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Another Understanding/Interpretation of this Universe.

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 09:33 PM
Was it your purpose on drawings 015 and 016 to have two lines or shadows that dissapear at a point and then re-appear again? As the thing turned it did this the whole time and kept repeating itself, like a clock hand, but two shadows followed.
Did you put those shadows on there?

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 12:48 AM

Originally posted by cloaked4u
Was it your purpose on drawings 015 and 016 to have two lines or shadows that dissapear at a point and then re-appear again? As the thing turned it did this the whole time and kept repeating itself, like a clock hand, but two shadows followed.
Did you put those shadows on there?

Thank You for your Post, cloaked4u

The Short answer is NO...

Ever wonder what inspired the species to produce the Old form of the Clock the way they did.
Perhaps it had something to do with this ? LOL.

It is your Mind that sees this... And is Normal.

Just part of the Processes taking place in the Processing System of the Construct that manifests everything INSIDE the "Real Self" in other words the Mind i.e. "Awareness" or LIFE.

It is NOT something either Directly in this Animation or your Computer.

It is a Result of the Animation your Mind Sees.

It is meant to be this way for you at this stage, Controlled by your other End of the Mind or "Awareness" i.e. LIFE.

In other words the effect is seen by the Mind (LIFE) only and is Only present in the Minds Processing Systems "Construct" (I have been describing in this thread) and is NOT present within this Universe.

I am Sure there will be someone on ATS who can check out each frame in this Animation, to Verify this for you.

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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by Jn

i can understand some of how you say these colours are created and have existence, the difficult part to grasp fully, is probably the how, could we say that grey would be the colour god emerged in, so would grey be a combination of all be the first colour so to speak, for god?.

I don't want to get into the Theology side or Philosophy involving religious material but I will try and answer your question for you.

According to some writings there was darkness and God/god said let there be LIGHT and there was. Often this was explained by saying this took place through Movement.
The "Opposite" is Repose.

Hence the Saying "The sign of My Father (Previous One) is Movement & Repose."

And Black I understand was Previous to White But previous to these 2 was Darkness (NOT Evil as might be suggested by some as Darkness contained these 2 but "the Darkness comprehend them Not.")

Awareness or LIFE became Aware hence LIFE IS "Awareness". But the darkness as in the form of Darkness wasn't "Aware" as Awareness is a "Component" of the "Darkness".

So the Black & White (NOT White & Black.

Note; in the Saying the order of the words "Black & White"... NOT White and Black)

LIGHT came out of Darkness as LIGHT is the "Separation" of the 2 Components, that form "Darkness";


If we mix these 2 and it is permitted to become static, in other words have repose, then GRAY appears.

But on the other Hand if BOTH Black & White are Rotated causing a "Rotating Oscillation" then we get YELLOW ("Pale YELLOW").

But The YELLOW is made denser by Compression.
More about this Later in this thread where this technology is used to provide Lighting within Walls, Floors and Ceilings for example in Buildings and Craft etc.

The Reason for this is that Contrast is Lost.
i.e. neither be Black or the White can be seen separately.

So Darkness is NOT BLACK.
If it was then you would Not be able top see the Colour Black but instead a Hole would appear and the fact is it doesn't.

The other proof to Black is NOT Darkness as believed, is found when we test for the Complimentary Colour of BLACK.

One way of showing this is in Drawing 011 on page 01 of this Thread.

Keep staring at the "A" and don't take your eyes of the "A" while observing the appearance of LIGHT in the ring.

Notice the WITE LIGHT you see here, is Whiter than your screen.
The White you See is a Dynamic projection of the Complimentary Colour of Black being displayed.

But what we are actually rotating is a HOLE in the BLACK "Line Work" or Ring..... LOL.

the natural opposites to start in this colour being the black and the white, to get the first base partition map, or first expression of divinity.

just in the same way then, to express the grey as black and white, the same process used through different levels and processes, as in the same way the processing system works, through using more levels of processing of the base colours through the various levels of movement and creation.

if this logic is correct, i would think all colours existed in the beginning, as part of the grey, it would be they just needed expressing as god created the partition map/s, also with geometry.

Sort of. All is the result of movement & Repose.
And in this context Yes all the Colours would exist in the GRAY (Darkness)
But All that does exist is in fact Found in "Awareness".

The Evolutionary path was Awareness discovering itself that is to say the Content of Awareness.

This is why it is said, Quote, "I Know NO other".

That is to say "Awareness" is only Aware of itself and No Other.

The discovery of itself lead Awareness to express itself (Communicate between its two ends using Geometry by exploring the nature of itself.)

Once established Awareness Partitioned itself in another form to create the Partitions of Awareness in a generation or tree like structure because Awareness was Lonely as there was only the One .
So this set up a Social network within itself.

I don't really want philosophy or theology to creep into this thread,.

It is well known that both theology & philosophy tends to destroy Knowledge, this is why little is known about the "Processing System" in this program so now is the time to reverse this condition to return to The Knowledge of Awareness and its Technologies.

But I will show the Structuring of this Social network later on in this thread.

we see the result of this with some of colours we see, but that is the result, the cause being some of the processes of refraction and movement of the various levels of the processing system, also running in each partition.

our result of the processing system creating the pictures and environment we see, which is the result of a processing system, we are seeing the results of that processing system on our interactive vision screens, the colours like you said above being made through mixing of various levels and various movements created by the processing system in each partition, we kind of see these colours as a projection on our screen via information from a information disc, our body and this world essentially being stored information played from the disc/s the partition chose/selected to play for certain specifics.



posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 06:10 AM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller

So Darkness is NOT BLACK.
If it was then you would Not be able top see the Colour Black but instead a Hole would appear and the fact is it doesn't.

