.

Do you play hockey?And if so for how long,and do you play hockey video games at all if you are a fan??

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by one4all

Your approach to this is like playing football with a basketball. Extremly unconventional. I see zero NHL AHL ECHL or KHL, Swedish Elite league teams utliizing your system, Because it's insane. And unsound.

In order for your system to be effective, you have to have 17 rocket scientist's on your squad. Athletes normally arent that smart. Yes Ive played, Ive coached, kids 9-10-11 yr olds. With more hockey savy than you could ever expect to amass.
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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 03:58 PM
reply to post by openyourmind1262

Now you are reacting properly,seeing as you just encounteed a system of play that will make mincemeat out of any you have played or coached.

It is easier to understand and play my system than any conventional system because there is no defensive focus.
Maybe you just found yourself a new way to coach,and judgeing by your attitude and being a former coach myself,I hope you dont talk to your kids or anyone you are teaching in such a condescending manner.

This is a new system and it requires a new mindset to execute it properly.And you are exactly right that it reminds you of multi-sports,because the core values of winning are the same in EVERY sport,offense wins and defence is the result of failed offensive thrusts,so the faster you transition back to offense after loseing the puck the better,and by eliminateing the defensive mindset and refocusing that cerebral energy to offense we alter our view of hockey completely,we lean towards a one-dimensional offensive look.and we rip the guts out of the old traditional mindset.And we do it with conviction.

As a coach you must see the value of a gameplan designed off of puck and ice surface control and dominance supported with a full and half-rink cycle that ensures a dominant control of momentum and game pace for as many of the 60 mins as possible.

And as a coach you must also see that the only way to accomplish these core value goals is to absolutely and completely abandon all hockey convention and traditional thinking.This is what I am doing in presenting Moma2s NewAge Hockey System.Breaking away from convention,then circleing back to devour it.

If you would like to see the origins of this system i created,google old Oilers powerplays when gretzky was at the helm,and watch how he runs the PP from behind the net,then visualise executeing the same system rinkwide 5 on 5.I have adapted and altered that old PP setup into a new and dominant system called Moma2s NewAge Hockey System.Yes its new,yes its different,and yes it will allow you to win more games than any other system in hockey if you execute it properly.

And from a coaches perspective ,yes,it is easier to teach to kids than current systems because all of my insights arent needed to learn the system,just two simple rules,and an all out offensive perspective--which is coincidently the way most kids enjoy the game the most.And we all know that we learn things we like faster than things we dont like.

With more and more kids haveing hyper-active minds today,it should be easier than ever to teach this system to kids.Because it keeps them all involved 100% of the time they are in skates,there is no room for boredom.

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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 08:36 PM
reply to post by one4all
Let's here your hockey resume, because any body with any hockey sense, aint reading your thread. It's a mash up of nothing,hell you night as well play with six forwards & no goalie. Put a board up in net and if you get it in the hole you get a goal. You have zero hockey sense, zero as in nothing, nathan nada. I want reply any further as I feel I'm argueing with a third grader.

posted on May, 28 2012 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by openyourmind1262

I dont believe you are a coach of anything ,you have zero communication skills,and an attitude that shows it,I have coached multiple sports teams and you are definately not suited or prepared to coach anything.Attitude is everything and yours sucks.

And you dont seem to post anything beyond shallow criticisms with no supporting data so you can not know much about hockey,and you really should post your own resume before you grasp at short hairs like that,ha ha ha.Based on your lack of supportive data in your post I dont think you could coach your way out of a wet paper bag,are you sure the kids arent teaching you out there??Ha ha ha.Remeber the price you pay to post criticisms is that you need to provide a better alternative than the dynamic you are critiqueing.You know the old saying"if you arent a part of the solution,then you must be a part of the problem",well if you dont add something constructive right after you add something destructive,then you cannot be instructive,right coach??

We arent compareing or asking for resumes here, this isnt a job application,and you came here,I didnt come and find you ,so thanks for comeing now dont let the cyber-door hit you in the arse on the way out.If you read the entire thread you would see that early on I anticipated your type of attitude and I respectfully asked for criticisms supported by data that were productive and progressive and related to the growth and supporting through progressive change of Moma2s NewAge Hockey System.

And yes you are right ,I view the goaltender as a part of the offense so truly my system DOES play with 6 men engaged in the offense for 60mins,you dont see the light yet,but you are stuggeling at all the right spots,every time you encounter something non-traditional you hit a wall,as expected.

