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Who made the decision to promote mass Muslim Immigration into Australia?

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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by NadaCambia

bogan aussies careful grasshopper.

to say we are all bogans is pretty stupid don't you think?

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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by NadaCambia

I mean how ignorant to your own club are you? They even changed the White bunny logo into a black bunny, in the name of multiculturalism!

What a stupid idea.!!!
If they wish to support multiculturalism shouldn't the bunny be black and white ??
Idiots with no idea could actually incite the whites with such a stupid change..
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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by NadaCambia

This will be my last comment to you ever. you dont deserve the oxygen.

1/. south sydney have been around since 1908.

2/. russell crowe and peter holmes a court purchased the team because we had no money from using it all to fight newscorp who kicked us out of the competition. we marched in the streets and fought our way back in through sheer tenacity and the court system. all the members (including myself) voted on this.

3/. and i love this part......WE STILL HAVE THE WHITE RABBIT. we use the black rabbit for home games and the white rabbit for away games.

4/. its really more about HARMONY. we have a large contingent of koori players and also a large population of koories that live in the area. souths cares does a lot of work with the local population. the go into the local schools every week and teach the kids to read. they also show them how hard work and dedication to life pays off intead of crime and unemployment.

5/. i dont work for medicare.....medicare is a card that all australians use for medical treatment. and i can also answer one other thing. you accuse me of hating "different" colours and creeds. im the last person that cares about religion, colour, accent. because you see, when you take people to the mortuary, they all look the same. it is my honour to look after anyone of any nationality after they have gone. funny thing too, you dont know if they are rich, poor, criminal, dont ever judge my work mate.

6/. and last but probably not least.......I AM A WOMEN.

so please please go back under that rock from whense you came and annoy someone else for comitting that terrible crime of believing in free speech. i thought on this website you could believe in anything.......u.f.o's, planet x, whatever you wanted and be allowed to express your ideas freely. obviously you are not allowed to express the thing that my grandfather fought for......the right be an australian in my own country and speak my mind. aussie women are different to a lot of cultures and countries.......WE HAVE A VOICE AND WE USE IT. we are free to speak our mind here and not afraid to use it.

now excuse me while i go and watch the mighty mighty south sydney rabbitohs beat the bulldogs. not sure if its an away game. tune might see the white rabbit......whoops there i go again about bloody whites.

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 10:54 PM
Hello all,

I tried to stay away, but I feel like we are being trolled and of course I have to "stick up for my mates".
The majority of Aussies are very nice, decent people. We are a reasonable bunch who are not given to emotive tactics and overzealous opinions. I believe this is why we are very good at striking an accord. You will usually find us thinking the same way about a myriad of things. This included migration.

Stepping aside from the emotive boat-people issue and Muslims in general, most Aussies love diversity. We have become good at accepting new cultures which is evidenced by how easy it is for new people to settle in. We didn't become a successful multicultural nation through politically correct ideals. We did it by speaking our minds.

There's been too much talk here about irrelevant things. I'll suggest that 90% of Australians feel the same way. Who actually cares what migrants think when they have yet to adapt to their new home? I hear the term racism being thrown about too often, but the loud few are usually venting hate against white people and don't bring up relevant facts.. they use emotive arguments and hide behind PC making it impossible to accept them as fellow Aussies. We wonder why people would migrate to a country when they hate the people!

Maybe I'm wasting my time with too many trolls because I rarely fall victim to the hate that's expressed on the internet in real life. Indians landed themselves in hot water when they decided to falsely accuse white people of racial violence. They tried hard to play the race card in order to bully the gov't to extend corrupted migration policies and stamp their own nationalism onto our good country. Using racism to fight racism is not the Australian way, so I have to conclude that we have a type of migrant that threatens our social fabric. It's the same with Muslims, so I've heard.

The siltation can become terrible. PC makes it worse. Censuring white people, the majority and the people who love the country and all it's achievements is not a good idea. Where we have haters amongst us we deserve the right to speak our minds and act accordingly.

It's racist to dictate which migrants are good and bad, but that's exactly where we fall down. If a country with 50 x our population thinks we white people have no rights and their nationalists tell us that they hope to destroy us we simply have to close down the migration from their country, or vet the candidates more effectively. The Xmass island rioters have void their applications as far as I'm concerned. Hate crimes against Australia including falsifying police reports, or advocating violence should be dealt with harshly because it's a direct attack on our way of life.

