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The Secret of Freemasonry Seen in the Reflection of a Mirror - What do you see?

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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 09:58 AM
reply to post by Mattodlum

Actually read the literature put out by masons and ex-masons and realize the difference between the conspiratorial branches and the faithful branches (or ehem members

Seriously go out and spend $100 on 5 or 6 books about the mystery religions, freemasonry, magik, etc and you will be much much better prepared to argue with or mock the topic.

Then with newly earned knowledge go out and practice, then after all that you can come back here make good fun of these squid-faced gobbledegooks sniffing the sulfur ass.

I would suggest reading about planetary magik (Star of Bethelhem in ~6 BC astrological alignment in Aries with Jupiter Saturn Venus along with a lunar implication) as it is incredibly important (because it was a one time alignment).

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posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 10:03 AM

Originally posted by MasterGemini
...then after all that you can come back here make good fun of these squid-faced gobbledegooks sniffing the sulfur ass.

How does it smell?

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 10:09 AM

Originally posted by AugustusMasonicus

Originally posted by MasterGemini
...then after all that you can come back here make good fun of these squid-faced gobbledegooks sniffing the sulfur ass.

How does it smell?

Originally posted by MasterGemini

Now why don't you inform our audience of the marvelous tastes brought with it?

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 10:16 AM

Originally posted by MasterGemini
Now why don't you inform our audience of the marvelous tastes brought with it?

You told me you found it quite wonderful.

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 11:56 AM

Originally posted by AugustusMasonicus

Originally posted by MasterGemini
Now why don't you inform our audience of the marvelous tastes brought with it?

You told me you found it quite wonderful.

I actually find You to be of poor taste.

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 12:47 PM

Originally posted by MasterGemini
I actually find You to be of poor taste.

That makes two of us.

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by Seveen

31 years ago, while walking hand in hand with my beloved mother through the huge exposition spaces at the National Museum, marvelling at the enormous reconstructed dinosaur skeletons a question started forming in my thoughts, until it became unbearable and I finally sought my mum' s wisdom of many things and asked her "How comes that aliens (at that age I knew nothing about EBEs ) do not show themselves openly?", she looked me right in the eyes ( I will never forget that moment) and answered " See the animals at the Zoo in cages (being a Ph.D. in Microbiology she despised the idea of caging freely born creatures to satisfy bored people' s entertainment needs), people would treat the same way aliens and put them in cages, if they would show up openly! " She did not add anything else, it was the most valuable lesson with regards to understanding the concept of tolerance, empathy, compassion and freedom of thought.

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 05:47 AM
I'm not gonna target anyone directly when I say this. I haven't been on this site for very long and I haven't really gotten to the Freemasons yet hahaha. However, I can say that it should be ok to post your opinion on what is stated, you should not attempt to stifle the information but rather make an example of it. I look through the responses to this and I find statements that are obvious attempts to suppress the theory at hand simply because they don't like it. Also, when I see things like "I didn't even bother to watch it...." I cant believe how nobody else see's this too. What ever happened to freedom and independence people? Nobody held a gun to your head and made you click the link.

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posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 10:50 PM

Originally posted by JoshNorton
You're obviously not familiar with the Taxil hoax...

Kyobosha’s got the goods on this, but worry not, as that same concept can be found elsewhere than just your beloved Taxil

I didn’t realize you, KSig nor AugustusM had replied, I wasn’t intentionally ignoring to give your posts any replies, my apologies, not like this thread has much further to go anyway but.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 10:51 PM

Originally posted by KSigMason
reply to post by Conspirus

So because you associate all occult and mystic symbolism to Freemasonry, anyone who has symbolism in a movie, they must be a Mason? Symbols are arbitrary and ambiguous.

Haha, I don’t associate all symbolism to Freemasonry…as a whole anyway, notice I said IF there is no obvious Freemason connection it is AT LEAST a pagan connection.... In passing though on the entertainment topic, in describing how God’s people were led astray, they were led astray by Canaanites with music, plays, dancing, amazing displays, and colors of the rainbow. Interesting to apply to what’s happening now.