Why wouldnt you utilise the goaltender as an offensive weapon?His number of puck contacts and possesions make him as responsible for contributeing to offense as anyone else on the ice,and a goaltenders rebound direction is an incredible catalyst for kickstarting an offensive transition ,if the tender is involved in the game the right way.We dont look at the goaltender as a defensive asset in Moma2s NewAge Hockey System,we dont do defence here,so our goalie better be involved in the offence,especially initiation of our cycleing game and our first transition out of our zone.Positional zone dominance around the net is also a big part of a goaltenders system responsibility,this means playing physical and initiating a lot of contact around the net and establishing aggressive zone possesion.We need our goaltenders to take penaltys all year long,about one every five games,we need to own the real estate around the net and there is a price to pay for that,we pay it in PK work,but because we need to transition to offense as soon as we gain possesion as seamlessly as we can,we need to own as much real estate positionally as we can.Nothing about Moma2s NewAge Hocky System is conventional,winners arent conventional they are creative and they MANUFACTURE WINS by dominateing core areas of the ice for 60 mins..

Come on open your mind a little and see all the ways that defensive thinking prevents your team from winning,then start fixing things right there,by eliminateing the defensive mindset.

If you pre-suppose a need for defense you will manifest a dynamic that creates that need,it is an endless cycle.If you pre-suppose a puck passing the goal line ,you will manifest that dynamic.So why waste time and energy going backwards and thinking defence when you only have 60mins to win the game?You cant make more minutes,unless you think defence and try for OT every game.But even then you need OFFENSE to WIN at anything,especially a game like ice-hockey.

There is a big difference between effective puck recovery and a seamless transition to offense---which is what we do here,and a defensive mindset that requires the initiation and practice of set plays--which is what all other teams do,the achillies heel of a hockey team is its dependance on set plays which can be anticipated and capitalised on,set plays on either defence or offense will get you scored on.

We want our 6 men on the ice to always be in the best position to RECOVER the puck comeing out of a high speed cycle and with momentum and dominant position--AFTER--an offensive thrust and IMMEDIATLY transition back into offense comeing out of a the recovery still maintaining the cycle with speed and momentum..By useing the cycle so much it seems like the team isnt really doing anything direct with the puck,just playing keep-away,but the offense is fast and furious and consistant over 60 mins,at the NHL level 15 shots per period and at LEAST 4 goals per game is the baseline for acceptable performance results.So 45 shots per game and 4 goals per game as the standard of acceptability or average execution.

Wnen this type of system is applied for 82 games ,you have a Presidents trophy winner on your hands.

Teaching players to cycle in hockey is almost the easiest thing to do at every level,so this system is the LEAST complicated,and easiest to teach that you can find,and the fun factor is a ten because it is all offense for 60 mins.

I hope you stick around and post some hockey strategy,maybe tell me how you would stop this system for starters.

And as you can see by where I posted my thread,I am not looking to set any record number of visits,ha ha ha,this thread is for people interested in a new hockey system,Moma2s NewAge Hockey System,and thats it thats all folks.So this is something of a tutorial thread,but I am open to changeing or adjusting anything if a hockey minded or interested competitor wants to add data that is better than what I am useing now,that growth and push is important.

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posted on May, 28 2012 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by one4all

You used a whole page of discord to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. I used two paragraphs to show your lack of hockey sense. When you over explain yourself, with info that's just not needed. It shows your lack of comprehensive education about alot of things, Especially Ice Hockey. Again, I want reply and banter with a third grader. Grow Up, or join GodlikeProductions there's tons of folks like you on that site. And yes I have a bad attitude mostly with stupid people. Do you fit that bill? I beleive you do.

posted on May, 28 2012 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by openyourmind1262

You are defective in some way and your lack of ability to stay focused on one simple point of your life is saddening for a normal person to have to witness.Even in cyberspace this type of comeing out is sad to see.

You obviously dont know anything about hockey,and theres no way anyone in their right mind would let you near their kids and hopefully you arent responsible for any , so you surely arent a coach of any kind,you are simple a contrarian by nature,someone who expects the rest of the world to accept them and their backwards attitude and behaviour based on the fact you breath and think.

I think the word troll is what you are called.I call people like you oxygen thieves,if you get my point.

