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Was "Jesus" a "bastard" & the Church tried to Cover it up with the VirginBirth Stories?

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posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by Amadeus

I agree with much of this. There are also indications that Jesus' teacher was John the Baptist who was responsible for his initiation into the mysteries, and that they were both Essenes or ascetic puritans and Jewish Kabbalist mystics.

What kinds of pressure then are placed upon Jesus within this overall context, particularly in relation to the corruption of the Temple by Imperialist Roman interests..? (sound familiar?)

Jeshua Messiah or the perfected gold is what was produced, but his own origins were certainly mired in controversy. He may even have been a rape child.

Very interesting OP. S&F.

Interestingly, this newfound understanding of Jesus, as a man under pressure, and a spiritual protegy genious, in search of his place and his calling, conflicted in many ways, with powers and principalities and influences both good and bad on all sides, leading him with inevitability into a fated "wedge", to serve the God of his (unparalleled) understanding, makes him all the more fascinating and imo, lovable.

Way to go Jesus, for taking it to it's logical conclusion, and thank you, for your unrelenting perserverence in the face of all evil, for the sake of your love. What a man to face such things, and then at the end of it all, remain true to his spiritual self AND thread the eye in the needle AND in the process do something on behalf of God as the spirit of truth and life and love, which we lessor mortals are unable to accomplish even on our own behalf!

It's a story of absolute triumph, made all the more interersting and valuable, imho, when viewed in this context, would you not agree? It's hardly blasphemy, except in the eyes of the ignorant and the fanatical.

God how I love Jesus Christ! Praise God!

Edit: Do I still believe that Jesus was/is God incarnate? Absolutely. Was Jesus of Nazareth, to begin with? Not neccessarily..

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