We owe it to all our decent migrants to protect our culture, which is accepting and fair - one would assume that's what they wanted to be part of - a nice place to raise a family. People are encouraged to dissent against the system thanks to the PC brigade. All too often we re at the behest of foreigners who don't care for our flat society. They react to the growing segregation in their own countries by exporting its devises to ours. If they wanted to see people mixing happily they wouldn't throw the accusation of racism around like they do.

I speak for all migrants in Australia as the 90% of people who believe that something good is worth working for. People who realise that respect must be earned will agree with much of what I've said. Others... are just corrupt.

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 11:48 PM

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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 11:59 PM
reply to post by Essan

And after the Anglo Saxons.....the all powerful Normans invaded, only took 3 days! LOL My forefathers were among them and later took over all of Cornwall then soon after ran one of the largest black market rackets in British history. I won't say who we are but lets just say the British Royal family made vast profits from my forefathers and none ever spent one single day in the clinger.

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 12:04 AM
Throw them out, the will of the people should decide the action of the state, not the will of a tiny majority of political cockroaches. Try what the people of the middle east are trying with some degree of success.

The time has come in the whole of the world for the people to take back there basic rights to freedom, those occupying sovereign states should adopt policy that directly reflects the will of the MAJORITY of the people.

Appointing elected officials that are supposed to reflect what the people of that area want is no longer effective and has failed miserably because power absolutely corrupts and the reality is that in and of itself is an absolute.

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 12:40 AM
The problem we have here in Australia among the non-caucasian immigrants is assimulation. Now for the most part the Arabs, Asians and Indians have assimulated however the problem we now face are not the immigrants themselves who arrived here in the 1960s and 1970s but their very own children.

I'm pointing fingers at the Lebanese Muslim community's youth. The Lebanese Muslim immigrant's children have been a thorn in our side for the past few years and almost all of them are Australian citizens by birthright. It's unfortunate, but thats the truth. Who should we blame? Perhaps our Govt should stop allowing outside Imrans visas in to our country to brain wash the youth that are partially to blame. These Australian children from Lebanese extract are involved in the largest network of illegal drugs, theft, murder etc in this country. You name it, they are in to it. Very similar to the Hispanic gangs of LA. There are videos about this community of kids on Youtube with numerous Police interviews.

The next community of immigrants I can point fingers at are the Pakistanis and Indian Muslims. Strangely their young children seem to assimulate however the adult men have not and will not assimulate. Quite frankly, I don't want their men on our shores.

The Chinese have made vast improvements but they are not without their problems among the youth but is usually keep their crimes within their own communities.

Next...the Pacific islanders. Most are law abiding citizens but again, some serious problems among their youth gangs.

Those from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China (only those well educated), Singapore......are doing incrediably well and I wish them all the success here.

The Christians (Maronite, catholic, Coptic etc) from the Middle East assimulate very well and would'nt refuse them on our shores.

In the 1960s and early 1970s we had large numbers of Italians and Greeks come here. They brought many problems with them but as time has passed, they have settled down for the most part now and have assimulated well.

With saying all this, we are not without problems among our white Caucasian Australian born youth of British & Irish stock. Most of their crimes committed are small when comparing them to the Lebanese youth gangs however you'll usually find these caucasian nuckle heads involved in crimes on our trains, at train stations late at night and the regular knife attacks. I can't say I have'nt been confronted by a certain neo-nazi gang among them but thankfully no one got hurt and we parted ways with a hand shake (probably had something to do with my Kiwi accent and All Black jersey I wore on that night ? or my motherly instinct while reminding them they were my ANZAC brothers and not to give me any lip!).

Any Australian can add if they so wish or prove me wrong.

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 01:09 AM

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posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 02:38 AM
reply to post by bluemirage5

I started reading your post and thought I might argue, then you made a list and like your work.

I would add Indian Hindus to the list. We've been given a warning we can't ignore. They are often very gentle people, but not all of them - look at India. The brand of nationalism they espouse is a proven threat. I'm from Melbourne and I can tell you that if it wasn't wasn't for the even-minded white people there would have been bloodshed. Yes I chose to represent white people here because they were targeting only whites yet all the other nationalities who had been working hard to be part of our country were not given to the same level of restraint. We actually had to tell them "not now". They were deeply offended at thought of seeing their good work go to waste... as if throwing the word "racism" around and garnering support from another country, is a reasonable way to bulldoze the prevailing culture. It didn't bode well.