You wont get me to overstate the obvious concerning your mental state and lack of social skills,they are like "little" and "none" standing together in the rain on the curb with their little coats flapping in the wind.

And why did you come back to my thread?Were you bored?Did you need to learn something new??Are you thinking that the way to learn is to walk into the room and ruffle feathers until you carve yourself a little corner to hide in quietly while you play possum and pretend to be nice and sociable while all along you are just gathering enough information[because you are empty in that department] to step out of the shadows and be the contrarian moron that you are.

You have personality issues,and slinging your petulant little insults around is simply a reflection of your inability to grasp the basic reality you are liveing in,remember??You are on a thread on ATS???Right??You are here to learn and share data--right??No one solicited your presence right??You arent being paid to be here right??So as i said earlier dont let the cyber-door hit you in the arse on the way out,you obviously have nothing to add other than sour grapes and you havent added one single bit of intelligence to your posts,just inflamatory contrarianism,.In short you are just an arse-hole and you need to go find another dark little place to ply your trade in,you arent welcome here.We are talking hockey here not BS,and you are full of BS.

If you have something to add related to hockey add it to someone elses thread you mental midget,I am sure there are people willing to tolerate your handi-cap but I am no longer one of them.I like to help people with problems not help them self-diagnose their shortcomeings,so go find yourself a corner somewhere and sit on your hands and hold your breath until your little invisible friend appears,then play with him for a while ok Forrest?

Any further post that are not hockey related will be considered sign posts to your funky little world and I will be sure to direct traffic away from your delusional path.Any hockey related posts can be posted somewhere else you little troll.

Ha,ha ha,my first troll,right on.This is a moment to remember!!And a mouthy one at that.WhoooEeee!!
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posted on May, 28 2012 @ 08:47 PM

Originally posted by openyourmind1262
reply to post by one4all

You used a whole page of discord to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. I used two paragraphs to show your lack of hockey sense. When you over explain yourself, with info that's just not needed. It shows your lack of comprehensive education about alot of things, Especially Ice Hockey. Again, I want reply and banter with a third grader. Grow Up, or join GodlikeProductions there's tons of folks like you on that site. And yes I have a bad attitude mostly with stupid people. Do you fit that bill? I beleive you do.

You dont have a bad attutude you are a weak little pest,you arent smart or shrewd enough to have been a bully in school so you just must be another arse-hole,that simple,dont read so much into yourself just look over your shoulder and down,thats where you will see your clearest reflection,you lnow like the one the rest of the world sees of you.
You have shown a distinct lack of hockey knowledge,in fact I doubt you are evn a fan,When you underexplain yourself you are just trying to hide your lack of knowledge and possibly your mental issue,definately your lack of social skills,you use your little poke and prod act to try to establish momentum in your relationships and you think that as long as you be an arsehole first and set the tone that you are in some kind of control,well you arent,you are still just an arse-hole after all the smoke clears and the mirrors are put away,heck you arent even bright enough to defend yourself,you are an "I did it first--so you cant do it back to me "type of human,now I see what you are like suck-hole is a better term to use,you suck-hole for attention by being contrarian and then you surf the reactions you create,you fence-sit and never add anything of value,because your only value is as a catalyst for crap and discord.

So show us how smart you arent,tell us how you coach your imaginary team ,write anything hockey related that isnt some spin doctor garbage.And keep your lip shut,this thread isnt a playground for miscreants and poop-disturbers,it is for people who are interested in learning a new hockey system.Your ignorant presence will always require a response so if you want to continue to be inflammatory and an arse-hole its ok with me but why not have some common decency and respect and post your drivel somewhere else,or if you choose,stick around its a free cyber-world after all,ha ha ha.
But as long as you choose to be a baseless contrarian you will be tolerated but not accepted.Just like it must be throughout the rest of your life,right?


posted on May, 29 2012 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by one4all

I guess you did'nt understand me when I said I have a bad attitude toward stupid people. I have a bad attitude toward you. Again you over reply. Two pages & two post's to say what you said. Here let me show you how to limit your words & get your point across.

You are a moron. You have zero business telling any body anything about the sport of ice hockey. It seems I rubbed you the wrong way, or wait you'll come back with 8 pages as to explain to me what I just wrote. And drop to the third grade level and call me a troll. I might be a troll, but this troll knows more about teaching hockey, playing hockey, in my little finger than you do in your entire being. Call me a troll, I''ll call you moron, each & every time.

