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Radioactive Seaweed Being Sold in SK...Video Included!

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posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by Arbitrageur

I wish I had a freezer of pre-march 2011 fish.

Lucky you

You got my stomach grownling.

All I have currently that even comes close to sea food is a can of oysters that comes from China.

I would have to be drunk to enjoy it, otherwise all I can think of is the radiated Pacific.

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 02:01 AM
hi everyone, I am the author of the seaweed test vids.

first off, no I am not a scientist, just a concerned citizen with a geiger counter ... so if you take issue with my methodology then pls consider this ...

Also, I am not out to point fingers at particular companies or organizations. I posted my vids to inform others of what had me quite shaken and see if anyone might be concerned enough to initiate a proper lab test of these products ... instead I have gotten a whack of grief from people calling me a liar and rumor spreading troublemaker. Well, I did expect that, and I am not going to try and convince anyone who thinks so ... anyone can go down to the store pick up a package of the same kelp and bring it to a lab to have it analysed ... I have done what I can with the device I got and it was only meant as a "hey, guys, there might be something foul here..."

As for the general MSM silence concerning the tragedy in Japan ... well it will have catastrophic consequences that will only become apparent after an incubation period in which the constant pervasive rad exposure will take its toll on the populace, especially the children ... the world did not learn a thing from Chernobyl I guess ... denial, denial, denial ...

back to my "tests" ... I did not post other vids yet because I do happen to be in the lucky (these days, considering the global economic situation) position of actually still being employed and do not have much time to devote to doing too much "testing" and posting all at once ... at the same time keeping up my arduous routine of daily cleansing, coffee enemas, vegetarian-from-scratch food prep, yoga, meditation and then also trying to get some decent shut eye ... life is hectic ... all I wanted is to get my findings out there for others to take note and possibly pursue the issue further ... as for me, it was clear that eventually we were bound to see some repercussions of Fukushima hitting Korean shores ... it is just a matter of time and anyone who has ever seen a drop of ink spread in a glass of water intrinsically knows how such things work.

Anyways, you can contact me if you wish to get more info.

and here are a few sites that do a darn good job of gathering the little bits, pieces and snippets of Fuku info that does make it out of the MSM denial vortex:

stay safe and informed. over and out.

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 02:38 AM
reply to post by joytek311

Thanks for joining in here.

I don't read Hangul very well, can you fill me in on where this stuff was produced? You seem to be getting higher readings than anything I've seen produced on the Japanese west coast for some reason.

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 04:17 AM
reply to post by vox2442

Well, it does not say on the package where the seaweed has been harvested, however the first one I tested is called "East Sea" (or East Coast) seaweed, so it stands to reason that that is where it originates. Given that a Japanese fishing vessel wrecked by the Tsunami has recently washed up on Korea's shore it would not be unreasonable to preclude that the rad laced waters have made it this far as well. Since seaweed obviously grows in the sea water and is in intimate contact with it, any pollutants present in the water will over time increase in concentration within the seaweed.

I too was stunned by the reading and that prompted me to post about it ... it just seems to be "too high" to be ok ... again, that is my private, "non-scientific" "analysis" of what I am seeing ... but I do read a lot about these issues and these sort of values (rad readings) do seem to be "abnormal" ... and before someone pulls out the banana, "natural" K-40 argument ... I consume massive amounts of bananas, usually around 20 a day, and have tried to get some high readings from a whack of them all stacked on a table but failed to generate anything worthy of interest ... I am not saying that naturally occurring radioactive potassium could not account for the high readings, but just that I could not replicate the results using even massive amounts of bananas ... which are over and over claimed to be chalk full of that stuff ...

so, again take what I show and say with a grain or two of salt, just as any rational person always should, but do not shoot the messenger just because the message seems not to conform to the dominant paradigm.

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 05:10 AM
reply to post by joytek311

Hi Joytek, I thank you for stopping by.

I tried to get a hold of you on YT but my messages did not seem to go through that day. I saw the people flaming you in your comment section, and it was rude of them. You might find some people like that here but they're easy to ignore. Personally I think it's a great thing what you did and enjoyed your videos.

Do you get lots of readings in SK?

I'm thinking of getting a a geigo-counter to do similar tests.

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by joytek311

Hi, joytek!

I'm so happy you've dropped in to comment and address the issues raised here. Please understand that I'm not slamming you and am only interested in understanding why people have said that seaweed and kelp protect against radiation, while your tests indicate that it is absorbed. I'd like to know if radiation has a shorter half life on seaweed/kelp than other substances. You see, I take a kelp tablet daily just for its nutritional value, but now I'm concerned that the tabs may be radioactive. So, I'd like to know more.

