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Revolution - The NWO's Middle East Takeover

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 09:58 AM
Revolution - The NWO's Middle East Takeover

Sow a seed that grows into a larger idea, start with something simple and let it grow naturally

North Africa and the Middle East are currently in the grip of tremendous change, something that has not been seen in recent history and this is indeed a time when the region can go down one of two paths, to re-form their existing governments in a "pro west" manner which I think is the unlikely path, or to strengthen the role of Islam in the region and the possibility for it to spread wider, by creating new governments that are "pro Islam" where an Islamic revival of sorts will take place, I think this path is the likely one and this is what we will see take place in North Africa and the Middle East in the coming weeks.

The Muslim Brotherhood I believe are the ideal candidates to advocate and take control of this change

Tunisia - The "implanted" Seed of Revolution.

I am going to start off with Tunisia as this is the country that has seemingly started off all the current events; here are some news stories to put things into perspective

Protesters took to the streets with "a rock in one hand, a cell phone in the other," according to Rochdi Horchani - a relative of Mohamed Bouazizi - who helped break through the media blackout.
Since the same day of the self-immolation of the 26-year-old street vendor that triggered riots causing the Tunisian leadership to flee the country, family members and friends used social media to share the news of what was happening in Sidi Bouzid with international media.
Mohamed Bouazizi was not the first Tunisian to set himself alight in an act of public protest.

How Tunisia's Revolution Began

Coverage of the uprising there was lapped up by Arab audiences and in Yemen, Algeria and Egypt demonstrators took to the streets. State-controlled media tried desperately to spin the coverage of the unrest, but no amount of spinning could hide the reality of events in Egypt.

The Tunisia Effect

Rachid Ghannouchi, the leader of a formerly banned party, has returned to Tunisia after 21 years in exile. More than 1,000 people gathered at the main international airport to welcome the leader of al-Nahda as he returned from the UK on Sunday, after the interim government pledged to allow his party and other movements banned under the rule of now ousted President Zine al-Abdine Ben Ali. Ghannouchi's party was branded an Islamic terror group and banned by Ben Ali, although he is considered a moderate by scholars.

Tunisian Leader Returns from Exile

From all accounts this all started from a man called Mohamed Bouazizi setting himself on fire in protest, kind of a strange protest if you ask me but each to their own.
I believe that Mohamed Bouazizi is the catalyst for something much larger, I believe that this may be part of an illuminati plot to destabilise the region and to usher in widespread control by The Brotherhood of Islam who I also believe to finance than no other than a Mr George Soros, a prominent illuminati member and supposedly part of the 13th bloodline.

I shall link the protesters in Tunisia, The Muslim Brotherhood and George Soros and then the full picture will emerge.

So what do we have here? We have a seed, an idea that has rapidly spread and took North Africa and growing parts of the Middle East and thrown them into social and political turmoil, I think from the illuminati's point of view this has developed far better than expected.

Egypt - The "public" Revolution and Blueprint for "change".

Protests have erupted in cities across Egypt, with demonstrators demanding an end to Hosni Mubarak's presidency.
Tens of thousands took to the streets across the country following Friday midday prayers.
Protesters had previously chanted slogans calling for the army to support them, complaining of police violence during clashes on Friday in which security forces fired teargas and rubber bullets.

Fresh protests erupt in Egypt (28/1/2011)

Mohamed ElBaradei, a leading opposition figure, has joined thousands of protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square, in continued demonstrations demanding an end to President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule.
The former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency told the crowd on Sunday night that "what we have begun cannot go back" referring to days of anti-government protests.
The National Coalition for Change, which groups several opposition movements including the Muslim Brotherhood, wants ElBaradei to negotiate with the Mubarak government.

ElBaradei: No going back in Egypt

International reaction to the ongoing protests in Egypt has been mixed, with Barack Obama, the US president, voicing support for an "orderly transition" in Egypt in phone calls with foreign leaders.
Obama spoke by phone on Saturday with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish prime minister and Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister. He also spoke to David Cameron, British prime minister, on Sunday.

US calls for 'orderly transition'.