By the way, where's all your replies to this thread? Seems like it's just me, LUCKY YOU.

posted on May, 30 2012 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by openyourmind1262

Seeing as you cant seem to stay away,kiddo,why not make yourself useful and play a little?

If you are a hockey fan,IF,then you will be able to respond with some hockey talk instead of your usual babble,you are like a little pesty instigator,always needing a reaction to know where to go next.

There are two teams left in the NHL playoffs,the LA kings and the Devils.One of them plays a hybrid system that incorporates core values of Moma2s NewAge Hockey System,can you tell which one it is?One of them ,uses the possesion-transition game to dominate puck possesion time and shot totals,which one is it??

Heres a hint,its the team that just matched a record set in 1988?Its no coincidence that the year the previous record was established was 1988 because the style that is being played by this team originates from the team that set the record in 1988.The 1988 system was the Mother system of the hybrid one of this years finalists is sucessfully playing.

Lets see what you really know besides the BS you tend to hand out.

How do you stop the team I just described?How do you shut down their system?

For that matter why dont you give us an analysis of how to shut down either team now in the finals??Be technical and lets see some hockey savvy,if you have it.

And be in depth,not general,lets hear specifics about why you chose to approach your tactics a certain way,none of your basic bush league routine crap,specific details.

Lets try one specific question,how would you stop LAs first transition comeing out of their own zone??How would you approach it from a defensive perspective??if you were the devils?

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 11:14 AM
This ones for Bob McKensie,the Kings are useing tactical shot selection,they are haveing each line target a specific area of the net dureing their shift with a primary and a secondary shot selection,the players arent shooting from the hip it is a designed tactic Momma2 was teaching the Oilers when Jarret Stoll tuned in to the website,point is this is how they are dismanteling Brodeur.

The Kings are useing simple tactics from Momma2s NewAge Hockey System,they are on offence usually shooting from the top of the circle with their primary o-zone shot and are working the far winger in for the rebound off of the toe save Marty is forced to make.,they have used it all playoffs.It is easy to stop.

The Kings are useing the transition game to control momentum and eat up the clock,their first transition is key to stopping them,you need to send one man in to force tem to move te puck fast and you need to plant your second forechecker on the blueline as your THIRD man comes in uspeed to support the first man in,you need to be aggressive and pinch them off on the first transition,they have been useing a different approach through the neutral zone the last two games,but it doesnt matter,you need to stop their first transition and deny them the neutral zone,and NEVER throw them the puck,never shoot it in and chase it,and pressure their d-men with a fast early man in and remember to plant your 2nd forchecker on the blueline dont send him in have the third forward come in with tp speed ,to pick up the puck or pressure it to the man on theblue line.

LA si useing two tactics to initiate their SECOND transition they are number 1 doinga reverse by passing it to the high neutral zone corner of the blueline and then popping it back to an upspeed man comeing through the neutral zone,as Moma2 says to do,or the are going east west all the way across the neutral zone with te first pass then they are doing the little reverse after spreading the play out,all you need to do is pressure their first transition as I said and then own the neutral zone and LA is an average team.

If you stop the first transition you will be ok,if not you need to remember that the Kings are useing Momma2s offensive philosophy they are shooting the puck immediatly and playing the second shot or the rebound and they are useing the one-timer,the pass turned into a one-timer kinda of a redirection,Fraser is great at it it is an Oilers play that Moma2 was trying to give them,all this stuff was scalped by LA off the Oilers site.So to protect marty,the Devils need to block the first shot and deny the Kings the shot that forces Brodeur to make the toe save and set them up for an easy backdoor play,watch the up-speed man comeing in late but faster ,its LAS bread and butter in the transition game.

Attack them down the middle,use three simple transitions as they are and take back the clock,make sure you take a shot as soon as you enter the zone and work the rebound recovery,start shoting on Quick like they are on you,each line pick an area# 1-feet to knees/top left corner,#2 knees to elbows/top right corner,#3 elbows to neck/low left post,#4 five-hole/low right post.Now have all the lines stick to this simple plan as LA is doing and as Moma2s NewAge Hockey System says to do.Each line has a primary shot area to focus on,NOT FORCE THE SHOT TO---just look for,and if its not there a secondary spot to shoot at ,but everyone always knows the TWO places they need to shoot,not much to decide just let er go,its a faster decision makeing process like this,and use the one-timer,EVERY PASS is a potential shot and must be used that way.Come on Quick is on the ice for half the game because they are giveing away the easy shot so he can work the middle,spread him out the way they did to you,force the toe save and have the far winger nail the rebound,its a simple textbook Moma2 play,do it back to them.