The other proof to Black is NOT Darkness as believed, is found when we test for the Complimentary Colour of BLACK.

One way of showing this is in Drawing 011 on page 01 of this Thread.

Keep staring at the "A" and don't take your eyes of the "A" while observing the appearance of LIGHT in the ring.

Notice the WITE LIGHT you see here, is Whiter than your screen.
The White you See is a Dynamic projection of the Complimentary Colour of Black being displayed.

But what we are actually rotating is a HOLE in the BLACK "Line Work" or Ring..... LOL.

this complimentary colour of black in movement in your animation above, is very much like the little floating moving lights one can see in there vision (or there effect/result), especially when out in daylight or a sunlit area, a clear visible example of processing taking place in ones vision.

yes the effect in your animation is a brighter light, brighter then the white background the black circle sits on, otherwise, it would resemble the white background, but is actually brighter, this kind of dynamic interaction between these first colours, would make sense how processing of information could take place, using colours, movement and levels?.

the present (presented information) in the regard of the animation might be looked at as the bright light, brought forth from nothing by something (or information of light created out of nothing by something using the colours black and white in motion), an example of the creating process and delivery process of the 2 colours black and white, hence a delivery or presentation of information, through the movement of black and white, in this situation, i am viewing this as a example of a presentation of "light" through the processing system into the minds vision.

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posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 06:22 PM
In this Post I will reveal some other "Components", used in the Processing System.

The first I will reveal are to do with various forms of "Parallelograms" which involve access to certain types of Libraries.
I will show some of the "Instructions Glyphs" that allow access.
Many of these Glyphs look much like English letters & Numbers but are actual instruction used in Programming. These Libraries involving "Parallelograms" Contain "Instruction Manuals" about anything which exists.

The Concept of these "Parallelograms" came first from the "6 Pointed Star".
These Parallelograms are used in accessing the "Permanent Libraries" on/in the "Outer Face" of the Construct Plane.

The Points of the Star are accessed through Octagons in each Location involving the points of the Star as shown earlier in this thread.

Drawing 0195.

Drawing 0196.

Drawing 0197.

This Next Set of "Parallelograms" involves the Main "Permanent" Libraries of the "Stage".

Note; The Locations of the Points of the "Square" in the Centres of the 4 Smaller YELLOW Octagons.

Drawing 0198.

And the other two One in the "Upper Centre" Location where the YELLOW Line Work Intersects, forming the Large YELLOW Programming "Stage" Octagon.

Note; The Large RED square indicating the "Running Program"

Drawing 0199.

This next Drawing reveals the Left Hand "Parallelogram" referring to the "Upper" end.

Drawing 0200.

And the Octagon Locations, in the corners of the "Parallelogram".

This is The "Program register" ("Upper[ Left") and "Scratch Pad register" ("Lower Right"). The other two remaining in the "Upper Centre" and "Lower Centre" of the "Running Program"

Drawing 0201.

The reason for using the "Parallelograms" in the Operating System, falls into the "Concept" of Shearing off a layer, to Isolate it, so it can be used in another application or function.

In this Case it is the "Square" Representing the Main "Temporary" Library "Stage".
This is another of those weird Rotations I mentioned earlier.
In this case a "Slide & Rotate' function is used.
This is the "Program" or "Left Hand Parallelogram"

Animation 0202.

The other "Parallelogram" goes through the same type of rotation, but separates off in the Opposite direction.

This Parallelogram is the "Control" or "Right Hand Parallelogram"

Drawing 0203.

This leaves the 3rd "Parallelogram" which is a result of the overlap, of the first 2 "Parallelograms".

Drawing 0204.

The Action shown here regarding the Separation.

Animation 0205.

It must be remembered All these are "Geometric Instructions" ONLY.

In these next 8 Drawings, the "Control" Octagonal registers are revealed.
These decide which frames, Control the actions of the Geometric Forms within the frames, the RED Octagons, are aligned to.

The "Frames" are produced by Line Work being formed between the Octagons.

Drawing 0206.

Drawing 0207.

Drawing 0208.

Drawing 0209.

Drawing 0210.

Drawing 0211.

Drawing 0212.

Drawing 0213.

This next Drawing Reveals the "Instruction Glyph" for the "Control" or "Right Hand Parallelogram".

The human Species got the Number Glyph for our "Seven" from this Processing System.
(Through Inspiration.)

Drawing 0114.

This shows the Octagons involved, as well as showing the "Parallelogram".

Drawing 0115.

The "Parallelogram" has 4 "Secondary Partitions" shown here.

Drawing 0116.

This "F" looking Glyph selects the 2 "Upper Partitions"...

a. The "Program register" of the "Control register".
b. The "Control register" of the "Control register"

(( No I haven't made a mistake in what I have written above. LOL. ))

I shall explain more about this later in this thread.

Drawing 0117.

Shown again here, if a GREEN "Instruction" is used Inside a GREEN "Frame".

Drawing 0218.

This "F" looking "Glyph" selects One "Upper Partition".

Drawing 0219.

This "E" looking "Glyph" selects All 4 Partitions. "Both the Upper and Lower Partitions"

Drawing 0220.