It is my opinion that Mubarak was a former NWO puppet that has fallen out of favour with his illuminati paymasters or perhaps it was his time to back down so that their agenda could be forwarded in a different way, a way that would get an ever disillusioned Egypt people back on side.
There have been numerous assassination attempts made on Mubarak, perhaps this was the illuminati trying to get rid of him, I think he grew too comfortable with his power and when the illuminati told him it was time to move on he did not, hence why we are seeing what is happening now.
I believe that ElBaradei will be put in as Egypt's interim leader and because he has been "heralded" as the people's champion he will most likely win when it comes to election time, the NWO then have their new puppet in place and they can start with their larger plans.


Calm returned on Wednesday as talks on forming a new government continued in Beirut.
The previous day, Michel Sleiman, the Lebanese president, formally appointed Najib Mikati, a billionaire businessman, as prime minister-designate and asked him to form a new government.
Parliament members voted to back Mikati, the candidate Hezbollah had proposed as a prime minister. Hezbollah, which enjoys the overwhelming backing of the country's Shia Muslims, has a parliamentary faction as well as a powerful military wing.

Lebanon calm after 'day of rage'


Close to 99 per cent of those who cast their ballots in south Sudan's referendum voted in favour of secession from the north, a referendum official has said. The figure did not include voters in north Sudan and other countries, a small proportion of the electorate. Final results from the January 9-15 referendum are expected early next month.

South Sudan voters chose succession

Sudanese police have beaten and arrested students as protests broke out throughout Khartoum demanding the government resign, inspired by a popular uprising in neighbouring Egypt. Police beat students with batons as they chanted anti-government slogans such as "we are ready to die for Sudan" and "revolution, revolution until victory".

Sudan police clash with protesters

Sudanese police have beaten and arrested students as protests broke out throughout Khartoum demanding the government resign, inspired by a popular uprising in neighbouring Egypt. Police beat students with batons as they chanted anti-government slogans such as "we are ready to die for Sudan" and "revolution, revolution until victory".

Sudan police clash with protesters


Tens of thousands of people in Yemen have taken to the streets in the country's capital, calling for an end to the government of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president.
Inspired by recent events in Tunisia and Egypt, opposition members and youth activists rallied at four different locations in Sanaa on Thursday, chanting for Saleh, who has been in power for 32 years, to step down.
"Enough being in power for [over] 30 years," protesters shouted during the demonstrations.

Anti government rallies hit Yemen

Dozens of activists calling for the ouster of Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen's president, have clashed with government supporters in Sanaa, the country's capital.
Plainclothes police also attacked the demonstrators, who marched to the Egyptian embassy in Sanaa on Saturday chanting "Ali, leave leave" and "Tunisia left, Egypt after it and Yemen in the coming future".
The chants were referring to the ouster of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia early this month and to continuing demonstrations against Hosni Mubarak, the president of Egypt.

Protests erupt in Yemen

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:01 AM
What is the Muslim Brotherhood exactly?

The NWO is losing control, at best they'll replace the puppet with another puppet, but Egypt is just the beginning, expect the MSM to ignore the other riots going on nearby. They wouldn't want to show a rippling effect.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:04 AM


Thousands of people in Jordan have taken to the streets in protests, demanding the country's prime minister step down, and the government curb rising prices, inflation and unemployment.
Members of the Islamic Action Front, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood and Jordan's largest opposition party, swelled the ranks of the demonstrators, massing outside the al-Husseini mosque in Amman and filling the downtown streets with their prayer lines.

Thousands protest in Jordan

There is also the possibility of Algeria and Syria going the same way too, infact there have been unconfirmed reports that Syria has attempted to switch off it's internet on Twitter today, wether these reports are true I don't know.

Like Egypt, Syria has been ruled for decades by a single party, with a security service that maintains an iron grip on its citizens. Both countries have been struggling to reform economies stifled for generations by central control in an effort to curb unemployment among a ballooning youth demographic.
Could the domino effect that spread from the streets of Tunis to Cairo soon hit Damascus?

The Syrians are watching

Now it is time to start putting all this together and more, I would firstly like to talk about The Muslim Brotherhood...

The Muslim Brotherhood

A little background information on the Muslim Brotherhood, Also known as The Society of the Muslim Brothers, it is the largest and the oldest Islamic political group in existence today and was founded in 1928 in Egypt. Please take a look at the wiki page here for more information.