As I stated in one of my earlier posts, when you were testing the seaweed out of the package, it struck me as odd to see that the geiger readings drop so quickly from an 8 to a 5.?. I found this rapid decrease stunning and would like to know if seaweed expels radiation. As you suggested, I should probably get a geiger counter and do my own test, but I'm curious to see if the seaweed radiation count would continue to decline if the geiger counter was allowed to remain on the seaweed. Would it soon register the same as the counter top? I wonder this because when you tested the seaweed in the plastic bag, the reading appeared to stabilize. but the seaweed reading stabilized, then dropped dramatically. I may be way off base thinking that the seaweed can expel the radiation it absorbed, but I'm interested in your take on this. Plus, since the seaweed is dried, would this impact its ability to expel radiation compared to if it's in its natural wet state?

Again, I thank you for doing the research you've done and posting the videos. I mean no harm in my former posts. I applaud all your efforts. I'm just ultra curious about seaweed/kelp and why people say it helps protect against radiation.

As an aside, I'd read that the people who were near ground zero when the bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were dropped, those that survived and didn't suffer bad burns had a steady diet of whole leaf aloe. Have you heard about this?

Thanks again and welcome to ATS!

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posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 11:22 AM
Thank you for the invite to this forum.

to answer your questions:

Yes, ingesting NON-CONTAMINATED kelp can help shield your thyroid from radiation due to its naturally high (non-radioactive) iodine content. Ingesting this iodine saturates your thyroid and thus prevents your body from taking up the radioactive iodine released from (created by) nuclear fission. If the seaweed you are ingesting is already contaminated then it can offer no benefit and will most likely actually be responsible for making matters worse.

As for the sudden jumps in the readings ... you must understand that radiation release (as in particles as well as waves (rays)) are not linear but more akin to bursts and that also occur in all directions around the contaminated sample so in effect like in "3D" space, along x,y,z axes ... so if you picture a Geiger counter sensor recording this (obviously the sensor is not all around the sample) it can only see a small part of one plane of the total release from the sample ... thus fluctuations in readings are seen like in the video. The way to get an accurate reading is to set up a "long-count" ... there is an option in the device to let it record all the "hits" for a predetermined period of time (user selectable ) and then one can divide the number (of radioactive disintegrations registered by the sensor) by the amount of time (minutes) it took to get the reading for a CPM (count per minute) average .... this value takes into account the variable nature of a "spot" check over a short period of time and gives a much more accurate reading (the longer the selected time alloted the more accurate the reading ... since it is sort of like a statistical situation in which the more data points you can plot the more accurate your outcome will be). Why did I not do that in the videos ... simply because for an accurate reading I would have to do an hour (or longer) long video to document this process without people crying foul ... they will anyways but whatever ... I could do a ten minute count as well, but as stated before my intent was to just quickly demonstrate my finding (which I confirmed on my own with a long count ... but no video)

I hope my explanation is clear but if I failed to explain it well enough let me know and I will try to rephrase this ...

as for what you can do to try and help your body deal with the radioactive contamination ... there are many informative posts about this .... here are some comprehensive links you can look at:

DISCLAIMER: as for the last link, I am in no way advocating Ron Paul nor have any ties with him nor his political cause/views ... it just happens to be a decent link as far as the advice about rads is concerned.

also, you might look into organic coffee enemas ... I have been a "user" for years now and find that they truly do wonders for my system ... just google for instructions ... and check out info on Dr. Gerson ...

let me know if you need anything else.

get busy healing yourself casue the poisonous onslaught is by no means over and only if you are in top (health) shape do you stand a chance to actually survive this ... that is what I think so you might not share my opinion but it is sure that it never hurts to be in top shape and ready anyways:-)

over and out.

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by joytek311

Thank you for stopping back in and clarifying how the geiger counter works and how you conducted your readings. I believe I have a better understanding now. It's a shame that even seaweed and kelp can become contaminated. I suppose nothing is immune to radiation and, you're right, we need to take all the precautions we can to remain healthy. Here in the US, they are preparing to build more nuclear power plants, which is a shame since there are so many other safer avenues. It's also been found that nuclear power plants leak Mercury into the environment as well, so that's a double whammy.

It's funny that you mention the organic coffee enemas. This was also mentioned on one of my threads where it's suggested as a way to detox your body of fluoride. It's comforting to know that this has multiple uses.

Here's the thread in case you're interested:
It's a shame though since kelp is also listed as one of the natural products that will rid the body of fluoride.

Thanks for the links, too. I'll be sure to check them out and educate myself further.

Stay safe and take care, joytek!

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