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Joplin Missouri Hammered Hard by tornadoes!

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posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 09:13 PM

Originally posted by antar
reply to post by Xcathdra

Ok then I stand kind of corrected, but the toxic cocktail cannot be denied.

I would not allow my teen son or ex husband to go work there if they would be required to take that poisonous mix.

I feel strongly about that and mark my words there will be a horrible back lash on this, I promise.

The problem is though there is no way around it. Fail to offer some type of innoculation and run the risk of exposure and contraction. Offer innoculations and run the risk of reactions etc (setting aside the conspiracy theory on innoculations / immunizations).

The risk is very real, and is even more present now than before.. Might as well prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. Nothing we do in life is ever 100% safe...

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 09:35 PM
Clouds Xcath did you guys hear the fireworks going off in Joplin just a few minutes ago? They were south of me.

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 09:53 PM

Originally posted by paxnatus
You are acting like an arrogant ass!

As opposed to being an uninformed, ignorant prig... Ill take the arrogant ass title any day of the week.

Originally posted by paxnatus
Are you the only one who has the line on truth.
You are speaking as if you are the sole authority! Well you are not, other people have first hand knowledge
as well. I think you owe them at least some respect.

No problem... By the way, respect is earned, not just granted. I started "acting like an arrogant ass" when people decided to acuse me of lieing and not being present down here. I have no issue with people relaying information that they are privy to. however, when the info is supposition or based on incomplete information, as with the case of the morgues as well as FEMA, not to mention the questioniong in whether suppluies are being delivered to people, or how people are suggesting FEMA is present in an effort to kill survivors.

I live in Joplin, ive assisted with stuff across the board and have seen first hand whats going on. A nurse who is pissed because she cant get information on a vitim, is either NOT a nurse or is running on pure emotion and ignoring common sense. If that offends you, I really dont care right now. I am tired of being nice while people make comments that are just plain wrong / a lie. The simple fact she is a nurse does not automatically grant her any more access to information than a law enforcement officer seeking it.

Both professions have their respective laws that will get them the info based on respective criteria. In this case, she did not meet it. Why exactly is that such an evil thing to point out?

A nurse is trained with HIPAA, as well as state law for reporting of deaths, in addition to knowing the law because they are a mandated reporter. Getting pissed because, as a nurse and extended family member, they cant get information about a loved one is soley in the realm of emotional issues, and understandably so. However, it does not trump the fact that there are laws in place, and for good reason.

Originally posted by paxnatus
As far as your tacky remarks about "the nurse". I am also a nurse, and your asinine remarks about
Hippa along with your links was a slap in the face to all of us. So because your a law officer you are more
valuable to society in the face of a disaster than nurses! I don't think so pal! Without nurses do you
know how many more would have died.

Care check aisle 2. I have had my fair share of dealing with nurses, and you guys can get just as arrogant and assinie as I can. You are the one who is making asumptions about worth in a disaster, not me. So please, whatever personal problem you are having, leave it out of this thread, since I never said anything of the sorts. At no point have I EVER questioned the job a nurse does.

As iwth other people in this thread, you seem to hear only what you want, which seems to be typical with people liek yourself. Offended by everything because you dont understand something someone else says. Instead of asking for clairification, you opt to make an ass out of yourself.

Please, all great and might oracle of nurses, show me where I ahve stated nurses did not do their jobs in this disaster. Please point out where I said they arent needed, dont know what they are doing etc etc etc.

What I said, and I will repeat it here because apprently you cant comprehend is -

As a nurse she should know better than to get upset when she is denied information from an agency that deals with medical issues. A death clearly falls under that, and I have pointed out the basic laws that govern issues so people can be more informed when trying to get more info.

Instead, you assume something completely untrue - Speaking of arrogant ass...

Originally posted by paxnatus
As far as All hail Fema! Bull Sh!t! Yeah, they've done such a bang up job! What was the reason Clouds friend was denied? Oh that's right a Fema agency worker filled out her paper work wrong, and it was her fault!

And this falls into the realm of FEMA being evil and corrupt how? Again, keep up with the conversation with regards to FEMA would you please. We all make mistakes, nurses included. Dont beleive me, see your incorrect assumptions above.

Originally posted by paxnatus
Fema's got nothing to show for their good works. Take a look at their record.
Katrina, Joplin, and wow! They did so much for the people sickened in the Gulf! Where is Fema now?

Yes by all means lets drag something up from 6 years ago. I see your knowledge of how FEMa works is just as extensive as burntheships. If you spent more time learning and less time being ignorant and being offneded by stuff I never said, you might not look so rediculous.

Go back and look at how FEMA works (apparently you have no idea either). The Govenor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans were in charge, NOT FEMA NOR the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. The failures during Katrina fall on the shoulders of the local government and their inability to lead. I can provide you with the information on that if you wish to learn. If ytou dont, let me know and I wont waste my time getting you proper information.

As far as Joplin goes, FEMA is on the ground, they have a support center open, and are writing checks to people on good faith. The people who take the money will have to show cause later that they really did qualify for it.