If a GREEN "Glyph" is used then the result appears like this.

Drawing 0221.

If the "Glyph" is in BLACK then.

Drawing 0222.

In this Drawing I have revealed the Line Work for the Horizontal Library "Partitioning".

Drawing 0223.

And the Vertical "Partitioning".

Drawing 0224.

In my next post I will show other "Parallelograms" and what they all relate to, as well as revealing their "Instructions" for selecting them.

posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 06:53 PM
reply to post by Jn

If we want to see the same regarding Complimentary colours such as the True Complimentary of BLUE for example we can't do the same on a WHITE back ground or the Complimentary is modified by the addition of WHITE so the True Complimentary is NOT seen.

But if we are Wise and know the true Complimentary Colour then we must use the same in the background or a false result is achieved.

In other words when checking the Complimentary colour ONLY 2 Colours can be used and NOT 3 as in the case if this is done on a WHITE Back Ground.

If tried on a WHITE background then we are trying to use 3 Colours instead of 2...

b. BLUE.
and the Colour appearing as the Complimentary Colour.

We use a YELLOW background because we know YELLOW is "Opposite" to BLUE

In the Case of the First example showing the BLACK Ring with a Gap there are only 2 Colours shown (As there should be).

a. The WHITE.
b. The BLACK.
and the Colour appearing as the Complimentary Colour.

A Complimentary Colour is actually its "Opposite"

If the Complimentary Colour to the BLUE being tested is Correct (True) then it lights up like the other rotating gap in a Ring.
The Amount it lights up indicates how true the Complimentary Colour is.

To see this correctly view this from about 300 mm (about) 1 foot from the Screen, and stare at a location about 3 to 4 times the width of the Animation to the right, so the Animation is in the Left Side of your Vision.

You might have to experiment with this though to suit yourself.

Sorry about the poor Animation Quality...

But you will get the Idea I hope.

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posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

the complimentary colour of blue being yellow, does not light up for me in the animation above, but i think i get your idea.

like how the black and the white are complimentary colours i.e. both opposites of each other, this is why we see the gap in the previous animation light up or a brighter white colour, to signify these colours are both opposites, and by the way the gap in the other animation lights up it shows they are true complimentary colours of each other black and white.

so what i should be seeing in the animation above, a yellow colour light up in the gap of the blue ring, as they are true complimentary colours, the lighting up would of signified blue and yellow are the true opposites of each other?.

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 05:42 PM
reply to post by Jn

The Blue and Yellow we see on Screen may Not be True in other words may lean to the next colour.This was generated in RGB so it depends greatly on your video card etc.

This will of course change from computer to computer depending on your settings.

So if they are well off then you will not see the gap light up.

Remember you have to look to one side of your vision to see this as these are Outer Components.

Look about 300 mm from your screen to the Right so the image is on your Left.

Do Not look at the animation directly, but notice what is taking place without directly looking at the Animation.

Also try moving your eyes up & Down at different speeds, this may allow you to see it lighting up slightly.

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posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 06:10 PM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

i tried looking above the animation not directly at the animation of course and it seemed to work that way, a brighter or more yellow looking colour, in the rotating gap.

the same if i look below the animation i get a more yellow colour.

not really working if i look either side of the animation, but i found it worked when i looked above the animation and also below the animation.

now it is working looking either side as well sometimes, but easier for me to see from looking above the animation and also if i look below the animation, the more yellow colour in the gap.

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 06:30 PM
In the last thread, I showed a little about the Program "Stage" Temporary Libraries.

So in this Post I will reveal a little about the "9 Gates" and the "Instruction" used to enable these "Parallelograms".

The "9 Gates is made up of 9 Registers as described earlier in this thread.

One way of understanding the Processing involving the "Parallelograms" is to first know where all the locations are involving the large octagons in the "9 Gates" Structure.

Small Octagons are also used but I will reveal more about these Later in this thread.

The Large Octagons exist in a number of different sets but this is the result of different Combinations of these Large octagons.

This drawing shows All the Large Octagons used in this area.

Drawing 0225.

This is the main set, and involves 13 Octagons.

Drawing 0226.

Here is another Set of 12 Octagons.

Drawings 0227.

This set consists of Two Sets of 6 Octagons.
Here is the first Set 6 Octagons in the Vertical Orientation.
2 x 6 Octagons.

Drawing 0228.

And the Second Set of 6 in the Horizontal Orientation.
6 x 2 Octagons.

Drawing 0229.

Here is an "Inner Square Ring" of Octagons.

Drawing 0230.

There are others, but we will reveal these sets of Octagons, as I explain the "Components" used in the Operating System.

Here is the Geometry for the "Parallelograms" used in the "9 Gates".
First is the "E" looking Glyph.

Drawing 0231.

The "Glyphs" are Generated from the "Centre" of any Register and are according to the Letter or Glyph displayed in the Octagon.

They come out of "Nothing", so they are not at all like anything material in the human understanding of the word "Material".

They are of "Conceptual" make up, and are Generated by a "Concept Based" Geometric Processing System, Created by LIFE ("Awareness" or "Mind")

Some of these Letters or "Glyphs" are displayed in a "Square" inside an Octagon.

Drawing 0232.

These RED Octagons are responsible for Generating the Line Work Forming the "Instruction Glyph" on the "Stage".

There is a "Glyph" Produced in each of these RED Octagons. These are the sub-Letters or Glyphs attached or linked to the "Instruction" in the BLUE Octagon in the Centre in this case the "Stage".

