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Quake Watch 2012

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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by MamaJ

Thanks for the compliment but at the end of the day no one is indispensable. There are plenty of other level headed boring down to earth people to take my place I am sure.

All is well, as I said just busy and it is summer here for a change, well yesterday and today anyway. Not sure about tomorrow. We had 22°C (71.6°F) and that is rare here, very rare.

California? Bear in mind that there is no evidence for an earthquake in California exceeding Mag 8, which of course would be pretty horrendous it if were to occur, but I do not believe Cali could produce a 9, let alone 2, provided you count Northern Cali as part of Cascadia. That southern end of the fault could and has produced an 8.5. It is really rather more Oregon however.

No one can effectively say that there will or will not be a major earthquake in California at any given time, at least not yet. One will occur at some time. That is all you can be sure about. Sorry I can't be more warm and fuzzy that that. In the meantime the best you can do is be prepared.

posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 02:59 PM
reply to post by PuterMan

To be honest I spent all of 15 minutes "researching" before I gave it up. I just can't link HAARP and earthquakes together in my head. I am not saying that it isn't causing it (for those that believe), but I just don't get it. I think I am going to just keep my eyes on the quakes for now.

Umm...I am a bit concerned that it rarely gets up to 72F where you are. I would go crazy! I love my warm weather.

Though I would leave the 110F behind us, never to be seen again after this summer.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 02:05 AM
Today, it was forecast as 102 (( am in the hills), and this afternoon it was just a hair under 107, our power went out for a while...hose got about 87 degrees inside (even after closing windows and trying to keep things cool and trying not to exert too much) I noticed late this afternoon something very unusual - NO birds were singing, I could not see ANY flying around like normal, and all my chickens were not only quiet, but not ANY of them laid any eggs. I have raised chickens about 20 years and that has not happened before even during the really hot Indian Summer days. Right now it is about 12 midnight, and it is good to hear the crickets and frogs at their normal sounds. Usually, they will go silent real fast if something is moving around. Dont know if they would do the same thing though if there was some kind of shaker comin. Me, personally, off and on especially now as I type, I am feeling a little unstable in balance which is not normal. So Could be a few little tremors goin off in Nevada...Havent checked the the USGS sites yet, just thought I would post real quick as I just got on the net.

As far as that Coombes person, I do not know if he will be correct about something major, but it is always wiser to just take heed in case. Better to be prepared than sorry. Emergencies never seem to announce before they are to happen. Been noticing my internet been really acting quirky, too, the past two days. Tomorrow is supposed to be hellishly hot (much hotter than today). Love ya guys on this thread, I check as often as I can. You guys really make my day. Just had to type down some random stuff that came to mind while I had a moment.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 02:12 AM
I just wanted to state that I am ridiculously off balance as well , not that it means anything but I never have a problem with this. When I say ridiculously I mean it's really bad...if I look up for even a second I stagger...I also have that weird feeling that something is coming.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 04:59 AM
reply to post by discolo

Thanks for that bit of info on Scotland mate, appreciated.

Going to have a dig about & see what i can find on the UK.


posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 05:05 AM
reply to post by PuterMan

Thanks for the link Puterman to the BGS site.

I see links in your signature too, which i'll have a look at.


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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 05:12 AM
Just seen this one on emsc.

This looks shallow, for the magnitude i'm thinking.

Link here

Magnitude mb 5.3
Date time 2012-08-11 09:34:21.0 UTC
Location 40.15 N ; 78.26 E
Depth 10 km
Distances 370 km S Almaty (pop 1,204,762 ; local time 15:34:21.6 2012-08-11)
211 km NE Shache (pop 82,509 ; local time 17:34:21.6 2012-08-11)
201 km SW Aksu (pop 340,020 ; local time 17:34:21.6 2012-08-11)
Global view
Source parameters not yet reviewed by a seismologist

More information at:

Kazakhstan National Data Center, Institute of Geophysical Research Almaty, Kazakhstan
Geophysical Survey. Russian Academy of Sciences Obninsk, Russia

[ EDIT ]

So their was 2 Earthquakes i'm guessing at different depths.


2012 August 11 09:34:23 UTC

Earthquake Details

This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.

Magnitude 5.3

Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 09:34:23 UTC
Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 05:34:23 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones

Location 39.960°N, 78.140°E
Depth 25.2 km (15.7 miles)

188 km (117 miles) ENE (73°) from Kashi, Xinjiang, China
222 km (138 miles) SW (234°) from Aksu, Xinjiang, China
241 km (150 miles) SE (131°) from Naryn, Kyrgyzstan
430 km (267 miles) SE (138°) from BISHKEK (Frunze), Kyrgyzstan

Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 14.9 km (9.3 miles); depth +/- 7.8 km (4.8 miles)
Parameters NST=199, Nph=199, Dmin=426.4 km, Rmss=0.61 sec, Gp= 58°,
M-type=body wave magnitude (Mb), Version=8

Magnitude: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
Location: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)

Event ID usb000bun4

Here is the link for USGS
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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 07:43 AM
Earthquake Details

This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 12:23:17 UTC
Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 03:53:17 PM at epicenter
38.378°N, 46.873°E
9.7 km (6.0 miles)
60 km (37 miles) ENE (57°) from Tabriz, Iran
125 km (78 miles) W (277°) from Ardabil, Iran
156 km (97 miles) SSE (148°) from Angeghakot, Armenia
286 km (178 miles) SE (134°) from YEREVAN, Armenia
Location Uncertainty
horizontal +/- 14 km (8.7 miles); depth +/- 4.1 km (2.5 miles)
NST=193, Nph=194, Dmin=269.4 km, Rmss=1.37 sec, Gp= 40°,
M-type=regional moment magnitude (Mw), Version=A
Magnitude: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
Location: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
Event ID


posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 07:51 AM

This is another mag 6. Not the same as the first

Magnitude 6.0 - Northwestern Iran

Location map by EMSC (Google Map)
  • Date-Time: Saturday, August 11, 2012 @ 12:34:43 UTC
  • Earthquake location: 38.532°N, 46.709°E,
  • Earthquake depth: 80.0 km
  • Distances:
    62 km NE Tabriz (pop 1,424,641 ; local time 16:04:43.9 2012-08-11)
    31 km W Ahar (pop 94,348 ; local time 16:04:43.9 2012-08-11)
  • Event ID: 281314