Everything I have stated about FEMA, and again if you actually took the time to read and comprehend my posts instead of just jumping on the ignorant group bandwagon, you would see it has been to explain FEMAs responsibility in this area. Btw clouds person was not denied by FEMA for the search and rescue, since FEMA has nothing to do with that at all. Again, facts are a wonderul thing when coupled with common sense and knowledge on the topics.

Originally posted by paxnatus
Being led around by the nose by the Feds and Obama whom couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag!

I didnt vote for Obama, so dont blame me for him being elected.

Originally posted by paxnatus
Why the attacks on Burntheships? Did she strike a nerve? Hit too close for comfort?

No.. she made allegations against FEMA without really knowing what it is they do or how they operate. She made these claims while offering no supporting documentation, while on other claims she conviently left out information from her own sources that underminded her position. She purposely ommitted information in an effort to twist the facts to her view point.

She has yet, either in this thread or the other thread about FEMA, to provide her supporting information about FEMA.

Excuse me for pointing that out and calling her out on the fact she has no idea what she is talking about. Again, if you would keep up with the conversation instead of jumping in at the end you might actually understand my position towards burntheships and understand my argument towarsd her posts. As far as hitting a nerve or getting to close to home comment, I have no idea what that even means. I dont work for FEMA, so I am not sure how you are even linking that together with me.

I see though my comments about one nurse dealing specifically with HIPAA and not getting her way when she should know better struck a nerve with you. Any particular reason why? Also, any particular reason why you would lie by claiming I said something I didnt towards nurses? I said a few pages back that medical services perfomred awesomely.

Originally posted by paxnatus
Please enlightened us to what Fema has done in Joplin?

Which has laready been done.. Maybe you should go back and read the posts before jumping in... I say this, again and again, because your post and comments show you have not read any of the posts. Or at the very least you have ignored the ones that dont support your logiic or view points.

Hint - read all the posts, even ones you dont agree with, before opening your mouth. Just as you said about me, being a nurse donest make you the all knowing expert on FEMA or emergency disaster. Being FEMa has nothing do to with emergency medical services, please enlighten us on how FEMA has failed in Joplin?

FEMA response to Joplin - FEMA Response in Joplin

and again, if either you or burntheships knew and understood how FEMA operates, you would already know your question is baseless. FEMA is NOT a lead agency, it is a support agency. FEMA is contacted by the State an d told what resources are going to be needed, and FEMA coordinates to get those resources to the area. At that point it is LOCAL and STATE governments who are responsible for how those items reach those who need it.

To put it in medical terms it would be like getting pissed because the agency that delivers extra blood for use in hospitals only took it to blood gas / transfusion services, and as a result the patient died.

They are only responsible for delviering the blood. Its up to the medical professionals present to know where the blood needs to go once delviered.


My "arrogant" responses and comments aside, next time if you have an issue wiht something I have said, please make sure you ahve it in proper context before making accusations against me. I worked in a level 1 trauma facility for 6 years before law enforcement, and have the utmost respect for medical personell, from doctor down to patient advocates and techs.

It would behoove you to read ALL post so as not to look like an ass yourself.


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posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by Mercenary2012

Do you have a reading comprehension problem, or is it intentional?

You posted stats for "busts," while I posted stats for "production."

I posted stats for unemployment in 2009 being a full 2 points higher than the national average, while you mixed and matched stats from 2009 against 2011 numbers? In fact, if you had taken a moment to look for real stats, Joplin is slightly below the National Average for the first quarter of 2011, so that is a spot of good news! (Source)

You stated that you don't think 34.7 is that old. Good for you, but I posted data that shows the population growth for those below 18 is below the national average. My hard data beats your opinion.

What does the distribution of income between $15,000 and $75,000 have to do with anything? I posted the median individual income was $24k, that is a fact. Median Household income is $30,550. It is also a fact that it is near impossible to support a family on $30k!! It also shows that 90% of the population is making below $75,000! (National Average is $54k / Missouri's is $46k / Joplin's is $30k)

You didn't "counter" a single argument of mine? You gave some opinions, but you didn't dispute a single fact, except where you misquoted them from false data years apart?

This all started, because I posted my concerns about Xcathdra saying Joplin would recover faster than Tuscaloosa. I hope that is the case!! I really, really hope that is the case, but my experience with Joplin says otherwise. I don't believe it will recover quickly at all, if ever! I think thousands of people are going to relocate to Springfield, KC, Tulsa, Springdale/Bentoville, etc. Because of my opinions, and the facts I provided, you accused me of having some agenda?

I fired back at your credibility because you accused me of having an agenda. You brought that point up first. As I said, I do not look for any hidden motivation in people's posts, I only take them at face value. If you are a lifelong resident of Joplin, and a graduate of Joplin High, then you have certainly ran into me more than a couple of times. I played football at Webb City High, I was a REALTOR for Charles Burt and Pro100, I owned about a dozen rental properties in the area, I owned several businesses in the area, and I was somewhat of a hell-raiser back in the day, so you would have undoubtedly crossed my path at some time.

