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MONSANTO Bill S510/HR2751 BANS Homegrown FOOD Makes Private, Backyard Fruit, Veggie Gardens ILLEGAL!

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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 07:42 AM

Originally posted by Phage
reply to post by ObjectiveEgalitarian

If this is truly the nature of this bill

It wasn't and it isn't. But of course it's much easier to watch a hysterical youtube video than to do any actual research.

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Reading that thing is worse than doing the long form tax return. Lots of record keeping, I don't see the parts about driving by and seeing produce. Nothing about home gardens.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 08:02 AM

Originally posted by ProfEmeritus

Actually, if members would follow the ATS rules for posting new threads, and FIRST CHECK to see if other threads already exist, they WOULDN'T pop up, as you say. Unfortunately, some members are just too lazy to check first.

There is NO prexisting ATS Thread bridging the gap between S510 HR2751, as repercussions surfaces ongoingly a year after signed

and none was posted in so many replies so i'm shocked to see THIS comment appear pages later, anyways. what a shame, uncalled for unless referenced claim.

I've referenced the full gamut of connections between S510 HR2751 and the closing implications thereof, in the my last 3 posts in this thread, the end.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 08:04 AM
oops apologize the quote doesn't break

but its obvious where it should.

oh yeah, no further comments from me per backlash and the defense of Monsanto - resistance is apparent Futile - for Americans.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by stanguilles7

Well once again with no knowledge of my situation or knowledge of what or how I do things. You offer your opinion. how wonderful for you that with no knowledge of anything I do, You know all about what I do and how I do it. Perhaps you should be running the world, Because it seems to me that you know everything. How wonderful that must be.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by lonegurkha

My daughter had a tomato plant producing tomatoes all winter upstairs in her apartment. It was by the window but there is little sunshine up here in the winter. People don't understand that a lot of light is not necessary to grow some veggies. I have been studying growing things in shaded areas outside and trying to understand what I am learning. Everything matures slower but still matures. Below 55 degrees during the day seems to stunt growth more than lower light levels. watering and fertilizing a garden under the trees necessitates watering and fertilizing the tree also or it sends roots into the garden and robs the energy. The tree seems to protect the garden from frost which is important up here. I don't want to cut more trees down on my land so am learning how to work with nature. Trees are living beings.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by rickymouse

I find what you're doing very interesting. I would really like to know more about it. Sounds to me like you know your stuff.Have you considered doing a thread on it? I would love to read it.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by lonegurkha

I still have so much more to learn about these things. These things have to be observed by interaction with the trees and the plants and I haven't found anything out from the web or any books. It is my desire to learn more and I wish others would post what they know about it so I could quicken my knowledge. I read any articles that seem to address this concept but none of them have gone so in-depth in it as I seem to have gone. I'm sure there are other people out there that have perfected this and use it everyday. We don't have to make big clearings to grow our foods. We don't have to compete with nature, we can work with it.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

I agree with you all the way. I think that the reason most folks clear an area is that It's the way they have all learned to do it. Most folks won't think outside the box. I will have an outside garden this year for the first time since I bought this house. Because of the size of my backyard I will have to do things the old fashioned way, cause I simply don't have the room to do it any other way. I want to do the hydroponics thing, partly as an experiment, and partly to have a sustainable way for fresh veggies in the winter. If I can sustain the hydro setup with the output of my tropical fish setup, then I want to expand it with a large tank to raise Tilapia.

That should supply more natural fertilizer to the system and also provide some fish for us to eat. As a fish and being a maternal mouthbrooder they are real easy to breed and grow. I'm checking my sources in the local community for a source for them now. I know personally a couple of wholesalers and they should be able to get me some when I'm ready.

I have in the past grown house plants by watering them exclusively with the water from my tanks and I found that I never have to fertilize them and the growth can only be discribed as explosive. Fish waste provides all the neutrients they need. There are alot of sources on the internet about this kind of setup. There's actually a guy, I think in Arizona who has enclosed his outdoor pool in a greenhouse and is using the pool to raise fish and has all kinds of food plants growing in the greenhouse.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 01:07 PM
I've read numerous posts requesting specific oblectionable sections of HR2751. Posters demanding objectionable portions of this legislation are themselves too lazy to read the bill!
I've spent a lot of time going over this bill, and here are just a few that jump out at me. Two years after the passage of this bill, ANY sales of produce to consumers will require ALL possible risks be analyzed, and solutions of POSSIBLE risks be addressed with an action plan. Scientific testing of produce will be mandatory. Here is the proof that it applies to your roadside produce stand....


‘(A) the regulations promulgated under this section shall apply to a small business (as defined in the regulation promulgated under subsection (a)(1)) after the date that is 1 year after the effective date of the final regulation under paragraph (1); and

‘(B) the regulations promulgated under this section shall apply to a very small business (as defined in the regulation promulgated under subsection (a)(1)) after the date that is 2 years after the effective date of the final regulation under paragraph (1).

Backpeddalling through the bill you will find.........

"(1) RETAIL FOOD ESTABLISHMENT- The Secretary shall amend the definition of the term ‘retail food establishment’ in section in 1.227(b)(11) of title 21, Code of Federal Regulations to clarify that, in determining the primary function of an establishment or a retail food establishment under such section, the sale of food products directly to consumers by such establishment and the sale of food directly to consumers by such retail food establishment include--

(A) the sale of such food products or food directly to consumers by such establishment at a roadside stand or farmers’ market where such stand or market is located other than where the food was manufactured or processed;

(B) the sale and distribution of such food through a community supported agriculture program; and

(C) the sale and distribution of such food at any other such direct sales platform as determined by the Secretary.

Here are some of the requirements that will take affect this year.....


‘(a) In General- The owner, operator, or agent in charge of a facility shall, in accordance with this section, evaluate the hazards that could affect food manufactured, processed, packed, or held by such facility, identify and implement preventive controls to significantly minimize or prevent the occurrence of such hazards and provide assurances that such food is not adulterated under section 402 or misbranded under section 403(w), monitor the performance of those controls, and maintain records of this monitoring as a matter of routine practice.

‘(b) Hazard Analysis- The owner, operator, or agent in charge of a facility shall--

‘(1) identify and evaluate known or reasonably foreseeable hazards that may be associated with the facility, including--

‘(A) biological, chemical, physical, and radiological hazards, natural toxins, pesticides, drug residues, decomposition, parasites, allergens, and unapproved food and color additives; and

‘(B) hazards that occur naturally, or may be unintentionally introduced; and

‘(2) identify and evaluate hazards that may be intentionally introduced, including by acts of terrorism; and

‘(3) develop a written analysis of the hazards.

‘(c) Preventive Controls- The owner, operator, or agent in charge of a facility shall identify and implement preventive controls, including at critical control points, if any, to provide assurances that....

How's that for an objectionable portion of this bill! Remember, this all comes into affect 2 years after the passage of this bill, which was 2010, so just watch what happens THIS YEAR!

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 01:24 PM
reply to post by masterofnone

That sounds sort of like they are regulating everything. That is going to raise prices to everyone everywhere. Typical government action. Big corporations promise self regulation and lie so laws are created to regulate everyone. This makes the big corporations products cheaper than the little guy that has big costs for a small business. Basically our government is putting the small business out of business. That recurrent policy is crushing the dreams of the little guy. That will inevitably cause the downfall of the Economy of the USA. Our government is again cutting their own throat. Why don't they give this to their think tank people to ponder on.
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