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Eceti Ranch: A Documentary (New)

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posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 04:45 PM
To finish of the interview "James Gilliland The ET Situation on Earth " that hits the mark on explaining what is going on. Its not a toe in to ufology, the rest is serving military interests and low frequency events, keeping us in fear, keeping ufology researchers divided, and its the toe in, but distortion.

This is the truth.

He addresses various points.

---That earth is a common school, set up by various races, terra formed, plant and animals brought in, dna from many cosmic sources, especially in our junk dna, so we have dna from the cosmos and emotions, capacity for love and joy/bliss. This was our school, a melting pot where many races could come, forget who they were and be in a practicum experience together, highly interactive.

Unfortunately negative does bring consequence, and the cosmos isn't really off the hook in this. I'll add a bit of my own in that, star wars, and the take over by the negatives, who love to pounce on people when they're in amnesia, projections of their larger selves so to speak. But in any case, humanities has been upgraded and downgraded due to consequences.

---that due to the shift that will occur, the various lower level races, such as the greys, have been abducting to create hybrids and heal their own races, in order to have bodies that are upgrades, the cosmic dna material in the junk dna, and activate this, and in order to have emotions. Positive is higher frequency, compared to fear and anger. And they need this to survive the shift.

And this is identical to what our 16 year old house guest recalled when he remembered, and was fully awake, he talked about the various races of greys and he did have compassion for them and what they were doing, to try and survive the shift, needing our dna to heal, but he was told by my friend that rather than conduct harmful interactions with humans, to abuse them, they also had the option of going home and working on their growth over time the right way.

---He brings up the ufo community and programs and how if they were really here for the truth they haven't created a kind of commuinity for that to happen, but instead there seems to be military/NWO boys, connected at higher levels of the disclosures and ufo community, and they're not into the higher frequencies of love and joy and bliss, havnt created a sacred space or a space condusive to contact.

He's been pretty well black balled and censored out of this area. HMMM must explain why so many come on just to criticize the truth, and post agenda instead on ufology and why he gets so little flags and recognition.

---We have to release this and shift back to what is in the best interests of humanity and earth...To make contact, these beings have transcended war, disease.

But that does serve the interests of the war industries or the big pharma industries!

The war and disease profiteers are the only ones who would lose in this process and they're the ones we have given our power to.

---We have to step back and look at who is running things. The corporations, including the media.

Peace is not good for the war industry and frequency healing would not be good for the pharmas. Clean energy too. So the major industries that would be directly affected.

The majority would be affected in an awesome way, take a quantum leap.

---We need to wake up and realize we do have this option. We can stand up and not participate. We have the power to do this all the time, we don't have to wait for anyone else. James says we have to initiate it, we have to prime the pump. (for humanity to progress the collective has to choose to not participate with the negatives and choose to opt out and live in harmony).

Even if it means quitting your job. There is karma involved in being a willing participant in things harmful to humanity and earth.

---We've become so programmed, so fearful, so dependent, we can't grasp how free we would be. The energy technology, no energy bills, desalinate water, grow healhty food with the frequencies.

(these aren't technologies ETs would bring. We already have this, by the way. I don't know if he brings that part up. That is what I said about entrapment! They're insane and think they're off the karma hook, but they've been put in one huge test, how do they use or abuse the gifts given?)

---There is a choice! This is what we need to do as a collective! Its not that complicated. The basics are very simple. The rules and laws are in our own hearts, don't give your power up to anyone else.

---It is brought up that the government may come up with an ET scenario that will control the ET information and then use it to enhance their NWO. (which explains why they are infiltrating the ufology information with pro military, pro NWO stuff).

So people will have to use discernment, because there is a program to wake people up and at the same time there is the negative program to keep war industry and NWO.

(So people need to raise their frequency. Can you tell what Love and equality is? If a banks involved or a huge corporation, its not the good guys. I would even go further, if a bad group really wanted to get trust they would play both the good cop and bad cop and so sail into to rescue with the cures and free energy. But we already have this technology given. I wish people to raise their frequency, meditate, pray, depogram, equalize, give gifts to one another, really wake up. They will remember, they will recognize their own families watching over, they will know inside what Love is and who has the agenda of our Spiritual Family above and who doesn't)

---He says the new frequencies coming in is causing people to take a stand and blow the whistle on many of the projects. A lot of people are coming forward, a mixed bag, some disinfo people coming forward.

You have to get in touch with your own inner sensitivity and soul and the ultimate BS meter.

Also some people are telling the truth as they know it, but have been lied to.

---He talks about the advanced ET, and that they are angelic, and talk of God as a universal frequency and force, ...we keept track of ourselves in our own selves/souls, karmic repecrussions, and this is an action/reaction world and we are magnetizing people and events to it according to our consciousness, which alligns to quantum physics. They really focus on love. And these streams of energy that are coming in are not here to punish the tyrants but can heal them as well.