I agree symbols can be arbitrary and ambiguous, definitely - meanings can definitely vary depending on who‘s using the symbol and the symbol itself. If Anton Lavey’s wearing a cross does it mean the same thing as….Tim Tebow wearin a cross? Likely not. It is not soley in the symbols themselves but the organization/persona’s history who claims to that symbol; however, as far as occult symbols are concerned, many of their meanings have not varied far from their origins. When you study the history of who’s in charge of what organizations from the past to today, who’s the one making the logos for stuff, etc., a strange web of coincidences surfaces. I am intending to prepare a post of names and such you kept hounding for people to produce in that other Secrets of Freemasons thread that was on the main page few days ago - always late as usual but man I never have the time I want for anything these days.

Anyway, regardless of whether or not you agree occult/mystic symbolism is related to Freemasonry, it is AT LEAST referring to an Egyptian/ancient babylonian religion. Take NASA for example. Many of its’ logos and names are purposely referring to Egyptian deities, examples being Apollo, Orion, Isis, Osiris. There was a reason why Apollo 11 was named such, because it was going to the moon, which has always been symbolic of Isis. They didn't land in the Sea of Tranquility because it was flat, but because of it's position to the constellation of Orion. I have no TV or cable, but man it blew me away when I came across a you tube video from one of History channel’s series Ancient Aliens and they were flippin makin that connection between NASA and the Egyptian religion! Not only that, they confirmed Werner von Braun was brought over from the Nazis in Operation Paperclip and he had a strong belief in the Egyptian gods; they proceed to mention the freemasons that were involved as well. That is something I NEVER expected to see on mainstream tv - talk about exposed and out in the open.

Alright man I know I’m getting a bit excited, have you ever wondered what happened to the Egyptian Pharoahs? You don’t hafto answer it, it’s almost a rhetorical question.

He was given honorary membership for his actions not because he was definitively tied to it.

So a random pick and choose and he was the lucky one with the big heart eh? If he was not tied to it then why did he attend Masonic and Shriner functions?

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 10:52 PM

Originally posted by AugustusMasonicus
Are we going to recover old ground? Just because you think he was not a Christian (when he was an Episcopalin) does not make it so.

Old ground was being covered because you don’t understand how to follow a train of thought or understand the real purpose of statements that sit ill with you, you’re repeating to me what you said a long time ago because you disengage any kind of intellectual argument when you got nothing to back up your own self - resorting to ad hominem style arguments, red herrings, and a circular pattern in a debate. Even Hitler considered himself a Christian to the point where if you exclude his hatred for the true Jews he would sound like a good Christian man, did that make him a good man? Obviously not. It was more likely a cover to gain the hearts of the German people who were largely Christian/catholic at the time.

Again, just because you think the Roman Catholic Chruch is not Christian does not alter the fact that the Eye of Providence was used to represent the Trinity in cathedrals and churches.

Haha, do you REALLY think I’m just making up everything I’m telling you? I suggest you use some of the plethora of time you have to spend on ATS to do some legitimate research for your own good. You know the antichrist is going to function as a trinity too right? It’s just setting the stage for all that man. And this will be brought about through the help of the Vatican, as it is already working on “uniting” all the religions of the world for a universal religion soon to come.

I have no major issue with Secular Humanism. I tend to be closer to their view point on many issues (although I do believe in God) than any religious nutter.

Whether or not you have an issue with it is besides the point, the fact that you don’t doesn’t surprise me at all and in fact is more proof mind control tactics work - most of the population has already accepted secular humanism, readying the souls to be reaped in the very near future, so you can continue to pride in your “whichever idea is most popular is the place to be“ mindset. It is the thoughts and religions that DON’T accept secular humanism that are on the brink of extermination.

That is your perogative, it does not make his opinion any more vaild that any other Mason when speaking of their personal interpretation of Masonic ritual.

Possibly, though I doubt your opinion equal them even if you were right. Haha! No, actually, you’re way more oblivious than I ever thought compared to when I used to just peruse on ATS and see your posts, just by the way you argue it’s easy to tell.
You have to be involved in the mystery classes of freemasonry to even begin to know anything deeper. Just like many of the founders of the US were freemasons, yet many were much like you in that they thought it was a nice “brotherhood” to hold on to their ideals in a teamwork-like fashion, they never knew they were being conducted. You can stay in your happy blissful mindset, which you apparently have no intention of moving from.

