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My Connections that i see and feel must be shared in relation to prophecy.

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posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 06:00 AM
I would like to first start off this thread by making a reintroduction. Yes my user name is Jazz10 and yes it has been a while, in fact a long time coming. I have a few things that i would like to share with you all here on ATS and everyone else who cares to read this thread.

Now its no secret that the threads i have posted have been somewhat all over the place, and that some would be considered as spreading doom and gloom, but i was never given the chance to finish. For those of you that believed that i was simply posting things to scare the life out of people, you are wrong, think of my threads as warnings that i believe needed to be taken seriously in order to avoid the worst. If i scared you I apologize for that.

Sometimes in order to find the truth you have to delve into things that you would not want to venture into but in order to gain true understanding you must. I did. Now i am back.

Admittedly, my Iridium Conspiracy is a mass of links and information, that to most of you seems like utter bs. It isnt. At least that is what i am trying to determine. When i wrote that thread it was as if i was been shown and guided, and at the time i couldnt determine wether it was for good or bad. Its now my belief that there were signs and information that i must share, i was shown for a reason. I say this because why other reason would i have been able to connect the dots. Not to scare or spread fear but to share information in order to come through it.

Now i would like to make this very clear right now that i am posting this not for my benefit, its for the welfare of you all and including the planet. If you are not interested in what you are reading, please dont post, just back out of the thread. I dont want insults or personal attacks or ridiculous comments by people who have not taken the time to read what i am posting. Upon finishing reading this thread you should be well aware why this is posted in this forum.
I would like moderators to allow me to freely post here in order to make the connections visible to all. After all Religion does cover everything.

This thread is merely me sharing information that i feel to be significant although may not be fact. I would like ATS to decide if what i am about to share is possible. If it is then we can all do something in order to get back on track. If i am wrong, well at least i have shared it and ruled it out.

It all started with my Iridium thread which basically involves a conspiracy that touches many things from mind control/manipulation to weather manipulation by playing with frequencies using a satellite network and by other means here on earth. At the time i was ridiculed beyond belief. If you would care to read that thread, feel free but i warn you many pages and all i ask is that you read it word for word, link for link. Read it with an open mind.

Recently there have been other posts made in regard to the same topic. One of which is called NSA Mind control Technology and A.I revealed very interesting indeed.

I would recommend that ATS members start reading threads in full and stop flitting through them.

Now you are probably wondering what on earth i am talking about and what this thread is about?.....Well i am not going to tell you just yet because i would like you to think for yourselves at this point. I believe however its all Biblical.

Now i am going to be totally honest with you all here because i have never been religious, nor a Saint. That being said doesnt mean that i didnt believe in God, a creator of all things, or the Architect. I just have my own beliefs, thats all. Its my belief however that all religions actually believe and have faith in the same God. The problem doesnt lie with each other it lies with those that are profiting from the divisions in religions, divisions in languages and locations. I say locations because God only divided us from the sea and the sky, he didnt put borders on countries.

System of Things

Well the system of things is crystal clear and you only have to have a quick glimpse to realize what they are. All you have to do is think what exactly it is that is making your life hard or impossible.
Banks & IMF
Just one of those of SATAN's system of things and what is causing most of the strife we see today. Rich getting richer poor getting poorer. Billions wasted on crap we can do without, aiming for the moon and other planets when life on earth is being ruined. They need to get it into their heads. We are not allowed up there yet, as above so below. When we do what is right here on earth and put each other on the same level then we will be allowed to step. All for one and one for all. UNITY Greece has already started the ball rolling.

They who have a part in the financial institutions like banks and the IMF are the deceivers and manipulators putting profit before welfare of every man, woman and child and also animals and plants for that matter. My proof to support this lies in what i would do.
I would wipe the slate clean, cancel all debt globally for all. its the obvious solution but they continue clutching at straws because they dont want to lose their lives of luxury.
I have a message that these people need to hear and they need to listen good. You are living the life of luxury while others suffer, you produce fabricated statistics to justify bleeding people dry financially and have their lives ruined or made impossible through the burden you are creating. What comes around goes around and you will be judged.I would suggest changing.....about now!

