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Why is conspiracy suddenly cool? The REAL AGENDA and the real AGENDA of Alex Jones & Glen Beck!

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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 03:15 PM
Ever wonder why conspiracies are gaining more and more attention from even the average non-conspiracy type person? Why do we have History Channel showing shows like, Decoded, or Ancient Aliens reffering to the Annunaki? Or even Jesse Ventura and his popular Conspiracy Theory show exsposing FEMA camps to a wide audience that has probably never heard of such things? I think I have a working theory so you will have to withhold judgement about me as you read through my post.

Alex Jones, and Glen Beck. Alex is always going on and on with Glen Beck. When Alex's audience doesn't really care about Beck. I don't believe anyone visiting Infowars is somebody who is a big supporter of Becks, and if they are they are a small minority. So why does he go on and on and on and on for over a year now about this man?

Before you rush to judgment that I am a "conspiracy nut" ops, "holocaust denier" no wait “truther” ops, I mean co-intel pro, yeah that's it, the term used in the conspiracy realm for outside the box thinking, co-intel pro. Before you think that just hear me out on whats rattling in my head about this.

Alex is upset that someone is conning more people who are waking up than he is.
Notice how smart these Illuminati New World Order types are?? They are much much much smarter than any of us no matter if you like it or not. They run the show, and they're on top of the game. We're busy trying to catch up or wake up others. At least admit that they are very smart and know what their doing right?

You don’t think their smart enough to have someone there to guide you through the process of waking up once you start learning how s*it really works? No matter if you’ve been "awake" for 15 years or since last month. Alex Jones just magically appears everywhere online, on YouTube, EVERYWHERE there is conspiracy information he is there. Even here on ATS his name can be found in just about if not all areas. TRY researching the New World Order, the 9/11 truth, or the Illuminati, and not see Alex Jones there to fit all the pieces together for you.

Everyone here realizes that “The Powers That Be’ use FEAR to intimidate the public into going along with their agenda right? What the hell do you think it does when you tell people SWAT teams are going to machine gun your dogs to death? I’m not saying it doesn’t happen cause I’ve seen the videos of them killing peoples dog’s during SWAT raids. WARNING the next embed video is of a SWAT raid where they shot the two dogs inside, one of which was the size of a chiwawa.

I’m saying there is a method to the madness. You say scary things like tell people that cops murder little puppies to strike fear with the truth then you mix in the deception / mind-control. Alex’s method is very cleaver and you can even see SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES saying “SUBMIT TO FEAR” during his Police State 4 about FEMA.

I’m not saying I understand everything Alex is doing to us because like I said these people are smarter than we are. But apart of it is definitely to make us AFRAID of THE SYSTEM, to make our hearts jump a few beats faster when we see a police officer riding behind us while we’re driving in town. He is somehow there to show us the awesome power and control they have over this country and thus the world. To make us AFRAID OF IT. Even Alan Watt, who Alex promotes on his show and has as a guest from time to time has said that Alex was put there by TPTB. Alan says they always provide the hero for you. He even says that Alex is a master at hitting you from all directions during his broadcasts with methods of mind-control of FEAR. And I believe this is an example of truth slipping through the cracks.

What we are witnessing between Alex and Glen is two men, using the same type of technique of manipulating the public, battling back and forth because of their ego’s while at the same time both not trying to blow their covers. Glen is there for the really retarded sheep out there that kind of wake up but will fall right back to sleep. Alex is there to steer the ones like me and you, who are woken up and are wide awake that never will go back to sleep. And he is damn good at it. However I still listen to his radio show because most of it is true. I am a Prison member because it is like Alex says, a good tool to use to wake others up. The PROBLEM is when WE GO OUT AND WAKE OTHERS UP we do a echo-chamber, mockingbird effect of everything Alex Jones says, and most of us will present it to the asleep in the same fashion that Alex Jones uses on his radio show. That is why Alex will repeat the same things over and over and over so that it becomes his thought in our minds when we are telling someone about the New World Order or whatever it may be we are awaking them too. So yes while I believe it is a good idea to wake up as many as we can, and yes Alex’s movies are a excellent tool to wake others up, (see how I just used his terminology without thinking about it) I can’t help but be concerned that we are playing into their hands. That THEY WANT US TO WAKE PEOPLE UP.

