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Kansas girl, 5, may face murder charges in drowning

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posted on Jun, 12 2011 @ 11:05 PM

Originally posted by Novise
It was screaming before it was put into the tub. Not after.
[color=C9BE62]HE was a boy.

because he "cried too much." - Huff

a crying toddler - ABC
There is a big difference between a crying baby's ability to annoy, and screams that by nature's design are effective at waking others up better than an alarm clock. One does not have to be loud, in order to annoy.

Originally posted by Novise
Screams which by nature's design are effective at waking others up better than an alarm clock.

Originally posted by Novise
And there are clues in the story that it's not a situation of teen pregnancy. In a teen pregnancy, duh the teen has to take care of the kid,
uumm, What? I have no clue why this thought popped into your head, and even less of a clue about why you chose to type it.

Originally posted by Novise
Are you sure I'm wrong?
Here are 2 things that I am positive about-
#1. I have read several articles from several sources, regarding this event.
#2. Out of all of those articles, I have not read anything even remotely close to most of the statements that you have made.

Originally posted by Novise
there is no reason to use a teenage babysitter when other options are available

Police say a 16-year-old relative who was supposed to be babysitting suffers from a mental disorder.

An adult left the teenager in charge of several young children, including Jermane, so they could pick up the boys father at a bus stop.
A 16 yr. old [color=C9BE62]relative, who had been [color=C9BE62]left in charge, by [color=C9BE62]an adult. The statements that you continue making, are implying that there was some sort of hiring process, and there could have been a better choice for the job. The adult left the house. Naturally, the oldest person in the house is now in charge.

killed by his five-year-old cousin
You obviously have no problems with assumptions, so I will tell you an assumption that I have made, but I do not claim that my assumptions are facts.

The toddler, Jermane Jr., was the 5 yr. old's cousin. The 16 yr. old was also a relative. There were at least 2 other children (most likely also related) in the house. Jermane's father was coming to pick him up, and take him back home. The 5 yr. old, and the 16 yr. old, are probably sisters. It is also possible that the other 2 children in the house, at the time, were also brothers and/or sisters to the 16 yr. old and the 5 yr. old. This may be why other options were not available.

Originally posted by Novise
You can pretty much figure out that the parents are not (still) teenagers at least because there is a five year old an an infant, very low odds, and they are likely mid 30s, middle aged. It comes across as 2 adults, not seperated, in the family and well to do because again there are 2 children and I say well to do because you said it's a big house.
Once again, not sure how this is relevant.

Not all of the details, from many different articles, line up 100% with each other, but I have not read any specific details about the homeowners, other than being related. I have not read any specific details about how many adults left the house to pick up the toddlers father, from the bus station. It very well could have only been one.

Originally posted by Novise
A babysitter that leaves water in the tub and goes to sleep, is not experienced.
Who claimed she was experienced?
Where did you read that the 16 yr. old was the one who left the water in the tub?
How do you know that she wanted to be babysitting?

Originally posted by Novise
And yeah, I guess we all COULD have been mentally challenged. Or the babysitter COULD have been deaf, etc. I guess this absolves us of all responsibility when we did not help when we could, because any of us could have been born without limbs, born without sight, born without hearing. Hmm..
How many more strawmen are you planning to create?

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by Equinox99

The babysitter is the real criminal here. This is horrific and makes you think twice before leaving your children with anyone.

The babysitter should be charged with neglect and manslaughter. Her actions directly led to the death of the baby.

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