They are GREEN "Glyphs" to Form the Large GREEN "Instruction" Letter or Glyph.

Drawing 0233.

Here is the "Instruction" Produced as a result on the "Stage" and the Components it produces.

Drawing 0234.

And when the "Instruction Glyph" or Letter Fades then Just the Function Components are left.

Drawing 0235.

These are the "Upper" & "Lower" Library locations. (Like Book Shelves in a Library.)

The "Upper Library" is the Source of the Programs.

The "Lower Library" contains those things you can experience in what you/I referred to as your "Environment" or "Universe".

And here just the "Upper Library", the Source of All the Programs.

Drawing 0236.

And when this "Instruction" Glyph or Letter Fades then these "Components" are left.

I will reveal later on how to "Scan" across these endless Library Locations, later on in this thread.

Drawing 0237.

There is another "Parallelogram" whose "Instruction Glyph" looks like a Greek "Σ".

This selects the "3rd Position", Midway between the "Upper" & "Lower" Libraries, and contains the Program you are experiencing right NOW.

Drawing 0238.

This "Parallelogram" can be placed in many many different Locations depending on what you want to know or see.

Drawing 0239.

And the "Components" left behind after this "Instruction Glyph" Fades.

Drawing 0240.

This show the same function but in a different Location.

Drawing 0241.

And the "Components" of the Function left behind after the "Instruction Glyph" or Letter Fades.

Drawing 0242.

In my next Post we will look at some other Hexagonal shaped Libraries but these are the "Temporary" Libraries of the Processing System, rather than the other Hexagonal Permanent Libraries.

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posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 12:24 PM
Hi there matrix!

Whats your opinion of vision being distorted by corrougated fences ?

I;ve noticed this effect quite a lot where I live now and can't help but think of your descricption.

Its contrast for sure

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 01:45 PM

Whats your opinion of vision being distorted by corrougated fences ?

Yucky.... I know what you mean...

A form of "Visual Pollution".

Too many Parallel Lines together... LOL.

Just a bad Choice of design.

I guess like a child throwing a tantrum against LIFE... LOL.

Many things produced Through the human species making bad choices in design, can be BL$^&% irritating at times.... LOL.

It just shows how little notice we take of the environment because of ignorance, and we don't seem to learn much from observing the Environment (Environment Program).

People desire to produce an "Artificial Environment" (Not conforming to the original Environment Program) within the original Environment Program.
I guess this is a form of visual pollution that go with all the other forms of polluting our Environment.

Perhaps this is a negative way of expressing a Rejection toward LIFE to do with what we experience in this program.

We have to remember though, in this Program (Earth) we have access to All the "Opposites" and perhaps many reject LIFE, and thus express this, by trying to produce things which are "Dead" in the form of an Artificial Environment, that falls out of Harmony with the Original program.

But in saying this, this is just Part of a "Story" which is used to induce a change, within the "Operating System" anyway, which I don't wish to get into in this thread, but leave this subject for another thread, after this one.

So it was intended for all this (mentioned in this Post) to take place in this particular Program. (Earth & Universe)

Rather than brutally producing this "Artificial Environment", through attempting to change things in the end result ("Story" or Universe) by Forcing changes through sawing, crushing, cutting, moulding, and All the different forms of Manufacturing and Building we use today, we should Start again and Manufacture Build etc. using the Beginning of the program rather than the End result.

This would be achieved by "Programming" and "Importing" etc. directly through the Processing System we all actually have access to anyway.

Its only a matter of Choice.

Buying & Selling would disappear over night and the world would transform, where all would again not only have access to this "Processing System", but would use it in everyday life. Crime and Suffering would disappear.

All are slaves at present to the $$$$$, RMB etc. only because we either Reject LIFE or Can't Trust LIFE.

It Oppresses All (NOT just the "Poor") and restricts or rather Chokes development, as there can never be enough $$$$ to Invest in education, hospitals, the environment, etc. because of Greed and the Rejection of LIFE.

We Murder thousands if not millions, in "An expression of defiance" against LIFE.

Hopefully as a result of this thread, a small number will be "Awakened" and look further into this and discover more fr the better..

But anyway I will show HOW to use this knowledge to manufacture, Build, Import objects into this world (Universe) and use this technology to manoeuvre Craft etc capable of Speed many, many, many times faster than what the human species Believes to be "The speed of Light" in ignorance, but in fact is only the "Refresh" rate, of the base Program involving an Oscillating frequency, interpreted via a measurement of wavelength.
What is found within this, is an "Interpolation" (Not an Interpretation) by the mind, giving the Illusion of one form of Colour generation.

It is "The Theory of LIGHT" which is radically not understood (And I mean NOT understood at all, even though through the human species is believed to be Correct), which provides the foundation of misinterpretation of many things in human society.

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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 05:57 AM
In this Post will reveal some of the geometry involving the "Temporary Libraries" relating to the Books.

Again we are dealing with a similar phenomena involving overlapping registers.

So first I will show a little about how the library content is separated off by this Conceptual shearing action.

As I have already stated there are essentially 4 Parts or registers contained in the libraries.

These can be displayed in either a "Stack" or on "Parade".

In a "Stack" a Library register or cell, would just appear as a "Square" containing something.

Drawing 0243.

While on "Parade" would appear as 4 "Squares" or appear as a "Square" partitioned into 4 equal sized Squares.

Drawing 0244.

