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JOHN TITOR - Time Traveller

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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 09:52 PM
Well I have JUST finished reading it all again. Same as I did a few years ago.
Some of the things he said have happened, some have not.

Now we have this Anoymous group. Occupying cities all over the USA.

Is it time to revisit JOHN TITOR, or have we not to?
I have just read a lot of his stuff again. He mentions earthquakes, something from space, upheaval.

It just "fits"
Call me crazy, I guess a few have thought about John over the last few weeks/months since anonymus came to light.

I think there is something here:

Some of his quotes: Jan 2001

05 January 2001 13:46 46. I have no idea what happens to you in your future. There was a resistance on my worldline but their goal was to maintain power and control over other people. We killed most of them by 2020. 06 January 2001 13:10 What is the progress on string theory? 47. In 2036, string theory still dominates physics due to its continued "effect" of encompassing other physical properties from unrelated fields. A great deal of the theoretical mathematics behind time travel was discovered by testing various ideas in string theory and eliminating the anomalies. As I recall, it was this original work that led to the final proof that six dimensions do indeed curl up to give us our observable universe. This in turn supported more of the theoretical math behind time travel. 48. It's ironic that the beauty of string theory gives future engineers the confidence to create the distortion unit even though the final proof is still unknown. You're a physics student, have you ever heard the Princeton String Quartet play?

