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The CODE is all around you and EXPLAINED over and over again in MOVIES

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posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by undo

You have only read about a quarter of this thread and based on just a faction of the information you are trying to understand?

I am taking about the first fruits those of the female gender who have stayed true to an original type and are desired at the harvest.

Of course they are not all whores but are symbolized as such in the bible.

Don't bother me with your questions or your inability to understand ... if you want to know what I am taking about them read the thread .

posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 08:53 PM
reply to post by AprilSky

why would the text go to the trouble of referring to a false religion, empires and kings, and compare them to a woman who sells herself for money, only to have it not mean any of that? i'm not trying to upset you, but i am saying that you are playing hop scotch with the text.

posted on Jun, 22 2011 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by undo

Oh man do you not realise the bible is the elites secret code book and they hide all their secrets in there?

The bible says one thing to them and another to ignorant masses who don't understand the true meaning of it.

The trick is to unravel the elite's code and work out what it really means.

I have done some of that ... not all but some.

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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 04:19 AM
After reading 14 pages of replies, I have received quite the headache. I would have to agree that the use of symbolism runs rampant in many movies. A few screenwriters have even bothered to put some research into it and for me it makes the movie that much more entertaining. For those of you that have posted, I would like to recommend watching something that might actually interest you and provide you with a different aspect on things. As will all things, watch it with an open mind. The key to all things is to keep an open mind. Take what is said and shown with a grain of salt. Derive any truths you may, if any, from the information provided. It is called Ancient Aliens. From what I have read, some of you have already seen the series. For the rest, you may or may not enjoy what you see, as it does show correlations between many many religions, both current and ancient.

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 04:30 AM
reply to post by ufpgalaxy

I am sure you noticed this thread was trolled to death in the beginning ... you did well to get that far, it made me ill.

After about where you stopped I started to really explain and the trolling slowed down. .

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 10:16 AM

Originally posted by AprilSky
reply to post by undo

Oh man do you not realise the bible is the elites secret code book and they hide all their secrets in there?

The bible says one thing to them and another to ignorant masses who don't understand the true meaning of it.

please read this entire post, it's important

well see, here's the issue i'm having. you are taking passages (many many passages) from the text and using them to prove your position (no problem there as far as procedure goes), but THEN, you leave big gaping holes in the verses you don't use. i'm assuming it's because you must realize they don't jive with the rest of the verses you are using to prove your interpretation. this is normal. everyone who attempts to translate anomalies in the text, for example, has to deal with verses that either don't fit their theory of the anomalies or they haven't as yet figured out how they fit.

what you need to do is readjust your thinking cap until the they all make sense, until then, it's going to sound like you're making it up as you go along and just ignoring the places that don't agree. it's okay to START from that position but it's not okay to take that position, full of gaping holes, and offer it as the ONLY way to read the texts you are referring to.

i've read your thread now, twice, watched most of the videos and did a refresher on maysy thread. and i'm still coming back to this irritating issue of big missing pieces. ALSO, you are vacillating back and forth between it being a flesh experience to it being a non flesh experience. they are flesh, they are not flesh. they respond to 3d environmental conditions and they aren't in 3d form. you are terrified of him, you are fond of him. i could quote all the examples if you want. i mean you sound like a person suffering with stockholm syndrome but it almost seems made up.

i'm thinking you have something seriously bad happening, either to you or you wish to plant these ideas in other people's minds for some bizarre reason. you're interpreting only part of the implications and are completely confused on the rest (or deliberately ignoring them, i'm not sure which)

p.s. stating that the elite believe and do such things, does not mean that the bible is talking about the same thing. as i stated earlier, my research seems to indicate the priests of the first post flood empire misunderstood (or deliberately misconstrued) the implications and made up this entire sex-based symbology for what was essentially technology and wormholes, that had since been buried under several feet of flood silt. with most of the prior history wiped out/buried, there was no surviving evidence to prove otherwise and the new way of viewing the memories of the past, just kept getting bigger and more sex related as time went by.

i will state, however, that it is possible that the darker side of all this is trying to convince people that this is what it all means, but i could bury this thread in verses that completely turn your theory on its head, at which point you'd be mad at me and lose the ability to have relevant conversation about it (in essence, you'd freak out). i don't want to just quote passage after passage, but i will if you want to see where the problem areas are, of your theory.
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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 11:22 AM
The bible, and other religious writings are actually interesting. They are not coded with one path in them. The secret gnostic hidden info, and then the false religion to the masses is partly true, and partly not true.