Energy Giants
Energy Giants you along with the banks and other financial institutions will be held accountable for you trick and deceive also. You put the burden of cost onto energy when you know fine well that free clean energy is possible. It has been for centuries. Yet you choose to hide this fact in order to profit from another mans hardship. You hike up prices knowing fine well that it if in abundance. Oil and Gas is your way of conning the world out of money. Oh and as for the gulf of mexico oil spill its funny you chose corexit over other things like THIS

Pharmaceutical industry
You that are under this title will be judged due to your lies and your profiteering from the illnesses that are actually created from the poisons that you create. Take Cancer for instance, why do you object to people disclosing cures? You see i know quite a bit really in fairness, hence why its my belief that you are somehow connected to the food industry. I would stand and point in your direction if illnesses and diseases where to be given a source. Genetic modification imho is tampering with what God created. Mental illnesses for instance, they are on a massive increase. You also have people smothering themselves in lotions and suncreams when sunlight is a natural healer. Vitamin D. How many have a deficiency of vitamin D?

All of you that are mentioned above or connected to the above i would suggest you make a change, put right your wrongs and do what is right. You know exactly what i am talking about.

I am not done yet, havent even touched on it yet.
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posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 06:05 AM
O HAI GAIZ! What's going on in this thread? Oh shi-

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 06:12 AM
Right so having the above, well basically stating the obvious really but hey this is where it starts to get interesting because now its on to the others.

The Governments that are supposed to be working for the people yet continue to destabilize the world through total stupidity. They complain about debt and justify their positions with long words that people like me havent a clue what they are talking about. They make it sound like you must be qualified to the hilt to lead and run a country........reaaaaally?
No. I think its about common sense really.
If i was prime minister i would realize many things.
1st I wouldnt sit scaremongering the people i serve with the recession cards over and over again in order to get every last penny i could. Hypocrites. Theyre the ones closing everything down yet complain so many people are out of work???? Erm HELLO

I would also restore balance. A very important factor that needs addressed that has so far been overlooked deliberately it seems.
Because in my opinion Family Is The Most Important Institution Known To Man
And family is what is being neglected. Families are forced to work ridiculous amounts of hours in order to just get by. The balance i am talking involves Family and work. Now the benefits of finding balance are limitless. Not just for your well being but for your kids and your communities. Children will feel Family.
Now the way in which this can be accomplished is easy