Notice the trends? The shows like DECODED becoming mainstream. The Bohemian Grove on the History Channel?? Jesse’s show on Conspiracy Theory?? Why did Jesse during Monday Night Raw while plugging his Conspiracy Theory show, was he wearing a 33rd degree Masonic logo on the back of his jacket that is the same as the one on the cover of Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike? Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?? I smell a strange conspiracy right there with a guy who seems to have been “just waking up” over the past few years who might happen to be a 33rd degree Mason?? Hmmm thats strange to me. He did play dumb about even knowing what the Masonic Compass with the G was on the 2012 episode of his show. Hmmm? Maybe playing dumb for the show to guide the asleep viewer, but still why was he wearing it on Raw where the target audience isn’t conspiracy targeted but the audience is child like wrestling fans targeted? No knock on pro wrestling cause I still enjoy it from time to time but the audience for that type of programming aren't the sharpest when it comes to Masonic symbols.

Am I connecting dots that are not there? Maybe I am, sometimes I tell myself that. But other times like right now I feel overwhelmed with the truth that “they” TPTB run all of it. You think they want to take over the internet to shut down access to information? They already control the internet just as they have long controlled the TV. For the asleep the TV is still good enough for them and they may learn about things by watching Decoded or Conspiracy Theory, and they will eventually wake up when they stop to listen to one of us trying to tell them whats going on. They will go “hey yeah I heard about that on TV, whats that all about?” That’s in general an example of how the average asleep individual will wake up. Hell I am already myself finding it easier and easier to communicate this message, and more and more people already know about a little bit of it before I try to tell them about it. I even notice average people talking about the Annunaki aliens. Maybe some programming going on for a new age religion maybe?? I think maybe so. It's almost like it's "time to wake the sheep up" when I constantly see things on TV now that I usually read about here on ATS.

The TV is owned and controlled for those who are sleepwalking and believe whatever they are told. The internet is owned and controlled for the awake like me and you. They put out these “GUIDES” like Alex Jones who is no doubt the best at it. But they sprinkle some David Icke here, some Michael Tsarion there. All together when you take the whole lot of these conspiracy guys together they end up putting out the information they want us to know, tell us how it works, and by doing so we without us knowing it have learned what to say and how to say it and even how to understand it. All coming from the ones who want us to tell the people exactly what we’ve been told through our ONLINE research which they control. Its like saying….”I know allot about how the Illuminati works because I’ve done allot of research on it by watching TV shows and movies so I know what I’m Talking about!!”

The INTERNET is just a more in depth version of television with levels of mind control going on that is very deep and very methodical but I am sure delivers exactly what its designed for or else it would be gone if they wanted it gone.
I know on some level those of you who have been looking at these things for at least as long as I have realize even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself that some parts of some of what I’ve wrote about here strikes you as being true.

But like I said it is so powerful that I even ignore everything I’ve just wrote.
Because what am I to do if it really is true? If they WANT ME to wake others up then I just go live my day to day life without speaking of this. But the horror of whats really going on is so bad that I cannot stay quiet about it? Maybe I feel like its that bad because Alex and his conspiracy guide friends have somehow convinced me it is that bad through the manipulation with the truth? I know my heart beats faster when a cop is behind me than it did before I found Alex. I know I hate the CPS and have been dealing with them daily for the past week. I know some of what Alex has said about the CPS is true, and the CPS seems to be up to some sneaky tricks right now that I need help with. So if anyone has any good advice or ways of handling the CPS I would greatly appreciate it. or infowarrior.carson@facebook.

