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I am suing Citimortgage.....follow along as I hang these bastards.

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posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 09:57 PM
The reason why the bank won't typically accept payments is because they have already started the foreclosure process. Once they do so, if they were to accept a payment, they would have to stop the foreclosure process. If you didn't make the next month's payment, they would have to start the foreclosure process all over again. The banks figure it doesn't make sense to play these costly games with borrowers that make payments only when they are threatened with foreclosure, only to stop making payments once the foreclosure process is stopped.

Secondly, while there is complete craziness surrounding how these mortgages were sold and passed from one mortgage lender to another, ultimately, at the end of the day, someone stroked a check at closing for the purchase of the house. That house today might be only worth a third to a half of what it was worth 5 years ago when the closing took place. Whomever holds the mortgage paper today is now holding an asset - real estate - on their books for a fraction of what they paid for it.

Thirdly, the banks got totally screwed over by corrupt mortgage brokers and borrowers. Mortgage fraud was rampant, especially by sub-prime borrowers. You can call that the bank's fault for being so naive, but a criminal that lies to a bank on a mortgage application is still a criminal any way you look at it.

For all of the anger directed at the banks, take a look in the mirror, Mr. American Consumer. You certainly didn't complain when credit was loosey-goosey, or when you lied about your inflated income on your mortgage loan application, or when you refused to put 20% down like every other conventional mortgage in the past 100 years, or when you were riding the speculative "house flipping" frenzy. You didn't complain when the politicians kept selling to the American public that "everyone deserves to own a house in America". Where were you then?

Don't blame the banks for your own vicious thievery and greed. You gambled that your house would appreciate in value, and you lost that bet. Don't blame the banks. Look in the mirror.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by jwb48

Please, please watch this simple 4 MINUTE VIDEO so you all understand why the banks do these kind of things. You won't believe your ears. I am a realty business and couldn't believe what shown in this video until I research the information. They are scum sucking $%&^%^& and don't want you to know this information - so they can keep on foreclosing on our homes. Like I said - please - someone watch this video and you will see why it is happening.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by Dukesy

I embedded it for you.

This is insane.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 10:07 PM
Your video is junk. First, the FDIC is not funded by taxpayer dollars. It is funded by annual bank assessments, and the emergency Line of Credit with the Treasury has never been used - Ever. That's your first red warning flag that these clowns don't know what they are talking about.

Secondly, the case scenario presented in your bogus video is complete bunk. Each loan scenario is completely different, depending on the appraised value of the house, the amount owed on the mortgage, whether the property can be easily resold or not, etc. The video is completely erroneous, misleading, and false. Ridiculous. Check your facts.

Thirdly, each loss share agreement that the FDIC has with the acquiring bank is different. You would have to show proof and evidence in the form of the actual loss-share agreement to determine the amount that the FDIC would cover in the event of a loss by the acquiring bank for any particular loan scenario. And, again, each loan scenario is completely different. Some loans can be rehabilitated, some cannot.

You should be thanking the FDIC for stepping in to a failed bank and keeping depositors whole. If it weren't for the FDIC, most depositors would lose their life savings when their local community bank fails due to over-eager lending in a hyped real estate market.
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posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 10:16 PM
Congress was looking at it's future and saw there was NO way to fund Social Security with +70 million baby boomers needing it.

So in 2002 they changed our Bankruptcy Law so nobody can wipe away all their debt anymore. Then the silly amounts of credit came.

All this was orchestrated to pull very large numbers out of thin air so Congress can fund having a Federal Government/Military/ and Fund Social Security.

Lots of evil going on but Congress figured it's better than what would have happened if they stopped Social Security and +70 million old people went ballistic.

Problem is their plan failed. This country is going to go ballistic soon. They did more harm than good. The ones in the know robbed us blind and put their robbery wealth in foreign countries...they know we're going down.

This was all orchestrated long ago. The Baby Boomers destroyed America and had no qualms with what they did to the Generations below them.
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posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 10:23 PM

This link was previously posted on page 2 which includes the quote, "credit default swaps were used to guarantee MBS a safe bet according to the best available models. Why? Because most homeowners pay off their home loans with the certainty of an ATM."

There is much good information here otherwise but this is what "they" want you to believe that they actually thought these were safe low risk transactions. Yah, thats why Paulson was handpicking the mortgages to put into the CDSs he wanted to buy for his hedge fund. Its not hard to do the math when you buy a CDS with a bunch of sub prime mortgages included and get paid 100 times the value of the mortages once they start defaulting. Lets not forget that anyone who has bought a home knows that if you dont have 20% down you have to pay PMI assuming you dont get a second trust. Guess what, PMI will not issue insurance on any subprime loan. Why? Clearly its a bad credit risk for them and they refuse to insure them so for anyone to tell you their models for subprime CDS showed them to be safe is either not very smart or just plain dishonest.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 10:36 PM
i had a citibank credit card the f***ers would send me my bill 3 days before it was dus. then even tho i put the payment in the mail on time they still had the audacity to whack me a $35 late fee even tho it was postmarked before the due date.i called and complained after a few months of this and was told if it isn't in their hands by the due date they charge a fee.i explained to them that it is not my fault you have to look at the postmark and what if the post office screwed up? they said they didn't care so i just paid it off with a nasty letter to after that and the bailots i refuse to use banks
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posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 10:48 PM
It sounds like through your own fault you got into arrears...correct? Now you have been trying to correct it?