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 09:54 PM

(54) I will tell you that processor speed and memory size take dramatic leaps forward. December 10, 2000 11:00 Who won the Super Bowl in 2001? (55) Besides, can you tell me if it rained in New York on June 4th 1932? You are from their future so should you know that? (HOST: Although this isn't exactly a prediction, I thought I thought it was interesting that New York did indeed play in that year's Super Bowl.) December 10, 2000 11:32 What type of money do you use in 2036? (56) Its not very different than it is now. Yes, we have money and credit cards. However, like everything else, the monetary system is decentralized. (57) Banking is based mostly around the community structure. There are no multinational banking or computerized economic systems. There are also no income taxes. Is the GPS system still in use in 2036? (58) Oh yes! In fact, the unit I have with me works here. I'm not sure why that surprises me. There are also a great many communications and Internet satellite systems. Is there public transportation in 2036? (59) A high-speed train system connects the larger cities. Roads are still used for cars and many people ride horses and bikes. Do medical advances in 2036 have anything to do with genetics? (60)I believe there is a great deal of progress in treating the cancer cells with modified viruses. So I guess the answer is yes. The question involved details on natural disasters and temperatures in 2036. (61) The average temperature worldwide is a bit cooler. December 13, 2000 12:44 I think Russia is still very likely to attack the United States with nuclear weapons. It's hard to imagine being here to see it. (62) Russia's enemy in the United States is not you, the average person. Russia's enemy is the United States government. Does the current relationship between Arabs and Jews have anything to do with the coming war? (63) Real disruptions in world events begin with the destabilization of the West as a result of degrading US foreign policy and consistency. (64) This becomes apparent around 2004 as civil unrest develops near the next presidential election. (65) The Jewish population in Israel is not prepared for a true offensive war. They are prepared for the ultimate defense. (66) Wavering western support for Israel is what gives Israel's neighbors the confidence to attack. (67) The last resort for a defensive Israel and its offensive Arab neighbors is to use weapons of mass destruction. Does anything happen in the year 2012? I've heard stories about the world ending. (68) Yes, there are unusual events in 2012 but they do not cause the world to end. It is important that they be a surprise. Perhaps you are familiar with the story of the Red Sea and the Egyptians? How and why do the Arabs Jews become entangled in the civil war of the U.S.A? (69) They are not directly involved but political situations are dependant on Western stability, which collapses in 2005. The Arab countries appear to have weapons of mass destruction. Do they use them against America? (70) Not against America but they are used against each other. December 30, 2000 10:28 There are numerous experiments going on at CERN. In order for them to make a black hole they would have to travel faster than light. (71) I'm pretty sure they have a number of experiments going on at the same time at CERN. The one I'm referring to involves very high energies using protons. (72) Natural time machines do exist. 30 December 2000 13:17 (73) The major physics break through for controlled gravity distortion does happen at CERN in your future. (74) Heck, we haven't even touched on "Z" field compression yet. (75) In 2036, it was discovered (or at least known after testing) that the 5100 computer was capable of reading and changing all of the legacy code written by IBM before the release of that system and still be able to create new code in APL and basic. (76) However, IBM never published that information because it would have probably destroyed a large part of their business infrastructure in the early 70s. In fact, I would bet the engineers were probably told to keep their mouth's shut. November 02, 2000 01:00 (3) I saw the posting requesting the basic systems for a gravity distortion system that will allow time travel. Here they are: 1. Magnetic housing units for dual microsignularities. 2. Electron injection manifold to alter mass and gravity of microsingularities. 3. Cooling and x-ray venting system 4. Gravity sensors (VGL system) 5. Main clocks (4 cesium units) 6. Main computer units (3) November 04, 2000 (4) A world war in 2015 killed nearly three billion people. (5) I am aware that research is being done on faster units with more accurate clocks. I imagine that they will be able to go back farther with a higher degree of divergence confidence. November 06, 2000 09:04 Unfortunately, there were not very many suitable vehicles around in 2036 and I sold the car when I arrived in 2000. (HOST: This isn't a prediction but it occurred to me that someone is driving around in a car that is not from this time.) November 06, 2000 09:08 (6) No, the ice caps are not melting any faster than they are now. November 06, 2000, 17:26 (7) I suppose we could agree that no particular era in history is famous for its development of humanity but just once I would like to hear questions like, "What is family life like in the future? How does society deal with poverty? Is AIDS, abortion and drug use still a problem?" November 06, 2000 22:13 (8) The mass and gravitational field of a microsingularity can then be manipulated by "injecting" electrons onto its surface. (9) By rotating two electric microsigularities at high speed, it is possible to create and modify a local gravity sinusoid that replicates the affects of a Kerr black hole. (10) The computer system is connected to the unit through an electrical bus. There are actually three computers linked together that take the same signals from the gravity sensors and clocks. They use a Borda error correcting protocol that checks the integrity of the data and trips the VGL system. November 07, 2000 17:18 (11) The C206 uses 6 cesium clocks but they use an optical system to check the oscillation frequency. This makes the worldline divergence confidence much higher. November 07, 2000 21:23 (12) People raise a great deal of their own food and do more "farm" work. Yes, compared to now, we do work long hours. After the war, my father made a living selling oranges up and down the West coast of Florida. My closest friend raises horses and another works for a company that maintains "wireless" Internet nodes. (13) Yes, there is a post office. (14) The Internet is still alive and well in the future. People spend more time talking because life is more centered on the community. (15) When I'm with my parents, I live in a community made up of "tree houses" on a large river in Florida. The river floods sometimes and we have access to the Gulf. Most of our neighbors make a living off the sea or in moving cargo by boat. (16) There is a civil war in the United States that starts in 2005. That conflict flares up and down for 10 years. In 2015, Russia launches a nuclear strike against the major cities in the United States (which is the "other side" of the civil war from my perspective), China and Europe. The United States counter attacks. The US cities are destroyed along with the AFE (American Federal Empire)...thus we (in the country) won. The European Union and China were also destroyed. Russia is now our largest trading partner and the Capitol of the US was moved to Omaha Nebraska. (17) Yes, genetic engineering is used but it's like any other technology. It can be good and bad. One thing we did not do was create more hybrid seeds. What are people thinking? What future technologies can we look forward to? (18) Hydrogen fuel cells and more efficient solar cells are big deals. Computer technology and software get MUCH better. (19) After the war, early new communities gathered around the current Universities. That's where the libraries were. I went to school at Fort UF, which is now called the University of Florida. Not too much is different except the military is large part of people's life and we spend a great deal of time in the fields and farms at the "University" or Fort. (20) Yes, we have cameras. More digital. Film is used like painting is today. No hologram camera though. (21) Yes we have phones but the service is through the web. Most power generation is localized. (22) Yes, solar is big. There is thought that a singularity generator could also be used but most people are against it. (23) Hats are more common in the future and flashy colors are less common. Dress is much more functional and we "dress up" whenever we get a chance. (24) Women like to wear their hair longer and men have it much shorter. Both sexes shave it all off when they're in active military service. (25) Far less medical treatment in the future even though It's more advanced. People die when they now its time to die. No lasers. Genetic medicine and cloning organs are the obvious new techs in the future. November 11, 2000 18:46 What type of system is used to maintain the singularity? (26) I'm not a physicist so I cannot answer that to your level of sophistication. The singularities are held in an enclosed magnetic field. November 15, 2000 14:12 If you're telling the truth, the last thing you should be doing is talking about the war and the government. (27) Have you considered that your society might be better off if half of you were dead? November 15, 2000 14:20 Tell me anything like that and I will believe you forever. (28) It is a mistake to give anyone your unwavering belief...but you will find that out yourself in 2005. November 15, 2000 14:41 Why did you go to 1975? (29) We need they system to "debug" various legacy computer programs in 2036. UNIX has a problem in 2038. November 17, 2000 09:34 (30) It is thought that being close to a gravitational field has a biological effect on all matter including cells. The effect is to slow the movement of electrons in the orbits of their nucleus, which slows the mechanical and biological functions of the observer close to the gravity. Thus the passing of time is a local phenomenon depending on how close you are to a gravitational source. This is one example of a theory involving "time shells" progressing in size and intensity around a gravitational point from all matter. The more massive the object, the larger and more influential the time shells around it (like an onion). Another offshoot of this theory is that kinetic energy is actually the conversion of stored energy in the atom as it passes through time shells in a gravitational field. November 20, 2000 17:16 If telling us about your time machine won't change anything, what would happen if someone built one based on your information? (31) What you do on your worldline is your own business. I can't think of any better way to start a war than for someone to figure out how to make a time machine. Go for it. November 21, 2000 10:41 (32) For a change, I have a question for all of you. I want you to think very hard. What major disaster was expected and prepared for in the last year and a half that never happened? (HOST: It is generally agreed that John is referring to the Y2K bug.) (33) We live in a world recovering from years of war, poison, destruction and hate. All of it, courtesy of the thinking and actions of people that live right now in the same world you do, worrying about which stocks to buy or whether or not a stranger is lying to them on the Internet. (34) I know exactly where I was and every detail of the exact moment the first nuclear warheads began falling on Jacksonville. (35) While you sit by and watch your Constitution being torn away from you, you willfully eat poisoned food, buy manufactured products no one needs and turn an uncaring eye away from millions of people suffering and dying all around you. Is this the "Universal Law" you subscribe to? (36) Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically ignorant sheep. Perhaps you should be less concerned about me and more concerned about that. November 25, 2000 13:59 (37) On my worldline, it is known that the 5100 series is capable of reading all the IBM code written before the widespread use of APL and Basic. Unfortunately, there are none left that anyone can find on my worldline. November 25, 2000 14:03 (38) My worldline is not unified under a single government but I would say it is closer to a unified purpose. Isn't that what you want anyway? (39) I have tried to tell people about CJD disease and it seems to be "catching on" in Europe. Can you tell us the foods that are unsafe now? Is there anything we can do to prepare for the war you are describing? (40) I tried to consolidate your questions into a basic list. I hope this helps. 1. Do not eat or use products from any animal that is fed and eats parts of its own dead. 2. Do not kiss or have intimate relations with anyone you do not know. 3. Learn basic sanitation and water purification. 4. Be comfortable around firearms. Learn to shoot and clean a gun. 5. Get a good first aid kit and learn to use it. 6. Find 5 people within 100 miles that you trust with your life and stay in contact with them. 7. Get a copy of the US Constitution and read it. 8. Eat less. 9. Get a bicycle and two sets of spare tires. Ride it 10 miles a week. 10. Consider what you would bring with you if you had to leave your home in 10 min. and never return. What event started the war? Can it be stopped? (41) The war is a result of faulty politics and desperation from Western leadership during the US civil war. Yes, I suppose you could stop it. Are some areas of the United States safer than others? (42) Take a close look at the county-by-county voting map from the last elections. Were biological or chemical weapons used in the war? Were any weapons used that effected people's minds? (43) Yes there were biological and chemical weapons used. No mind control weapons but there are new "non-lethal" weapon systems that turn out to be quite lethal. Has cancer or AIDS been cured yet? (44) Aids, no. Cancer, some progress. What is the one thing you would want us to remember? (45) Please, please wake up. Look at the signposts around you now.

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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 09:57 PM
I was expecting a picture of another vampire

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 09:59 PM
Although I would love to see what you are talking about, I can't get through that wall of text, and then that other wall of text. Do you think you could break it up a bit, to make it easier to read?

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:03 PM
Id love to read this do you have a link to all this ? Im haveing problems reading the text its not broke up and hard on my eyes..Thanks..sugarcookie1

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:05 PM
Complaining about Text! What do people want hand drawn sentences!!

Welcome to the lazy spoon fed world of 2011
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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:07 PM
reply to post by paperface

No..I just want a link my eye site is bad and i cant read that wall of text..

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:09 PM

Look. I am sorry. I just copy and pasted his thoughts.
We (well most) have read this cover to cover.
All I am asking is, is it time to now say "he was right, but his timeline was different" ?