Free Clean Energy= Change I would like to put this to you all as a means of making or at least pushing towards change. The way I see things basically make me wonder if I am totally nuts.....because in my way of thinking everything is so simple. Free clean energy isnt a dream but a reality that has been suppressed in order to have us all paying continuously for energy. All of which goes to the same people that are causing the problems. Free clean energy is totally overlooked and the only reason is because if free clean energy was introduced into the world, it would be doomsday for those that have continued to profit from every individual world wide. How much of your weekly income is paid out for energy, fuel and taxes? I would dare say its a significant slice. Its also funny how it all goes to the same people. Implications of Free Clean Energy Free clean energy has an unbelievable amount of pro's and the domino effect runs non stop. It will benefit all. It is that simple......well maybe not everyone. Bankers and energy giants will,.....well.......not be .......whats the word? Well lets just say that their days of scheming everyone out of their cash will be gone. Doomsday for them and happy days for the rest. Free clean energy will mean a whole different way of life. A few scenarios if I may. This one is for those of you who never seem to find the time. You are constantly at work 40hrs per week, you have children, some of you may be feeling that all you seem to do is work, eat, sleep, work,eat, sleep. Yep that game called circles. The balance at home is so so soooo wrong. Children are being neglected. Not on purpose, its the way the system is. Parents out working all the time, kids stuck with childminders instead of family. I know for a fact that after a long week at work, along with the ridiculously high price of living makes it bordering on impossible for families to reach their true potential. THIS IS MY CALL TO ALL OF YOU If you agree with the following: You spend most of your time at work and not enough with your family or living your life You are born to live not born to work Financially you are tied to the system Tied to debt and only way to gain is through debt Do you feel that you are forced into a position where you are effectively all slaves I know for a fact that money is the root cause of all the negativity and that of which is influencing your lives. I know that many of you are failing to see anything in return for your hard work. Your wages are all but swallowed up by the system.Let me explain because i feel that there is a truly massive con going on that unless its just me being a total idiot and looking into way too much, needs sorting. So, You go to work, 37hrs for example, you may also work shifts. Shifts have a very negative effect on family life, especially when you have kids. If your kids attend school, i know that when you are working certain shifts you might'nt even get to see your kids all week. Take 2pm-10pm shift and night shift for example. By the time you get in from 2-10 shift and bath grab a bite to eat and wind down its about 3am when you are finaly able to sleep, and by the time you wake the kids have already gone to school. Nightshifts the same. 6am-2pm however its basically the same. You get up 4.30am-5am? by the time you get home you are knackered. Its not only you taking a pounding from this ridiculous system but also your family. There could be a very simple and effective way to bring this change. Introduction of FREE CLEAN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY Some of you may be wondering what on earth am i banging on about........well its a dream, a dream of changing the world for the better and bringing the most important institution back to where its supposed to be. AT the TOP!! Free clean energy would mean that: No More Energy Bills!!! Money saved is money gained, possibly leading to a Shorter working week.....20hrs= Jobs for all Family balance would be made possible Businesses would thrive due to minimal production costs Businesses could afford to pay more handsome wages or we as a Global family could in fact drive down the price of living. I want you to really think about what i am saying here. Have a think about what it is that is ruining your life....I already know what it is and what they are. Money Debt Energy Bills and taxes.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 06:31 AM
reply to post by jazz10
All of what you say about the times at which we live are true ...If you read the whole story you find a small verse that says something to the effect that He gave them time to repent and they would not ...We have no power to over rule weather threw conversation or revolution, the TPTB ...If we could then the end of the story would be a lie ...I think only God knows the end from the beginning and has told us .Gods plan is very big and He has determined the end from the beginning ...We are not talking about a human being but a being that has powers and is very cunning ....At the end of the day I am glad that God is in control and will deal with that power that has plagued his creation .......peace

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 06:33 AM
Now that all being said and my fingers are dropping off brings me to the War Game that seems to be enjoyed by the elites or who ever it is that continues sending our troops to war.

You see this is my opinion here

Is it just me or does it seem that the minute one war ends another is already in the pipeline?
The thing is i see a bigger picture here and it would signal that we civilians are not the only ones being played here.

Let me say what i mean.
It seems in my humble opinion regardless of which country that leaders continue to sacrifice men and women that serve in the military. Yeah you read it right.
Men and women are sent to war and if they are luck enough to return they (in some occasions) are not the same person that went. Those that return in cases have returned with the loss of their limbs, or sight or have been left permanently injured. They on many occasions are cast off and forgotten about and are not given the same level of support that they had given when serving. Governments you are a disgrace. For those men and women regardless of which nation you are serving that have paid the ultimate price, with your lives i believe they deserve more than a quick 2 minute shout out on the news. It has me raging, and i pray that their families are looked after. You can never put a price tag on a life but if i had my way i would make sure that your loss was not for nothing and that your family will be helped fully. Wether it be paying off houses or waivering the tax they would pay, i would make sure that i would help in what ever way i could.
Instead what we have right now is a governments quick thank you then re deploy someone else. They are using you all as mere pawns.

I appreciate the work that you do when its to bring peace to all but its not you i have the problem with. Its the Governments that send, send, send.
I would like to know how the Prime Ministers, Presidents and politicians sleep at night. All in the name of peace sacrificing others while you sleep safely in your beds. Lead by example. Why dont you? Lead the way that is, sacrifice your own lives instead of others.

My next post will be The connections of the dots because i believe that the military are being used also.