The Brotherhood is financed by contributions from its members, who are required to allocate a portion of their income to the movement. Some of these contributions are from members who live in oil-rich countries.

Here you can find their official website in English

Who was The Muslim Brotherhood founded by? It was founded by a man called Hassan al-Banna and the group was banned in Egypt in December 1948 by the prime minister of the time, Mahmoud an-Nukrashi Pasha, as it was rumoured that group were attempting to stage a coup in the country less than 3 weeks after banning the group in Egypt he was infact Assassinated by a brotherhood member, which in turn caused the retaliatory assassination of The Muslim Brotherhoods founder, Hassan al-Banna.
The Muslim Brotherhood is currently being led by a man called Mohhamed Badie

There is little information about him on Wikipedia, but what can be learnt from the information presented is that The Muslim Brotherhood has been persecuted ever since their "rumoured" attempted coup in 1948-1949, they have just cause to want to spread their message now and to take advantage of the current situation in North Africa and the Middle East.
Who funds The Muslim Brotherhood? Well according to Wikipedia, its members do and that includes some VERY rich contributors who live in "oil rich countries", I am assuming a possible Saudi funding connection here.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:08 AM

George Soros's and the Soros "Open" Society Institute.

This is where things really start to get interesting and all the pieces begin to fall into place, for those who don't know who George Soros is here is some background information.

George Soros (Hungarian: Soros György; pronounced /ˈsɔroʊs/ or /ˈsɔrəs/,[2] Hungarian: [ˈʃoroʃ]; born August 12, 1930, as Schwartz György) is a Hungarian-American financier, businessman and notable philanthropist focused on supporting liberal ideals and causes.[3] He became known as "the Man Who Broke the Bank of England" after he made a reported $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crises.[4][5] Soros correctly anticipated that the British government would have to devalue the pound sterling.[6]
Soros is Chairman of the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Institute and a former member of the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations. He played a significant role in the peaceful transition from communism to capitalism in Hungary (1984–89)[5] and provided Europe's largest-ever higher education endowment to Central European University in Budapest.[7] Later, the Open Society Institute's programs in Georgia were considered by Russian and Western observers to have been crucial in the success of the Rose Revolution.

What can we see about George Soros from his past, well we can see that he profited by a reported $1 billion in 1992 when the black Wednesday currency crisis hit the UK, we can also see that he is on the board of directors with the Council on Foreign Relations, he has been convicted of insider trading and that he has a history of funding "transitions" and "revolutions" around the world.
Let's start with the Rose Revolution, and you will see that there is a common theme in the revolutions that he funds, they all have colours in the title and follow a very similar modus operandi.

]The "Revolution of Roses" (often translated into English as the Rose Revolution) was a change of power in Georgia in November 2003, which took place after widespread protests over the disputed parliamentary elections. As a result, President Eduard Shevardnadze was forced to resign on November 23, 2003.

Now we shall take a look at the Soros Open Society Institute who actively fund these revolutions across the world.

This time it is Tunisia. All of these “revolts” followed the same pattern. Already the Tunisian revolt is being called a “color revolution” by media and political pundits, and it has also been provided with a name; the “Jasmine Revolution,”[2] like the abortive “Green” and “Saffron” Revolutions, and the successful Velvet, Rose, Orange, and Tulip Revolutions, etc.
These “color revolutions” all have a common pattern because they are all planned by the same strategists; namely the Open Society network of money speculator George Soros, who serves as a kind of modern-day Jacob Schiff in funding revolutions. revolt-another-sorosned-jack-up/

Sixties radical Drummond Pike founded the shadowy Tides Foundation which is suspected of being a major funding conduit for the nation’s preeminent funder of radical causes, George Soros.
The Tides Foundation is a pass-through entity. Wealthy left-wingers give the charity money, take the tax deduction, and then tell Tides which causes to give their money to. The money is then given in the name of Tides and the real donor’s name is withheld. This level of secrecy has prompted critics of Tides to call it a money-laundering operation.
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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:09 AM
To conclude why would a wealthy capitalist philanthropist like George Soros be funding revolutions all over the world? To destabilise the former governments and then to usher in new one’s and all under the guise of a “people’s” revolution.
The truth being what is happening now in North Africa and the Middle East is not a genuine revolution by the people, one the face of it is, they are being used as pawns to destabilise the governments in region so that new “pro Islamic” Muslim brotherhood governments can be formed in order to create an Islamic revival and to form the next big “enemy” for the west.
Seeds have been sown in order to develop a bigger idea that has taken root.
George Soros and the illuminati are actively funding BOTH sides, the west and the east so that they can stimulate a 3rd world war and usher in their New World Order.