It is the plenty who do that make the point valid.

You’re hopeless man. It is YOUR plenty who are the mind-programmed public, hence your great difficulty understanding any of this kind of information, or how to debate it for that matter.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 10:54 PM

Originally posted by AugustusMasonicus
Oh, please, get over yourself. I noticed you left out the points about how you though the symbols on the Greal Seal was revered throught history and did not cite evidence when I asked. Maybe you should contemplate your own method of quoting.

I posted the evidence I wanted to post, plus, do you really need me to spoon feed you everything? You can lead a man to water but you can’t make him drink, it can be the best water on the planet but it doesn’t make a difference if he won’t drink it. Seriously with how quickly you have degenerated during the past few pages it is clear no matter what information nor how much information I give you it will make no difference. It took me years to do my research. I will not repeat myself again to you, go back and actually read the plethora of information I threw at you and then do your own research instead of hanging around for a never-ending argument which you center around technicality and twisting my words; or you can just continue to wallow in your pride and bobble that big head of yours as well, as you think you already know everything this is likely the route you will take.

Get over myself huh? You obviously don’t think much of it but how about you learn some common courtesy while you‘re at it like your superiors here? Perhaps if you could actually put up an intriguing debate things’d be different, like the few masons I have debated here. Do I agree with them? Majority of the time no, but thanks to the level of information they have (and in staying for the most part level-headed and factual while they’re at it) I am able to keep my act on the devil’s advocate side of things well attuned so as to try to intellectually and factually challenge them, as iron sharpens iron - I enjoy it as a matter of fact and of most of the members I have crossed words with so far I‘m actually quite fond of despite the many points of disagreement. Your sour attitude rubs off on me negatively and you have given me nothing except your ignorance, self-assured knowledge, and condescending attitude; it is clear you neither wish to learn anything from me nor try to have an objective discussion. If you will take ownership of your part in how our discussion has disintegrated I will do the same and perhaps we can have more successful interaction in the future - otherwise, I am leaning towards avoiding long discussions with you as a whole in the future, as my time on ATS is drastically limited; I have never spent so much time re-explaining things I have already said, NONE of my debates with other masons here, or other members for that matter, turn out like it has with you dude.

The inclusion of random comments regarding hieroglyphics had what relevance to the topic?

Haha! You really don’t get it do you, you didn‘t then and you don‘t now.

This is a common mistake by persons trying to argue against Masonry: "Manly Hall was a Mason and Manly said: X, Y and Z." Well guess what? Manly Hall wrote about Masonry 30 years before becoming a Mason. His opinion on Masonic ritual and symbolism was based in the same place as anyone else who is not a Mason, in ignorance. Try reading his remarks after he joined

Hmm, yes and that would explain why other esteemed 33rd degree masons would write forwards on Hall’s writings that he wrote before he was a freemason right? Getting his back patted for getting the ideals of freemasonry right on the dot before he even was one.

Why do the majority of freemasons support Manly P Hall’s writings and treat them as Masonic works to be esteemed yet you do not? Your statement does nothing but show how inconsistent you are in your views, or within Freemasonry as a whole (though it confirms certain other things of Freemasonry in my mind), and does nothing to convince me otherwise. Either way, the portion I quoted Hall on for the problem you have with him can be verified by other sources.

Maybe you can step it up a bit and check your 'facts' before you present them.

For having such a “factually-structured argument” yourself you’re one to talk. The amount of facts you ignore even when it is in your face to uphold your pride and brainwashed beliefs is staggering. Willingly ignorant. Know what that means? Dumb on purpose….though you’re probably just oblivious.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 10:56 PM

Originally posted by AugustusMasonicus
Other than the Eye of Providence (which no one is disputing), what are the other 'Masonic' symbols? We must be missing them.

YOU were disputing it man, you have short term memory complex or what? The post to me before this one you said verbatim: “Your big mistake is assuming that the Great Seal is Masonic, which it is not.“ Changed your mind eh, shocker. Or is that your stuck-up way of admitting you’re wrong? Gimme a break dude.

There are plenty more, some of which were described in the large quotation I gave to you - I have no desire whatsoever to go into any deep discussion of any other symbols with you.