Now imagine the elites have used military for leverage while they get other ways of control in place like the threads i mentioned in the first post?
Now what happens when they get these things in place when they will no longer require the military?
Massive military build up

Why would they want all military in the same place?
Last link here
You must listen and you will see
Dr Carol Rosin in Relation To Dr Von Braun

Getting rid of the military leaving no opposition, to rule from other means. Have they started weaponizing space?

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posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 06:42 AM
My final piece is in relation to the mind control and its main focus is on links.
A brain cell is the same as the universe
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Earths Field NMR
Earths magnetic Field

And what the elites i believe may be dreading? Something like a Raging Solar storm
that would render their satellite system useless.

Now if this turns out to be true then you will see why i posted this in this religious conspiracy forum.

Thanks for reading. God bless, peace, equality and Unity to all.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 06:47 AM
Doom and gloom? No far from it.
Even if this thread is proven wrong, then so be it, atleast its out there. If its a possibility or even correct then many lives will be changed for the better.

Thats why the divisions in religious beliefs is what they need to happen. So they can continue playing us all off against each other for their benefit.

Happy days ahead. I actually believe in God and the return.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 06:50 AM
reply to post by jazz10
Sorry I pre posted a reply before your end bad ...yes a simple solar deal could make alot of the toys they have usless ...Where is the button ...peace

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 07:01 AM
reply to post by the2ofusr1

Thats the key. Global peace, equality and UNity. The coming together of all. We win. Because love conquers all.

Tearing down divisions in religions, tearing down boundaries and all moving forward as one. Not listening to the propaganda and bs they use to influence our thoughts, mindset and actions.
Learning to fly
Take it Back
Coming Back to Life

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 07:03 AM
I hear ya. Exactly how I have felt for years.I don't have the time right now as I am helping a family member who currently has cancer and trying to help out others as well, but this looks like an excellent start and I look forward to reading more Jazz. I have it bookmarked for later reading, but you are now on the right track, I believe. Have a nice day.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 07:10 AM

Originally posted by DaarkSyde2012
I hear ya. Exactly how I have felt for years.I don't have the time right now as I am helping a family member who currently has cancer and trying to help out others as well, but this looks like an excellent start and I look forward to reading more Jazz. I have it bookmarked for later reading, but you are now on the right track, I believe. Have a nice day.

Here is a very important link for you. May God bless your family member.
Wake Up World contained in this link is a mass of information particularly posts like this i wish you and your family all the best.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 08:33 AM
Mr. Orwell laid all this out very nicely in his book "1984". But I don't think even George could have imagined where technology would eventually take us. Or maybe he could, and just didn't want to put in everything he knew.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by Klassified

I believe that there is significant warnings globally that we should all acknowledge in order to move forward, as well as everything i have mentioned already i believe we need to listen and take more notice of the planet. We are beginning to rely heavily on technology for so many things these days that we are neglecting even the most fundamental things.

This thread is basically a wake up call to every single person on the face of the planet, mostly a wake up call for me.
We need to spread the knowledge in order to bring forth new ways and a new means to assist in maintaining a fair, equal and peaceful way of life that has no negative impact to the planet and the life its home to.
We need to stop wasting countless billions of currency on weapons and tools of destruction, its not easier said than done because when people realize what i am saying and take in what i am saying you will see the bigger picture.
which is.....
That we are not enemies of each other, thats what they tptb want you to believe. We are not enemies of each other and if we wake up and see then peace will follow therefore weapons will not be required. The new world involves a very important key. The key is called UNITY.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 10:36 AM
If you realize just exactly what i am getting at here then you will see that we all need to make this happen and not just the selected few. Even those that are part of the system of things because afterall they have been blinded and have become addicted. The changing times for them will be a shock to the system, and i implore you all to be considerate and compassionate because you just may have ended up in their position.

When change comes, which it will i ask you all to have faith in God and also each other because we will come through this, and just as important is that we must learn from the lessons that we have endured.

We must never put ourselves in a position where it is acceptable for some to have all and others little or even in a position where life itself is a daily fight for survival because we are too self obsessed and selfish to see and help.
Understand me when i say its either all or none. We are not the ones to judge that is "his" job.