I would like to thank Boondock-Saint for pointing me in the right direction and I would like to give him credit for the links between George Soros and the current “revolutions”.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:21 AM
It sadly looks to be the start of WW III.. Edgar Cayce's prophecy: 'Cayce also predicted the possibility of a third world war. He spoke of strifes arising near the Davis Straits, and in Libya, and in Egypt, in Ankara, and in Syria; through the straits around those areas above Australia, in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf."'

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:22 AM
Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 4:37 PM
subject: information on huge sums leaving Egypt
4:37 PM (23 minutes ago)

Hi Max, Stacy,

I used to work with Greg Palast he can vouch for me.

I’ve been given this information with a view to getting it out on the internet so that people can use it as the basis for further research. The source of the information is based in Egypt and understandably they want to remain anonymous. Mainstream media outlets have been approached but cannot take up the story because the source insists on remaining anonymous and refuses an interview in which their voice/image is distorted or hidden. I’m approaching you because you are not constrained in the same way as the mainstream media.

My contact details are at the end of this email.

Information is as follows:

$10 billion of the Mubarak’s money has been transferred to Switzerland and France.

Walid Shash and Omar Tantawy are chief handlers of Mubaraks’ loot for transfer to Switzerland and France.

The transfers have been taking place for the last 7 years and have intensified during the last 3.

Farouk el Okda, governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, facilitated transfer of gold for Mubarak to foreign banks.

Alaa Mubarak close friend Hisham Hassan has been imposed on the boards of companies by regime.

Alaa Mubarak’s father in law has been imposed by the regime on companies and has ‘won’ many IT company bids.

Rashid Rashid has strong links with Alaa Mubarak’s friends.

Kind regards, Oliver Shykles

source peace

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:23 AM
reply to post by Resentedhalo08

NWO wants islamists in power around israel and when israel is ready to k0 them all in one big swoop like the 6 day war, than it's GAMEOVER and a greater israel from Nile-Eupharates will be finally formed as a result of WW3.Israel will finally become the new super power and the new financial centre which would explain where all the wealth went espicially during the recent recession.

The revival of babylon and the solomon temple is the ultimate goal.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:24 AM

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:47 AM
Thank you for your replies so far...

Please Star and Flag this thread as I think that it is something very important and something that the wider audience here at ATS need to see

It does appear that the illuminati are seeding these revolutions and that Saudi illuminati members are funding The Muslim Brotherhood, there is a concerted effort to change the status quo in the Middle East and to create an Islamic revival and to create a renewed vigour there, IMO there will be some growing tensions and this will trigger either the West or the Islamic East to strike first.

World War 3 is a very distinct possibility, I don't know how long it will take as it could be days, months or years but it does appear that there is a game being played by the illuminati and they will be funding and manipulating both sides.

