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How many here have actually seen a ghost?

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posted on Sep, 12 2004 @ 10:53 PM
I don't remember seeing anything that couldn't be explained away as a figment of the imagination. Last night though, I fell asleep with the tv on and woke up and for a flash part of a second, I could have sworn there was a vague image of a woman in a dress standing about 3 ft away from me. I didn't feel threatened but did feel slightly weird. I feel a slight chill in the air inside my house today too. Then again, I could explain away this chill as my air conditioning doing too much overtime.

posted on Sep, 12 2004 @ 11:33 PM
I generally try and find an explanation if you read my post about seeing the woman in the mirror you saw that I did not believe she was real I put it down to the evening sun shining on a photo in the room and reflecting her into the mirror but when I turned toward the image and she turned as well and was staring me right in the face only about a foot or two away well I figured she was for real. Sometimes we can't explain them away. Have you had any other strange experiences where you saw this woman or a shadow or maybe ever dream about this person. Do you know the histroy of your house?

posted on Sep, 13 2004 @ 02:47 AM
Aye, the souls lurk out in these waters too and legends of the seas would set qivers up thee timbers. Beware! matey, some of these spirits are not friendly to thee.

posted on Sep, 13 2004 @ 05:14 AM
I have had several experiences, but the only one that I couldn't logically explain away involved a recently deceased pet cat. I had buried him myself a couple of days earlier, but one evening I stepped into the hallway and he was standing there looking at me, meowed, then trotted down the hall and into the kitchen (where the food bowl was). Naturally, when I got to the kitchen there was no trace of him, and I never saw him again.

It left me feeling a bit strange and disoriented, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

posted on Sep, 13 2004 @ 02:02 PM
Yes I have seen a ghost; the story's in my other thread

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posted on Sep, 13 2004 @ 02:16 PM
I dont know what this expirence was, but It might have been a ghost sighting, please check my thread and help me out.

Many thanks!

posted on Sep, 13 2004 @ 11:20 PM
My house is relatively new so if I saw a ghost, I would probably think a ghost is following me for some reason. However the flash image I saw could have just been an after image of something in a dream or tv or something I suppose. I didn't even see a clear image.

If I ever claim to see a real ghost I want the ghost to appear as real as possible and let me photograph it. That would be cool.

posted on Sep, 15 2004 @ 03:46 PM
i'm not sure if i have seen a ghost or not, certainly not a ghost as in a solid person but definately once when i was alone in the house i sensed a prescence and saw a flash of dark out of the corner of my eye as if someone had just walked behind me, this used to happen alot when i first moved here and i was quite edgy about living here but now that ive been here for a while, nothing has happenened for a long time, maybe it was my imagination , i dont know but it was pretty real and scary at the time

posted on Sep, 15 2004 @ 06:52 PM
On several occasions I have seen/felt the presance (sp?) of somthing not of this realm....

I would have to say that it all started when I was about 5 years old, and visiting a friend's house...I woke up in the middle of the night, and for some reason still unknown to me, looked at a blank wall. Without any movement from me (the only person in the room) I watched a shadow of a hand move up the wall and slowly wave, as if to just say "Hi" being a 5 year old kid, it scared the crap out of me, and when I tried to tell everybody what I saw the next day, they just dismissed it as being a shadow, or me not being totally awake, however I knew the truth.

Ever since that happened, I have continued to see things that weren't there, or else things would move on their own, drawers would open, and shut.