*******And know, to go on an off-topic absolutely do not know 100 people in Joplin that know more about the area than me. You can't find 10. You can't find even 1, if I get to phone a friend and ask my mother anything that I might not know, LOL!

I can take you to every cave, fishing hole, creek, Jesse James hideout in the area. I can take you to visit all 4 states without using a single paved road. I can show you the bullet holes downtown still leftover from the Bonnie and Clyde shootout! I can walk you out to a field full of authentic arrowheads or a field full of 4-leaf clovers, take your pick. I can show you the pieces of the old Connor Hotel, and even give you a brick to keep as a souvenir. I can take you to the homes that still have remnants from that hotel decorating their dining rooms and kitchens! I can show you exactly where a couple of high-profile bodies were discovered, and show you where a couple weren't!! I have Scuba Dived the Oronogo Circle, and Blue Hole!! I have jumped a jet ski "almost" across the low-water bridge!! I watched an uncle ride a motorcycle across the falls! And come back across!!! I have pictures of my great-grandfather in the bottom of Sucker Flats before it was full of water. My dad has a car still in there! I remember when there weren't any Indian Casinos, but several convenience stores along the reservation had backroom gaming! I remember when Jaime McMurray was still racing little go-karts, and he wasn't even the fastest in town. I lost a girlfriend to dam Tommy Morrison once. The best dog I ever owned or even knew came out of Hick's fighting kennels down in Jay, OK. I learned to two-step with a fake-ID at the old Isadora's lounge of the Holiday Inn! I built the shelves in the ToysRUs, and I opened the first truckload of freight that came in there. I was going to the Red Lion when I could barely walk, and I was playing pool at the Owl Bar before I hit Jr. Highschool. I've got a nasty scar on my leg from a gash I got crawling through the woods to sneak into the WC Drive-in theatre. I remember the stockyards when they were still on Rangeline, and I knew the guy that carved the Limestone when it went up at the new ones. I was there when tornado set a house on my neighbor's dog, and I almost cried the first time I visited after tornadoes ravaged CJ. I've thrown more bails of hay than I care to remember, I've snuck into just about every old barn in the area, and I used to have sex on the Georgia Bridge, before they decided to build a pretty new one.

And, just as a personal note that you might appreciate, I went in with my father to remodel the old Tyndal's market (friends of yours I think) across the street from WC highschool after that family had let it go. I got to see first hand the old hangout and soda-shop style corner grocery store. It still had food on the shelves and tickets on the counter. It was an awesome moment in time that I will never forget. I can imagine the days when that thing was bustling with 50's-era highschool kids!

I could do this all day, and I am exactly 951 miles away at this very moment!

Not to mention, I bet you can't find 100 people in Joplin that have ever ventured out of the area more than a few miles, or have a degree, or haven't dated a cousin. Hell, growing up in Joplin, I even dated a couple of cousins, it was unavoidable!!
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posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 11:13 PM
reply to post by getreadyalready

Did my last post strike a nerve?

I used the stats you provided in YOUR LINKS I think you have the reading comprehension problem! So now your arguing that YOUR data is wrong because i actually showed you the data you used? did you even read it?

do you not understand what an average is? even if Joplins under 18 population is under the national average it is still almost 25% of the population. and 27% of the population was 25-44 thats over half the population of the city of Joplin right there! and Joplin's population is growing and has been growing for the last 10 years. its not shrinking like most smaller cities.

the median income might be below the national average but so is the cost of living! and with a lower cost of living you can support a family on 30K a year. again 30K is an average and as i showed the income is pretty well spread out evenly for those making under 75K a year.

And its a bit arogant of you to think that only you know so much about Joplin and the surronding area considering there are thousands of People that live in and around joplin and have lived here their entire life and i'm pretty sure that most of them know places that neither you and I know about. Like you i was a hell raiser and more than likely we have crossed paths and actually got a long. and I have been all over joplin and the surrounding area, I to can point out every bullet hole in the B&C hideout, i can also point out every musket ball hole in the history house. I'm sure you know it. it was the house used as a hospital during the battle of carthage during the civil war. I'm sure you also know where the very first house in jasper county was built. a little hint its just west of Florida and Newman rd in Joplin. I have also been in the old union station.
as a little kid i use to watch the trains come through town spent a lot of time at the ball fields west of maiden lane aslo snuck off to the Old Frisco RR and watched them switch cars in the yard behind the ball fields. I to can get to anywhere in the area by back roads. I might not know their names but if you follow my directions to the letter you will get there. Me and you really aren't that different we've done pretty much the same things in our time here in joplin. I even have all the keys from the old Connor HOtel in a box in my closet along with a couple bricks as well. Hell my dad was a bellhop at both the connor hotel and the keystone hotel when he was in high school.

I have even been in the tunnel that runs from webb city to carthage. it starts under the Bradbury Bishop deli on main street in webb city. I to can point out every fishing hole, creek and cave in the area. I love to go fishing, I won't eat what i catch but thats besides the point. I also remember the old Fox theater before it was converted to a church. and i remeber the old eastgate theater that use to be next to the 15th st walmart years before they tore it down to make room for the supercenter.

normally i would take a bet like you made but honestly you need your money worse than i do right now!