All I am asking here.

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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:11 PM
I'm not a believer, but I was also re-reading some of his stuff last night.
It's creepy in a this seems almost real kind of way.
Actually stopped for a break at one point because it was just so freaky.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:12 PM
Hope this is easier:

I must preface the following with a bit of melodrama. I feel a bit unqualified to answer the next few questions for the following reason. The way you and I look at life and death and its relative value is radically different. As any other soldier can tell you, once you watch a man's arm come off from a bullet you just fired or have been close enough to feel someone's last breath on your face, it changes you. I can only describe it in two distinct waves. The first feeling is power. You won when it counted and survived. All the personal shortcomings and faults you've carried with you your whole life just melt away in a savage euphoria.

If there's time to think about it, the next wave comes shortly after and is underlined by overwhelming guilt. You just killed someone and now God might be ticked off. Fortunately, the second feeling goes away quickly when the shooting starts again and gets shorter and shorter after every battle. After all, why would God put you in this situation? The point is, I personally do not like going through that cycle and the decisions I make about life and death might not be the ones you would expect me to make.

How come it doesn't bother you that people may die through your inaction yet you find it "morally wrong" that you might affect lives by active involvement?
I'm not sure I said it didn't bother me, I only stated I won't interfere on purpose. Again I refer to a historical example. Before Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941, a small group of US soldiers were experimenting with a new technology called RADAR. As the Japanese planes were flying toward the island, they actually picked them up in time to thwart the surprise attack. Unfortunately, they were unfamiliar with the equipment and figured it wasn't working correctly. As you are aware, the ruthlessness of the Japanese "sneak" attack galvanized the US people into entering WWII.

As a time traveler it would be easy for me to take a short hike up that hill where the RADAR operators were and point out to them that indeed the equipment was working just fine and they should probably call it in. Assuming they believed me, it is arguable that my lone single action could start a chain of events that would allow the US to meet the Japanese planes and stop them from attacking the battleships. As a result, the US people would still be angry but not motivated to enter the war fully since the Japanese were not a perceived threat. Thus, you don't begin research on the atomic bomb until well after Hitler has already dropped a couple on London.

I could save thousands of men on the Arizona at the cost of millions in London. I just don't know how one life will affect another. However, if I were standing next to a soldier who was about to be shot by a passing Japanese plane, I would push him to safety. I realize this is inconsistent on a small scale but I am tired of watching people die in front of me. If there is a price to pay for that than so be it.

Isn't it just as wrong to affect lives through inaction as it is through action?
Why are you concerned about what I might do to corrupt your worldline when you have no problem letting other people do it around you every day? Do you blame yourself for not taking any action right now to "save" people living on your streets or suffering from poverty and disease? Besides, how exactly would you propose I decide who to tell and who not to tell? (provided I knew anything at all).

Your immediate decision, in itself, is its own authority.
What God judges about my decision is the only authority. Again, all the things you claim I can do you are capable of also.

If good and evil achieve a balance in the larger picture, the question of you being required to decide who lives or dies is moot.
It's not moot to me. To tell you the truth, I'm afraid. I don't want the responsibility of being expected to know who lives and who dies. I know it would change me for the worse. Besides, how can you be sure my "inaction" now isn't a result of something I've already screwed up and I'm trying to fix it? Javier might be right after all. Thanks for the good questions.

03-01-2001 11:45 PM

Are the singularities in your machine supposed to be offsetting the light cones of particles within it's sphere of influence allowing the worldlines of these particles to appear to loop form the perspective of particles outside the effected area?
No, that's not how it works. The singularities are used to manipulate gravity around the observer. The singularities do not interact with any matter except the electrons that are injected onto its event horizon. The hazardous areas of gravity are quite small and exist only around the inner singularity ring and another area created in the gravity sinusoid outside the vehicle.

I don't mean to insult you by spelling out the obvious but that seems the most obvious need of a singularity.
No insult taken. I would imagine we both agree that standing behind an operating jet engine is an unhealthy thing to do also.

If so, how can you account for generating a gravity well deep enough to create a disparity between light cones without sucking the planet through the eye of a needle?
The gravity well created by the singularities is not that large. The portion of the field that is felt by the operator is about the equivalent of 2 Gs. I would urge you to examine a Penrose diagram for a Kerr black hole. As you are probably aware, the singularity is donut shaped and exhibits two event horizons. The singularities are used to "simulate" a path through the center of one of these singularities which is what takes the observer to an alternate worldline. Earlier in the thread I did go into this in a bit more detail.

Also, this requires motion through the space immediately influenced by the mass, yet you claim travel is accomplished while the traveler is stationary.
The unit must be stationary during operation due to the sensitivity of the gravity sensors. Any motion with an acceleration component would throw the gravity measurement from the sigularities off.

03-02-2001 08:01 AM

Are you posting on other boards without revealing yourself as a time traveler?
Not really, there are a number of science rooms and other chats I do visit and just sit and watch. I have discovered that people who frequent this board and some others have the most open and creative minds. I realize no one actually believes me but they are still able to

Are you in contact with time travelers in 2036? What percentage of people accept time travel in 2036?
The general public was informed about time travel around 2034. Yes, I have had conversations with other time travelers on my home worldline. Your insight on the public is more or less correct. I would say 60% of the people realize what it is and the possible implications, 20% of the people don't care, 10% don't believe it and another 10% see it as something that should be banned and stopped.

Imagine if a time traveler from the future came to this time period and told us the secret of time travel.
Yes, imagine that. Do you think that would be a good thing or a bad thing?

About the commercials, they are ignorant.
Back in the 50s and 60s, television commercials were pretty straightforward. Usually along the lines of, "Cheese! It's good! Buy cheese." In the 70s, there was more identification with a producer or trademark but the commercials were still pretty easy to understand. "Buy this beer, it tastes great!" Today, I have no idea what some commercials are advertising until they show the logo at the end. Do you find this more effective? Only recently have I seen this move toward dark humor. I've never seen anything like it before, even in "your" archives in 2036.

Is spiritual awakening a difficult process?
I believe spiritual awakening is difficult. Why? I think God wants us back but the road we have to haul is no picnic. Maybe he's a little angry for some reason.

I think the world is seductively clever in its presentation. "It" wants us to stay here and it distracts us from God by creating want, greed and four or five other motivations. Our goal should be to; yes, have faith and do good deeds but also look past that and have the wisdom and knowledge to realize that this place, this world, this universe is not really our home. The question I ask myself is not can I get to God, it's, am I prepared for what will it be like when I get there.

There are plenty of great mysteries, but if your goal is to get to God', it is not necessary to solve them.
I mean mysteries not of this world. For example: I suspect that the final thing we will have to give up to get to God is our free will. Do you think many people will be standing at the pearly gates saying "yes" to that one if they had a choice to come back here?