It wasn't pretty here in Melbourne after Indians protested against racism, solely targeting white people without any evidence except it's what they wanted India to promote = race hate against white people (it was based on visa restrictions). Picture this. You leave work and walk the city blocks. You pass 100 people. The educated Asians look you in the eye and give you very good vibes, white people seem like angels, all the rest are what they are but not the least bit offensive, plenty of shared smiles. Indians - say 20:100 glare at you, walk in front of you to stop you, so you have to keep snaking around them, all the while making snide comments in their own language. It was extreme. They'd cross the street just to be in my way. If there was someone arguing they'd come from everywhere to watch and laugh and they'd follow drunk people just to find things to use as insults. When the gfc hit the same people celebrated on the streets. I never felt this sort of hate in Australia. I can only compare it with African poms in the Midlands, but while they are much more violent I had an easier time being accepted by black gangs than the Indians in Melbourne. (In fact Indians in the UK were nice to me being an Aussie but it shocked me with how much trouble the create there).

We never had a problem with Indians before the shonky OS education system allowed people in who's merit was only corruption. I could go on and on. I even had an Indian neighbour accuse me of scratching her car with mine (no scratch present), but she filed a police report according to her nationalist duty, I think. To her we were all racist. She put a letter under my wiper stating I had scratched her car deliberately 3 times - even when I hadn't driven it! I think she filled my exhaust pipe with water. They were buzzing on hatred and created a mob mentality based on Indian nationalism.

Most of this has ended because the dodgy colleges have been shut down and the people remaining are busy working hard. I keep meeting nice Indians that will prove to be very valuable additions to our society. They aren't busy looking for ways to discriminate and forming mobs, but I still get hateful looks from outsiders to whom I've done no wrong.

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 03:10 AM
reply to post by bowtomonkey

1st post: couldn't have put it better mate.

i work with 2 indians at coles.........they work extremely hard.

and most of the time they do the jobs that large majority of us don't want to do.

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posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 03:32 AM

Article 2. - General obligations Every refugee has duties to the country in which he finds himself, which require in particular that he conform to its laws and regulations as well as to measures taken for the maintenance of public order.
I think the government need to read the rule book they hide behind. I found article 32 interesting in the link as well.

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 03:47 AM
reply to post by bowtomonkey

I live in Sydney so we don't have the Indian gang problem here as you do in Melbourne. Our worst ferrets are the Lebanese gangs.

We are hearing about the Maelbourne gangs slowly but surely and I know there are plenty of Youtube videos on them via the VICT Police.

You know, I arrived here many years ago from NZ and although Victoria was having the Italian gang problem both there and in Sydney, I've never seen anything like we have on our streets today.

The same goes in NZ however it's on a much smaller scale and we are still dealing with Maori and Islander gangs there.

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 05:18 AM
reply to post by bluemirage5

Hello Kiwi, I appreciate your input. I didn't have a lot of sympathy for Sydney because I felt that they can be snobby and where people don't mix problems ensue. Look at the UK (haven't been to the states). It's 100 x worse. I decided that Sydney has problems based on people not wanting to mix, but then again I was in Cronulla not too long after the riots and I met so many beautiful girls who are very friendly. I may be exhibiting more bias than is due. I don't think any city in Europe is as accepting as Sydney but Melbourne is on another level.

The fact they chose Melbourne so wilfully is alarming. Perhaps the most accepting city on the planet can be a target. Sure we speak our minds. We never shut up, but we're inclusive and open about it.

NZ may be a step away. Your country is more vulnerable but the people there also speak their minds. I remember well how angelic your people are. I've no better description.

One things that I should add is police reports over violence and the constant news coverage is misleading. Melbourne appears like a hell hole if you read 'some' papers, when I NEVER see violence and I walk home 10:00 o'clock or later almost every night straight through the CBD. 99% of the people I pass / meet are easy going chilled out people. Strangers still say hello for the sake of it and only a few Arabs, Asians and Indians take offence when you look at them in the eye. Where's the violence?

Lately, there's up to 500,000 people coming to the CBD for a night out over the weekend. That's a lot. The spike in assault is in accordance, and not many. Media likes to sensationalise anything and they don't care. The police want more members and they go along with it. Media creates more strife by giving people some infamy.

