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The Wikileaks conspiracy - A war in sheeps clothing?

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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 05:37 AM
Ok I am gonna give this a shot and go along with a larger conspiracy. Its a long post so I appologize.. It was a little difficult to try to get this layed out in somewhat of a logical order.

It is a conspiracy theory in a sense I feel there are unkown players manipulating the events we are facing. I will say this upfront, as this is not an effort to absolve the US of any wrongdoing that has been uncovered, but an attempt to connect the dots where our own actions were used against us in an effort to bring the US down. Since its a conspiracy theory connections of events have been made by me, with no real proof of connection other than a look at the over all picture, where the logic comes in.

I welcome feedback / thoughts / opinions / criticim / corrections etc.

Wikileaks History

- 2006 Founded in China by Chinses dissidents who are not known.(This amazes me)
- 2007 Julian Assange takes over wikileaks and sits on the advisory council.
- 2007 - Present - Wikileaks has collected and disseminated a massive amount of files

Private Manning Timeline
Article covering Pvt. Mannings timeline from enlistment to now

2007 - Pvt. Manning - Joined the Army.

2008 - he was assigned to Army’s Intelligence Center of Excellence at Fort Huachuca, Arizona where he received his advanced training.

2008 - Approximately 25 members of his class reported him to their Chain of command for the release of classified information. Pvt. Manning was making youtube videos for his parents where he started to talk about classified information. Pvt. Manning was reprimanded but allowed to keep his provisional Top Secret clearance (He talked about the SCIF's - Secured room where classified material is handled).

Manning was assigned to Ft. Drum up to his deployment to Forward Operating Base Hammer in Iraq in November 2009, where he served as an intelligence analyst

Wikileaks takes off with the collection and dissemination of classified information dealing in all areas

What occured between the time breaks.

Pentagon compromised

October 2008 - The Pentagon was compromised when a flashdrive was used on a secured computer in the Middle East - planted by a foreign intelligence agency that has not been named. The program linked its way to the US Central Command, where it continued to spread on both classified and non classified networks.

The latter half of 2008 is when all of the leaks started, from the climategate information, to the video where journalists were killed, In addition to the Iraq / Afghanistan files, Manning also obtained over 250k State Department files - Which were just released.

Over the course of 6 months manning downloaded and burned files to cd's containing classified information.

Here is where it gets intresting...

Manning did not have the technical abilities to pull this off according the Lamo. However, Wikileaks provided Manning with the technical assistance:

Wikileaks investigation

...[lamo]said on Friday that WikiLeaks provided Manning with technical backing so that he could send these downloaded data through specially encrypted e-mails to avoid detection , adding that, though without direct evidence proving the connection between Manning and WikiLeaks, Manning was "manipulated" by the website.

Technical backing - They had to get the encryptian software to Mr. Manning, maybe by a USB drive that contained the software along with some hidden files for datamining.

Julian Assange Background

Julian Assange started out hacking into computers in Austrailia, Canada and several universities. He was arrested and charged with 24 counts of hacking.

How smart is Assange:

Before working with the website, he was a physics and mathematics student, hacker, and computer programmer.

In the late 1980s, he was a member of a hacker group named "International Subversives," going by the pen-name "Mendax"

He has been described as thriving on intellectual battle.

Wikileaks funding

The controversial website WikiLeaks, which argues the cause of openness in leaking classified or confidential documents, has set up an elaborate global financial network to protect a big secret of its own—its funding.

In response, the site has established a complex system for collecting and disbursing its donations to obscure their origin and use, Mr. Assange said.

Its been established Pvt. Manning is involved in the first batch of releases. I am starting to wonder if that was the extent of his involvement. The information Wiki is releasing now possibly came from the Pentagon Compromise. It took the Pentagon over 2 years to investigate to determine who was at fault and how much damage was done.

My Theory:

Wikileaks is a front for the Intelligence arm of the Peoples Republic of China. This can be supported by the nameless dissidents who started it. I find it highly unlikely Chinese dissidents are going to be unknown to Chinese Internal Security services.

