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The Case of Gabriela Jiminez. Is this MKULTRA?

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posted on Jan, 2 2012 @ 06:13 AM
I think that one must be careful when evaluating the claims of anyone who wants you to believe they are or were being manipulated by mind control via the government or any other organization. However I do believe that this occurs, as we have the proof of such happenings. But we do know that there are delusional people out there who will make claims that sound as if they could be realistic.

This case seems very tough given that there was no substantial information provided. All I can say for certain from that video is that this woman was genuinely afraid, and somewhat exhausted, although that was possibly from physically straining and being upset.

I also know that when someone is in a condition like that, even if you believe them to be crazy, you don't LAUGH at them. The bystanders who were engaging in this act are sick in my opinion. This woman obviously needs help, and whether she is telling the truth or not, she is in Mexico and therefore does NOT need any help from the police, and that's for sure, lol.

If she is crazy, the police cannot help her. If she is some mind control subject, then the police are probably subservient to whomever is controlling her. Lose-lose situation being taken into custody. Although, it seemed as if she had already been to the police station, so if they knew her "handlers" then they would have returned her. Yet it seems like they just let her go. I suppose she tried to tell them her story and they dismissed her.

So if that is the case, maybe she can calm down, collect her thoughts, and if something bad has happened to her, she can give the police the information they require to do something about it.

posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 12:45 PM
I think this girl has suffered something very horrible. It sounds like whatever it was, was beyond her comprehension or ability to deal with. When she is saying they ate humans, the way she says the word humans is heartbreaking. I wish somebody would have helped her or just offered to sit down with her and listen to her story. She obviously would not have tolerated any aggressive behavior. And the people who were laughing at her - well, should they even be called people?

She's apparently 21 years old and mentions that "it" started in 2001.

The video I saw had closed captioning and the name of Carlos Slim Helu (just Carols Slim in Wikipedia) was mentioned. Apparently he is one of the richest men in the world through his monopolies in Mexico.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is also mentioned. Director of the IMF and apparently a sexual predator.

The video also mentions Juan Camilo Mourino, interior minister, who died in a plane crash (on 11/04/2008). Three years after Mourino's plane crash, Francisco Blake Mora, interior minister, died in a plane crash (on 11/11/2011).

As far as the Queen and cannibalism, I have read and watched just about everything Kevin Annett has put out. Here is his interview with Red Ice Radio where he discusses the Queen visiting a Canadian Indian Residential School and picking out some children to take on a picnic, and the children were never seen again.

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 02:56 PM
Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the news again. Gabriela is telling the truth IMO.

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 04:08 PM
There is a certain amount of "disbelief" when it comes to this particular subject. There is an entire underground society for this type of abuse, just as there is an underground everything else.

The fact that she as some might think is a raging drug addict, was pretty loose with the names, and situations she mentioned. That was not by accident. There are literally thousands of incoherent people on video, that talk about all sorts of things, but not of top people the way that she did.

Thanks for the additional info.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 05:51 PM
I wanted to bump this thread, as there is a ton of info, but also because its important, and I was reminded of the importance due to this thread by AQuestion.

This isnt for everyone, but its still something that requires attention.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Mar, 2 2013 @ 11:43 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 09:15 AM
for shure she is not a prostitute from the ghetto. she know too much with evidence. i found i side from her and its linked to a geat dicodek. they do votings for miss international and stuff like that. i think she deffnatly was in the MK-Ultra and they used her as sex slave. everything its to clear for me. and by the way...the elite allways try to show the enemys dump and as idiots...

wenn ihr das mal durchgearbeitet habt, erzähl ich euch da was dazu.
falls sie überhaupt noch lebt, dann mal sicher unter schwersten medikamenten.
kenne in mexico jemanden....eventuell schaut der mal. ist halt ein heisses eisen.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 12:33 PM
so! if she is still alive, we need to take her out directly and clear. once we humans need to start, need to handle this, need to handle them out. embracing you...with all love around and inside

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 09:43 AM
Sorry to show up to the party so late but this is the first I'm hearing of this "case" or whatever you want to call it. Has there been any update on this girl? Has she shown up again but in the opposite frame of mind?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 06:20 PM
Wow, how did I miss the revival of this thread???

I love this thread, and as far as I know she has never been found, there are MANY people who "claim" she has a Facebook page, etc,. but it has NEVER been confirmed. This story still gets me every time.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 06:25 PM
Why is it all these Mkulta victums always woman?

I think the link between MK ultra, the new age and Satanism is interesting and unexplored area.

posted on Dec, 27 2013 @ 08:49 PM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

I can give you an easy answer to that question.

Women are even if many men dont want to admit it, the Achilles heel, the one things that they cannot deny, and those in power especially have an obsessive controlling factor in this. Not all btw, some are a far greater threat to others, in a more taboo nature.

If you look at almost all forms of movies, media, even the beginning of life (according to the religious) women have always had a "way " with men, and some are very much into controlling the power that women have, and not just of a "personal" nature.

I promise I can tip toe around this, but do a search and you will see what I mean.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 12:31 AM
NoRegretsEver, great thread - here's a new video link (sourced by Murgatroid)

posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 02:28 PM
a reply to: karl 12

Its been very difficult to keep up with this video, its always being deleted from somewhere.

Peace, NRE.

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