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McDonalds - A Deliberate Part of the Depopulation Agenda?

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posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 08:02 PM
Try to digest this, could it be that McDonalds is not primarily there as a money-making machine but has actually been deliberately setup and funded to reduce world life expectancies. It's far easier than digesting one of their Immortal Burgers which don't break down even after over a decade (see video link at the end of post)

Many of you are familiar with the depopulation agenda, if you're not before replying please do a Google to have a quick read about the plans (quotes) from Kissinger and his NWO buddies.

I've always been amazed by the success of McDonalds as a business, it's almost in a league of it's own when it comes to fast food; they now serve over 58 million customers daily. However, if there were another agenda behind them and hence other almost limitless supplies of money (UN/Bankers/Fed Reserve etc) then that could help explain how they've been able to grow to have such a great influence on our food supply. A bit like when the CIA investment firm decided to inject funds into Facebook (Facebook was nothing at the time, tiny), the CIA had a use for the business (incredibly useful person database), once Facebook had that kind of money behind them it was going to be difficult for anyone else to compete and almost impossible to stop Facebook. CIA Invest in Facebook

Is this just a theory or do we have any evidence? This is where UNICEF come in, firstly have we got evidence that UNICEF are depopulating? Those who have looked into depopulation will be aware of the role that the United Nations Child Health and Welfare Charity UNICEF play. UNICEF go around 'vaccinating' in third world countries, then it's often found afterwards that they were in fact sterilizing. If we take into account that those who fund the UN are on video saying they are desperate to hugely reduce the world's population David Rockefeller Depopulation and then UNICEF get caught red-handed sterilizing UNICEF Caught Sterilizing Once Again, that's good evidence that we should not put our trust in them. Amazingly McDonalds have links with UNICEF

Despite the fact that UNICEF are meant to care about the health of a child and hence about their good nutrition, instead UNICEF have partnerships with McDonalds Unicef in McDonald's link row You could argue that UNICEF and McDonalds both had different agendas; UNICEF wanted McDonalds to depopulate whereas McDonalds just wanted to make money. For me, McDonalds food isn't just bad, it's toxic, there's no excuse, it's gone on too long for it to be an accident. Why doesn't their food break down even after a decade? Look at the toxic list at the end of this video and at that point question again what McDonalds is really here for and the true force (or funds) behind their success. The Immortal Burger

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posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 08:26 PM
A couple of years ago I watched a report on PBS that dealt with some of the same questions.

The reporter went to investigate some of the 'emerging markets' being exploited by the major fast food chains. It was pretty shocking that in some urbanized areas of Africa obesity was becoming a problem. Likewise heart disease was off the scale too (as well as other health issue previously unheard of in the areas).

The report showed that there was a connection between the marked increase in health problems and the increasing dependence on fast food as these areas rushed towards a more western lifestyle.

posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 08:31 PM

Originally posted by [davinci]
A couple of years ago I watched a report on PBS that dealt with some of the same questions.

The reporter went to investigate some of the 'emerging markets' being exploited by the major fast food chains. It was pretty shocking that in some urbanized areas of Africa obesity was becoming a problem. Likewise heart disease was off the scale too (as well as other health issue previously unheard of in the areas).

The report showed that there was a connection between the marked increase in health problems and the increasing dependence on fast food as these areas rushed towards a more western lifestyle.

Good point, especially as Western companies can't make much by selling to people in third world countries as the currencies there have little value, they normally buy from them instead, so again it makes it appear there is another agenda behind it all.

posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 08:33 PM
Sadly I do believe there is a connection, maybe back in the fifties it was innocent but now has become another tool for the elite to use against us. Me included, the crap tastes so good. I have to remember my diet!!

posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 08:42 PM
Sure seems like a solid connection there to me. The food is garbage and has steadily gone up in price so much that getting one of their meal deals rivals the price of going to an actual restaurant. I cant understand why people are still willing to ingest something that bacteria wont eat just to save 15 minutes cooking/shopping at a grocery store.
Good work on bringing some valid evidence together to make a more compelling argument (didnt know cia invested in facebook but sure am glad I stopped using it).

posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 08:48 PM
reply to post by WhatIveSeen

Hmm... seems flimsy. It's not like they can force me to eat it. At least I know THIS facet won't get me. One gauntlet run! How many left?

posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 08:48 PM
A company that provides cheap food to millions of people on a daily basis is trying to decrease the population?

I'm not seeing the connection.

If the government is so obsessed with killing people how come my cigarettes now cost £6 a pack and I can't happily kill myself in a bar like I used to,
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posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 09:33 PM
Not to get all racial or anything, but I have noticed that most my life you can find a Mickey D's on damn near every corner of a black urban neighbor hood. Just like you can find a liquor store, a church and a pawn shop that sales weapons. Oh yeah, a crack head and a crack dealer. Along with abortion clinics and planned parenthood. I'm sure the majority of the ATS community is caucasian, so this may or maynot have been brought up before. But all nationalities have there supposed conspiricy theories.

Tell me what you all think of this video, if you care to view it heres the link just incase it doesnt embed:

posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 09:35 PM
Takes too long. If anything they are promoting obesity, which promotes laziness, which ensures nobody is waiting around to ask questions.

posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 10:41 PM
I personally don't like it. It was fine when I was younger but tastes like crap now. As for being evil, my friend thinks they are. Then again, he's terrified of clowns.

posted on Oct, 26 2010 @ 12:45 AM
That wouldn't surprise me. McDonalds food is so bad, even my dogs won't eat it.

posted on Oct, 26 2010 @ 04:44 AM
reply to post by ambient moon

Someone should tell that to this dog. I guess he missed the newsletter

posted on Oct, 27 2010 @ 03:22 AM
What about Dominos? Maybe they're on some secret diabolical quest to kill people with pizza too ?

posted on Oct, 27 2010 @ 11:25 AM
It seems that all these secretive and superduper evil secret societies that is working on depopulation, is not doing a very good job. There are approximately 6.7 billion people on Earth and so far it's still growing.

