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Eceti Ranch: A Documentary (New)

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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 05:51 PM
I just thought some of you folks might enjoy this. It was basically just released. I am putting it here because it is ufo related as well as enlightenment etc. Please move if it needs to be. I am still watching it so I want to reserve comment. I haven't seen any actual ufo footage from the camp yet, but Im sure that will be later. Hopefully it helps someone or some of our members. I know I sure would like to go out there. Water seeks it's own level and that area seems to be drawing me.


The owner of the ranch, James Gilliland, maintains to have experienced UFO related phenomena, including contact with extra-terrestrials, for over 30 years. In addition to his experiences, thousands of guests gravitate to the ranch every year and attest personal accounts of seeing ships, meeting off-world visitors, and healing parts of themselves in a place they call "home".

This film is a candid look at the people and the place that create Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. After spending several months at ECETI sharing with James, ranch staff, and guests -- the MapMakers reveal new insights about a rapidly expanding universe in an era of global uncertainty.


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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 06:04 PM
Just a update to add, They do get past a lot of the interviews and get to some footage around the 33 min mark and beyond.

Ranch footage starting around the 44 min if you want to skip too it
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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 06:27 PM
Ah yes, I know you my 282011 friend

Tell me, is this documentary worth the watch? I've been following the phenomena for years, so I know a quite a bit about the topic and have my own theories. Is there anything that may or may not shed some "new light" on the subject? I'm going to watch it anyways, but I'd really like to have your opinion so that I can go into it with some expectations.

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 06:29 PM
@ 51 mins..gnomes and fairies ? Seriously?

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 07:17 PM
I suppose this video will probably only appeal to those of a certain mindset. Yes it is mostly a documentary about the ranch and the people that run it live there. There is ufo footage sprinkled in, some very good as I said around the 44 min mark and some prior. Yes there are also some photos taken of faires whcih I myself found to be rather interesting, but that is just me.

Is it worth the watch? That is tough to answer as I can only speak for myself, and I suppose it depends on what one is looking for. I know for me it helped remind me to stay in touch with my own inner guidance and to trust my instincts etc.. Maybe get myself back on track to certain things I used to practice.

If one is looking for explosive ufo footage, well, like I said, there is some sprinkled through the video, but I suppose one would get bored watching the rest.

I also apologise Mods in my earlier lacking of protocall, my bad

Im glad I watched it and I know that is a place I would really like to visit, yet I also know, I really don't have to leave my own home or garden to experience the magic either if that made sense

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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 07:35 PM
Thank you, will enjoy this alot. Find his ranch very interesting and enjoy all his videos.

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 07:43 PM

Originally posted by PhoenixOD
@ 51 mins..gnomes and fairies ? Seriously?

Well, some of those gnomes and fairy tales impact real life. I sent my friend his video of contacts recently. I thought it might interest her grandson, who spent a week with us. we had crafts, flashes, spontaneous scoop marks, very deep, appear on our arms during this, two on his, one on mine, typical for alot of mine. One of his healed up right before our eyes, also, he had a window open up and he remembered things about Gaia, and this testing ground and who he was in source, Feline from Sirius. And he started writing to a freind of mine from Finland and they started writing back and forth in this strange psuedo language, which he sang to me, saying it was a psalm/song. He said, the keyboard was too primitive for him to truly express himself, and talked about the endless tests.

Also, one of the things he kept saying was they were not supposed to take his DNA. It was not allowed. He was AB-, and his father.

Well they do anyway, we can attest to that.

In any case, he had written to my friend that he was so grateful for the many times (ie, reincarnation) that they had visited him and not left him all alone. And he also said to us, that his people were on their way and would be here shortly. He was expecting them almost like any minute, any day, they were coming.

That was July 2009. And one of his videos, talks about the Felines and that they were seen down in Mexico in 2009.

Coincidence? Well I sent that video last week, when I found it.

James Gilliland on contact with higher dimensional beings

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 08:41 PM
Okay so the James Gilliland Ranch is now the Eceti Ranch?