That is a piss-poor arguement. Just because you can not confirm their religious denomination they are not Christian? Then my arguement is this: the New Testament was written by men who, since we can not confirm their Christian status, may very well be Pagans, making the entire work, Pagan. See how stupid this gets?

Ah but are you proving otherwise? Are you not using the same exact argument? Can you confirm he was Christian? Mr. ‘Contormo’ you may like to know, in his original painting had an image of 3 heads connected, this represents Hecate, goddess of black alchemy and magic. Explains why the Pope would have had an issue with the original image eh? Why would Contormo even consider to put this on a painting if he’s a Christian? Actions speak louder than words.

How are the authors of the Bible questioned as far as their beliefs go? See, this is why you shouldn’t put your personal conclusions out there when you don’t know much about the Bible yourself or those who wrote it. Most if not all of the authors on the books included in the canon of the Bible can be considered to have followed God or Christ - and are included in Jesus‘ genealogy. Would you get sawn in half for anything you believe? What about beheaded, boiled in oil, torn in two, skinned alive, or crucified upside down? The authors’ actions prove their beliefs, as does ‘Contormo’s’ actions with the symbols he incorporated into his paintings (the Hecate not the Eye of Providence). “Cannot confirm their Christian status” … wow.. Juvenile.

Just becuase, in your tight, Bible-hugging viewpoint, these churches are 'fallen away' does not make the people there think that they are not Christian nor does it negate their view that the Eye of Providence refers to Diety (God). You are argiung your opinion versus their's.

Talk on top dawg, you‘ve obviously got it all and you know me, uh huh. One question for you: if I do have a “tight, Bible-hugging viewpoint” as you put it, why are my arguments more than “you’re wrong because the Bible says so.” I put forth much more reasoning involving actual research using a multitude of resources other than the Bible and “Bible hugging church theology,” nor have I once sourced a “Jesus-nutter” website. Go back through and show me where I did. Default method of yours to do to others against freemasonry.

Why would there be 'Biblical evidence'? The whole point I am making (and which you continually fail to see) is that it came long after the Bible was written. It evolved from earlier forms in the 1500's and was used as a Christian symbol.

Right, there is no Biblical evidence. Where you scream “where does the BIBLE say THIS” everywhere else where you think it’s applicable, here it’s an exception, just for you. Double standards. You know the antichrist will be known and work as a trinity right? You know that secret societies esteem Jahbulon as a Trinitarian god, right? Satan likes to mimic God. See you use the reverse logic from your belief that Easter and Christmas were originally pagan holidays here with this all seeing eye marathon, and you‘re almost correct.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 11:00 PM

Originally posted by AugustusMasonicus
Considering Crowley was not a 'pure Satan lover' (what ever that is) I do not see the relevance of your inane non-sequitor. Even if he were, why does it matter what he does with it? You still miss the point. To some Christians it means Diety, to some it does not, to conspiracy theorists it mean the Illuminati is watching you. Who cares what Crowley thought of it, his opinion is irrelevant to the Christian usage of the symbol which predated him by many centuries.

Wow you really don't know very much do you. He wrote hymns for Satan, spent his honeymoon in the king's chamber of the great pyramid in which his wife got possessed, taught rock bands that if they can’t openly sing songs for Satan to incorporate messages for him by backmasking - these are just a few examples of what he did. He didn’t care for Satan though, not one bit nope.

Do you even read my arguments thoroughly? You say I miss the point, so do you dude, more than just often. I never said the all seeing eye “means the Illuminati is watching you”. It is a representation of Lucifer.

Biblically correct according to who? You?

Dude I went to the biggest Christian university in the world where you‘re forced to take theology classes and attend convocation speaker events on a weekly basis, it was a pain to hafto sit through all of those but made the best of it and learned some things since the biggest minds in theology and religion came through there; most theologians who esteem the Bible as a whole and are educated in its original languages end up with basically the same interpretation of important biblical concepts. [In passing this university's debate team has topped even Harvard in the national debate tournament and has earned the top rank from debate's 3 governing organizations CEDA, ADA, and NDT - the only school to ever have won in all 3 sections in a single season in the history of collegiate debate.]