Now this has to do with something called structure, which tptb in all generations did tap into, though they did so with distortion. So while they may understand the ying yang, the black and white masonic checkerboard floor, they don't see what it represents, truly. They have one side, and its given with distortions by those that their frequency matched when they took their gateway substances and did their summoning.

Because everything in this school is a frequency match. Love frequency, Light as a Feather, Higher Frequency, or the heavy gravity of guilt. To reach Love and Goodness you need to be passing the tests here, purifying the negativity in you. So, elitists, and those who use ruthless means, will only be meeting with entities of that nature.

Light itself, isn't Lucifer. The sun isn't what they think. They are not catalysts, harming us for our own good. The true catalysts are the poor.

The True Family streams in this in real time, like a signal streaming into your television set, by the sun, Light that is infinite and without end, and we are the sunbeams,infinite and without end, we come from the worlds of spirit, and are infinite intelligences put into spirit. So Great Is Their Frequency Of Love and Equality/Peace, that we can't stand in their presence, so the sun is a construction, gateway portal that is a Mirror Of Their Light.

Zeitgiest maintains, Yeshua/Jesus was just another sungod they created, with their own distorted views on sungods.

Yes, they chose him, and manipulate the scriptures, however. They chose him due to his crowd appeal, that his words of truth and love, truly represented their version of a sungod, and stirred the heart so would draw many.

They unknowingly perhaps did so, without realizing He Was His Higher Self, Immanuel, God/Goodness with us, and here to help, He had come in the past as well.

The Sun does hang on the cross in December, and this solar representation was put in by design before the world was formed, for all things are a sign to the Light that would shine in the darkness, and guide our way home.

If you read the scriptures, or even a video from a video game with many codes, you may see the dark squares, and there may be dark codes, but the LIGHT CODES IN REAL TIME, and can reveal to you quite a bit, when you're working on yourself.

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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 11:33 AM
Another point is this, that our families are mirrors or in likeness of the Family,Father/Mother/Son,Brothers and Sisters,and they completed their lessons, learning to Perfect the Spirit of Love and Peace and equality, and are very much more progressed on their Infinite Paths of Progression.

That Infinity is Infinite Energies, Intellects, and variety, not Infinite Void.

That all things are formed, created, out of infinite energies with a Teleos purpose, for progression, to be transformed and raised up, including all souls, all planets, all universes as well.

And that eventually everyone is going to make it, though for some going down the wrong road for many lifetimes, it has so much unhappiness in store, helping others grow their light is a good thing.

Always see the good in people, the light in them, especially those who need kindness, some love, those going through hard times, or having anger issues, those who may be shutting off compassion for others, hardening up or being corrupted, see their light, reach to the goodness in people.

So the religions still have light squares in them and so disagreeing with others about them is less important than finding only the good in them, and suggesting everyone ignore the rest. Because they've been coded with two lanes in them, going two different directions.

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posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 12:22 PM
Why Big Trouble In Little China? WHY?!!?!?

posted on Jun, 23 2011 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by AprilSky

What do you make of this;

I can clearly see the events Faulding before my eyes. I knew this plan already because of the posts of D4rk Kn1ght in 2005!!!

This below is his post that I have remembered so good because of a dream I had before in 2000.
It was the dream of the dark night just as DK wrote it down in 2005.

Not to scare you but to remind you and warn you; the attack is a false flag.
An old plan to get control, do not fall for fear because these demons feed on fear.
Choose love in stead –they hate that, cannot stand the frequency of love!