I should imagine that the mass of The Muslim Brotherhood will not have a clue that they are being manipulated, entire countries will be used as pawns and it will appear that there are two opposing sides, on a face value level there is, but this is all an illusion by the illuminati so that they can carry on with their agenda.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 10:54 AM
George Soros is an impressive human. Is he trying to take over the world, or does he just find pleasure in influencing it? Because either way, he makes money, just that in the latter case he acquires less responsibility which sounds ideal. I wonder why this "muslim revolution" is happening so fast. What is the purpose? Is it really to reinstate an Islamic Government or something of that nature? To me it seems this is less about religion and more about society. It just so happens that these nations consist and have been through out time a home for Islam and Muslims. So maybe yes, the Muslim Bro's and Co. are trying to influnce it and support it in various ways because they are fundamentalists and see these uprisings in the Middle East as the gateway to reviving Islam, but throwing out the Muslim Bro's and Co from the picture, all that I see is a genuine peoples revolution with external forces trying to influence the process and the outcome to their own advantage, rather than allowing the people to have the freedom to shape their own nation to their own whims. Im sure Soros has some interest and maybe shared some amount of cause, but I sincerely doubt that he is the cause. Same goes for anyone else anybody tries to instigate as the cause. Organizations like Tide and Muslim Bro's are seeing the potential of this revolution and since they have the most influence in the world they are trying to focus it all into these demonstrations and revolutions in order to obtain the social platform they need to get bigger and garner more influence. Nothing too unusual. Obviously there are larger geopolitical ramifications and quite possibly there are other nations who also share some part of the cause, but I just don't see it. This is a new age with new ideas and an evolving consciousness. Notice we always hear about how the youth are leading the revolutions and demonstrations...the students and all. Well if we take in what we know about the social effects of globalisation, its no wonder that there is so much social upheaval taking place around the world. Everyone wants to live that image of a fantastic, fulfilled, happy life that the Western world embodies, and now that people, especially the youth who are a product of globalization can literally see and experience the possibilities and the potential and have the motivation and the resources to live the life they imagine or watch on TV which appears so full of irresponsibility and freedom and joy, they are ready to fight whoever stands in their way of obtaining it, even if it is the leader of their nation and the rest of the figureheads and political/social/religious powers in the world, because they have the right to and are free to do so and are just now realizing that politicians and militaries are just people. I think we are witnessing a genuine resurgence of the natural law in the Middle East, where the people are fighting more for their rights as modern living individuals and less for anything else.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 11:06 AM
reply to post by asperetty

Have you read the entire thread and the links?

The Soros Open Society Institute have been funding projects that teach students and other people how to create a revolution in their respective countries for years, this is most likely what has happened in Tunisia and it certainly seems to be the case considering the amount of investment they are making there in the areas which concern this very issue.

They have funded and trained the students who started the initial Tunisian revolutions, this appears to be a "peoples" revolution and on face value that is what it is, but this is just the smokescreen of what's going on here, the people involved are being USED as pawns in order to attain a goal.

People power in these revolutions is an illusion, yes they have the power to change the government, but my bets are on the new govenments being, "pro islamic" muslim brotherhood orientated/affiliated.

Wake up my friend.

People are getting sucked into this "peoples" revolution propaganda and they are believing that it is a good thing and that it means change and that the NWO are losing power, which is FAR from the truth.
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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 11:25 AM

George Soros: 5 Step Plan
1 - Form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as cover.

2 - Control the airwaves. Fund existing radio and TV outlets and take control over them.

3 - Destabilize the state, weaken the government and build an anti-government kind of feeling in this country.

4 - You provoke an election crisis. You wait for an election. And during the election, you cry voter fraud.

5 - Take power. You stage massive demonstrations, civil disobedience, sit-ins, general strike, you encourage activism. You promote voter fraud and tell followers what to do through your radio and television stations.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 12:10 PM

Egyptian Protesters have called for a massive demonstration and a rolling general strike on Tuesday in a bid to force out president Hosni Mubarak from power.

Our producer in Egypt reports on the latest developments

The so-called April 6 Movement said it plans to have more than one million people on the streets of the capital Cairo, as anti-government sentiment reaches a fever pitch.

Egypt potesters increase pressure

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 01:25 PM
Does anyone else have any comments to make here?

Come on this is something big here, there must be others here who have something to add to this.

More digging needs to be done and I am very sure that the rabbit hole will get deeper the more we here at ATS dig, the implications of what is outlined in this thread are potentially world changing.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 01:33 PM
You mentioned Tunisia earlier so I will submit something I read concerning that a few weeks ago.

These “color revolutions” all have a common pattern because they are all planned by the same strategists; namely the Open Society network of money speculator George Soros, who serves as a kind of modern-day Jacob Schiff in funding revolutions;[3] and the National Endowment for Democracy, the latter a post-Trotskyite founded, Congressionally-funded kind of “Comintern” promoting the “world democratic revolution” in the service of plutocracy and under the façade of liberty. Here is a typical scenario of “color revolutions.” Check it off against the features of the “Jasmine Revolution,” and of the funding by the National Endowment for Democracy to “Tunisian activists,” as described further on:

Click on link for full article, I only provided a snippet of the 2nd paragraph.