I already did.

Yep, you sure did.

Since I do not believe in Lucifer/Satan (or any other fairy tale boogeymen) he holds no relevance to me. Even if Satan were real it would still make him subordinate to God and not a Supreme Being.

Wow man, how bout you just not say anything to help your little group out then? So you’re allowed your own personal interpretations to be “God’s Word” in a discussion/debate and your basis of judgment and ridicule of all those you deem lower than you, yet Kyobosha or I or anyone you don’t like have no merit at all as in your mind every single thing we say is our own personal interpretation so they don‘t matter, even when they aren‘t just “personal interpretations“. Again, double standards.

Two years ago I would have agreed with you in saying he's fake until I learned that Satan is much more real than anyone can ever realize….led me to think if there’s one, there’s GOT to be the Other, hence why I‘m givin God a chance along with His lil book and taking on the information of the unknown. Sure, I agree Satan’s subordinate to God, but does he think so? No. He is trying to beat God at His own game; being the father of lies and the great deceiver, why wouldn‘t it be his ultimate task to deceive the whole world before his time‘s up.

Semantics. The word 'God' is frequently used in Masonic Ritual and it is understood to be interchangeable with the phrase 'Great Architect of the Universe'. You can not tell me what I am thinking when I hear that euphamism.

Of course they would say it’s interchangeable. Dig a little deeper than the surface sometime. AugustusMasonicus' response prediction: “I already have.”

Like I said, Satan is make-believe so what is the relevance to me?

Hah! So again, personal interpretation is allowed when it comes from you eh? IF I were to make a comment like that to you, would it stand? No. That’s like me saying the grass isn’t green to me so whatever you say to me about how and why it’s green means nothing - does it change the fact that it IS still green? No. Try talking to some SRA victims sometime and then tell me Satan’s not real. Get yourself in the presence of his demons and tell me he’s not real, find out for yourself the rampant on-goings of satanic human sacrifice that ritually goes on in the world and even in the US more so than ever before and tell me satan’s not real, - THEN we’ll talk about this in any kind of depth that you‘d understand. The fact you are able to say he doesn’t exist demonstrates how little you know about the occult.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 11:01 PM

Originally posted by AugustusMasonicus
I have one for you. Stop quoting the Taxil Hoax. If you stopped using Jesus-nutter websites that propogate this crap you might actually have avoided using this lame bit of crap as 'evidence'.

That concept is not foreign to Pike’s other writings, or other esteemed masons. Kyobosha’s got all of that for ya, if he even thinks your worth his time anymore haha. If I remember correctly it’s in Morals and Dogma. And you would do well to stop crying Taxil Taxil and find other real evidences for why you don’t like what I say.
Jesus nutter websites? Dude, I research by books and writings, not by ranting websites - apparently the plethora of sources I use means nothing to you, nor did you take time to see where they‘re from. Considering all the masons I’ve debated here so far NONE of them are as arrogant as you, nor debates in such a roundabout style with double standards. You’ve done nothing to back up 99% of what you have said to me in this thread, oh wait….you don’t have to because you’re personal ‘interpretation is the only valid one‘.

Out of all the posts I’ve had in this thread, show me ONE “Jesus-nutter” website I used. Cmon, let’s see it.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 11:03 PM

Originally posted by starseedflower
I wanted to point out these things, because some people posting here think that the majority of Masons are wealthy, sorry guys for disappointing your expectations, but this is not the case.

The entirety of masons being assumed as wealthy comes from the typical views of the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers.

I was going to ask you which langauges you are fluent in but I found it. In a much earlier post you said to SuperiorEd you will not debate him about meanings of Bible verses, but proudly patted yourself on the shoulder in passing that you can speak 5 languages, which are English, German, Italian, Romanian, and French, and that you have never needed to study the grammar in any of them.

Don’t get me wrong ma’m, being fluent in 5 languages is no small feat, however those languages you have listed originated from basically the same place and have the same basic grammar structure linguistically, which is SVO, and use the same alphabet - so being of the same tree they would be easy to learn to be fluent to someone native to any of those languages. Of course you wouldn’t need to study it’s grammar. Will it be easier for some people than most? Certainly, much like talents are different for different people.
What WOULD truly be an astonishing feat to mention is if you had said you can speak languages that are from the opposite ends of the linguistic spectrum that have different semantics, phonetics, alphabet, and so on.