Bottom line is your not the only one that knows alot about Joplin. Also I live here i see whats happening with my own eyes i don't have to rely on what others are telling me.

For you or CLouds or anyone else for that matter to question my credibility is just stupid. I don't care if you or anyone else believes me, but what is important is that you take what i post and add it with what your getting from CLouds and your family that way everyone gets a clearer picture of whats going on here.

Myself and Xcath have for the most part been able to pass on info without Emotion corrupting the information we are sharing. we are also seeing areas that your family, and clouds are not seeing. just as they are seeing area's and things we haven't seen yet. Again you can question my credibility all you want but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter but no matter how hard you attack my credib ility it will still be better than yours since my information is firsthand and your information about whats happening in Joplin right now is at best second hand.

now do you want to continue this BS of attacking each others credibility and questioning if someone actually lives in Joplin or not?
Or do you want to help make sure that the city we both grew up in and call our hometown is rebuilt so that generations to come can explore the same areas we did as kids? its up to you because i can do this all day as well.

Joplin will be rebuilt, Joplin's unemployment rate is going to drop drastically because as soon as they clear away the debris the rebuilding will start. out of 300 businesses that were destroyed in joplin all but 5 have said publicly they will rebuild. the 5 that aren't rebuilding were smaller retail businesses that were on the verge of shutting down before the tornado anyway. one of the businesses that won't rebuild is backyard burgers.

ETA. i was driving south on main street the other day And got down to around 26th and main and got an eerie feeling when i looked to my right and could see St. John's from Main street. Went to my aunts house at 24th and Connor as well and could see freeman's hospital from what use to be her front porch. and not just the top of the new tower but the older part of the hospital.

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posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 11:23 PM
reply to post by Mercenary2012

now do you want to continue this BS of attacking each others credibility and questioning if someone actually lives in Joplin or not?
Or do you want to help make sure that the city we both grew up in and call our hometown is rebuilt so that generations to come can explore the same areas we did as kids? its up to you because i can do this all day as well.

No, I don't want to continue, and I appreciate you saying that, because if I had said it, it would have seemed all "mod-like."

I never meant to get onto that discussion in the first place, it was only my opinion, and I hope I am wrong. It seemed to me that you were the one that first had a nerve struck when you accused me of having some agenda, simply because I am not optimistic about Joplin's future, but that is neither here nor there, obviously I got too emotional as well.

I am happy so many places have vowed to rebuild. I won't believe it until I see it, but I hope it is true. I totally agree that the reconstruction is going to be a boom for the economy for a little while, and the money flowing in will be from outside sources like FEMA, SBA, and Insurance checks, so anytime a small town can get a bunch of outside money coming in, it is a great thing!

We'll have to wait and see what the true outcome is, but I will certainly have no hard-feelings if I am wrong. I would love nothing more!

And, for the record, I have never been in that stupid tunnel from WC to Carterville, and I have always wanted to! I knew of it, I even knew that it came over to Bradbury-Bishop (which I shopped at when it was still a real pharmacy!), but I have never gotten to actually see it. I am a little jealous!

little hint its just west of Florida and Newman rd in Joplin

One more tidbit. Just west of Newman Road and Florida, the first house on the right (there is a new one there now), but the old little white house there with the big Weeping Willow tree is where my Grandpa Jack lived. His property backed up to Turkey Creek, it still had an outhouse until I was 12! The end of that road is the house you are speaking of, but I spent many weekends up and down that road. Used to ride my motorcycle in the woods and hills across the street, used to shoot fireworks off there.

The best thing and worst thing about a small town, is everybody knows everybody!

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posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 11:31 PM
reply to post by getreadyalready

there's a story to go along with how i got in the tunnel I'll have to tell you some other time. and the tunnel goes all the way to some where in Carthage. i wasn't about to walk 20+ miles to find out where.

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by Xcathdra

reply to post by Xcathdra

You call me an ass repeatedly in your posts, and have the kajones to sign off "respectfully"??
Proves you are an out and out narcissist! Likewise buddy, respect is earned and not just a given.
To set you straight about my contribution on this thread, I began posting
On page 2! Perhaps it would behoove you to get your facts straight!

If you were able to comprehend my post, instead of just going off on a emotionally charged
rant, you would have understood, I was talking about her denial by Fema for some financial
Assistance, NOT her problems with the recovery effort and identification process
Of her loved one.

You are the one that said "If she even is a nurse". Has someone on her questioned
You as your validity as a police officer? I for one have not! While you seem to think I am just such an
ignoramus, I spent 9 years as an RN in a level 1 Trauma center as well. Not one time did I call you or anyone else
on this thread a liar. Yet, you accused me of such.

As for your comments about Hipaa they are valid but when you throw
in the links for her to do research, it comes off as smarmy period and not helpful
at all.