What do you see for the future of time travel on your worldline?
That's a good question. I am hopeful that one day when we get the planet cleaned up it will be a nice place to live on again and no one will want to leave it. On the other hand, if time travel were commonplace right now, I think a great many people would leave and perhaps never return. There is also a suggestion that time travel might make an interesting punishment. However, I don't think we have the right to force criminals on unsuspecting worldlines and sending them to the Stone Age might be a bit much.

I thought I met another time traveler who said they were from 2036 once.
Although not impossible, I doubt there is another time traveler here from 2036. I have been chatting on and off for quite a while and in other chatrooms. I have also seen and heard about other people who have taken a creative license with some of the things I've said and posted. It might have been me but I've never heard of the DNE.

I find this fascinating. Has California had the big earthquake?
The big one? As you are experiencing now, there are earthquakes, storms and other unfortunate surprises from Mother Nature that have impacts on your society and future history. That is one reason I won't go into detail. However, don't worry too much about major portions of coastline slipping under water.

03-05-2001 02:02 AM

After he offered to take people back with him, do most of you believe John is sincere in everything he says?
Would you do me a favor and point out exactly where I made that offer? I do recall a few people asking what it would be like but I don't believe I ever offered to take people back.

03-05-2001 11:23 AM

What music do 20 year olds listen to?
People listen to all types of music. A great deal of it is available over the web. I would also add that people spend much more time making their own music.

What's the future of cloning?
Cloning full people has been determined to be medically and ethically unsound. We do have research and progress in cloning body parts and creating more viable sperm and egg production.

Any more on Bill Gates?
Not really. Just curious, why is he of such interest?

Do people wear chips yet?
No. People value their personal independence and ability to take care of themselves.

Are you a marked man?
Not that I'm aware of.

I would still like to know what population makes a city big.
Cities become targets because of their military and economic value. Any large area supported by a civil infrastructure is likely to be on that list.

Your time sounds grim. Are you tempted to finish your mission and then retire in the 1970's?
Not at all. I'm anxious to get home.

What did you think about those commercials?
I think those commercials capitalize on other people's misery and misfortune in an attempt to sell a product. I can understand coming up with an idea like but what confuses me is how does it get past that stage? How do people sit in a room around a large conference table and agree that leaving a critically injured person lying in the snow is funny and will sell cell phones?

03-05-2001 12:24 PM

Although your post wasn't truly an invitation to join you when you travel back, I can see how it could have been taken that way.
I'm sure many things by many people are taken in many ways. I find this an interesting point because I think its important to have implied agreements on words and meanings before you can talk with another person. If it wasn't an invitation (by your own acknowledgement), am I responsible for what people think? If I am, how would you propose that I double-check that? Are there really that many people out there upset about this?

I'm still waiting for that public apology.
I publicly apologize for confusing anyone who is packing their old bell-bottoms and shalls for a trip back to 1975.

Just curious can you think of anything I could do to prove to you that I'm not a time traveler?

03-05-2001 02:50 PM

Is reverse speech used in the future?
I'm not very familiar with reverse speech but what I saw on the web leads me to conclude it's a bit objective. I'm not sure if its been proven scientifically to be very accurate. Are you aware of any research that shows that?

What about earthquakes in California or Nevada?
No I can't. Besides, I see others predicting earthquakes and very few people pay any attention to them.

Thanks for starting this topic and sharing your time with us. We are really enjoying it!
I appreciate that a great deal. Your future will be fine.

Warping time and space takes lots of energy.
Yes it does. A nuclear aircraft carrier and a space shuttle main engine also take a great deal of energy.

Hawking believes it's possible to build a time machine but a mysterious energy will destroy it if anyone tries to use it. In my opinion, manipulating gravity is not the hard part of time travel. Also, with great power comes great responsibility. If man has a limitation, that's it.

What if something happens to your device and you couldn't leave. Would you do anything different?
No, I wouldn't do anything different if my machine broke. I would still be a stranger and a guest here. My opinions and "announcements" would also be the same as anyone else's. I may however offer advice to my younger self.

I still have some questions you have not responded to.
If I missed something feel free to bring it up again.

Why aren't you traveling and telling us about your trip to the pyramids?
Yes, that would be fascinating but the unit I have is unable to go back that far accurately.

Instead of talking about specifics you should be bored from your awareness to them.
Not at all, I find the subject fascinating. There are two real issues I hope people think about when I'm gone. One, how will you react when another time traveler shows up and two, how are we going to handle the responsibility of time travel when its invented.

Are the Great Pyramids standing in 2036?
Yes, although one of them was severely damaged.

If you wish to experience society as it was, admitting yourself to be a time traveler is counter-productive.
Yes, if I was here for that purpose and if you believed me I suppose that would be an issue.

How's communication around the world in 2036. Do you still have literature widely available?
Yes, books and other literature are available but most of the distribution is via the net.

What's the latest book you've read that you were only able to hear about in your own time?
The latest book I read was the autobiography of the Red Baron compiled from letters to his mother. Yes, I was aware of it in my own time but finding an original copy there was almost impossible.

Is new literature also so available?

Is the English language segmenting? Is tourism still strong and thriving in 2036?
I would say the English language is pretty much the same as it is now. There are differences in slang and figures of speech but it's nothing you couldn't pick up. Yes, I suppose we do have "tourism".

Can you tell me when the police stop busting people for weed?
It happens about the same time they stop coming to your house when you dial 911.

Do they start pushing for legalization earlier than the war?
It's not really an issue of the government letting you do something; It's more like they have other things to worry about. Don't you feel you're capable of taking care of yourself? If you want to take mood-altering drugs, why should my opinions stop you from that? They don't stop you from taking alcohol, tobacco or fast food.

In any case, it also lets Darwin take over. One of the reasons drug abuse isn't a major problem in 2036 is because no one wants to die from it and everyone else who did is dead.

03-07-2001 04:48 PM

In the 18th Century, a pantomime Clown was known as John Trot, Clodpole and Clodpate.
Unfortunately, I'm not that well read. But it does look like an interesting story and I will be sure to pick it up if it sparks a connection between it and me. Madam I'm Adam…that's the only one I know.

03-08-2001 03:39 AM

I believe I have exposed John with the anagram in his name.
I find this interesting because it gives me a very tempting easy out. I could now rest assured that someone had "figured me out" and I can relax before I leave.

However, I am not (other forum member) and this name and TTO are the only names I've used online. After looking at my name here, have you considered its origin from another word-play standpoint? For example, TITOR could equal Time-Travel-OR.