I am not foreign to languages myself. Having gone to school for linguistics, being raised bilingual with English, Japanese, nearly fluent in Spanish and Chinese as well as intensely studied Koine Greek, Hebrew, Nepalese, Tagalog, and Kikuyu during my studies, know the great variety in different grammar structures, semantics, phonetics, across the variants of the tongues.
My reason for bringing this up with you, Saying that you didn’t have to study grammar in languages that automatically have the same type of structures to try to make yourself look big or smart or genetically superior or something wasn’t necessary eh? Correct me if your intentions were different, this is just the vibe you gave off by saying to SuperiorEd “some people are more prone and talented when it comes to their genetic makeup.” As for your comment to me in that knowing different languages doesn’t necessarily assure you a rich career, indeed it is true - providing for my family would be much easier if it were
perhaps the economy really is still horrible.

With sounds as vibrations emitting a certain pattern I am familiar with and agree with you, even thoughts do the same….I believe the science itself is called cymatics. David Icke was the first man I came across talking about such things, truly fascinating indeed and I believe it! You walk out into the world assuming everyone hates you, everything that happens to you seems like an act of hatred and spite; walk out into the world thinking it’s a wonderful place, indeed it appears more so

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 11:04 PM

Originally posted by getreadyalready
Show me where Pentagrams are sinful in the Bible, or where upside-down stars are evil.

Is the pentagram itself evil? No, God made stars too - my lil niece wears star-shaped earrings, is she worshipping the devil? No. However, the history of the pentagrams associated with Wiccans, ritual magick, Satanism, and Masonry, as taken from Solomon, points to pagan influence or involvement.

Here is a verse talking about when the Israelites started worshipping idols while Moses was on Mt. Sinai getting the Ten Commandments:

Acts 7:43, Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan,
figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

“Rempha” was the Egyptian name for Saturn, of which in the occult the Talisman of Saturn, or one of them anyway, is represented with a pentagram on one side, and the 6-pointed star, the Star of Solomon, on the other side, which later became known as the Star of David [to which most don’t know originated due to Solomon’s pagan practices, and THUS he is revered by both the occult, cabalism, and secret societies to this day]. Other names for this star were: Ashtoreth, Astarte, Chiun, Kaiwan, and Saturn. Saturn is part of understanding the big picture in the lineage of the occult.

1 Kings 11:4-7 states Solomon went after Ashtoreth, which is associated with astrology and star worship.

Order of Eastern Star. Not a Masonic Lodge, but related, and Far from anything Satanic.

Much like the FBI, CIA, Marines, US Army, the Navy, and the US Air Force are not all the same organizations, they serve the same entity, the US Government - same general idea for freemasonry. It is the first couple steps into the satanic man. But take it with a grain of salt, am I saying ALL freemasonry is evil? No. Same thing I have been saying about the Roman Catholic Church/Vatican and how it is corrupt - does it make every single catholic church in American or the world evil? No. However, the initial drawing up of Catholicism wasn’t for world dominion, as freemasonry was.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 11:05 PM
Reply to post by starseedflower

Oh missy you ain’t gonna like me very much after this, but pardon my two bits.
The Bible shouldn’t be cut into pieces or stretched and twisted to conform to other religious views that as a whole contradict the Bible elsewhere, much like you shouldn‘t take bits and pieces of say, the Quran, and use it to affirm a bit of information that would contradict the Quran elsewhere; every religion has some aspect of it that will align with another, but the core of biblical belief has no room for beliefs in “taking advantage” of chakras or opening the third eye. Does it mention that there are such things in this universe? Yes; but using it as the new age religions and even the religions of the east insist is indeed not what it seems.

The verse you mentioned basically means MOST souls won’t be saved before the end of time, not much more, as few will figure out the real truth in this planned jumble of confusion. Gnosticism was basically an attempt to make humanism seem biblically agreeable, as it was new age ideology clothed in Christian lingo. Narrow is the way doesn’t have some sort of underground meaning for a select few on how to use the chakras, but means a slim path set by absolutes the world is growing, or rather being manipulated, to hate. Opening your third eye to “tap into the universe” is a do-it-yourself method of getting yourself demon possessed, so basically the devil can channel through whoever has their third eye open. Opening the third eye is a popular concept everywhere but in the Bible, just as a whole. Plus for any human to actually think they can be and are a god is highly arrogant, is it not?