Didn't the ATS crew do a huge field trip there some time ago? I don't think I ever saw the results of that...

Seems they been having some issues with they County and needed to raise some funds

ECETI Ranch is currently facing challenges from the county to stay open to our friends and family for skywatching and small spiritual gatherings. We have been fighting this battle for over a year and faced demonstrated discrimination, bias and harassment from the land use commission and planning department of Klickitat County because our views are different that those shared by county officials. In addition to land use challenges we have also been told that none of our buildings (including our main residence) are allowed and/or permitted and we do not have the right to reside in any building on the property (regardless of necessary permits on file). We are also a working farm and committed to creating a sustainable lifestyle as a model for a more sustainable way of living.

Nice fund raising site

Then from another site I see this;

James Gilliland Declares ECETI Ranch Off LimitsThis is a featured page

In an email sent to his followers announcing his dissatisfaction with media reports, James Gilliland said "I believe the majority of the UFO community has become convoluted and riddled with disinformation". The ECETI ranch is a UFO hotspot regularly visited by UFO enthusiasts and investigators who expect to see UFO's, orbs and light trails. UFO's have been reportedly been pursued by US Government aircraft above Gilliland's ranch. Gilliland is a famous UFO researcher who seeks publicity and self promotes his property to UFO groups and reporters but who now wants to pursue investigations without UFO and paranormal groups getting in the way. Here is the full text of Gilliland's explanation as to why he is withdrawing from UFO and paranormal groups.

Very odd... all this

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 08:47 PM
None of the details of his feelings for the ufo scene makes the slightest bit of difference to me. All I go by is energy recognition and I recognize the energy is real. And he has had quite a bit to say on Muffon, etc etc. But, the energy is real. Thats what counts.

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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 08:58 PM
One thing I notice online is all the charletans, and even CIA kind of mismanagement of the situation, and their so called whistleblowers and credo's, all get critics but lots of stars. The real M'Koy people don't get that, most don't understand what they have to say, what its really like, don't understand much at all apparently, don't use their own hearts and insights, dust them off and start to grow this, because everyone has psi and energy recognition, and everyone is being visited by family often as angels and performing tireless miracles and cleanups behind the scenes in their lives, and everyone is cosmic, no matter how times they've slugged away at trying to progress in the tests here on earth or similar.

The real accounts just overlooked and ignored.

Nonethless, the experiencers know which ones are real.

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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 09:13 PM

ECETI - James Gilliland - First Contact Has Begun - P9_9

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 09:14 PM
reply to post by onehuman

Again, when someone tries to impress me with their talents in over-done opening visuals and noisy productions, they lose me before, as the old saying goes, before the first reel is done.

I don't care what the main message was, whether it was something really of interest or not.

I've learned to use the simple word "FAIL."

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 11:35 PM
Its so odd, those who want to clamp down on truth, or just don't know enough say FAIL, whereas someone whose family have been experiencing, lights up with joy and greets in her soul the energies that bounce off these wonderful interveiws and videos. Suppression of truth, or anything that controls, misleads, misguides, misdirects someone from searching within and awakening, and finding why they're here and doing their best to not let their Family/family down, just be Peace and Love, is very ugly to me. Its such a jarring negative energy that must somehow be loved back to health.

Here is the whole wonderful documentary. Can't remember even if I watched it before, but its very good.

James Gilliland - First Contact Has Begun

He draws the nordics, with the blue uniform, since his childhood. They seem to be involved with many children, my brother and me too, though he doesn't remember. Though he's had missing time after sighting craft.