Here is an animation showing the Action from going from an on Parade Function to a Stack situation involving one of 4 registers in this case the Program register.

Animation 0245.

The reverse action can also take place.

Here is the Separation of the "Stack" where 2 faces are separated into the "Control" and "Program" Programs, from a "Running Program" register.

Drawing 0246.

The action of Separation shown here in this Animation.

Animation 0247.

And when these two are Locked in this Position we have access to each of these registers separately.

Drawing 0248.

But again I will show the Components regarding these later on in this thread.

And if these Squares continue to rotate further they will produce the Main Temporary Library Register.

Animation 0249.

And end up as a Pair in this Orientation.

Drawing 0250.

These next few Drawings show the Partitioning of this register.

First it is "Partitioned" into 4 equal Squares. (Major Squares)

The Upper Left now the Program register.
The Upper Right now the Control register.
The Lower Left now the Picture or Image register.
The Lower Right now the Scratch Pad register.

So now these 4 are displayed on "Parade" rather than in a "Stack".

Drawing 0251.

And each of these 4 are "Partitioned again, into 4 "Partitions" again.

Each of these positions in each of the Major 4 are as Listed above so you can see these Locations are Generational.

Drawing 0252.

And this Drawing showing the 5th Position or "Primary Accumulator" in this register.

Drawing 0253.

Everything passes through the Primary Accumulator of the register being used at any time. This is the Centre of every Register as it is being used.

In your vision what you see and experience comes from the Centre of your Vision, but you only ever view the Closest (Top) Program layer of the Program "Stack".
Each layer or Frame of the "Stack" Rotates out of the Centre. This is happening behind the Nearest "Layer" or "Frame", so they are hidden.

Here is an Animation showing the action of a single Frame Rotating out from the Centre.

Animation 0254.

There are 2 Instructions involved.
The "Rotating Function" itself which looks like a Rotated "4" and

Drawing 0255.

And the Control Glyph which Controls how Large the "Square" Rotates out to.

Drawing 0256.

This next pair of instructions are used in the "Running Program" Library registers.
These 2 "Glyphs" are used with the Main "Temporary" Libraries.

First the "Instruction" for the Rotating function itself.

Drawing 0257.

And the And the "Control Glyph" which Controls how large the "Square" Rotates out to.

Drawing 0258.

OK back to the "Stage" again and the Book "Instructions".

Here are the "Stage" Library "Partitions" in YELLOW.

YELLOW is the Colour Code for "The Present"

Drawing 0259.

And The "9 Gates".

Drawing 0260.

There exists another Register in the Centre of the "9 Gates" which is revealed in this Drawing.

Drawing 0261.

The Square is formed from 2 Overlapping Hexagonal shaped Registers, but they are NOT True shaped Hexagons with equal sides as in the case of the Permanent Libraries on the Rear "Face".

One Hexagon in the Vertical orientation.

Drawing 0262.

and the other in the Horizontal orientation.

Drawing 0263.

This Hexagonal Frame can be located in any one of 3 Locations within this Square register. In this next drawing I have shown the Hexagon in the "Upper" location.

Drawing 0264.

And here showing the "Upper" & "Lower" Locations together.

Drawing 0265.

And the "Left" and "Right" Locations in the Vertical Orientation.

Drawing 0266.

Now superimpose these 2 Sets of Hexagons and we find 4 others formed by doing this but these are rotated 45° and have the Point missing from each of them, forming "Pentagonal" Frames.

Drawing 0267.

Shown here again with "Masks".

Drawing 0268.

Here is the Hexagon in the Horizontal 3rd Location (Centre) and 2 of the "Pentagons" (Part Hexagons).

Drawing 0269.

More about these Later in the Thread.

And now the make-up of the Book "Instruction".
As you can see it is truly a Geometric Instruction.
This is the Upper Book which Communicates through the "Lower Square" on Edge.


If you already suffer from epilepsy, I recommend you don't look at these Strobes, even though these are at a higher frequency than that which cause problems.
The frame rate of this strobe has to be 27 f/s.
Normal Movies run at 26 f/s.
Older projectors were at about 20 f/s while more modern projectors went to about 70 f/s but showed each image 3 times.

The Strobe "Instruction" exchanges Information bidirectionally i.e. between the two Ends of the Mind.
So does RELM ! This is why Dreaming has been found to be connected with RELM.
RELM is in itself, a "Strobe" which is a normal function.

Both REM and RELM are directly involved with the human interface (Brain functions) and the "Operating System" I am revealing to you.

RELM is the Strobe function and REM to do with Selecting Functions like a pointing system to the registers in our vision.

Virtually nothing at all is known about this connection if anything by scientists or technicians.

The "Strobe" works by linking layers through openings or apertures in various Masks.
Often one colour coded layer with another. So the Strobe may strobe between YELLOW and BLUE or BLACK and GREEN or BLUE and GREEN and so on.

I have chosen BLACK and WHITE merely to demonstrate the workings, so nothing at all other than what is already passing between the two Ends of the Mind will take place.
Please excuse the poor steaming of the Animation I will see if I can correct this in the future.

Animation 0270.

And the "Lower Book" as a Static Drawing.

Drawing 0271.

In my next post I will reveal some more of the workings involving the Books then move onto the "Labyrinths" explaining their workings and what part they play in the System and HOW anyone can access the "Operating System" through these, using your own "Inner Mind.

posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 11:26 PM
These "Book Instructions" appear in different forms depending on what you are looking for.