When it is mentioned “and their eyes would be opened” in Genesis 3:5-7, in Hebrew the singular was used for eye, thus talking about the third eye or the state of the soul. Some scholars have theorized that perhaps it was not an actual fruit that Adam and Eve ate, but that it was an allegory of them opening their third eye (in a sense, to the first degree - as all of humankind afterwards are in the same status as Adam and Eve‘s actions would have predicted us to be in - they did not lose their souls in this instance but lost their automatic favor in God‘s eyes; the “2nd degree“ would be what humans are doing now, in which they are trading their souls for an extra few channels in their mind‘s radio capabilities.)

Here is a line taken from “The Awakening of the Third Eye” by Samuel Sagan: “What to do with an angel? Let its glory become alive in you…to worship a god first you have to become a god.” (page 161)
The same concept humankind first fell for, “ye shall be as gods” is prevalent in opening the third eye, in which the human soul is led to believe it is receiving some sort of power or becoming the “god that has always been in them“, when in a sense yes, they really may be receiving extra abilities/spiritual gifts - however, they are doing so by trading their souls for it. After some research into this whole thing, I am starting to believe the third eye, or pineal gland, is the seat of the soul. As it is even said in the bible during the end times, there will be a “great delusion” from which God will save those faithful to Him by putting a seal IN their forheads….not on, IN, so the delusion won‘t affect them. Makes you think He knew about this third eye business. Humans were to live humbly, this was their original purpose. The book of Enoch gives some insight on the Flood, saying that God destroyed the world because the humans “knew as much as the angels knew.” The 2nd flood is coming because humanity is near where Atlantis was before, but perhaps further. Hence the raves of a “new atlantis” by FDR, Manley Hall, Sir Francis Bacon, and other in-tune masons.

This great delusion supposed to occur in the near future is likely this 11th vibration thing, the great awakening, or as those deep in the new age religions claim that mankind will move up in vibration in 2012 or whenever it is assumed to be. From the things you have said I’m sure you are familiar.

Matthew 6:22-23 Jesus states:
"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single [ie: healthy], thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!"

There are 2 kinds of light, true light and the “light” of darkness.
2 Cor. 11:14, “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”

The testimonies of those who were deep into the third eye business and their difficulties in getting out of it and the harassment from the demons they were receiving their extra ten cents from are quite astounding indeed.

You don’t have to agree with me as I‘m sure you‘re readying your frying pan to take a swing at me, I have talked to your kind before
all I would ask is you remember what I have said here for the next few years.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 11:05 PM
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Well, I’m glad you got your lesson out of it and all, but if these aliens are such these poor helpless creatures they would not have been abducting people to put probes up their wazoos and other suspicious activity for the past few hundreds of years….”we flew billions of light years to your dinky little planet, because we care about yall SO much we’re gonna abduct you when you least expect it and put probes in your openings to research you like animals” - a topic for a different thread obviously
Phil Schneider may interest you, the late physical walking proof no one will be caging any alien unless it’s part of some skit or act; after speaking about what happened to him for a short while he was found brutally murdered with a piano wire around his neck, with signs of being brutal tortured before he died.

posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 01:00 AM
There are six races on earth...
1. The Blue Race... (European descendants...)
2. The Red Race... (North American Indian...)
3. The Orange Race... (Central and South American Natives...)
4. The Purple Race... (African Natives...)
5. The Green Race... (Hindu/Arabic Middle Easterners...)
6. The Yellow Race... (Asiatic Natives...)

After that there is only ill-breds and hy-brids...
The mixing between these races is common, you can easily identify the traits if you just look.

Once you find a pure bred... if you look close enough you'll see the colors resonating within them and around them. I see them alot here in NYC. I'm a Mulatto tho. HalfWhite&HalfBlack... My Tribe is P.R.

Orange-Red-Green-Yellow = O.R.G.Y.

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