Use the give and go comeing through the neutral zone and use your size to keep the passes and plays short,play a possesion game and dont turn it over ,make sure every possesion results in a shot,and EVERYONE needs to share the offensive responsibilitys and let the first shot in the o-zone go FAST and everyone work hard to recover the rebounds.But the shots must be there so there can be no dumping of the puck,use three transitions as they are ,and remember that LA has done this because EVERYONE is activated in the offense.let your men go for it when it is open,and do what they did last few games,send a d-man end to end once in a while.

Any questions, just post up.

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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 08:01 AM
Its like sugar to the bee,baby,sugar to the bee.

Listen to the game time commentary on the winning goal between the Kings and Devils last night,SWEET,"he just re-directs the pass"exactly as Moma2 says to do,and did you see LA working the hard angle shots looking for the sympathetic rebounds??But it only worked at 50% because their transitions were being delayed and broken,New Jersey was getting a stick on the first shot from the corner of the circle,like they need to do to take away that first shot LA needs to use.

Devils coaches ,you need to look at how the Kings were hitting the left post on marty,they were makeing him turn his feet ,it is a Moma2 tactic from the NewAge Hockey System,it is the reason they shoot low post side from the top of the circle with a hard east west angle,they are looking to force the rebounds to areas the goaltender MUST go to,they are turning Martys feet when they are takeing the shot on his left side,and they are doing it the same way consistantly,its like they just switched sides and they are trying to use this tactic from the other side,before they were shooting from martys left and forceing him to toe save then dumping the rebounds in,now they are shooting the initial shot from Martys right and trying to pop it in from the left side,and judgeing by the posts they were hitting it was working,remember that it is easy to stop this ,just stop the first shot as a PRIORITY--get a stick on that shot or block it,but stop the initial shot and you stop them from makeing Marty turn his feet,as i said it is a Moma2 tactic from the NewAge Hockey System I designed,and it is deadly effective and very difficult to stop if you dont understand WHY it is being done to you.

The LA powerplay is stagnant so look to capitalise on the Shorthanded chance if it is there,there is a chance in gm 5 that you will get some PP chances,so WATCH LA closely they have set plays on the PK for offense and they are good at it,so be EXTRA careful of them when you are on the PP.

Keep useing the east/west high angle shot as soon as you enter the o-zone and start makeing Quick go down in front and oh baby does he ever leave the entire net open when he flops down,just do what LA was doing to you force Quick to make the toe-save and then backdoor him with a man comeing in for the rebound which is as reliable as a pass,ha ha ha,Quick is to small to stop shots that come as secondary threats,he is a first save goaltender,so expose him and let him make the first save but FORCE him to make it HOW and from WHERE you say ,by useing your initial shot as a tactical pass as well as a goal scoreing play,look for the rebounds that handcuff Quicks style,ones that leave hm vulnerable,his style is like Swiss Cheeze if you arent comeing from the middle,the only think we want to send down the middle on LA is RUSHES to the net,our SHOTS will be chosen tacticly to set up a high angle rebound so we can force Quick out of position and use his rebound direction as a pass,as Moma2 says to do in the NewAge Hockey System,the system theat WILL rule the NHL for at least ten yrs.

And the sweetest part is that even LA doesnt have the book on this system because it is MY system,ha ha ha,they are just wearing borrowed shoes,ha ha ha,and i am still availiable on a consulting basis to anyone who calls,thats the biggest joke of all,its like Thomas Eddison not being able to get a job as a meter reader for the power company,ha ha haFirst come first served,Intuative Video Coach for hire,ha ha ha..

posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 10:23 PM
Well game 5 is over and the Devils seem to have figured out LAs system now havent they??Yes,they have done EXACTLY as Moma2s NewAge Hockey System says is the right thing to do by sending in one forchecker and holding a second at the blueline and then sending the third right in to support the first man in,the critical part is that the Devils planted a man on the blueline to stop the "cheat"transitions that LA was doing-also--as per Moma2s NewAge Hockey System.What we saw was another system checkmate and thats how it should be when two hybrids clash and both have good system adjustments as these teams do.