I would however like to add that i was actually reluctant in posting this thread as i felt that God himself may consider my doing so as stepping on his toes and giving the perception as not having faith in him, my answer to this is that i have total faith but i decided that i would rather than standing before him when he returns saying yes we made it, the few of us that survived saying "yes we had faith and we made it"as God looks over our shoulder at the trail of destruction that it has taken to get there, the lives lost, the planet ravaged and ruined by our actions......i rather to be in the position where war, poverty, famine and illness were ended and the world that God now looks at over our shoulders is a one of peace, unity, fairness and equality with the beauty of the planet just as it should be.
Then we can all stand together and say "Yes we all made it, we fooked it up, we made mistakes but we learned from the error of our ways. Together we stand in Unity"

How great a day that will be.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 10:57 AM
This thread here would signal a civilization that may have went too far with technology and didnt learn from their mistakes. Evidence of Lost Civilization on Saint Helena

Its relation to technology is in this post here

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 11:04 AM
Reading through all your links is quite a challenge. But with their satellites, I don't see how they would even need to microchip anyone, to keep humanity perpetually low frequency.

Also how humanity is farmed is very well laid out in this book here:


Along with ideas to stop it. Getting in control of ourselves, ie being conscious, and seeking within to connect to our Source.

I highly recommend that book.

The statelites are already in place. The Sirius ones have been doing their bit already. Its a grid, or mind to skull electronic control system, frequency control system and it will be taken out fully.

Waking up and really seeking only the most loving parts of our religions and world, tossing the rest is a good start.

Another clue to what we should be doing, how much peace and love is key to helping earth and humanity free itself or heal, is that many people waking up find themselves on the coastlines and in dangerous areas. That tells me that we're not supposed to run from things, but try to shine our lights steadily into this.
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posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 12:09 PM
The comment on the challenge was just saying there is a lot of information to absorb. The threads are really interesting, and its really important that people go within, meditate, seek, intend, pray, consciously.

They don't have the jurisdiction and power to outright take away our autonomy or free will.

For those who don't understand the real spiritual warfare we're fighting, and this is not being said in a religious way, but non denominational, then you should ask yourself this.

Why, when they've always commanded all the armies, held all the wealth, have they not taken all the control in the past?

Because they can't, even though from everything I've been told and from what can be seen in Bildenberg, Trilateral Commissions and UN, there is already one set of instructions, one form of leadership, one small group of negatives running the world.

The key point is: They have to have our permissions!

They are moving faster as they think they have satisfied cosmic laws by using tricks and dirty underhanded methods to claim we've given them.

Karma on the corruption and the products we buy.

Electing the leaders who lie and do the opposite. ie Obama. He was elected as a reaction to Bush and on the platform of medicare and Getting Out Of the Middle East. hmmmmm.......did the people win? How is that endorsing him?

They put their tactics out ahead of time. ie. 9/11 plot given straight forward in a TV show, I watched the clip, but can't remember the name right now, and in DC comics and you name it.

If people don't react, its permission????

How Is That So?

Its actually used car sales person idea of cosmic laws and they failed. No Go!

Whether or not they intend to run this as one control grab for everything or just enact the revelations and then have their negaitve ETs show up pretending to be good and save the day, or what their purpose is, is hard to analyze.

But it does involve either getting rid of most of us, or controlling us in a pretty severe way.

However, they need real permissions to do that.

And with more and more waking up.

ie. in Sicily there is a revolt with 5 million involved just now that didn't make the news. We have huge revolts going on, and they didn't get permissions.

They don't have permissions given.

So its going to be pretty hard to carry out their plans. But I do see them as continually trying and causing some real hardships, if we don't wake up in large numbers and halt them.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 12:11 PM
In other words, their mind control is not legal and it only takes resistance from us to topple.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Very well said Unity_99 on all replies too.
This thread isnt about scaring people its about making you aware of a possibility so that, if it turns out that this is what is planned then you have already been informed.
Turn and face the Light.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 12:25 PM
Can someone explain how it is that this is chit chat forum?

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