After looking at your name (forum member name), I can pull out "MEET ME TAR BABY" which I'm assuming is a reference to the Song of the South. In that case, are you telling us in a secret way that you are trying to distract us by fooling us in the bre'r patch?

I would not insult your collective intelligence by leaving a hook out there for you to discover while I was making sport of you. Whether I'm a time traveler or not, I think we've spoken about many important things I would not want to diminish.

08 March 2001 11:23

The fact that he said he could not complete a 0 divergent trip meant that he could not return to his timeline and a mission into the past to help his people is logically flawed.
I thought we went over that to your satisfaction? Doesn't everyone know after looking at a Penrose for a Kerr singularity that you have to travel faster than light to get to the "exact" same worldline?

I can see your not amused that we would be confused as the same person. I did find it flattering. I think you find some of the physics questions we're dealing with on other sites quite interesting...perhaps even convincing.

08 March 2001 17:37

Your argument was not sufficient. You suggested that an alternate you may return to your worldline. It just does not seem logical.
As you are aware, approaching a rotating singularity can be done quite easily without experiencing the negative side effects of a massive gravitational field and it's very possible to "pass" through the center of the ring. Besides, if you did need a naked singularity, all you would have to do is increase the rotation or electric charge so the inner even horizon equals the diameter of the outer event horizon.

I realize my posts here have become tiresome and my "story" is old so If I don't post it's not because I don't enjoy the physics debate. If you're interested, I will be posting more pages from the manual and a cut-a-way drawing of the distortion unit.

03-09-2001 07:11 AM

Greetings everyone. I do plan to get to the questions soon. I have been quite busy lately so I apologize for being a bit slow.

In my travels over your web, I came across this section of a speculative news article. I would urge you all to take a good hard look at this idea and consider the possibility that it is true. And no, I did not make this up nor am I trying to tell you something in a left-handed way.

03-09-2001 08:53 AM

(Forum member name) mentioned a few posts ago that he thought possibly the (other forum member name) persona might be a "sophisticated dialogue" construct of our time-traveler for self-dialogue.

Had you considered the possibility that (other forum member name)is the one who made me up?

Dear Fellow Time Travelers:

In about 30 days, I will be leaving this worldline to return home to 2036. I first want to say thank you for the wonderful conversation and insight into your society. I have learned a great deal and my opinion on quite a few things has changed dramatically.

I will finish the questions that have been posted on this site up to this date. Unfortunately, I must now spend my spare time preparing to leave and I will not be on the computer very much. I do however want to repeat my offer and add a slight twist.

After going over my flight plan home, I have discovered my VGL holdover period is a bit longer than I expected. I will be spending at least three weeks in April of 1998 as I make my way back to 1975. Therefore, I not only offer you the chance to leave a message to yourself in 2036 but I offer you the chance to leave yourself a message in 1998. I will take any compiled messages and email addressees you provide and send them on the net when I get to 1998.

Granted, this will not affect you on your worldline now but you make take some comfort that another "you" on another worldline has the advantage of knowing something you wish you knew three years ago. Based on the earlier questions I've seen, I've decided a day-to-day record of the Dow a day in advance should convince you that the messages are real in 1998.

In addition, I am hopeful a series of photocopies and photographs will be available for you that may give you more insight into the technology of the distortion unit. I will let you know the address of the site when it is available. I also plan to have my parents videotape my departure. If they succeed, it will also be posted after I leave.

I look forward to these last few weeks with my family and I will check in periodically to check this site.

Live in Peace 2001,


10 March 2001 22:35

Dear Fellow Time Travelers:

In about 30 days, I will be leaving this worldline to return home to 2036. I first want to say thank you for the wonderful conversation and insight into your society. I have learned a great deal and my opinion on quite a few things has changed dramatically.

I will finish the questions that have been posted on this site up to this date. Unfortunately, I must now spend my spare time preparing to leave and I will not be on the computer very much. I do however want to repeat my offer and add a slight twist.

After going over my flight plan home, I have discovered my VGL holdover period is a bit longer than I expected. I will be spending at least three weeks in April of 1998 as I make my way back to 1975. Therefore, I not only offer you the chance to leave a message to yourself in 2036 but I offer you the chance to leave yourself a message in 1998. I will take any compiled messages and email addressees you provide and send them on the net when I get to 1998.

Granted, this will not affect you on your worldline now but you make take some comfort that another "you" on another worldline has the advantage of knowing something you wish you knew three years ago. Based on the earlier questions I've seen, I've decided a day-to-day record of the Dow a day in advance should convince you that the messages are real in 1998.

In addition, I am hopeful a series of photocopies and photographs will be available for you that may give you more insight into the technology of the distortion unit. I will let you know the address of the site when it is available. I also plan to have my parents videotape my departure. If they succeed, it will also be posted after I leave.

I look forward to these last few weeks with my family and I will check in periodically to check this site.

Live in Peace 2001,

03-13-2001 04:10 AM

I'm going to try and get to the remaining questions today. (Forum member name) has been collecting the email and forwarding them to another address. In respect for your privacy, I am not reading them. I am only planning to forward them.

03-13-2001 08:41 AM

Bodies under acceleration lose their initial constant velocity worldline reference with respect to each other - the Twins Paradox.
I'm not sure that's accurate. Twin Paradox time travel only suspends your perspective on a local level as the "world" around you goes on. You do not change worldlines.

Given that you have a 2.5% divergence from your worldline and the micro-singularities are subject to the same divergence, how do you keep them in phase?
Good thinking but that's not exactly the way they work and divergence is not cumulative.

Does the divergence extend into N-dimensions? Is the 2.5% the total error or is each dimension subject to the 2.5% divergence individually?

Yes, that's a little closer. You should perhaps change the "N" to and "X" to avoid string theory confusion.

The "machine" with the energy to do it will come on-line very soon. The "method" for doing it has already been "mostly" perfected in the Z machine at the National lab in New Mexico.

I believe that it would theoretically take the total energy output of the Sun to form one micro-singularity, let along two.
Not that much.

I haven't seen an answer to my issue concerning moral turpitude through action or inaction. Did I miss it?
If I missed something, please repeat it.

But let me ask you one simple question: instead of sitting at your computer, why not present yourself to the government?
Please take a look at the front cover of this month's (technology magazine) because it's a great example of your legacy to 2036 after the war. One side of the cover it describes in great detail how your government is ready spying on you. On the other side (and just as important) it tells you how to install a hot tub.

The reason time travelers do not revel themselves is because your society scares the hell out of us. We do not want to end up in a cement room on a permanent supply of sodium prenatal as men with lab coats poke at our machine with a screwdriver.

Would not the computer from 1975 be bigger than the time machine used to haul it back to 2036?
Not at all. The 5100 series will fit on a tabletop.

