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To The Brightest Minds On ATS, What Can Be Done To Get Our Country Back ?

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posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 03:14 PM
Apparntly it's not registered...

That was nice of you to do that.........

I'm sure people will want to take advantage of such a wonderful thing...
good job!

posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 03:28 PM

Originally posted by Jazzerman
Nothing can be done. I have a creeping feeling that people just don't care

I agree with you. You are talking centuries and centuries, layers and layers. There are not enough people interested; too many people are used to being "comfortable", anything out of their comfort zone is umbearable, that is why the pharmacutical business is booming. Our government controls the media, everything is controlled. Even the government is coming to a stand-still with the economy and population problems. Either nature is going to take it's course with the population problem or our leaders are going to do what they feel is necessary for the good of all man kind type of thing.

Take a good look around you and tell me what you really see? The only freedom we have right now is the freedom to educate ourselves. Everything is so currupt.

If there were enough people ready to leave their comfort zones, it would have to start with one revolution that would fail, then another, than another until finally people see enough people actually trying and the revolution gets bigger and bigger. But it's more than that, because now you have other countries that are involved or the...dunt dunt duh... - UN, shhhh. Other interested parties would have to step in, of course to the best interest of America against these "terrorists". Sorry folks, the most financial prosperous, royalty, marxism, you name it would pull the leash back so quick it could do more harm than good.

Anybody else have any ideas? I am sure lost on this one.

posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 04:23 PM
As far as i know we have not lost our country...yet. We will eventually. We could overthrow the government. We should probably make an oligarchy? lol. Perhaps shut down the CIA, FBI, Scret Service, etc... All the governemtn agencies. We should have people vote on laws, not the supreme court, so that the people decide what they want. I guess this could be advanced into a real political system, based on this. (I dont want to think anymore to actually type all this down

posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 04:33 PM

Originally posted by AD5673
As far as i know we have not lost our country...yet. We will eventually. We could overthrow the government. We should probably make an oligarchy? lol.

How could we do all this? It's not that I don't have faith, I just don't have faith in what man has built up. I haven't seen any evidence that any of my votes have counted - and are there any really true honest politicians? Over through the CIA, etc. I wish I could believe that turning our country around could be so easy. I think we are all sadly illusioned into thinking we could do anything or that we really matter to those in higher power. The just want everything to remain in control. People matter to me of course and there are many common people who care about their fellow man, but control is the issue for the high powers that be, not the well being of our freedom, health, etc.

Please make me believe that we could turn anything around. I truly would love to accept.

posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 08:13 PM
You have to know who and what are the Skull and Bones and understand that only them do the geopolitic of the world.

Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Heinz, Rockfeller, Goodyaer (and merry Xmas), Windsor are Skull and Bones.

Skull and bone is a spectre on the world. And they don't care about others than themselves and their power on the world they control. The matter is that they said apocalypse have begin and they will have the world that will become a big kkk center.

When you will learn more, you will know that nothing is possible. Remember that you are the last modern country that became democrate and stop aparteid in 70's only. Europ is also virused with groups of the Skull and Bones who want to control the world. Till 9/11, America is no more a free country and may be a democracy because of its unique laws and the patriot act that can't denounce nazis, any racism or financial trusts.

You can go on the 9/11 index thread and fareihneit 27/6 thread to know more about that sect of Yale of 1700, but you have to search by yourself other docs or books about that horrible group of cruel masters that financed Hitler with Prescott Bush and his friend of finance "George Herbert Walker" whose niece is well known and is the wife of a president.

The matter is money and power that is in the hands of the same people till centuries and who marry their old cousines to get the money in the famillies of the Skull and Bones society...