So this is his original text, bear in mind that this was written some time ago…

‘The time lines not changed at all. The intent has not changed at all. The ability to cause panic by inducing thoughts and feelings through microwave and electromagnetic signals to stimulate the brain have not changed. In short my good people, 28-10-2011 is very real, will be with you all very soon, and yes I have had to change my plans rapidly due to events of the last 6 months.

Nepal has fallen to Communists with Islamist support in the east, and the King has been deposed (as has the whole royal family). Push came to shove, and regime change is not good for stability. So we have regrouped back in the UK. I know people want an update so here it is.

OK, quick brief overview.

On 28-10-2011 their is going to be a total world wide holographic event. This event will be backed up by intense microwave and electromagnetic psychological warfare against the population of the globe. It is to induce panic and confusion amongst the masses, and in short usher in a order that will 'protect the people' from the 'alien threat'. However, there will be no threat-it is all mind control tech developed in the early 1970s and onwards by Soviet and American scientists.

It is called the D4rk Kn1ght.

This event will be preceded by sights/visions/lights/alien craft in the skies to build up an expectation of some thing to come. I have spent a few days reading ATS and I can say that with no irony they are certainly building it up at an amazing rate of knots. sad to say, but yes I saw this coming, and I did try to warn you all it would happen. However, I take no joy in what is unfolding, and again have taken the time now to just go over it all again quickly. It is a global threat against us as a global population. The aim is to drive people insane and shepherd in a total world wide government.

The D-day if you like is the 28-10-2011. As I stated many times before, 2007-2009 will be the build up years, with the event to follow.

You will see lights dancing in the skies, you will see UFO craft massed in the skies above your cities, you will see war on a global scale against these craft, and you will be targetted by a sophisticated and globalised system of satellites, masts and vehicle borne microwave and electromagnetic weaponry.
The point is mute over your belief in what I have said will happen. I don't ask for followers, I don't ask for money, I don't even care if the masses don't believe me. I care for those who on the 23rd of Oct, 2011 get as far from 'civilised' areas as they can, and get (if you can) deep underground as you can manage.

I am starting again as I have lost alot, but such is my belief in those who went before me, that I am willing again to start my whole life again rather than fall victim to a terrible event designed to cause global terror and chaos.

A very good person here on ATS has tweaked my conscience and 'reminded' me that not every person here on ATS has links to people who know or have 'heard' things on the grapevine.

I post this here. In 2009 there will be a pre-event occurrence visible across large swathes of the northern hemisphere. It is designed to spark interest in alien life beyond what it is now. Some may say this is not enough of a warning, well so be it. However, do bear in mind that when there are hundreds of photos and thousands of eye witnesses to a fleet of mile long glowing UFOs it is not real. It is a warming up event to garner belief in this up and coming 'alien invasion'. The threat will be hyped and hyped, until it reaches fever pitch. Then DK 2011 will hit. ‘

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 12:10 PM
This entire thread is nothing more than fear mongering, based on nothing but conjecture and speculation. But what is the real purpose of this thread. Is it to tell us all that we are all simply screwed and to make us all feel powerless? You'll have to try harder, because it ain't working.

How anyone could be fooled by holograms in this technological age is beyond me. You'd have to be pretty naive & gullible. They'll have to do better if they think a holographic projection is going to dupe me. Having said that, unfortunately there's plenty of people who aren't capable of reasoning or common sense, so they'll probably believe it hook, line & sinker.

Watched the video, complete nonsense......Laughed at the Jesus is coming to save us at the end. Sorry! no one is coming to save us and if the s### does hit the fan, then there's us and only us and we are the only ones who can get ourselves out of this mess.
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posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 08:22 PM
A condensed and clear version of this thread is now available here ...

It includes all symbol meanings on page two.

posted on Jul, 25 2011 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by Dawn1111

@ Dawn1111 This is very interesting because, the final batman movie comes out in 2012
called The Dark Knight Rises.

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