Lets see now Sam Gagners 8 pt night--achieved useing Moma2s NewAge Hockey Systen=history,the LA Kings road win reord this year-nearing an Oilers 80s record=history,the Devils comeing back from being down 3-0 to win 2 in a row --hasnt happened in 65 yrs=getting pretty close to history again, Moma2s adjustments EXACT adjustments were used to shut down LA and get back into this series.When New Jersey wins this cup it will again become a historic moment connected to Moma2s newAge Hockey System.

Mr.Stoll,all you have to do is call me``------``call me any time you need``.The least you could have done is thanked Moma2 for the NewAge Hockey System,BUT you didnt,instead you just took took took and had great sucess,takeing,now maybe you should have been GIVEING --credit--where it was due,moma2.

The NewAge Hockey System---will dominate the NHL,it already is,suppression of something this revolutionary will not work,the Oilers tried it and it didnt work,the players and head coach embraced it--LA embraced it and they are poised to win,ultimately as an act of desperation new Jersey is embraceing it,this is hockey evolution and the creator of the system is right here and willing to offer tactical adjustments to anyone who asks.Hint ,hint Jarret,there are key aspects of the System we havent covered here yet,and that I didnt cover in the oilers posts,you NEED these adjustments now that the Devils have you in a System checkmate,its time to validate your source,or you can wait for the Devils to use their newfound,ha ha,momentum to take this series from the palms of your hands,simple adjustment Stolly,just like the ones that took you to the final.

posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 02:48 AM
An interesting part of this system is its refusal to give up the puck,on that note if the Devils keep dumping the puck in like they are eventually LA will look back at the Canuks series and will adjust as they did then,it is not wise to be dumping the puck in to the Kings,it is seemingly effective but if they simply look over their shoulders they will se how to capitalise on that bad habit,it is a remnant of the trap and a bad idea.I give the Devils credit,they are doing short controlled dump ins because they are focusing on neutral zone coverage to stop LAs transition game,the only good thing is that they are executeing from up high in the neutral zone so they are already there to initiate a forcheck after LA gets possesion,not exactly what the doctor ordered but it allows the Devils to clog up the neutral zone and not expose themselves.Eventually this tactic will cost the Devils the cup,because you CANNOT throw the puck to a team playing Moma2s NewAge Hockey System and expect to win games.I said it here first and clearly,a dump in and a voluntary turnover of the puck will be the catalyst of the cup winning goal.Worst play in Hockey---the dump in.

posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 03:40 PM

Originally posted by one4all
I played a Czech national team years ago, they all had very good speed and great control of the whole rink, we ended up winning in a shootout but for most of the game we were chasing

I was reading through this thread again and came across something most peculiar.

I too played a Czech national team years ago, and we were chasing...AND it went to a shootout!
I got the winning goal, top corner. one of my best hockey memories/successes.
what happened in yours?
it would be hilarious if we were on the same team and didn't even know but I doubt it..

posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by yourmaker

Yourmaker,I was actually quoteing your own post,thats why it was so peculiar,I tried to copy and paste it as a quote but it just pasted as normal text.

I am glad that you had a chance to experience what a system like this can do when it is properly is a monster of a system because it takes the puck away from you and keeps it away ,the only way for you to get it is to dig it out of your own net or to win a facepff at center ice.

Basicly you replace headmanning the puck or dumping it in ahead of yourself without support and you replace that component of the game with a possesion style that NEVER dumps the puck ahead and always retains possesion,with zero intentional giveaways.

You replace man on man and zone defences with an evenly spaced or "gapped"unit of men cycleing in either a full-rink or a half-rink cycle,maintaining the correct distance between each other and cycleing in the direction of support.

In the NewAge Hockey System ,possesion and transitions are the two main catalysts,we use constant and measured motion and cycled waves of support in a constant forward wave of terminal offense.Comeing in cycled waves.

The secondary core values include constant positional body and stick dominance by all 5 men,all the time,with and without the puck,this is how the game is turned into 60 minutes of keepaway and digging the puck out of your own net,your own team seems like it is working its butts off and getting nowhere,always chaseing pucks and the loseing them,and constantly trying to put together short broken plays,out of sync plays.While the guys playing Moma2s NewAge Hockey System are putting an average of 15 shots on net per period and scoreing an average of four goals per game.The worst part is that this system can turn a PK into an offensive weapon,and dramaticly improve a PPs goal scoreing percentage.

