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Many Of You Will Not Believe Some Of The Things Americans Are Doing Just To Survive

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posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 02:13 AM
Just out of curiosity, just how many of you have ever been homeless? I saw one poster on page three who said he was and another who says he worked with the homeless. Sorry but I don't buy all of this "we need to change this" crap because I was homeless for three years and only on very rare occasions did I ever see anyone step forward who was willing to actually help. Most of what I got was "get a job", "stop being a lazy bum", and a lot worse that I know will violate the T&C here.

I learned several very valuable lessons during my time on the streets.

First lesson was the most people, especially those who talk the most about helping, are flat out LIARS. They walk right past you as if your nothing more important than a lamp post as they make their way to the charity event down at the church. Piousness for points doesn't play here.

Second lesson is that if your a white male you get no help what so ever. Before you social program believers scream in protest, I've actually been there and yes I even had one welfare case worker tell me point blank that it was because I was white. Her actual words were that if I were black it wouldn't be a problem. Oh and you often need an address to get benefits, kinda hard when your homeless.

Third and most important lesson. You have only you to rely on. If you rely on someone else, you will be disappointed and left hanging.

Most of you were appalled by the thought of eating a rat. LOL If your starving, you'll eat a lot worse than a sewer rat bro. You'll do a lot worse than steal something from a grocery store for your next meal. I lived in abandoned buildings, a tent beside the railroad tracks, homeless shelters, and doorways.

It took three years but I was finally able to claw my way off the streets and back into a productive life. I got into every phase of construction possible from framing to roofing. I took up hunting and fishing on a consistent (sometimes daily) basis. I WILL not be hungry or homeless again as long as I have the skills and strength needed to feed and shelter my family. This didn't come from some govt welfare program, this came from me. It can't be taken away and it can be passed along. John Paul Zodeaux, thank you for so eloquently stating the things I think but have a difficult time expressing.

I have a full time job but I'm always doing side work and only rarely for money. I help out my friends who need my particular skills, or their friends. When I hunt deer at least half my kills are processed and donated to the local food banks. I donate my time to the Salvation Army. I've donated my time and knowledge to Habitat for Humanity. I've even taken a homeless person into my home to help them get back on their feet as someone did for me. That person is now married and has three kids. No I'm not patting myself on the back, even my wife says I'm the worlds biggest d*ck, and shes right.

My point is how many of you have actually done something beside throw money at the problem and hope the government makes it all go away, at least away from your neighborhood? Maybe if you stopped your railing against the injustices you see and help out on a small scale, enough people will step forward with you and we can begin to change this where it needs to be changed. On the individual level. If you haven't stepped forward and actually tried to help with the problem, maybe you should shut up because if your not being part of the solution, then your being part of the problem.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 11:12 AM
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posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 11:49 AM
I've been homeless, at this moment I have a house to live in, but I am just one step away from homelessless because of my personal situation which involves way more info than ya'll need.

My personal experience tells me that if you find yourself homeless and you live in a city, immediately go to a smaller town.

Utilize anything you have left to get yourself into a smaller community where the funding and facilities to help you become self-sufficient will be less stressed.

The cities of this once great Nation are becoming very poor as more and more people turn from unemployment checks that were keeping them above water, to homelessness.

My personal experience tells me that The Erosion of the Family Unit and just how devastating it is will make all of this much worse. My "Family" (defined as those that came before me, such as my parents, g-parents, uncles, aunts) has eroded their overall value down to nothingfrom a modest estate. What was once a grand family of hard working american heros, has become a scattered, struggling, unconnected-by-anything-but-facebook, non-family. Any hope for me to pass on a heritage and maybe the fruits of my Grandfather and his Father among many gone.

As a young man I was not trained for the job for which I now find myself...and I know I'm not alone. I think we were all raised with the myth that the wealth would be here for us to cleanse, fold, and manipulate...then pass on intact to the next generation for them to put their personal touch on it.

These family units had been the backbone of success for millions of Americans.

Now, without any family support, many are coming-of-age into a very harsh world.


posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 12:21 PM
I would like to let people know that there is a company in Missouri that is hiring, the company I work at is as well as others. We work 12 hour swing shifts which has you working every other weekend. The pay is fair (not great), we have benefits. We need people willing to learn and work hard. I for one am tired of seeing some of these new hires that think they should have everything handed to them and that they should not have to work. We have people who management keeps around because we need bodies.