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posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 08:14 PM
===Excellent question, and this topic has receive good and reasonable replies.
===I have thought about this subject often in the past and have pondered on how this can be possible. I compare the current situation to that of spider. Now picture this spider is nearly 10 feet tall and 15 feet wide. How would you defeat such a creature hand to hand? You could attack one or two of its legs, yet that would not defeat the monster, for even if you were to disable 1 or 2 of the creatures legs(should one be so lucky), the spider would still be able to function and its retaliation would be your doom.
===Now the spider in my view is the Elitist. They are the powerful and extremely rich. Call them what you may, Illuminati, Skulls, and other so called names. This elite group of individuals have 5 legs from which they support themselves. Their legs are the government, big business, media, military and the common citizen. Attacking one of these legs would only bring the others down upon you. So how could one change the way things are? How can we obtain the true democracy we were brought up to believe we had? How can one defeat this spider should one attempt to?
===Disabling the military leg through informing is impossible and futile. A The other three legs: big business, media, and government; are near impossible because they have fallen to the greed of money and selfish ambition, the worst of them all.
===Disabling the weakest leg of the spider, the common citizen, is the only way, because that is what the other legs are mainly composed of. The common citizen, although ignorant to real current events (thanks to the media leg) must be informed of the real news, not half lies. But How?
===We would need a much more stronger collaboration between independent and non mainstream radio and T.V. stations, as well as support from newspapers and magazines. Although a tremendous amount of funding for these tools would be needed (which is something that can be discussed perhaps in another topic in the future due to length). This is the strongest non-violent action we can take against our manipulative oppressor. Would these actions work? Most likely not.
===Even if we were informing the average citizen on a daily basis what is happening around them (should they even care), we would only reach a small percentage of the people(although this would be a start). We would be drowned out by the media corporations which society tends to trust and believe without question. We would also receive verbal attacks on our character by those politicians who are corrupt, as well as other people whose voice society considers important. This would cause people to listen to us with a closed mind. It all has comes down to who has more financing to deliver their news to the people (the corporations and government have an endless supply to suppress such a movement).

Originally posted by Jazzerman[/I]
===Nothing can be done. I have a creeping feeling that people just don't care enough to get involved anymore...just as long as they can go about driving their Mercedes and believing that everything is OK.
Truely though, I wonder if we have let big business, etc. grow to the point where we have no control anymore. How many people do you think would stand up against Corporations, govt., etc. if they had a gun pointed in their face? I really want to know............

===I believe your right Jazzerman. Most people do not care (preferring to stay in the matrix and not face the real world) and should one become something more then just a thorn in the side of the establishment, something to actually threaten its existence, they wouldnt be around for long. They would catch the attention of the CIA, our modern day Gestapo.
===Some replies to this post have even mentioned rebellion. Must rebellion be the only way? Well if a group of oppressors will do anything to remain in power over the oppressed, then what do u think?. All oppressive countries in the past have come down with only violence, from Hitler to Napoleon. Sadly that the people did not take action until it was too late. Non-Violent protest and other peaceful methods are nearly the beginning, a tool that can be used as an initial phase of a grand plan. Violent means would be necessary as the finale phase in removing those from power. Yet think about the consequences. An all out rebellion would destroy our economy. Their would be civil war between the rebels and the government sympathizers (manipulated masses.) Thousands if not more would perish. Other country's might take an advantage of the situation and move against us.
===So we have 2 options. We can to eat away at the spiders "citizen" leg by informing them of the truth and maybe (although highly unlikely) the other 4 will collapse. Our 2nd alternative is we attack the main body of the spider itself with rebellion. Such an attack would be a one way ticket. Success or failure. Success removes those oppressors from power, and gives us a chance to turn this country into the true democracy we were brought up to believe in. Failure would make us wish we were back to the days when we had only the patriot act I and II. Your rights? What rights?
===Wouldnt that be nice, to live in a government nearly free of corruption. Big business that actually cares about the environment and its consumers. A military that only sends its troops into harms way when actually needed. A Media that delivers truthful news, whose first responsibility is to its readers and viewers, not the shareholders. Possible? Most wish.

Your positive as well as negative comments are welcome to my reply.