While you sit behind your computer typing in your self righteous attitude, referring this woman
to do some "research" do you realize she is the single mother of 2 small children, whom lost
everything, including her car? Her shoes and socks were sucked off her feet.
She is just trying to get shelter over her head and provide food for her kids.
Clouds is being her friend and support and you continuously attack him.

Common Sense? You are so removed from the reality of the situation that you seem to have
lost yours. When you care more about red tape and bureaucracy than you do about
peoples basic needs being met, then maybe you are in the wrong field.

What exactly did you do in the trauma center?

As for your posts regarding vaccines let me educate you.

MRSA, which is Staff is resistant to methicillin type antibiotics. However, most MRSA infections
respond to mycin type antibiotics. Vancomycin, Erythromycin etc.
According to your link, they are testing a new vaccine on rats now. It will be years before the FDA approves this if it actually works.

Hepatitis B vaccines are given once in a person's lifetime in a series of 3 shots. Most medical personnel are required to have them.

Don't waste your time with sending any more links to me.

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 01:59 AM

Originally posted by paxnatus

I called you an ass in response to you calling me one.. Funny how that works...

I see your now changing your explanation of your original post to me. So burntheships lives in Joplin and lost everything. If that’s the case she should probably go back to her other thread and change her posts there to reflect that instead of stating she lives elsewhere.

So is she lying then, or now? Is she lying to me, or is she lying to you?

Yes my statements on HIPAA are correct, and again it goes hand in hand with my comment about the nurse cloud was talking about. Instead of being pissed and wanting to file complaint after complaint, she should know better. She knows how HIPAA works and why it’s there, yet she ignores it because of her emotions and the situation.

The links I gave you are an example of how wrong you were. I can give you more than prove what you responded with is wrong / out of date. God forbid you actually have the most up to date information there is.

I provided her with links by the way so she knew where I was coming from and that is based on fact, and not supposition. Something burntheships has yet to do by the way. Like you, she is making statements she can’t back up, and refuses to do so.

Again, you actually need to read and comprehend the posts, and not just gloss them over, in order to understand my comments, which you have taken out of context while placing statement I never made.

Are you really that bad of a nurse that you take my comments directed at ONE person, who happens to be an RN, so personal as to attribute them to yourself? You are the one who did this not me, so quick taking your problems out on me. After 9 years of being in a level 1 trauma one would assume you could think on your feet and understand written instructions. You have taken my post and made it about you, which clearly its not.

and I’m the one with the arrogance issue. If you or the other posters don’t want to be called out for making false statements, then don’t. Post the facts and the truth in whole, don’t post, or post and be prepared to be called out.

I guess I must have hit a nerve with you and your profession. Sad that you can dish it out but apparently can’t take it. If I need your medical opinion, ill check WebMD. At least there I can get accurate information when it comes to medical advances.

How many patients did you assist in evacuating btw? How many patients were lost when the power failed? Since you speak with authority on this topic, I’m assuming you live in Joplin and have been dealing with things here.

You are in Joplin aren’t you?

Also, while my comment about a nurse was directed at one peson, thank you for showing that nurses being ignorant is not isolated.

Now are we done going after each other and derailing the thread, or do you have some more whining to do with things that have nothing to do with you?
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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by Xcathdra

Instead of being pissed and wanting to file complaint after complaint, she should know better. She knows how HIPAA works and why it’s there, yet she ignores it because of her emotions and the situation

You consistently twist comments concerning this nurse…………Complaints? What complaints? No one filed a complaint. I provided the ATS community the FACTS of what happened in her family's search for their loved one………….

I dare myself to show her what you have written about her……….And you are right you don’t won’t to meet me or my nurse………Let me give you her name since you know her so well………….Jenny.......She was a Administrative nurse for St John's for more than 15 years prior to being employed by my company FYI.......

She would not take the slander of her name or their family’s plight in finding their loved one lightly……….as they place her into the ground today………..

It’s a sad day for Joplin to know that our law enforcement is supported by such personnel as you……….

Let’s bring some truth to this thread……….

Getreadyalready – He is a mod here on ATS…….I met him here on ATS last year during the BP oil spill. He participated in the Test The Rain Project. Although we have yet had the opportunity to meet in person, I have met his brother……..He knows where I live, has my phone number and we know some mutual people here in Joplin..….Getreadyalready and I quite often disagree on certain issues but we always find neutral ground to stand upon and we respect each others opinions. Except for the seafood in the Gulf, lol……..Getreadyalready is one I can trust………because he is a mod his postings have to stay neutral……which I find amusing……..I consider him a good reliable friend here in the ATS comminity…………

Paxnatus – We met here on ATS during the Swine Flu event. We became friends off ATS. Her husband helped me build a website……She spoke to my wife just the other day concerning a Joplin resident in need………She has set up a donation program in her church for Joplin…….…We started working together directly on the Test The Rain Project……She provided the research and lab support on that project….She collaborated with Riki Ott during the spill as well as many other high profile individuals…..She was quoted for her research by the Huffington Post and is now being interviewed for a HBO documentary about the BP oil spill that’s to air in 2012 ……That’s a little what I know about Pax………

Antar – I met her about the same time as Pax during the Swine Flu days……oh what fond memories………I have met her in person who lives just east of Joplin. I purchased some organic vegetables from her just a month or two back. I have met her children………She to has my phone number and knows about a lot about me personally ………She always does excellent research which shows in her postings………..She is one that will admit when she is wrong……….but that is rarely the case………..