Assanges background would make him a perfect recruit for intelligence. He is not Chinese but Austrailian, has a criminal history specifically dealing with compuer hacking. Assange has made comments about transparency in Government, yet concentrates on the US and our information.

Couple all of the hoopla around Wikileaks and their document releases, coupled with Russia and China messing with the US economy (currency / trade / tarrifs), add a pinch of hate and voila, a "credible" way to "attack the United States" by forcing us to attack ourselves.

We are being forced to defend against an avalanche of Top Secret information. Its a brilliant move if you think about it. The only way for the US to adequately counter this info, would be to relase other classified information to support our claims, which again would be self defeating.

By using a "front" like wikileaks, there is plausible deniability by other nations that they were not involved, and Wikileaks acted on their own. Had other nations used their own intelligence services, the info never could have been released in such a public manner that Assange is able to do. Had China announced to the world they hacked the pentagon and confirmed the took documents, you are looking at a possible declaration of war. Easier to get the information from the "media" where a country can act all suprised and shocked about the contents, using that information to apply diplomatic pressure on the US, while being able to publicaly discuss it where media can do their spin with a little prodding by other governments.

Wikileaks on the other hand serves 3 purposes:

* - All the information wikileaks obtained is forwarded on to China / Russia

* - Wikileaks is able to dump all of this info onto the floor for the World to see, all under the guise of transparency and hiding behind a Media designation. Since its being done by a "Media outlet" its more palatable to the people of the world than it would be if China or Russia released the info (which would cast a grey cloud over the info, where people might question the authenticity of it). Using Wikileaks gives the appearence of impartiality in service to a moral code instead of a nation state.

* - It applies a massive amount of pressure on the US on all fronts (economic/military/diplomacy) all at the same time (which is another clue).

All the tell tale signs of a carefully planned and orchestrated operation that has been taking place over the last 5 years.

Quick review:
- We are currently Fighting 2 wars - 2001 - Present
- We have massive economic issues - 2007 - Present
- We have had a massive security breach that affects National Security / Military - 2008 - Present
- We have the release of Diplomatic Cables that will cause rifts, leading to US Isolation - 2010
- Chinas move to buy up European debt, in addition to working with Russia on dropping the US Dollar. - 2010

- Pvt. Manning, who is smart but not smat enough to do whats being suggested, was manipulated into position to be the fall guy, which will be used against the US if we were to accuse another government of being involved. Mr. Mannings has a troubled history with his involvement in the military. He was disgrunteled because of his treatment during boot camp (questions have risen over his sexual orientation), being turned in by his fellow classmates while at advanced training, in addition to issues while he was a child involving his parents.

Using these injustices, its easy to paint the US Government as the ultimate culprit because they allow it to happen and did nothing to assist Mr. Manning.

I dont think a foriegn intelligence agency on this planet could find a better person to recruit. Simple suggestions to Mr. Manning by outside sources, playing off his issues with the US Government and the Army, to assist in obtaining classified information under the story of uncovering illegal US actions in order to stop the injustice.

So while the story is wikileaks wanted to uncover illegal US actions, the second part of the setup was to obtain as much information as possible, which we are now finding out that blueprints / technical readouts to advanced system were in fact compromised.

Supporting thoughts for the above
- Game of Point - Counter Point with China over economic issues (WTO problems - Tarrifs, trade imbalance, trouble accessing Chinese markets, labor, currency manipulation).

- Game of Cat and Mouse with China over their continuing claim of territory in the South China Sea, warning other nations it is their territory. They are exerting land clims in the region and are interfering with freedom of Navigation through the area.

- Chinese irritation about the US having a presence once again in South East Asia, which China is laying claim to.

- New material wealth in Russia (gold/oil/resources) that will continue to move Russia back to status of World Power.

- Cozy relationship betwen Russia and China now, who in the last few years have held joint military excersizes which have never occured before.

- Russia reasserting their influence over former soviet republics (resecuring their borders by forcing an American Presence out).