Well you made the mistake of getting into arrears which is against most loan contracts or mortgage contracts and therefore gives you no leg to stand on no matter how much you have tried to rectify the situ.

At the end of the day the simple answer is pay your bills on time no matter what - then make waves.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by bloodgame

TOTALLY WRONG, look up HAMP. It's a government program that will help keep you in your home. PLEASE reseach HAMP before you listen to this.

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 12:34 AM
I would burn my house down before the bank got it.

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 03:45 AM
S&F @ the OP

I hope tell y0ur st0ry t0 the media if you succeed or not, or the few real news agencies that are not controlled by these elite pigs. The rape and pillaging of the good people of this country must be exposed and they fear being exposed above all next to losing power and control. The snake heads "Bankers" cant pull this crap forever, it really is sad how many lives they have destroyed for mere money and money they have no use for since they all ready have absurd amounts of wealth. There seems to be something beyond greed here as if a common hatred for the little guy makes me wonder if these people are actually human at all.

My sister works for Big Bankers fror another chain and tells me what is said behind closed doors, these people really do not care for us very much but why? They would have nothing wit out the blue collar guy, I also work for a contractor that sells insurance for Citibank and am aware of how they manipulate the client in the language basically lie. Im not in a position to change careers but hate the idea that im on citibanks pay roll so to speak.Yes they lie to you, so caring about YOU is the last thing they have in mind. They want everything and the sun.

Gods Speed

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posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 05:10 AM
Crazy thing happened to me with Citimortgage.
My home that was foreclosed on was built on three lots, basically the front yard is one lot, the back yard is another lot, and the home is built on the middle lot. Apparently when I obtained the mortgage from Citi the bank only put security on the home and the lot it was built on, not the other two. So I still own the front and back yard of the house. Funny thing about the two "lots" I still own is the well for the home is now on my lot in the front yard, and the septic tank is on my lot in the back yard. There is not enough room to dig a well and septic on the middle lot so the home is now worthless. Unless someone wanted to buy my two lots

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 06:17 AM
They'll likely be 'out of bid-ness' soon enough as any legal judgement incurred against a paper dragon.
Don't count your eggs before they see the Light.

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posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 07:04 AM
I hope you have luck.

A friend of mine had his mortgage company sell his mortgage and never tell him about it.

This happened about a month after he got his yearly payment book.

The old mortgage company gave the new one the wrong address so the new mortgage company never contacted him(sent his new payment book and everything else to the wrong address) and never sent him a new payment book. He kept making payment to his old mortgage company not knowing anything was wrong.

After 9 months the new mortgage company foreclosed and the sheriff evicted him and when the sheriff showed up with the eviction order was the first time he knew anything was wrong.

Plus his old mortgage company (Countrywide)took over 2 years to return the money he had payed them after they sold the mortgage.(after BOA took over he finely got the 9 months payments back)

In all he lost all the equity he had in the home over 15 years had to find a place to live and had to pay moving and storage cost till he found a new place.

And all this happened in Nov 2007 before the foreclosure crisis. and his lawyer still has not got a court date as both the mortgage companies lawyers keep getting delays and the earliest now is maybe late next year just to get into court to start the process.
Plus Countrywide was the company that sold the mortgage and BOA(that took over countrywide) can not find many of the mortgage papers and this is why the court dates keep being put off.

My friend does not even hope to get into court next year as the mortgage companies will likely put it off again.

If you are lucky maybe your case will get into court in about 10 years after all the older cases caused by the mortgage foreclosure crisis before you get heard.

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 08:36 AM

Originally posted by jwb48
reply to post by lostviking

Some people are missing the point. The banking industry by it's very nature is corrupt. All financial institutions in America are part of the FEDERAL RESERVE CORP. which was corrupt from it's very creation 97 years ago. The goal was to enslave an entire country without firing a shot. They succeeded. If you look around you'll realize the banks own the entire country. The government is 14 trillion dollars in debt to the FED. They could change that with the stroke of a pen by repealing the Federal Reserve Act. They have the option of buying out the Fed for $450,000,000. No one should be surprised by the way the banks act. Money is their god. Simple as that.