All I know is I have no master plan to deal with what I believe is accurate knowledge or a damn good hunch, when it comes to things like Alex Jones and his manipulation methods of telling the truth through fear. I, at the moment choose most of the time to ignore this thought of mine and still wake people up to Alex Jones and tell them about Alex’s films and his information. Along with everyone else's information. Try to introduce them to ATS. I try to wake others up because maybe, and this is a big maybe, if people could wake up, learn all these things, learn it from all angles, and keep an open mind without taking sides,(its the zionist, no its the Jesuits, no they're aliens, no they are demons) they could help me figure out what we the people really should be doing about this problem of this New World Order, Illuminati, Masonic ritual, Jesuit Order, Zionist Jew, Reptilian, Annunaki, Grey Alien Roswell, Satanic problem we have.

Sometimes it feels like I know to much about these things. How many of these things are bunk, and how much is for real? Does it matter? Hell maybe we can fly back to the stars of Orion in the year 2012, and land on Nibiru before it gets here so we can avoid having to hide in the underground city in Denver Colorado!! I’d hate to be one of those that are MAINTAINED at 500 million after the disaster thats coming like the Georgia Guidestones are warning us about! R.C. Christian the Rosicrucian tried to warn us but I forgot to move my house away from the New Madrid Fault Line here in Fort Knox Ky, (where all the gold got stolen from) cause I know that HAARP is going to cause a massive earthquake and set that Fault Line off! I better hop a ride on the CERN Facility’s Star-gate, and zip to the 4th dimension before the line gets to long at the Star-Gate Terminal located in The New World Airport in Denver Colorado. (There really is a star-gate terminal whats up with that?) But I got to do something before Jesus comes back because, the Vatican will molest me when they track me down through my web-cam on my computer, or use my On-Star to shut my car down! Then FEMA will come to kidnap me and take me to a FEMA Camp, where they will torture little arab children in front of me like it is described in the memo’s from George Bush, all the while they play Rhianna’s Russian Roulette song that’s about monarch mind control that Arizona Wilder talked about, that will finally make me sub cum into an alternate world, where i go crazy reading books written in pyramids butterflies and bunnies!

Hey I know,
maybe Barry will transform into Reptiod Obama, and rescue us and hide us inside Hollow Earth where all the Annunaki, and Nephlem have been hiding out waiting for the Planet X, Dwarf Brown Star, Planet of the Crossing, or whatever the hell you want to call it to return! For heavens sake lets not forget the fluoride and the aspartame!!

Seriously tho, I went to jail a few months ago over a DUI charge and did 60 days. They had me working in the kitchen. EVERYTHING IN THE JAIL HAD ASPARTAME IN IT! And our pods had tv's where everyone watched the History Channel. Now why would you want to make people stupid while working so hard to manipulate people into learning new behaviors and ideas? How can someone understand what an Annunaki is for the upcoming fake alien invasion if they are chomping on aspartame and drinking fluoride? These people may be very smart but that just seems stupid.
I don’t know maybe I’ve been walking around under these chem-trails for to long? Maybe the vaccines have messed me up? Maybe I am imagining all of this? But hey then again………maybe I’m Not.

Either way Alex should shut up about Glen Beck because Alex's audience isn’t Beck's audience so no one on Infowars really gives a ***t because they support Alex and hate Beck. Does anyone reading this like Glen Beck?? Of course not! Cause you would have to be half sleep walking to not see he blends truth with lies and misdirects you. Alex is somewhat right when he describes what Beck does, its just that he is describing himself as well. Alex isn’t stupid he knows he doesn’t have to explain what Glen Beck does when he deceives his audience. We can see what he is doing.

Problem is Alex, is that you slipped up a few times over the past few months. I wish I could take the time to actually find the audio of you slipping up but I’m not good at that kind of thing and it’d take forever cause I’m not real sure when it was. I can find it easily if someone already put it together, but I am not wasting 2 months of going through his shows one by one just to find a few audio clips when I can just tell you what it is he said. Believe me or not, doesn't really matter. I don't see how much more honest a person can be than I am being right now.