I wonder what the people in the starving parts of the World would say if they were told that Burgerbars in actuality are meant for depopulation.

posted on Oct, 27 2010 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by SirKnightE
So we can blame feminism for the extinction of the black people?

Hello, we are all one race and that is human.

The video had several excellent points, but to slip in feminism as the root of this evil is ridiculous.

posted on Oct, 28 2010 @ 11:21 AM
I think you give too much credit to McDonalds. It's a fast food chain concieved to make a profit by selling cheap quick meals. Thats all it is. No one forces you to eat there and nothing in McDonalds foods is different than any other fast food chain. None are really healthy.

posted on Oct, 28 2010 @ 11:47 AM
Haha, what a ridiculous statement!

First of all, there are many countries that McDonald's is not successful.

Secondly, the population worldwide is rising fast.

Thirdly, the math of the video "end of black america?" was totally wrong, simply because those in prison, those that have HIV and those that will never get married may be the same people.

Fourthly, the conclusion that polygamy is the solution is crap. There is nothing wrong in marrying a person of another race, simply because they are not another race, they are the same human race each with slight differences.

posted on Nov, 2 2010 @ 09:07 AM
I heard there's a McDonalds in the Pentagon too. No wonder it is too loved by everyone

posted on Nov, 2 2010 @ 10:56 AM
Good thread, I never really liked McDonalds products anyway, not because of their shady past and bad rumors about them, but it always seemed unnatural to me what they were selling, the taste was nothing compared to a self-cooked meal, one that is served with love and care. Now we can all agree that love and care is lacking in McDonalds food, yet its up for discussion if their products serve a more sinister intent, one that operates towards the corruption and exploitation of health, environment, poverty, labor and social engineering.

Now really gets interesting when one peeks behind the curtain, or to be more specific, when one takes a closer look at Ray Kroc for instance.

Raymond Albert "Ray" Kroc (October 5, 1902 – January 14, 1984) was an American businessman who took over the small-scale McDonald's Corporation franchise in 1954 and built it into the most successful fast food operation in the world. Kroc was included in Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century, and amassed a $500 million fortune during his lifetime.

That's all fine and dandy, a lucky businessman some would say.... right?! One who's corporation had impact on a global level, made billions of dollars, has great control over the food industry to this day and ultimately affects the eating habits and health of a large percentage of human beings on this planet. ....just coincidence, right?! Maybe its just me but I don't believe so...

Did you know Ray Kroc attended the Bohemian Grove? Just saying.
Did you know Ray Kroc paid “tithes” to the Church of Satan? Just saying.

"We have found out... that we cannot trust some people who are nonconformists... We will make conformists out of them... The organization cannot trust the individual; the individual must trust the organization." - Ray Kroc

If any of my competitors were drowning, I'd stick a hose in their mouth and turn on the water. It is ridiculous to call this an industry. This is not. This is rat eat rat, dog eat dog. I'll kill 'em, and I'm going to kill 'em before they kill me. You're talking about the American way – of survival of the fittest.

Its really getting weird now isn't it?!
Sorry for posting so much but look at the following:

McDonald's crimes were well documented in the infamous McLibel Trial between McDonald's and a postman & a gardener from London (Helen Steel and Dave Morris). It ran for two and a half years and became the longest ever English trial. The Judge delivered his verdict in June 1997. The judge ruled that McDonalds 'exploit children' with their advertising, produce 'misleading' advertising, are 'culpably responsible' for cruelty to animals, are 'antipathetic' to unionization and pay their workers low wages. But Helen and Dave failed to prove all the points and so the Judge ruled that they had libeled McDonald's and should pay 60,000 pounds damages. They refused and McDonald's knew better than to pursue it. In March 1999 the Court of Appeal made further rulings against McDonald's in relation to heart disease and employment.


The case revealed:

Health & Nutrition: Nutritionists argue that the type of high fat, low fibre diet promoted by McDonald's is linked to serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes - the sort of diseases that are now responsible for nearly three-quarters of premature deaths in the western world.

Animals & the Environment: 10 Billion animals are raised in horrible conditions and killed every year in the US alone. McDonalds consumes over a million tons of packaging each year, used for just a few minutes before being discarded. Over the years thoudands of square miles of rainforest have been destroyed to raise cattle for McDonalds or the feed for the cattle.

Hunger & Poverty: McDonalds directly contributes to the creation of hunger and poverty by buying the low-cost products produced in third world countries by global agro-chemical companies and offering food which is high on the food chain and resource intensive. It requires 2,500 gallons of water, 1 gallon of oil and 12 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of hamburger meat. 70% of all US grain now goes to feed animals for human consumption.

Exploitation of Children & Social Engineering: Eating habits formed in childhood will stick with most people their entire life. McDonald's knows this and structures its organization to strongly appeal to children. A large percentage of McDonalds 2 Billion dollar advertising budget is used to target children. The play centers, toys and packaging are all designed to lure in children and hook them on an unhealthy diet. McDonalds aggressively campaigns to get it's advertising in schools and put restaurants in schools.

Exploitation of Labor: In 1972 Ray Kroc funneled $250,000 to Richard M. Nixon in exchange for a 20% reduction in the already low minimum wage for teenagers. Afterwards, a gracious Tricky Dick went a step further and publicly praised McDonalds.

That's enough for now, make up your mind on your own.

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posted on Nov, 2 2010 @ 11:08 AM
McDonalds = Evil

I bet this will get people to stop eating that crap.

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