Don't mean to get off topic here, but you are correct. With the stroke of the pen on a blank "money order", it would all be solved. You see, the Elite have stolen OUR gold, silver, coal, oil, trees, land and various other resources that belong to ALL the people of this nation and the world. Our forefathers knew the plan of the central bank, that is why it was rejected often, but not often enough. And our great grandparents and grandparents were decieved and duped and distracted by the Elites wars and manipulation of the fraudulently created "government" organizations and the "stock market". None of us should be paying taxes. It is the privilege of a corporation to exist that makes them liable for taxes. This is one of the checks and balances, if you don't want to pay half of your companies profit to taxes, then don't go into business. This is how the rich get richer, they dupe us into paying taxes so they don't have tpo, they pocket the wealth while the honest good people suffer. This is why I put a stop to it and everyone else should do the same.

If only people would shut off the television and do some reading.

The Promissory Note To Pay Our Debts

HJR-192 of June 5, 1933 is the promissory note (the promise of Abraham) the
government issued to balance the exchange to credit the people. The Promissory note is on
the debit side of the United States Governments ledger, which was a debited from their
credit, created by the Executive Order of April 5, 1933 when they took the gold out of
circulation. Public Policy is rooted in HJR-192 and is Grace that creates our exemption.
This is your temporal saving grace. Under grace, the law falls away to create a more perfect
contract. Public Policy removed the people's liability to make all payments by making a
contract null if it required the payment to be in substance, because the people didn't have
any money to pay with. All that must be done now is to discharge the liability. Pay and
discharge are similar words but the principles are as different as Old and New Testaments.
The word "pay" is equated with gold and silver, or something of substance like a first-born
lamb, which requires tangible work to be invested in it to remove the liability because an
execution must occur. The word "Discharge" is equated with paper, or even more basic,
simple credits and debits, that exist on paper only, like the slate held by the agents/angels
of heaven that get swiped clean. You cannot pay a bill with a bill and you cannot pay a debt
with a debt. What HJR-192 did was, remove the liability of an obligor (someone obligated to
pay a debt) by making it against Public Policy to pay debts. All that needs to be done now is
discharge the debit with an appropriate credit "dollar for dollar." Debt must be discharged
dollar for dollar in the same sense, as sin was discharged on the Cross. The moment a debt
exists, it must be written off. The catch is, we can't write off the debt because we are not in
possession of the account in deficit; our fiduciary agent is in possession of the account so
we must provide him with the tax return (by the return of the original offer) so the fiduciary
can discharge the liability through their internal revenue service (the bookkeeper). Most feel
that when the money was taken out of society, the people became the slaves, this is not
true, the people were freed from every obligation that society could create thus freeing the
people from any obligation which they may incur simply because we cannot pay a debt. Ask
yourself the question, What are you charging me with? And how do you expect Me to pay?
Simply said, there is no money, plain and simple for me to make the payment with and on
top of that, if I were to pay, who is paying Me to pay that guy and who's paying that guy and
so on... Public Policy is the supercedious bond because it limits our liability to pay. It is the
more perfect contract because it operates on grace to pay our debts after we have done all
that we can. We go as far as we can to fulfill the obligation (acceptance and tax return) and
after we have done all we can, mercy and grace kick in being our exemption to make the
payment. Grace creates our exemption in the industrial society so long as we accept the

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 08:42 AM
reply to post by ANNED

What is a mortgage?

It is a promissory note to pay back a loan created by fraud, the house is used as collateral. The definition of a "closing" is all business transactions are complete, the deal is done, the home is yours, completely. It is this promissory note that is bought and sold. But it was derived from a fraudulent act and that sould be the arguement if there is one at all.

When there is a "foreclosure sale", they are not selling the home or auctioning IT off, they are auctioning and selling the promissory note. Whoever wins the bid takes responsibility for paying back the promise to pay. Your home is nota part of that as it was yours after the closing. So demand that the party that bought your note to prove they OWN anything other than a fraudulent document that YOU were decieved into signing. It is null and void....Nunc Pro Tunc in latin and has no legal weight or stance. It is not a legal claim as it was obtained by fraud which is an illegal act. It is an involved process to prove this but actually very simple.

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 09:55 AM
I have stopped numerous foreclosures and have implemented the Mortgage Audit Ideology to numerous of judges nation wide.

A forensic audit is an examination of an organization's or individual's economic affairs, resulting in a report designed especially for use in a court of law. A forensic audit is similar to the tax audits performed by the IRS; both strive to establish a comprehensive picture of an entity's finances (assets, liabilities, total income, cash flow)

To use a hypothetical example, if an auditor sees that a business grosses $10 million a year, he assumes that the profits, cash, new capital, inventories, taxes, payroll, rent and other costs add up to $10 million.