- North Korea doing their Sharks and Jet's routine with S. Korea, which I find the timing intresting.

- The new focus of terror groups shifting from active death and destruction to death by a thousand cuts. Al Queida has learned to pull false flag operations in order to force the US Government to spend billions more that we cant afford, and recently some of their field commanders have confirmed this new tactic.

- Wikileaks will not disclose their funding list, which is unusal coming from an entity that demands transparency.

- Wikileaks refuses to name their source, and have consistently stated Manning is not the source. This might be the truth if they are using the computer program that breached the Pentagon. (Read Tom Clancy - The Bear and the Dragon - It talks about a computer program placed onto one of the ministers computers, sending info back to the US. It operates on its own, and only turns on when it detects no use of the computer so its not caught).

- Assanges unique backkground and involvement with entites who push a "moral" agenda (if it were not a moral agenda it would be hard to gather support of the people).

Taking all of these actions seperate, and it would appear as nothing more than typical World issues that come and go and where people watch for a day and move on with their lives.

However, looking back they appear to have a "coordinated" feel to it, overlapping into each other from one major crisis to the next. Done in a manner where its severe enough to cause disruptions but not fingerpointing to outside influence.

Everytime it appears the US is making headway into one area, something comes out of left field, again causing a distraction and forcing split attention.

My conclusion -
I think the United States is under attack by use of non traditional methods we are accustomed to seeing. I think China and possibly to a lesser extent Russia, have their hands in the pot and are pulling some strings in the background.

I believe Wikileaks, either knowingly or by manipulation they are not aware of, are at the forefront of this war, being used as the catalyst to set the next phase in motion.

End Result - It forces the United States, the worlds last remaining super power to wage a "unwinable war" against wikileaks. To the world we are going to be seen as Goliath to wikileaks David. We, a super power, are unable to stop a small group of computer nerds from damaging the US. This inability, looking medium term, will cause countries around the world to question whether or not they want to be affiliated with the United States or to a lesser extent remain connect but distrustful.

Fast Forwad maybe 5 years down the road. The Western powers who dominated are pitted against each other (EU is already showing signs of cracks because of money, which China is happy to lend its help to them) in such a manner that if China wanted to start operation world domination, they would not face any real opposition since the fragmentation achieved a few years earlier.

Anyways this is just one theory / thought process that I had while reading up on history.

Wikileak Investigation
Wikileak Funding
Did Bradley Manning Act Alone
Wikileak's home page
Pentagon Breach
Pvt. Manning's Youtube Incident
Wikileak Timeline
Computer Evidence linking Manning to first release
Julian Assange background
Financial Crisis in review - 2007 - 2010
Did Manning act alone
China / Russia drop Dollar on Bilateral trade
Dominance of the US Dollar challenged
New Currency to challenge US Dollar
Issues with China - US trade
Chinas trade timebomb
Chinese Claim the entire South China Sea as Sovereign Territory.
Chinese claim to Islands
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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 05:50 AM
Interesting information, thanks! I was wondering about wikileaks myself. It is just American government information it currently released right? Surely it should be releasing information of global governments. The US is no angel, but no country is. This is a very biased and one sided view of events in the world. Surely we need to see the dirt of other countries too.

I'm hoping that it will release information from other governments too.
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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 05:55 AM
From wikipedia on wikileaks

The "about" page originally read: "To the user, Wikileaks will look very much like Wikipedia. Anybody can post to it, anybody can edit it. No technical knowledge is required. Leakers can post documents anonymously and untraceably. Users can publicly discuss documents and analyze their credibility and veracity. Users can discuss interpretations and context and collaboratively formulate collective publications. Users can read and write explanatory articles on leaks along with background material and context. The political relevance of documents and their verisimilitude will be revealed by a cast of thousands."[63]

Surely this can't be true? Doesn't this mean people could make things up? What sort of implications could that have globally? And surely news sources can't quote wikileaks if this is the case?
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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:00 AM
i came to this thread to hound you for not using the search feature.

but since you've provided original content, ill abort that mission.

