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The Chani Project

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posted on Apr, 18 2013 @ 01:38 PM
"What the entity said about the moon makes perfect sense.. Many of the things said make perfect plausible sense..."

From what I read is that without the moon the earths axis would be very unstable meaning no axis. So the moon would seem to be a good thing.
also Chris Brown cheated on Rihanna and I prolly hit that one on the head
Or the Browns who live across the street I swear they have to be cheating on their taxes
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posted on May, 13 2013 @ 05:48 AM
2-3 days away before May 15 2013.

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 03:13 PM
did anyone notice this site at all?

its kinda creepy...

ok nvm, this is just a site for anticipated obituaries. Nothing to see here.
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posted on May, 14 2013 @ 06:47 PM
May 15th is tomorrow. What is it the entity said about May 15th?.
In addition we have:
XClass mayhem,
"Expect Us" May 19th this Sunday
And last but not least: Pentacost.

Three days of darkness anyone?

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posted on May, 15 2013 @ 09:35 AM
Well we're here.Only unusual thing here is I've been having trouble connecting to the web which not usually a problem.Anyone else,anything?

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 07:49 AM
Nothing to report....another one bites the dust....

posted on Feb, 13 2015 @ 02:59 PM
just a warning about chani project forums.

i got registered there some long time ago, posted a few times, decided that the community was a bunch of immature hippies, taking offense at the slightest chance of constructive criticism (something that's not really tolerated there).

in the meantime i've offered them my opensourced chat solution because they were considering launching one. few people tested it and liked it, but 'the top' didn't bother, so whatever. then i left it.

up to one or two days ago, when the admin spammed everyone with the information of their new video chat and that everyone should try it.

so i did. logged in as guest ('you don't have to use facebook to sign in') - yet it tried to open facebook in new browser tab automatically, with a message about the chat and the website to share. extreme privacy violation, my trust in that website tanked immediately.

so i've posted what i think about it. i've mentioned my chat as well, as an example of how it can be done reasonably and - most of all - securely for end users. not to push it, since it's opensourced, so there's really no way i could gain, i don't even care since it's not in development since years.

the admin (Acolyte) replied - ignored/twisted my claim, claiming i did use facebook to sign in, and accused me of pushing my own solution.

i've replied that's not true, that his 'solution' violates privacy and that he's twisting the facts.
i got banned (like i care) and the whole forum is suddenly visible only to those signed in (it was free to read for guests earlier today).

STAY AWAY from their forums. there's something extremely fishy going on there.

and people think it's the ATS that's not to be trusted... due to several things across the time, i know better already.

posted on Mar, 16 2015 @ 01:36 PM
The Earthquakes in Japan threw the Earth off it's axis. This is what's causing the whales to beach.

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