But ALEX MESSED UP by saying things about Mr. Beck while talking 90 mph such as “I know he is lying to his audience because its the same thing I do” Or things like “He does the same thing I do, his writers have mind control psy-ops all over his show. His writers are very knowledgeable. I know what I am talking about with this guy, he is a phony, he is stealing my material, he does the same thing I do. Blah Blah Blah” You’ve messed up more than you realize Alex cause I didn’t even think about any of this before I heard you say its the same thing you do. Then I seriously took some time to think about why you would go and say that, once, twice, three, four times by mistake? I went….”Hmmmm?” Things that make ya go hmmmmmmm? There was other big slip ups as well but lets go with a perfect example. And the perfect example is what happened to Debra Medina.

I can demonstrate one situation where Glen Beck and Alex Jones worked as a team to tear down someone politically. The name is Debra Medina. She ran for governor in Texas against Builderburg favorite Rick Perry. You see Alex and Glen had to both act like Rick Perry was bad for Texas. They must have decided to go ahead and tear her down together or they were told to make it happen from whoever controls the umbrella they belong under. But what happened is that Alex backed her up big big time. Threw all his listeners behind her and had it looking like she could win for a moment. Oppps, someone win thats not really part of the team? Can't have that.

So they set her up with an interview with Glen Beck. Beck being the ass he is about 9/11 truthers wanting to kill President Obama, asked her if she supported 9-11 "truthers" or had any working in her campaign. She did not reply the way Beck would have liked. She said something to the efeect that she doesn't try to control how people think and if they have questions about 9-11 then they have the right to have those questions. I thought it was the perfect answer for a question about 9-11 that I've ever heard. I mean Ron Paul did denounce it when he was asked. Paul cracked under the pressure or truely doesn't believe in 9-11 truth. Either way Debra gave a great answer, but not the one Beck likes! You see thats why they had him ask it.

So therefore since she wouldn't dismiss 9-11 truth or those that have questions about 9-11 he demonized her after the interview ended. I mean right when they got off the phone with her on Beck's radio show. He even made a joke supporting Rick Perry saying Perry wasn't looking as bad as he thought compared to 9-11 truther Debra Medina! So there went the support the Beck audience may have given Medina! Well thats not enough cause the real supporters to turn on her. Afterall this is targeted at Texans right? Who do they trust in Texas that they could use against Medina? The conspiracy crowd is what supports her run for governor!

So they pull the Ace in hole, they call on Alex Jones to do some very visible backstabbing, yet convince everyone thats not what hes doing. Dangerous task! Especially since it never fools everyone, even tho it seems it nearly did fool most. What did they have Alex do you may ask? Well first the set up before going on Alex's show. You give Medina bad media for messing up with big time TV show man Beck. Beck is on TV putting her picture up on chalkboards next to pictures of Obama, Hiter, Soros, and whoever else he usually has on there. He even admitted on air on Fox News that it wasn't fair for him to compare Debra Medina to that silly black guy he got to quit Obama's administration thats a 9-11 truther. Anyways, that put public pressure on the girl to address the 9-11 question she was ambushed with on Glens radio show.

All the while Alex is quote unquote "exposing" Beck's methods of how he is demonizing Debra Medina, making little videos about how Sarah Palin might be a 9-11 truther cause of something she said once. Basically Alex was doing to Beck what he always does, and YES he 99% of the time tells you what Beck is doing. I guess to keep peoples trust on a massive complicated level and probably I believe to piss him off.

So Debra Medina did a few shows, and on one of them the guy asked her, "how can you agree that any questions are legit from DISGUSTING REPULSING PEOPLE like those 9-11 TRUTHERS!" And she make mistake #2 and said, I don't agree with them. Well this is Alex's cue. You see instead of explaining to his audience what was obvious if you watched the debates or kept up with it.