ill just leave with saying that there are a gazillion other threads on this same topic, all with pertinent information you may find relevant.

this is certainly not a new idea, but a very important one nonetheless.

in one of them, an ats user actually attempts submitting some potentially sensitive material to wikileaks, read that one if nothing else. the entire process (or lack thereof) is sketchy, and was largely unsuccessful

interesting Chinese spin though.
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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:01 AM

Originally posted by monkey_descendant
Interesting information, thanks! I was wondering about wikileaks myself. It is just American government information it currently released right? Surely it should be releasing information of global governments. The US is no angel, but no country is. This is a very biased and one sided view of events in the world. Surely we need to see the dirt of other countries too.

I'm hoping that it will release information from other governments too.
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The US is the lions share of the release. Assange has alluded to the fact he has Russian information as well, promting the Russians to warn assange they would not play as nice as the US. They also had a release concerning Tianemen Square incident.

Since Assange did not disclose what Russian info he had, and the information on Tianemen Square has been out there for 20 years now, to me it appears as a distraction technique. China and Russia act pissed as a misdirection technique.

Some other info was relased about Africa, but the release were limited, and to date, the US release is by far the largest and most indepth. The other incidents revolve around an actual situation that would fit a true whistle blower scenario. The US situation is completely different and goes way beyond their other releases in terms of depth and subject.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:05 AM
reply to post by Xcathdra

yeah i thought the same thing about wiki being used against us and its backers are Chinese and didn't we catch a Chinese spy a while back and Russian spy i thought that was weird seeing a how they are not our enemy at the time now they are buddy buddy which is scary to say the lest. It feels like with the cold weather returning so to is the cold war. We should have never let the Chinese trade with us right now they would be dirt poor and begging for help had we not opened trade with them. Only to have them attack us after we helped them dig them self's out of a hole.
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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:06 AM
It seems many veterans agree:
Wiki-leaked.....getting weaker.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:11 AM
reply to post by RelentlessLurker

Lol thanks for not hounding. I know there are other threads touching on this, but I have not read them. I wanted to see what types of connections I could see as this whole thing with wiki has been bugging me from the begining. I also wanted to try to see this through a different set of eyes to see if my own personal opinions were causing me to "not see the trees from standing in the middle of the forest".

A learning excersize for me, and possibly info others did not have in their threads.

Either way, thanks for the feedback.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:15 AM

Originally posted by Perseus Apex
It seems many veterans agree:
Wiki-leaked.....getting weaker.

Quite possibly the exit strategy for Wikileaks and my thoughts in this thread. I forgot to look at how wikileaks as an entity played out to the very end of the scenario. The hoopla with the US will eventually die down, and security measure will be put in place.

I would wager wikileaks will "implode" after a certain amount of time has passed in order to make it look normal. The US release is the pinnacle of their stated goal, and with all the publicity around it I am sure people are going to be less likely to try a repeat so soon.

Wikileaks goes defunct, the people fade back into the shadows and mass of people, and we are left scrathing our heads.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:16 AM
Since the offset I have said this is an attempt to isolate the US, however I am simply unsure if this is a deliberate leak to WikiLeaks from the US Administration to further isolate the American people or from an external source with the same aim...

Either way the outcome will further isolate the American people from her allies.

For my mind I add this into the series of blunders from this adminstration that seems to me aimed at setting the stage for this leak.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:33 AM
i think Julian has it out for America for the whole rape thing..........

I know i would hold a grudge against the people who accused me of rape

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:34 AM
reply to post by Xcathdra