The only failure is the inability to either recognize truth, or seek for truth. The only ones suppressing it, like this war machine and the social darwinism. I call them, serving demons. The dark side.
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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 11:53 PM
Groups like this are the reason UFOs remain in the fringe. They have taken a scientific phenomenon and reduced it to new age spirituality. Hence, when the average person decides to investigate the UFO phenomenon, they quickly come across these fringe groups, and quickly conclude that UFOs are myths; the domain of kooks and charlatans. In fact UFOs present a phenomenon worthy of serious scientific study, but which is actively investigated by a group consisting of probably under 1% trained scientists. The George Adamskis will always pollute the subject.

posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 05:16 AM
I think these guys are just wishful thinkers, Im pretty sure if i took a trip to that place I would not see any ufos or be healed in anyway.

posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 10:58 AM
Though used to the lack of insight and awareness of so many, so they they follow cia distortions in ufology, eagerly but walk by the real stuff, as if a spell has been cast, or they're so programmed by the world, the religions to simply not see. Though used to it, it never fails to surprise me. Christ Yeshua is a wonderful teacher, and Christ consciousness is universal. But he also told them who their father was, and it sure wasn't God. They murdered him because he told them this. It wasn't a blood sacrifice etiher, God/Goodness doesnt do those, only their father does those. Like the movie, master of disguise, Who's Your Daddy?

The reason I bring this up is many probably walk away from the truth, that they themselves will be so relieved to embrace when they wake up and raise their frequency to progress, probably think this is new age or something, a term frequently put down. They're held in the grip of wars and unjust inequality systems and simply don't understand that its their own love of tough love and abuse that is keeping them here. Raise your frequency. Moses didn't serve God, and when he called those in the camp who served his god, to step forward and the levites did, and then in turn slaughtered 3000 of their own families, children, neighbors who didn't obey Mose's "god" to the letter, that wasn't God/Goodness/Love! And being able to see clearly starts to occur when people start to weed out those programs that accept harm.

Here are some more glimpses into some real ufology.

James Gilliland The ET Situation on Earth

Earth Changes Update Lion Beings by James Gilliland

What most people also don't realize is that their own families, from the past, and current, who have passed on and gone to higher frequency, places of Love, are most often the ones performing the miracles in their lives. We are watch over by loved ones.

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posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 12:11 PM
From the James Gilliland The ET Situation on Earth video above:

---We're going to get some really good information here that is going to hit right at the heart of the matter.

---Basically the area here has a long long history of UFO activity, going back. The Native Americans know all about the ones who live in the interior of the mountain here. Their wounded and sick were taken up to the mountain and given to the highely evolved beings and they would come back in a very short time healed and mended of broken bones and things (akin to South Amercia that way)

....the fire tower spotters, the forrest rangers, the tribal police, all know about the activity up there...and Kenneth Arnold who coined the word Flying Saucer, lost sight of the ships when they descended on the Western Slopes of Mount Adam's which is basically our front yard, we're looking right at that area.

(interesting side note, in his video, Fist Contact, in my above posts), he shares a story of being taken in a craft one night, and seeing into a fire tower where there was an elderly man and his grandson. They saw the crafts and he could see the grandson was trying to draw it. About two weeks later or so, there was a news report or a program where the grandfather had shared and showed the picture his grandson had drawn in the fire tower. Which was a good confirmation for James, it backed up what he had experienced.

I had back up too, when I would have contact, which I shrugged off, tried to ignore, telepathic, and then was pulled to a station near the sun. This was way over my comfort zone and just tried to ignore this as no way could it be real. So, with a cup of coffee went outside. Turned around to go back in and suddenly, Don't Go Yet!!! We Haven't Greeted You Yet! And this red lit craft appeared between the trees, not too far beyond them, and flew forward, right over the roof and vanished. My son leapt out, and this very low flying soundless craft was a saucer when it reached the critical point near the city glow at our roof, where we could see under the light!

I gave up after that, even if people don't believe, I believe, because they never let me off any hooks and have many ways of confirming things to you.)....

---He names many researchers and says a lot of the old timers were very interested in this area and were trying to document....its a different situation than what we're doing, we started to build a healing center, a retreat center, we're doing process oriented therapy. And a lot of Eastern teachings. We teach qiqong etc and alot of very ancient practices...We took a different approach. We're focusing on our own healing and awakening processes. ...We rose to the occasion as these are very spiritually and technologically advanced beings.