Derived from Event Data Source: EMSC
Powered by QVSData

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USGS now in

Magnitude 6.3 - Northwestern Iran

Location in Google Maps
  • Date-Time: Saturday, August 11, 2012 @ 12:34:35 UTC
  • Earthquake location: 38.324°N, 46.759°E,
  • Earthquake depth: 9.8 km
  • Distances:
    32km (19mi) WSW of Ahar, Iran
    49km (30mi) ENE of Tabriz, Iran
    86km (53mi) E of Marand, Iran
    97km (60mi) NNW of Hashtrud, Iran
    282km (175mi) SE of Yerevan, Armenia
  • Event ID: usb000buph

Derived from Event Data Source: USGS
Powered by QVSData

There could be some very serious damage and loss of life from these quakes.

Aftershocks coming in

2012-08-11 12:49:19, 38.164, 46.698, 4.7, 1.0, N.Western Iran [Map]

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 08:41 AM
reply to post by PuterMan

Thanks PM....please keep us updated. I have a good friend there and cannot reach him......very worried!

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 08:47 AM
Do you all want to know what is really scary. Only this morning I read about the 188 day earthquake cycle and decided to give it a go using available data on earthquakes on the wikipedia site. Well I calculated that an earthquake of reasonable strength would be sometime today. I didn't know where it would hit, but then about an hour ago I had an alert on my phone telling me about the earthquake in Northern Iran and it was a 6.3 magnitude.

To start with, I was a bit sceptical about this theory, but now as I am writing this I can't help but feeling a little freaked out that I predicted that so accurately. If the quake had been somewhere in the ring of fire, nobody would have taken a lot of notice, but this was Northern Iran.

Perhaps this was beginners luck, but to get the date dead on like that is truly mindblowing.

I will be researching this a bit more and see if any of my predictions come true. I used the prediction with a basis that the quake had to be 6.0 mag and above.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:27 AM
This just in from Earthquake report
Important update 14:12 UTC : ER reader Mehran comments that Mehr news is reporting heavy damage to clay housing, victims transferred to hospitals, and the epicenter is reported to be the village of Varzgan.

Update 14:07 UTC : Emergency evaluation teams have been send to Tabriz and Ahar were telecommunications and power have been cut. Iran has very good organized emergency and SAR teams and can handle a lot of damaging earthquakes with their own troops and material. evaluates Iran earthquake response as one of the best in the world!

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:31 AM
That's three quakes over 6 mag in the last 24 hours, with Alaska and now two in Iran. No sixers over the previous seven days or longer. Are things ramping up perhaps?
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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 10:02 AM
By reading earthquake report it appears back in 02 Iran had a smaller quake that killed over 200 people!!

Here is to hoping everyone was out of their houses with minimal casualties if any!

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 10:23 AM
Well, unless any quakes of significant size appear before then, I have predicted that the 19th of August will be the next date when something big appears.

This theory of course has no founding, only the 188 day theory has influenced my predictions.

So allowing for a couple of days either side of that date, I am interested to see if I am right.

If you have an iPhone, there is a little app called quakes on the app store. Its free and gives you alerts to quakes happening around the world.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 10:44 AM
The Danger zone is the 30.000 N to 40.000 N zone for large quakes.

Los Angeles is in Lat :34.02 N

Iran is at Lat :38.32 N

Japan is at Lat 37.24 N

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edit on 7/30/2012 by dreamfox1 because: And then this ......6 hours ago Magnitude: 2.2 DateTime: Saturday August 11 2012, 09:01:14 UTC Region: southeastern Missouri Depth: 7.3 km Source: USGS Feed

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 01:53 PM
Decent size one in the Mid Atlantic


2012 August 11 17:47:31 UTC

Scientific & Technical

Earthquake Details

This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.

Magnitude 5.3

Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 17:47:31 UTC
Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 03:47:31 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones

Location 52.192°N, 31.414°W
Depth 10.3 km (6.4 miles)
Distances 1229 km (763 miles) SE of Nanortalik, Greenland
1432 km (889 miles) SSW of Hafnarfjordur, Iceland
1437 km (892 miles) SSW of Kopavogur, Iceland
1439 km (894 miles) SSW of Reykjavik, Iceland
Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 13.3 km (8.3 miles); depth +/- 4.3 km (2.7 miles)
Parameters NST=480, Nph=481, Dmin=>999 km, Rmss=0.98 sec, Gp= 25°,
M-type=body wave magnitude (Mb), Version=6

Magnitude: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
Location: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 02:42 PM
link" target="_blank" class="postlink">153 reported dead

At least 153 have been reported dead from the Iran Earthquake. I can't get the link to work but the source is Yahoo news. May they rest in peace.

Just goes to show that it doesn't take a mag 8 or greater to do major damage.
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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 02:50 PM
reply to post by Doodle19815

Thank you for saying many people just brush off the smaller quakes....a 6 is by no means smaller but even smaller ones can instill fear.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by Doodle19815

You are right about that, look at Canterbury last year
a shallow Mag 6 on land near civilization anywhere is going to be fatal..

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