Burntheships – Those Swine Flu days were something…..I met Burns around the same period. I have not met Burns in person. We have traded email addresses and phone numbers…..We have visited many times outside the ATS community….I have asked her to help research various topics for me over the period. She has always been a stand up member as well as a friend here on ATS………..

Mercenary2007 – He appeared on my thread Operation Truth: Toxic Rain Reality Check Testing thread last year. This member registered with ATS on 6/3/2007. The account is still in good standing here on ATS. This member’s last visit to ATS was on 3/27/2011. He lives in Joplin and as he stated in one of his postings that he has lives on the NE side of Joplin for over 30+ years. Mercenary2007 attacked my thread immediately in an attempt to derail my efforts. That project did move forward testing rain samples all across the US……..finding some very damning results………..

Everyone here on ATS has a particular writing style. We are creatures of habit and it shows by our writing styles here on ATS……….Mercenary2007 has a style signature of failing to capitalize the first word of a new sentence of a paragraph and leaving most paragraphs to only having one or two sentences in them. This may seem insignificant but when you are attacking someone else’s thread, small details like this are noticed and remembered..... I have never met Mercenary2007 and he had turned down meeting me back in 2010………….

Mercenary2012 – He joined ATS on May 23rd 2011. He lives on the NE side of Joplin and has lived there for 30 years as stated in one of his posting on the Joplin thread. Since joining ATS he has only posted on the threads that concern Joplin. Mercenary2012 also has a unique signature style in his postings. He too fails to capitalize the first word of a new sentence leaving most paragraphs to only having one to two sentences. Comparing his sentence structure to that of 2007 is exact without question. I have never met Mercenary2012 as he also turned down my request to meet……….

Xcathdra – A member since 3/15/2010……..A member of law enforcement who has knowledge of Missouri Statues with Level I hospital experience. Knows FEMA inside and out and understands the processes of our Federal/State/Local agencies without speaking for them on an official capacity……He too has refused to meet in person………….

Cloudsinthesky – I am a Louisiana native who moved to Joplin in Dec of 2003. I too worked at a Level I hospital, LSU Medical Center in Shreveport as an Orthopedic/Trauma Consultant for Pfizer. I have been in the Medical field since 1989. I became an entrepreneur in 1997 in various medical businesses which brought me to Joplin in 2003. I started the Test The Rain Project due to my concerns about toxic rain.

As I stated many times, I don’t hide behind my avatar here on ATS………..I am willing to meet anyone here even though we may have a difference of opinions. I would never use the excuse not to meet because we have a difference of opinion…….Especially when a Presidential Disaster Zone has been declared in that town……….How foolish that would be………

This thread has become nothing more than a few members slashing it out over opinions. For those ATS members who still follow this thread…….its up to you to decide and decipher the truth from those members who will continue to hide behind their avatar……..

Godspeed for Joplin……….

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by Cloudsinthesky

She complained... Your RN, who did not get the info, according to you was "PISSED". She was upset and complaining she did not get the info she wanted. That’s not twisting anything, that’s stating what you already said. You have bitched nonstop about the way things were being handled, because you apparently are some kind of expert and feel you should be in charge.

You are more than welcome to show her what I typed, because what I said is true. As a RN, she should know better. As an RN she should be very well versed with HIPAA. She should know that when requesting the type of information you guys were wanting was going to be met with a denial of that request.

As an RN for 15 years - She SHOULD know better. As I stated, on more than once occasion now if people would actually read, that she was running on emotion. I also stated that medical staff did an outstanding job through this whole thing. You and a few others in this thread seem to be so pissed at what's going on, that you’re lashing out wildly at ANY person who disagrees with your assessments.

As far as meeting you in person, sorry my refusal pisses you off, but I could care less. I offered assistance many pages back, and all you did was attack me and then question me on whether I was lying to people or not. Several others have accused me of not even living in the Joplin area.

What makes you think you are so important of an individual that I must meet you? What makes you think you are so important of a person that I should sit down with you and your family members and answer the "why?" questions? I tell you that I won’t speak for any agency in an official capacity, and you and several other latch onto that and run with it for your own agendas.

What part of me not being a public information officer do you not comprehend?

If you guys would correct your rectal cranial inversions you might actually see some of what we were talking about. Instead, you guys have your blinders on, demanding answers to questions that can only be answered by the official PIO's.

When you don’t get your way, you guys get pissy and take it out on people around you. Gee I wonder why you get kickback from other members in this thread.

As I told you in a message, you have your mind made up about what’s going on. You have your mind made up that the response to this entire mess was not handled in the manner you think it should. You have your mind made up that everything is just an absolute disaster and no one is helping you or anyone else out.