The coolest thing is to just imagine the dominance your 5 man unit gains as they are all cycleing with even space between them constantly maintained ,with their STICKS all pointing INSIDE the circle of their cycle???The NewAge Hockey System is designed to OWN the ice surface with and without the puck for 60mins,it is a core value to own real estate as a priority,understanding that all goals come from offense and all offense comes from dominant control of ice and dominant positionng of all 5 men all the time.We are more concerned with the second shot than the first,the first is a natural given,because of our speed and positional dominance given to us through the "gapped"cycle we are even more effective recovering the puck after the initial shots and our most terminal offense will come from those opportunitys,our primary focus is always on puck possesion and effective and wellexecuted zone transitions,but our biggest asset is our transition from offense to defense,we dont really HAVE A DEFENSE,we dont practice it or have set defensive plays we just pursue the puck via the cycle and never stop moveing,we NEVER stop going forward,because our men are always engaged in the cycle with proper gapping they always get to the puck before the opponent with superior speed and body position and the always have a support man on both ends of the puck ariveing before the opponents,the puck just seems to come to the players and they always just seem to be simply picking up loose pucks at high speed.

How did you guys handle the possesion game?I mean I assume you guys were playing a conventional system,and it must have felt like you were running around all game,but you guys got good results ,so how did you counter that free flow high speed type of game of constant cycleing and puck pressure in both zones??

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 11:52 AM
Upon review I believe it will benefit us in the near future to remember that in the post two before this one,I correctly predicted that the cup winning goal would be catalysed by a voluntary turnover of the puck by the devils,the hit that caused the major penalty that catalysed the Cup winning goal came as a result of a two man competition for a puck that came from where??From a voluntary turnover by the Devils.

For the record lets state that the devils player that drew the penalty was doing the EXACT right thing ,he made a bad judgement call on amount of force thats it,he was tacticly right --he was supressing LAs first transition which is why the devils were takeing back the series,but as in all sports things change in an instant.

Lets just note that Moma2s NewAge Hockey System was being utilised by BOTH teams,and loooong before it happenedI called the dynamic that decided the cup,I actually outlined how and why the cup winning goal was most likely to happen based on intimate system knowledge of BOTH teams system,because it is my system-MINE--Moma2s NewAge Hockey System.

In Short,with 25 gms remaining in the regular season the LAkings began to embrace a radicly NEW hockey system,unlike the one they had used up to that point,they began to experiment with moma2s newAge Hockey System,and they immediately began experienceing positive results,the last 25 gmsEdmonton Oilers were also seriously experimenting with this system,they had intimate knowledge of moma2s NewAge Hockey System regularly posted on their fan site by the systems creator and designer.As the Systems creator,I offered system data to the Canucks that got them back into a series , the Blues were given help the same way,then the Devils were given system data ,all on their team sites and in any way it could be transferred,the Devils were on the way to regaining series coontrol,had ANY of these teams had had the creator of Moma2s NewAge Hockey System retained on a consulting basis and had me on board from game one instead of haveing to wait for me to let them get buryed first to definitively document my NewAge Hockey System effect upon institution they would have steamrolled LA and taken the cup,because if all things are equal talent always wins,this year LA had an unfair advantage,I as the NewAge Hockey Systems creator took offense at recieveing no thank yous or aknowledgement from the la Kings,so I decided to spread the love and help their opponents put their system in a "system checkmate"like a trap on steroids,ha ha ha,it changed EVERY SERIES I OFFERED DATA IN.I made several series much more competative and added revenue to the teams coffers by adding extra gates,and helped the NHL ice quality series with some drama,and havent even recieved a thank you,I visualised,created,and manifested an original new system of playing ice-hockey called Moma2s NewAge Hockey System,and offered it to the entire NHL with the express purpose of forcefully evolveing the NHL game,via provision of the NewAge Hockey Systems tactical data to ALL TEAMS EQUALLY,as much of the tactical data that I have released publicly so far,much is still unpublished.I have been intentionally supressed on many occasions.My NewAge Hockey System data has been sucessfully used by several NHL hockey teams includeing the current Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings,and not one team has chosen to validate the systems origins or its creator,they scalp the data and embrace the system while denying its paternity,well this is a major reason i am here offering this NewAge Hockey System to the world openly,to allow it to overtake the game and give my home team which is deeply laden with talent a proper leaguewide environment where they can maximise the effect their skill can have in the games they play.All things being EQUAL---TALENT always wins.Moma2s NewAge Hockey System is a Trojan Horse to every team in the NHL except the Edmonton Oilers--as it was envisioned-designed-and created to be.And when the LA Kings used Moma2s newAge Hockey System to let them hoist the Stanley Cup,they effectively SLAMMED THE CITY GATES SHUT WITH THE TRAP FULLY SET INSIDE.Moma2s NewAge Hockey System,the Gift that keeps on giveing,ha ha ha.