Sorry didn't see you already included it!!!
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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by jaynkeel

Thank you for your input,

I have actually included that link in the OP, it is nestled there among others but it is indeed there...

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 01:48 PM
I found this ...Our message to the protest movement:

Actual decisions are taken in Washington DC, at the US State Department, at the Pentagon, at Langley, headquarters of the CIA. at H Street NW, the headquarters of the World Bank and the IMF.

The relationship of "the dictator" to foreign interests must be addressed. Unseat the political puppets but do not forget to target the "real dictators".

The protest movement should focus on the real seat of political authority; it should target (in a peaceful, orderly and nonviolent fashion) the US embassy, the delegation of the European Union, the national missions of the IMF and the World Bank.


posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by Resentedhalo08

Good work Resentedhalo! And thanks to Boondock-saint also!

This is an Epic moment in history!

We have a major game changer here.

While it may appear at first glance to have been spontaneous, those who study war can tell you
that the day of the invasion represents months, and most often years of planning. So it is here.

I have a few items to throw in here supporting this theory.

I find it curious also the guy Soros has on his Corporation Board ElBaradei, who is
recently named as the chosen leader of The Muslim Brotherhood in an oppostition force in Egypt.
Hes a former UN watchdog, little known in Egypt. So where did he come from?

The Muslim Brotherhood,

against the regime, the opposition groups - of which there are at least ten - are just as hamstrung by their failure to produce a leader able to stand up and challenge the president. For lack of any representative figure, they picked the retired nuclear watchdog director Dr. Mohamed ElBaradi to speak for them in negotiations over the transfer of power. Hardly anyone in Egypt knows him: He is better known outside the country having spent many years abroad.

Yet, at the same time, ElBaradei sits on the board of a Soros/Brzezinski foundation.

Go to the George Soros/Zbigniew Brzezinski Crisis Groups Website and you will see that the Egyptian clashes have hit surprisingly close to home for them. That's because none other than their own Mohamed ElBaradei, sitting on their board of trustees, is the self-proclaimed leader of the unrest unfolding across the streets of Cairo. The International Crisis Group's recent condemnation of ElBaradei's detention and admission of his membership amongst "the Group" is accompanied by calls for the government to stop using violence against the protesters.

And then consider that The Muslim Brotherhood found to be connected to CAIR, and CAIR was
caught by the FBI - basically accused of money laundering with The Muslim Brotherhood.

There was a big stink about it around election 2008, as The Obama Election Fund was found to have been a recipeient of contributions connected to CAIR, and The Muslim Brotherhood.

And then, we have The Mulsim Brotherhood meeting with Obama.
'Obama met Muslim Brotherhood members in U.S.'

U.S. President Barack Obama met with members of Egypt's Islamist opposition movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, earlier this year, according to a report in Thursday editions of the Egyptian daily newspaper Almasry Alyoum.

The newspaper reported that Obama met the group's members, who reside in the U.S. and Europe, in Washington two months ago.

Yes, its a deep rabbit hole, and I have dived in. I will add more later.

Thanks, bts~
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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 01:56 PM
This is a different take ..

Who's Behind The Uprising In Egypt?

Rude Awakening!

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

January 31, 2010 "Information Clearing House" -- Eyes fixed on Egypt, the consensus is that we are witnessing a global awakening. Mesmerized by the crowds, mainstream media reports, and 'pundits' analysis, we have abandoned our ability to think critically -- we fail to ask the right question: Why is the mainstream media in the U.S., the propaganda apparatus of the State and interest groups, condemning the Egyptian leader -- America and Israel's most subservient ally?

Clearly, we no longer suffer from short term memory in this country -- we suffer from a total loss of memory.

We tend to forget that well over a year ago, political actors in America and allied nations had full knowledge that Egypt's Hosni Mubarak was terminally ill. Certain that his reign was coming to a close, they devised a plan to compensate the inevitable loss of Mubarak's unconditional support. A plan was put into motion to assist orchestrate an uprising which would benefit their interests. The idea was to support the uprising so that an ally could be placed in Egypt without raising suspicion. Not only would America be seen as a benevolent force acting in good faith, contrary to its hypocritical policies, but perhaps more importantly for the decision makers, Israel's interests would be served - again - at the expense of the Arab world.


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