There is no purpose in working with people that aren't service oriented, who aren't working on their own development and things of that nature.

So we did a different approach, we rose to the occasion, we really worked to clean up our own consciousness (yes this is important, to seek, to ask to find the work we came to do, to report for duty, to weed out lack of unconditional love and peace programs, to increase kindness and inbility to harm, and this brings protection from negative experiences in ufology)...

And living according to universal principals that are necessary for a healthy society and environment...

---That approach worked. We've been very successful rather than running around with a camera tryign to catch them.

(Yes, instead of running around or traveling if you work on waking up and trying to be a gift to the world and others, and raise your love frequency, you can stand out under the stars and ask for a siting.)

They're so advanced, they're so telepathic...if they want to see you, they'll see you.

---There are so many levels to the ufo enigma. The nuts and bolts stuff, and there is alot of back engineered things that our government has. Then the abduction phenomena and its kind of a joint operation (between our black ops and the greys/reptilians etc)

That's the real low level stuff going on.

And then you go above that and then you have beings that are just observors, watching this huge evolutionary shift, then you have the helpers and workers here to help us in this transition.

---The ones we're working with are the ones more a part of the human experience and to assist us in our evolutionary process and hoping we will evolve into a spiritual wholesome life and harmony with each other and the planet.....

---There were a lot of them that had a non interference policy...they would just observe, they didn't want to interfere, then there are those who interfere extremely (ie. the low level stuff. Actually I wish to make a note, the non interference is part of the spiritual reality of our tests and the low levels don't honor this, but the higher levels Serve our Spiritual Source, Father/Mother/Family and know we're in tests. The basic rule of thumb is, the more awake and trying to clean up our lives/programs, which includes gratitude and humilty, quite often those who are just fairly good always, are luke warm and those who have fallen, and reached limits, thinking God/Goodness won't help are the ones who are so grateful they are on fire with love and want to make a difference.

But the basic rule is the more goodness is in the world, the more Goodness can operate and awakening, miracles, higher frequency can access and help.

The opposite is true as well.

Also because earth is a testing ground, school, both individual and collective. ie. it can stay a hellzone or be recycled, ie end times, where people just wake up one by one, or the race can overcome wars and inequality and the whole planet could be upgraded quickly to level 1 or 2 or more civilizations. Its interactive tests.

But we're not handed the answers to the tests on a silver platter, and need to be waking up.

Conversely, in a world where everyhting is a lie and corrupted, there still has to be some truth shouting, so some truth shouting is still not interference.)

posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 12:17 PM
Well worth your time to watch his videos, if you really are seeking for the real answers. And the spiritual nature is the truth of the reality we live in. And ufology has frequency , a kind of duality.

The negative side that work sort of with our leaders, thats not all as negative as they think. Some is entrapment, ie given technology that can equalize and heal and upgrade a planet, but that can be used to harm, what have our controllers here done? And there are real cosmic laws involved, for this vineyard that they appointed themselves the managers of, is not theirs. The more they break the rules and abuse the vineyard and misuse the gift and harm the very essence of life on earth and mother earth, the more Good can intervene irregardless of the criminal suppression of the students awareness. I call it entrapment.

Many who see Ufology as negative don't understand, life isn't boring on the other side, ie. sitting on clouds and playing a haarp. There are infinite frequency realms and universes or States of Beyond. Wherever there are students and then bullies have taken over and run the show, so a strong presence of negativity, there is a strong presence of Light and Love watching over with truly superior technology, and workers that enter in. Ufology is both corporal and spiritual and there is no time, so can involve past/present and future.
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posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 01:53 PM
Again this video: This is the reason for the disasters and the NWO and why everything is very bad, depopulation.

James Gilliland The ET Situation on Earth

From 22 30 on its very good here: He is asked, after sharing about their weather modification and the insane chemicals in the chemtrails, if they are also doing this to affect the awakening process. That they know the changes in the cosmos, and they're trying to thwart this.