Debra Medina was a regular person not a politician. She never ran for anything before and was on the verge of going over the top to beat Presidential Big Brother favorite Rick Perry. She was attacked in a sly way by a pro manipulator Glen Beck and then cracked under pressure when pressed about it. I believe she made an honest mistake as she clearly supported THE RIGHT TO QUESTION events of 9-11. That's all Alex had to say about what happened. If he was for real he would have explained what I just did to his audience. But no he played his part, and two weeks before the voting began he went on air and said things like such, "How dare she call me DISGUSTING and REPULSING! I'm disgusting and repulsing for having questions about 9-11!?! I want a statement and apology from her campaign for this betrayal! I have honor, and I cannot support someone who thinks I'm disgusting for questioning 9-11!!" He went on and on like that for the remaining two weeks putting the words of the question into the mouth of Medina like she said it.

All two weeks before the vote turning at least 90% of his Austin Texas audience away from going and voting for Medina. He said he didn't believe in voting for the better of two evils so he wasn't going to support her. The last few days before the vote however people starting talking about all the things I am now so he shifted a little bit. After two weeks of basjing the two or three days before he was saying "I guess go ahead and vote for her its better than Perry" He said these things in a disapointed voice. It wasn't encouraging anyone to go out and vote for her and he was trying to cover his ass so he could say he still did support her afterall the drama. Yeah thanks allot for the support after two weeks of trashing? Makes sence right??

It is very clear to anyone that the audience that Alex was talking to was the ones who would have gotten her over the top to beat Perry. That's why he was needed to bring her down. And thats part of his job! Just like Alex says about Beck, he is just there to get you trust and then at key moments steer you the wrong direction! Well the way he describes Beck is exactly what he had done with Debra Medina! I apologize for not being able to locate most of the videos on this matter I will try right after I'm done writing this however if you research the terms Alex Jones, Glen Beck, Debra Medina and 9-11 all together on Google or YouTube, you should easily find all the interviews of every step of this disgusting process in which Alex Jones AND Glen Beck deceived all who were involved in that movement! I think Alex b*tches about Beck, and Beck steals things from Alex because they are in competition for the same position. To be the one big shot mind manipulator fooling the masses on a highly evolved level. They're doing the same thing, Alex is the Marlboro Red and Beck is the Marlboro Light.

So you see Alex not only am I tired of hearing about Glen Beck and how much better than him you are……its also a bad idea cause as good as your game is, you slip up from time to time talking about him and expose yourself. Take this as a tip if you see it and shut up about him. You get to riled up about him that you slip the real truth out. And you know better than that cause you of all people are aware of how smart your audience is. And believe me I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed. So there ya go. No one cares plus it blows your cover. You know like the time you blew your cover when you trampled all over a fellow truth seekers gun rally?? And for those who say hey the guy running the rally attacked Ron Paul before this so Alex was angry at him! And thats why this happened! Yeah alright. You realize this was such a huge screw up for him and he knows it. This didn't become a big deal because Cathrine Bliche who helped put it together and the young man I forget his name, that Alex shouted down. Both of them were given a spot on Conspiracy Theory w/ Jesse Ventura on the Police State episode. They ran the De-Fuse centers against the Fusion Centers.He has bought the silence for this video of crashing his own kind! He just slipped up and got caught on video showing his real colors. The truth finds it way through no matter how good you are at hiding it. That's my honest assessment of this video!

As Ab Lincoln said I believe it was “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar” and I believe that even includes Alex…..unless he is reptilian like Donald Rumsfield and somehow Reptilians can lie perfectly? Yes thats sarcasm! Or is it? Why did Donald Rumsfeld not just go ahead and say no he is not a lizard? I don’t see the downside to just saying no, Especially when you avoid the question by giving the answer that you went out to dinner and a friend paid for dinner. If someone writes about it in a newspaper now it’ll say, “When Donald Rumsfeld was asked on the Opie show if he was a lizard, he replied by saying someone bought him dinner once.” Is that really better than just saying NO I’M NOT A LIZZARD? OR JUST NO? I’m rambling but however I think its a good question to be asked cause that very strange to me.