I once had a dog that would bark at the center of a empty room at the exact same time each day...I always wondered if animals were more sensitive to that type of thing than humans were...

take it as you will.. thanks for listening..

posted on Sep, 15 2004 @ 10:30 PM
I have not seen ghosts, but have seen there shadows and felt there presence around me. The house that I live in now is 6 years old and was built in a factory that my father works at. Since where I live was sacred Indian ground and many battles for the town its not surprising to have spirits in my house. I know that there is one that is always watching over me and making sure that I stay safe. Otherwise the other ones stay in the basement where they should be.

posted on Sep, 16 2004 @ 06:54 PM
From July through November 2000 I and many people I knew believed my house was haunted. I was 14 at the time. I have never personally seen an apparition, but I would have stuff of mine misplaced all the time and I would always hear odd things like some one pacing back and forth in front of my door and several times I thought I felt something touch me as if it had grazed me as it was walking by. These things could all be, of course, entirely psychological and I reserve judgement as to whether that was the case or not to this day. It started for me personally on my birthday in July of that year and it ended for me in November. The same is true of others who had experiences in my house. Most of those people were honest, reliable people, and there was a total of about 12 or 13 of them if I remember correctly. My little brother, who was about 7 at the time, also had experiences, independant of mine or any one else's experiences. Here is a list of what others and my brother experienced:

- 2 brothers and friends of mine claimed to see 2 white glowing orbs pass through the wall into the rec-room, float around for a minute, and then leave through another wall at 2 AM when they were sleeping over and when every one else was asleep.

- My friend's wallet disappeared from the desk he left it on. The next day it re-appeared in the same spot. No one had been in the room since except my family.

- A friend of mine claimed to see a dark figure standing outside of my rec-room window. This window is hidden behind very thick bushes and it would be difficult for any one else to get back there. My brother, a few weeks later, claimed to see the same thing despite, to my knowledge, not knowing my friend had claimed to see the same thing earlier.

- A friend of mine claimed to see a person crouched in the fetal position in the corner of my room out of the corner of his eye. Once he glanced back again, it was gone.

- A friend of mine was leaning against a closet door, and felt something punch the door from the inside of the closet. Me and several others viewed the door physically move as such and heard the sound.

- A friend of mine claimed to see a hand originating from inside my room grasping the door frame which quickly receded back out of sight into my room once it was seen.

- When a friend of mine was spending the night, he fell asleep before me. Out of nowhere he sat bold upright and began speaking gibberish. It took me a good deal of time to shake him awake, at which point he told me he remembered dreaming about a girl he liked wearing red and gold socks. (okay, this one may be kind of irrelavent but it scared the hell out of both of us at the time)

There are probably a few more things I can't remember at the moment. I told my mother about it and she told me she never experienced anything at the time. Though many people were involved, it is reasonable to think it was just as likely all psychological as actually paranormal - we were all pretty young and sensationalistic and except for the incident in which my friend claimed to see the man outside the rec-room window (which was the first actual sighting) people already knew that my house was supposed to be "haunted."

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posted on Sep, 17 2004 @ 04:10 AM
I can't say I've ever actually seen a ghost, but my brother (who is a much stronger psychic than I probably ever will be) claims he feels a presence inside the old abandoned house next to mine.

I DO have a couple of friends who can see and communicate with ghosts. I don't know if any of this is actually true, because I can't see or feel such things. ADD affects my patience, which is why you usually won't find me meditating. But that's not the point.

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posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 10:12 PM
A friend of mine told of an experience she had as a child....Her best friend in grade school was a boy who lived next door. His grandmother lived with them, and her favorite pastime was to sit in the porch swing, watching them play.

The old lady died, and several days after her funeral, my friend and the little boy ran into the house, past the swing.....with the grandmother sitting right there swinging. ( My friend said that she remembered thinking it was a bit odd, but that the boy's grandmother was the first person she had known that had died, so she didn't realize it was that odd )

When she and the boy got into the kitchen, the boy told his mother that "Granny's sitting in the swing". His mother questioned him, but actually stepped out onto the porch to look. At that point, she gasped and exclaimed, " Mother, you're not supposed to be here!"

My friend said that the shock in the woman's voice impressed upon her that it was highly unusual to see someone after they had been buried, but did not realize till she was older what it actually meant. ( Of course, I have no way of knowing if my friend was being entirely truthful, but I could see the goose bumps she had just from retelling this experience!)

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 10:19 PM
Ghost/spirits/souls. They are as common as air. Ground bound/damned souls of the lost.