Are people using "reverse speech"?
Not that I'm aware of.

WACO with criminal violations of the law either directly or impliedly as is done in this video, simply doesn't accord with the real facts.
A large point of contention seems to be the "flashes" of light that appear to be gunfire that were recorded from the aircraft flying over the compound. The FBI has stated that these flashes were sunlight reflections. I find that rather interesting since the camera was not a visible light camera, it was a thermal camera. If the federal forces learned anything from WACO it was to install more reliable suppressors on their automatic weapons and don't use flash grenades that leave shell casings after the fire.

Where did you attend High school and what year did you graduate?
No, I did not have a "high school" experience.

What college did you attend, what year did you graduate?
I was educated at the University of Florida. I entered a military sponsored program in 2029 and graduated between 2033 - 34. No, it was not very similar.

If you fell in love with someone here and took her with you in your time machine, wouldn't that act upset both of our worldlines?
No, it would not disrupt anyone's worldlines.

Have you had a chance to watch a movie here that you had already seen in your 2036 worldline? Did they have the same endings?
Interesting question. If I watch enough of them I should see a difference somewhere but I haven't seen one yet.

03-13-2001 08:46 AM

Where is the mass coming from to form your singularities?
E=MC squared can be solved for mass too.

This appeared to be the same question from the other site so I just copied my old response.

You stated that your society is not involved in space travel. He's also stated that the temperature in and around his device while in use is approximately 100 degrees.
I'm not sure I understand the connection between no space travel and the temperature around the device.

The singularities are not unstable; therefore, uncontrolled evaporation is not possible. In addition, there is no extemporaneous matter near the singularity that would cause it to give off radiation or heat.

Maybe (in order to make a singularity) you've taken a slice of the Earth about 1.2 miles wide and compressed it into a singularity.
A singularity about the size of an electron would only require the mass of a large mountain. The singularities inside the C204 are much small than that. And no, I didn't make them.

Then must be gobbling up the Earth to make their singularities.
You know… E = MC squared can be written to solve for mass too.

03-14-2001 02:05 AM

John Titor, would you consider video taping your departure? What would we expect to be see from the outside perspective?
Earlier in the thread I had said I would be willing to videotape my departure. There are a few technical and logistical problems but I do plan to have it done. (i.e. the videotape recording has static and interference if it's too close to the unit.) At this point, the videotape would be for pure entertainment value. It won't prove one way or another if I'm a time traveler but I feel you deserve just a tad of bread and circuses.

When I approached my grandfather in 1975 it took me quite a while to convince him I was who I said I was. He said something I've never forgotten and I've heard some of you allude to it also. After looking at the unit he turned to me and said, "Either you've escaped from an insane asylum or you're a time traveler. As the weeks went on, it occurred to me that both were just as threatening and dangerous to him and I'm not sure he ever decided which one was worse.

Based on my own experiences on the web and a few comments some of you have made, I suspect Art is growing weary of people claiming to be time travelers for the same reason. As we have discussed, there is really no way to prove it and I would imagine Art is tired of putting himself at risk by entertaining the idea. He does have a responsibility to his listeners and I respect that. I suppose it goes back to the old question you've all asked yourselves. What is proof of time travel?

03-14-2001 09:23 AM

Why is it not ok to give us information about our near future but it is ok to take back emails and modify another worldline?
I'm not saying anything in your messages. You are. Are you suggesting I edit your emails? Are you unable to weigh the consequences of your opportunity and I am now responsible for what you might say to yourself? Now that you have the chance to put your own morals to the test do you feel you're incapable of living up to your own standards?

Is it wrong to say one thing and not something else? If you feel you should tell yourself to buy a certain stock than I suppose you are willing to take the risk that "your" advice doesn't prove wrong in the next few days.

What ever I might do, I would consider the fact that someday you will have to address this question again as an entire society.

Why would I offer to make the video if I thought it would "expose" me? If it makes you feel better, I doubt it will change your mind anyway but it will give you something to talk about when I'm gone. I think that's the greatest gift I could give you.

03-14-2001 11:20 AM

I know you don't understand me, which is sad.
Perhaps you are just having a hard time making yourself clear? I will admit you are a little out of my ballpark but I do understand what you are referring to.

It's Hawking Radiation you can't overcome.
Yes, that is true. If you firmly believe that Hawking radiation cannot be controlled or goes on even without the presence of virtual particles forever until the singularity explodes than you are correct.

A simple "E=Mc^2" isn't the answer.
You asked where the mass comes from. I simply pointed out that mass and energy are interchangeable in the same equation. One of my Stanford pals tells me there is a running gag about the chances a VW Beetle spontaneously appearing inside the accelerator. It could only come from the transfer of energy to mass.

You have to form the singularity for your machine to work and that takes mass.
That is incorrect.

The faulty part of your description for your device involves Hawking Radiation. Its not the size of the singularity that matters, its the mass involved that determines the temperature of the radiation.
You seem to be quite upset and I understand your argument. I do however think it is important to gather the facts and probabilities before expelling emotional energy on them. Please keep in mind that I have not shared all the technical details of the machine with you. So an easy out would be for me to just make something up.

However, and as I'm sure you are aware, Stephen Hawking admits that his own equations support the "possibility" that microsingularities may not totally disappear as they evaporate in a sea of virtual particles and in fact may leave behind a very stable naked singularity. I'm sure you can look that up. I suppose the difficult part is believing that we've taken advantage of it, not that it's impossible.

03-15-2001 01:17 PM

I realize that you haven't given "all of the technical details" of the device.
Actually, I'm hoping the cut-a-way drawing from the manual will be available to you very soon.

If it (the device) exists, the details aren't yours to give in any case.
So let me get this straight, John please prove you're a time traveler but don't show us any copyrighted material?

The details that you have posted publicly may actually be in violation of copyright and patent law.
No, I am not breaking any of "my" laws but I suppose that's something else you and your worldline will have to deal with when time travel comes.

The reason that I ask this question is that we don't know that GE isn't working on this device as we speak.
They might be now.

You see a time machine. I see a weapons system.
Yes I suppose that is one thing you could do with it. I could also cut my hand off with a power saw or heat up a crowd of people with a microwave. However, I believe Teller already came up with an X-ray laser that destroys itself after going off.

X-rays will be emitted if matter is pumped into the device.
Actually, I thought we were focusing on the degree of radiation and temperature. I don't believe I ever said it didn't give off radiation. Yes, the device does give off x-rays.

The drawing indicates in Detail #5 "X-Ray Venting Zone". It details x-rays being focused and vented directionally. It has applications as a weapons system.
As you said, it's interesting that I see a time machine and you see a weapon. Maybe it's a sign of the "times". However, it is a good point. If the Chinese or Russians thought you had one of these what do you think they would do?