Some days I think the idea of Reptilians is stupid then there are other days when Donald Rumsfeld is acting like saying NO would violate some sort of Reptilian Code Of Ethics that they cannot deny there Reptilian Heritage or something? These people are so smart sometimes you gotta wonder if they’re not from another planet like Nubiru!! Maybe they’re demons?

Ya know those silly videos where they sit there on news shows and people slow it down and zoom in on the eyes? Well maybe those videos are not silly maybe some of them, just some of them are really possessed? Hey if you’re religious shouldn’t you at least consider the possibility? I know most of them videos its just light manipulation and its ummmm what did they call that missile off the coast of LA? A optical illusion? Yeah that, I know some of those lizard eyes are just optical illusions and there eyes just appear that way, but there are like 5 or 6 I’ve seen that make me go…hmmmmm? What’s really going on Donald Rumsfeld!?

New World Religion! Are they demons conning the Alien community!? Are they aliens from Nibiru or Hollow Earth? I don't know but I will put my money with Rick Clay who I believe was killed by the Illuminati for his ability to figure out or get close to figuring something big big out that somehow has to do with the 2012 Olymipics? Or did they kill him to make me think that? What if there is no Rick Clay? I'm kidding, I'm done for now I'm out sorry for so many topics in one post! That's how I decided to roll today! I hope thats okay!

Alright I’m done I’m out…..if you want to bother you can facebook me at infowarrior.carson@facebook or throw me an email at

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 03:33 PM
Bravo friend.

I hate the term fear mongering, because of course telling someone anywhere near "the truth" will provoke feelings of fear, but the truth is, FEAR is the devil, and they know this.

The truth is, its all about love. The truth is our thoughts are energy. The truth is, we all play a bigger part in creating this world than we can begin to imagine.


They only wish to scare us into feeling helpless, which in turn, makes them victorious before they even start.

I know words are just words and these sayings are just sayings, but one day it will make sense to you.

LOVE is the answer. Become aware that even the grass we walk on is a part of existence.

A little nutty, but I love you. But I personally wouldn't lump Jesse Ventura in there with them.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 04:14 PM
First off. Let me get to the most important matter in your whole post. Your kids. If you're dealing with CPS, don't take it lightly. The people that run CPS are downright evil from my experience. Get an attorney that has experience working with them. You can't handle them on your own. They're experts at skirting the laws. And they get money from big brother for every kid they take away from their family.

Second. Your post is your answer. The whole point is confusion, fear, and doubt. Don't let it get to you. You have enough problems from what I can see without conspiracies adding to it. CPS. DUI. Get your personal and family life straightened out first. Then come back to this.

I wish you well.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 04:24 PM
Conspiracy theories have turned into a business. I've been saying that for a long time....

Alex Jones is in the conspiracy theory business, he will try to make a conspiracy when there is none. Peak oil for example... Peak oil is very real but Alex see's it as an opportunity to make it into a conspiracy and make money. $$$

Glen Beck is in the conspiracy theory business..... Fear mongering for profit. $$$

Above Top Secret is in the conspiracy theory business.... $$$

The majority eats up and thinks they are thinking outside the box but really, the real conspiracy is these conspiracy business's thrive and make money from feeding the paranoid minds more paranoia where it is unwarranted....

Most of the time

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 05:44 PM
Yeah I can't believe that BS tactic he pulled at that local rally. Then he turns into some prideful punk disrupter insulting the folks there real low and disgusting. True Alex has woke many up the question then is why after a decade of work has he had little success in stopping the global elite. Also if Alex was stopping NWO progress, why dose he every day say next this then this and give time frames like its no big deal I mean really. I think you would rally and support people at least to cease some NWO efforts. Yet it all keeps rolling on the RFID the body scanners, GMOs, global collapse, police states, wars, poisoning, censoring, drug and human trafficking. I mean really Alex has been covering this for well over a decade now and has has had little success in stopping this progress. Great thread I think we just need to be aware and work towards helping each other and realize that the natural system is best.
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posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by SimpleKnowledge