When you lay it all out there like that it sure does make it at least look suspicious, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you're correct. I've been a bit suspicious of wikileaks since the beginning simply because there are some things that really shouldn't be released until years after the fact if only to prevent unnecessary deaths. With all of their major releases being centered on discrediting and demonizing the US, I have a lot of difficulty seeing them as impartial. If they truly were impartial they wouldn't focus solely on one country, they'd be focusing on releasing information on all countries.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:34 AM
You make some very good points but I am afraid this may be way deeper than you think. They may be sitting in China scratching their heads. Although I do love having the curtain pulled back and the mask pulled off some of our US dealings I fear this is not going to be good for anyones future. I think wiki goes after the US because we are the ones with our fingers in everyone else's pie. If the US felt that wiki was such a threat they would have been wiped out long ago. The US and it's allies are not some second rate black ops/cyber war girls softball team. Wiki is being protected from "on high" and the west is being told hands off or Jullian works for us. I would assume somewhere in negotiations with wiki there is an immunity deal for all invovled that would seem pretty standard. I do hear our US leaders ranting and raving but it is the usual hot air they spew for the media. If they thought they are being attacked the wouldn't even tell the US public. Here in the US they only tell us what they want us to know and I would say given the coverage on sunday night they now want the public to know who Wiki and Jullian are. I had at least a dozen people asked me "What is Wikileaks?"
The simple fact that Jullian is still in the open and still alive should tell you he is not the principle target and whoever is is way, way, way up the food chain...............

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:44 AM

Originally posted by thoughtsfull
Since the offset I have said this is an attempt to isolate the US, however I am simply unsure if this is a deliberate leak to WikiLeaks from the US Administration to further isolate the American people or from an external source with the same aim...

Out of curiosity, when you refer to the US Administration being behind the leak, I am assuming the implication is to once and for all lay all blame on Bush's doorstep. To me the only conclusion I come to is if the adminstration is purposely leaking these documents, the only clear intent is to destroy whats left of this country. I cannot see any other end game result using this example...


Originally posted by thoughtsfull
Either way the outcome will further isolate the American people from her allies.

This has been an ongoing occurence for some time now, going with the ebs and flows of changing political landscapes (Turkey for an example). The release of the Diplomatic Cables only speeds that process up.

Originally posted by thoughtsfull
For my mind I add this into the series of blunders from this adminstration that seems to me aimed at setting the stage for this leak.

China and Russia are the 4 columns advancing, with the US Government as the 5th column on the inside sabatoging whatever they can to make any upcoming confrontation easier to accept.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:46 AM
reply to post by Xcathdra

you bring up many interesting points.

mainly, the idea of wikileaks at its core, or at least what it claimed to be when it started, is not what we are seeing the media(and WL itself) focus on.

the world seems to be focused on assange and the wake of hype he creates wherever he goes. Where are all the smaller time leaks?wheres all the corruption at the local mcdonalds and city councils etc...? it started out seeming like a "cause" of some sort, but now its focused solely on this particular episode dealing with this particular government. it doesnt seem to me like they are very interested in their stated goals, which goes hand in hand with the ATS user unsuccessfully submitting material to them. so far all of the money they have asked for (think back to "collateral damage") has been for specific material, always dealing with the american government and the american wars. ive seen absolutely no effort on their part to cover anything else. Certainly there is other corruption in the world that needs attention? and with the hundreds of thousands of dollars they receive in donations, you'd think they would be able to pay at least 1 person in their staff to investigate something else. or help the website grow or something.

but alas, they chose to remain a mysteriously vague voice outlet to a very specific issue.

it also seems to be like they are attempting to steal the media spotlight everywhere but america. what does the rest of the world think of when they think of america in the news? the wars of course. what does wikileaks choose to cover? the wars.

to the rest of the world this is being made to look like some huge scandal by the badguy, yet here in america its being presented differently. theres very careful coverage by our media, and its being very subtly downplayed in the same manner both wars have been for the past decade. i think whatever institute that connects the media to the military industrial complex, is also involved with this alleged organization wikileaks.

there are many other noteworthy angles to this conspiracy. but those are for another time.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:48 AM
reply to post by Jenna

Yeah interpretation is one of the issues, as people will see what they want, and mke connections that others dont see. Its one of the reasons I included all the sources at the end so people had a base reference as to where my thought process was coming from.

Its just a theory, and is not intended to upset anyone.

The manner I layed it out in I guess can be questioned. To me, when looking at all of the info from back then up to know, the progression seemed natuarl. The moment one thing would end, another ssue pops up that, at a glance looks unrelated, only to find out later on they were connected in small ways.