They say, Love Heals! As this high frequency comes in, we are going to have to rise to the occasion, match it.

If we don't, our own karma is going to take us out, our bodies are going to fail.

---He talks about Eceti, and that they're kind of under the gun and having a lot of problems with the county. They're using different methods to try and slow things down here or stop us from having gatherings. Apparently there is no right to assembly, freedom of speech, or freedom of religion or anyhting else in this country anymore because they've created rules and regulations to stop that. So we're actually kind of dealing with this mess right now. He asks if anyone knows of a good constuitional lawyer that we can employ. But right now we're under the gun trying to meet all these demands and expectations which are ridiculous.

He says they're being singled out and that there may be higher ups involved, some unseen negative influences involved, but what's being done is strictly not in service to the community which is totally behind it. We've had planning commision meetings and not one person has stood up in opposition to it, everyone loves what we're doing here. The whole town here is prospering because of us being here. And there is no health or safety issues because that has all been checked out.

They keep creating problems where none exist, they keep coming at us, and we keep saying, look are you here to help and expedite this thing and really serve the people? Or are you here for your own power? We've asked them point blank, what is your motivation here? Because the people have already spoken.

posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 06:52 PM
So basically they slapped some buildings on a natural portal/doorway....and?

Like most others they've given up their day jobs moving into lecturing others and basically walking away from being a productive human, which is like what the whole ''testing'' is about.....srsly?!!

Lot's of people who touch the higher realms do this and it's pretty funny to watch. They tailspin out of control of their own lives because ''they have a message''.

THIS is why people don't wake up to your message. Even the most open minded person knows this is incorrect behavior at a gut level and very rightly keeps looking for something more on their own.

There is almost no place on this planet where a place simular to this ranch a portal/doorway or whatever you want to call it can't be found. Anyone can do this for themselves without giving up their self authority to a middleman or middle group.

In fact I'll go as far as to say, if you have you've already ''failed'' and are still stuck on a lower vibration with just fancier names for what you're doing. Oh yeah...and a crew of people stroking your ego telling you you're doing the right thing. Telling each other they are ''enlightened''.

Hate to be a party crasher, but all of this can we can do ourselves. The resistance this place is facing is a wake up call they are moving in a incorrect direction, not unseen lower level interference. LOL. The good guys also pull you back by the collar when you're headed the wrong way and usually faster than the ''bad guys'' percieve you are even a target.

just saying......

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 12:24 PM
I have a fair bit of respect for Mr Gilliland, watching the documentary gave me a better insight into what happens there. What I like about it is that he doesn't seem to be after the cash so to speak.

I realised that there was a spiritual aspect to the Ranch but I wondered how that connected with the UFO sightings they have all the time there, were they being spiritual to call for the UFO's? I thought that if that was the case I would have steered clear as I recently revisited the Heavens Gate cult on Youtube!

It seems that what actually happens there is that the spiritual side seems to be somewhat seperate to the outdoor activities. In the Documentary you can see that in the group sessions some of the organisers call the watchers outside "The boys with their toys" referring to all the gadgetry they use to look for the UFO's, so it seems that if you were to visit there you wouldn't necessarily have to go down the spiritual path if you didn't want to.

I do have a spiritual side and think there is a connection of sorts to what we are all looking for when we scoure these threads for news and new sightings but I wouldn't want to give my full self to any group wholly, I want to be on my own journey and I really do believe I will get the answers I was looking for.

Thank you to the poster for bringing this to my attention.


posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 01:08 PM
This video is quite interesting along with his birthday flareups.

2011 UFO Contact at the ECETI Ranch

James's Birthday Power UP, ECETI July 22 2011

james meditation

His message about going within your heart, paying attention to nature, meditating/seeking answers within, and working at becoming a good person, caring and kind, overcoming programs in us is very good. ET_MAN wrote, that when Family arrive, can we stand in their frequency, James writes, with the Higher Energy coming in, can we rise to the occasion to meet it. This amounts to the same thing.

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 04:19 PM

❤ ♡ ❤ peace and love everyone ❤ ♡ ❤

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 07:26 PM

Thank you for your support from ECETI

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 07:33 PM
Oh, and this.

A new video shows a UFO that appeared to witnesses “as bright as a second sun” crossing the skies over the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake Washington on the evening of Monday, June 27, 2011. The event was just one in a series of ongoing sightings that occurred during the previous four nights, captured in both visible light and digital night vision using a stereo camera imaging system. The video also reveals how lights on Mt. Adams are accompanied by mysterious flights over the peak, a UFO that disappears in mid-air under clear sky conditions, witnesses using lights to engage luminous vehicles, orbs of light swarming a low-flying UFO and incredible acceleration when what appears to be an interdimensional spaceship disappears from view....