I think that maybe TPTB are at a point in the process within creating their New World Order that it is needed for a major increase in the population to be aware of the New system, and to be aware of the new rules. Alex Jones is there after all to wake you up from the left - right paradigm. I believe it is at the point that they want people to start to be educated on how the new rules are going to work, what things you should be afraid of if you resist or don't follow those rules, what they are capable of etc. etc. And they want you to educate others and through a process that may take 5years 10 years or whatever, eventually the New Order and the rules of the New Order will manifest themselves on there own within our society and in our reality. So using this logic Alex is playing the role of what a high school teacher plays when teaching students about how government works. A re-education for adults. While the high school teachers today will probably play there new part as well. It's just us adults have to be re-educated on how government works because we have a New Order now, and Alex is Mr. Jones our teacher on the subject. Well maybe not our teacher on the subject but those who blindly listen to him and allow his mind manipulating techniques to go unchallenged. People have to learn these mind control tricks. Once you know the trick it is ineffective against you. (Like Rhianna's Disturbia song....she humms Bum Bum be Dum Dum...its a "spell" to get stuck into your head. Then you have the word "BUM" = lazy person jobless loser, and "be Dum"= be stupid ignorant. With those words repeating in your head through song, if you're unaware it can cause you to subconiouslly be a bum and to be ignorant, thus a "curse" will be effecting you. However now that I've explained this next time I hear it or you hear it we are aware of the spell thus rendering it useless.) Alex loves employing these "Spells" or otherwise more modernly known as mind control techniques, or psy-ops.

Those people are being completely re-educated through the project of a pet project to pretend to be fighting the New system. While they think their fighting it, they learn all about it, how it works, what happens if you go up against it etc. Hell every time someone buys anything from Infowars, they got another name to add to a list of a person that might be a problem for this new system. Hey lets wear t-shirts so they can identify us easier in public so we can be taken care of. Put a bumper sticker on your car of Infowars or Ron Paul and see if maybe you get harassed more? I don't know about that but sometimes I do think it's a bad idea to wear the shirts, put on the bumper stickers and all that. Oh I better go I'll be late for class.

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 06:22 PM
reply to post by InfowarriorCarson

Exactly thanks for breaking down Alex's mission like some have said Alex's seem to be a bee collector if you get my drift. Everybody wants a hero to save them from the NWO which is Alex's clue to start his psy-ops as you put it. Have you noticed how as soon as Alex's has certain guests on his show something bad happens to them later on down the road a bit strange and odd if you ask me. Anyways I think it maybe worth looking into though I'm not the best at starting thorough threads. So hopefully someone can take up this free thread topic.

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posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by iversusvsversusi

I completely agree with this post. Love is the answer.

Perhaps the powers that be want us to focus our thoughts on negative things because it gives them negative power? Maybe they are harvesting that negative energy for their purpose? I'm just theorizing here, I have no proof to back this up.

Anyway, not just love, but positivity in general. Be aware of the negative things, do the research, etc. but keep yourself in balance. Laugh at cat photos with funny captions, offer a stranger a smile, marvel at a beautiful sunset, indulge in random acts of kindness.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 04:45 AM

Originally posted by Nomad451
Conspiracy theories have turned into a business. I've been saying that for a long time....

Alex Jones is in the conspiracy theory business, he will try to make a conspiracy when there is none. Peak oil for example... Peak oil is very real but Alex see's it as an opportunity to make it into a conspiracy and make money. $$$

, the real conspiracy is these conspiracy business's thrive and make money from feeding the paranoid minds more paranoia where it is unwarranted....

Most of the time


For a classic example, stream that old flick "Network" on Netflix...

As Faye Dunaways character says:

"The American people are turning sullen. They've been clobbered on all sides by Vietnam, Watergate, inflation, depression, they've turned off, shot up and #ed themselves limp and nothing helps ... the American people WANT someone to articulate their rage for them."