Coincidence.. Possible sure.

I did my best t include all the info so it does not appear I am cherry picking the evidence / info.
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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:59 AM
im surprised that the "your just trying to discredit wikileaks!" mob hasnt raided this thread yet.

dont worry, they will somehow all show up at the same time and magically have 4-5 stars automatically seconds after they post.

they never failz

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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 07:05 AM
reply to post by RelentlessLurker

Interesting thoughts...

My curiosity right now revolves arounf how wikileaks came to be. I am amazed Chinese dissidents were able to pull something like this together while remaining anonymous. Chinese intelligence / security apparatus are pretty good when it comes to their own territory.

Even when they talked about Assange heading it up, it never talks about who created wiki, or how Assange was even approached / brought into this type of setup.

The relase of documents was the other issue Ihave raised in other threads. They started out with the right mindset, and somewhere along the way to a massive change in direction for no clear reason.

Plugging into a conspiracy thought process, it was almost as if wiki was doing what they claimed to be for to gain acceptance and credibility. The moment this is done, they shift gears and head in a different direction, and people go along with it because they were right in all htey have done so far.

An intriguing thought just occured.

Assuming that wiki has laterior motives, their main goal is to be credible with the population in order for their info to be accepted without too many questions.

We used this same tactic in Vietnam:

Hearts and Minds was a euphemism for a campaign by the United States military during the Vietnam War, intended to win the popular support of the Vietnamese people.

Hearts and Minds campaigns typically refer to liberal-democratic Western governments' attempts to effect regime change in a foreign state. Forces like the Provincial Reconstruction Teams and U.S. Army Civil Affairs units try to protect civilians and help them (re)build schools and infrastructure in order to pry their allegiance away from the incumbent regime or local allegiances.

I took out the citation needed since the basic premis of this application is for an example. Wikileaks is running the same play. Get the hearts and minds of the peope in the US by using Government documents against the Government itself, and do it in such a manner where the Government is unable to counter the accusations.

The people are going to see this as the "Government is hiding stuff again", further causing dissention, and now they are applying pressure on the US government by using the American People, who are the only ones who can effect "regeime change" in this country legally.

Pulling the puppet strings.....

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 07:15 AM
I just want to say that I disagree.
I've spent all night reading the cables and they make China look pretty bad.
I don't think that wikieaks ONLY posts things that are a problem for the US. These cables do not only affect the US.

I support Wikileaks. It could be that this one just is what it is.
It could be that this IS the CIA or a joint intelligence op to get information out to the public.
I've noticed over the years that there seems to be 2 CIAs- the agents in the trenches doing their best and the political arm that gets into all sorts of crap.

I keep thinking though, just personally, that it is just Julian Assange and others working under the ideas of the Hacker's Manifesto.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 09:05 AM
I'm sorry, but, did the OP not read the part where China is found guilty of hacking Google....? Why would the Chinese government leak that about themselves? Makes no sense.

And does the OP not realize that you have to keep your sources secret...? No one would leak their stuff to Wikileaks if they were just going to give away the sources, would they? This is what makes Wikileaks so trustworthy.

Then the OP says Assange has a computer hacker background. And? Wouldn't you expect that? You're not going to have some incompetent programmer running a secure website, are you?

Then the OP says they don't disclose funding. Well yeah, that would again, reveal people's identities and put them on lists (although surely the banks already know who sent the money). But still. Look at the Alex Jones moneybomb. He doesn't say who sent him money (although he just does it through PayPal, so doesn't even have a system like Wikileaks to obfuscate the sources), or even specifically where the money is going (exact products, prices, salaries etc). That is just as secretive, and less private, on Alex's part.

Wikileaks is great. You can see why some conspiracy people would try to discredit it. It is exposing a lot more conspiracies than they could dream of. Also right-wing groups like Veterans Today and Fox News are against it, because they tend to be pro-military, and would rather military secrets are not leaked.
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