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 05:20 AM

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posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 05:25 AM
Can I poke my nose in here? I am a Brit who now lives in Spain. So I am an immigrant I suppose. Before that I was in the Royal Navy for 11 years and travelled a lot ansd "saw the World" as they say. So I met and mixed with many different cultures from Singapore to Canada (and Australia). Now I live in Spain in a small Spanish Town, speak Spanish as best I can, and get on with my neighbours all but half a dozen of whome are local Spanish (Valencian) people.
Now I can only tell you what I have experienced in the UK but reading what Australians are writing here I can tell you that you could be talking about the UK easily.
For years Britain has had a steady stream of immigrants arriving. And some, like me, leaving too. Now there is no point in rabbiting on about the Romans or the Normans from centuries ago. It is what is happening now, during our lifetimes, that matters I think.
For years there has been immigration into the UK. We have Chinese, Hindus, West Indians, all sorts. Never been much of a problem. A little Rasta whatsit here and there. A hint of the Triads also - but only among their own community, the Chinese. These people have jobs, they run businesses, they do all the things that anyone could expect of them. No problem.
But NOW we have a problem. And it is caused by the Bangla-Deshi/Pakistani Community (which some people confuse with Indians which they are not.) These people are Muslims first and foremost - not British. They are only British when they are down at the Benefits Office with their hands out.
They will NOT assimilate into our Society. Well, that is up to them to a certain extent. There are facets of our Society which disgust me and I can, to an extent, understand some of their reluctance.
But what is becoming obvious now is that they want to change our Society into what THEY believe in. And at that point I have to differ with them. They want swimming-pools closed so they can use them purely for Muslims on certain days. They want their own Schools where they will only be taught about Muslim culture. They want Sharia Law in the UK. They want to have multiple wives (and claim Benefits for all of them) etc etc. They want Halal-slaughtered meat (and are getting it).
There are parts of our cities where it is not safe for a non-Muslim person to go. Parts of our cities where you will be chased out of for being the wrong colour.
They will not allow any inter-marriage with the rest of us and murder their own daughters if they are caught going out with a non-Muslim.
They have imported imams from the backwoods of Pakistan who preach hatred and zenophobia against everyone who is not a Muslim. These Imams call for the murder of homosexuals among others.
I must reiterate that there is next to no trouble with any other race or religion in Britain - all our racial hassle is caused by the Muslim population which, by the way, makes up only 2% of the overall population.
While it is true to say that not all Muslims are terrorists (and they are not), it is also true to say that, at the moment, all the terorists are Muslims. They will not live among us in peace as other races and religions have done. They want, and are trying to get, Worldwide Muslim domination. It will cause huge problems not just in the UK but across Europe too. And now I see you are getting it in Australia and Canada too.
I see big trouble coming and I don`t like it. And please don`t tell me I should embrace multiculturalism - these people are not embracing anyone or anything and until they do we should be very careful.
Not so long ago two Muslim men tried to blow up glasgow Airport. Then it turned out that they had a couple of nights previously, tried to set off car-bombs outside two nightclubs in London. What really scares me about that is that these two were Doctors! If a Muslim Doctor can be brainwashed into seeing his fellow-countrymen as the "infidel" enemy, what chance for the rest of them?
I wish us all the very best of luck in confronting this problem but I cannot see it ending peacefully, I just can`t.

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 05:27 AM
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posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 05:30 AM

Originally posted by exroyalnavy

I wish us all the very best of luck in confronting this problem but I cannot see it ending peacefully, I just can`t.

You already decided the enemy and the solution.
How pathetic can white race be? You killed hundreds of millions only from your race in two world wars and many million others in your imperialist wars. (Libya yesterday latest). And still creating new enemys to kill.

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 05:40 AM

Originally posted by Garfee

Originally posted by deccal
reply to post by Garfee

I ignored your answer, because i didn't find it wort to respond.
Hmm, do you have any idea of my life style or where i am living? Do you think I am muslim?
You are just going to trap yourself, be careful.

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Am I?
Oh, yes i am jelaous, i am jelaous of your muscular body pretending to be new Hulk Hogan.
I think you are the real troll, to blame me to be jelaous without knowing who am i. I dont have to expose my identity, but to say the least, i am not muslim, i am most probably genetically more caucassian than you, and last but not least intelectually i am galaxy miles ahead of you, therefore we cant marry honey.
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posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 05:46 AM

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