Again, maybe you should ask yourself if you're sure you want me to prove I'm a time traveler. Maybe that's what makes a time traveler "evil" in that he would be willing to share everything with you.

If John's device is real, it belongs to another world altogether. another GE, therefore it would violate no known copy right laws.
Any government document cannot be copyrighted. I could also argue that the manual "could" be from a future where it has become public domain but then again, it would mean proving I am a time traveler.

03-16-2001 07:09 AM

To my knowledge, there are no other sites where these pictures can be seen and is stable. A few of them have not been posted before. I suspect they will generate more questions which I will try to address.

03-16-2001 03:14 PM

Government documents actually are copyrighted. Here's one example.
My fault. It's Federal documents.

03-17-2001 03:55 AM

Heavier than air aircraft flight happened in 1903. You said 1910. It's only the most important date in the history of aviation and flight other than 1969.
I suppose it's impossible to defend every possible combination of what people want to see. I don't believe I said anything about the date for the first flight. All I did was pick a moment in history.

03-17-2001 05:28 PM

Where mass is accelerated to light speed and forms a singularity doesn't exist.
I can't find where I said that. Could you point that for me?

The speed of light squared is a constant number used to represent the variation between energy and mass. It does not imply that acceleration is required to change or represent the other.

03-18-2001 01:01 AM

The acceleration to light speed is implied in your reference to virtual mass. Virtual particles travel at light speed. I tried to give you an out there but you insisted that the mass was virtual.
The word implied is not a very stable platform to come up with a profile for my parents education but I applaud your attempt.

Well at least we aren't seeing any more thermal and mass stabs in the dark. Interesting profile but you couldn't slide me just 10 more points on the I.Q.?

Are you suggesting that in all cases there must be an acceleration component in the conversion of energy to mass or mass to energy?

03-18-2001 04:27 PM

John's use of the English is very baby-boomer.
I actually worked quite hard on that. It appears the physics questions have come to a halt but at least you're not insulting about my mother anymore. Thanks.

There is nothing in his use of the English language that is atypical of someone born between 1945-1975.
Perhaps you could raise your confidence level to 100% by going from 30 to say... 100 years, maybe 1930 - 2030?

The tools you use to have that much faith in my profile must be pretty good. I'm interested in what you compared me with. How exactly does a person born in 1998 who traveled across worldlines from 2036 use the English language?

17 March 2001 11:26

The pictures I promised:

03-24-2001 03:53 PM

I will be leaving this worldline shortly and this will be my final post. There are only a handful of people who will know exactly when I will be leaving and I'm sure they will let you know when I'm gone.

In the last few days I have found your choice of topics quite interesting and from an objective viewpoint I think it collectively answers one of your own questions, "If time travel is real, where are all the time travelers?" In the past, I have stated that quite frankly, you all scare the Hell out of me and I'm sure other temporal drivers would feel the same. But now I have an expanded explanation with two examples.

A while ago (on one of the posts), I related an experience I had with my parents while we were driving down a highway. Every now and then, we would pass someone who was in obvious distress with their vehicle. I was amazed that so many people could pass them by without stopping to help. Their explanation was fear. The risk of helping someone was too great and with today's technology, they probably had a cell phone anyway. If they didn't, the walk to a gas station would be good for them and teach them a lesson for running out of gas.

The other example is the plight of the homeless. When you pass them as individuals on the street I see the way people selectively choose an alternate path to avoid them.

Those two examples best define why time travelers do not show themselves. In trying to help you, we put ourselves as great risk and there's really no point to it. We know the nature of time dictates that traveling between "exact" worldlines is impossible. Therefore, the only results we will see will be the ones we stay to see. Since worldlines, outcomes and events are infinite, we have better things to do. When I arrive in the "new" 1998 worldline on my way home I could easily start all of this again and continue to go through the same conversations with all of the same people. However, I already know you won't pay any attention or believe me because we've already been through it on this worldline. Besides, I think the walk to the gas station will do you some good.

The following are the last questions I saw before my "going home" post. I apologize for not being able to get to all of them.

Do most of the people of that time die, especially ones that currently have health problems?
Yes, and people are still dying and a great deal of them are passing from CJD. As I said, with my very first few posts almost 6 months ago, I want to emphasize how devastating this will be. I believe two people are confirmed dead in Colorado from CDJ from surgical instruments. Ahhhh, the power of cheese. Milk does a body good and beef is what's for dinner!

Me: "No, I have not tried any fast food. Thinking about where the food came from, how it was shipped and treated absolutely terrifies me. I have tried to tell people about CJD disease and it seems to be "catching on" in Europe."

Me: Do not eat or use products from any animal that is fed and eats parts of its own dead.

Me: The "Mad Cow" story here is yet to begin...

Is it possible that sometime in your future that time travel will be commonplace?
Yes, that is absolutely possible and eventual.

Have any of the scientists of your time discovered any new planets, possibly ones with life?
Not that I'm aware of.

Has the bandwidth of the Internet increased greatly?

One last question, how did Texas fare during the war?
Texas is still there but Spanish is a lot more popular.

How does time travel affect future exploration of the universe?
There is a great deal of debate about trying to use a distortion unit to "travel" to the moon. The experiment would require very precise calculations that would allow the VGL system to find a theoretical path to the moon on a different worldline. The only problem is there is no way to communicate with anyone if the experiment should succeed. In other words, it's possible to do it but only the people on the receiving end could take advantage of it.

My oldest son wanted me to ask if you have any siblings.
No, I am an only child.

Are you still planning on broadcasting your departure over the Internet?
My father will be videotaping the departure. My primary concern is the anonymity of my family. In addition, my departure will be in a somewhat public place and I do not want to draw additional attention to myself.

Is there still (sporting event) in 2036?
Yes, we still play basketball but I am not a fan and can't comment on its organization.

You say that you wear a flight suit and that you experience 2 g's for 6-8 hrs. How is it possible to withstand that kind of g-force for such a long period without the use of an anti-g suit?
The average human can take 2 G's without too much difficulty. Blackout occurs at about 8 or 9 Gs and red-out occurs at negative 3 Gs.

I know you must be physically trained for space travel, but you should also have the benefit of equipment to help you out.
We are encouraged to stay physically fit.

In an effort to address (forum member name) comments, (and in all fairness) the following posts are out of context and not in order. If I'm not a real time traveler I would suggest that Emmett is at a disadvantage on his tactics to "expose" me.

