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What the Australian media is saying about the OBL killing ... may surprise you!

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posted on May, 12 2011 @ 04:11 AM

Originally posted by SphinxMontreal

I'd say cheering a man's death isn't very civilized.

And why would you consider the United States, with it's draconian and barbaric laws (death penalty, life imprisonment for non-violent offenses), enormous prison population and militarized police mentality civilized? Handling this situation with class and dignity is the last thing I would expect from the U.S. Government, since you can't buy nor steal either of those qualities.

Did you bother to read my original post in total, at least be polite to comment on what you claim I am saying. First of all please refresh my limited barbaric mind, what planet are you from? From my inference if, I'm wrong I do apologize, took it your connected to New Zealand and the UK? My Fathers family, including his parents were from the UK. They both married in Kent and then immigrated on the "Olympic" if I recall, my only Grand Mother I ever knew, came over on that sister ship with her new husband, God I saw the old faded wedding pictures did they look young, hell they were. Could have been the Britannic, both were sister ships of the Titanic. Never met Dads Dad as like my father both served their country with distinction. My Dad was a USA Medic in Korea, though a friend he knew before he died he was also with G2. My Father never said a word about that. Brits are like that I guess, though my Dad was born in the US.

Pity, my Grandfather died first day of 1946, of course after the war. He wanted to serve his adopted country but went in to the merchant service and died saving another mans life. My Dad was 16 when his Dad died. As for New Zealand a true magic nation, been their many times and always say it's a cross in physical beauty between the best of the South Pacific Islands, and Switzerland. Love the people, they have a great how can I say it kind nature, and innocence" ? Even a good friend in Australia called it the "best country on Earth". Like Australia and New Zealand both are "very lucky countries". Now for your obvious lack of travel around the world. You call the death penalty "barbaric". Guess what, I agree, its not justice but vengeance. Of course you might what some your self if a relative of yours was killed, or raped, so don't f****** talk to me about barbaric, I agree the death penalty is. You have the money to exploit our bill of rights, NZ/UK has no such document you know, or didn't you. It is the real heart of our Democracy. And that democracy is second to none. How many countries have you had the pleasure to visit, not count ANZUS, or Europe, 15 in my case.

Barbaric huh? Grow up. You apparently no nothing of politics or warlords or despots or much else to dare use that attitude to abuse me, you do so by having an open hate of the United States. "Draconian laws, in case you don't bother to check any but the plethora of anti-American media, you think the death penalty is 'barbaric" we don't stone, or draw and quarter and do living vivisection of human beings funny how women so often suffer so much in Muslim countries, if you want to talk about "Draconian and Barbaric" why don't with any bill of rights or how bout those with "official secrets act" a reason a gentlemen I knew for many years in Sydney as a senior ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Commentator/Journalist. said "we would never have ad a "Watergate" here, all someone would had to say is "this is a "D" notice situation and it would have "evaporated"

So Montreal our "militaristic" country share Continental aerospace Defense with CAF, no doubt you know that and that a CAF General or Admiral will alternate w/his or her US counterpart to command NORAD> And share like the Russians DONT with anyone, but cheap knock offs of their technology. The very advanced technology that allows your people if your Canadian, or living there to manufacture almost all of our most advanced weapons like the great majority of your current and projected military aircraft like the new F-35 VSTOL Strike fighter. You have any idea all the American high end expensive # you build for your own use? No why let the fact's interfere with you'r being a bigot.

My country has many faults and don't let you get bitching how "awful we are", I tell what awful is. Its when you love "oh lets threw a f****** kegger and burn the American flag, call people you never met and know s*** about, every piss ant name in the book. One reason my country is so hard for the early more limited democracies to fathom "us" is each State in the US is in many ways a true separate and very different, state. The "Term United States" is more then a name each state has tremendous autonomy. And please do your homework, or at least "act"t like you want to try. Do you believe Russia has a lower prison population by-capita, and China in total then us? How about Iran? Or most other nation on Earth?

Prison should be for people who are a danger to others first and fore most.
I don't believe people should go to prison for anything but the most egregious and ridiculous violations of laws in the area of drugs, being a libertarian I don't care what each individual, including you does to themselves, but don't risk the health lives etc of any one else. We have a problem with that, oh no doubt you have a problem with your self more then anyone else, and we are a traditional target. Any more "transparent" and you would shatter when you shake, when afraid as you seem to always be. I pity you. You don't even know class or feel dignity in yourself. And you, we all should and need to start there. Enough lady or whatever w/your bull s***

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posted on May, 23 2011 @ 03:51 AM
Why was my post removed from earlier on? I have stated the way I feel about peoples reactions to OBL's death. Some americans celebrated as if the war on terror was instantly finished because of this event. What has happened since? Remove this post aswell, I do not care, I have not been bad mannered etc, send me the post, and if yous want an explanation, I will give you mods one.

Thanks for the link by the way, what a load of crap.

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