He then looks at the profits, cash, et al. and checks how they ought to interact (e.g. in some cases, there is an systemic overlap between certain values, which the accountant would make note of so as not overcount). Once he had collected all of the reported values (as well as caveats), he would establish an ideal model for how the each side of the balance sheet should read.

HOEPA, TILA understated only, RESPA, STATE & LOCAL Predatory State Regulations,

If your are not familiar with an audit, HOEPA, TILA understated & overstated, RESPA, STATE & LOCAL Predatory State Regs, Exceptions and investor Custom, and a Manual Forensic Loan Audit with supporting documentation.

My company (armed with an attorney staff) is to utilize this report as part of the mitigation support of the violations and variances shown in both reports, that will have differences between a basic and an extensive report since one is a compliance based and the other is a compliance and forensic audit integrated as one reports.

This report is also recommended for consumers intending or in the process of mitigation with their loan company.

May I also implement the fact that my organization verifies the note with the documented title holding company which 95% of the time is no longer within file however the most legal outcome has been a 30% principal reduction but CANNOT REMOVE LIEN of the Deed on the real estate.

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 10:35 AM
I, for one, am tired of the FIAT money system. I believe, although it would cause a depression for a while, that we ought to go back onto the gold standard. I also believe that the mortgage "Crisis" and everyother "crisis" is based on greed.. Money that seems to always come from the "middle class"

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 10:43 AM

I know about this all first hand.

10 years ago I saved enough money to buy my own farm. I got a loan from farm credit and paid my payment
to them for 5 years.

During that time I improved the property which was let go for many years by the previous owner. I beleive the farm was bought by him with CIA/contra drug money...he was CIA. I wont name his name.

Anyway during this time I bout 2 adjoning lots a 10 and a 9 acre lot and sold off one leaving the other owned by me free and clear...value was about 400k. This area is high rent district with good jobs.

Now I needed to buy a house in 2005 as I needed a place to live, farm did not have a house on it as of yet.

In 2006 I was on the way to settlement on the sale of my farm when the buyer backed out...1.6 million gone.

So, I then started the subdivision process hoping to force a buy of my rights by the county so I could put the farm in preservation forever. It never happened and the subdivision process went on. All the while the local bank new my status as I had to give them updates. In 2006 my ex-girlfriend and myself parted ways and her and her parents wanted to buy the 10 acre lot that adjoins me. I sold it to them and continued on with my subdivision.
No one thought I would receive approval as I had to cross a wetland to make a road. I did receive approval and a
jusirdictional determination from the corp of engineers paving the way to final approval. I received final approval and was within 90 days of going to settlement on 1.2 million in 3 lots. Once I received approval the ex file a lis pendens on me tying me up in court for 1.5 years and stopping me from selling anything.

At the same time the bank forecloses on me while I had 40k still in their bank. That was over a year ago and tons of money toward lawyers later I am ready to lose everything. I have over 1 million in equity per the banks own recent appraisal.

The bank filed lift stay motions and even though thru discovery we showed them lots of wrong doing by the bank they wont budge. They will get the insurance money, the land back and then sell each lot and come out millions ahead.
A lifes work down the drain, my family ruined and our jobs at stake within the govt as we have security clearances.
I will be homeless soon and am really wooried. There is no winning against the elites at the bank. They have buckets of money to hire the best ivy league lawyers that are all connected to the people at the top.

I though plan on goning off the grid. The midwest is affordable and people are more down to earth than around here. I can make it there and be happy. a mcdonalds Sunday morning breakfast will be what I look forward too.

I cant fight anymore a losing battle as it takes years away from your life. I used to get by on 5 bucks a day when I was a teenager and was much happier then. I wont work to make someone else rich while I have less and less everyday. I used to beleive in the court system and this country but I have real serious questions about a lot of our instutions.


posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 12:20 PM

Originally posted by lostviking
In December of 2009 I was approved for a loan 'repayment' plan. This was NOT a trial modification, according to the paperwork, but a bona fide 'repayment' where all arrearages would be rolled into a new loan. The only criteria was that I make timely payments for three months. I made these payments as agreed, by certified mail, for all three months. After the March payment, I assumed I would continue to make the same payments, and would eventually receive paperwork with the new loan terms. Instead, my May payment came back to me, with no reason at all.

This statement appears to be very telling. After three months what happens? You can make payments whenever you want? Did you make every payment on time up till the foreclosure proceedings began? If you did, you will have all the paperwork proving you did and it should be a cut and dry case.

But two things make me wonder. You state that after three months your payment plan changed, but do not elaborate. Im not sure how that would be, my payment plans are the same thruout my entire 25 year mortgage, but i am Canadian so perhaps its diferent here. If so, please elaborate.

The second is that fact that you solicited as you say many lawyers because they turned you down. Laywers are notoriously greedy and tend to take anything they believe they can win. Perhaps there is a reason they turned you away.

Be honest, were ALL you payments made on time?

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