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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 07:07 AM
reply to post by one4all


I thought I'd just send you a message regarding your recent postings on OilersNation about your new hockey system you are trying to see properly recognised. I replied to you as "EasyOil", and received a somewhat disjointed reply from you.

I will preface this by pointing out a couple of things. Firstly, I am not an ice hockey player or coach - I am born and bred in the UK so have not had the opportunity to ever do so. That said, I am an absolutely devoted (and somewhat obsessed!) Oilers fan for over six years now, and whilst perhaps I don't possess much in the way of technical knowledge of the game beyond the way the game is generally played, please do not dismiss me or what I say, or anybody else for that matter, as "someone who clearly doesn't know anything about hockey" because I don't have the experience you claim to have. To do so would be naive, pompous and unfair. I am fully aware of the history of the Oilers, and of the NHL, and for a Brit consider myself to be "well-up" on my knowledge of the game.

Secondly, if I ever point out things such as spelling, grammar and sentence structure to you or anybody else, it is never because I believe myself to be smarter than you. I do it because being able to express yourself well will bring people on to your side and encourage intelligent debate far more easily, and it sounds like you genuinely have something interesting to say - you just don't express yourself well enough in blogs and message boards.

Thirdly, regarding the point about the Oilers PP in the 80s: no I was not there, having been born in '88 in England, but I am aware of the stats. From the 80-81 season to 89-90, the Oilers were only top of the league in PP% twice (83 and 86). They were very near the top a few times, but they were also below average a few times. I'm sorry but your point about the Oilers changing the game forever through their PP dominance just doesn't hold water - the Oilers were known for their dominance at 5v5.

I don't know if you read the comments following your latest comment on Brownlee's post at ON. Obviously one or two posters took the piss, but a couple did bring up good points. Posting comments that are longer than the original post itself is not a good way to win over people! They will do exactly what they did: laugh at you. Especially given you're a new poster there, with no prior resume of discussion. Post a couple of paragraphs tops, with suggestions as to how you would improve current hockey systems.

You would also do well to do the written equivalent of "breathing" during your posts - your sentences are waaaaay to long, full of CAPITAL LETTERS EXCLAIMING HOW GREAT YOUR SYSTEM IS, and are generally really hard to read because of a lack of commas and full stops, and repeating the same points over and over.

I hate to say it, but basically your comments have come over as though you are extremely bitter at the Oilers for apparently screwing you over by not hiring you or giving you credit, and you are desperately trying to prove that you invented this system. By constantly boasting that you invented this system in your living room, and that the Stanley Cup winning team used your system via way of Jarret Stoll, you are ignoring any modesty and dignity you might hope to maintain. Slating the Oilers video guy for "stealing your ideas" is not the most professional way to act either. It might well all be true, but I'm afraid it's just the way it is that people don't respond well to that kind of behaviour. It's bitter, needy and whiney; you need to relax.

As I said in my post at ON, for all I know you DID invent this system, I have no way of proving otherwise, and I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you did. The problem me and other posters have with your comments is that it seems extremely unlikely that teams would use information presented in a way that is barely understandable.

I fully realise that being able to write and express ones self is not everyone's strength, and it's not the be all and end all, but trust me - simplify it, relax on trying to pack so much stuff in, add in a bit of modesty - and people will start to take note. Could I suggest you start up a blog? I actually started one myself recently, and it's a great way to get your thoughts out there. Split up your ideas into manageable chunks and post them over time. You could post some of your basic points in message boards and comments sections of other blogs (in relevant topics, mind) and occasionally give your blog a bit of a plug there (not all the time though, people will consider it spamming).

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