And then, once you’re done going off on me, you want to sit down and meet with me? For what? So you can act like a jackass in person? Probably not a good idea, as you have little patience for what’s going on, and I have little patience for people who don’t understand or comprehend how certain areas work.

So as I stated before, no I won’t be meeting you. I don’t owe you anything, nor do I answer to you. As you have stated time and time and time again, you have connections and that my information is wrong - so use them instead. Feel free to take your prissiness out on them as well, because quite frankly I am done with it in here.

We started off by sharing information and correcting some false or inconsistent info, and in the end, when we don’t see things in the same manner you and several others do, you attack people.

As I said before, you’re on your own... Deal with your problems in the manner you think will work, and quit bitching - it doesn’t solve anything.

There is no point in even posting in this thread anymore since certain people have already made up their minds on what they choose to believe, and its very obvious from you and several other peoples replies nothing will change that.

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by Cloudsinthesky

Oh boy, what are we going to do? This like all the other important threads IMHO, have turned into a hassle, as you know this is when I often move on. I hate to do this thread that way especially since I like many others are still interested and will continue to follow this story for many months or even years to come.

Perhaps a new thread, a fresh new one to keep all of us aware of what is happening now post Tornadoes?

If it is painful to continue coming here to share info, if it is no longer a respite from the harsh reality of life in Joplin, then by all means lets try it from a fresh new angle somewhere else.

Let the 'officials continue to come here and post the information they are allowed to share and yet allow us who are following also a chance to know from a personal view what people are experiencing good bad and indifferent. Like I say it may take a new thread to do that.

This would be common ground right? A chance to let the readers and supporters choose where their interests lie. The official info or the personal experience.

*And btw, I am no researcher, that is unless you think 'google' meets that criteria*...

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by Xcathdra

Oh that was twisted. Please stop using her as a pawn in this. STOP! Who CARES if she has been MAD? We support her 10000%. We have been MAD for her, mad is just one of the many many many emotions, thoughts and actions which she as a well rounded, healthy individual will express in the healing process. It is all ok, it is all Normal and fully expected. NO more mention of the Nurse. I mean it, quit.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 06:08 PM

Originally posted by antar
reply to post by Xcathdra

Oh that was twisted. Please stop using her as a pawn in this. STOP! Who CARES if she has been MAD? We support her 10000%. We have been MAD for her, mad is just one of the many many many emotions, thoughts and actions which she as a well rounded, healthy individual will express in the healing process. It is all ok, it is all Normal and fully expected. NO more mention of the Nurse. I mean it, quit.

No its not twisted... Its the truth. People need to quit attacking myself and mercenary. People also need to quit using the nurse as a crutch when they decide to argue with me, attributing comments to me that I never made.

Should be easy enough, provided people could remove their heads from their asses and read the posts before responding to them. While we are at it, people need to quit bitching about FEMA, and insinuating they are on the ground to kill survivors. People also need to quit accusing official of hoarding supplies and refusing to distribute them. People need to understand that no one is perfect, so paperwork mistakes that prevent a person from being able to help for one day will happen.

People need to understand things won’t run perfectly, and mistakes will be made, communications will get crosses, miscommunications will occur, and that bitching about it all form behind a keyboard doesn’t solve anything.

Now, if people are still going to come after me, I am going to go after them, so how about you tell everyone to knock it off, instead of directing it towards just me? Or is that too much to ask of you?

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 06:16 PM


Please discuss the topic and not other members.

That means no belittling, off topic posts, casting aspersions on another's character, talking down to other members, harassing or ridiculing others.

Further such remarks can and will result in post removals and/or warnings including temporary posting bans.

Mod Note: Terms & Conditions Of Use – Please Review This Link.

MOD NOTE: ALL MEMBERS: We expect civility and decorum within all topics - Please Review This Link.

Ad Hominem Attacks And You

Trolling, And What To Do About It

Posting Jokes, Ridiculing, Making Fun of Others in Threads...

YOU are responsible for your own posts

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 06:16 PM

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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 06:42 PM
reply to post by Xcathdra

At what point do tptb begin to learn from their mistakes? At what point do they begin taking responsibility for the victims and survivors and not the system?

If we have learned anything from places such as Katrina, Haiti, Oklahoma, Kentucky, the controlled flooding which under their supervision destroyed hundreds of homes and family farms, and now Joplin, to mention only a small number of the recent tragedies, then when does it begin to actually learn from those mistakes and start using newer, better systems in the aftermath of disaster?

I know just as everyone on these boards that America is in for a few big ones in the future, it is not if but when, and when multipal States are instantly affected how do they plan to operate?

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by antar

You've got some nerve posting TPTB here. It was a tornado that came through, not some government planned destruction. When will people realize they are responsiblke for themselves and stop blaming some ficticious group of people?

People blame FEMA for what they do, yet people dont understand that FEMA is a suipport agency. The Local and State Governemnt are the lead agencies, not the Federal Government.

Joplin has receid so much supplies that they have had to ask peope to stop sending items for the time being, because they have no wheer to store it.