Drawing 0272.

These "Geometric Instructions" for the "Books" are found in a number of different Orientations.

Drawing 0273.

If you look Closer at the structure of the Book "Geometric Instruction" (Glyph) you will have noticed these are made up of 2 "Parallelograms". Highlighted here in BLACK & Gray.

Drawing 0274.

The "Parallelogram" on its own showing its location within the "Running Program Instruction". This Instruction refers to the Control Information involving the Picture Library (Lower Left register of the Upper). This involves the Written Program referring to the Pictures as the lower Left corner of the "Parallelogram" Points to the Left Hand point of the "Running Program" Square "Instruction".

Drawing 0275.

Whereas This next Drawing shows the Program "Parallelogram" Ponting to the Upper Left ("Program register") and to the Lower Right ("Scratch Pad register").

Drawing 0276.

And here both these "Upper Parallelogram" Overlapped.

Drawing 0277.

And here with the Lower "Parallelograms".

Drawing 0278.

And Rotated 90° in the Upper & Lower "Running Program" Orientation.

Drawing 0279.

If we look back in my last Post at Drawing 0261.

Drawing 0261.

And notice the Square in the "Inner" formed by the 2 Overlapping "Hexagons" a Square appears in the "Inner" of a Square on edge.

Drawing 0280.

This is a Labyrinth where the Libraries can be found by the Mind (LIFE or "Awareness")

The 2 Triangles of the Hexagon laying down are the "Instruction" Locations in this Orientation.

Drawing 0281.

And here seen without the "Matrix Partition Map".

Drawing 0282.

Here are All 4 Locations used "Outside" the Labyrinth before Entering.

Drawing 0283.

One of the Functions in the Labyrinth is the "9 Gates" seen here.

Drawing 0284.

There are Left and Right books.

Drawing 0273.


Drawing 0285.

The "Square" at either end is where the transfer involving Communication takes place between the 2 Ends of the Mind or "Conceptual Layers" within the Processing System.
This is achieved through a "Strobe" as shown earlier in the thread.

There is also another Running Program in the "Inner" forming the "Running Program Labyrinth", having Book Instructions either side of the "Labyrinth".

Drawing 0286.

If you lay down in a well sun lit area (NOT Direct sun light) and relax at some srage in relaxation with your eyes gently closed, you will see a Granular texture appear in your vision.
This texture is a Holographic type transfer media involving tiny octagons like packets of information contained in "Conceptual Stacks".

I can't produce this texture in static form as I am NOT a good artist. But I will Identify the Geometry of what can be seen in this texture.

If you visualise a "X" stretched out across your vision an organization of the Texture Granules will form a structure like this. This is the First of the "Labyrinths" extending into INFINITY (Formed by the Nature of the "X")

Drawing 0287.

The "X" will appear first the the "Granulated Texture" will organize itself to produce the above Geometry.

At first it may be difficult to see in the texture so you must pay very, very careful attention to what is in your sight with your eyes closed.

Here is an animation which allows you to see the same type of Texture with your eyes Open but the Granules seen in this Animation are Blank, NOT containing Information.
This is on purpose because we are going to load program into this texture later on, which I will Show you HOW and WHY in later Posts in this thread.

Once again, please excuse the poor Quality of these Animations as I am restricted to only 500 Kb.

I need about 1 Mb to show these properly so I am looking to some space on the net I can compile thes in and provide a link some time in the future.

Animation 0288.

One way to open the Labyrinth is to visualise in your sight when seeing the First "Labyrinth" a Square, expand out of the centre of your vision, as if the "Square" containing the rear wall or a layer is coming toward you or you are approaching the said Wall. (Can be interpreted either way) to appear like this in the "Granular Texture' in your sight.

Drawing 0289.

Shown here in an Animation.

Animation 0290.

Another way to form this is when you see the First "Labyrinth" is to visualise a vertical Line in your Vision.

The texture will then organize itself into this form like the corner of a Room.

Drawing 0291

And an Animation showing the action involved.

Animation 0292.

And then expand the corner sideways both directions, as though Opening the Vertical Line or "Corner" in your Vision.

Drawing 0293.

And an Animation showing this.

Animation 0294.

Can't upload this animation as it can't be made smaller than about 700 Kb.
I will keep trying to find a way...

In my Next post I will reveal what relationship these Labyrinths have with your experience, regarding this Universe and your own body (Flesh).

What appears to be your Universe appears in a Labyrinth which I shall explain in my next Post.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

Hello Matrix Traveller,

This is an exceptional thread! Outstanding on all levels.

You are spending a lot of time to explain something very complex in laymens language which you seem to have simplified masterfully for our benefit. Thank you kindly.

I have only read the first page so far, and must leave shortly to go and take part in the rest of my daily story. Here on ATS I often hope to find new views that will expand my current understanding of life, creation and the great beyond. Today you expanded the perimiters hugely and I thank you deeply for that.

We seem to have a built in ability to 'feel' when things ring true and accurate as new concepts. Perhaps this ability is one that grows with practice and diminishes with lack of excersize. I can feel the truth in the information you present to us.

I have always known deep in myself that all this is like a story, it is not really real. This is what drove my art from a tender age to have a surreal quality to it. In 2009 I had an urge to start painting Mandalas, and it is like I am pulling these form out of space from within myself, an already exsisting (older) part of me that I have so many questions about, but I don't even know what those questions are!

