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Would You Really Want Sarah Palin As Your President?

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posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 05:34 PM

Even though this interview was made more than two years ago, still very timely...

I wanted to share this with the few who have not seen it... hopefully only a few, because the questions and themes he touches simply yet eloquently, should be on the minds of any responsible citizen...

The dinosaurs... geez....

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 05:40 PM

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posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by citizenc

Yep, Matt Damon the premier political analyst for msnbc. (I know, it was CBS. same difference to me.) Manipulation at its best.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 05:47 PM
People like to vote for "popular", "charismatic" and "good looking" people. It's natural. Just like many "democratic processes" devolve into petty popularity contests. Something to note, most sociopaths are extremely charming, self-confident, and possess many qualities that we look for in the people who become our leaders. I believe we must take the fame, and fortune out of politics. Leaders should not be celebrities - they should be leaders. They should lead because they want to help out their fellow man, not because they can become rich, famous, and powerful - or star in their own Reality TV Show.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by NightFlight

In this interview, Matt Damon is a US citizen commenting on a very notorious theme in the US political climate...

Though I'll grant anybody that he is given the opportunity for the interview because he is a famous US citizen, the CONTENT of the interview (did you even listen to it??) is spot on...

Not only, I will take on the opportunity to ask others the question he asks:

How does Sarah Palin explain that she thought people and dinosaurs co-existed a few thousand years ago?

And there are too many like that... that's the scary scenario....

Think about it like this:

If she were your boss, wouldn't you think she was dumber than a goat?
Wouldn't YOU rip her to shreds every day?
Could you REALLY vote for president for someone like that??

People should expect more from their leaders, especially in the US, given its geo-political importance..

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 05:57 PM

Originally posted by graceunderpressure
Could it be that TPTB are offering Palin as the frontrunner of the moment simply because she IS so awful? Then, as the next election draws closer, their real choice for a puppet to replace her can't help but be perceived as better?

She will run so that Obama can win another term.

I'm just so glad I'm not American that's all I can say, we feel for "ya'll". Could you imagine her being President of the Untied States..?

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:03 PM

Originally posted by hiluxxulih
reply to post by somewhereisthetruth

I dont understand this raging blind hatred people have for Sarah Palin , she is a married mother of five (I think) she is self made (a feminist's prerequisite) she quit a job (millions of people have done it) she is successful , she seems nice , she has far more experience than President Obama had when he was running for President , she is attractive (voice is a little anoying though)

sure, all this stuff might be true, but none of it even remotely qualifies her as a leader of any kind. I feel she is incredibly lacking in intelligence, critical thinking skills, and the ability to solve the problems facing this country. I would just as soon vote for my own mother, who btw has a similar quirky personality, and is a wonderful and kind woman. But is also in no way qualified for higher office.

When people vote for someone because "they look like a president", "are one of the good 'ol boys", "seem nice", or "are someone I could have a beer with" you end up with G-dub. Those are not good reasons to vote for someone.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by Syyth007

I've heard it said and have said myself that what we're up against, really, is that not too bright but good looking, and ever so "charming" a$$ kisser who had all their teachers fooled in high school, that's the doofus who ends up as POTUS. Talk about dumbing down and the rise of incompetency.

It's just crazy what's become of the USofA. Very tragic.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by anonymousstranger

She's an airhead and little more than a vain, self serving, opportunist.

We don't hate her per se, we hate the symbol of her as a viable candidate for POTUS. It's utterly absurd, grotesque even, a disgrace.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by citizenc

Yes, I watched it twice, even noticed when he rolled his eyes at the dinosaur remark. In the interview, at the very beginning, he stated that he didn't know her nor her politics (my political license).
Basically he said: I don' know her but she sucks. A very well put together interview

Now for you, you gonna let these liberal gee-wiz kids pick your next president or will you do some research and maybe even meet the candidates before you form an opinion? Sounds to me your mind is all ready made up

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:16 PM

Originally posted by YouAreDreaming
I'm pretty sure Sarah Palin would loose a debate with a jellyfish or a stick, so I don't know what to say if she has to debate Healthcare or Economics with a real person. She might find those "big" words too difficult to process.

To be fair GW Bush lost all of his presidential debates from a critical perspective. Sure, John Kerry didn't say much of substance, but Bush said almost nothing of substance. Heck, Bush barely even gave us rhetoric, mostly just told us that "if you were to ask my opponent the same question he would just beat around the bush and he wouldn't answer it". Or some such thing. Lots and lots of non-sense.

btw, anyone see that recent episode of south park where they talk about 1/4 of the population being retarded?
anyone see Idiocracy?

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:22 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

I'll bet she won't spend $2 million trying to keep her birth certificate hidden. All I have read in this post are just opinions and you know about opinions - everyone has one.