There are factories hiring in the U.S., I would love to see the open spots filled with people willing to do the job. Sure the hours can suck and it is factory work, but it is a job. I feel lucky to have this job since it helps to feed my family. The company is looking at expanding over the next 5 years.


posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by XPLodER

i totally agree with you on all of those points. the government as whole doesnt care care becuase THEY have their cushy 9-5 monday through friday jobs, their cable tv, their 100,000 dollar cars and everything else they want. hasnt anyone ever noticed how FAT most government employees are???!

they dont mention the problem on tv becuase they'd rather pretend it doesnt exist and hope we all "JUST GO AWAY" (every search i have ever done in recent years on tent citties turns up nothing except side note articles that have been buried for the most part by mainstream media.) almost as a GO BACK TO SLEEP message. how does one go BACK TO SLEEP when your eyes are completely wide open and your stomach is empty??! I am 7 months pregnant - lost my freelance babysitting job becuase my clients company they owned and operated went UNDER. i also worked for that company as well on a VERY part time basis ( 2 hours a day monday through friday) after my babysitting job was over for the day. that 50 dollars that went away and the subsequent 75 from the firm cut our income to 1/4 of what it was after my husband was also laid off in the bankruptcy. he still has a job but food has been real scarce on only 50 dollars a week for 4 people soon to be 5. i try really hard to be grateful for what we do have but i see no chances on survival on 10 dollars a person for food for the week. thats barely enough to buy ramen noodles, let alone diapers, and formula that we will need in the coming months, not ot mention the required safety equipment mandated by law to bring my sweet baby home from the hospital. i see no hope, no change, and not a damn thing president Obummer promised BEFORE OR SINCE he was ELECTED!

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by badkittie748

Just a few ideas. I don't know if you've tried any of these so I may be suggesting things you have already done. You can try the welfare agencies if you want, but my experiences haven't been good with them. Have you tried your local churches? Try them all especially the Catholic churches. I've found that they are usually more more willing to help when there are children involved.
Try private businesses for food, not Hardees or McD's. For example, there was a truck stop restaurant I used to go to and wash dishes. Two hours of work and I got a meal. It may not feed you all but it can help make your budget stretch a bit farther, and possibly get you a short term job until you can get back on your feet.
Start networking with those who have been in this position longer, they always know where to go for food or assistance. I know I'll probably get told I'm scum, but don't be afraid to lie on your forms. The worst I have seen them do is make people pay it back. Once your on your feet again that isn't difficult to do. That is up to you though. I did it but I didn't have anything to lose.
Do pot luck dinners with other friends who are having a hard time making ends meet. Barter and trade for those things you need. Above all else, DON'T GIVE UP. Peace and I hope things take a turn for the better for you and your family.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 07:26 PM
I posted long ago in this thread about our own fall to the bottom, but I must add a few things... since I last posted, we have had a young mother come to our front door asking for help.
She has two young childen who she raises alone. Her ex husband and the children's father booged to parts unknown two years ago leaving her all alone. One parent is dead and one is a disabled vet and lives in another state and obviously can't help her.
She moved into neighborhood recently, which she said is a real upgrade from where she lived previously.
I would qualify her house as 'liveable'..
She drives what I refer to as 'an old beater', which looks like it could squat in the road at any minute.
Recently, she succeeded in climbing her way out from working two jobs to one full time job and she thought she was finally on her way up.
BOOM... the system threw her off all her social help because she now makes too much money to receive food stamps, housing assistance, utility assistance, health care assistance, etc.
I won't tell you how much she makes, because it is none of your business, but it I assure you it is little, as she makes less than the starting pay at a Wal Mart.
She doesn't know what to do as her net income after taxes, gas, day care for one and grade school for the other child including a few clothes and shes afraid now that she has more income the child in school may lose the free lunch, her rent, utilities, a minimum of car insurance, fairly regular repairs on the old beaters, some basic clothes for her to wear to work and her lunch, etc. she really doesn't have enough money to live, forget the unexpected.
One child became ill recently and was hospitalized for two days, which the mother took off to stay with the child and lost two days of work and the income. Since she doesn't qualify for social services, the hospital is trying to find another source to pay the bill, ane they are willing to write off half of it, but they still want $200 a month, which she doesn't have in payments, and now the child requires medication for asthma and other respitory essentials.
The reason I post this is there are really a lot of nice, honest, hard working people out there who are trying... but if and when they seem to reach a level where they can pull themselves out of the dumper, social services cuts off all their help.
I know no one here can help, and we really can't either, but I really become more sad and sick each day as I see more and more and more good people who are crawling along on the bottom and our government isn't helping.
Just wanting everyone to know the real truth.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 07:57 PM
Now the US is going to give a billion dollars to Egypt. People in office have their incomes, what do they care about low income US family's? They talk about fixing the economy, but then take money and dumps it into other countries. So where is the support for here at home? With that money the government could have given $20,000 dollars cash on the barrel to 50,000 low income family's. People will argue that this is just a hand out. Well money like this goes out to other countries all the time and we never see a dime back so what's your point? This isn't a handout spending money at home. Why is that? Well because people who have no money spend that money. It helps them get back on their feet and into a new home, clothes to wear, food to eat, it helps them long enough to get back to work. So you may ask why not invest in ourselves here at home? Any person that has any economic common sense would agree to this. Reversing the problems here at home is easy, but the ones in control hold all the cards and all the money. If you step back and look at the big picture, you can start to see a pattern, the government doesn't want to fix the problem.