Nothing is planned when I paint them. They just come. Is it possible that this comes from the 'other side' of our point of vision? Or is that only an airy fairy hope? Is this perhaps why Carl Jung used the mandala as a source of healing? As it serves as a small (subconcious) reminder of our flip side's reality which helps make the person feel 'whole'?

Please, Matrix Traveller, I know you asked us not to get into phylosophy, but I cannot resist, so I ask your pardon in advance. The True Saints that came into this world all say that this world is an illusion. I have known this to be true, but this thread of yours brought much depth to that understanding. Thank you. Also, the 'hidden eyelids' really obscures the third eye. The Christ said:"If they eye be single they whole body shall be filled with light". To me this appears to be what you are talking about in those concepts.

When I think of the mainstream 'story' that is presented to us of our lives and the creation we live in, it is painful to realise that surely there are some who know the logical truth about this Universe, and uses concepts in our daily lives, based on this truth. However, they withold this truth from us. Yes, because they are at war with life, Awareness. I can see that so clearly.

The example you gave, is the the computer moninor that projects totally differnt pictures from the works that make them.
What about 'The Secret', the commercialised concept of 'the story comes from within' whereby they teach that you can recreate your 'reality' through repetitive images.

If this is all off topic, please forgive me. My mind's story is so different from yours, but can understand you well.

Much respect,
Unlimited Sky (I cannot explain my avatar proficiently, but I understand it. It relates to knowing that this is all a stroy and that looking inwards we are extremely Grand. Un limited.)

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 01:53 AM
reply to post by UnlimitedSky

Thank you for your Post UnlimitedSky....

"YOU are right on topic..."...

Your Inspiration for Art comes from the other End of your Mind (Awareness or LIFE) and is extremely Accurate by what YOU put in your Post....

Thank You for the Example of Art.
For the human primate to argue over the existence of other Civilizations (Some Billions pf years ahead of us) is shear MONKEY Business lacking ALL intelligence without any regard whatsoever for LIFE and those NOT of earth in this Program referred to as our Universe.
I am going to reveal All including "Technologies" used in "Transport Interfaces" some refer to as UFO" on Earth and give full details regarding the workings involved.

There is NO Guess work here...

These which you may refer to as Craft or such, have a b]Dual "Control System".

a. For short distance Control is Mechanical using "Dynamic Converters" which I will reveal all the Components of this very simple device.

HOW it works and HOW to both build such a device, and its Control System with illustrations and information to back up this knowledge.

b. An "Interface" with the "Outer Mind" and its "Processing System".

This Operating System or "Geometric based Processor" is what I am explaining at present.

IT is a Visual Interface with the other End of your Mind.

And such "Technology" is used by other civilizations in your Universe.

The Mind Interface is used to achieve what is necessary to cross Galaxies in Minutes... NOT millions of Light years from a human perspective.

This can NOT be achieved by using "Sky Rockets" (please excuse the pun).

We have to go to what Controls the experience you are having you refer to as your Universe.

This will take many more pages (Hundreds) and some Thousand Drawings to explain HOW to achieve this which has been around since the beginning of the All regarding the Forming of Universes like this on e and other worlds to play in the resemble nothing like this wold.

The System used are very simple but first we need to understand the "Processing System" to play with these.

So called Miracles weren't.... but rather the use of Knowledge and had nothing at all to do with belief.

The human Species is way, way TOO "Superstitious"..... So I will leave the theology and Philosophy there.

I am going to reveal every "Component" in detail both to do with "Mind Interfaces" and other new "Mechanical Technologies" never used by the human Species before.

This will be shown in deep detail in posts to come.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 01:49 PM
What appears to be your Universe appears in a Labyrinth which I shall explain a little about in this Post.

So What are all the "Labyrinths" about and what do these have to do with us and this Universe we believe to be IN ???

OK, it's Simple but hugely Involved, a child can follow this knowledge.

Take an "Apple" as just one example example; It has both an "Inner" and "Outer" as do All objects have, no matter what they are or are a part of, even if only Conceptual in nature.

The "Outer" Component of the Apple is its Form and what is "Inside", this is the Contents of a "Hole".

Drawing 0295.

Here is the "Outer" Form of the Apple.

Drawing 0296.

Here again shown, without its "Inner" Contents, and only showing the "Contents" of its Form its "Outer", expressed here by line work.

Drawing 0297.

and its "Contents" The Inner of the "Form".

Drawing 0298.

If we consider any object in this Universe or any other Universe or World.
Even this Universe itself exits in a "Hole", whose Shape is the "Boundaries" of such an object or objects such as a Universe.

All of such which are assigned their on Face or Plane (A "Disc") but because we are unable to see these Discs does by no means means they don't or can't exist.

One has to try and understand that All comes from a Program involving Concepts which are strictly Controlled by the Content of these "Programs".

If there wasn't a Hole for this Universe to be in, it couldn't be there. Something else would be there instead even if it were to Contain "Nothing" or just merely Conceptual.

First we need a hole fore the Contents to be in. Just like that Apple.
So First a "Hole" of the Desired Form or shape has to be "Manufactured" First.

I guess this is why it is said to be Holy by some or should that really have been spelt Holey or does the Word Holy refer to these Holes?

The Universe as it is believed by Science today, is no Closer than others were, 1,000 Years ago, in spite of human misguided pride.

We don't actually exist INSIDE a Universe at all in the way we are lead to believe.

Although we are meant to experience such a Condition as being in a Multi Dimension Universe, what produces this experience, is far, far from such a Condition.