Its called personal accountability. The government should be used for assistance, not to go through and take control of peoples lives who have been affected by this.

This is the problem with people in these forums.. Some of you guys are so paranoid, with that paranoia based on ignorance, you guys truely have no idea who things operate anymore. The moment anything happens, its immeditately "TPTB" fault, regardless of the information and where that ifno comes from.

You guys come in here and makes these comments, yet you have absoluting NOTHING to back them up.

As an example a person has said FEMA is on the ground killing survivors - yet nothing to back that up.
FEMA is corrupt down here, yet nothing to support that claim at all.

Joplin took a direct hit from an EF-5 tornado. The damage caused is extensive because the areas affected are older, which means construction standards used date back to the 60's. Even a current building code building will not be able to withstand the damage of a car being thrown into it. The moment a breach occurs, the structure is comprmised, paving the way for extensive damage.

As I have said, along with others form this area. The outpouring of support is extensive, people are ebing taken care of. There are enough supplies to go around and then some, The state is assisting with job displacement, and FEMA is assisting with emergency funds to repair, rebuild etc with little to no red tape.

This is not Katrina, its a different administration, and its a different guy running FEMA.

The response from emergency services has been top notch when you consider the level of damage sustained. There will be issues that crop up, and failure to understand this does not help anyone at all. People suggesting conpiracy theories does nothing to help the people of Joplin either.

Please, take it elsewhere so we can get back to the topic at hand.

You and the others have a choice - bring the topic back to whats going on and quit posting BS about the government kills people this and corrupt FEMA that, or we will stop posting the information we receive and you guys can ferrit it out on your own.

Which one do you want?
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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by Cloudsinthesky

OMG enough with your false accusations and assumptions. As i told you in the U2U i sent you I AM NOT MERCENARY2007. DO you not realize that NE Joplin is a fairly large area? It covers an area from east of main and north of 7th street all the way to Webb city!

Do you have any real proof at all to back up your accusations? As for writing style there are a lot of Members that use the the same writing style as i do. using your messed up logic i must be all those people as well.

You really need to stop with the accusations against other members because all it is doing is making you look like a childish fool who is throwing a temper tantrum because other members don't agree with you or your opinions on whats happening.

Like Xcath why should i meet with you? just so you can act like an ass in person? That wouldn't fly very well because the first time you acted like an ass i would put you on your ass! I don't have the Patience to put up with people like you in person.

Bottom line is you already have your mind made up about everything that is has happened and will happen in the future that no matter what anyone says to show you that you could be wrong you immediately accuse them of lying, being a fema employee, accuse them of being another member that just joined to derail threads. YOU continue to let your emotions get in the way and cloud your judgement!

You are actually doing more harm to the people your trying to help than doing any good for them. seriously drop the damn accusations take a step back and breathe. open your eyes take the blinders off and see the whole picture not just the picture your seeing with your tunnel vision!

I've never met you, I've never met Xcath, or anyone else from this forum but at this point I'd rather met Xcath and getreadyalready before I'd ever agree to meet with such a childish individual as you!

have you even been to more than one area in Joplin since the tornado? or are you just relying solely on what you hear from other people? From the way you act my guess is you have only been to maybe 1 area and you are relying on other peoples accounts from other area's.

As for your Nurse friend getting denied by FEMA that is unfortunate. But clerical errors do happen I wasn't there so i can only assume that possibly the FEMA employee was asking her about something and she told him the April date and he didn't catch his mistake, or he accidentally enter the wrong date.

When she got her letter stating why she was denied there should have been instructions on how to appeal if she felt she should have been approved. I suggest to her that she follows the appeal process outline in her denial letter exactly as it says and she will more than likely get approved the 2nd time. It's not fair that she has to go through the appeal process because someone didn't catch his clerical error before submitting her paper work BUT MISTAKES DO HAPPEN. the fema employee is only human and no one no matter how much they believe they are is perfect!

And a suggestion to you, since you have such a hard time keeping your emotion out of your posts and letting emotion cloud your judgement. I suggest that you write out a draft of your post and wait a few hours then go back to it and read it to make sure you have all the facts and you also need to realize that not everyone is going to have the same opinions of you and they aren't going to see the same things as you or they are going to have different opinions of different events.

Just because they have a different opinion than you doesn't mean they are trying to derail a thread it just means they have a different take on what they have seen, heard and that they possibly have more control of their emotions than you do.

Now if you can't control your emotions and if you can't stop making false accusations about people than like Xcath I am finished posting in this thread and will not share any other information i get and you can have this thread all to yourself so you can continue to give your cheerleaders your one sided emotion filled story that only reflects a small portion of what's happening and even with that small portion its not a very accurate representation of the big picture of whats happening.

The choice is yours CLouds the ball is in your court you going to continue with the childish you have been doing in this and other threads or are you going to grow up and stop with your childish games?
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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 08:49 PM
This thread does seem to have run its course.

The people of Joplin are picking up the pieces of their lives, so the purpose of this thread--to discuss the tornadoes--is complete.


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