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posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 08:38 PM

Originally posted by AD5673
As far as i know we have not lost our country...yet. We will eventually. We could overthrow the government. We should probably make an oligarchy? lol. Perhaps shut down the CIA, FBI, Scret Service, etc... All the governemtn agencies. We should have people vote on laws, not the supreme court, so that the people decide what they want. I guess this could be advanced into a real political system, based on this. (I dont want to think anymore to actually type all this down

Don't forget the Council fo Foriegn Relations........that is the administrative
arm to anything federal.

posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 10:45 PM

Originally posted by Lastday Prophet
I see a race going on, The powers that be are trying to take away all our rights before we the people can band together to expell them. I am sure most are aware that the supreme court has become corrupt, many senators and congressmen are corrupt and that they are pasing laws that are against the will of the people. What actions can we the people take to swiftly remove these people from office ? I think the first that needs to be removed is any corrupt High Court Judge, for they control the Law and will overturn any lawsuits against the government. We can no longer stand by and allow corrupt people to control our destiny. What can we do to remove them first and then the others asap ?

I don't know if I'm one of the brightest minds here, but I'll offer a recipe
for returning the US to a position of respectablity.

1.Ask ourselves what this life is really all about.
Turn off the television and radio. Bankrupt
the controlled media through disuse.
Reject the debased "popular culture."
Create among the populace a vested
interest in the the fate and welfare of the
country. At the same time, make the
populace more accountable for the course
the nation takes. Eliminate the professional
politician. Encourage innovation.
discourage an elaborate and inefficient
bureaucracy. Make the government
more flexible and adaptable. Eliminate
judicial legislation.

2.Create a state of true representative government.
Make votes unbuyable. Make voting and participation
in some aspect of running the country mandatory
for all adults.

3. Have a policy of neutrality in world affairs. No, we
don't owe Israel our eternal allegiance.

4.Place an emphasis on sustainable growth, rather
than allow our country to be plundered by those
who seek to maximize personal gain at the price
of our country's welfare. Return to the gold standard.

5.Eliminate economic speculation as the primary
factor that controls our economy. Make tangible
products and services (not global catastrophies)
the pillars on which our economy rests.

6. Make a real education a priorty for our young.
Emphasize useful knowledge and skills as a
priority, rather than just feel-good fluff for
"minorities" and guilt for the White middle class.
Foster creativity, healthy competitiveness and
a sense of a cultural destiny that goes beyond
the next consumerist fad.

7. An indefinite moratorium on all unskilled, non
English speaking immigration. We ought to
fix our country, rather than allowing people
to import third-world misery to our shores.
Thereafter, immigration should be strictly
regulated. Make the National Guard actually
guard the nation, rather than fight a war
for pirates and Israel. It is usually said by those
in defense of weak immigration laws that
illegal aliens only take jobs that Americans
don't want anyway. Why is it usually taken
for granted that those jobs will always bring
wretched conditions and low pay? Those are
not inherently natural for any type of employment.
Rather, they are the results of a social structure
that makes them so by maximizing profits for
the few at the price of misery for the many.
Who said that just because you pick fruit for
a living, you ought to be living a degraded
life? On the other hand, there is the problem
of the many poor and ignorant people on this
planet (many of whom have been so for generations)
who continue to reproduce at an alarming rate,
thus diluting the quality of life for most of the
rest of us. I have never heard of armed people
going through impoverished areas to force those
hopeless masses to breed the way they do.
So, in that situation, there should be moral
responsibility on the part of business and social
responsibility on the part of workers. If they
met halfway, we would all benefit.

9. We should all be always aware of the reality
of mortality, rather than having it abstracted
and turned into entertainment (or another marketplace)

That could all be in the future. The actions of Americans
during the next election will be telling. For which evil will
we vote? Do we really dare to take our government into
our own hands, or might it be too painful to miss the game
or the favorite show?

Other than that, I am open to suggestions.

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posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 11:36 PM
I like your recipe jdster, I think a lot of it fits our agenda, we will discuss which parts we can address first.

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