In fact we experience a Holograph (Interactive) IINSIDE a "Processing System" we dwell in or Live IN.

Our "Awareness" is in fact Non Dimensional as I have explained and the Real experience actually is in/on a "Disc" which is our "Field of Vision" and NOT that huge Universe you are meant to believe in today.

So I am going to show some Program "Concepts" which produces this beautiful Illusion, we believe to be a Multidimensional Universe.

But what we experience is only the result and NOT the cause and is intended to be experienced the way we are right now. All is perfect and is performing its required Functions as Intended.

It's just that the "Human Species" Can't understand... Yet.

The Concept of the back ground Universe comes from the Components of that 2D "Disc" our experience is Manifested in/on.

Everywhere we look we are actually looking at some very, very cunning "Geometry', producing the Illusion of a Multidimensional Universe, when it is actually presented on a 2D "Disc" containing smaller "Discs" organized in a Program or "Story".

It must be remembered we Interpret this, as a Multidimensional Universe, as a result of the use of the Eyes and a Brain, which Interpolates (Not interprets) much of the Experience.

This little Universe does NOT and Can't exist on its own.

What we believe to experience, isn't there at all, but is the result of highly involved "Communication" between the 2 Ends of "Awareness" or LIFE involving a Huge Conceptual Network of Partitions of a Single "Awareness" or LIFE which is Non Dimensional and exists in the Form of "Concepts" ONLY.

There are 2 ends, by the mere fact you are Looking "Outward" so "Inwardly" is One "End" and the "Away-ward" direction, both across your field of Vision, and Forward of you, is your "Outer" or "Outward" End.

Two Ends of a Plane for example are its "Faces".
Another 2 Ends are its "Centre" (Having NO Shape or Size and thus being Non-Dimensional) and its "Outer" Perimeter.

If this were NOT the case, you/we would be unable to look "Outwardly" from your/our location of "Awareness" at your "Inner End of the Mind (Centre)

So what is in front of you at any time resembles Nothing at all, like the Universe or Environment you believe to see and experience.

But instead Involves "Communication" of the Geometric Kind.

It comes through a "Disc" containing 144 Octagons, which rotates in front of you in your Vision.

On/in each of the 144 Octagons is presented "Glyphs" or "Letters" (in the form of "Stacks") which are constantly changing producing the "Communication" which tells the Story, consisting of a Program that tells you, or Controls your experience.

You are told it is Physical through the Programs involving Kinetics etc. through this processing system.

Drawing 0299.

This is rotating on one Face of a "Plane", and on the Near "Face to your "Awareness" is another 2 sets of Octagons.

This Drawing shows the Library Octagons which Transfers the "Letters" or "Glyphs" (Often referred to as "The WORD" by many without knowing what this term refers to, from the Rear "Face" to the Near "Face" of the "Plane".

Drawing 0300

And this set of Octagons Transfers the "Running Program" Communication.

Drawing 0301.

This next Drawing shows the "Running Program" Frame.

Drawing 0302.

And together with the Main Temporary Libraries Frame. I have also included some of the inner frames in this Main Temporary Libraries Frame (Another 2 BLUE "Frames" and a set of GREEN "Frames").

Drawing 0303.

So here is the First "Concept", involving the Program which sets up the "Story" or what you experience as your environment.

Drawing 0304.

Which is Interpreted as being.... or Having Depth.

Drawing 0305.

Regarding "Programming Concepts" This "Disc" is as though in a Torus which by its nature is one of the "Concepts" involved in presenting a Multidimensional Environment.
The "Torus" represents Depth in booth Directions just one of the Concepts in Producing Planets Stars etc. as well as their Orbital concepts.

Drawing 0306


Drawing 0307.

I have drawn the "Disc" (your Field of Vision) at the top of the "Torus but have Rotated 90° it so you can see what I am suggesting.

The Torus can be as though presented in any Direction, but really it is the "Program" in the form of a Sphere whose internal surface is being seen.
It is Part of what produces the effect of the "Sky Dome".

When Scientists are studying the Environment or Universe they are only exploring the "Story" and NOT how this "Experience" is Produced.

Just like the TV's Workings, is nothing like what the picture looks like on the Screen.

They are 2 entirely different Stories and we mustn't confuse these 2, especially when it comes to understanding the Experience or this little Universe as scientists do today.

How the "illusion" of the Universe is Presented is Nothing at all like the Experience itself !.

I will go further into explaining the Composition and HOW this "Labyrinth" works in my next Post.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 08:59 PM
My daughter just walked in the room saw the site up and says "ATS, huh? Been awhile hasn't it?" lol

Great to run across this thread, Matrix Traveller, I am very interested in your work and have been waiting for a couple of years for you to compile this information in one place.

It is a challenge for me to digest something that is so far from what has been looked upon as "reality" yet this does stimulate my thinking tremendously!

I am sure I will have some questions for you along the way!

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 05:57 PM
I feel like my brain is in a state of liquid goo at the moment...

So are we talking about a Holographic Universe here?

Are you saying that we can "manipulate/warp" reality as we know it? Sorry for being slow even after you put so much in laymen terms...

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 07:05 PM

Originally posted by truthseeker84
I feel like my brain is in a state of liquid goo at the moment...

So are we talking about a Holographic Universe here?

Are you saying that we can "manipulate/warp" reality as we know it? Sorry for being slow even after you put so much in laymen terms...

So are we talking about a Holographic Universe here?


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