It's like Obama talking about repairing the economy then turning around and denying oil pipelines that would create jobs. You hear ridiculous dis-info that it harms wildlife. Really?? A pipeline is a hell of a lot more safer then one under the sea! You can put a shutoff valve in every few feet if you wanted to! So that argument holds no water. Furthermore, wildlife thrive in the winter months, those pipelines give shelter and it helps them eat the grass that isn't covered in snow. What ever happen to common sense in this country?

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 08:27 PM

Originally posted by Raist
I would like to let people know that there is a company in Missouri that is hiring, the company I work at is as well as others. We work 12 hour swing shifts which has you working every other weekend. The pay is fair (not great), we have benefits. We need people willing to learn and work hard. I for one am tired of seeing some of these new hires that think they should have everything handed to them and that they should not have to work. We have people who management keeps around because we need bodies.

There are factories hiring in the U.S., I would love to see the open spots filled with people willing to do the job. Sure the hours can suck and it is factory work, but it is a job. I feel lucky to have this job since it helps to feed my family. The company is looking at expanding over the next 5 years.


Can I sleep on your couch for a couple months until I get a few paychecks under my belt?

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 08:53 PM
reply to post by Still

Not my couch, sorry. But I do know a place someone could crash if they needed to. Nothing personal, I do not let anyone in my home


posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 02:57 AM
Law of Social Cycle

This is what some people call the end of a social cycle. I would venture to guess we are at the end of the "acquisitor" age right now:

Oh goody, look whats next. A revolution and then the warrior cycle, rule by force. Certainly seems to be playing out doesn't it?

The situation could go on unchecked for a long time, before things got so bad that a spontaneous revolution and overthrow of the system took place. In fact, as this was the reason for social change, it was clear that no single class of people could remain dominant indefinitely. Social power was destined to pass from one class to next in the prescribed order, or cycle. The 'age of warriors', which brings strict order to society and a return to fundamental values, essentially leads to excessive focus on strong man rule and warfare.

Round and round faster we go spiraling upwards into the stars or our own demise unaware of our own social heartbeat, if you think there is some merit to all this anyways. Now... who wants to learn about Progressive utilization theory?

Progressive Utilization Theory or PROUT is a socio-economic theory first mentioned in 1959 and fully outlined in 1962 by Indian philosopher and spiritual leader Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar (1921–1990). PROUT is a social system that claims to overcome the limitations of both capitalism and communism.[1] Among other things, "progressive utilization" would optimize the use of natural, industrial and human resources, based on cooperative coordination on a wide basis, ranging from local communities to larger regions and nations, and between the people of diverse geographical areas.