As far as voting for her, she will have to be nominated, first. There are much better viable conservative candidates out there. But if she is nominated, I will vote for her unless there is a better independent candidate. I refuse to let the main stream media pick one for me. And if they ignore a candidate like they did Congressman Paul all through the campaign, well

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:25 PM

Originally posted by somewhereisthetruth

"Is there a bliss-like blindness driving some people, mesmerizing them to follow their leaders no matter what the consequences? I don't think I need to remind you which country is famous for that type of attitude."

Have a nice day!

Your post cracked me up. To me you just described the followers of the current President.

Yes I would take her as my next president. So she said "our allies North Korea"
big deal it couldn't have been a slip of the tongue like when Obama said about going to all 53 states campaigning?

Everybody makes mistakes when speaking. Obama has made a ton & good lord we won't even talk about Biden.

She does it, Obama does it, Bush did it, Hell I am sure Lincoln did too. Big deal.

At least I can hope she would actually represent the common folk in this country.
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posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by NightFlight

You do realize that you saying that you won't let the media tell you who to vote for, but that you will vote for Sarah Palin is the definition of Irony? Pretty much any Republican, and Democrat that gets the nomination is the one that THEY want you to vote for. The only "candidate" that they wouldn't want you to elect is a truly independent candidate, and they get absolutely no media attention, the majority of Americans not even aware they are running,

Any politician who receives the democratic, or republican nomination got there because those who actually control things allowed it.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:32 PM

Originally posted by boondock-saint

Originally posted by inforeal
As for the tea party, they are just republicans on steroids

I can see u know absolutely nothing
about the grassroots Tea Party movement.
Please do ur homework.

What you would do well to understand is that this "grassroots Tea Party" doesn't exist within the MSM. They only show the palin/beck Tea Party. Just like I generally hate all things republican as far as its represented by the media and many members of the GOP, conservatives I know in REAL LIFE are very different from those on tv. Same with liberals. In fact, I have yet to meet anyone in person who is truly conservative or liberal. In real life, most people seem to be a blend of both.

You know for a fact that people who do "their homework" are a huge minority. For the general population, the way a group or movement is represented on tv determines their view of said group. So unfortunately I'd say the "grassroots Tea Party movement" should probably change their name because they've been highjacked and most americans are going to lump all things tea party together.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by NightFlight

Basically he said: I don' know her but she sucks. A very well put together interview


He was saying "I don't know anything about her"... but, paraphrasing, the little we get to know is VERY worrying...
This is the essence... the video embedded at the beginning really speaks for itself in this respect.

Do you know anything about her? About her policies? Does anybody? What kind of SIGNIFICANT experience can she boast of?

Respond my question, what would you think of her if she were your boss? Really?...

The DUTY of every citizen is to inform his/herself, with the tools available and speak his mind, air his opinions if he/she chooses, and to vote accordingly...

Leaving aside the other worrying reality that, truly and in spite of all the patriotic feeling anyone can have, we don't really get to pick who we vote for, it is still up to each one of us to do as much as we can to avoid disastrous scenarios, as this one would be...

Don't let yourself be manipulated by anybody, but do not ignore or discount good information and opinions because of the source...

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:35 PM
Nah, wouldn't want her as President. I didn't want Obama, either.

When the election was going on, I couldn't help but think, "Obama and McCain? These are the best two guys and their running mates that the US could come up with?"

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:38 PM
I would not vote for a politician who quit their elected position (governor of Alaska) to make money (publishing books and deliver speeches) and to increase their public profile (Fox commentator, "tea party" spokesperson, etc) to run for another, higher political office (President)....

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by Syyth007

Yeah, maybe a little ironic, but how you gonna motivate voters to kick the MSM aside to obtain a good candidate? How could the American people totally keep all the MSM out of our elections? In the last 5 elections, all we had were the lesser of two evils. Any way you look at it, both were evil (not really but thats how it seemed). And, they were first chosen by the main stream media.

The MSM could have said: "Sarah Palin misspoke today by saying North Korea instead of South Korea". But, they said and kept showing: (My take on it) "Sarah is so stupid! She doesn't know her North from South!" The MSM does this to evryone who isn't a puppet, on board with them, giving lots of money away, etc.

Americans will have to grow some brass ones and take the media back! Then maybe the MSM will start to be "fair and balanced".

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:53 PM

Come on! This isn't meant to be a popularity contest (even though we all know it is). We're never going to get anywhere promising with the US government until the people (sheeple, whatever you prefer) stop electing based on random whims and personal interests. Just because someone tells you something is good for you doesn't mean it is. People are too willing and ready to take what they are fed. Most people that I know honestly base their voting choices almost entirely off the TV attack ads. It makes me sick any time elections roll around. Why is everyone so afraid to think for themselves or read a little bit deeper into the core of what a person wants to do with their power. Ignorance is bliss. That should be our (USA's) motto.

Most of her mistakes are verbal gaffes or misplaced humor, I give all her supporters that, everyone makes those mistakes. But the dinosaurs, really? Even Bush wouldn't have been that dense, and that's saying something. I agree with those who say she doesn't have the critical thinking skills or intellect to do the job, face or not. I doubt she will get that far. Can you imagine watching her do the debates?

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