This video provides compelling evidence for UFO phenomena featuring captures from a dual imaging system incorporating professional 3CCD color, infrared and digital night vision technologies mounted on one camera rig that can pan, tilt and zoom while tracking objects in the skies. Simultaneous UFO recording through two imaging systems excludes instrumental failure in one camera as a possible cause of the images, just as celestial phenomena confirmed in astronomy through two or more telescopes qualifies those observations as scientific fact.

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 09:58 PM
James and his family have non stop been harrassed by the authorities, even attacks on his vehicles and fraudulent charges, whereby he proved it was fraud in court but was ordered to pay them anyway, as the leans were garnered through legitimate means. He spoke up and said, that in Washington it was a crime to enforce payment of a fines that were proven fraudulent and the judge threatened him with contempt of court and to strike the last statement.

Pretty obvious, he strikes a big nerve. I almost think the meditations are as dangerous to them as the ETs.

Project Camelot interviews James Gilliland

2011 UFO Contact at the ECETI Ranch

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 11:24 PM
From the Project Camelot interviews James Gilliland

This is something I know, and have been shown the arrests, not sure what level, but seems to be the next step, kind of out of body, but in my mind this arrest team is Higher Ups, Christ, the Light, and its about healing. However, to me this universe is like a dream lab, and earth itself is kind of like a matrix/dream, and it feels very real. So if you have a lot of negativity, ie. especially harm to others, harm to people and the planet/nature on large levels especially. Things can be mitigated, but intent of heart, the kind of behavior of the elite and predators, and jobs that serve the harm, murder, enslaving or suppressing humanity, children, and nature, leads to consequency.

Even healing, it means facing a mirror, going through those thoughts, which will feel real. Winterland realms, regression.

So, this part is very very well put, and people should be aware, that choosing to not even work for corruption, or corrupt corporations is important.

You know even Mcdonald's is all about GMO, poisoning people, destruction of earth, and real abuse of third world. It needs to be thought out.

Not everyone can just withdraw to the ranch. Grow own food.

The poor are the most important and most vulnerable, they also pay the highest rents and have no choice, put in really bad situations. That is greatly mitigated by the way, in case TPTB thought their karmic traps were legal. I can assure you, they're not, and the used car sales man cosmic laws, they sneak around with are only going to entrap them, for the pit they dig, they will fall in.

My soul knows all this stuff, very deeply, I have been there, in the teams and organizations in past lives, know how it works, understand the entrapment going on, have been a part of freeing planets. This is something many here have done. They often just don't remember.

Wake up, and make those U-Turns, because healing and facing harm that have been done to others with Support, Teamwork and Understanding is so much better.

As it is, we need to really cut loose from the world's economies, and in community, work out essential businesses and pass the hat and set them up, and only buy/trade from each other. Our businesses would be ethical, and no matter what economic games they play, they won't crash because we'll be supporting each other and withdrawing from theirs. Thats what is needed.

Here initially he is talking about the negative ets/entities and how they hook your ego.

---Its very important to realize the equality of everyone and the oneness of everyone and just maintain a level of pure service and humility during the process.

---I used to work with a bio physicist for 7 years and I'm very aware of what has been going on with all of this nonsense and I have connections within certain groups that I can't really reveal, but basically there is a group and they are manufacturing these virus's and releasing them and they would like to see the population down at least 6% if not more.

---We need to rise up and not allow these 13 families to create this massive genocidal program. And don't take the shots!

---The ET's are very concerned. They've always been concerned and have talked about this, about the karma involved. Warning these people not to go there. They're going to be subject to years and years and years of reincarnation just to clean up this big mess that they've done on a lower level (yes winterlands) so there is no gain in doing this.

Some of these people are so arrogant they think they're beyond karma, they think they're beyond universal laws. But they're not, they're actually going to be incarnate on places with less power, less love, less joy, less wisdom, and they're going to continue on a de-volution, not an evolution...

So basically they've (the ET's) have been warning about this over and over, look you're only harming yourself. There's a big unified field out there, we're all connected. Everything is one, and we need to start acting accordingly.

There are karmic consequences to even just being a willing participant in any of this has a karmic consequence.

So, we need to really re-evaluate what we're doing and how we're participating in this diabolical plan, and just start refusing to cooperate and even if it means leaving your job, or leaving your security.

There is no security in doing acts harmful to humanity and the earth...that's the bottom line.

posted on May, 2 2018 @ 03:08 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

I just found out about ECETI Ranch whilst listening to a C2C show from last week with Jimmy Church. I found it quite interesting and while some of the reported sightings seem improbable, they may well be plausible if we're talking about a point on the earth that functions as an interdimensional portal; that may well be happening on the Ranch where this guy claims there's an important intersectioning point for two ley lines.

The comments on this thread surprise much negativity and lack of imagination.

Thanks for the vid link.

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