Sound interesting yet?
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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 07:20 AM
reply to post by kn0wh0w

As shocking as it may be, this is not surprising! So tragic that it is so invisible to the average Mr and Mrs America -

I was, however, very surprised to see someone post that this is propoganda!! What world do they live in? Do they not care about their fellow man, that they allow the wool to be pulled over their eyes and then proclaim proudly - 'Deny Ignorance' ?
Ignorance and self satisfaction are part of the problem - don't just blame your government -
This is what the 'Occupy' guys are trying so hard to bring to our notice and everyone yells 'ooh commies' 'ooh dirty layabouts - get a job'

We are the 99% -
It's up to us -

Thanks to the poster for sharing

In Fellowship


posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 07:35 AM

while i agree, it's hard to believe, it does happen. and, ya know what's even worse? some of these folks don't pay taxes, don't contribute to American charities and don't even help their fellow street ppl ... how's that grab ya?
reply to post by Honor93

I am so glad that you posted that! I spent about 9 months in West Palm Beach and there are tons of "professional panhandlers" there. They literally have a change of shifts, like it's a regular job...I actually witnessed some of them being dropped off by a van out of which climbed their "replacement shift", carrying their signs and their thermoses, some of them even boxed lunches and beach chairs ( I am serious!!). And you're is VERY hard to believe but it definitely happens, and it's one of the reasons that people are hesitant to give money to the homeless. You never know if you're being scammed...horrible that the world has come to this.

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 08:00 AM
reply to post by badkittie748

badkittie, I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that you have already applied for food stamps and for some reason were denied. Since you obviously have access to a computer, look up your local United Way chapter and also your local branch of Catholic Charities. Both organizations will help meet needs for food and the Catholic Charities will pay for utilities and even just have to fill out an application and provide last year's tax return and a few other documents. You definitely qualify for Medicaid since you are pregnant, and depending on how much your husband's income is, your other kids should qualify too. You mention formula, so that means you don't want to breastfeed, so apply for WIC and again, your other children may qualify for that too. I know this sounds horrible but you are actually lucky to be in this situation while pregnant, because you can get help far easier than most people so definitely take advantage of it. You need better nutrition than ramen noodles to sustain a healthy pregnancy and there is help available for you. Good luck to you!!

Also, contact the Salvation Army because they can help with the car seat and other stuff you have to have to bring the baby home from the hospital. Make sure you mention that to the other organizations as well

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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 08:06 PM
reply to post by RichardA

I have both money and sweat equity invested in my non-profit foundation... unfortunately my business does not involve 24/7/365 care of the homeless. My primary business is IP based.

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 06:28 AM

Originally posted by jjkenobi
Why are these people eating rats? Why aren't they collecting food stamps and welfare and unemployment and section 8 housing free cell phone service mega tax credits (child tax credits, EIC) TANF Medicaid, too many to list.

List of US Government Funding programs

If someone hasnt already answered this for you (i havnt read that far yet), i will. In order to receive any of the benefits you mentioned, you must have an actual current address, a HOME. So the HOMEless are pretty much SOL.

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 11:14 AM
Well in Ohio, social workers obtain residency for the qualified homeless so that they can take advantage of state and local programs. This does not apply to all states. N.E. Ohio has ample dwelling for the homeless via local residency programs as long as the candidates are civil and fit for society. If you do not qualify for the residency program you must be an unruly mentally disturbed vagabond in which case you don't need to be in society you need to be in a state asylum on heavy meds.

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by theRhenn

Not hiring someone because they are not already working?

What is this all about? This seems strange to me, but how widespread is this? I am currently employed, and headhunters I've talked to always ask me if I am currently employed. I wonder if this is why.

Now THAT smells like a conspiracy...

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 03:49 PM
Yet another glorious propaganda piece by the BBC calling for the coercive power of the State to solve all of our problems.

If only the State could loot more people, everyone would have health care.

If only the State could loot more people, everyone could have food on their plate.

Never mind that the State produces no health care.

Never mind that the State produces no food.

Never mind that the only tool the State has at its disposal is a gun.

Typical UK garbage programming.

Perhaps they should ask the question - Why is food so expensive that poor people can't afford it on a part-time minimum wage salary?

Perhaps they should ask the question - Why is healthcare so expensive that people can't afford it unless they have health insurance?

Perhaps they should ask the question - Why is health insurance tied to employment in the first place?

Perhaps they should ask the question - How do we increase food production to the point where anyone can afford food?

Of course, those questions would put the blame for this disaster squarely on government and its outrageous looting and regulations; thus, those questions are verboten.

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posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 09:42 PM
its nothing new there are just more people

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