I have been told that I am crazy for so long that I don't talk about it anymore. How can you show someone something that they can not see? Sort of like Einsteins theory. All just theory because you can't see it to prove it wrong or right.

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 10:26 PM
My only experience with a deceased entity's spirit was one night while sleeping, my boyfriend came home after working very late and he fell asleep next to me, very exhausted and having experienced a terrible personal turn of events that evening which of course I was not aware of.

Several hours later I was awakened by my sensing the presence of a paternal figure in our bedroom. I sensed it was someone's father and it kept pacing around the bed, going from one side to the other. I felt he was very concerned and worried and distraut. At first I wondered if it was my own deceased father, but I then got a clear sense that it was my boyfriend's dead father.

I tried to ignore it but it gave off such strong emotions, it kept me wide awake. Finally, I awakened my boyfriend and told him about it, and he then told me what had happened at work that evening--an incident which would result in severe negative ramifications affecting his career and entire life for the following year.

My own father had his deceased father visibly visit him one night when he was sleeping with my mom. He was awakened by his dead father, so he was speaking to him aloud in the Polish language. My mother awoke and asked him what it was. He replied "it's my father. he's come to speak with me."

Lastly, I had a friend whose brother was killed crossing an interstate highway at night on foot. She was mourning his death, and several days later she was washing dishes in her trailer, and it was night time. She looked out the window over the sink and there he stood, staring at her through the window.

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 10:30 PM
I saw a ghost the time i spent 4 days at a Washington DC hotel, which my company reserved for my business trip.

It was my first night there, i ordered room service and set up the television, made a few phone calls and settled down to watch a movie.

I started to doze off and i woke with a start. Stooped over me, watching me was an old lady, mabe 70'ish, with flat short grey hair, a polka dotted blue blouse with a bow tied at the neck, dark navy skirt, and a stiff black purse.
She was gone the minute i screamed. I called the office and they said they would be happy to give me another room and i took it. I was very shaken and this was the first and only "real" ghose i've ever seen.

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 11:20 PM
I dont think I've seen any human ghosts...Not many people know this but as a child I swear I had "ghost" cats visit me....I remember the 1st visit...I was probably about 4/5 yrs old...getting ready for bed...bedroom door open, hall lights on, I'm in bed....I see a cat walk in, cross the room, and rub up against my hand over the side of the bed....After that for many many many years I would always have a few visit me...

Weird thing....AS an adult I really DISLIKE cats......other than ghostly cats, I can't really say I've seen any ghosts...but have had some very weird things happen in my life!!

posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 06:28 PM
My husband had a siamese cat that lived to be verrrrry old, after the cat died, my husband would awaken to a cat walking across his back at night, just at the old siamese would do to get to his favorite sleeping spot at the far side of the bed. My Mother-in-law also experienced similar visits from the invisible cat.

posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 07:57 PM
Some of us have spirits inside of us & do not even know it ,i think it is much much worse than being touched by one or to see one (& demons can take on ANY FORM they want to ,even animals)

Poltergeest/poltergeist/demon/evil spirit/ghosts/entity... ,whatever any of us like to call it is everywhere...why are the human race (well not all of us) destroying each other & the world...things are much much closer than what we think they are.

Stop trying to catch one on cam/vid as we all have our own little one,or baddie inside of us..just need to get it out..& btw if you want to you can command "it" to speak with you as it has to answer you.

But we choose to not use our ears,eyes,tongue & spiritual power that was given to us by God....hey even if we had enough faith we could make mountains move (meta speaking ,but we have power over all (baddies) of them)

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posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 11:35 PM
yes ive had to expriences with ghosts one happened when i was in bed i woke up from a dream and didnt know why so i looked around and noticed a girl at the foot of the bed. She was grey and didnt seem to notice me but was crying then she realized i was there and started to move towards me but vanished halfway to where i was.The second was the ghost of a pet cat i had. I was in bed and just siting there in the dark and i started hearing this meow of a creature and i felt a cat rush past me but my door was closed and there were no cats in the room before i went to bed. The cat had had cancer and was in pain for a long while before it died.

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