He had also brought up the higher energy sector of the cosmos we're entering, like the Russian Scientists have said, the true cause for the warming, is very interesting because a much larger natural process taking place, and there is no stopping this. Earth changes, and upheavals, the earth cleansing, but also, this is also a phyiscal and spiritual evolution. Energy is intellect, and we're going into an enhanced area. Earth, which is a project in the cosmos and the creation of Source, the true Higher Ups, our spiritual Family, is not supposed to be artificially held back by the group that appointed itself as the school managers and school board. Because school boards don't work to harm the school and students progression.

---They are doing all they can to stop the awakening and healing process.

---They just want you basically as a labor source....they are the chosen ones and we are cattle. (control and profit)

---Bought off suidal scientists participating in their own demise. (I believe they have implanted in them a poison and that the scientists are held hostage more or less from talking, possibly their entire family).

---I agree with him when he says they are insane and have lost the ability to reason, not really the scientists but TPTB.

---He nails it completely. TPTB think they're above KARMA, the testers, not the testees, and above everyone else. He says they're just NUTS. And its true!!!!

---They're doing it to themselves. James points out, they think they're bullet proof, they think they're invulnerable to all of this, they're so arrogant. THey can't even see what they're doing to the whole and how that is going to affec them. They're so wrapped up in their own ego. That even if they have the antidotes for the harm they're doing to us and earth.

He says, the Bottom Line Is When You Crap In Your Nest, You're Living In Crap!!!!

---Look at the banksters and what they're doing. They're totally unsustainable. Their greed has gotten so insatiable, they're taking out the people that have been feeding them. They don't care, they're just collapsing the whole economy, and they believe there is this huge tribulation happening.

He says they are making revolations come true more or less, and that they think the more they destroy everything the more they can make Jesus come back. Yes thats whats its all about, and forcing a harvest instead of havign people upgrade.

You see the negative/dracos and lower entities/legion they serve do not want humanity to awaken and progress and go to the next level, which is the timing, and the part of the cosmos we're entering. They want to bring on the HARVEST, and keep everyone dumbed down to ensure they spiritually are trapped for a lot longer and handed over to their overlords. So some are doing this thinking their the wolves working for God, and some are doing this out of complete evil intent of trying to hand souls over to the dark side and prevent progression.

I've known this for a long time.

---He says they're acting totally contrary to everything He taught and think they are doing His work, and that's about as insane as you can get.

---Revolations is a blueprint and program.

---Another program too they have is they all think they're going to go underground and ride this thing out. They do really want everyone on the surface gone or rendered inert so they're not a threat. So that is a major program right now.

These guys are really really afraid of humanity waking up! If humanity wakes up and sees who they are and what they've been doing there is going to be lychings in the street and on the White House lawn.

Make no doubt about it, the people are the enemy, because they've done such heinous acts and are in fear of being caught.
..These guys are in such high positions of power and they have sold their souls and they don't think there is any way back. They just control and dominate and remove any obstacles to their program or remove anybody who might be part of the repucussion or the karmic back lash.

posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 02:16 PM
I think the "Eceti" stuff is helpful to those of us that are trying to deal with the outrageous signal to noise ratio regarding this subject.

When someone expresses positive support or belief of such utter nonsense it allows the rest of us to immediately discredit anything that person has said, is saying and will ever say on here again. It's that simple. Someone has to say it out loud, too many are sitting around thinking it, but scared to say it.

The problem with this subject is there simply aren't enough people that recognize absurd, moronic stuff when they see it. And, unfortunately, the absence of any reasonably loud person on the side of common sense, reason and logic means this subject is represented by the overwhelmingly loud, lunatic fringe. You combine this "Eceti" nonsense with the legions of "useful idiots" that are ignorant enough to promote it, support it and talk about it as if it is a positive thing and you end up with a joke of a subject.

So yeah, that's what I think about "Eceti" and anything like it. Don't get mad at me, this is a discussion board and it wouldn't be any fun if we all just sat around and agreed with each want that just go to GLP (lol).

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