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Sebelius: Walking a Mile With Groceries is a Hardship That Could Prevent Families From Getting Healt

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 09:12 AM

Originally posted by Stormdancer777

Originally posted by neo96
Always thought the more you walk(exercise) the healthier you get.

What a complete joke.

To change the subject a little bit, my parents ate meat and potatoes, "with desert", and all those old fashioned meals we are told are bad for us they lived into their eighties, they smoked and didn't die of lung cancer, grandpa had a shot of whiskey every night before bed and every morning ex-lax, mineral oil and cod liver oil before he ate breakfast,


When he died of a massive brain tumor, they told us he had the internal organs of a man half his age.

I have two aunts and an uncle pushing 100, one of them is on line everyday, these people were tough they lived through the depression and hardships,

As far as health goes, I think our generation is weaker, for many reason .
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Of course.

A child born today is brought into a world positively brimming with toxic chemicals at every turn. The food is all processed, genetically modified, and depleted of nutrients. The air is filled with all kinds of industrial by products. The seafood, lakes, and rivers, are all contaminated with PCB's and mercury. Every inch of the house contains electromagnetic radiation from powerlines, tvs, computers, etc. Even wildlife (if you are a hunter or fisherman) is polluted. The deer eat the genetically modified and Roundup-treated corn in the farmer's fields. Likewise, there have been numerous studies done which have found traces of ROCKET FUEL in honeydew melons grown in South America. We have polluted our water supplies with all sorts of antibiotics and antidepressants...and then we proceed to also add fluoride and chlorine to it. Even if you don't DRINK tapwater you are likely still bathing, and washing your dishes and clothes in it. Bottled water is all fine and good...but it comes in a BPA-containing plastic bottle. BPA is a known carcinogen and also interferes with the hormone's of men...making them produce more estrogen and less testosterone.

To top it all off...every so often we have massive industrial accidents in which radiation is spewed globally or billions and billions of tons of petrochemicals and detergents are released in apocalyptic proportions.

The entire food chain from top to bottom is polluted, toxic, and contaminated. It cannot be escaped...only your exposure reduced...NO MATTER HOW HEALTHY YOU EAT.

...and then everybody wonders why kids who were exposed to this from infancy onwards in ever-increasing amounts have all of these "problems" like ADHD, autism, and depression and are in general not as physically healthy or strong. just blows me away that people are surprised.

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 09:30 AM

Originally posted by reficul
reply to post by milominderbinder

im sorry i have to disagree with you a bit!
i have walked daily in -25-40 degree c. weather for an hor,just to start hitchhicking to work. every day!
i was 40 then,and i managed to make it out fine! no amputations!
you do what you have to do to survive.
i think most people are just lazy now,and are content driving their suv's to go get a cofee that would only take 20 min. to walk to get!

I agree with you in the case of young and able-bodied people. At 40 you are still easily in the prime of your life as I am at 33.

But I think about my in-laws. They are in their 70's and retired farmers. Both have lived and worked outside their entire lives and are tough as nails. Likewise, both can still pretty easily manage a 4 or 5 mile hike in the woods (easy terrain) without much problem. They get a little tired...but it's no big deal.

In good weather that is.

Turn that to even 20 ABOVE zero and my father-in-law is totally shot in less than a mile. My mother-in-law is exhausted in 1/2 mile. The cold just sucks it right out of them. Their fingers, toes, and ears go numb even with hats and gloves.

I don't know what it's like to be in my mid-70's...maybe they are the exception. However, my observation is that in general I think a whole lot of things I take for granted today will be prove to be a real pain in the ass when I'm that age.

Listening to a whole lot of people on here talk I was getting the impression that everyone seemed to be thinking about 20-50 yr olds not being able to walk a mile with a nice sidewalk, no hills, and a pleasant 75 degrees outside, and conveniently located at sea-level.

Just pointing out that a mile can be a real bitch sometimes.

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 09:58 AM
reply to post by milominderbinder

ya i know what you mean! don't get me wrong,some of those morning walks weren't a 'walk in the park!'
it was the country,so no side walks. got chased by farm dogs,swarmed by bats,walked thru freezing rain that coated 1 half of me in ice cause the wind was blowing! fun times!!!
now im 45,and i live in an are that does have sidewalks,and i still walk every day!
just got back from my hour long walk to the grocerie store! i'm lucky today in ontario because its plus 12 out.
don't have to layer my clothes! just a hoodie

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 10:18 PM

Originally posted by Evil_Santa
It could be said that healthier food has less preservatives, and thus are not as resistant to being in hot weather while carried home.

neither are frozen t.v. dinners and eskimo pies.


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