If I present a picture of a sea monster to you and I claim it's real you are forced to argue its validity on the basis of the evidence that I present or create. Under these circumstances, you can't win. If you look at the picture and argue that sea monsters should have more teeth or their incisors are not in proportion to the amount of fish they eat, it's easy to ask you how you know so much about sea monsters if they don't exist. Granted, you could point to dinosaur skeletons and make comparisons. But I can still say, its not a dinosaur, it's a sea monster. In fact, I could even "whip" up some tooth marks on a piece of petrified wood and prove to you don't know anything about sea monsters.

I realize that you haven't given "all of the technical details" of the device but your device, as described, simply won't work.
If you don't have all the details, how do you know it doesn't work?

Honestly, I'm not upset about any of this and the only emotion involved for me is joy. This is fun! It really is.

(Forum member name) drew the following assumptions from our conversation and I don't believe I said any of them.

The universe that you described, that is, one where mass is accelerated to light speed and forms a singularity doesn't exist.

As you accelerated to light speed in your machine you and your machine formed a black hole.

From your perspective as you accelerated to light speed every other object in the universe formed a black hole due to your relative velocities.

Take a close look at the technical drawing, very poor quality CAD for a billion dollar project.
A billion? How do you know it's a CAD drawing?

If you have contact with Boomer please attempt to verify the elapsed time for his trip from 2036 to 1975. I need that data for a calculation.
The first leg takes me to 1998. I think I said that quite a few times.

He also said that the mass of the singularities is that of a "small mountain".
If that were true, the unit could not be moved. I only referenced the mass of a small mountain in one of our physics conversations. In fact, I believe I said the mass for the singularities in the distortion unit was much smaller.

The last time I checked I didn't see an "on-off" switch for a black hole.
Me neither. I don't believe I said you could turn it on or off.

At 2 g acceleration you will be traveling just a tad faster than a Chevy pick-up in short order.
This is the one that really disappoints me. Even you should know that Einstein's thought experiment in the isolated elevator was based on the idea that the effects of acceleration and gravity are the same. I never said acceleration had anything to do with how the unit operates.

Does it really make sense that his handlers would authorize a personal vacation with their billion-dollar machine?
I'm looking at my orders and I don't see the word vacation on it anywhere. You had my hopes up for a moment. Interesting how quickly a zillion-dollars has become a fact now.

The answer to the question, "How does a person born in 1998 use the language...?" is - who knows?
I agree. How would you know?

The two yellow caution tapes on the device are misaligned. Sloppy workmanship.
I'll have to point that out to my "handlers" when I get back.

I suppose that if you were interested in verification of Boomer's science that you could go right to the source, Dr. Frank Tipler.
He's a very pleasant gentleman. I highly recommend his book, The Physics of Immortality. I believe I made reference to this earlier.

What would prevent us, the enemy state, from returning the machine to 2036 with a suitcase nuclear device?
This is the second time I've seen a reference to the unit as a weapon. I would submit that the people of this worldline have nothing to fear from me. What would you do with the unit?

In your opinion, what is the smallest mass that can form a singularity? Even Hawking suggested primordial singularities were created at the Big Bang. Were there planets (or half planets) around to form them then?

Based on your ability to draw conclusions about someone's profile from their typed words I find it hard to believe you would make such errors in the syntax and meaning of the exact same words. Unfortunately, you have now maneuvered yourself into a position where I have the last word and our debate has come to an end. Boomer isn't a bad name and I sort of like it. Thanks.

If there were an infinite number of realities, then there would necessarily arise a reality that somehow causes there to be no other realities.
Yes!! Excellent insight. I would have enjoyed a conversation on this.

I also want to thank (forum member name) for helping me with the email and everyone else who asked intelligent and insightful questions. I have learned a great deal.

No, I do not have a secret agenda but I have been paying a great deal of attention to your worldline. My interaction with you was not a direct mission parameter but it was a secondary mission protocol based on standing orders given to all temporal drivers.

That secondary objective is basically to gather as much information about a worldline based on a set of observable variables when we first arrive. Your worldline met those conditions. What amazes me is why no one here wonders why Y2K didn't hit them at all?

Bring a gas can with you when the car dies on the side of the road.



posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:12 PM
If you look up his name on Wikipedia you will see that he is a hoaxer and his predictions are false. In one sentence he says he is a soldier in the future sent back to get an IBM computer then in another he was hiding from the war! Just another nutter methinks lol

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:15 PM
What happen to the movie?
but i like that these guys was looking for him..

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:31 PM

Originally posted by scotsdavy1
If you look up his name on Wikipedia you will see that he is a hoaxer and his predictions are false. In one sentence he says he is a soldier in the future sent back to get an IBM computer then in another he was hiding from the war! Just another nutter methinks lol

Well if you are just going to judge the subject of John Titor based off Wikipedia, I suggest you go and take a look at what Wikipedia has to say about ATS.....

Nuff said.....

Shauny, thanks for the links, I've been meaning to read through his stuff again. Looks like I'll add it to my weekend reading. As for me, I'm still on the fence. I really can't give a definitive Yah or Nah on the guy.
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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:32 PM

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:33 PM
Spoon it !
Just kidding.
I loved reading the whole thing!
Now ,I am digesting it.
I have heard of Titor,just never thought much about it.
Now,my wheels are turning.
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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:35 PM
I'm not sure our cities are being "occupied." A few folks are camping out in parks and pretending they have some sort of control, but they are mostly just getting wet and cold in the rain. Maybe later, but not now. It isn't happening. It's just kind of a wet dream for the organizers, who aren't really focused on anything but stuf like raising the minimum wage ot $20.00 (snort).

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:43 PM
I wonder if anyone did that 1998 email experiment he offers,leaving yourself a message.Just curious.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 12:31 AM

Originally posted by paperface
Complaining about Text! What do people want hand drawn sentences!!

Welcome to the lazy spoon fed world of 2011
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I am badly dyslexic and I have just spent over an hour reading through that text - yes it was very hard work, yes I had to read many parts of it over (and over) again, but I wanted to remind myself of his dialogue. So I worked hard at it. It is people who are not willing to do this for themselves that are ruining modernity. "Oh, please, someone make it easier for me....." Lazy so-and-so's - If I can struggle through it and make sence of it so can you.

Thanks OP for the reminder. I have always loved this story. I have always wanted there to be some truth in it. Sadly, as time goes by I begin to think there was just some clever interpretation of current trends, and a very active immagination.

S&F for the reminder.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 01:38 AM

Originally posted by paperface
Complaining about Text! What do people want hand drawn sentences!!

Welcome to the lazy spoon fed world of 2011
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Wow. I haven't read any of the Titor story, so was glad to see some here- it is fun to read. I was thinking of starring and flagging this. But you are so rude and inconsiderate to your readers, I won't.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 01:56 AM
Anyone who is interested in that Topic,should watch this Anime, Steins Gate,because its pretty much all about that John Titor and this Time Traveling Stuff...

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