I stopped watching TV on a regular basis a few years ago.. I follow a sports team plus occasional DVDs / streaming movies... but my friends who I visit a few days at a time, woah.. vegetative boob tube junkies.. that bleep'n thing is on 24/7.

I watch them bicker over the remote, turd sandwich best articulates his "rage".. she likes giant douche. I tell them BOTH are clown liars, but that doesn't jive with their "programming" of choice.

I see Beck, Jones, OReilly et al as tools.. they get on TV to articulate a certain frequency of "rage" and or "frustrations" / "opinions".. that, like a "dog whistle", motivates their flock to bark and offers common folk at home a "popular" voice who feigns feeling the same pain.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 05:39 AM
The internet is the missing variable. If it is to be believed that TPTB make mistakes at all, they messed up and made the internet a little bit too powerful too soon. Conspiracy talk is all over the internet. TPTB can't just pretend it doesn't exist anymore. The best way for them to act innocent is to just get a guy like Ventura and have him pretend to be a truther. First of all, someone like Ventura will have some credibility with nonconformist types because he has an established track record of "going his own way".

However, people who are disinclined to believe in conspiracies will reason that if there was a vast conspiracy, they wouldn't let this guy spout their secrets all over TV. They will reason (not unreasonably) that a real conspiracy would get rid of him. Thus, they will conclude that while compelling and entertaining, there must not be any real conspiracy.

In the meantime, guys like Beck and Ventura are probably not telling the whole truth anyway so they're not a real threat. IOW, they're likely putting enough BS in there to mess up the whole thing so that anyone who starts researching will start hitting brick walls. Very few people can solve a complicated puzzle without the key pieces.

IMO, the reason why they're doing this is "controlled opposition"
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posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 02:33 PM
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Yeah that is a curious thought. Now that you brought that up here recently I know that Nancy Schaefer was found in a murder suicide event at her home. She was the lady who was leading a charge against the CPS. Appeared several times on Alex's show. When her husband supposedly shot her and then killed himself, I remember Alex covering the issue. Apparently she had been calling him wanting to reveal something important on his show. Because, I remember him on the defensive on his broadcast explaining to his audience that he indeed was not ignoring her and wanted to bring on her the show but said something to the effect that so much was going on and he was covering so many other important issues that he forgot to book her. So that is strange because that means she was calling him allot wanting to reveal some information about something. And before she could shes found dead. So you actually might be right about there being some sort of shady conspiracy involving Alex Jones and some of his guests who have been found dead. I might take the time do look into this and post a forum on the issue because if there is any truth to it people have the right to know about it and be warned of such a thing.

Imma try post a link to the forum thats about her death and iff you read the forum you will see that I am not lying about the fact Jones said she was supposed to be on his show to release new information. I wish I could find the vid where he talks about it but I cant at the moment.

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 05:15 AM
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I couldn't agree more that love as you put it is the answer. But its the method of using love to counter the hate that should be up for debate. Because you are right, evil is harnessing power. The evil streamed through the television manifests itself in our reality. Lady GaGa and her evil hand gestures I can see all day long in teenagers facebook pages. This evil is being harnessed and manifested in our reality. Our reality therefore is out of balance. So I believe it will take more than just keeping ourselves in balance, we need to learn a method to help others gain the right kind of knowledge and help them regain balance or else our reality will always be unbalanced. The evil is on the offensive. Evil has access into everyone's home probably even yours if your reading this. Because if you own a TV you have gave permission for evil to be in your house.

I sat around researching how Disney manipulates minds. Then I watched ICARLY today. I finally, only because of my research, realized ICARLY doesn't have parents. Seems silly. But in a childs mind Ive learned just that in a television show can cause massive mind control in children. They see kids making their own choices, doing what they think of, with no parental guidence. Just basic things like that have been massivly researched by evil and is being used against love.

So how do we restore the balance of love back into our reality? MP3 players with Rhianna or Jay Z in the hand of practically every teen at school? How do you compete with that level of evil?

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